Pacific Rim: The Black (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Escaping Bogan

1 [instrumental theme music playing.]
[soft thuds, clatters.]
[Joel grunting.]
[hatch mechanism whirrs.]
Of course.
Oh, no, no, no.
There it goes.
If you know nothing else about Shane, know this.
He's a man of his word.
"Leave by sunup or you're dead," isn't a suggestion.
It's a promise.
We were just saying goodbye.
Listen, Cadet.
Try thinking of it this way.
The Jaeger's better off with us.
Those things are made for battle, not long walks to the beach.
Oh, big plans to fight Kaiju? There's far worse things than Kaiju in the Black.
- [stabbing noise.]
- [gasps.]
Boy! Stop.
Princess, look.
It's not worth dying over a hunk of hardware or bruised egos or some doomed sense of right and wrong.
Just go.
Now! Can't believe you let 'em go.
I promised Mei they could leave Bogan.
- Never said what comes after.
- And that is? You kill 'em.
[Rickter chuckles.]
You promised.
Rickter's just making sure they don't get any ideas about sneaking back.
You worry about Joel.
Copperhead's still out there sniffing around for this Jaeger.
And give Joel a message.
If the Jaeger isn't walking out of here by end of day he's dead.
Making good progress, I see.
Here, better have some more.
Not helping.
Why didn't you stop the Drift? You had to see this coming.
Like I had a choice, Mei? You know Shane.
Maybe I can buy you some time if I remind him Time won't help.
Pretty sure I popped a few breakers up here and don't think the power's coming back.
- What are you talking about? - My memory.
That marathon mind meld shot it to hell.
Whole sections of it, poof.
I don't even know what half these components are, much less how to fix this.
Do you know what this is? I don't.
I should've just piloted with you.
None of this would have happened.
Hey! There's a bright side to humping brains with that many bush rat riders.
- Remember how good I was at throwing? - Yeah.
Like a three-year-old.
I got all kinds of new skills.
Just not the ones Shane cares about.
How long is he giving me? End of day.
Or? - What? I gotta get out of town? - You know the answer.
After all I've done for that bloody bludger, he'll off me? Just like that? This mess up here is because of him! [grunts angrily.]
[tools clatter.]
Do what you have to.
Get this thing walking a straight line out of this camp and all will be good.
[breathing heavily.]
So what now? Taylor, what are we gonna do? Great! We'll just keep walking.
Maybe run into our parents.
Oh! Get to Sydney! And if we're really, really lucky, we'll even survive the day.
- What do you want me to say, Hayley? - That you haven't given up.
Why shouldn't I give up? I got us captured, lost our Jaeger, attacked a Kaiju and barely lived through it.
Everything I do is wrong.
You got that right.
[suspenseful music playing.]
We've got unfinished business.
Just leave us alone.
Shane said we could go.
I didn't.
- [both gasp.]
- No.
- [screams.]
No! - [body thuds.]
Ah! [panting.]
- [groans.]
- [gunshot echoes.]
- [Hayley yells.]
- [Rickter groans.]
Thanks for putting up a fight.
[both grunt, panting.]
- [loud thud.]
- [Hayley gasps.]
[body thuds.]
Ah! [gasps.]
Boy? You're okay! You're okay! He's not bleeding.
He He's not even hurt.
Maybe the gun misfired? [Rickter moans.]
- What the hell? - [gun cocks.]
Huh? Whoa! Whoa.
Easy, mate.
Don't do anything you'll regret.
You don't need to do this.
[whimpers, sighs.]
- [Rickter.]
Mei? - Me, on the other hand Mei! [Taylor's breath trembling.]
[Shane on walkie-talkie.]
 Rickter, report.
Rickter! How long does it take you to kill three kids? I need you back here! [inhales sharply.]
Oof! Take a truck out and find Rickter.
- Joel! - [Mei.]
Here's an idea.
Maybe let him do his job? What job? Not a sound's come out of that Jaeger in hours.
Well, after the psychic skid mark he got drifting with an epileptic, he's probably being extra careful.
Doesn't change the facts on the ground, Mei.
He's of no further use to me if he can't fix a Jaeger.
I'll go see how he's doing.
[Joel breathes shakily.]
Okay, come on, come on, come on.
It's not It's it's, um - It's, uh - Yoo-hoo! - [yelps.]
- You're almost done, right? [scoffs.]
If I was, you think I'd scream like a pre-teen when somebody stops by? Everything I touch in here breaks more.
It's gonna be okay.
I put a plan in motion.
Ah! Jeez! Doesn't anybody knock anymore? That's upside down.
- The hell are you doing here? - [Taylor.]
Ask her.
I snuck him back to get the Jaeger running since you obviously can't.
Good, good, saving my neck.
I like it.
Well, what are you waiting for? Get to work.
I'm gonna need Loa's help.
Uh, she stopped talking to me a while ago.
 Probably mad.
It's kinda my way with the ladies.
[Loa powers up.]
Diagnostics indicate that damage sustained has not been repaired.
I missed you too, love.
Loa, we need to stabilize your walk cycle.
Shall we get to work? Now we're talking, Loa.
One question for the party planners, though.
What's he get out of this? The Jaeger.
Oh, that's a plan all right.
Double taps to the head for all.
Look, you get credit for the repair, I get to sleep at night.
Not our fault Princess and the Cadet stole it back.
Once we're on the ground, you got 30 minutes.
Whoa! Whoa.
Uh Not so fast, Mei.
I mean, you're in the Bogan boat with Shane.
- Why rock it by helping me? - You've had my back.
- I have yours.
- Wait.
Wait, girl.
Uh My memory is spotty, but About watching backs Yeah? [sighs.]
I I gotta confess something, Mei.
I'm not your priest, okay? Just let Taylor do his thing - It's about Shane.
- Can't you tell I'm not in the mood? And about you.
You're like a daughter to him, you know? Makes him kind of your dad.
- Ever wonder why? - He told me why.
- He lost his family.
- And you lost yours, right? Get to the point, Joel.
Uh he never had a family.
No, we we drifted.
I've seen his wife, his daughter.
And I saw them die in Whitehorn when the city fell.
That wife and daughter belonged to someone else.
Someone he drifted with years ago.
Their session recorded onto one of those memory drives he carries.
Yeah, he's a jackass! But he created the family he wished he had.
You're the family he wished he had, Mei.
- He picked you out of a crowd.
- No.
He rescued me off the street.
No, Mei.
 I'm sorry.
- He didn't.
- [exhales.]
- What are you talking about? - [groans.]
Shane stole you from your family, a loving family.
You thought your Drift sessions were about hiding your pain? Locking it away so you could find peace? It wasn't pain he buried.
It was your memories.
 Real memories.
- He buried you.
- No! No, no, no, stop! He wouldn't! Is this necessary? She's trying to help you.
And I'm helping her.
She needs to get out of here, away from Shane.
Mei, I'll leave with you.
We'll go together.
His timing sucks, but maybe Joel's right.
- Ah! - [coughs.]
- You just fix this Jaeger.
- Mei.
And you, shut up! Don't worry.
 Mei's coming to get us.
Now, fingers crossed Taylor can get Atlas working.
We'll all be safely back in our Jaeger before you know it.
Snake bites, bullets What did they do to you in that lab? [footsteps approaching.]
[Hayley gasps.]
Boy, stay behind me.
Back into camp! [heavy whirring.]
[exhales sharply.]
Keep moving! [Loa.]
Insert the sub-unit coupling module into the cabling bypass.
Got it.
[walkie-talkie beeps.]
Joel, you copy? Hayley and the boy were captured.
Huh? Can nothing go right in the bloody Black? Where are they now? [Mei.]
Taken to the shipping container near Shane's.
Wait, wait, wait! Going after them will get you killed.
Finish the repairs and I don't need your self-serving crap.
You're on your own with Shane.
No, no.
 Okay, yes, I was thinking about myself.
But if you wanna get your sister and that idiot kid out, no better way than with a Jaeger.
- You'll pilot with me? - Oh, no.
I'll have oatmeal coming out of my ears in 30 seconds.
- Then Mei.
- She won't leave Shane.
Who, then? You.
- Not possible! - [Loa.]
Taylor, you are correct.
Solo piloting should not be attempted with your limited training.
She's wrong.
I can show you.
[Hayley groans.]
Get comfortable.
 You're not leaving until I find your brother.
[breathes heavily.]
I wanna know what you're up to.
Still not talking? [grunts.]
They don't go outside for anything.
[door slams.]
Taylor, Joel is suggesting that you drift with a memory of another pilot.
Ghost piloting? You really have lost your mind.
Maybe, but Rangers have done it.
Rangers have tried.
The ones that didn't kill themselves are left drooling into cups.
Okay, that's what the PPDC tells cadets, because they don't want anyone trying it.
- Are they wrong? - Ghost piloting is possible.
It's the best way to save Hayley and the boy right now.
God! I I wouldn't even know what to do.
Loa, do you have access to historical pilot Drift files? Affirmative, but they should not be accessed without proper scrubbing.
No, no, okay.
You don't want them scrubbed.
Intense emotion sears memory into the brain.
You ghost pilot, you feel the whole bloody battle.
And in the end, you get bonza skills.
Loa, suit me up.
Taylor, I strongly recommend that you do not take this course of action.
I appreciate that, Loa, but do it anyway.
[intense music playing.]
[armor snapping.]
Loa, find the records of solo pilots.
- I have located 74 files.
- Uh, the ones who survived it.
I have located three.
Marshal Stacker Pentecost, and Rangers Herc Hansen and Raleigh Becket.
- Preference? - Hansen.
I must advise against ghosting raw neural data.
- Override.
- I do not endorse this course of Override! Hayley needs help.
Accessing Herc Hansen.
You got this, man.
You got this.
Initiating ghost protocol.
- [alarm beeping.]
- [panting.]
You are drifting with the last known memory of Ranger Hansen during his final mission.
It was a losing battle.
His copilot was dead.
And it was up to Ranger Hansen to complete the mission and initiate Operation Blackout over Australia.
Hansen knew the risk, but for the good of the many, he chose to pilot alone.
[metal clangs.]
[Kaiju shrieks.]
[metal exterior clangs.]
[both grunt.]
[low moan.]
[alarm ringing.]
[air raid sirens wailing.]
[Kaiju screeches.]
All hands! That pissant Taylor is in the area and armed.
Take him down.
Shane, you sure? - Why would he come back? - To steal my damn Jaeger.
- [Jaeger powering up.]
- Huh? [gasps.]
Ah Are you helping them? Yes.
He's in the Jaeger! [Loa.]
Ghost pilot sequence complete.
[chuckles nervously.]
- You still alive in there? - [Taylor grunts, pants.]
Loa? Initiate solo Drift.
Oh, yeah, cue the band.
 We are on! [Joel mimics trumpet.]
[Taylor grunts.]
[metal staging crashing.]
Oh, yeah! I'm back! Come on! [Taylor grunts.]
Huh? No! [loud thud.]
More riders.
Now! [bullets ricocheting.]
Take that thing down.
Whoa! Whoa! [yells.]
Get in! [grunts.]
Go, go, go.
[labored breathing.]
Get in there with him.
He was drifting alone? [Loa.]
Initiating neural handshake.
Link complete.
- Come on, Taylor, let's get out of here! - [heaving.]
No, not without Mei.
Conflicting neural pathways.
Mei, you can't stay here.
Mei! Get some RPGs out here.
Now! We'll blow the legs off that bastard! Loa, end the Drift.
- [Loa.]
- Get Taylor out of there.
No, you idiot! Nothing above the knee.
Mei's in there.
- [muffled bang.]
- [grunts.]
Right leg structural integrity is at 50%.
Can't take another one of those.
Initiating neural handshake.
[gasps softly.]
[whimpers, gasps.]
I guess we're not that different after all.
Let's save the girl talk for later.
Try coming after us now.
[metal creaking.]
[birds chirping.]
Any better? Maybe after another dozen of these.
Or not.
God! Ugh.
One of these days, you gotta tell me what's in this stuff.
Unfortunately, that's one of the things I do remember.
You see, you gotta sneak up on a Kai [laughs.]
Hey, look at this.
Turns out I can now juggle.
[Shane on walkie-talkie.]
Copy? She doesn't want to talk to you.
- Can you give her a message for me? - Sure.
Let her know all my radios come with an insurance policy.
It's for anyone who turns their back on me.
[beeps rapidly.]
[instrumental theme music playing.]

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