Packed to the Rafters (2008) s02e02 Episode Script

Dodging the Issue

DAVE: There's an unwritten primal law for blokes - if something's niggling at you, ignore it.
Don't go to the doctor, don't sob about your feelings - leave it alone and it'll go away.
“Rafter and Warne Dad, are you making Warney a partner? Why not? He's a good worker.
For the whole five minutes he's been working for you.
I've got a positive motivation and he's done right by me.
I'll do right by him - make a commitment for the future.
Oh, Dad, I think you're having your first man crush.
Look, it's just a thought, nothing decided.
Aren't you supposed to be at work? Ooh! Go on! Run along.
(GIGGLES) Men don't face anything until we have to.
Women, unfortunately, aren't wired that way.
It doesn't add up.
(SIGHS) Maybe there's a mistake.
What are you two plotting? We've been going through the invoices, Dave, and Warney is ripping you off.
Jules, don't start this again.
There is a discrepancy, Dad.
Nathan No.
Last month he claimed more hours than he worked.
That job at Kogarah, that should have taken two hours.
He claimed 15.
So it was a mistake.
A mistake? That's two days work, Dave.
He's slack with his job sheets most of the time.
Doesn't turn them in half the time.
That's true.
I have to chase them.
You overpaid him hundreds of dollars and he didn't say anything.
Were there any other mistakes? That was the only one we found.
So far, but this is just the start! The start of a bloody witch-hunt.
(GROANS) Oh I'm just gonna Dave, I'm trying to look out for you.
OK'? No.
You're looking out for Chrissy - I get that.
But Warney's not responsible for her getting the sack.
NATHAN: Warney! Hey! WARNEY: Chief! How you going, mate? Good.
WARNEY: Alright? Good.
(WHISPERS) I'm just Dave, how are you, mate? Hey, mate.
Jules, looking good.
Tell you what - any time you get sick of this bloke, you give me a call.
Excuse me.
I'll get these cables unloaded.
Can you check the joiner, finish the utility panels? Yep.
Remember that Kogarah job we did a few weeks back? Kogarah, yeah.
What about it? Well, you claimed for 15 hours.
What?! 15 hours? The job would have taken 1.
5 hours max! I'm not accusing you.
I just, uh No.
I know what you're saying Decimal point.
Forgot to put the decimal point.
Sorry, mate.
No worries.
Should have crosschecked.
I'll go to the ATM.
How much do I owe you? We'll sort it out later.
You sure? Yeah.
Sorry, mate.
Dill! Hey, Dad, the panels are looking good and, Warney, can you take that around the side? No worries, chief.
I, uh, asked him about the invoice.
Honest mistake.
He'll pay us back.
But you can tell Mum.
Alright? Yeah! (MIMICS) Yeah! Nathan Rafter.
Tim, how are you? You're the last person I expected to see around here.
What - you're not in the real-estate game anymore'? Not so much.
Didn't know you were a sparky like your old man.
I'm actually more into the management side of things.
I do bookings and schedules and I organise materials And digs the occasional ditch.
G'day, Tim.
Dave, hi.
Well, look, um, I'm in and out all day.
Give us a yell if you need anything.
No worries.
Friend of yours? Not really.
Big storm's on the way.
Do you want a cup of tea? That'd be great.
Who wants a cuppa? Actually, I might hit the hay.
It's only nine o'clock.
Uh, you know what? I might turn in as well.
I've been feeling a bit queasy all day so I've actually got a presentation for work tomorrow.
I've gotta check over my notes but it was nice to see you again.
Um, maybe we can watch TV in our room.
We don't have aTV Oh The new TV.
Let's watch the new one.
OTHERS: 'Night.
Don't you? Well, if I'm inside.
It's nights like this I miss Richard.
We used to curl up and listen to the rain.
For a while, there were no problems.
I better get going before this sets in.
HEY, hey, hey, hey.
Why don't you stay here? You sure? What about (WHISPERS) .
the others? Well, they're grown-ups.
They'll cope.
It's OK.
(GAS PS) Good morning, Rachel.
Good morning.
And goodbye.
What's going on'? Hi.
(LAUGHS) Well, it got very late, it stormed, so Marjorie stayed over.
Of course she did.
Sowhat - do you have to go? Afraid so.
I'll have you and Dave over soon.
Oh, great.
Look forward to it.
Bye, Julie.
TED: Sorry about that.
MARJORIE: It's to be expected.
SoMarjorie had to stay over because it stormed.
Ththey could have just been talking.
NATHAN AND RACHEL: Ew! OK, OK, I think I speak for the majority when I say that when people reach a certain age, that sex (CLEARS THROAT) should become illegal.
And what age would that be'? Old.
(LAUGHS) How old? Old ma.
Oh! News flash! I'm pregnant, which means your father and I Argh! No! No, no, no, no, no! I also think it should be illegal for parents to talk about sex at any age.
Oh, g You know, I'm extremely disappointed in you lot.
Ew! He's my dad, Dave! And the thought of him doing that Jules, you little hypocrite.
It grossed me out too.
But in Ben's room'?! What difference does it make whether it's in Ben's room or Marjorie's? Well For God's sake - nothing happened.
The woman just needed a bit of comfort.
That's all.
Sorry, Dad.
it's l-l Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ew! He calls it 'comfort'! Guess who.
Lara Bingle.
Close enough.
What are you doing here? You sweet on me? No.
One of the doctors has finished his residency.
We're having a send-off.
Come on.
I'll introduce you.
No, no.
My boss is in.
I've gotta look like I'm working.
Oh, sure.
So I take it that's the guest of honour.
Oh, no.
That's the new guy, Luke Hanson.
What did you say? Luke Hanson? What did you think I said? Nothing.
Tell me.
I thought you said “cute and handsome”.
(QUIETLY) Right.
Oh, hey, Luke.
I thought you said you couldn't make it.
I had to set a new speed record for catheter insertions.
(WHISPERS) I just hope they're in the right patients.
G'day, Luke! I'm Ben.
Er You work at the hospital? No.
Ben works here.
I like it.
The, uhhours suit me.
Gives mefreedom toto do stuff.
Lots of stuff.
Heapsof stuff.
Ben really can't stay.
He's gotta Right.
Well, in that case, I'll No, no, no.
Hey Mel, it's all good.
I can stay and chat.
Uh, so what were you about to say, mate? I was just gonna order a rum and coke.
Actually, make that two.
Thanks, Ben.
The lovely Melissa - you two back together? Getting there.
There you go.
Listen, pop this up behind the bar somewhere, would you? Interested? Me - a manager? Well, you don't want to be a barman all your life, do you, Ben? DAVE: Maybe Ben's not hard-wired like other blokes.
Where primal man might simply ignore a threat, he faced it head on.
LUKE: There's a club there called the Olympia, of course.
Managed to learn some Greek while I was over there as well.
Ah, yes.
It's amazing how fast you pick it up.
Comes in handy.
Hey, my best mate is Greek so if you ever need someone to speak Greek to I'm sure he'dyou know Right.
Where's he from? Lesbos.
And, uh, I've already done all the jokes, though.
Trust me.
Carbo's a great guy.
He and Ben are housemates.
Mel was a housemate too.
Still is, practically.
Not quite.
But I do spend a bit of time over there.
That's what you do when you're dating.
So, uh, when did you go to Greece? Oh, it was a few years ago now.
Went over to watch the Olympics.
Really? What sports do you like'? Rowing, mainly.
Rowing? (SCOFFS) Luke came second in the national title.
Second'? That'snot bad.
I have to go to the loo.
Excuse me.
So, uh, how did you manage to fit in rowing with all themedical Well, I can't, really.
That's why I've given up competition.
Been there.
I had to give uprunning.
Tell you what, managing this place isfull-on, man.
Is that why you're leaving? What? Excuse me.
What is wrong with you? What do you mean? You've been staring at us all afternoon.
It's embarrassing.
The way you've been throwing yourself at him - that's embarrassing.
What?! He's a new work colleague.
It's called being friendly.
Ah, yeah.
Really friendly.
Well, at least I didn't tell him I was managing the hospital.
Don't change the subject.
That is the subject.
You're jealous and there's no reason for it.
Luke's just a really nice guy.
So you are interested in him! Stop behaving like a child.
You're the one behaving like a kid, Mel.
Attracted to some guy just 'cause he can pull oars quickly.
And he only came second! What'?! He's a loser, Mel! He didn't make it to the Olympics, did he? He just had to sit at home and watch it like the rest of us.
This is the most stupid conversation I have ever had.
Yeah? I've had worse.
If Shane Warne had have played Zimbabwe and Bangladesh as often as Murali, he would have had 1,000 wickets.
'Course he'd have 1,000.
Way, mate.
Jules! Take a seat.
Have a beer.
Uh, no, thanks.
Just so you know, we'll be eating soon.
I ordered some Thai.
Oh, Thai! Mmm! Would you like to join us'? Uh, no! It's already been ordered.
Sammy's gone to get it.
It's alright.
We can call the restaurant, order some more.
What would you like'? Ohpad thai, but go easy on the chilli, 'cause OK, mate.
Then you ring Sammy and order it.
Won't be a sec.
That was rude, Jules.
I'm sorry.
I'm just not in the mood to entertain.
'Entertain'? I'm not asking you to cook a 10-course meal for the guy.
Look, I asked him about the invoice.
It was a mistake.
He'll pay me back.
Oh! Well, that's a great way to run a business.
He gives back what he stole and everything's fine.
He didn't steal anything.
He forgot a decimal point.
(SCOFFS) You're not serious? You just don't believe him because you've got an agenda.
You don't believe it 'cause all of a sudden he's your best mate! You're wrong about him, Jules.
I am not wrong! I don't like him.
I don't trust him.
I don't like him knowing our business and I don't want him in our house! I just, uh Just wanted to make sure I paid for the meal.
They were out of spring rolls so I hope curry puffs are OK.
I didn't get your order in, mate.
No, no.
It's alright.
Doctor said I should ease up on the chilli anyway.
I'll see you tomorrow, Dave.
See you, guys.
See ya.
Yeah, mate.
What the hell is wrong with you? Bonnie warned me about him.
Please, not Bonnie again.
she said there was a snake in the grass, it was someone we know and I know she meant him.
Let me get this straight.
You're rude to him because some loon at your work reads your palms?! She's not a loon and everything that she said is falling into place.
DAVE: Confrontation with your wife? Take the primal man's path.
Head out until she cools down.
Dave! What's going on? Don't tell your GP.
(LAUGHS) Come in! Come into the men's room.
Hey? Give you a look around.
Get a load of the goods, mate.
The king of spin - Sure you got enough'? Oh.
pfft! Look at this.
Shane Warne, 1993, Cricketer of the Year.
Authenticity certificate attached.
Still in its plastic.
(WHISPERS) You gotta check this out.
This just arrived yesterday.
Come and have a look at this.
The Gatting Ball.
The Gatting Ball! His first-ever ball in an Ashes series.
From a short run-up they reckon he turned the ball 8O degrees.
BOTH: Ball of the century.
Ha! Got the certificate right there.
As long as you know what you're doing.
Hey, there's no need to worry about it, mate.
I've been trading online for years.
I know what I'm doing.
Youyou don't want to buy a PlayStation, do you? (LAUGHS) Just joking, mate.
Don't worry about it.
Come on.
Let's finish this food before it gets too cold.
(PUB ROCK MUSIC PLAYS) (SINGS) And I know what it's like To be rejected every night And I'm sure it must be Easier for boys BOTH: From the city.
(BOTH MIMIC GUITAR LINE) Dah-dah, dah-dah, dah-dah BOTH: Boom! (YELLS) Mate! Whoo! (BIG ROCK OUTRO PLAYS) Mate, I can't believe you wrote that song.
I just co-wrote it.
Steve wrote the chords and the “dah-dah, dah-dah, boom!" bit.
Yeah, but it's the lyrics, mate! The lyrics make the song.
It sums up my whole teens! I mean, you must have gone through something like that as well.
Well, did you? You know, get rejected? Oh, come on, mate! You must have gone through something.
You can't write a song like that Maybe not in my teens.
Maybe my childhoodor something.
Your childhood.
Why? What happened? I saw a bit of foster care.
Foster care? What happened to your parents? Don't know.
You're adopted? Yep.
Mate I don't believe it.
What? I'm adopted too.
(SIGHS) Problem? Yes.
I made a complete dick of myself in front of the bloke that was chatting up Melissa.
Did you belt him? No.
Who is he? He's a doctor.
Oh, a doctor to a nurse is like honey to a bee.
What does he look like'? He's OK-looking, I guess.
What's OK-looking - Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt? Halfway in-between.
Is he built? He's a rower.
So he's good-looking, aerobically fit, strong as an ox and his body You're not helping, mate.
I am.
As the old kung fu saying goes, “Know your enemy, know your self and you will not fear in battle.
" Mate, I'm not going into battle with Luke.
Of course not.
He's not your enemy.
It's Melissa.
Mel? Yes.
She's the one you're trying to conquer.
You need to know her up here.
Think about it.
Her ex was a soccer player.
This guy's a rower.
She likes them sporty.
This guy's also a doctor, so she likes them smart.
The second half of the equation is “know yourself'.
What are your weaknesses? For starters, you're immature.
That's what Mel says.
Then you have to mature up, mate.
Show her that you have ambition, that you're serious about life.
There's a manager's job going at the Boat Club.
That's it.
Go for it.
But concentrate on your fitness too.
Mel wants the complete package.
DAVE: While Ben broke all the rules by deciding to face the problem straight up, Wamey's stories and the odd stubby were bringing up stuff I'd successfully ignored for years.
Eventually the agency tracked down my real dad.
And'? He didn't want a bar of me.
Sorry about that.
Nah, it's alright.
Ancient history.
But one thing I did find out was my real name.
The one I was born with.
Stewart Warne.
Best news I ever got.
Mwah! Here's to you, brother.
So what about you? Did you try to track down your real folks? No.
I didn't want to.
Yeah, good on ya.
They weren't there when you needed them.
Stuff 'em! Yeah.
Stuff yours too.
(LAUGHS) You know what I said before about Jules.
It's not just the pregnancy, the reason she doesn't trust you.
She thinks it's your fault that Chrissy got the sack.
What? Mate, I feel bad about what happened, but it had nothing to do with me.
I know.
That's what I keep telling her.
It's OK.
Really, it's fine.
She's just sticking up for her mate.
You've got to admire that.
To Jules.
To Jules.
You know what else I admire, mate? You.
Oh, come off it.
Nah, come on.
Come on, come on.
Hear me out.
You came through all that crap.
You've got a beautiful wife beautiful house, beautiful kids.
I'd kill to be you, mate.
Jules, come here.
Oh, no, darling, I've just been sick.
I don't care.
You're still beautiful.
Oh, you've got beer breath! I know you're cranky that I went to Warney's.
No, alcohol just makes me feel sick, OK'? Are you still mad at me? No, I'm not.
I'm just I behaved really badly before and I'm sorry.
I fixed everything with Warney.
What? I mentioned your concerns.
Oh, you told him? Dave! I just wanted to clear the air.
There's no way he's ripping us off.
If he ripped off Barrett's, he's got nothing to show for it.
I really don't want to fight about this.
I'm not fighting - I'm just saying that he's a good bloke who thinks I'm the luckiest guy in the world.
And he's right.
I've got everything he's ever wanted.
I'm gonna throw up.
Jules I can smell it in your skin! DAVE: The first night in our whole marriage that I'd had to sleep on the couch.
But Jules was sick.
Nothing to get worked up about.
This is where primal man kicks in.
Whatevefs bugging you, ignore it, and you're out like a light.
Then why couldn't I sleep? Is that Ben? It can't be - that dude's exercising.
Ben, Ben! Hey.
Who's chasing you? I'm just getting fit.
That's all.
From now on I'm going to be doing I give you until the end of the week.
Come on, Sam.
I'll race you home.
No, we'll catch up.
With him? Yeah, right.
(PANTS) So what brought all this on? I've just got to lift my game, that's all.
Be fitter, more ambitious.
Seize the day.
All that.
Melissa's got this ex-champion “I'm so hot" rower chasing her.
And he's a doctor.
Well, if you want a running partner, I'll train with you, but the whole medical degree thing you'll have to sort out on your own.
Yeah? Yeah.
You're on.
Let's catch up to Nathan.
No, no, that's plenty for me, thanks.
You're not hungry? She's on a diet.
I'm not on a diet, Nathan.
Diets are self-destructive.
I'm just cutting back a bit, that's all.
Weird thing about metabolism.
We come from the same stock but no matter how much I eat, I never put on weight - funny, isn't it? Yeah, it's hilarious.
Giggle, chuckle, guffaw.
(DOOR CLOSES) You look like death warmed up.
Just getting fit.
It's a new regime.
I give it a week.
No, it's great.
He's changing his life.
In what way? In every way.
A head transplant would be a good start.
He's applying for the new manager's job at work.
Oh, that is great, darling.
Show me your job description.
I'll help you with your application.
“Job description"? I know what the job is.
You just tell everyone else what to do.
I think there'd be a little bit more to it than that.
Um, have you got any bookkeeping experience? Nah.
Have you ever dealt with traders before'? Not directly, no.
Do you know what kind of payroll system they use'? I do not.
Do you know what a spreadsheet is? Nathan, stop picking on him.
Of course he knows what a spreadsheet is, don't you? (ALARM BEEPS) Oh, Warney, those smoke alarms are battery operated.
Full points, mate.
Sharp eyes.
Yeah, I thought Tim wanted them all wired in.
Yeah, but he keeps changing his mind, mate.
He wants the el cheapo ones now.
I tell you, guys like that, always cutting corners.
Come on.
Chop, chop.
Back to work.
Hey, Nathan.
How's it going'? Still on schedule? Yeah, absolutely.
No worries.
I was talking to Mick Dench last night from Hampton Lewis.
YOUI' name came Up.
He said you were a smart operator, showed a lot of promise.
That's very nice of Mick.
So, uh, Why'd you leave? I got sacked.
I got caught in a compromising position with my wife.
What, in the office? No.
In a vendor's house.
Yeah, that's what Mick said.
Tell you the truth, there wouldn't be one agent in the business who hasn't tried that one on - you were just unlucky.
Well, it was still my mistake.
On a scale of stupid ideas it wasit was up there.
Still, shame to give away your whole careerjust 'cause of one mistake.
Look, if you ever want to get back into real estate, give me a call.
Hey, Dave.
What was that about? Um, I think that he just offered me a job.
What? Yeah.
I'm not going to take it, obviously.
I've got a job.
A great job.
DAVE: I should've been over the moon for Nathan, but that nagging feeling was back.
Why did the thought of him lea ving make me feel like I'd been kicked in the guts? Push it.
Come on.
Come on.
Ahh! I got it.
Good, good.
That hurt.
It means you're doing it right.
You've got to feel the burn.
Feels like someone's squeezing my chest from the inside.
My heart's going like the clappers.
It means you're fit.
But feel it.
You just need to work harder.
Hey, Mel.
Hey, Mel.
How you doing? We need to talk.
The hand.
Eh'? Your hand, mate.
Melissa, you're right.
I was being immature and rude.
You told him you run in marathons.
And competitive.
I apologise to both of you.
I was expecting more of a fight.
I was in the wrong.
I'm going to change.
I want you to be proud of me.
I'm even going for a new job.
(PHONE RINGS) Oh, sorry.
It's work.
Oh, hi.
Yeah, sure.
What time? OK.
What? Seriously? No, I didn't see it, but you did not hear that from me.
OK, bye.
So tell me about this new job.
So, uh, who was that'? “Cute and handsome”, I think you called him.
Luke'? I thought you said it was work.
lwork with Luke, remember? Yeah, but it didn't sound like you were discussing work.
Well, we were.
Yeah, but you laughed.
He made a joke about another doctor.
Oh, bickie? So what was the joke? You don't know the doctor.
It wouldn't be funny.
So why are you going to meet him later? He doesn't know many people, so a group of us are going out for dinner.
Do you have a problem with that'? No.
So where are you going'? The Little Saharan on Church Street.
We're meeting around 7:00.
I'll probably start with the smoked eggplant, maybe get some garlic bread, tomato salad, the marinated veal will be my main.
I'll have some baklava for dessert, and if that all goes well, we'll probably go to a hotel and bonk each other stupid.
Which hotel? Mel, Mel, I was kidding.
You weren't kidding.
You're as possessive and juvenile as ever.
Just grow up! (GROANS) Alright, boys, let's clean it all up.
Could you help me give this place a once-over'? You want me to hold your hand? I don't trust myself.
Lost my favourite crimper last week.
I know.
The K-back.
That's gonna hurt.
They cost.
Too right.
Nathan, what's going on with these smoke alarms? They're not what I ordered.
They're not? You're charging me for hardwired smoke alarms, and there's battery-operated all through the place.
Tim, I'm so sorry.
Warney There must have been a miscommunication.
Mate, it's not just dodgy, it's illegal.
All new places have to have hardwired smoke alarms.
You should know that.
You're right.
I should've.
Um We will come back tomorrow and install the right ones.
And I'll redo the invoice, make sure you get them at cost.
Appreciate that.
Hey, I was serious about that job offer.
Just had a junior agent quit on me.
I need someone immediately.
I'll definitely think about it.
Don't take too long.
Warney, what kind of crap are you trying to pull? What are you talking about? You installed the wrong alarms and we've overcharged him.
He kept changing his mind all the time.
Probably got our wires crossed.
Get it? Mate, don't worry about it.
We'll swap them over first thing tomorrow morning, OK'? Don't worry about it.
Hey, Dave, you're lucky you had me.
You left this on top of the fuse box.
DAVE: I must be getting old.
Thanks, mate.
He got into it the other night.
You should have heard him, all over the place.
He was getting that twinkle in his eye again.
Get onto that song, mate.
I tell you, it'll make millions.
See you, boys.
What's the matter with you? You haven't said boo since we knocked off.
Mum was right.
What are you talking about? Warney.
He charged for hardwired smoke alarms but he gave them battery ones.
Hang on a minute Dad, you've got to listen to me.
He is a liability.
A liability.
We can't trust him.
You have to get rid of him.
You're saying he deliberately installed the wrong alarms? Yes, that's what I'm saying.
Have a look.
Dad, he came this close to blowing your reputation and any trust that Tim has in me.
Tim brought up the job again.
He really wants me to do it, and, Dad, it's flattering.
I thought you didn't want to work with Tim.
I don't know.
I'm not going to make a decision before I talk to you.
DAVE: Blokes don't face problems until they have to.
And I was going to have to.
Come in.
Just in time.
Look, I know about the smoke alarms.
Eryeah, well, I-l explained to Nathan.
Well, good.
Now you can explain it to me.
Yeah, sure.
Come in.
Oh, mate, look, it was just an honest mistake.
I thought he meant battery-operated.
All of them? Yeah.
You know that's against the code and you charged them for good ones.
But you know what I'm like.
I'm hopeless with invoices.
OK, alright, OK, I screwed up.
It won't happen again.
I swear.
I know.
It won't.
Come on, gimme a break.
It's not like you're paying for it.
Tim's footing the bill.
What? Blokes like that got more money than sense.
So it's alright to rip 'em off'? Nah, nah! I'm not saying that.
It's just I can't believe I'm hearing this.
Now, come on, Dave, don't Mate, come on.
Dave, come on.
Hey! Mate, we're adopted.
You understand.
This is my crimper.
Dave, I got it out of the van.
I was gonna put it back in No, no, no.
You were gonna sell it to pay for all this crap.
I was not.
What else here is stolen? Mate! Is thisis this Barrett's? Or is this mine? Hey? Jules? Yep.
(GROANS) Are you OK'? Oh, no.
I feel awful.
Sorry, look, I'llI'll talk to you later.
No, no.
Hey, hey.
Are you OK'? I had to sack Warney.
You were right.
He's been ripping us off.
I feel like such an idiot.
Well, you're not.
I'll apologise to Chrissy, I'll call Barrett in the morning, see if he'll give her job back.
I can't believe Bonnie the bagel lady was on the money.
Ah! So you do think there's something in it, then? No.
But next time you see her, ask about next week's lotto numbers.
(LAUGHS) Not ready for the mirror yet, mate.
It will drive you nuts.
You won't see any difference for a couple of weeks.
Mel might not be in the picture in a couple of weeks.
Why is it always the blokes have to change and never the women? It's alright for them to say, “You need to drink less.
You need to be more romantic.
" But say to them, “You need a boob job,” and they hit the roof.
Yeah, but Mel's got great boobs.
Yes, she does.
I'm just using it as an example to make the point.
Mel, as great as she is, she's not perfect.
I like Mel the way she is.
The stuff she said about me, well, that's true.
Sounds to me you got a little self-esteem problem.
That's bull.
DAVE: Ben shouldn't have ignored the warning signs.
His body was telling him something.
Ahhh! Ready to go? Er, actually, I'm not feeling too Oh, come on.
It's only day two.
Besides, what would Nathan say? OK, let's go.
Come on.
Sprint for the next 100.
Come on! (HUFFS AND PUFFS) (GROANS) Sammy, wait! Ahhh! (PHONE VIBRATES, RINGS) Oh! (LAUGHS) Er Problem? Er, no.
It can wait.
Melissa! It's Ben.
Call me.
I'm really sick.
(HANGS UP) Come on, slacker.
Ben? Are you alright? No! I'm not! So, to put it simply, your heart was beating so fast that it couldn't pump enough blood to your brain and that's why you fainted.
Was it just because of the exercise? That triggered it but the condition was probably already there.
Usually in these Ben! What happened? I'm OK.
I justl fainted.
Well, why didn't someone call us sooner? I wanted to but he I didn't wanna worry you in case it was nothing.
Look, if it was just about being unfit, Nathan would've had a field day but luckily I've got something.
What have you got? He has an arrhythmia, which is an abnormal heartbeat.
A heart problem? It's too soon to say exactly.
We'll need to monitor him for a bit longer and see how that goes.
Also I'd like to get a complete family history.
Why'? Well, it might be genetic.
S-s-so all the kids could have it? We won't know anything until we've had the whole family tested.
But, I mean, look, Ben should be fine.
He's recovered quickly and that's usually a good sign.
See'? I'm OK.
You should've called hours ago! Oh, I called Mel.
Is he gonna be alright to go home? Let's discuss it after we've run a few more tests.
Ben, have you got any questions? Yeah.
Did you know that I called you? (PHONE RINGS) Um, I have to go.
Excuse me.
DAVE: Well, I guess sometimes women do avoid the hard questions.
So have you got everything'? I think so.
What about that stuff we have to read? DAVE: Yeah, got it.
They needed me.
'Course they did.
We've gotta go now, anyway.
Er, well, we'll we'll just, um, wait outside.
Ben, I'm sorry.
You've got every right to be angry with me.
I felt like I was having a heart attack.
I thought I might die and the first person I called was the girl that I love.
And what did you do? Passed me off to the message bank.
I know.
II'm sorry.
I can make it up to you.
I just What do you want me to do? You know, that's the first time you've ever asked me that.
What do you mean? Asking what you can do for me.
It's always been the other way round.
You set the rules and I'm the one who's had to prove myself.
I've never asked you to prove yourself, Mel.
Ben, it's I'd do anything for you, and I mean anything, but I don'tl don't think you'd do the same for me.
DAVE: Blokes only tackle problems when the answer is clear and one answer was suddenly staring me in the face.
I just saw Ben.
I can't believe it.
Is he gonna be OK'? Yeah, yeah.
I think so.
But we all need to be tested.
What have we got? Probably nothing but you should probably read this.
Dad, what's this? Oh, you know, the business has been going well and Lot of that's because of you.
We make a good team.
Hmm! Who would've thought? I'd be very proud if you came on board as a partner.
Dad But I think you should take up Tim's job offer.
I can't.
Not now that Warney's gone.
I can't leave you in the lurch and there'll be other jobs.
Nathan, you're a good bloke, but don't be a git.
I mean, I always said that this job was a stop-gap until you found something back in real estate.
Give Tim a call and tell him you can start tomorrow.
Are you sure? I'll manage.
Thank you, Dad.
DAVE: Well, that was the Nathan issue settled.
But there it was again, that nagging feeling.
Too hard to ignore.
You've forgotten how it works.
Hmm'? Hmm! No.
I was thinking about Bonnie.
No, no, hear me out.
She predicted heartache.
She must've meant Ben.
Jules! What? No, come on, she was right about Chrissy.
And Warney.
It only happened after the event.
If Bonnie had said nothing, Chrissy would still have lost her job, I would still have fired Warney and Ben would still have ended up in hospital.
She can't help us plan our lives.
We just have to deal with things as they come along.
How dare you dazzle me with logic! Let's just hope this next one doesn't have a dodgy ticker.
Hmm'? Well, in the words of a very wise man, we can only deal with things as they come along.
Must be from my side of the family.
Oh, hey, Mum died of a heart attack, remember? Yeah, but we'll never know for sure, will we'? Well, we could find out for sure.
Track down your parents.
Oh, come on! What's the harm in trying? No, I don't wanna see them, Jules.
They gave up on me, just like everyone else.
Excuse me?! Who's “everyone else"? I've been here for 26 years.
I mean 'everyone', like, you know, Warney betrays me, Nathan quits on me, Ben nearly dies on me What?! Ben couldn't help it.
Nathan didn't quit on you.
And Warney's aWarney.
It's not a reflection on you.
(SIGHS) Come on, look, what whatwhat's the harm in trying? No.
I just hope they're dead.
Dave! Alright, well, maybe not dead but in a rest home eating bad food.
There's no excuses for what they did.
No, maybe not.
But you're hurting and they're the cause andand when I'm hurting I I wanna fix it.
Don't dazzle me with logic.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) What were you looking at? Nothing.
Admit it.
You were looking at porn.
Very funny.
This is for you.
Well, that is tragic.
But it's going on my wall.
So is yours.
Thanks for the nice surprise.
Just a shame I can't use it.
I know.
You're OK about everything with Nathan, right? WAR N EY: Dave? Want me to get the shotgun? No, it's alright.
I'll see you inside.
What do you want? I've come to apologise.
Justforget it.
No, no, no.
Just hear me out.
Please, just hear me out, OK'? I wanna make it up to you.
It's the Gatting Ball.
OK, now, you know what this means.
It comes with a certificate Look, I don't want that.
Dave, this way we can be square.
We'll never be square.
Mate Don't, mate.
Chrissy lost her job.
I defended you, I trusted you.
You stabbed me in the back.
End of story.
I'm sorry.
I've never been very good with this stuff.
'Cause it's always been me looking out for myself because no-one else ever would, even when I was a little kid.
Don't keep blaming everyone else.
Dave, I know.
I'm sorry, mate.
But please, please take this.
I wanna make it up to you.
Please tell me what I gotta do.
You've done enough.
SONG: You touch the sky You hold our hearts The kiss of death Porridge? Seriously What? Are we living in an Irish bog'? No.
Ben's the one with the wonky heart.
Don't see why we all have to suffer.
We can revisit the situation after we've all had our tests.
Until then it's a bacon-and-egg-free zone.
I just remembered I promised I'd have breakfast with Carbo Sit down! This is your breakfast.
Mum! You ate this every day you'd live longer.
If I ate this every day I wouldn't want to.
Morning! What's this? Porridge.
As in 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'? Oh, what? You've never had porridge? Oh, it's too hot! Oh, mine's too cold.
Mine just sucks.
Oh, ha ha.
(DAVE WHISTLES) Why are you so happy? He hasn't had his breakfast.
I think I might've found someone to replace Nathan.
Oh, that was quick.
Who's the new guy'? Ah! (ALL LAUGH) Oh, that's great! Oh! Why didn't I think of that? That's a great idea.
DAVE: The unwritten law of blokehood only helps for a while.
Eventually you have to man up, face the problem you don't have the answers for.
Now I knew what that nagging feeling was, what was missing.
Time to face the past, find the answers.
Our own worst enemy.