Pacific Rim: The Black (2021) s02e01 Episode Script


[instrumental theme music playing.]
[low growling.]
No! Boy! [breathing heavily.]
You're gonna be okay.
- I wanna help you.
Just - [growling.]
- Just calm down.
- Hayley, would you get back?! He's scared, that's all.
Just let me go! He's in pain.
He needs us.
No, Hayley.
Boy's not in there anymore! You don't know anything.
I know it'll kill you if it had the chance.
Then what do you want to do, hmm? Just leave him here to die? [grunts.]
He's our family.
Our family is still out there, remember? And we're trying to find them.
You're both delusional.
The kid and your parents are gone.
And now, so am I.
[Boy snarling.]
Boy's a lost cause, but you know nothing about our parents.
Yeah, except I do know everything about The Black.
Trust me, they're dead.
Don't confuse your life with ours, Mei.
We won't give up so easily.
I've seen what hope does to people once it's lost.
Well, you're a good example of it.
[scoffs, grunts.]
You can live in denial for as long as you want, because we're parting ways here.
Good? Good! [low growling.]
Hayley, no! Shh.
You said we don't give up so easily.
Your words.
Get away from it! [snarls.]
[ethereal music playing.]
Boy? Tsk.
She'll never let him go now.
I knew you weren't lost.
I knew it! [sighs.]
Look at his face.
Don't! No.
No, you don't get to shut down this conversation.
What conversation? You talk, I'm supposed to listen.
And you suck at it.
Seriously, Boy looks like a kid.
He looks human, but that thing is a Kaiju.
As much of a killer as Copperhead.
- [Kaiju shrieks in distance.]
- [gasping.]
Where's that coming from? There.
- [shrieking continues.]
- [gasps.]
And more than one.
Boy? Don't! Get back here! Hayley! Leave him! [sighs.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
Boy, no! [music intensifying.]
[low growling.]
[Kaiju screeching in distance.]
[inhales sharply.]
Hayley, this is a real problem.
[footsteps running in distance.]
Just wait, would you? [snarling.]
Stop! He's too dangerous! Says the guy who insisted Boy was gone for good.
You're right.
I was wrong about him.
But not in the way you think.
What? Boy didn't change into this.
He was always this.
The scorpion, the snake.
This! Killing is in his DNA.
It's not who he is.
Ugh! [low growling.]
[eerie, indistinct whispering.]
[whispering continues.]
[breathing heavily.]
- [growling.]
- [Boy whimpers.]
- [Hayley.]
Boy! - [panting.]
- Where are you? - [gasping.]
[exhales shakily.]
Boy! Hayley, you've got to stop yelling out here.
- [Hayley.]
Boy! - [shuddering.]
[low growling.]
[tick chirping.]
[breathing shakily.]
Boy! [Sister.]
We must go.
[whispering fades.]
- [gasping.]
- [hissing.]
Boy! [gasps.]
- [chirping.]
- [Hayley exclaims.]
What is that? What's on his chest? I don't know.
Help me.
[both straining, grunting.]
What do we do? Maybe Maybe Mei knows what it is.
[birds cawing.]
[man and woman laughing.]
Little Mei.
[breathes deeply.]
Mei! Mei! [panting.]
Help us with Boy, please.
Uh You think I can help? Or would want to? Look at this! Do you at least know what it is? [Mei sighs.]
A Kaiju tick.
And what's with you? The only thing you've done right is wanting to ditch that time bomb.
Now you're trying to save him? - The princess cry, did she? - I just Stop it! Just tell me how dangerous these ticks are! Deadly.
I've seen 'em take down a category III.
- No! No! No! No! - [tick trilling.]
We just need to get it off! - [tick shrieking.]
- [grunts.]
It keeps digging deeper.
- No, wait! - [shrieks.]
[gasping, groaning.]
Huh? Huh.
Turns out I could help.
Boy, wake up.
Wake up.
Those punctures don't look good.
[breathing weakly.]
- I won't argue with you there.
- Are you saying there's no hope for him? There's that word again.
[labored breathing.]
This time there might be.
There was a man from Bogan, had a real soft spot for Kaiju.
We kicked him out.
Now he's living with 'em.
He'll know what to do? Tsk.
He's a crazy drongo, but if anyone can help Boy, it's him.
Then let's go.
I mean, where is this guy? Not on the way to Sydney, I can tell you that.
I'll give you directions.
The rest is up to you.
Taylor, let's get him into Atlas.
I got him.
Hayley's in no condition to drift.
Leave me out of your mess.
Just to the next city until she calms down.
You still got your hand out? What, you prefer living under Shane's thumb? Under his lies? Your problem is with him, not us.
We're just trying to get home.
Mei, there's a better life for us out there.
For all of us.
You don't really want to stay here, do you? Alone? [somber music playing.]
Thank you.
- [man coughing.]
- [woman.]
It'll be all right.
[bullet casing clatters.]
Huh? Shane.
Rickter wanted to surprise you.
Surprise! You botched it with the kids badly.
That cost me my Jaeger and nearly Bogan.
Like you give a damn about Bogan.
You were saying? [spits.]
Our people are barely hanging on.
And you're pushing them too hard, just to chase down Mei.
- [Shane.]
You - [gasps.]
It's the Jaeger I'm after.
Look, I'm a reasonable mongrel.
I'll let you hitch a ride until you can walk without pissing blood.
Then you're gone.
Did you track the Jaeger? Went to Clayton.
I'm done waiting.
You and I are leaving in ten minutes.
[footsteps thudding.]
What was I supposed to do? Not chase after him? How about that? It was Hayley I went after.
Because you let her emotions dictate everything you do.
I'm her brother, not her commanding officer.
Yeah, well, you have to be both if you ever want to reach Sydney! Which is where we'd be heading if you hadn't told her about your Kaiju man! I did you a favor.
If she believes you're doing everything you can to save that kid, she won't hold you responsible when he dies.
And he will die.
Everything good? I guess so.
[breathing weakly.]
You could have said nothing would save Boy.
That would have ended it.
But you prolonged her hope.
She wouldn't have believed me! Admit it! You're no better at resisting Hayley than I am! [Mei.]
Maybe I Maybe I just believe people deserve the truth.
And maybe, deep down, you want Boy to be all right too.
Like it or not, for the time being, this is as close as we have to a family.
Perhaps I might have input into this discussion? Sorry, Loa.
We're done.
Of course you are.
- [moody electric guitar playing.]
- [engine roaring.]
[tires screeching.]
Shane! The Jaeger's heading northeast.
Northeast? Where are they going? Not to Sydney.
[beeping continues.]
[pensive music playing.]
That's Never Never Valley ahead.
We're almost there.
Loa, can you confirm? [Loa.]
Oh? I was not aware my input was desired.
It is difficult to know sometimes.
Never Never Valley is dead ahead.
And while these lines of communication are open, I might suggest that Boy would be more comfortable riding on the outside.
The air is fresher.
Not programmed for subtlety, are you, Loa? No.
Boy isn't gonna change back into a Kaiju while he's in here.
He only did it to protect me.
How can you be certain? I [sighs.]
We have this bond.
I wish I could explain it.
I wish you could as well.
- [panting.]
- [gasps.]
But can we just hurry, please? [footsteps thudding.]
You're sure this is the right valley? I am now.
Then we need to go around.
Kaiju Man lives right in the middle of it.
[instrumental theme music playing.]

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