Pacific Rim: The Black (2021) s01e06 Episode Script


1 [instrumental theme music playing.]
- [birds twittering.]
- [bugs chirping.]
[somber instrumental music plays.]
[footsteps approaching.]
[gun cocks.]
[gasps softly.]
I’ve had enough guns pointed in my face for a lifetime.
Go back to your Jaeger, princess.
This has nothing to do with you.
If I hadn’t found that Jaeger, a lot of people would still be alive.
Including Joel.
He's dead because of me, not you.
I don't wanna fight.
I don't wanna make you feel worse.
I just wanna [gasps.]
You wanna what? Help? You don't know anything about me! And thanks to Shane messing with my head, neither do I.
So just get the hell out of here.
This is what Shane wants.
For you to be alone.
But you're not alone.
You have us.
Shane! That bastard made sure she was watching when he killed Joel.
He wants her to blame herself.
She doesn’t have anyone but us.
And she won't admit it.
You talk to her.
She won’t listen to me.
[distant bang.]
What’s got you so curious? [distant explosion.]
Oh, no.
Those are breaches.
They're like big holes.
And those holes are where the Kaiju come from.
Never go near them.
Understand? Never.
- We can't stay here.
- Let's go.
Mei? We gotta go.
Mei? She wouldn’t go back to Bogan, would she? - Rejoin Shane? Or - Kill him? I don't know.
[explosions continue.]
Where's Boy? - Damn it! Now he's gone too? - [loud rumbling.]
[Hayley gasps.]
I think it's another breach! - Huh? - Ah! - [muffled explosions.]
- [rumbling.]
Hayley, we have to get out of here before the breach opens.
Not without Boy! We can search better in Atlas.
Come on.
Boy! [loud crackling.]
Loa, no! We're losing her! [rumbling continues.]
No, we won't! [grunts.]
[electricity crackling.]
[loud rumbling.]
[rumbling stops.]
Transferring all available power to left arm.
[Hayley grunts.]
Keep going! [both grunt.]
[Hayley grunts, gasps.]
[both panting.]
Loa, find Boy.
The child dropped off my scanners 400 meters to the south.
Toward those other breaches? Show us his last position.
We'll find him.
[loud thuds.]
[electricity crackling.]
Loa, external PA.
- Boy, can you hear - Wh Cut speakers! Loud noise is more likely to attract a Kaiju than a kid.
Kaiju remains detected.
Where? [Loa.]
[scanner beeping.]
Detecting multiple breeds.
- Kaiju graveyard? - Not just Kaiju.
Loa, can you ID them? [Loa.]
Scanning remains.
November Ajax.
Valor Omega.
Titan Redeemer.
And 23 remote Jaeger drones from the Uprising War.
Titan? I knew the pilots.
We took down Yamarashi in the Long Beach engagement.
What pilots? You never fought a Kaiju before a week ago.
The Deacon twins.
We’ve been friends since the Academy.
- [Loa.]
Those pilots were not your friends.
- What are you talking about? They were Herc Hansen’s friends.
Yet another danger of ghost drifting.
Some of his memories merged with your own.
But I remember everything.
It seems so real.
I'm sorry, Taylor.
But we have to find Boy.
What did this? What could take down a Jaeger and a Kaiju? Nothing I’ve ever seen before.
- [Loa.]
Jaeger identified.
- [gasps.]
Mark IV.
Horizon - [static crackles.]
- [Loa faltering.]
Horizon - Alert! Multiple impacts.
- [alarm blares.]
Left pilot injured.
Right pilot non-responsive.
Neural link broken.
Broken? Loa? Taylor and I are still linked.
[Jaeger powers down.]
[both grunt.]
Loa! - [Loa.]
My My apologies.
- [powering up.]
An archived file was inadvertently accessed.
I will run a diagnostic later, but I have located Boy.
Let's go.
Let's go! [footsteps thudding.]
Active breach ahead.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[electricity crackling.]
Huh? Boy, stop.
We're coming for you.
Detecting Kaiju life signs.
[low growl.]
Proximity alert.
Kaiju, category three.
- I advise immediate retreat.
- Wrong advice.
[both grunt.]
[both gasping.]
- [alarms beeping.]
- [both gasping.]
Uh [growls.]
[Acidquill shrieks.]
[limbs thud.]
Is that another Jaeger? No.
It’s that Kaiju-mech thing.
The one that attacked us in Meridian, where we found Boy.
[low rumbling.]
- Back up.
Back up! - I'm not leaving without Boy.
Get away from him! Boy, move behind us.
Hurry! [screeches.]
- [alarms blaring.]
- [both groan.]
[both grunt.]
What is he doing? Boy! No! Get out of there! Behind you! [air whooshing.]
[metal creaking.]
[armor snapping.]
- How is that even possible? - [alarms blaring.]
I don't know.
But we have to get him.
No! Just wait.
The creature is establishing a neural bridge with Boy.
[both groan.]
Drift frequencies expanding.
We are being pulled in.
[Taylor groaning.]
Loa, can you stop this? [Loa.]
[water bubbling.]
What is this? [Loa.]
This is the Uprising War, in which Kaiju brain cells had infected our drone Jaegers.
We defeated them using an explosive feedback loop.
But a drone survived.
This one.
It evolved into a singular creature.
A bio-mech with no allegiance.
- [people screaming.]
- [air raid sirens wailing.]
Run! Run! [man yells.]
[air raid sirens continue wailing.]
[low rumbling.]
[electricity crackling.]
What is it doing now? [gasps.]
- Loa? - It is attempting to Drift with Hayley.
- What happened? Are you okay? - Yeah.
It just scanned all my memories of Boy.
I don’t think it was going to hurt Boy.
It's trying to protect him.
[both gasp.]
Did Apex just give us an arm? I think it did.
Connecting muscle strands and power feeds.
Main connections complete.
[heavy whirring.]
Mark IV.
Chaos Nemesis.
Limited dexterity, but extremely durable.
The arm also appears to hold a few surprises.
Surprises? You mean weapons.
A vanadium steel saber chain.
Oh! Finally.
- We have a fighting chance.
- How does it feel? Deadly.
[electricity crackles.]
[low growling.]
Boy! Boy, come inside! [Jaeger footsteps thudding.]
[instrumental theme music playing.]

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