Packed to the Rafters (2008) s02e17 Episode Script

Putting the House in Order

MAN: In her time with Barrett's Electrical Services, my Uncle Ron always spoke fairly highly of Julie.
And on balance, I've been quite impressed.
(ALL LAUGH FEEBLY) He's hilarious.
Julie, you now have 12 months to put your feet up, relax and nag your husband instead of us.
(ALL LAUGH) But no, um, seriously, in conclusion, I would like to thank Julie for her contribution and also for coming in these last couple of days and showing Holly the ropes.
ALL: Hear, hear.
Julie, we're not sure if it's going to be a boy or a girl, obviously, and so we got you one of each.
JULIE: (NARRATES) That's right.
To me.
Officially out of the workforce.
Who knows? Maybe forever.
I had a bowls club lunch to cater.
Got here as quick as I could.
Not to worry.
Saved you a piece of cake.
Oh, let me guess.
Mock-cream sponge.
(GASPS) You really are psychic.
(LAUGHS) Well, I don't need a special gift to predict that you're not gonna miss this place.
This is your time now.
Use it to make everything right.
You'll have little enough chance when the wee 'un arrives.
Hey, Bonnie, you know the first day that you predicted all that stuff'? You mentioned one thing.
The divorce.
But a divorce could mean anything, couldn't it? Any sort of split.
Me leaving Barrett's Aye.
Aye, itcould be.
It could be but I sense a man.
Someone close to you.
(GROANS) It's got something to do with your husband.
What? DAVE: The whole street can see in and he's wearing nothing but a smile and a baseball cap.
Glad you two have got something to laugh about.
How was the send-off? Oh, bearable.
Well, until Bonnie showed up, that is.
You know she still sees divorce? Not this again.
No, I'm serious.
The likeliest candidates for that would have to be Nathan and Sammy.
Don't go there.
No, she said it involves you.
What? You and me? No, not us.
What? Am I gonna divorce myself? No! It involves you somehow.
Well, that's what Bonnie said, anyway.
I can't believe it.
Your last day at work and we're back to this rubbish.
No, it's not rubbish.
And anyway, when she says 'divorce' it doesn't literally mean divorce.
It could mean a separation, a falling out, a change of sides.
Maybe I'll start supporting the All Blacks.
Ha, ha.
You may think it's funny.
But she's been right about a lot of things.
Hasn't she, Chrissy? She's not bad.
Oh, come on, you throw in 'divorce', 'wedding', 'baby', you're bound to get a hit every now and again.
Ben and Melissa weren't talking marriage when Bonnie saw a wedding.
Or VVarney cooking the books or Chrissy losing her job.
She has a gift.
The gift of the gab.
I'll see you in an hour.
Why should I expect anything different from him? That's Dave for you.
(NARRATES) But Bonnie was right about one thing - this was 'me' time, the official start of the next phase of my life.
Not a faraway circle on a calendar.
Now so close I could feel it kicking.
It was time to nest.
Ooh! Jules What? What the hell are you doing? What does it look like'? Oh Oh! Alright! OK, I went overboard, alright? Dave, I get it! (GROANS) Look, I was cleaning and baking, not lumping bags of cement! Either way, remember what Dr Marsh said - no overdoing it.
I wasn't overdoing it.
Would you stop fussing? Here.
Catch up on some celebrity gossip.
Oh, riveting.
How are you going, Grandad? Er, carrots good.
Spuds on the way.
Jules, can I get you something? Oh, I'd love a beer.
Alright? Peppermint tea would be lovely.
I'm on it.
OK, now I make gravy.
Oh, no, Rachel.
Not with that pot.
Mum Dave, I don't Oh, you know what? That's it.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I can't justl can't just sit around like 'Jabba the Mum'.
Alright? I need to keep busy! I'm nesting.
You're what? I'm nesting! So, off you go.
Shoo! You, you're making me feel redundant in my own home.
You, go and do that work you said needs doing.
You can go and fix the aerial that needs fixing.
Jules And, Dad, you can just Well, you can keep peeling.
Jules TED: Ah, give up, guys.
The voice has spoken.
Oh, hi, darling.
How did your interviews go? Some lines were so long that people brought their own fold-up chairs.
Oh, sweetheart.
That's fine.
Can I help with dinner? You should sit down.
Ah, ah! Careful.
It's fine.
It's all under control.
Things will get better.
Of course they will.
Well, if I had anything to do with it they would.
Dinner's ready.
UmI'm not really hungry.
Oh, darling.
It's hard, Mum, knowing that she's right next door and that I'm not part of her life.
I know that that's how it feels now but things can change.
The eternal optimist.
(CH UCKLES) Anyway, so, I was thinking that maybe I'd cook something special tomorrow and invite Sammy over Stop.
I know what you're trying to do but it won't help.
It's only dinner.
A girl's got to eat.
If anyone's having dinner with her, it's me.
It's my shout.
Nathan's determination to fix things with Sammy himself was reassuring.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) But that wasn't going to stop me grabbing any chance I could to do my bit.
ALL: Hey! Hey.
How was your last day? Oh, underwhelming.
I took solace in baking.
So, warm apple pie, anyone? Yum! I'll go get some plates.
Actually, that's really good timing.
We were gonna pop round later on.
Isis Sammy here? Er, yeah.
We've got some good news.
We've decided to Uh-huh.
Howhow is she? Oh, terrible at Gran Torismo.
Are you kidding? She's a natural.
No, she cheats.
She does not.
Anyway, what I was saying She's OK.
It's not easy.
Is she missing Nathan, maybe? BEN: What I was trying to say is we've decided on a date for the wedding.
The wedding? Yeah.
30 No! Oh! Well, that's well, that's so soon! Yeah.
It's going to be a very sim Simple wedding.
That's what we want.
No drama, no fuss.
I don't know.
Fuss is lots more fun.
No, you know, you're right.
No need for a cast of thousands.
Just family, friends, and you and your best man, Nathan.
(CH UCKLES) Nathan?! Melissa and - I don't know - Sammy.
No, Mum.
I know what you're doing and no.
No bridesmaid, no best man.
No best man?! No.
This is about us.
Me and Melissa.
End of conversation.
Darling, can I have a word? Sure.
In private.
Excuse us.
You are OK with this, aren't you? No, I justl just want you to help your brother out.
If only I studied brain surgery instead of going surfing.
I'm serious.
He never asked me to be a groomsman at his wedding.
Oh, don't be petty.
Darling, this is a godsend.
Nathan and Sammy need to spend time together and this way we could thrust them together.
The whole point of this wedding is to get away from that stuff.
Just the people who matter.
No rellies you haven't seen in 1O years.
Are you sure that that's what Mel wants? Look, Melissa's already been there and she's done that - almost.
She doesn't want to do it again.
And I'm sorry but I have to put her ahead of Nathan.
No, I understand.
It's just that, you know No, Mum, you can't force this.
They have to work it out for themselves.
Well, anyway, even a small wedding takes planning.
So, any help you need You're meant to take it easy.
Oh, don't you start.
I'm sorry.
Hey, mate, it's Nathan.
Oh, speak of the devil.
G'day, Natho.
What can I do for ya'? Just Sorry.
OK! Just (M U-l-FERS) Hey.
I just hope Melissa's not going to regret it, that's all.
What? Marrying into this family? No.
Keeping things simple.
I mean, it's her big day.
She's got the rest of her life to feel anonymous.
Let's hope this next one's the marrying kind.
I reckon we'll be up for another wedding by then.
I can see you now.
Hobbling our daughter up the aisle in your Zimmer frame.
“Ooh!” How do you know he's a she? Well, Artemis predicted it.
Ah, yes.
Greek voodoo.
I actually don't care whether it's a he or a she.
But we really do need to fix things up around the place.
Jules, we talked about this.
There's no rush.
That was before we added a wedding to the to-do list.
A small wedding and you're not fixing anything.
We're gonna need a baby's room.
Jules, stop.
We've got plenty of time to sort that.
No, we don't! At least six months after the baby's born.
Yeah, alright.
it's just, it's an instinct.
I want everything to be perfect.
Yeah, well, there's a limit on how much you can do.
Some things you have to leave to other people and some things you have to leave tofate.
And I'm not talking about Bonnie's crazy predictions.
Oh Why did he have to remind me about Bonnie? And why next morning did it feel like one more thing to worry about had been added to my fist? Morning.
Can't stop.
I'm meeting Jake down at the Percival Street job.
Could you email Saunders the quote? Oh, and don't book anything up for the first weekend of next month because Ben and Melissa are getting married.
Oh! So soon? Yes.
Low-key and intimate, apparently.
I'm not sure if Jules will be up for any dancing so you might have to do the honours.
If I'm invited.
Of course you're invited! You're family.
Oh, um I stayed up last night and finished the spreadsheets.
What would I do without you? Oh! Chrissy! Now I'm a free woman, I'd love to talk wedding plans.
Do you want to grab lunch later? Sorry, Jules, I'm we're kind of flat-out.
(IGNITION STARTS) Thanks anyway.
Why was my best friend suddenly avoiding me? CARBO: No best man? But that's nutso! It's like turning up to a race with no mags! It's just one of those meaningless traditions.
No, it's not! It's the rule.
Do you want people thinking you're such a loser there's no-one you can ask? We just want to keep it small.
Look, a proper Greek wedding is 300 guests! You know, each side.
'Cause that's the way we wanna have it.
No fuss.
OK, you don't have to do the frilly shirt and you don't have to have the white doves 'cause they poop on the cake.
But you have to have a best man.
(LAUGHS) I'm going to get ready.
Hey, Sammy.
Nathan had a best man, right? Um, I'm staying out of this.
MELISSA: Yeah, smart move.
Someone's got to hold the ring.
Carbo Who's gonna organise the bucks party? He's not having one.
What'?! No bucks, no hens.
They're just excuses to get drunk and do lame stuff.
Oh, you're saying that like it's a bad thing! It's not.
Sorry, mate.
No best man? No best man.
No bucks party.
I, um Sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I'm just going running.
I've been slacking off lately so I'm getting back into it.
Um, guess what! I got a job.
Yeah? Yeah.
It's part-time.
It's not full-time.
But it brings in a few bucks until I find something more permanent.
Well, good for you.
I've got to go.
Do you wanna grab a bite to eat? I thought Well, I'm not rolling in it but I thought maybe we could grab pizza and some beer.
You can choose your own topping.
We could get, like, half-half.
I think that you and I should Yeah.
We need some Space.
Yeah, that's cool.
I understand.
Yeah, bye.
It was a stupid thing to say.
Tell her you love her.
That's all she really wants to hear.
Er, yeah, it's not that simple, Chrissy.
Just because you love someone doesn't mean that they love you back.
Hey, I was thinking - maybe Carbo's right.
Oh! A first time for everything.
I mean, just because I had a wedding disaster in a previous life, why should you miss out on a special night that you might enjoy? The only thing special is you.
I'm not missing out on anything.
Butwhy not have a bucks night? If that's what you want.
You saw it, didn't you? What? Carbo's face.
The look of total disbelief.
That trembling lip.
Ben, I saw the look on your face.
You want a bucks night.
OK! You want a best man.
Alright! It's obvious.
Alright, alright.
The only problem now is it's political.
(DOOR CLOSES) If I have a best man and it's not Nathan, what's Mum gonna say? OK, boss.
Ready when you are.
Are you sure you want to do this? I told you - I am desperate.
It's a couple of shifts.
How bad can it be'? OK.
See ya.
And no eating the toilet lollies.
I'll know.
I've counted them.
You're really enjoying this, aren't you? No, I'm just happy to help out my little brother.
While I think of it, how long can you hold your breath? Er (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) .
why do I need to hold my breath? Er, blocked dunny.
Cubicle three.
Someone overstuffed on the beef vindaloo.
Didn't quite make it.
It's very messy.
You've got to be kidding.
It's not too late to back out, mate.
Or should I say back up, eh? Ha, ha, ha.
Tell me how much you're paying me for this again.
plus super, minus tax.
Hope she's worth it, mate.
She's worth it.
(TOILET FLUSHES) OWEN: I hope one of those is for me.
Oh, Owen, hey! Do you want a hand with those? I can carry four coffees on my own.
How have you been? How do you think? There's still a large hole in my heart where you fired that Exocet.
I heard about you and Nathan.
Well, er, everyone loves a bit of bad news.
Oh, I didn't think it was bad news.
I mean, I hate you being hurt.
But when you feel you're ready, even just to talk I am around.
Maybe you're agonising about something that was never meant to be.
You think I took a wrong turn when I met Nathan.
You were on the rebound.
We both know that.
And I blame myself.
You wanted commitment and I wouldn't give it.
I will now.
Nathan can still be your friend but you know deep down you don't belong with him.
I brought you some lunch.
Oh, you didn't have to do that.
I figured if you were too busy to go out, it's the least I could do.
Um, Chrissy, er, I haven't done any stupid, pregnant crazy woman thing to upset you? No, of course not! It's just that we've got a lot on.
Actually, um I'm gonna resign.
What?! I didn't know how to tell you.
Why? What? Has Dave done something? No.
No, no, no.
Dave's a great boss.
It's just that, um, well, I've met this guy.
(CH UCKLES AWK\NARDLY) Oh, that Well, that's fantastic, isn't it? Yeah, and I didn't want to say anything in case it all blew up but he wants me to spend some time with him in Queensland, where he lives.
How long have you known him? A couple of months.
We met on the internet.
The internet'? Oh.
So, what's his name? Santo.
He's divorced.
No kids.
He's 40.
Il should be happy for you.
I mean, no, I am happy for you.
It's I can't believe you didn't say anything sooner.
So, do you think this could be the one, then? Well, fingers crossed.
Have you got a photo? No.
I don't have one on me.
What about the website? You know what? He took himself off it.
So it must be serious.
Chrissy you don't have to quit.
Why don't you just take time off'? Nathan's looking for work, isn't he? No, he's Not here.
It's just time, Jules.
What? What? It's about Sammy.
And I need your help.
We need to get her out and keep her busy.
Well, what do you expect me to do? She's not exactly a fly half.
No, butbut she has been really depressed since her and Nathan have split.
And we just think that she needs to get out a bit more.
'We'? Yes, we.
This is a joint venture.
(CH UCKLES) We are a sensitive pair, aren't we'? Yes, we are.
Well, anywhere in particular? Yep.
I was thinking the footy club fundraiser.
Uh, no.
I don't think that's a Sammy kind of function.
No, it isn't.
And that is the challenge that we need to overcome.
Uh, alright.
Well, one question - why'? Because there are sharks circling her.
And there's one shark in particular.
And if we want to avoid a feeding frenzy Which we do.
we need to sell her on the idea that this event is gonna be fun.
It is fun.
It's fun for you, babe.
What, so no nude haka video? (LAUGHS) No nude haka video.
Just skip straight to emphasising the details about the good music and the dancing and the fine wine.
That sounds great.
Where do I get a ticket? And then, when we've got her all lined up, I bring in Nathan.
Surprise, surprise.
And then, while you're off talking footy with your mates, and I'm off talking hair extensions with Tania We drop shark repellent in the water Yes.
And for that, you can buy me dinner tonight.
(SIGHS) Hmm? Jules.
What's this'? Oh, I'm not sure.
It's Chrissy's resignation.
No, I mean, I know that.
I don't know what's going on.
Well, sheshe says she's met a guy online.
Online'? Mmm.
So she says.
It's just that it doesn't ring true.
If Chrissy had met some wonderful man on the internet she would have been excited and said something.
Well, she didn't say anything about Carbo.
Yeah, I know.
But this is different.
I know her.
I mean, as if she wouldn't have a photo of him.
Maybe he's married.
Can you see Chrissy running after a married man? No, I think this is her clearing the way for Nathan to come back.
Why would I want Nathan back? Because he's your son and he needs a job.
He had a job, remember? And he blew it.
Last thing I need is to lose a good worker like Chrissy to some kid like Nathan, who ping-pongs all over the shop while he tries to work out what to do with his life.
Uh Thanks, Dad.
It's good to know how you feel.
Over to you, honey.
Look, however that might have sounded before That you would rather hire a serial killer than me.
I apologise.
I'm sorry you had to hear the harsh version.
I'm not asking for a job with you, Dad.
I know that now.
I need to do this on my own.
Yeah, you do.
I filled in at the Boat Club today.
With Ben? Great.
No, it's not great.
But I will get myself out of this rut.
And then maybe Sammy and everyone elseyou Maybe then I can start earning your respect back.
Carry on.
(SIGHS) You right there, mate? Who'd be a father? No-one ever said it was a piece of cake.
You'd think it'd get easier as they get older, though.
(LAUGHS) Nah, never easier.
And just think, you're about to go through it all over again.
For the last time.
Failing another accident.
For the last time.
You thinking of having the snip'? Big decision.
Yeah, well, after all we've been through with this one, you know, the tests and the soul searching There's no way I wanna put Jules through all that again.
(SIGHS) Same choice I made.
You? Oh, no-one ever talked about it much back then.
You know, being less than a man and all that guff.
But after the number of miscarriages Louise suffered She was far more important to me than any jokes my mates might crack.
Oh, what are you two gabbing about? Oh,just, um secret men's business.
(SCOFFS) (DOOR CLOSES) Now, it wouldn't be anything sophisticated but there will be music.
Just fun.
Whoa, I thought you said you wanted me there because Jake could be off with the boys the whole night.
I did.
So, uh, what's with the dancing? Correct.
I would be off with the boys.
The dancing Would be you and me.
We would be dancing.
And just some great '80s tunes.
Just good times.
Uh, can I come? I wasn't talking to you, Carbo.
Yeah, but I can dance.
I've got double-jointed hips.
Yeah, well, it's a girls night out.
Witha few boys.
That's OK.
You know, I've got, uh, something else on anyway.
Cooking spanakopita with my cousin Toula.
Er, how come I get the impression that you guys are trying to set me up? (SCOFFS) No.
We justwe just wanna get you out of the house.
Right, so, I will say I'll come, you ask Nathan, you two disappear to run the chook raffle and, surprise, it's just Nathan and me! No.
No! No, look, Sam, I respect your position with Nathan.
We just want you to let your hair down.
Come on.
I'll come.
Yes! Very good.
Something wasn't right.
And again, I wasn't sleeping.
How could I when my back was giving me hell and my mind was working overtime? Were Nathan and Sammy the ones headed for the divorce Bonnie predicted? And what was really going through Chrissy's head? She'd never held out on me before.
If she had her eye on a guy, I knew about it.
Unless Morning, Chrissy.
You're early.
Hey, Carbo.
Yeah, I've got some invoicing to do.
Before you go? I know.
Who told you? Mrs Rafter told Rachel, Rachel told Ben and Ben told His best friend.
So, some guy in Queensland, eh? Were you gonna tell me? Yeah, of course.
It justhappened so fast.
From what I hear, you don't even know the guy.
He could be some kind of psycho.
What kind of wheels? I'm not sure.
You're getting serious with some guy and you don't have a clue about his ride? I don't buy it.
There is no guy, is there? Please don't say anything.
This is about you having that thing about Mr Rafter! Well, that's crazy, Chrissy.
Mr Rafter? Well, you think you're telling me something I don't know'? Sorry.
Why do you think I have to leave? Can't you just quit? No, I've thought about it.
Believe me, there's no other way.
I'll miss you.
Not half as much as I'll miss you.
Look I've got to go.
But I'll catch you later, yeah? We'll talk about this.
Hey! You're up early.
Oh, I've been up half the night.
Oh, is it your back again? Yeah, my backand other things.
It's amazing, the stuff that keeps turning around in your head.
'Cause I was thinking that if you'd met a man and developed feelings for him there's only one man that you wouldn't tell me about.
You've got a lot of explaining to do.
If you think I'm gonna let you leave that easily, you've got another think coming to you.
Isn't that right, Jules? It's Chrissy's decision.
Sorry, Dave.
I thought you were on my side.
Who wants a cup of tea? Oh, no, thanks.
I've gotta get going.
Um, you're not off the hook just yet.
I'm on the mobile.
(PANTS) I'm right, aren't I'? Julie, can we talk'? How long have you felt like this? Months.
Months?! I know.
I I tell myself I'm stupid and disloyal but then in between, when I'm with him When you're with him?! Julesy, I'd never do anything.
Oh, I can't Julie, I don't even know if it's about him.
I know that I just can't be here and see you two together.
Justjust go.
You look great.
Can't really say the same about me.
I've actuallyjust been Working at the Boat Club.
Ben told you.
Nah, I mean, it's great that you're getting it together.
Well, I think I will have it a bit more together once I have a shower and, um, burn this shirt.
Where are you going? You're obviously not going to Lunch.
With Owen, actually.
We're, um, catching up.
Look, I'd better go.
Sam have a good time.
Forgot something.
Hey, Chrissy, you leaving has nothing to do with making way for Nathan, does it? No.
I just had to ask.
Because you've done a great job here.
I'm gonna miss you.
Not just for the office stuff but for the company.
This Santo guy's not trying to take advantage of you, is he? No, Dave.
He's a very nice guy.
He's a bit like you.
(CH UCKLES) Lucky guy.
Only he's single, right? Yes.
For now.
I'll miss you.
JULIE: (NARRATES) Maybe this was Bonnie's divorce.
Not a literal divorce but the pulling apart of two best friends Chrissy and me.
You alright, love'? Yeah.
I'm just, er, sad about Chrissy.
Oh, well.
Good friends stay in touch.
She's been like a sister to me.
When I haven't wanted to bother Dave, she's been my rock.
But this is good for her, isn't it? Her chance for the same sort of happiness you've got.
I don't know, Dad.
Sweetheart, there comes a time in life when you've just got to let go.
Even though you're scared as hell of what's out there, be it death, divorce you've just gotta put your head down and carry on, and trust in people to get it right.
Bonnie mentioned divorce.
Reading the tea leaves, was she? So, if it's Chrissy and me, does that mean Nathan and Sammy are OK'? Well, that's up to Nathan and Sammy.
Yeah, yeah.
I can be there.
OK, I'll see you then.
(LAUGHS) WOMAN: I really love that purse.
Where'd you get it? Thanks.
eBay, actually.
Cool! No, rlo, no, no.
Actually, Camel tried to sell a chicken schnitzel shaped like Australia on eBay.
Yeah, that doesn't surprise me.
She's beautiful.
She's married.
Never stopped me before.
Yeah, well To Rachel's brother.
Yeah, alright! I will cross her off my extensive list.
Hello, ladies.
Ooh! Hey, Camel.
I'm sure I would've noticed if you'd been here before.
I'm Camel.
And she's taken, Camel.
I'm just being friendly.
Hey, Camel.
'The Beast' just did 5O one-armed push-ups.
He reckons you can't beat him.
He said what? Excuse me, ladies.
Duty calls.
I love it when you do this.
Oh, Beast (LAUGHS) I'm Alex.
Jake's brother.
Oh, right! Er, trust me - I just did you a huge favour.
Oh! Thank you.
He did.
(RACHEL GRUNTS) I thought I told you not to ring him.
No, I didn't.
Um, no, guys.
I called him.
Oh, but you Yeah.
I changed my mind.
She changed her mind.
That's good! Thank you for coming.
Thanks for ringing.
Oh, I think maybe I hit speed dial on my phone.
Of course.
(CH UCKLES) Chrissy I don't want this to be the end of us.
You know I never meant for this to happen.
You don't have to go.
Yeah, I do, Jules.
I need to get away and clear my head.
I'm so sorry.
I know.
(LOUD CHEERING) What are they doing? (SIGHS) There is nothing quite as good as a good steak sandwich, is there? Nothing? Well, no.
Nothing that I would ever dare allow myself to think.
Sam, not after what I did.
Yeah, well, words are nice but Well, they're just words.
They're all I've got.
And I'm trying to show you that that I respect you and that I love you, the only way I can, and that's by giving you space.
I'm trying to not crowd you and not rush you and and not force you.
And thatis very wiseof you.
But in an unforcing, uncrowding manner, um God, I love you, Sam.
And I know how much I've hurt you.
And I'm not asking for forgiveness but I kinda am.
I justl want you to give me the chance to earn your trust back.
I wanna I wanna rebuild what we had.
I love you.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and Camel.
Hey, you boys down the front, if you keep drinking that heavy, you'll end up walking home like me.
(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) OK, alright, it's karaoke time! (AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS) Now, the highest bidder gets to sing and all money goes to charity.
And not the 'Save Camel's Liver Fund'.
(AUDIENCE CH UCKLES) OK, who is gonna kick this off, first song of the night? Five bucks.
What are you doing? You're supposed to bid higher.
Who says? Six bucks! Six bucks.
What? Are you gonna get up there? ALEX: That's more like it.
We've got 5O bucks going once.
Going twice $80.
(AUDIENCE CHEERS) doesn't he? $100.
Going CAMEL: $120! $120 is two days' pay for you.
Don't you dare.
$120 going once CAMEL: $130.
$150! Hey! Well done! $150! (AUDIENCE CHEERS AND WHOOPS) I owe you $30.
Hey, close enough.
This, uh, this song goes out to the woman that I love.
AUDIENCE: Awwvv! (SINGS) I don't know what it is that makes me love you so I only know I never wanna let you go 'Cause you've started something Oh, can't you see That ever since we've met you've got a hold on me? It happens to be true I only wanna be with you It doesn't matter what you do or where you go I something, something will dance with you in the snow So, look what has happened from just one kiss I never thought that I could be in love like this It's crazy but it's true I only wanna be with you.
Carbo, man.
Left for Dead championship on tonight.
Can't, mate.
I'm heading over to Chrissy's, helping her with her car.
So, um, I'll catch ya later.
Do you think he's still sulking about the whole 'best man' thing? Well, you know, I've been thinking that maybe Oh, Ben, you know I don't want a big wedding.
Yeah, but you don't want one so small it's meaningless.
Yeah, but, uh tradition's not important.
No, but friendship is.
And Carbo really, really wants to be my best man, then I reckon I'm fine with that.
Serious?! Yeah, serious.
Mate, that's awesome.
Put it there.
You're not gonna regret it.
We're gonna have the best bucks night ever.
I love ya, mate.
Yeah, like we didn't already know that.
Oh, I love you too.
Alright, I'll see you later.
What about you? If I'm gonna have a best man No.
No bridesmaids.
Carbo can be there for both of us.
Everybody who means something to me is here.
Then, don't go.
Don't forget the goldfish.
I'll feed them, don't worry.
And the garden.
Look, whatever.
I really need to go away and fall apart completely, and then put myself back together later on.
You know, I'm pretty good at putting things back together.
(LAUGHS) That's what you reckon.
Come on.
You know, a cousin went and bought this XY Falcon once Nice.
GS pack? No, no, standard 500.
Still Yeah, you know, three-speed, Cruise-O-Matic, 4.
And they said it was only good for spare parts.
But I rebuilt that baby from the ground up.
So, what are you saying? I'm only good for spare parts? No.
I'm saying I'll be there for you.
Anytime, day or night, I'll be there.
OK'? OK.
(SONG) Walkin' into town Just the other day Whistling this very tune Everything seems so fake and grey Then from out of the blue Well, she took me by the hand and said it's OK Runaway train, let me be the rails To a place full of JULIE: (NARRATES) These sleepless nights were becoming a habit.
But at least I had my promise Chrissy would be back.
She said how high is your mountain? Will you sink in the river or be swept away? Put your pennies Oh, what are you doing up? Hey.
Well, there's a wedding to organise and it's a mother's right to offer suggestions.
How'd it go? We had a good time.
That's great.
We don't wanna get ahead of ourselves, but But there was progress? Yeah.
Yeah, I think there's a chance things might work out right.
Oh, darling, that's wonderful.
I'm so happy for you both.
It's a trial period.
Now I just have to find a job.
Oh, you will.
'Night, Mum.
'Night, darling.
'Night, baby.
(LAUGHS) Even Nathan and Sammy were putting their house in order.
The nest was feeling a lot more secure.
And as for the rest of the family, I certainly wasn't going to get bored.
Oh, hi, love.
Everything OK'? Yeah, everything's fine.
Hey, look, I've gotta have my eyes tested tomorrow.
Any chance of getting a lift back? You know, that stuff they put in it Oh, of course.
Ta, love.
Places to go Mission accomplished.
Ah, so I gathered.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, don't you get too carried away with wedding plans - we've still got a baby shower to organise.
(WHISPERS) Goodnight.
"And things to do.
Everything alright? Hmm'? No, everything's fine.
Oh, but you know how we've been talking about baby's rooms.
Yeah? That's just a few suggestions.
Nice shelves.
(LAUGHS) All that remained to do now was focus on the future.
Yes, jelly bean, that means you.