Pacific Rim: The Black (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

The Never Never

1 [instrumental theme music playing.]
[Kaiju howling.]
[growling, screeching.]
I've never seen so many Kaiju in one place.
I scan at least a dozen.
[shudders, sighs.]
How are we getting through that? Getting through it? We're not.
We wouldn't last five minutes.
Two minutes.
Two minutes.
One, if enduring simultaneous attacks.
- Which is more likely.
- Doesn't matter.
It's not even worth discussing.
We'll get Boy to Sydney and hope for the best.
Sydney? He'll be dead by Sydney! What do you want, Hayley? Yeah, trust me, both are better than the other option.
There's another option? No.
Well I guess.
Sisters of the Kaiju, but Sisters? You mean like a a religious order or something? Try coven.
They worship Kaiju, steal women, kill men.
We do not want them interested in us.
Okay, forget them.
Back to this guy.
You said he could help.
I said maybe he could help.
I also said he was crazy.
He lives with all these Kaiju.
Maybe they're different.
Maybe he's found a way to tame them.
No maybes about it, Hayley.
Monsters can't be tamed, any of them.
[Mei sighs.]
Forgive me for just laying this out there, but you ever think that tick bite is, I don't know, natural selection? The weak die.
But the strong protect the weak.
Now, we're gonna make a run for that mesa, got it? Somebody get in this damn rig with me! - Sorry, Hayley.
- Yeah, no.
We're not fighting an army of Kaiju.
You two are worse than cowards.
You're heartless! But not suicidal.
At least not yet.
- [alarm beeping.]
- [gasping.]
Proximity alert.
What? Where? Brace for impact.
[Mei and Taylor grunting.]
Loa! Skip calibration! E-drift protocol! [Loa.]
Emergency drift sequence.
Aside from that neural collision, what just hit us? [Loa.]
An Acidquill, category III.
Prepare for impact.
Quill strike incoming.
Evade! [roars.]
Quill attack from the rear.
Waist pivot and arm lock.
- [Kaiju screeches.]
- I've had enough of acid freak! - [Loa.]
- I know! [grunts.]
[Kaiju shrieks.]
Now let's get out of here! - [rumbling.]
- [gasps.]
For the record, I did say simultaneous attack was more likely.
- [metal creaking.]
- [Kaiju snarling.]
Those smaller Kaiju, the others are heading for them.
That makes no sense.
Kaiju are designed to attack Jaegers.
[Kaiju footsteps thudding.]
[scanner beeps.]
I'm detecting movement atop the rock formation.
Is he waving? Who cares? He's cleared a path for us! Run! [Kaiju screeching.]
I'm more than a bit pissy you put down an Acidquill out there.
Though you could claim it was self-defense, I don't care! Why in hell's sphincter would you bring a Jaeger into a valley full of Kaiju? Stirring up their negative energy and all! Because we need your help.
[torch hisses.]
This way.
Don't dawdle.
- [rumbling.]
- [gasping.]
Have we met before? Bogan.
Shane's daughter? Hired muscle? Good shot, bad temper? BB guns might work on Riders, but for Lucy, uh, that'd just add a little spice [gasps.]
when she swallows you whole.
Now, now, Lucy, nothing to be anxious about here.
Go on.
Tend to your pups.
Hey, hey, now! This is my space.
You go to yours! You heard me.
Get! [groaning.]
Like a daughter to me, that one.
Found her orphaned in her clutch.
By just the kind of Jaeger devil you rode in here on.
Oh, did I mention she was hand-fed? Literally.
Babies like to be fed palms up.
One mistake I won't make twice.
Yeah, we were both learning back then.
Uh, did you call her Lucy? - [man.]
Yep, that's her name.
- [Taylor.]
And yours is? Oh, different things.
Kaiju Whisperer.
Never Never Nut.
Woop Woop Wallaby.
Crazy son of a bitch.
Oh, and, uh, Lefty.
I mean, really? It's "Righty," people! Which one do you prefer? Uh Bunyip-man.
[door opening.]
Lay him right there.
Three outer punctures, central injection fang.
That's a Kaiju tick all right.
Bitch to remove.
- How'd you get it off? - Gave it a few punctures of my own.
Nothin' left of it, then.
Who cares? Can you help him? Problem is, them doodlebugs don't bite people-kind.
Boy is not like most people.
I've been studying ticks, them being the biggest natural threat to Kaiju and all.
But I can't help this child if I don't know what he really is.
We sort of found him.
In an abandoned PPDC lab.
He looked like a regular kid.
But? [Taylor.]
One day, he became something else.
A Kaiju.
He saved us from a Copperhead.
Oh, the Copperhead.
Ah, I know him well.
He'd show up every once in a while to check on his younglings.
- Younglings? - That thing had kids? Three.
As ornery as their daddy.
In fact, there used to be four younglings until the other - How about we stay on task? - Hm? Oh, right, right.
Yeah, this little fella here.
He's not a killer like other Kaiju.
He's an innocent.
Now it makes sense, him being Kaiju with a dash of human DNA, most likely.
I wonder how it's grafted.
Their tri-helix shouldn't be compatible with our double - [clears throat.]
- Oh.
Yeah, sorry.
Uh, judging from the size and bite placement, that's the work of a hybrid tick.
Meaning what? Only goes after hybrids, which mostly live in The Divide, and that territory belongs to the Sisters.
Hideous hell maidens.
They sneak in here and rustle my babies.
I hate 'em! They rustle Kaiju? With other Kaiju.
They have some unholy mental bond.
Not sure who's slave to who.
So I catch their vicious little blighters and use them to feed my Kaiju.
- Ha ha! - [roars.]
My valley is a safe haven, unlike anywhere else in The Black.
You show these marvelous creatures love, provide for 'em, they come, and they stay, and they love back.
So when I fail to protect them I'm sorry about your family.
But maybe you can help mine.
Can you heal Boy? Ah.
Tick bites.
You know, I lost a few of my lovelies to those until I finally got the antivenom right.
We'll try some on the child.
You think it'll help? Oh, it'll definitely help! Or definitely hurt.
But I can guarantee it'll do something.
Like what? Maybe kill him? He's dying anyway.
Your call, sis.
- Do it.
- Should just take a few drops.
Be right back.
Now, I just saw that vial yesterday.
Or was it last week? Oh, here it is.
Nope, that's my urine.
[tools clattering.]
You'll be better soon.
Tell me he's not batshit crazy.
Oh, he is.
But the real question, has he done it? Coexisted with Kaiju.
If so, it could change everything.
Maybe the best thing for everyone is if the antivenom doesn't work.
- Kind of a hard thing to wish for.
- [clattering continues.]
Found it! Oh, yeah, them beauties started showing up on Kaiju within a year of the Fall.
- What is it? - Testicle.
- [gags.]
Ugh! - Ahh, evolution.
Ugh [Bunyip-man grunts.]
We'll do this outside in case he decides to explore his Kaiju side again.
Come on.
- [Kaiju bellowing.]
- [Taylor gasps.]
Hear them out there? My wonderful family.
I welcome their call every night.
That's when I commune with them.
The energy it creates is so positive, peaceful.
Woo-hoo! [Kaiju bellowing continues.]
A little extra feisty this evening, it seems.
Probably seeing that Jaeger got 'em all emotional.
Where are you going? [Bunyip-man.]
Energy's all over the place.
I can't work under these conditions.
Some nice raw Ripper steaks should bring them back into balance.
No, no, no, no, no.
Oh, not good! Not good! Really not good! - The Rippers, they're - [Kaiju roaring in distance.]
What happened? Sisters! What, they're here? The Sisters are here? Something you ought to know by now, Mei.
The Sisters are everywhere.
But look, it doesn't matter.
My Kaiju don't need food to calm down.
Like I told you, show 'em love, all right? They love in return.
It's it's a truth.
He's getting worse.
Please give him the antivenom.
Time for us to get going.
[footsteps thudding loudly.]
Oh yes, your babies.
I I didn't forget.
Look, yum-yums are right here! [chuckles.]
I know, I spoil my grandkids.
Beautiful, ain't she? Her species is what smashed the Australian Wall in the first attack.
And now look at her! Aww.
Eat up, little ones.
Now, come on, Lucy.
We've talked about your temper.
There, see? You'll get your dinner tomorrow once I round some up.
He really thinks he's tamed them.
[Kaiju groaning loudly.]
They don't sound happy out there.
Not to worry.
They'll calm down.
Lucy, sweetness, can you go quiet your brothers and sisters? [low grumbling.]
Please? [screeches.]
[all grunting.]
No! [tense music playing.]
Run! [panting.]
Crazy fool! It wasn't love.
All they cared about was his food! And now he's gone.
And so is the antivenom.
That was Boy's only chance.
[Mei panting.]
[groans, shouts.]
Keep running! I got her.
- [Kaiju roaring.]
- [straining.]
[grunting, panting.]
Kaiju trespasser approaching.
[machinery whirring.]
Loa! E-drift! Again? This will hurt.
[powering up.]
[screeching, roaring.]
- [gasping nervously.]
- [Loa.]
Drift pattern disruptions detected.
- [Jaeger powering down.]
- [alarm beeping.]
Hayley! [panting.]
Now's not the time.
Focus! [whimpers softly.]
Hayley, disengage.
What? No.
I can do this! Not now you can't.
Mei, take over.
Multiple Kaiju still in pursuit.
The Divide is dead ahead.
Which way? Kaiju signatures approaching from the left.
- Follow the cliff face to the right.
- [Kaiju roars.]
Additional Kaiju now approaching from ahead.
We're trapped! Loa! That that notch.
Run a deep scan! - [beeping.]
- [Loa.]
Detecting a narrow canyon 800 meters ahead.
I suggest you get there before they do.
You think? [panting.]
[Kaiju bellows.]
[metal clangs.]
[Kaiju roaring in distance.]
[Taylor and Mei panting.]
Kaiju are not pursuing, but they remain gathered at the canyon's entrance.
[Kaiju roaring continues.]
- [alert beeping.]
- [Loa.]
Signatures ahead.
- Ugh.
- More Kaiju? [Loa.]
Loa, floods.
[eerie music playing.]
Are those Jaegers? What is this place? [Mei.]
The territory of the Sisters.
[instrumental theme music playing.]

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