Packed to the Rafters (2008) s01e09 Episode Script

Suburban Boy

(CHEERING AND SLOW CLAPPING) DAVE: Those people who say, “If I had my time over I wouldn't change a thing,” are either lying or stupid.
Are you gonna tell me Don Bradman didn't regret getting out for a duck in his last innings? Mohammed Ali didn't beat himself up about losing his last fight to a nobody? (CHEERING) Well, I could've been a rock star.
I wrote a hit.
SONG: Wake up every morning without you beside me Wake up every morning That song, in fact.
Rachel, change this bloody ringtone! Dave Rafter.
So, um, I'm taking it you haven't called Steve Wilson yet.
Ow! Dad, you wrote that song.
He owes you.
It'll be done by Monday.
Will you stop stressing? OK.
Oh, hello, you two.
You've started dinner.
How was your day? Just tell him, Mum.
Tell him to call Steve Wilson while we've still got some furniture left.
Could you take over here? And you just keep out of it, would you? Listen, you've got to stop badgering about this.
You got him the number.
Let him process it on his own.
And let him keep working himself up about all the money he's owed? You didn't see his winning way with the mince just now.
This isn't about money, OK'? It's a lot more complicated than that.
I've been a nightmare, haven't I'? What am I worried about? Well, I know what I'm worried about.
We never talked about what happened.
Well, no.
Translation, please.
What am I waiting for'? Do you think he'll be there? Oh, rock'n'roll hours.
He's probably just starting work.
I'd like to speak to Steve Wilson, please.
Oh, just tell him it's Dave Rafter.
Am I part of this family or not? We're out of cheese.
Obviously not.
Ooh! The mother lode.
Ben, your fridge is next door.
Gimme a break.
That's my cheese.
This is your cheese? Yes.
You bought it? He was in a session but I'm gonna see him tomorrow morning.
Seeing who? Steve Wilson.
Steve Wilson.
Who is that'? Well, er, you know that song 'Suburban Boy', by Steve Wilson and the Front? Hmm No.
(SINGS) I'm just a suburban boy BOTH: (SING) Just a suburban boy Thanks, girls.
Oh, your tragic new ringtone.
It's really ugly.
Oi! Excuse me! Your father co-wrote that song.
Pull the other one.
I'm serious! No way.
Your dad Yes way.
“Started the Front with Steve Wilson.
OK, when I said 'tragic', I love the original.
Yeah, it's ait's a good song.
Well done.
(LAUGHS) So you were in a band with real musos and real gigs? And real groupies? Yeah.
Well, er, no, apart from your mother.
And Linda.
That was nothing.
And Jenny.
Even less.
Back of the tour bus, Mum.
Very classy.
Mum was a groupie! Yeah.
This is unreal.
It all makes sense now.
What does'? Well, I always felt that I kind of had this thing, this sort of musical thing inside of me.
That's the plastic whistle you swallowed when you were four.
Rock'n'roll, my man.
(SINGS) Wake up every morning with no-one beside me Wake up every morning My mother would chide me I'm just a suburban boy Just a suburban boy.
Yeah! (GRUNTS) Thank you! Wow.
That's great.
Just like all the other times.
Hey, it's not every day you find out there's rock'n'roll flowing through your veins.
There's room in there with all that beer and sugar? How's, er, my naughty nurse this morning'? Ready for another exhausting, underpaid and traumatising day at work.
Happy to see you You'? Mmm! Hmm! Carbo might catch us.
Maybe I should check myself into your ward today.
I doubt it.
Today I'm on gynaecology.
There's a coincidence.
(DOOR CLOSES) Morning, Carb.
Where are you off to dressed up so pretty? Going to go pick up that Torana.
That $900 bomb? Mate, you don't know what you're talking about.
That machine is like a Picasso, a work of art, like the Sixteenth Chapel.
Just needs a bit of TLC.
Me and Rusty are gonna work on it.
What, you and panel beater Rusty? Thought you were still punished over that aerial.
No, no, all sorted.
Hey, er, you two guys off to work? Either that or a fancy dress party.
So you'll be out all day, right? Trying to get rid of us, Carbo? No, no, no.
Just wanted a bit of quality time with the car.
Alright, see you later.
Did you smell the aftershave? Yeah, to pick up a car? Maybe Carbo's got a girlfriend.
Carbo doesn't have girlfriends.
Really? ls there something I should know'? No way.
Carbo's not gay.
I'm joking, you idiot.
to be rejected every night And I know it must be Easier for boys from the city! From the city Oh! Mustang '69 GT convertible.
Well, you said it was a beast.
I know.
Don't even ask me how much petrol it chews up.
Come on, drool over my beast later.
We've still gotta get the trailer.
Why didn't you want me to say anything to Ben and Melissa about this? It's our thing.
I mean, unless they wanna help us restore the car, it's none of their business, is it? Fair enough.
So get in.
Got a Torana waiting.
(LAUGHS) I still don't know about this, Nathan.
It seems risky.
And what about the retail space? Retail space gets fixed up next month.
But isn't that the reason Karl gave you the money - to fix it up? Yeah, I'm just redirecting it to schmooze this Fred Mackie guy.
I can make a killer commission here.
Not if you don't sell the property.
Sam, it's a shoo-in, OK'? It's just what he's after.
It's waterfront, it's got a jetty and it's cheap.
And the retail space gets I'll fix that out of my commission.
I told you I'm not sure about this.
Trust me! When I land this, it's gonna be a whole new deal for me.
For us.
Um, we're gonna make a big, big chunk of money, OK'? Trust me.
You are starting to sound like my father.
If you mean that in a business sense, then I'll take that as a compliment.
Man, she is awesome! How much is this setting you back? None of your business.
Come on, let's load her up, Ben.
No worries.
Hey, look, you only pay for what you drink.
But I'd go easy on the champers.
But you did get it, didn't you, Ben? You got the one I asked for'? Yeah, but this stuffs $300 a bottle, even at mate's rates.
You sure you don't want the cheaper stuff'? Thank you, Ben.
I can see that your business acumen has set you up for life.
Nathan Rafter.
What? No.
No, no, no, no, no.
You can't cancel on me now.
We had an agreement.
This is totally Hello? The wine waiter just cancelled on me.
I could do it.
Oh, er, yeah, nah, no.
No of fence to you, Ben.
Pay me $100 and I'm yours.
$100? Well, I would be more expensive but I've got no business acumen.
You hear nothing, you say nothing, you don't give Fred Mackie any reason to believe that we're related.
Well, hey, I've pulled it off for the last 2O years, haven't I'? Hey, I reckon this scheme of yours is pretty dodgy, bro.
DAVE: And just as Nathan felt nervous about the risk he was taking I was struggling to keep down my breakfast.
Just take a seat.
He'll be with you in a moment.
Can I get you a tea or a coffee? Oh, I'm fine, thanks.
OK, no worries.
Dave! Mate! Wondered if I'd ever lay eyes on you again.
I wouldn't have been that hard to find if you'd wanted to.
Look at you.
You look great.
Never were a very good liar.
Get out of here! Take a seat, mate.
Er, Sedge Norton's on the line again.
He needs to know if you're in.
Sedge'? Ertell him I'll call him back.
Catching up with an old friend.
Isn't she something? Have a seat, mate.
Take a load off.
Actually, I'll just say what I came here to say, alright? Er, so much for the small talk.
I wondered how long it'd take.
Yeah, me too, every day for the past 25 years.
Look, anyone can jot down a few words and strum a couple of chords, Dave.
That song would've been buried like a million others if I hadn't gone out and played it night after night in all those stinkin' dives.
That was your dream.
My dream was us, mate! Us! The Aussie Lennon and McCartney.
Yeah, well, things changed.
Yeah, you made your choice.
And do you know what, Dave? For three years the only thing in my wallet was a plectrum.
I caught three buses that day to get to Sedge's office.
Yeah, you told me, endlessly.
I was working, remember? And I sat in his reception till six o'clock that night absolutely refusing to leave until he agreed to come to our gig.
And, of course, then when he came I was I had commitments.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, you told me.
And he left 1O minutes after you walked out the door.
And, of course, then no-one would touch me, would they? No-one.
For six months I did crap gigs, lugging my own P.
, until he graciously gave me another shot.
My hands were tied.
What did you want me to do? You could've talked to me, Dave.
You could've talked to me.
I mean, we shared a bedroom growing up for how many years? I dunno! We worked so hard on the band for, like, four years.
You just up and leave.
Not so much as a note! You told me that if I was that keen on Julie I was out.
“Her or me? The band or her?" What difference would a note have made? Fine, Dave.
It's good to see you too.
This is about what I owe.
Hang on.
No, no, no.
I'll send over the royalty statements so you know I'm not ripping you off.
This was never about money.
I just thought You thought what, Dave?! You thought what? Take the cheque.
Oh, forget it.
You stick your cheque.
on! Ooh, how did it go? Change that bloody ringtone.
Rachel says she hopes you like classic.
Any music.
Just not that song.
No, classic as in it rings like an actual phone.
She, umshe also says she's sorry.
She shouldn't have pushed things.
Maybe I shouldn't have either.
You know, the first thing he jumps to is money.
Pulls out his chequebook and starts writing.
It was really good to see him, though.
Oh At least you have.
At least you made the move.
I don't know.
I (INHALES DEEPLY) I should've just left it.
I can't go back, Jules.
That's what I'm learning here.
Are you sure Ben and that are gonna be out all day? Relax.
They're out.
We're on Torana time.
(LAUGHS) I've gotta say, you must've done something unspeakable to that guy to get such a sweet deal.
I mean, 900 bucks for this! I'm a good customer.
Me and Rusty, we've got an understanding.
Clean her up, a few new parts, body detail, beautiful.
Yeah, you might need to do a bit more than that if you want mega-profit.
I mean, you could boost the power with V8 extractors, for one.
What? You're just so cool.
(PHONE RINGS) Dave Rafter, electrician.
Dave, it's Steve.
Er, mate, I think we might've kicked off on the wrong foot.
What's the bad blood between Dad and this guy anyway'? I mean, you got pregnant.
Dad made a choice.
Surely Steve must understand that.
Well, the timing wasn't great.
Mum, you got pregnant.
You can't always time these things.
(SIGHS) Your dad and Steve were really close.
They were.
they were like brothers.
Well, actually, they were foster brothers.
Really? I thought Dad never had any family.
Yeah, well, Steve and his parents were the closest he ever came to it.
And they started up the band and it was their life.
Until he met me.
And then you fell in love and And your dad made a choice.
(HUFFS) This huge promoter was coming through town.
I mean, it was their big chance.
And five minutes into the set Dave just walked off.
And the band took off.
Steve became famous and Dad didn't.
Ah, but the song he wrote did.
That is the most incredible, amazing, romantic story I have ever heard.
And I'm a part of it! I'm, erI'm heading out.
Oh, another job'? No, I'm meeting someone.
Who? Steve.
He's out front.
You made the effort this morning.
I figure it's my turn.
You wanna come in'? Yeah, I'd love to.
I'm guessing you're still with Jules.
Three kids.
What'?! Three kids! Maybe later, eh? Just you and me for now.
So where? You still fish? And I still drink beer.
(LAUGHS) OK, one special Greek tea coming up.
What's so Greek about it? Oh, it's in a Parthenonmcup.
Um (CLEARS THROAT) Cup of tea, mate? Thanks.
(CLEARS THROAT) Pretty greasy, eh? Mmm.
Yeah, I might need to use your shower later if that's Yeah, yeah.
No worries.
Got one.
I've missed this, mate.
Rotting prawns and salt in your cuts'? No, you idiot! This, us! Me too.
Every time I'd hear one of your songs on the radio I'd be right back there.
Still play'? Badly.
Just taken it up again.
Any regrets? Look, Julie never wanted me to leave the band.
It was my decision.
Not even a little twinge every time you pick up that guitar? Your mum and dad still around? Yeah, mate.
They're fine.
Living the retired life in Port Macquarie.
Cut 'em up you never got in touch, though.
Yeah, I handled things badly.
I think I was worried that I might change my mind.
Get the bug to go back on the road again.
Oh! And you could've too, mate.
I had a family.
There was no way I'd take even a million-to-one chance of wrecking that.
I'll be honest with you, Dave.
It wasn't the same after you left anyway.
Goodbye, team, goodbye, magic.
I never had a bigger hit than 'Suburban Boy'.
I mean, that should've told me something.
Look, this was never about the money.
I I just neededthis talk.
Unfinished business.
Ooh! Oh, you're away, mate! Hex on! He's on! Oh, you're joking! A flattie.
You're kidding? (CH UCKLES) I really wanted you to see the house from the water.
And you know this is a real growth area.
Oh, yeah.
Not telling me anything I don't know.
It's not bad.
Not bad at all.
I could easy put a pontoon there for my yacht.
WOMAN: And if you really wanna feel special, you know where you go? There's this great little salon down in Bondi.
VIP only.
Gel infills with a complimentary massage and champagne.
Not bubbly.
Tony Westaway is thinking of buying one of the others.
Westaway? M mm.
Is that right? Yeah.
Actually, he's my father-in-law.
Excuse me a second.
Darling?! You reckon we might crack another bottle'? I'm happy to fix you up.
Pff! Not at all.
Please, you're our guests.
(WHISPERS) It's 300 bucks.
I don't care.
Shut up.
Take it to them now.
That's $300.
Why do we have to bring my father into this? Thought we were doing this on our own.
Sam, there's no harm in using your father's name if it helps clinch the deal.
Nathan Please, let me talk to Mackie, OK'? I am so close.
I am this close.
Please? OK.
OK'? Whoa! That's plenty.
I must say, a good waiter's very hard to find.
You can put it back on ice now, mate.
Been a top day, Nathan.
I'll let you know by Hang on.
I recognise that bloke.
Really? That's.
Steve Wilson! (SINGS) Just a suburban boy! You like him? You're kidding? Great song! Loved it! It is! I love it.
It's a great song.
He's a very old family friend.
Steve! Nathan? DAVE: And suddenly Dad's rock days get him serious cred.
I gotta hand it to you.
Them lyrics, spot on, mate.
They really spoke to me.
I tell you what, right there, the bloke who co-wrote it with me.
You're kidding? That's great.
Put it there, mate.
Pleased to meet you.
That'sthat's my dad.
Really? Is that right? Yep.
All true.
We made a great team.
Well, I tell you what, mate Ben! What?! I didn't ask for it.
You are unbelievable.
I'm a magnet.
Would you, er, mind? I'll let you know within 48 hours and if you know anyone who needs any heavy earth-moving equipment You're the man with the biggest shovel.
(LAUGHS) No worries, Fred.
Keep an eye on that sleazebag with Sammy.
He's been coming on to Sierra.
OK, well, I'll, er I'll have a word to him.
Sorry about that.
What? Oh, the fans.
Can't live with 'em BOTH: Can't shoot 'em.
Nice kids, mate.
You're lucky.
Yes, I am.
BOTH: (SING) Sure it must be You know what I'm talking about, honey.
Easier for boys From the city! Ba-ba ba-dau! Thank you! It's like falling off a bike, mate.
It's a pity we didn't have a chance to play together on the big stage.
Er, alright, look, time to go.
We should go up to the clubhouse.
Just have one or two more.
Hey, you gotta come play with us on tour.
What tour? 'Greaties from the '80s', mate.
Hey? You, me.
You, me, on tour, just like it was supposed to be.
Mate, I can't sing anymore.
I haven't played the guitar properly in years.
Just listen, 1O bands10 bands, two songs each.
I mean, you can handle two songs, can't ya'? Hey? All expenses paid.
And, I mean, the fee's not great but, oh, mate! We'd just have a blast! Hey?! Are you serious? DAVE: The trouble with old mates and beers and guitars is you tend not to think things through.
L>\ I“.
(BOTH WAIL) Like maybe consulting your wife of 25 years.
Thanks for helping me out.
Sorry about such a long day.
Oh, do you think I would have missed this? No way! (CHUCKLES) Wh-what was that for'? Iguessl kind of like you.
No, that's a lie.
I like you a lot.
I know you're probably freaked out by what people will say.
I don't care.
I like you.
And I think you like me.
I mean, the thing is, you're hot.
Rusty? CARBO: And you're funny.
And we talk the same language.
Mags, you know, carbies, fresh duco.
I mean, it's all there.
What do you think? I think we should talk.
After I've had a shower.
Ben, it's me.
You will never guess what just happened.
Call me when you get this.
You're early.
It's after work.
So, how'd you go with the Torana? Yeah, good.
Hey, er, do you think you could run to the servo for us'? We're out of milk.
So, you and Rusty drank it all? Yeah, Rusty - he loves his tea.
I'd love to meet him.
He's in the shower.
Hey, maybe you should run to the servo now before it closes.
It's 24-hour.
Can I ask you for some advice? Absolutely.
You're a nurse.
You get covered in all sorts of stuff, right? What are you doing? Me and Rusty, we got real dirty.
I mean, check this out.
Hmm'? Grease.
Of course.
MELISSA: Call me when you get this.
Carbo, it's OK.
You don't have to hide anything from me.
You don't have to try and distract me.
I am totally supportive of you and Rusty.
What? Come on, Melissa.
What's the big deal? Talk about suspense.
(CHRISSY HUMS) (GAS PS) Hey! Er, I Sorry.
I didn't realise.
Can you please get out? What? Just get out! Yeah.
Going now.
So, about what I said It was very sweet.
I get it.
Just mates, right? No.
No Oh.
Er I don't know, you know'? Ll have to think about it.
It's a big deal for me.
Can I still call you while you're thinking? You know, just mate stuff.
Let you know how the Torana's going with the paint job.
That'd be good.
(CLEARS THROAT) Hey, Chrissy, sorry about the whole walking in on you and everything.
Not a word to your mother.
Mum's the word, eh? (DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) Why didn't you say Chrissy helped you with the car? I don't want to talk about it.
That went well.
You're the one who thought he was panel-beating Rusty.
(MOANS) Dave? Did it go well? (THUD!) Oh.
Very well.
Hey, Jules.
Good to see you again.
You're still looking good.
(LAUGHS) You too, Steve.
Do you need anything? I don't think so.
I'm alright.
(HICCUPS) Dave's gonna need a bucket, though.
Mmm? Jules (SLURS UNINTELLIGIBLY) 'Explode'.
Yes, darling, that's why I brought you the bucket.
He said that if I wanted to You know what? I really can't wait for the translator.
So tell me in the morning, Hendrix.
Rock'n'roll! DAVE: Just when you think you're too old, that your path is set in concrete, your dreams buried, you open a new door "and the kitchen sink falls out and hits you on the head.
(SIGHS) (DOOR CLOSES) (GROANS) Hey! That's no way to work off a hangover.
I don't know what's more sickening - how you look or how I feel.
Old trick of the road, mate.
Prepare for the morning after the night before.
Keep a couple of cans - or in this case, bottles - in the car.
I'm so looking forward to this tour, mate.
It's gonna be like old times.
What tour? Hmm'? THE tour, mate.
Greaties from the '80s.
(SINGS) Rock! (CHUCKLES) What? Jules is alright with it, isn't she? Yeah.
And, umnot yeah.
(DOOR OPENS) You haven't asked her yet, have ya'? Asked me what? Jules Ooh! Before you answer, let's just extinguish any naked flames, shall we'? Erthis tour, Jules, I'd really appreciate you letting me take him along.
Oh, the tour? Yeah.
No groupies, no nonsense, no nothing - I promise you.
Justjust two mates having a good time.
Steve No, no, no.
I think it's a great idea.
How long are we, um, talking, again? Three weeks.
Oh! Well, threethree-ish, you know'? Um Yeah.
There's not going to be a lot of money in it.
Butl reckon I reckon this might help.
Oh! Royalties owed.
Anyway, listen, I've got to scoot.
Things to organise.
Er, Steve, look, you misunderstand me.
This is never what this was about.
Er, shut up.
It's yours.
Alright? You've earned it.
In fact, I should have paid you years ago.
Don't make me lose face here, alright? I'll see youse.
Not bad for a few hours work So, where are we going'? Paris? Santorini? Was that him then? THE Steve THE very generous Steve Wilson.
$8,000! No, look.
I'd just be happy to pay off a few debts and have a nice dinner out, alright? Oh, oh, oh.
Look, about this tour, I can make some excuse.
Tour? Oh, no! No, you will not! I'll be expecting some free tickets.
Really? So, you'? It's alright with you? Absolutely.
A guy with a guitar is always a turn-on.
Except for (LAUGHS) You're going on tour? I'm going on tour.
(PLAYS WRONG NOTE ON GUITAR) Oh, damn it! (PLAYS SCALES) Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, no of fence to Dad, but is he really up to touring? He Your old man was pretty good in his day, the gigs your mother took us along to.
'Gig'? Since when did you use the word 'gig'? Hey, I saw the Beatles live.
(CH UCKLES) Listen, he's going to be fine.
He just needs time to brush off the cobwebs, that's all.
Hey, Grandad.
Hi, mate.
What's this'? Eight grand?! It's your father's royalties, actually.
What? Forplaying on a song? That's insane.
You have no idea what your dad gave up for this family.
You know that Kevin Borich said that he “made the axe sing Who the hell is Kevin Porridge? Borich.
And since when did anybody call a guitar an axe? No, listen, the fret board was a slave to your father's fingers, wasn't it? (DAVE PLAYS SCALES ON GUITAR) What's that'? Dad's fingers enslaving the fret board.
He's just he's just a bit rusty, that's all.
(DAVE PLAYS OUT OF TUNE) Just really rusty.
Has Elvis left the building? Yeah.
(STOPS TAPE) I thought you might need a coffee.
You've been at it all day.
How's it going'? You'll be right.
There's music in our blood, remember? Hey, mate, take it (SINGS) In the city Be.
be careful, mate.
(sums-s QUIETLY) In the city I'm calling Steve, pulling out.
What? No way! Come on.
You'll get back into it.
No, mate, I just can't.
This is my big chance! Who's the cool dude with the rocker dad? (CH UCKLES) Benny Rafter, that's who.
Come on.
Pick it up.
Come on.
Pick it up.
Pick it up.
Pick it up! Alright! Alright.
I suppose we've got a fortnight.
(MOBILE PHONE BEEPS) Er, actually, make that 12 hours.
What? Rehearsal tomorrow.
Warm-up gig tomorrow night.
(DAVE PLAYS GUITAR OFF-KEY) RACHEL: Somebody make him stop! NATHAN: Mum! JULIE: I can't! NATHAN: This is not funny anymore at all.
(DAVE PLAYS RIFFS) Yes! Fred Mackie is going to go for it - I know it.
Your dad's name, that was the clincher.
Damn it! Rachel beat me to the shower.
She's getting quicker! You were great yesterday, babe.
Who knew there was so much to know about gel infills'? So, um, do you think we'll have enough to get our own place, then? Yeah, when Mackie signs.
Yes! Fingers crossed.
I am going to go and bang on the bathroom door.
See how she likes it.
Rachel, I said I was next in the bathroom.
AUTOMATED VOICE: You have two new voice messages.
MAN: Nathan, it's Karl.
Just checking whether you've organised to repair that retail rental.
Call me back.
(TON E BE E PS) Nathan, Karl again.
The retail rental - I need it ready ASAP.
I've leased it.
So hopefully you're onto it.
Call me back.
Oh, no.
There are no more messages.
(DIALS) WOMAN: Fred Mackie's office.
Please leave a message.
Fred, er, hi.
It's Nathan Rafter here.
Um, my boss just called and said that there's a guy that's keen on the same property as you.
So, if you can give me a call back and let me know what your plans are, that'd be great.
Oh, and Steve Wilson says hi.
(HANGS UP) Now, listen, before we get cracking, we'd like to give you something.
(PLAYS DRUMROLL) (CHUCKLES) Dave Rafter I would like to present you with this.
“Gold sales, 'Suburban Boy', written by D.
Rafter and S.
" Mate, I don't know what to say.
Don't say, just PlaV- (ALL PLAY ROCK TUNE) (SINGS) Alright! Oh, Reggie, you rock.
Wake up in the morning No-one beside me I wake up every morning My mother, she'd chide me I'm just a suburban boy J"I'm Sorry.
Is thatis that a new bit? Yeah.
My fault.
My fault.
Actually, we do the A minor, G thing twice and then straight into the verse.
We used to do it different.
Oh, OK.
(SINGS) I'm just a suburban boy Just a suburban boy BOTH: (SING) And I know what it's like Being rejected every night And I'm sure it must be You take it, mate Easier for boys from the city You got it, mate.
NATHAN: I'm really, really sorry.
Is there absolutely nothing I can do to change Mr Mackie's mind? No? OK.
Um, I understand.
(HANGS UP) I am such a loser! I'm anidiot! Just through here.
(DOOR CLOSES) I just spoke to Mackie's P.
He's not buying the house.
What? Apparently he's got some problem with a member of my family.
He must have found out you're my brother.
I never asked for Sierra's number.
Are you kidding me? I know what you're like! She had a rack of death, blonde, cheap She's totally not my type, OK'? (GROANS) Totally not my type! (SLAMS DOOR) (GROANS) What's up Nathan's butt? I told him his plan was dodgy! He just (SIGHS) Are we going to this gig or what? What do you reckon? Bring back the glory days? (WOLF-WHISTLES) (ALL CHUCKLE) There's a certain nostalgia factor there.
This is amazing.
I can't believe it's happening.
Rehearsals went well, then? Yeah.
Really good.
You are going to be great, Dad.
(G R U NTS) Oooh.
Aren't you meant to be able to move your arms to play the guitar? Hey, hey.
Hands off.
Nothing wrong with this jacket.
Yeah, that a (SNIFFS) .
industrial dry-clean wouldn't fix.
I'll just put this away.
It's 7:30.
Time we made a move.
Oh, yeah! Who's coming with me? Me.
Dad, can I have a quick word? Make it quick.
Where's the cheque that Steve gave you? I banked it this morning, gone this afternoon.
It couldn't come at a better time.
JULIE: Your dad's gotta go.
I need some cash.
SAMMY: Nathan.
Can we talk about this tomorrow'? It's too late.
I need it tonight.
How much? Six grand.
What? You didn't tell me it was that much.
What do you need with that sort of money'? Karl give me six grand to fix up a rental space.
L-I used it to butter up a bigger client but he fell through.
Jeez, mate.
Dad, I need the cash, not a lecture.
The whole unit needs to be ready by tomorrow arvo.
Well, you'd better get onto it.
Take some responsibility.
I'm trying to.
What? By asking me for a hand-out? No, you can't sacrifice a real job for a pipedream.
Dad, you don't understand.
The whole place needs fixing up.
Well, you've got some contacts.
You'd better start calling in some favours.
(SIGHS) Mate, listen, this is a really big night for me, you know'? You're right.
Don't worry about it.
I am onto it.
Knock 'em dead, Dad, alright? Have a really great night.
Let's get this show on the road.
Come on.
You can't back out now.
See you there.
See ya.
(DOOR CLOSES) NATHAN: Oh, no No way.
How are we gonna get anything done in this light? (SIGHS) I've got a torch.
Damn it! Bloody Ben! Oh, well, what.
what if it wasn't Ben? Oh, it was! Who else could it have been? He said it was a member of my family.
It could have been Dad.
What? The name Fred Mackie had a freak-out about could have been Dad's.
He has a lot of enemies, you know.
Then I'm even more of an idiot.
No! Come on.
We're in this together.
Let's fix this place up.
(MOANS EXCITEDLY) I hope Nathan and Sammy don't miss this.
It would be such a shame! Excuse us.
Excuse us.
Coming through.
Dave! Are you a fan as well, mate? (GROANS) Gee, I wouldn't have thought you'd know the first thing about decent music.
Is that right? What's all this, eh? You even trying to look like Steve? (CH UCKLES) Tragic! See you.
No, no, no, no.
Don't crowd him.
There's only so many autographs to go around.
Know what I'm saying? CROWD: (CHEERS) Steve! Steve! WARNEY: How are you, Steve? Mate, I am stoked that you're here.
It's gonna be awesome.
Oh, I'm sorry! Have you not met the co-writer of 'Suburban Boy' and founding member of the Front? That'd be Dave.
Hey, Jules.
Yeah, you'd better believe it.
Biggest reunion since Bucks Fizz.
(LAUGHS) You're right about this tonight? Yep.
Come on.
The guys are hanging out to see ya.
Don't, Ben.
I don't get why it's such a big deal.
Are you ashamed to be seen with me? Of course not, doofus.
I like being backstage, though.
Isn't this exciting? Yeah.
Where's Dad? Oh, he's in with the band.
Man, this is awesome.
Awesome! I know.
Chrissy's here.
How do you know Chrissy? Erl saw her at the cricket.
Hey, Chrissy.
CHRISSY: Hi! Hello! Mmm! Mwah! Thank you for supporting Dave.
Oh, not just Dave.
I used to know Steve years ago.
Oh! Oh, right.
What? As a mate? Mmm, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
(LAUGHS) I was a huge fan.
Huge fan.
Hey, Dad.
Dad! Over here! DAVE: Those people who say, “If I had my time over I wouldn't change a thing,” they're not all lying or stupid.
This is my dad.
Hey! (ALL CHEER) Can I talk to you about something? Sure.
Maybe they just have somewhere to be.
Must be getting close.
Do you want to come and meet some of Dad's fan club'? Yeah, OK.
Very funny.
Very grown-up.
You're the one who wanted to keep it casual.
Hey, er, everyone, my dad's Dave Rafter.
He's playing tonight with Steve.
He co-wrote 'Suburban Boy'.
Can you sign this, please? Oh, Benno! No need for any of that.
Eh! Hey! Can you get your hands off my boyfriend? I knew it! Chrissy? (CH UCKLES) Steve.
Chrissy! Chrissy, baby, look at you! Come here.
Ooh! Come here.
Any hotter, you would melt.
You look fantastic! Oh, well, you don't look so bad yourself! Come on.
Hey, listen Yeah? MAN: Righto, folks, it's about to start.
(CROWD CHEERS) Hey, Carbo, come on.
Where are you going'? Ll got you a present.
It's, um, personally autographed.
So, you're not with him? No.
Thank God.
Because, to me, you couldn't be more perfect if you had a tailpipe and hubcaps.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Listen, this first one was co-written by a local boy, Dave Rafter.
An old mate of mine.
Unfortunately, Dave couldn't be here tonight.
He's actually managed to make a life for himself.
And I, er I really respect that, eh? Go, Dad! Go, Dad! Where is he? I thought he was playing.
Change of plans.
What do you mean? I'll tell you later.
He told us to savour the moment.
Whoo! This one's for you, Dave! Simmo! Come on, people! (SINGS) Wake up every morning with no-one beside me Wake up every morning My mother, she'd chide me I'm just a suburban boy (SINGS) Just a suburban boy And I know what it's like to be rejected every night And I'm sure it must be Easier for boys from the city Hey! Alright! Yeah! Whoops! “Let there be light.
” We heard you needed a hand.
(LAUGHS) Hey, darling.
NATHAN: Thanks, Mum.
You're welcome.
(SINGS) And I'm sure it must be Easier for boys from the city From the city Eh! Alright, people!