Packed to the Rafters (2008) s02e18 Episode Script

Space Junk

(DOG BARKS, HOWLS) RACHEL: (NARRATES) Not often in life, just occasionally, the universe is in harmony and all the planets aligned.
Mum's glowing with baby health Dad's met his real mum Grandad's made a new friend in the process Ben and Mel are headed down the aisle Sammy's back with Nathan - maybe about to move back home - and my world is looking pretty good too.
Alright, OK.
Alright, I'll be serious now.
I'm serious, I'm serious.
'Mine', 'miner', 'mire', 'miser', 'mise'.
Hang on.
ALL: 'Mise'?! 'Mise'.
Mum, 'mise' is not a word.
It is.
It's French.
French? TED: Come on.
It's against the rules! Rules are meant to be broken.
It's not a word! She made it up! It is too a word! Oh, use it in a sentence.
Oh, alright.
“Rory failed his French exam because he couldn't spell the word 'mise'.
" (ALL LAUGH) That's rubbish! You're cheating! Now, we've got a split vote here, Dave.
Come on.
I appeal to your sense of honour.
Spit it out, Dad.
OK, well, I think 'mise' Come on.
Is fine.
(ALL LAUGH) MEL: What?! That puts us in front.
Whoo-hoo! The home planet had never felt safer.
But with 17, 000 pieces of space junk orbiting the earth you never know when one will come crashing down.
RACHEL: Oooh! Oh, my God.
These were just dropped in at reception.
Aren't they gorgeous? Oh, they are! Oh, you lucky girl! I didn't know George was such a romantic.
He's not.
They're for you.
For me? Not fromGeorge? No, idiot.
They must be from Jake.
No, no, they couldn't be.
It's not in his genetic makeup.
Gorgeous flowers, Rachel.
Who are they from? Ll have no idea.
Umyeah, there's not a card.
For my lovely lady.
Aw, thank you.
Oh, more spraying.
I think the Rampant's wearing off.
Really? Yeah.
Maybe you have a secret admirer.
Someone in the office.
Tell you what - I'll do some detective work and then get back to you.
Actuallythey have to be from Jake.
I've, umI've been telling him he's got a one-track mind and he needs to start thinking more from a female perspective.
Well, he is definitely listening.
It's very romantic.
(GIGGLES) They are.
You want my definition of romance, my friend? (COUGHS) That's it right there.
Thank you.
I know I was good last night, but you didn't have to buy me flowers.
Ah, but you bought them for me.
What about “thinking from the female perspective"? Isn't that what this is? Sowhere'd you get them? I don't know.
They just turned up at work.
What, and you don't know who they're from? No.
Unless you're lying.
I'm sorry.
And that'screepy.
Some people like to be surprised.
Welll will remember that.
Oh! Beautiful flowers! What's Jake done wrong'? Nothing.
They are not from him.
But it would be nice if he was ever overcome by the spontaneous urge to romance me.
Look who's here.
(GASPS) Oh! No, I promised not to make a big deal of this.
But she will anyway.
Ohhh, welcome back.
Thank you.
Come here.
So good to see you.
You too.
You need a hand with anything? No, no.
We're all good.
We're onto it.
You two get settled and dinner will be in an hour.
Come on.
Candles? It's a 'welcome home' touch.
If you think it's too much Oh, they're lovely.
Is that it'? Yep! It's like I never left.
Hey, I was thinking of changing some things.
I thought maybe a new doona and maybe a bit of a paint job? Hmm.
Fresh start.
Yeah, I guess.
If that's something that you want.
Oh, let me think.
A chance to go shopping? (LAUGHS) I haven't been able to sleep without you.
I haven't slept either.
Nathan, I What'? Oh, Sam I can't do this.
Oh, no, no, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to pressure you.
I justyep.
I need time.
It's fine.
(SIGHS) I just couldn't figure it out.
A client? A secret admirer? A stalker? (MOBILE PHONE BEEPS) All preferable to the truth - the actual piece of debris hurtling back towards my world.
MAN: Rachel.
Um Did you get my flowers? Uhyou'? You sent the flowers? Yeah, with a card, explaining.
Um Card for you, Rachel.
Reception found it behind a heater.
Good to see ya.
Is it? (RACHEL SIGHS) I'm so sorry.
I justwanted to break this to you in the best possible way and give you some time to process it.
Um (SIGHS) Wow.
So It's good to see you.
Um, um, umI'm guessing this means you're clean'? Yeah, I'm past all that, so Right.
Well, I'mI'mhappy for you.
Look the last thing I want to do is make waves, but you should know Ronan's assigned me to the last phase of the Rampant campaign.
And Yeah.
I'd really love for you to stick with the account.
I'd completely respect your decision not to.
But, you knowwhy'? You're the best person for the job.
Look, have a think about the account and, uh, come and see me if you want.
Planet Harmony was definitely wobbling on its axis.
JULIE: Ah! I knew it! There is such a word as 'mise'.
(GIGGLES) (swans) on, hey- on, hi.
How was your last day at the Boat Club? Great.
So good.
I even got a send-off.
They had toilet paper streamers on the bathroom ceiling.
But I did get paid for a week and gained a whole new respect for rubber gloves.
Well, you're very up-beat.
Wouldn't have anything to do with Sammy being back, would it? Maybe.
How's she settling in'? Not that I'm being nosy! Main thing is that she's back and we'll keep talking and things'll work out.
Anything I can do to help? Actually, now that you've offered, I had an idea about work but I need you onside.
Oh, Dad.
Just the man I want to see.
Um, can you come in here, please? Hey.
I've been thinking about our problem.
Our problem? What? Yeah, well, you need someone to replace Chrissy and I need a short-term job while I look for a new career.
Oh, Nathan No, stop.
Mum, I haven't Look, I haven't forgotten about what you said the other day and I respect your opinion.
I'm not looking for a handout.
I need a platform to leap from and I think that this is a professional and mutually beneficial solution.
And I think you'd be crazy not to say yes.
So what do you say? Well, what can I say after that'? (LAUGHS) Is that a yes? There's a pile of invoices on the desk.
Go for your life.
You are making the right choice, Dad.
Thank you.
Choice? That kid should have been a lawyer.
DANIEL: I can't tell you how much I appreciate you all agreeing to stick with Rampant.
Look, I spoke to our client, Verna and, uml didn't realise our Rampant guy wasn't a professional model.
Jake's very professional.
Yeah, but he's a tradie, right? What else do we know about him? What's his appeal? I can't get anything out of Verna other than rapture about his good looks and natural charisma.
That would be the appeal right there.
You don't know, do you? Sorry? UhJake's Rachel's boyfriend.
Hot, isn't he? OK, I, uhl didn't know that.
Is that gonna be a problem? No, uhas long as you're cool with it - which I guess you are - uh, I'm cool.
Just so you know, he was Verna's choice.
Uh But given his rawness, my feeling is that he might not be up to handling what we're proposing.
We're not asking for a performance.
It's not Hamlet.
We're just getting him to be who he is.
Just an everyday Aussie guy.
Point taken.
Uh, we kicked off late.
I've got a three o'clock.
Um, what say we reconvene on this tomorrow'? Thanks, guys.
Rachel Yep.
After I finish this meeting, can we clear the air? Can we just have a proper sit-down chat? Um Just acoffee.
Sure you should be drinking stimulants? (LAUGHS) UmI'm a decaf man now.
What do you say? DANIEL: So, you and the tradie, huh? Never would have picked that.
He's a really nice guy.
I'm sure he is.
Rachel, I know this isn't easy for you.
It isn't easy for me.
Then Why'd you come back? Why don't you just go to another agency? Honestly? No-one else would hire me.
I have no idea why Ronan took the risk, but he has.
Well, you never bashed him, did you? Rachel, I did terrible things to you and I'm beyond sorry.
But I need this job.
Do you knowhow hard it is for me to even be in the same room as you? Please, can you just give me a chance to make it work? I don't know.
Ll don't know if I I'm ready to walk if you can't.
That's stupid.
Umlet's just keep this really professional, OK'? Thank you.
RACHEL: I was fate! Already Daniel was making me do the wrong thing.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry I'm late.
I had a meeting.
What, and you couldn't text? Umno.
Lum, it was a bit more than a meeting.
UmDaniel is back at work and he's working on the Rampant campaign.
Danielas in your ex, Daniel? Yep.
The guy who beat you up, got you hooked on drugs and sent around that sex tape? Yep.
That's the one.
We have to work together, so I needed to make sure he'd changed.
Well, I'll show him bloody civil.
I should go round there and belt him.
Oh, see that'? That right there? That's the fastest way for us to break up, Jake.
Alright, well, I'm not doing the ad, then.
He can shove it.
Oh, please.
That is ridiculous.
This is a great opportunity for you and there's a wardrobe test tomorrow, so No! No! I'm not doing it.
Like, I was never gonna make a career out of it anyway.
Please don't make this any harder for me than it already is.
I'll do it for you.
Thank you.
I swear to God, if he even looks at you funny Jake! .
I'm gonna poke him in the eye.
It was all going to be fine.
What was past was past.
Surely Daniel had lost the power to hurt me.
I'll grab that.
Oh, thanks, Ted.
I'm so looking forward to this.
What a great idea! Give Nathan and Sammy their space.
Yeah, give them a chance to be around each other again.
Well, that's one word for it.
So, uh, what's this, um what's the house we've got? Well, it's right by the beach, stunning views, pathway right up to the old lighthouse.
You'll love it, Louise.
'Louise' -what am I saying? Sorry.
I'll go and see what's keeping them.
Knock, knock.
Hey, Chel.
Are you guys off'? Just about.
Have a lovely, relaxing weekend.
Yeah, thank you.
We will.
I've got something for you.
It's, um, an aid.
Umit could be good.
Uhan aid? Take these.
Chill out.
Mellow out.
Oh, vitamins.
Oh, no, that's just the label.
That was just something that was handy.
Are these ecstasy'? Ohoh, of course not! What kind of grandmother do you think I am? No, that's tetrahydrocannabinol.
Ssorry? Prescription cannabis.
It's legal.
For me.
But I'm feeling great, sopassing them on.
Umthank you very much, Chel, but I can't take these.
TED: Ready, Chel? We've gotta get a move on.
Have a good weekend, Nathan.
Chel Hey, Chel I'm sorry about before.
Must be getting old-timer's.
Oh, that's OK.
It was a slip of the tongue.
You know I'm not Louise.
Of course I know that.
I could never be Louise.
I could never fill that gap.
You're a beautiful man, Ted, but you're a friend.
Well, that'sthat's what I was trying to say as well.
That's all I want too.
And I'm sorry if I made you think otherwise.
It's justbe nice to have someone to share things with again.
I've lived an independent life, is all.
No man is an island, Chel.
Come on.
Let's have a great weekend.
So, here we follow Jake the tradie to work.
Bunch of quick edits.
RACHEL: Er, yeah.
Rolling out cable in the ceiling, fixing lights, um, just generally rugged, sweaty work.
Good timing.
Verna, as you can see, this is Rampant Man as tradie.
As established in the print run.
Sexy but not too model sexy.
Maybe the hair less styled.
Here are the rest of the shots from the wardrobe shoot.
DANIEL: Jake, if you wouldn't mind.
Sorry'? Your shirt, mate.
We just need to see what the camera's gonna see.
Er, we're gonna need a bit more definition.
Can you organise that'? Definitely abs.
We want to see a six-pack down there.
Er, Verna just said we're not looking for the model type.
We're just looking for healthy, natural, fit Yeah.
Just a bit of emphasis, that's all.
Rampant Man's a footy hero after all.
I have to take this.
Talk to me.
Can I, umcan I ask a question? Yeah, mate.
This, umthis Rampant Man, like, he doesn't have issues or anything? Issues? Like booze or drugs? You know.
Like, he's OK psychologically.
Like, he's nice to animals and remembers his mum's birthdays.
I guess what we're trying to convey is he works hard and plays hard But he doesn't slap his girlfriend in the face and stuff.
Jake Like that'? He doesn't send sex tapes he shot while she was out of it to friends and rellos and stuff'? DANIEL: Can you give us five? Does he? Alright, this is It's good to get this out in the open.
Jake, the way I treated Rachel was unforgivable.
You think? But we have to work together.
If you want to talk about it, fine.
But let's be professional and not do it when the client's liable to walk back in at any second.
Yeah? Alright.
You're dark with me, aren't you? Could you have picked a worse moment'? Well, Verna wasn't there.
Jake, we talked about this and you promised.
But did you see the way he treated me? Like I was some kind of piece of meat.
Yeah, well, that's what they see you as, babe.
This is advertising.
You're a sales tool.
That's just Well, I'll tell you who's the tool.
(SIGHS) Jake, they are spending so much money on this campaign and they just needed to make sure you're right for it.
I did it for you, Rach.
Don't you get that'? I do.
And as much as I disapprove of your macho caveman behaviour, thank you.
Are you sure you're gonna be able to do this? Yeah.
Yeah, I have to.
Why? Because I'm gonna need the money to take you to all those fancy restaurants and five-star hotels.
Can we drop the chip-on-the-shoulder act, please? He's a tosser.
You know that'? And I have to work with him, so just leave it.
Prescription cannabis? Uh-huh.
Are you sure? Why would she make that up? Did you know she was taking them? No! You've known her as long as I have.
What do we do now'? You don't want to take them, do you? No! Absolutely not.
I do not do drugs, remember? Actually, no.
That's not what I remember.
Shut up.
You know what I mean.
Does your dad know'? No way.
Oh, it explains a lot.
What do you mean? Why Chel's always so chilled out.
My nan, the stoner.
On the other hand, how lame are we that she thinks we need drugs to communicate? Hey, we are communicating.
Come on.
We've got the house to ourselves.
Let's go and make the most of it.
I have missed you.
Glad to hear it.
So, what was that about having the house to ourselves? Aha! Have you nicked Mel's multivitamins again? What do you mean, again? I never take 'em.
My diet keeps me in perfect health.
You ate stew in a can for breakfast.
They're in the medicine cabinet.
I already looked there.
Mate, you never look properly.
Look again.
What are you taking vitamins for anyway'? Mel says I need a boost.
Two 21sts at the Boat Club tonight.
Look, I looked properly and they're not there.
Mate, if I find them, you're dead! Hello? Anyone home? SAM MY: Um, we're in the bathroom.
I'm just getting something.
(SHOWER RUNS) See you! Oh.
Where'd you get that'? From next door.
Mate, you could've told me.
Where'd you find them? You're blind, mate.
They were in the cabinet, like I told you.
Pass it like that.
Left and right sweeps.
(ELECTRO 'RAMPANT' JINGLE PLAYS) SONG: Ramp it up RACHEL: Call me, please, when you get this message.
Cutting there.
Next set-up.
Did you get a hold of him? Er, I just left a message.
I can't believe this.
He's only a few minutes late.
He'll be here.
Relax? Rachel, the client's here and the talent isn't.
It makes us look incompetent.
I thought I'd smoothed things over with him.
What do you mean? I mean he doesn't like me, Rachel.
Oh He'd better not sabotage this.
That's ridiculous.
RACHEL: Here he is.
I'm sorry, everyone.
My brother wanted to come along.
Your brother? Yeah.
There was no way he was gonna miss the chance to check out the shoot.
Yeah, g'day.
I'm Alex.
Er, don't worry.
I'm not drunk.
I'm always like this.
Hey, beautiful.
Hi, Alex.
Hey! Why don't you grab a snack from the catering table? I'll see you in a minute.
Hey, I'll take care of this, OK'? Just Jake, Alex can't be here.
Why not? You know he wants to be on TV.
Because you are here to work.
The client is watching every single move.
Every second is money.
Yeah, look, he won't get in the way.
Relax, alright? He's just here to watch.
Yeah, you make sure he knows that.
He's out of the way or he's out of the studio.
He's over there.
JAKE: Alex.
Keep out of the way, OK'? Yeah, alright.
Thank you.
Your family should go away more often.
Maybe we could gently encourage them.
Well, you raise the subject and I'll second it.
Thank you for giving me a second chance.
I didn't deserve it.
Nathan, don't Listen.
Listen to me.
I mean it, Sam.
I'm gonna earn your trust back.
I'm gonna work really hard.
I'm gonna get us our dream home.
I'm gonna buy you flowers every single day.
That might put a little bit of a hole in the budget, but I don't care.
I love you.
Hey, Dad'? Mmm'? You and Chel are pretty close, aren't you? We are only good friends.
(SCOFFS) I wasn't suggesting that.
But youyou talk.
On occasion.
Does she ever talk about Dave? About wanting to spend more time with him? You've noticed that too, hey? Yeah.
Any idea why'? I mean, they've broken through the barrier.
You'd think they'd want to spend more time together.
We could always go for a walk.
Leave them alone together.
Now, that's a good idea.
Hey, um, Dave, darling, we're Chel We're gonna go for a walk.
Sounds like a plan.
Er, no of fence, mate, but you're not invited.
Strictly father-daughter stuff.
Should we pack up? Er, no, no.
Won't be long.
Ben? (LAUGHS) Down here.
What are you doing? Uh, next week's roster.
Bendo wants a night off for his dad's 50th.
(LAUGHS) A 50th! At the Boat Club! But that'snot funny, Ben.
Yeah, I know.
Are you OK'? You've got some crazy eye thing happening.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Just tired, I reckon.
RACHEL: OK, that's pretty good.
Can we just get a grass stain on his knee and maybe another one'? And also a cut above his eye.
He always gets cut above his eye.
JAKE: (LAUGHS) Nice one.
That's pretty good.
Let's just get the directors to give approval and we'll shoot.
As long as you're happy with what you're seeing, that's good.
Yeah, well, actually, there is one thing.
That QUY- Umcan you do something about him? I've no idea why he's here, but he's clearly in the way.
You read my mind.
Hey, Alex, is it? Yeah.
Er, mate, this is a closed set.
Umso it's time for you to go home.
Er, yeah.
It's OK.
My brother said that I could stay.
Umyour brother shouldn't have brought you here in the first place.
I'm sorry if I'm asking too many questions.
I'mI'm just interested.
I-I-I wanna do this for a living.
Yep, mate.
This isn't day care.
You're annoying the client and you're disturbing the crew.
I'm sorry, I It's time for you to go, mate.
Oi, oi.
What are you talking to my brother like that for'? Jake, mate Nah.
I'm not your mate.
ALEX: It's alright.
Don't worry.
Pull your head in.
I'm sorry.
Alex, I apologise.
But it's not a theme park.
It's a film set.
I'm goingmate.
What's going on? I'm sorry, Rachel, but I am done! Jake, Jake, calm down.
You signed a contract.
Whoa! Jake! GUYS, GUYS- Don't touch me.
Please don't do this.
Jake, you wanna walk off - fine.
(WHISPERS) Please don't.
But cut the outraged act.
'Cause it's macho crap.
Stop, guys.
You're jealous.
I'm what? (SCOFFS) And it's nothing to do with your halfwit brother.
(QUIETLY) Oh, alright.
RACHEL: Jake! ALEX: Jake.
Come on.
RACH EL: Suddenly it wasn't just the home planet that was out of alignment.
Jake's actions had opened up a black hole.
First aid, please.
RACHEL: It is bad enough that you turn up late to the shoot.
It is bad enough that you walk out.
It's only advertising, Rachel.
Calm down.
You had to go and hit him, didn't you? Well, did youdid you hear the way he spoke to Alex? Yes.
Yes, and it was wrong, but (SIGHS) You are so lucky he didn't call the cops.
Huh! Well, I'm not apologising, if that's what you're thinking.
What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you?! Why don't you think for a second how this might impact my reputation, Daniel's reputation? Here we go.
Poor Daniel.
(M UT-FERS) Poor Daniel.
He's right.
You're actually jealous, aren't you'? You are jealous.
Maybe I should be! Maybe I should be.
You seem so much more concerned about him than you do about me.
Yes, because I don't want him to lose his job or get back on drugs 'cause my stupid boyfriend wrecked a $100,000 film shoot.
There's an easy solution to this.
Get rid of Daniel and I'll come straight back.
Are you nuts? You think Verna's still gonna wanna use you to represent her Rampant brand - a psychopathic thug'? Psychopa'? Well, so, what are you gonna do? I'm going to replace you by tomorrow and still come in on budget.
What do you think I should do? That.
I think you should do that.
You wanna go to the pub? Let's.
Ted said you were in a band when you first met Julie.
You play anything? An instrument? (LAUGHS) No! I'm tone-deaf.
Must have got it from your father.
He liked music? He liked dancing.
And he looked like Nathan, apparently.
(CH UCKLES) He and Sammy will work things out, eh? I'm sure they will.
Grandmother's instinct? Oh, something like that.
Why do I get the feeling you know something I don't? I gave them something to help things along.
Help things along? What? Well Totally harmless.
What did you give 'em'? Oh, just something to relax them.
Make them comfortable.
You gave them drugs? Cannabis.
Medical prescription.
It's healthier than smoking it.
Better than the stuff you smoked in the band.
Dave? Who are you? What? It's totally harmless! 'Harmless'? Don't you get it'?! You've got no idea what this family's had to deal with, what Rachel went through.
Rachel? And now you're giving your grandson marijuana? It was medical prescription cannabis.
I don't care what kind it was! Don't you get it? We're not related.
We can't be.
We're from totally different planets.
Dave! No wonder you can't play music.
You're taking this really seriously.
Why would I not take it seriously?! Ben you have to be at work in 4O minutes.
It'll be fine.
I'll get there.
(GAS PS) Look at my car! It's, like, spinning all over.
I feel weird, actually.
Did he eat all the chips? MEL: Uh, yeah Carbo! Ben.
My best mate! You right? Our best man! Come here.
I love you, mate! I never tell you! I never tell you enough! Have you been drinking? Nuh.
(DOORBELL RINGS) I'll get that.
Hey, Ben.
What have you eaten today, huh? You know what? I would love some nachos.
You know the way you make them in the microwave with the melted cheese'? Nathan! Nathan! My brother! Ben.
My brother! Oh! Ooh! Oh, Ilove you.
Will you be a groomsman at our wedding? Has he been drinking? Unfortunately not.
(GIGGLES) Relax.
I'm fine.
I'm just feeling relaxed, getting in touch with things, my emotions.
I feel weird.
Ben, have you taken anything today'? Yeah.
Thank you.
I owe you.
Did you get them from my room'? Yep.
Like Mel said, very important for the big night at work.
Come on, let's play.
What are you talking about, 'vitamins'? Uh, pot.
Medical pot.
What? (CAR TYRES SQU EAL) They weren't ours.
Work? I gotta go to work.
(ALL PROTEST) Uh, no, no, mate.
No, no, no, no, no.
Sit down here.
They need me.
I'm the big boss man.
No, no, no, Ben.
You don't feel well.
You're gonna stay home tonight.
What?! I feel great! Really Relaxed? Yes! No! I don't feel I don't feel well.
Well, what do you mean, mate? You got a headache? You want some paracetamol? I don't feel good.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, mate.
Not near the PlayStation.
Ben, let's move into the kitchen.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's my husband-to-be right there.
At least it wasn't on the PlayStation.
That's good.
We might be OK.
There's this other guy that Verna wanted to use before Jake.
Um, his name's Dirk.
And? That was his agent.
They're gonna get onto him and see if he wants to come on board.
I'll let Verna know.
Hey, Rafter Your boyfriend is a certifiable nut case.
How did you expect him to react when you treated his brother that way? I was doing my job.
The client told me to tell him to jog on.
The client asked you to belittle someone with cerebral palsy.
I went overboard, but Yeah.
And that was wrong.
But you know I'm not like that.
You've had your moments.
That's the old Daniel.
I will let you know the second the agent calls back.
(SIGHS) Look, maybe we should just give her a chance to explain.
She doesn't want to explain.
She had no intention of telling me.
I found out by accident.
Nathan and Sammy mightn't have actually taken the pills.
It could be no harm done.
No harm?! You're kidding, right? It's deception, a lack of respect.
And very bad judgment, but her heart was in the right place.
Why are you defending her? She gave your son drugs.
I am not defending her.
I just think we should try and understand her reasons.
I've tried to understand.
We're just too different.
Oh, bull! You and Chel are as bad as each other.
Like it or lump it, she's your mother.
Dave, please.
Wewe can work this out.
How can we sort it out when you don't even understand what you've done? We have different opinions.
Yeah! You still think you're living on the hippie trail and I live in the real world.
Is that how you got HIV? Dave! Drugs? I don't have to explain myself to you.
Fine! There's no way we're gonna do this.
We're stuffed.
Look, it's gonna be fine.
OK'? There's still usable footage.
We've got the wide shots, the establishes, plusplus we've got Dirk on board.
That was his agent just now.
But who's gonna cover the cost of the day we lost? We've got a half-day contingency built into the budget.
It's not enough.
It is if we're clever about it.
You're amazing.
And I want you to know I was never Hey, it's I get it.
You always did.
Um, well, we'd better make a start, or we're gonna be here all night Rach Thank you.
RACH E L: And just like that, life on Planet Rachel got a whole lot more complicated.
(SAMMY AND NATHAN LAUGH) That was really mean of you, I thought.
Hugging my brother? No.
Embarrassing him like that.
Poor guy.
He spewed on the PlayStation controls.
He deserves it, the weirdo.
JULIE: Hello? BOTH: Hello? Hi! Oh! What are you doing back so early? Yeah.
We didn't think you were getting back until, umtomorrow.
TED: Uh, slight change of plans.
So how Well, howhow was it? It, uhit was great.
It was lovely.
How was your weekend? Uhhow was ourour day? It wasum Interesting but wonderful, thank you.
Did anything exciting happen? I argued with your father.
What happened? I told him I gave you the cannabis.
Ooh Oh.
We didn't take them.
Uh, where are they? We flushed them.
DAVE: Good.
I'm sorry.
It was inappropriate of me to offer them to you.
Sometimes my views don't match other people's.
I guess I won't be winning any grandmother-of-the-year awards.
Oh, no, no, Chel.
It's not a problem.
You know'? No harm done.
CHEL: Ted, can you see me out? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Bye, everybody.
Bye, Chel.
Drive safe.
Hey, hey He'll calm down.
Just give him a couple of days.
I think I'll keep my distance for a while.
I'll see him at the wedding.
But that's a month away.
You can't do that to him.
He's your son.
My son who wouldn't even look at me in the car the whole way back.
Hey, I know what you're doing, Chel.
You're trying to get in first before he rejects you.
You're running again.
That's not true.
It was never gonna be easy, Chel, and, yes, he may reject you, but this time, it's got to be his call.
It's my call if I think I'm being judged.
Excuse me.
('RAM PANT' JINGLE PLAYS) MAN: Cutting there.
Thank you.
(MUSIC STOPS) WOMAN: Standing by next to the green screen now, please.
RACH EL: For whatever reason, I really wanted Daniel to succeed, making it all the more painful to learn that goodwill only cut one way.
DANIEL: (OVER RADIO) Super professional.
I'm really glad things worked out the way they did.
VERNA: Yeah, I'm excited.
And, as I said, if I had've known Rachel was sleeping with the talent, I would 've replaced her.
I mean, it's impossible to have any kind of discipline on set when that's going on.
And when I called Jake on it, he snapped.
Well, you did very well to pull this out of the fire, Daniel.
Thank you.
Always like a challenge.
Well Youdisgust me.
Excuse me? You blamed drugs.
And that's what I always thought.
You always used drugs to excuse your behaviour.
But it was never the drugs.
It's just you.
That's who you are.
Now I know at least I can move on.
What are you doing here? I came to apologise to Daniel.
(SNIFFLES) You don't owe him any apologies.
What happened? I don't want to talk about it.
Can we just go? No.
I still have to apologise.
He's a tosser, but I shouldn't have belted him.
He was right.
I was jealous.
If you're just doing this for me, you don't have to.
I'm not just doing it for you.
I'm doing thisfor us.
Jake, him and I are Shh.
I love you.
I love you.
I don't want to lose you.
You're theyou're, like, the best thing that ever happened to me.
I don't want you thinking that I'm some psycho thug.
I don't want that.
So, uh I shouldn't have lost it.
I'm sorry.
I love you too.
SONG: Just look around Everybody's on the food chain Funny, but from day to day We get from bottom to top And if you get lost All over again Alright.
Just wait.
Just wait.
I gotta do this.
I gotta do this.
I'll be back.
We don't ever get to We don't ever get to RACHEL: Maybe not all of the planets can align all of the time.
But my personal universe was spinning in perfect hannony.