Packed to the Rafters (2008) s02e10 Episode Script

Ready to Catch You

DAVE: In everyone's life, there are stumbles and falls.
If you're lucky, there'll be someone there to catch you, pick you up, give you a rub and help you get back on your feet.
But sometimes you fall "and no-one comes running.
Dave, you're not listening.
Yes, I am.
What was the last thing I said? About the baby.
The whole book's about the baby.
So I was right.
(SCOFFS) Alright, well, by the end of this month, the baby's length will be about 25cm and will weigh just under a kilo.
That's about the same size as the flathead I caught last weekend.
Oh! Do not compare our unborn baby to a bottom-feeding fish.
Just trying to get a visual reference.
And your flatty was about half the size.
No, it wasn't.
Oh, ho, ho.
Yes, it was.
Any kicks? No, just flutters.
Don't worry, it'll happen.
'Changes for Mums'.
“During the second trimester, sexual desire or libido may well increase.
" Ooh.
I'm sorry.
Staring at it's not gonna change what's in it.
I just can't help thinking how different this would have been for my mum.
You know, going through it by herself.
When are you gonna tell the kids? Soon.
I still cannot believe her name is Rachel.
According to Rafter legend, wasn't it Dad that insisted on calling you that'? It's just a coincidence.
No, it is too freaky.
This has to be connected, Dad.
Can I see'? “Father unknown.
" Well, how could she not know who made her pregnant? Carnal knowledge.
Sorry'? Look at the birth certificate.
How old was she? Uh Under the age of consent.
Now, if the boyfriend was over 16 and she'd named him, he could have been charged with an of fence.
What, even if it was consensual'? That was the law.
Oh, God.
Come on.
What happened to the swinging '60s'? SAMMY: Yeah, free love and all that.
Nothing to do with the '60s.
It's still the law.
So you're saying she just kept her mouth shut? Yeah, probably kept quiet to protect him.
That would be my guess.
OK, now, there's an address here.
Oh, Rachel, just hang on.
Now, if we just zoom in Right.
Well, it looks like, um, that address is now part of a shopping strip.
But maybe someone remembers her - a neighbour, maybe? Come on.
It was 4O years ago.
She probably just got married, changed her name Morning, all.
Need some milk.
What's going on? Oh, we're looking for your dad's mother.
What? No way.
You're kidding me.
Look at the surname.
It's Warne! Are we Warnes? No, mate.
We're Rafters.
We'll always be Rafters.
There are 16 'R.
Warne's in New South Wales.
Nine in Queensland.
Eight in Victoria.
Two in South Australia.
Ooh, check out WA! Mmm.
BEN: Don't forget Canberra.
Ooh, and Tassie.
Everyone always forgets Tassie.
I guess there's no harm in having a little bit of a hunt around.
Rafter was my dad's adoptive parents.
And the name he grew up with.
That's what counts.
You don't get it, Mel.
It's about blood.
That's right.
Yes, and we're all a product of our ancestors.
I, for example, have the blood of the Greeks flowing through my veins.
Hercules and Zeus.
Zeus'? Yeah, and Dimitri Saravakos and Nicos Anastopoulos and Mimis Domazos.
These are footballers.
Footballing gods.
Ben here could be related to Shane Warne, cricket god.
That would be awesome.
Or you could be related to 'Warney' Warne, who ripped off your dad.
What? Well, you could be.
No way.
Mate, family's like a tree.
Mate, they all start from the same root.
Of a tree.
And then they branch out.
Look, I'm sure if you go back far enough you'd probably find some great-great- however-many-great-grandad Warnes who you and Warney have in common.
Hey, do you mind flying solo today'? Sure.
Everything OK'? Yeah.
I've just got some personal business to deal with.
No worries.
Let me know if you need anything.
Hey, is, uh everything alright with Dave? He seems a bit edgy.
Yeah, everything's good.
So, what are you doing tonight? Uh, family thing, sorry.
It's my brother's birthday.
Oh, yeah.
Alex, right? You remembered.
Of course I remembered.
Are you having a party? Nah, it's just Mum and me and him going up the club.
Umcan I get him a present? Rachel, you haven't even met him.
Yeah, well, I wasn't gonna mention that.
A girl doesn't like to beg for an invitation.
Actually Maybe not a good idea.
Mum has a bit of thing about birthdays.
She sort of likes it just to be the three of us.
You know, family and Right.
Should I feel excluded? No, not at all.
She's just got a bit of a thing.
She doesn't have a 'thing'.
But you just said she did.
Just about birthdays.
Is there something I should know'? No.
Come to lunch tomorrow.
Sure'? Yes.
Well, in that case, could it be dinner? Not a problem.
And trust me, Mum and Alex are gonna love you.
Julie Rafter.
Hey, Jules.
It's me.
Oh, hey.
How's it going'? According to council, the address that Rachel Warne gave was a charity house for unwed mothers.
Torn down 2O years ago.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Well, we knew it was never gonna be easy.
Hey, do you wanna catch up for lunch'? I'm eating pickles again, among other things.
I'd love to, but I just got myself a curry from the Sri Lankan restaurant that used to be my mother's house.
So, um, what's next? I dunno.
Have a rethink, I guess.
How are you feeling? Oh, good.
Any kicks from bub? No, not yet.
I'll see you.
I love you.
Yeah, I love you too.
G'day, Dave.
What are you doing here? Oh, buying some beer.
Yeah, of course you are.
It's not really your stomping ground, though, is it? Nah.
Well, I was in the neighbourhood.
You look good.
How's Jules? Good.
That's good.
She still'? Yeah.
You working here now, then? Yeah.
I love it.
It's air-conditioned comfort.
Discount booze.
Well, practically running the joint, you know.
Well, I'd better keep moving.
See you.
Yeah, see you.
Dave We used to be mates.
You stole from me, Warney.
You know I'd do anything to make it up to you.
Yeah, well MAN: Warne.
There's a stack of boxes waiting to be collapsed.
You're paid to work, not chat.
Yeah, I'llI'll get onto it now.
Anything else we can help you with, sir? No, that will be all, thanks.
Those boxes won't recycle themselves.
See you.
I'll see you later, Dave.
I'll see you at the cricket tomorrow.
Cricket? Yeah.
You should have seen him.
Pretty sad if it's the only job he can get.
He's a qualified tradesman and a pretty good one.
Oh, don't you dare feel sorry for him.
No, I made it perfectly clear how I felt.
I did.
I did.
He knows there's no future with me.
And I know that he's scared of you.
That's 'cause I'm scary.
Anyway, enough about Warney.
Why do I even want to find the woman who gave me up? Because, like you said, it can't have been easy for her.
She was a 15-year-old girl.
She tried raising you for two years with very little support.
She probably had no choice but to give you up.
We don't know that.
Maybe she got sick and tired, wanted her old life back.
Maybe she wanted more sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.
Probably hasn't given me a thought in 4O years.
Well, until you find her, you'll never know for sure.
So what's next? I don't know.
I'll go to the Parent Searches website.
Make myself available to be contacted and hope she's registered too.
Well, good luck.
DAVE: If my mother was out there, it was her turn to catch me.
(SIGHS) Are you coming in'? Yeah, in a second.
OK, well, that's all the details I know.
The rest was in the hands of fate.
Well, anyway, you, my friend, were a magnificent pagan god tonight, you know that? Yes! I was pretty good, wasn't I'? No, you nailed it.
You absolutely nailed it.
Oh, thank you! Umoh, Layla, no more for me.
I'm gonna email these contracts on to the UK lawyers to have a look at, then I'm outta here.
Nathan Seriously.
It's late and I'm whacked.
I have to stay and call Steve when he gets out of his meeting.
Yeah, I know.
You have to stay and keep me company.
What?! What if he asks me a tricky question? Then I'm sure you'll be able to handle it.
Honestly, I'm exhausted.
Well, I might have something that can help you with that.
What'? No! No, come on.
This is quality stuff.
Yeah, I'm sure it is.
I justl don't partake.
But it's harmless.
Everyone does it.
How do you think this industry functions? Very good question.
Yeah, on booze, nicotine and Bolivian marching powder.
Oh, it's all the essential food groups.
Oh, you are so funny.
Come on, I really need you here till I put this call in.
Please? Nup.
Just one line.
Oh One teeny-weeny little line.
You know, it'll help you stay awake and it'll be the most alert you've felt all day.
And now Sammy's decided to do this journalism course.
What can I say? I don't want to be the bad guy.
You're not the bad guy.
No, youyou are the hero.
I mean, if she really wants to do it, it's her life.
You know, I can't say no.
No, but here you are, you're working all hours Yeah, we're trying to provide a living for us.
Yeah, yeah, but you have to play along.
You know, and do what she wants.
Exactly! Exactly.
But why doesn't she see that'? Though she says she does, Layla.
She says she does.
But she doesn't.
Well, I don't know, but Yeah.
Who cares? DAVE: Nathan thought he was flying.
All the time he was falling faster than a stone and there was no-one to catch him.
Yeah, I'll copy you in and we'll take it from there.
OK, Steve.
Do you wanna talk to Layla again? No, I'll call him when I get home.
She says she'll call you when she gets home.
OK, bye, Steve.
Phew! (BOTH LAUGH) Do you think he understands? Understands? Well, you know, the job we do.
Did you hear his tone of voice then? (FLATLY) “Thanks, guys.
Great job.
” As if! I thought he sounded pretty pleased.
No, he sounded like a condescending bastard.
I swear, no-one understands.
Oh, except us.
Which is why I'll chop us another line.
Oh, and then I've I've got to go, because it's Nathan Oh, my God! What? It's nearly four o'clock! Yeah? I had no idea.
Where did the time go? I've really, really gotta go.
Hmm'? You are such a sweet guy.
See you.
(N EO-PUNK MUSIC PLAYS) It's after 4:00.
Yeah, I know, I know.
Steve was in a meeting and we had to wait till that finished.
I'm sorry.
I've gotta be up in four hours, Nathan.
Well, it's a global industry.
Don't think the mouthwash hides it.
Have you been drinking? Only I can smell it! Only a few, Sam.
I'm not drunk.
Oh, OK.
Well, just go to sleep.
(SIGHS) It's lovely in here.
It's been very lonely in here.
I'm sorry.
You're forgiven.
Yeah? What's wrong'? I don't know.
I thought you wanted to.
Yeah, I did.
I do.
Thenwhat's the problem? Well, um, I don't know.
I must be more tired than I thought.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
Just go to sleep.
(DAVE, JULIE SIGH) I think I'm gonna enjoy the second trimester.
Yeah, me too.
Is it OK for the baby? I mean, wewe were pretty energetic.
Yeah, we were.
(GIGGLES) Your blood pressure didn't go up too much? No, not too much.
Not gonna get a big ding in his forehead? Well, not a big ding.
(GIGGLES) Oh! So cruel.
You didn't seem to have any qualms about it before.
Didn't I'? No.
Oh, it probably didn't occur to me.
What would you like for breakfast? Mmm.
Are you treating me? Yep.
Name your poison.
Umwe would like a chocolate croissant.
(GROANS) Oh, how did I know this would involve a trip to the shops'? Oh, you're not gonna deny a pregnant woman's cravings, surely.
G'day, Dave! Dave! Jeez, we've got to stop meeting like this.
Twice in two days.
(LAUGHS) Are you following me, Warney? No, no, no - I just caught up.
You know what I mean.
Come on, Dave.
Don't be like that.
Well, this isn't your stomping ground anymore.
Why are you here? It's a home game for you lot.
Thought I'd pop down early for brekkie.
Where are you off to? Oh, just, erthe cafe.
Oh, I'll walk with you! (SIGHS CONTENTEDLY) Been doing any practice in the nets in the off-season? No.
No'? I have, mate.
Been working on my flipper.
I reckon I've just about got it perfected.
Oh, well, this is me here.
You going a heart attack on a plate? What was that? Brekkie.
The big fry-up.
Oh, no, no - I'm just getting a couple of croissants for Jules.
How is Jules? Same as yesterday - fine.
I'll see you at the cricket.
Hey, Dave? Cricket, alright? Well, he's stalking you.
I don't know.
He wanted to ask me for a job.
I could see it in his eyes.
And that doesn't count as stalking? Maybe I shouldn't go.
No, you love your cricket! Well, it's uncomfortable, you know'? I did fire the bloke.
If he wants to push for reinstatement, he's got all day.
No, he should be feeling uncomfortable.
He stole from you.
And, anyway, we're all going.
It's tradition.
It's the first game of the season.
Help me get my eye in.
I know.
Look, you're just gonna have to Whack him out of the ground.
Whoo! (ALL CHEER) (ALL CHEER) DAVE: So here we were - first game of the new season and my eye was definitely in.
Just a few runs away from my first ever century.
No way! was going to let Wamey deprive me again.
The nervous 90s - nothing to fear but fear itself "and Wamey's flipper.
Ooh WARN EY: Alright, boys.
Straight bat, Dad! How long has he been on 97'? Oh, about a year.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Catch it! (ALL CHEER) Oh, one more.
Please, just one more.
Come on, Dave! You can do it! Knock it over the fence! (SIGHS) Come on, darling! Just out a bit.
(SIGHS) (CHEERING) Wait! Oh, he should have murdered that one! Alright, calm down, you lot.
Warney! What's he doing? I've no idea.
Give me the real deal.
What are you talking about? I don't know what you're angling at, but you beat me fair and square last time.
I don't want any favours.
Justbowl properly, alright? Alright, Dave.
You asked for it.
No mercy.
I guess you're never gonna know what that ton tastes like, eh? We'll see.
Righto, boys, come in! Right in! MAN: Come on, Warney! Push him! Warney! Oh, I can't watch.
Come on, Dad! Come on! He'll be right.
The flipper.
(ALL CHEER) ALL: (SING) Our Dave Rafter! If you ask me if he's any good He's our Dave Rafter Well done, Dad.
Well done.
He can sure lay on the wood! I'm not quite Bradman standard, but thanks anyway.
You're awesome.
Good thing I wasn't out there batting with you.
Yeah, I was awesome, wasn't I'? Absolutely.
Now, I've got to run - I've got to go do a few things before I have dinner with Jake and his family.
Ooh, meet-the-parents reciprocal thing! Just the parent.
Just the mother unit.
And, yes, it's only dinner, so Well, have a nice time! Bye, Dad.
You were fantastic.
You know it! Dave.
Good knock, mate.
Thanks, mate.
Good dig, Dave.
Thanks, mate.
Guess I'll have to spend a few more hours in the nets.
Just being a good sport.
I reckon you are a Warne, Dad.
Definitely related.
Actually, you know what? You're better than him.
Shane never got his ton and you did.
Hey, what are you guys talking about? Related to the King of Spin? Dave? Hi.
Sorry I'm late.
No worries.
Dave score a few, did he? Deadset! That's awesome.
UmRachel, this is my brother, Alex.
Hi, Alex.
I bet he never told you he had a brother like me.
I did, mate, I did.
I told you Alex had OP.
OP as in cerebral palsy.
Yes! Yeah, of course he did.
Um, happy birthday for yesterday, Alex.
Thanks! (LAUGHS) Do you need (LAUGHS) Cool! (LAUGHS) Er, so do I get a kiss? Yeah, yeah, of course.
Alright, mate, alright.
She's my girlfriend.
She's too hot to be your girlfriend.
(LAUGHS) I'm sorry.
He's the cheekiest prick I know.
(BOTH LAUGH) it's an old joke.
'OP' Oh! (LAUGHS) Alright.
Come on inside, and keep your hands off my girl.
I can't help it.
(LAUGHS) After you.
JAKE: Mum! Rachel's here! This is my mum, Grace.
Nice to meet you, love.
You too.
Um, this is for you.
Oh, thank you.
You didn't have to do that.
We've got wine.
But we'll open it now, shall we'? Um, sit down.
Oh, great.
Thank you.
So you found the place OK'? Yeah.
I grew up around here.
Oh, I didn't know that.
I knew your parents were living in Carss Park.
Oh, well, that's how Jake and I met.
I live with my parents.
I told you that.
No, you didn't! Jeez, he's useless.
He tells me everything about you except the important stuff.
All of it good, I hope? Well, he told me that you work in advertising.
That must be interesting.
I love it.
Have you made any ads on telly? Oh, I work mainly in print, so it's more like billboards and magazines Is that boring? Mate! No, no, because I want to work in telly.
I want to be a presenter, like, on a travel show.
You think I got the face for it? Yeah, yeah, sure! You should go for it.
Why not? Mate, it is official.
She is perfect.
AUGHS) (L (LAUGHS) Rachel, the thing that you'll probably get to know about us is that we like to be honest.
We know our limits.
We don't like to set our sights on unrealistic goals.
Mum Of course.
I'm sorry.
There's no need to be sorry.
It's just that I'm sure there are plenty of people with, um Disabilities.
Yes! who are really successful in the media.
Boom! That's what I keep telling Mum.
I don't mean to be rude but, um, name one.
(BUZZ!) Oh, there's my timer.
I hope you like chicken.
Oh, yes.
Chicken's great.
Um, can I give you a hand? No, you sit.
Jake, can you see it's cooked through? I'll be back in a minute.
Wow, that's a lot of trophies.
Oh, Jake's a natural when it comes to sport.
Footy, swimming, hockey Yeah, yeah, yeah, the golden child.
It's lucky most of this middle shelf are mine.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, right, OK.
What for'? Swimming.
Alex is a junior national games champion.
Special games, of course.
Pool gets like a washing machine.
You can chuck your clothes in.
JAKE: Still a while off, Mum! (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) Mmm.
Dad, I am so, so sorry.
Ben, I told you, it doesn't matter.
Stop apologising.
I'm sorry.
I can't believe he was listening in.
(PHONE BEEPS) Oh, I can.
Enough about Warney.
Are we celebrating or what? Yes! ALL: Yeah! Hey, is it OK if Mel comes over? Sure.
Hey, what about some takeaway? Nathan and I will get it.
Your choice, Dave.
Wow, this really is a party.
I think we'll have Thai.
There's some cold ones in the shed fridge.
OK, well, I might go and get changed.
Are you right, Dad? Ah! It's a text from Marjorie.
Abbey had her baby boy.
Oh, that's great news! Look, I'll email her now and give her our best wishes.
Say hi from me.
Oh, Dave! There's an email here for you, mate.
Rig htio.
Nathan and Sammy must be back.
I can smell the lemongrass.
This email just came.
(READS) “Dear Mr Rafter, Thank you for registering and lodging “.
to request to find your birth mother.
" Oh.
“I'm writing to inform you that a profile matching the one you lodged “has been found and the party has been contacted by us.
" Dave, that's great.
Yeah, just read on.
“However, at this stage they have decided “.
not to proceed further.
“We realise this might not be the result you were hoping for.
" Oh, are they kidding? Well, stuff her.
She doesn't wanna meet me, I don't wanna meet her.
Dave No, I'm fine.
Let's eat our dinner before it gets cold.
Then Warney bowled his flipper! SAMMY: Soundsgripping.
TED: Oh, it was.
They were on the edge of their fold-up chairs.
But Dad hit it out of the park! Yeah.
Well, congratulations, Dave.
That's fantastic.
Oh, it's only a weekend cricket match.
Look, it's been great but I might call it a night.
You trying to get rid of us'? Of course not.
It's just your mum's a bit tired.
No, it's been a big day.
I need a lie down.
Need a hand cleaning up? No, that's fine.
It's nothing to worry about.
I might fold my tent too.
'Night, all.
'Night, Dad.
'Night, Grandad.
Alright, we'll see you guys later.
How to clear a party in one easy lesson.
You could have shared.
I don't know if I'm ready.
You know, you think it's not affecting you, but it is.
You put yourself out there and you expect an answer.
You just you just don't think that answer's going to be no.
Oh, darling.
It's the second time she's rejected me, Jules.
And it hurts.
Yeah, I know.
Any kicks? Not yet.
There you go.
Thank you.
You right there, Alex? Yeah, I'm fine.
Oh, here, darling.
That I'm fine! I said I can do it.
I'm fine.
(CLEARS THROAT) Your mum was showing me, um, all your trophies before.
You've won a lot.
The shrine.
(LAUGHS) If I'd have won a gong for Best Nose Picker Mum would have put it on display.
Jake, don't be so gross! Anyway, what's wrong with a mum being proud of her boy? No, don't let her fool you.
She's the real hero in this family.
Raising two kids on her own.
Alright, enough of that.
Rachel doesn't want to hear it.
Mum was always there for us.
Rugby matches in the pouring rain.
Little Athletics.
And having a child with special needs is no picnic.
Lucky she had me as well.
(LAUGHS) I reckon I kept her sane.
He's messing with you.
I know.
I know.
Well, my boys are my life.
I don't know how I'd cope without them.
Oh, soppy old thing, aren't you? Where's the gravy? I was thinking - tomorrow night, dinner, just the two of us.
OK, but no cancelling.
Not for work, not for a nuclear holocaust.
(PHONE RINGS) Oh, let me guess - Layla? Yep.
(SIGHS) LaWa, hey, No, sorry, I can't come in.
Because it's Saturday night and I'm at home with my wife.
OK, well, I'm sorry to hear that you value my contribution so little.
(WHISPERS) Just go, Nathan.
Hold on.
Better than losing your job.
No! No, stuff her.
She's out of line.
Well, go there, tell her that and then come home quickly.
Are you sure? Yeah.
Dinner tomorrow night sounds good.
Just the two of us.
What is so urgent?! (TEARFULLY) I'm sorry to interrupt your romantic night at home You speak to me like that again and I quit.
No, Nathan! Tell me what the problem is because I haven't got all night.
Steve is cheating on me.
Again? Yeah.
And, you know, I wouldn't mind if it were just some trashy groupie because we have a really open relationship.
But this time it's different.
The same woman has answered his phone four times this week.
And tonight she hung up on me! I thought this was about work.
It is.
It is work, Nathan, because he is our boss.
No, it's not! It's personal.
And I'm sorry, but I'm not a counsellor.
What you need to do is go home, have a good night's rest, and I will see you on Monday morning.
No, Nathan.
Nathan, no, look! I just didn't know who else I could tell, OK'? And I'm really sorry to dump this on you but you're the only friend that I've got right now.
And look, look, look, look! Look, I've got a present for you.
Oh, no.
You know, I felt terrible all day.
Nath, just one line.
One line.
No, really.
I can't.
OK, then.
Oh An hour.
An hour.
But, no, I'm not having any of that stuff.
And I'm going to drink mineral water.
Thank you.
Oh, what the hell? (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) Thank you so much for the dinner.
It was great.
We'll see you again.
I'd shake your hand.
But I might not let go.
Oh, right.
Is that a CP thing? Erthat's a joke.
(LAUGHS) He's kidding.
Right, yep.
Come on, let's hug it out.
(LAUGHS) OK, let her go.
Thanks, Alex.
Oh, my God.
Where is the pit? The pit? Oh, of despair.
Could I have handled that any worse? The whole night I felt like everything I said was wrong.
No wonder she hates me! No, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
She actually loves you! Oh, no, no.
I felt so out of sync.
You were fine.
And don't worry about Alex - he's a stirrer.
You'll get used to him.
All you've got to do is be yourself.
Jake, darling, can you give me a hand with the dishwasher when you're done? Sure, Mum.
I'd better go.
I'll see you tomorrow'? Yeah.
I'm helping Dave out - volunteer job at the cricket club.
You are such a little crawler.
Oh, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We all know how important it is to impress the parents.
(CHUCKLES) Hey? Oh, sorry, love.
I didn't realise you were still here.
Just leaving! I'll see you later.
That is so true! I know.
Yeah, and you completely understand what I'm saying.
Oh, I do.
And I'm right? Right? Yeah.
Absolutely right.
It's a commitment.
Yes! Yes, yes, it is.
And Steve would not know how to spell the word.
Double 'T'? One 'T'.
Double 'M'.
I am a terrific speller.
(LAUGHS) I bet you are.
No, I am.
I won a spelling bee once.
Did you? Mm-hm.
I've, umI've got to go.
Um It's late.
It's really late.
Sam? I waited up for you like an idiot.
Oh, she found out that Steve's having another affair.
There's not a girl in the Asia-Pacific that he hasn't slept with, apparently.
What? That's what the emergency was.
When I got over there, she was a mess.
And she put this on you? Mmm.
That's not work.
I know.
Sam, what am I supposed to do? She's a friend, not just a colleague.
I sat talking with her for hours until Until what? Until I thought that she'd be OK.
You're too nice.
That's your problem.
Well, you promise me you're going to tell her this is not to happen again.
I'm sorry Steve's cheating on her, but that is something for them to sort out.
I know.
I will.
I promise.
Do you want a coffee? I would love a coffee.
(SIGHS) Sorry.
I got undressed in the dark.
(LAUGHS) Well, I am going to put a load of washing on too, seeing as I am the perfect wife.
What's this'? I dunno.
Were you doing drugs? No! No! Layla must have put it in my pocket.
How can someone put something in your pocket without you knowing about it? Hello? Guys, it's a Sunday morning.
People are trying to sleepin.
In his pocket.
You gotta be kidding me.
Just back off, Rachel.
What was it? Speed'? Coke? Ice?! Why - do you want some?! Oh Oh! It was just coke.
'Just' coke'?! It's harmless, Rachel.
Everybody does it.
But you used it.
Right? Yep.
And it made you feel what? Interesting, funny, sexy? Look, Nathan, I know, OK'? I've been there.
It won't happen again.
I promise.
Well, don't tell me that.
You go tell Sammy.
Morning, Mum.
What's going on? Nothing.
Nathan'sjust being Nathan.
Oh, and did I tell you Jake's mum hates me? What?! Yep_ Oh, she couldn't.
You're perfect.
Oh, but she does.
G'day, Dave.
Thought I might catch you out here.
Warney, what are you doing here? Mate, you scored your first ton.
You gotta celebrate.
I brought you round the ball.
Thought you might want to get it mounted or something.
Hey, Dave, what was all that 'related' stuff Ben was talking about? Nothing.
Oh, come on, mate.
I got my original birth certificate.
My mother's surname was 'Warne'.
Deadset! What was her first name? Rachel.
It's not ringing any bells.
But it's got a nice ring to it.
I told you we might be related a few months ago.
Remember? Look, Warney, I'm busy.
Thank you for the ball.
I'll see you later.
Dave Mate Dave I'm sorry for what I did.
I will never do anything like that again.
Please, Dave.
It's killing me working in there.
Dave, pleasegive me a job.
DAVE: Wamey was in freefall, begging me to catch him.
And I said no.
Sorry, mate, no can do.
Mate, I hope you never need a mate to give you a second chance.
Mains power's off.
Shouldn't take too long to get these up.
I hope there's a bonus in this for me, mate.
Isn't dating the boss's daughter enough'? Fair enough.
Looks like I'm up the ladder again.
I'll get started round the back.
So, scored 115 and can't stay away from the place, eh? Could say the same about you, Bill.
I'm on grandad duty.
Trying to get them to run off a bit of energy.
Could clear them off and we could have a hit.
I'll bowl at you.
Oh, no, thanks.
I'm here to work.
Security lights.
G'day! Oh, right.
That's why the power was out.
Just a sec.
I'll go and turn it back off again.
You didn't turn it on? Yeah.
Just then.
Why? (ELECTRICITY CRACKLES) Jake! WARNEY: Mate, mate, can you hear me? Mate, can you hear me? He's OK.
He's OK.
He can hear me.
It's alright.
Just relax.
OK'? Don't move.
Don't move.
We'll call you an ambulance.
No, no, no.
Stay down.
Stay still.
Dave, I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
Ambulance, please.
(JAKE PANTS) Mate, I should have tagged it.
Basic safety rule.
I'm a bloody idiot.
Dave, accidents happen.
It's fine, mate.
Well, we'll call your mum.
Get her to meet us at the hospital.
Alright? I'm sorry, mate.
(SIGHS) Mate, he's lucky, eh? That current must have gone straight through him and out his elbow.
If it crosses his heart, he's finished.
Mate, I'm really glad that you were here but are you stalking me? No.
No, Dave, I'd never do anything like that.
Huh? OK.
Maybe a bit.
I saw your job sheet this morning and I saw you were working on Sunday and I figured you might need a hand, so I took a punt.
Warney, if you're still looking for work, it's all yours.
What? Yep.
Mate, you don't know how happy that makes me feel to hear you say that! (LAUGHS) Oh, Dave! That's enough.
That's enough.
Dave! Don't push it, mate.
The team's back! Yeah.
Mrs Barton, hi.
I got a message from my dad about Jake.
Is he OK'? Yeah.
He's fine, luckily.
I just brought him home.
Can I see him? Yep.
Hey! Hey.
Oh! Are you OK'? Oh, my phone was off.
I'm so sorry.
It was just a zap and a bit of a tumble.
Lucky he landed on his head.
Sure they didn't want to keep you at the hospital? Nah, nah, nah.
I'm all good.
Look, it's no worse than some of the tackles I've taken on the footy field.
And we know how to deal with concussion, don't we'? Yeah.
Rest, don't sleep.
And if he starts to vomit Straight to emergency.
Are you sure? Yeah.
I'm good.
I'm feeling really great.
Now, hey, Mum, do you reckon you could grab me a beer? Beer with a possible concussion? I don't think so.
I'll just get you a glass of water, Jake.
Hey, I'll be back in a second.
Mrs Barton, is there anything I can do? Oh, I think your family's done enough.
Thank you.
I'm sorry? Look, I'm gonna make this real clear.
I'm not trying to be rude, butl know your type.
My type'? What type is that'? Oh, the kind that trades off your looks, gets any boy you want, strings them along until you get bored or it gets too hard.
Um, you don't know me at all.
That's not who I am.
And you don't know us, love.
There are three of us in this family and we stick together through thick and thin, and when I'm gone, Jake has to be there for Alex.
What has that got to do with me? (SCOFFS) Exactly.
That's exactly what a girl of your type would say.
Any girlfriend of Jake's has to be there for him too.
She has to understand that Jake is always gonna have Alex in his life.
I-I've met Alex once.
I mean be there for him.
The way you were with him the other night, I mean, I don't think you could cope, could ever cope.
So, I'm sorry, I'm sure you're a really lovely girl, but you need to leave Jake alone.
DAVE: The Bartons were there to catch each other.
Rachel was out in the cold.
Darling, it's natural for her to be worried and upset.
Her son was almost killed.
Yeah, but that doesn't make it any less scary.
I mean, I know she's had a really rough life and I understand she's just trying to protect her boys, but it's stillit's not right trying to make Jake's emotional decisions for him.
Well, just give her some space.
Don't worry.
I'll be doing that.
Just so you know, I offered Warney some work when we have extra.
Oh, Dave! After what he did, it's the least I could do.
(SIGHS) Yeah.
As long as it's the least you could do.
Sam, just to make things crystal clear, I was idiotic and I was weak and I promise that I will never, ever do it again.
OK'? I will call Layla and I will set some boundaries.
But just to be crystal clear, if you ever touch that stuff again, I promise it's over.
Layla, it's Nathan.
Look, we need to sort some things out, so give me a call back.
OK'? Bye.
Can I help you? Hello.
Are you alright? My God You lookjust like him.
(CHUCKLES) I'm sorry? You're David's son, aren't you? BEN: Dad! What? Uh, can you come here? Why'? Just come.
Just go! (GASPS) on, my God! What? Oh, I felt a kick! Where? Just here.
Where? What's so urgent? SONG: On the day you take the life I keep Take me in my sleep While I'm counting sheep In the deepest dreams of butterflies Vlflth visions of my day Can I help you? On that day, don't let my lover weep Take her in her sleep While she's counting sheep Rachel? DAVE: We all stumble.
The first thing you have to do is reach out.
Was thather'? I think so.