Pacific Rim: The Black (2021) s01e07 Episode Script


1 [instrumental theme music playing.]
[inspirational instrumental music plays.]
- [music fades out.]
- [chain rattles.]
[chain winding.]
[grunts, panting.]
Ooh! - Don't say it.
- What? Just maybe I don’t know.
Aim more to the right? Really? Loa, I suppose you have advice you're dying to give, too? [Loa.]
Please hurry and improve.
How about you turn down that signal scan so I can concentrate? While we’re at it, Boy, any pointers? You’re all so helpful.
Whoo! Yes! And you’re welcome.
That’s enough practice for today.
You’ll be thanking me when I skewer the next Kaiju coming to eat us.
[voice echoing.]
So, Loa, about yesterday.
- Wanna tell me what was going on? - Please be more specific.
Of all those torn-up Jaegers we saw, you melted down at the sight of Horizon Bravo.
- An archived file was inadvert - Inadvertently accessed, I know.
Not buying it.
What was it about that Jaeger, that crew? I have nothing more to report.
Come on, Loa.
I know something’s wrong.
I felt it.
- You can talk to me.
- [Hayley.]
Taylor, come look at this.
See what he did.
He drew himself.
That's you, huh? As tall as a skyrise? He does live in the top of a Jaeger.
I have completed my analysis of the incoming signal.
- What’s it coming from? - A Jaeger, model and series unknown.
What? There's another Jaeger? - Where? - Clayton City.
01 kilometers northeast of our position.
Then we need to go there now.
Yeah, but let’s not be stupid about it.
Last time we ran towards PPDC, we found Shane instead.
This time we might find pilots.
[dramatic instrumental music plays.]
[footsteps thud in distance.]
[wind whistling.]
[footsteps grow closer.]
[birds calling.]
What happened to the signal? [Loa.]
The signal transmits intermittently and will recycle in 60 minutes.
An hour? - [gunshot.]
- [bullet ricochets.]
Shots fired.
[alarm beeping.]
Boy, strap in.
East, four degrees.
Mei? Really? Shooting at us? May I direct your attention to this subtle message? What are you even doing here? I'm on foot.
Clayton is the closest city.
You figure it out.
Wait a minute.
You thought we were tracking you? This place is not exactly on your way to Sydney.
There's a Jaeger distress signal coming from somewhere in the city.
- Have you seen it? - Maybe.
But if you go look, you’re walking.
I don’t need that clumsy mech drawing any Kaiju here.
I'll show you the way out.
[door creaks open.]
Wow, the lights still work here.
Power grid never shut down in this part of Clayton.
Unless you need anything else, there’s the door.
I know you’re not as tough as you want people to think.
After what you’ve been through, why be alone in an empty city? Right now, princess, it’s not empty enough.
[bell jingling.]
[gasps softly.]
I can't offer you food, but how about some hot chocolate? - You have hot chocolate? - Really? [sniffs.]
[sniffs, sighs.]
I thought I remembered what it tasted like, but no.
- Not even close.
- Another reason to really hate the Black.
Boy, do you like it? [slurping.]
I guess that's a yes, but this one's mine.
Huh? Whoa.
[steam hisses.]
[drumming echoes.]
[drumming continues.]
Mei, you know how to use those.
[adults laugh.]
[man chuckling.]
Oh, Mei.
- [door opens.]
- [bell jingles.]
[footsteps approach.]
- [door shuts.]
- [bell jingles.]
- [blues-rock music plays.]
- [gasps.]
Huh? ["Give 'Em Hell" by Everybody Loves An Outlaw plays on jukebox.]
Oh ♪ Boy, no, no! Sorry, Mei.
I'll turn it off.
- No, leave it.
- 'Cause you just can't give in ♪ It’s not every day we see someone hear music for the first time.
Oh, don't you know They'll try to break you ♪ You like that sound? How about dancing? Wanna try? It's like this.
Oh, you just give 'em hell ♪ No, not gonna happen.
What? Afraid your spastic arm flails and karate kicks will scare the kid? Gotta make 'em bleed Give 'em hell ♪ Really? No mercy ♪ Watch this.
[Hayley giggles.]
[Hayley and Taylor laughing.]
Oh, never play nice When they want your soul ♪ Gotta just play dirty ♪ - Come on, Mei.
- No.
Oh, don't you know They'll try to break you ♪ Go! Go! Go! Go! [laughing.]
Shoot right back, devil in your eyes ♪ Oh, you just give 'em hell ♪ Yeah ♪ - [laughing.]
- Just give 'em hell ♪ Gotta make 'em bleed Give 'em hell ♪ [song fades.]
How many years have I wasted on you? I should’ve left you on the streets where I found ya.
Kill or be killed.
Now you’re mine.
[song volume resumes.]
Ooh, yeah ♪ [Hayley laughing.]
[jukebox powers down.]
- Hot chocolate bar’s closed.
- [Taylor and Hayley sigh.]
[bell jingles.]
We'll be back for Atlas.
So don't get any ideas.
You coming to this place, it wasn’t by accident, was it? The café means something to you.
I don’t want to talk about it.
Fine, but I'm not wrong.
- I've seen it.
- Damn Drift.
Just tell me, Mei.
What’s the real reason you came here? - It's home.
- You're from here? I think.
It feels familiar.
It always has, but it’s hard to know what's real and what was made up by Shane.
So you hope by being here you can figure out the truth? I don't know what I hope.
Anytime now.
[Hayley gasps softly.]
Um [bird cawing.]
Come on, stay with us.
[dramatic music playing.]
Papa gave me these when I became a Jaeger pilot.
I was gonna give them to you when you finished training.
I want you to hold on to them for me until we get back.
What if you don’t come back? Nothing will ever keep us from you.
Not ever.
- You promise? - Cross my heart.
[Hayley sobs.]
Don't worry.
They'll come back.
They always come back.
This is as far as they got.
- What happened? - I don't know.
- But we need into that conn-pod.
- No.
What if Stop.
Okay? The hatch is open.
They got out.
I'm sure they got out.
We just need to see what’s inside there.
Greetings, Mei.
Are you lost? - I'm looking for information.
- Regarding? Me.
I have memories about the café down there, but I can’t make sense of them.
I am unable to assist you.
What, you can’t just plug me in and take a peek under the hood? The Drift does not work that way.
I am sorry, Mei.
I do know how memory fragments can be very unsettling.
They didn’t even empty their rounds before being taken out.
- I'll go in first.
- [Hayley gasps softly.]
[Hayley whimpers.]
Hayley, it's okay.
Come on.
Hunter went down fighting.
[device beeps.]
- There's a message on here.
- From Mom and Dad? [static crackling.]
- [alarm blaring.]
- [breathing heavily.]
Rangers Ford and Brina Travis aboard Hunter Vertigo.
[both gasping.]
The fighting's gotten harder.
Something different about these Kaiju.
They’re more I don’t know.
But we're done here.
Our last nuke just jammed in the launcher so There’s no more fight left in this old Jaeger.
- [Kaiju roaring.]
- [loud thud.]
We don't have a choice but to evacuate.
We’ll grab a vehicle and continue for Sydney.
- [loud roar.]
- We left a group of survivors at Base 29 with our own children.
Damn the regs, Marshal Rask.
Just go get them.
[Ford grunts.]
If we don’t make it back, tell Taylor and Hayley Tell them we tried.
And that we love them.
Ford, we have to go.
Now! - Brina! - Get down! - [loud banging.]
- [both groan.]
[Kaiju screeching.]
[both gasp.]
[voice trembling.]
Boy, that was our Mom and our Dad.
They could have made it there, you know, and were prevented from sending help.
[gentle instrumental music plays.]
I can’t stay in here anymore.
- We need to go.
- Yeah.
[loud thuds.]
Of course.
Copperhead! [roars.]
- [screeching.]
- [Hayley panting.]
No! No, no, no, no, no.
Hayley? Hayley! [Copperhead growls.]
Boy, stay with her.
Right here! Come get me! [roars.]
- Mei! - [gasps softly.]
Into Atlas! Hurry! [roars.]
[Boy growls.]
[thundering footsteps.]
[Copperhead growls.]
[Boy growls, roars.]
[rubble clattering.]
Huh? [snarls.]
- [Copperhead roars.]
- [snarling.]
[overlapping snarls, grunts.]
[heavy rumbling.]
- [Copperhead snarls in distance.]
- [gasps softly.]
Huh? [gasps.]
[snarls weakly.]
Huh? [gasps.]
[loud thudding.]
Boy! Boy! Easy.
- [snarling grunt.]
- It's okay, Boy.
It's just me.
- [roars.]
- [Hayley gasps.]
Huh? [exhales sharply.]
[low snarls continue.]
It's okay.
It's okay.
[Hayley sobbing softly.]
Thank you for what you did.
[loud crashing.]
[both groan.]
[warning alarms beeping.]
Dukes up, Copperhead! [shrieks.]
[both grunt.]
Let’s see how you like it.
[grunts, shouts.]
[shrieking roar.]
[car alarm blaring.]
[metal screeching.]
[Mei grunts.]
Hunter Vertigo to Atlas Destroyer.
- Hayley? - Get Copperhead over here.
I just unjammed the nuke.
You just what? We're coming.
Ah! Now we run! Root, arm weapon.
Root! Root? Taylor, there’s no AI.
How do I turn this thing on? [Taylor.]
Floor panel to your right.
And hurry.
We’re almost there.
- [grunts, gasps.]
- [powering up.]
Got it.
- [both groan.]
- [alarm blares.]
[Copperhead shrieks.]
Hayley, do it now! [beeps rapidly.]
Yes! Whoo! [both laugh.]
Yes! [sighs.]
Stop! - Boy, stop stop it! - [low snarls continue.]
Just calm Calm down, please.
Maybe you'll go back to normal.
You wanna tell me where you picked him up? Meridian.
All this time, I thought it was our own people behind this.
A home-brewed Kaiju? [scoffs.]
Don't think so.
Then that means the Precursors can make Kaiju that look like us.
[all growling.]
[indistinct whispers echoing.]
My sisters.
The Kaiju Messiah has come.
[instrumental theme music playing.]

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