Pacific Rim: The Black (2021) s02e03 Episode Script


1 Would you like me to identify these Jaegers? No thanks, Loa.
Know what I'd like, cadet? Getting the hell out of this hall of horrors.
Pick up the pace, would ya? I recognize some of these mechs.
At least the Kaiju aren't chasing us anymore.
Of course they're not.
They already served their purpose.
Purpose? Driving us into this death trap.
Does everything with you have to be so dire all the time? I used to be fun-loving.
Incoming distress signals.
Multiple and growing.
What is causing this? The motion sensors were left active.
Loa, mute the alarms! And kill the lights! They're making us a target.
If the Sisters didn't know we crossed The Divide, they do now.
So? We run through.
Fight when we have to, come out the other side.
We are so screwed.
I am now detecting flames ahead.
Let's keep moving.
"The Child"? What, they want Boy? We can't stop! Go! Go! What does this have to do with Boy? How do these Sisters even know about him? They know a Kaiju when they see one.
- Wait, stop! Stop! - Stop for what? That's what all this is about.
Bunyip-man said the tick that bit Boy was from here.
The Sisters sent it! Why? They knew he'd get sick, and we'd have to hand him over to save him.
That's crazy.
You think they want Boy so bad they'd poison him on the off chance we'd come here? The Sisters don't do anything by chance.
You saw how they forced us here.
Now that we know they want the kid, he's our ticket out.
She's right.
They haven't attacked because they're afraid Boy might get hurt.
We keep him with us till we reach the border, then trade him to the Sisters for our freedom.
Taylor! You're actually considering this? He needs help now.
He won't last until the border! You give him to the Sisters, we won't last until the border.
I'm not letting Boy die because we're too afraid.
If they poisoned him, they can heal him.
We make a deal.
We give 'em Boy, and they let us leave.
- No! - Are you high? You two are not listening.
I'll take Boy myself, and once he's cured They get the kid and a new Sister.
They'll get neither, because Atlas breaks us out, just like at Bogan.
Bogan was a disaster.
Hayley, I'm handling this.
The Sisters don't make deals, got it? We cannot give away our leverage.
Leverage? He's a child we rescued and we are going to protect, whatever it takes! You want Boy to live? Let him go.
Getting you to Sydney, to our parents, is all that matters to me.
I'm not giving him up, now or at the border.
Kaiju detected ahead.
What kind is that? Scans are inconclusive.
Maybe it's a hybrid.
Bunyip-man said they lived out here.
Loa, power up all systems.
No! Wait.
Something's off.
It's gotta know we're here.
Why isn't it attacking? Who cares? We have the element of surprise, so let's take it out.
Loa? No, Loa.
We fight only when we have to, 'cause the next one might be our last.
Here it comes.
It's passing us.
What was that? Unknown.
The hybrid is now out of range.
But it dropped off a passenger.
Loa, seal the hatchways! We have waited so long.
Come to us.
Do not be afraid.
Systems on.
Initiate drift.
Link complete.
Scapular power conduits have been damaged.
- We've lost our arms? - Can't you bypass them? Negative.
Manual repair is required.
First, we get rid of the hitchhiker.
Mei! Get in here.
Now! Loa! Where are they? Unknown.
Uneven terrain has made it difficult to scan for Kaiju.
They're still out there somewhere.
We have to get up.
Ugh! We're stuck.
It was one of the Sisters.
She cut some conduits up there.
Mei was right.
We are not here by accident.
They want Boy.
I know the Sisters have an antidote.
We'll force them to let me stay with Boy the whole time or face Atlas.
Now, I'm taking him out there.
You're not.
Let me go! Listen to me just for a second, please.
I am not agreeing to your plan! But have you thought about yours? Really thought about it.
I mean, you walking Boy right into their arms? It's naive to think we wouldn't lose you both.
Atlas can Atlas smashing its way in there for some kind of rescue op is too big of a risk to all of us.
We haven't slept in days.
Nobody's thinking clearly.
I know.
We have nothing but bad options.
But fixing Atlas so we can defend ourselves is one we can all agree on.
Right? It It'll only take a few hours.
Boy will be fine.
You two get some rest.
I'll fix the conduit and wake you when I'm done.
Huh? Boy I I didn't want this.
It's for Hayley.
You and I both need to keep her safe.
I'm so sorry.
You got what you wanted.
Now the rest of us are leaving this place safely.
But let me make something very clear.
If it's a fight you're after, we'll give you one.
I guarantee you'll regret it.
You didn't.
Didn't what? Where is he? Taylor, where's Boy? We need to go.
Atlas is fixed.
How could you? How could you?! It was the only way.
Boy will live, we can escape.
You threw away our only bargaining chip.
No way the Sisters will let us go now.
Getting what they want, there's a chance they might.
I have all of us to worry about, not just Boy.
Sure, let's trust a death cult hopped up on monster blood.
Get in.
We're making a run for it.
Hybrids detected on fast approach.
This is on you, cadet.
Get in! Rear attack.
Pivot to evade.
Nice, cadet! You succeeded in making it madder.
That's not what I was aiming for.
Prepare for impact.
Think you could hold it by yourself? I want to try this again.
Don't miss! Yes! Refrain from celebrating.
New motion detected.
For the glory of the beast.
In the service of the gods.
By the power of the Kaiju.
That we may be worthy.
That we may attend.
That we may serve with blood and be reborn in Ichor.
For the glory of the beast.
In the service of the gods.
By the power of the Kaiju.
That we may be worthy.
That we may attend.
That we may serve with blood and be reborn in Ichor.
For the glory of the beast.
In the service of the gods.
By the power of the Kaiju.
That we may be worthy.
That we may attend.
That we may serve with blood and be reborn in Ichor.
Okay, Loa.
Now can we celebrate? No.
Three incoming hybrids detected.
What? You fool! The Sisters will never let us go.
Your will is our bidding.
Your carnage, our rite.
- Your scions - Our destiny.
Call off those Kaiju or you're dead.
Rend, destroy, devour.
That'll shut her up.
Stopped them Kaiju too.
And now, we have a hostage.
Huh? Hayley, I No.
You don't get to say anything to either of us.
Vehicle detected on approach.
Is it the Sisters? Undetermined.
He actually followed me here.
Shane still thinks he's got a shot at taking our Jaeger? Oh, he's not here for the Jaeger.
You spray me with Joel's guts and then expect me to go back to Bogan? I'll never go back.
Never! Pretty sure she's not saying thank you.
Weren't for us, you'd all be dead.
Those Sisters were sending more Kaiju your way.
What the hell were you thinking coming here? What the hell were you thinking following me? Fine.
You don't want to tell me, don't.
Just thought you should see something.
This is who's been trying to kill you.
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