Packed to the Rafters (2008) s03e01 Episode Script

The Blank Page

(THEME MUSIC) (DOGS BARK) SONG: Her father says She has to have a name not the same as her mum's But a name just the same JULIE: Ruby.
A little ray of sunshine Oh, my gosh.
Has come into the world A little ray of sunshine In the shape of a girl We'll show her the dress That she'll wear with the gold flowing hair That nature provided A little ray of sunshine Has come into the world A little ray of sunshine JULIE: (NARRATES) When we're born, our lives are a blank page.
But no page stays blank for long.
For better or worse, life always interferes.
Look at Rachel, confronting Jake's potentially serious medical condition "Ben, happily married and looking to his future Nathan and Sammy suddenly very unsure about theirs.
But then there's Ruby - not even one day old.
Her life has barely even started.
I used to hold Nathan like this, remember? Then Ben.
Yeah, you were too scared with Rachel.
Yeah, well, first cab off the rank.
We didn't know anything.
You - now we know everything.
(LAUGHS) We're gonna show you the wonders of the world, little girl.
Yeah, just a bit sore with the stitches.
You have no idea the pain that Yeah, look, I know- a vasectomy is not childbirth.
I get it.
What's that'? Oh, it's a baby diary.
I bought it when you were downstairs.
You've just given birth and you've already found time to shop.
No, a Pink Lady came round.
I had one for all the kids, remember? Yeah, a real highlight of their 21sts.
They love it! Alright, we love it.
It's important to keep a record.
Yeah, and it's important for you to get some rest.
She'll only ever have one first day.
What are you gonna write? Don't know yet.
How could I? Who knows how any of our futures might be written? Sammy? (CHAT-FERING) Sam'? In the animal world, newborns always look like their dads so they don't start eating them.
Well, in the Rafter world it's worse, 'cause you can end up looking like Nathan.
I reckon we need some champagne to celebrate, yeah? JAKE: And some cigars.
TED: Unfortunately, all we've got is beer and pickled onions.
Oh, well, that's better than nothing.
One beer and then I'm gonna head to the hospital with a survival kit.
Some of Mum's stuff is still next door.
RACHEL: OK, cool.
BEN: I'll grab Dad's new video camera.
Is Sammy not back yet'? No.
No, she must still be at work.
I'll give her a call and let her know that we're home.
SAM MY: Nathan, I can't do this anymore.
Don't try to contact me.
There's nothing to talk about.
It's over.
BEN: OK, I've got the camera, but there's probably not much point.
Dad won't even be able to turn this thing on.
RACHEL: Yeah, not a chance.
CHEL: Well, give him some credit.
TED: Come on, there's instructions.
There's, like, five million pages.
(SINGS) On the treetop When the wind blows (RUBY FARTS) Right on cue.
Mum, Dad, I need Sorry.
I'll come back later.
No, no, no.
I'm not asleep.
Just don't ask me to move much.
What's up? I'm sorry.
I don't want to spoil this.
I just thought that you should know first.
This is from Sammy.
She's gone.
BEN: The screaming, the breathing - I'm telling you, mate, it was full-on! Yeah, you said.
Mum freaking out about Dad.
The doctor freaking about your mum.
That's right! No choice.
I just had to hold Mum's hand, talk her through the breathing thing.
In, out - just basically be there like some kind of Island of calm.
Island of calm.
I get it, mate.
Got it the first time.
Intense! If Dad had turned up one minute later, it would have been me talking Mum through the actual birth.
Mate, so count yourself lucky he did, OK'? No, it would have been sweet.
Totally aced it.
No sweat.
She's pretty cute, but.
Do you reckon she looks like Dad? Mate, all babies look like their dads.
That's what Chel said.
Yeah, because it's nature's way.
In the animal kingdom, all So the fathers don't eat them.
I know.
Why have I never heard this? She's got my eyes, don't you reckon? My eyes.
They're closed.
RACHEL: Thanks for all your help, Ben.
I am helping.
Benno reckons Ruby's got his eyes.
Oh, so I heard, repeatedly.
Hey, has anyone heard from Sammy yet'? How would I know'? Well, on a scale from 1 to 10, how weird do you reckon it is she didn't come to the hospital? Nathan said she's working.
No big deal.
Yeah, but it's Sammy.
Don't you think if she knew Mum was having a baby she'd do anything she could to be there? Rachel Rafter, queen of drama.
It's called 'caring', Ben.
So give her a call.
Gee, thanks again for the help.
Hey, you've got Dad's video camera, yeah? Could you get some close-ups of her eyes? I'm telling you - it's spooky.
We're identical! Yeah, but you've had financial problems since you got married.
Yes, we have.
So what's the difference? I won some money at the casino.
It was quite a bit of money, actually, and it was enough to pay off our debts and move out.
And? Andit just didn't seem enough.
I wanted to give her more.
So I went back to the casino and I lost.
Dad, I was just trying to give my wife the best life I could.
BY gambling'? You're not telling me anything I don't know already.
(RUBY owes) I don'tl don't know what to say.
Oh, it's alright, darling.
Mummy's here.
It's alright, sweetheart.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be interrupting this.
Does anybody else know about this? No.
Maybe there's a way back from here.
It's not the first time Sammy's done this.
It's the first time she's left letters.
It's just a piece of paper.
Dad, it's not just a piece of paper.
If there's any chance I can get her back, I'm gonna take it.
Go for it.
Hang on.
Don't you think it's best to give her some space first? Mum, I need to talk to her.
I need to see her.
I just wanted you guys to know.
That's why she didn't come to the hospital? We talked about it before I left and then when we got back, I found the note.
A note? Yeah.
That's it? She left you a note? Yeah.
She didn't have the guts to tell you to your face? Hang on.
That's Has she taken all of her clothes? Yes.
Your mum and dad know'? I just let them know.
You know what? We've got a new baby sister to celebrate.
So you guys just concentrate on Mum and Ruby and I'll deal with this, OK'? OK.
Oh, hi.
Any luck? I keep trying- I think she's blocked my number.
Could you try some of her friends? I have.
I've texted, I've left voice messages, but nothing.
Nathan, I'm so sorry.
Why'? I wish I hadn't said anything.
Oh, Chel, no, don't you dare.
It's not your fault.
You were right.
If you love someone then you tell them the truth.
Unfortunately for me, the truth was the final straw.
You do love her? Yes.
I've just gotta hope that deep down somewhere she still loves me.
It's still amazing.
And now she's here, her own little person.
I forgot this - how it feels, how little they are right at the beginning.
Before the sleepless nights and endless nappy changes.
First day at school and teenage tantrums.
Marriage breakdowns.
What do you think's gonna happen? That depends how much they love each other.
It's never been an easy run for them.
I hate to say it, but do you ever think that maybe they're just not meant to be together? Well, they're young, Jules.
They've got a lot of growing up to do.
We were younger than them when we got married.
Yes, but we were on the same page.
Always have been.
And maybe they're not.
You have no idea what's waiting for you out there in the big wide world.
Hey! Hey, Rachel! Rachel! Get Dad's camera! They're here! Rachel! RACHEL: OK, Ben, I heard you.
NATHAN: Come on, Grandad, they're home.
OK, Ruby Rafter arrives home.
Drum roll, please, Benny.
Ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da ching! That's the best you've got? Can you see a drum? She's asleep.
She's asleep.
Welcome home.
Why'd it take you so long'? Precious cargo.
Can't be too careful.
JULIE: Don't be jealous.
He was like that with all of you.
Yeah, when Rachel was born, I disinfected the car.
You shouldn't be doing any heavy lifting yet.
I know.
Neither should Dave.
Watch your stitches.
Here, Dad.
I'll get it.
Give me that.
It's all very high-tech, isn't it? Like a fighter pilot, apparently.
How are you? Any news? I've been to Trish's 1 O times but, yeah, no-one's answering.
But I'm not gonna give up.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Wa-hey! You're home.
Shh! Shut up! Ruby's asleep, Jake.
Hey, you.
How are you feeling? Yeah, fantastic.
Everything3 been great.
DAVE: Take your time.
It's a bit complicated.
Took me ages to work out how to do it.
Got it.
Oh, good.
Inside, come on.
She's so gorgeous.
Ohhh! She so takes after me.
Seeing as I basically delivered her, seems only kind of fair, don't you reckon? Aren't you lucky I was there? Ben, you breathed, you held Mum's hand - get over yourself.
I didn't see you there when the pressure was on, waters were breaking.
Did we, baby? No, we didn't.
Come on.
Get her inside out of the sun.
She's not a bucket of prawns, Dad.
RACHEL: Ben, move your fat head.
I can't see her.
Rachel, shut up! You'll wake up Ruby! Shh.
You're the one yelling.
I'm trying to concentrate.
Still fast asleep.
I haven't lost my touch.
Can I get you anything? Oooh, I'd kill for a coffee.
With real caffeine.
Can you manage to work the machine yet'? Not yet, but I'll give it a try.
Oooh, living dangerously, Dad.
Yeah, bring it on.
BEN: You see'? Just like mine! Freaky! I guess you've heard - Ben reckons her eyes are like his.
(GIGGLES) Well, she's got two.
And Rachel Rafter wasn't enough 'R's for you? Oh, darling, I'm sorry.
It just popped into my head when I saw her ruby red lips.
You weren't tempted by 'Baldy'? Or 'Shorty'? 'Chubby Rafter's got a nice ring to it.
(GIGGLES) She could be a jazz musician.
Oh, Rachel, shush.
Oh, no, no, no.
Oh, ow! You OK'? Ohhh.
No, my milk hasn't come in yet.
It doesn't stop them swelling, unfortunately.
Least you know why cows moo.
Oh, that's a lovely comparison.
Let's change the subject.
How's Jake? OK, mate.
We're a team.
What are you doing? Hey, beautiful.
No, you heard me.
What are you doing? I've got a job on.
I won't be long.
The doctor said no driving.
Teleportefls on the blink, Rach.
The doctor said a lot of things.
The fact is I'm fine.
I've gotta get on with my life.
So you're in denial.
Come on.
No, you come on! What if you have another fit? I won't.
No, Jake! You right? Yeah.
You off to the Kennedy job'? Yeah.
Well, I was.
There's a slight problem.
What's that'? Rach just reminded me that 'cause my head's still a mystery to medical science He can't drive, Dad.
Oh, yeah.
Sorry, I forgot all about that.
Are you alright to work at all? Yeah.
I'm absolutely fine.
There's nothing to worry about.
It's just I don't know how I'm gonna get to the job.
We'll sort it out no matter what.
I'll drive you.
Just give me five minutes.
I promised to send Steve some pics of Ruby, so computer pictures.
Yeah, course.
44 wouldn't.
Uhwhat about30? Or, uhmaybe 25'? Would that be'? Or just post it on Facebook.
Yeah, post it on Facebook.
I'm not on Facebook.
(LAUGHS) Right.
Come on, mate.
It's time you moved into the 21st century.
Yeah, he's got a point.
I bet you Steve's on there, Dad.
I will set it up for you.
JAKE: Once you upload the file, then you can invite your friends to check it out.
Give them a call? No, your friends on Facebook.
Like Steve.
You just import his email address.
Import his email address.
In fact, mate, just upload all your contacts.
Yeah, I'll upload all my contacts.
Invite them all to be friends.
That way they all get to see the pictures.
Maybe I could invite 'invite' all you kids to be friends.
What? OK, I'm in Bizarro World.
Why? There's some guy in here called Dave Rafter asking to be my friend.
It's your dad.
It's not my dad.
Why not'? Because my dad can barely turn on a computer.
It'd be like a monkey typing Shakespeare.
Anyone else get a request from your dad to be friends? Oh, my God.
Check yours.
I'm reading! OK, tell me your password and I'll check.
Uh, I'm not telling you my password.
I'm your husband.
Remember? We have no secrets.
You tell me your password.
You're right.
It doesn't matter.
Just nobody accept him, OK'? I accepted.
Carbo! (DOORBELL RINGS) I accept everyone! I'll get it.
See ya.
Look, you can't ignore your dad.
Watch me.
That's just mean.
If he's asked me, I'm gonna say yes.
Oi, heads up.
Dad's on a Facebook rampage.
It's you, isn't it? It's your fault! No, it was Jake too.
Rachel! No, he's just using it to upload videos of Ruby.
Don't stress.
You're all nuts.
We need to ignore him.
Put up a united front.
Ben, don't worry about Dad, OK'? Has anyone heard from Sammy? No.
Me either.
Actually, she's unfriended me.
What? Me too.
That's what I'm saying.
I just tried the same thing.
She's totally cut herself off.
Phone's dead, emails are bouncing back.
Seriously, it's not our fault she walked out.
Oh, my God.
Me too.
Totally unfriended! Well, Nathan might not blame her, but I do.
That is so bloody childish.
You don't dump family.
Apparently Sammy does.
Trish! Trish! Trish, it's me.
You know I'm here.
Come on, let me in.
Trish, I'm not gonna go away.
Trish! Sam, I'm not going away! Sam, you can't do this to me! I'm gonna stay here for ages.
I've got all day.
I'll just keep waiting.
Please let me in! Trish! Trish! Trish! Nathan, enough! Is Sammy here? Nathan, please.
Trish, is Sammy here? No, she's not.
OK, where is she, then? She doesn't want to see you.
I don't believe that.
She's gone away.
Where has she gone? I can't tell you where.
Then I'll just stay here, Trish, until you decide to tell me where she is.
Nathan, this is not mature.
Trish, you're hiding in here pretending that I don't exist and you're calling me immature? This is harassment! Just let me talk to her.
Well, go on.
Take a look! Go on.
She wouldn't have left without giving me a chance.
A chance to what? Talk? Explain? To wriggle out like her father used to'? I'm not Tony, OK, Trish? And this is not your marriage.
And don't make a bad situation worse! Worse? How could this be any worse? Because this time she's not coming back.
I don't believe that.
Oh, Nathan.
Go home.
It's over.
It's OK.
Everything3 fine.
Just rest.
JULIE: (NARRATES) My life runs to many pages but the day I met Dave, my future was pretty much mapped out.
Jake's, meanwhile, was suddenly looking a whole lot less certain.
is a burning cigarette A smoking face Upon me, me So come on Yeah, come on It's in the music Never gets you wrong So come on Yeah, come on Insist upon it Jump up upon it, yeah Thump Thump Now I see I'm starting to feel And inside my space ls a hidden place I don't wanna 'Cause I'm always waiting Thump.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Oh, no probs.
Just finished.
How'd you go? Yeah.
The client reckons he's got more work for us.
Drumming up new business, eh? Like you said, what's there to worry about? (COOS) Want me to change your nappy? Shall we'? Morning, Mrs Rafter.
Smile for the camera! You're just in time.
Wanna learn to change a nappy? Oooh, poos.
I don't think so.
No number twos.
Just number ones.
Don't worry.
Oooh, wees.
I don't think so.
I'll do it.
Oh! And I'll record it.
Like one of those 'How To' videos.
Oh, hello! Andaction! Hi.
I'm Carbo.
I'm Scorpio and I'm single.
Um, Carbo And today we're changing baby Ruby's nappy.
OK, and here we have Oh! A clean nappy.
I know.
Step one - clean nappy.
Step two Er, step one technically would be chucking out the old nappy.
Anytime you wanna take over, just jump in, mate, OK'? You're right.
The first thing we do with a clean nappy is Oh! We take that one away and then we put it under the bottom.
That's it.
Put the front and then the two tags across.
Like this? OK, that goes like that.
These go around here like a gyros! Andhey! Presto! Walla-walla-walla wincha! Hey! Good job, mate.
Thanks, mate.
Now, back in the cot.
OK, here we go.
Whoo! Don't record that part.
You really think trawling the Net's gonna find her? It's all I've got.
Her mum said she's gone.
She's gone? Yes.
What? Where? I don't know! Away from me.
I don't know.
I don't know where she's gone.
Well, what about some of Sammy's friends? Yeah? Get in their faces.
Front people.
Someone's gotta know something.
Nathan, listen - life, it's too short for this, OK'? If there's anything you can do, you've just gotta do it.
You know'? You can't know what's around the corner.
None of us can.
Rachel the philosopher.
I'm in your corner here, OK'? And if you don't do it, I will.
Yeah? What time do you call this? Thought sparkies knocked off early.
Thought graphic designers knocked off late.
Oh, touché, old man! You right there, mate? I'm gonna check on my new favourite daughter.
Oooh! Hey! Hey.
Miss me today'? Mmm.
Uh Everything OK'? I had another fit.
When? At work? Are you OK'? Yeah, yeah.
I'm fine.
What did they say at the hospital? I didn't go.
You didn't? I called the specialist.
I told him everything and I'm gonna go and see him tomorrow.
OK, but I want to come with you to the specialist tomorrow.
No, no, no.
Yes, please, Jake.
Don't be such a hero, OK'? OK.
But we're not telling anyone about this.
Alright? Yes.
OK, Jake, your scans and tests are all normal.
Ah! So it could still just be concussion from footy? Possibly.
But half of all epilepsy sufferers are idiopathic.
Idwhat'? We don't know why they get it.
Which means, I'm afraid, just while we monitor things, no driving, no rugby and avoid all dangerous work situations.
Can't you just start me on the drugs now'? (SIGHS) Sorry.
There is every possibility there won't be another episode, in which case you're most likely in the clear.
Soso what? That's it? That's it? You can't tell me anything else? Well, I'll probably never play the piano again.
Jake, this is serious.
Please! There's no damage.
There's no brain cells either but you already knew that.
Oh, this is not a joke! (SIGHS) No more fits for six months, I'm probably clear.
Pr It's OK.
I just have to wait it out.
Wh And if there is another fit, what Rach, Rach.
I'm fine.
OK'? Really.
I'm fine.
Looks like you're still driving.
Shiny objects.
Now, try not to slam it into drive this time.
Once, OK'? And I'll have you know I'm a very good driver.
And easy on the brakes.
They're sensitive.
They're not the only ones! Oh, you know, you're the first chick I've let drive the beast.
Oh, I feel honoured! Well, you should.
(LAUGHS) Especially now that I'm the passenger.
I'm gonna have to rearrange my whole technique.
Oh, if it's not too much trouble! No.
I like a challenge.
Little tip - watch the handbrake.
Ow! (LAUGHS) Handbrake? Yeah.
See you.
Bye! Monique, can you please tell me where Sammy is? I have got nothing to say to you.
Where is she? Why on earth would I tell you that'? Because we can sort this out.
Is that what you think? Yep.
This can be fixed? When this is, what, the third time she's walked? Take a hint, Nathan.
Stop wasting our time.
Listenjust stop.
OK, you're in contact with her.
Just tell her I want to talk to her.
Even if she wanted to see you, why would I'? The worst mistake Sammy ever made was marrying you on the rebound.
Yes, Nathan, on the rebound.
We all tried to tell her.
You want my advice? Let it go.
You're just embarrassing yourself.
Nathan, Nathan! Nathan, stop it! (SCREAMS) NO! HeV» heV, hey, hey.
I need to do this! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey! It's OK.
Settle down.
Settle down.
(PANTS) (KNOCK AT DOOR) Hey- Hey- There's some breakfast if you want it.
No, thanks.
Help you clean up the mess.
Mum, don't.
It's my mess.
I'll clean it up.
How is he? CARBO: (ON VIDEO) Pull this round here.
These go around here like a gyms! Andhey! Presto! Walla-walla-walla wincha! Ooh! That is so cool! Guys, I asked you to upload a clip of Ruby.
Oh, he wouldn't let me load it.
The nappy came off.
I look like an idiot.
There's plenty of other stuff.
Put that on your page.
Already done! This clip's gonna be seen by hundreds by the end of the week.
How many friends have you got? About 1,000.
Most of them are cousins.
I don't even know 985 people.
I didn't say I know 'em.
Then how can they be your friends? Don't ask.
OK, friends I'm planning to have, friends I'd like to have and friends that'd like to have me.
I've never heard anything so stupid in my life.
It's easy to make friends online.
Then why haven't you made me a friend? (PHONE RINGS) I haven't logged on for a while.
Yeah, but the plan is that you will, right? Steve, you got the photos'? Yeah, she is gorgeous.
Haven't had a gorgeous one in a while.
I'm gonna have to make him my friend, aren't I'? Yep.
Hey, Benno.
Look at this.
Sammy - she hasn't unfriended you.
I always knew me and Sammy had this special bond.
She forgot.
Nathan's gotta see this.
NATHAN: (READS) “Lovely to chat.
Look forward to seeing you when you get here.
“Nick Leigh.
" Who's Nick Leigh? Oh, the guy that offered her that job in London, right? Yes.
Hang on.
Look at her response.
I'll call you when I have some flight details.
" That was two days ago.
Sounds like she's taking it up.
What are you doing? I could be there in 24 hours.
Hey, hey.
Hold your horses! You couldn't find her in Sydney.
How the hell will you find her in London? I'll find Nick Leigh.
And then what? Think about it.
You've barely got a brass razoo.
Grandad, would you have cared about money if this was Nan? Mate, she has just travelled halfway around the world.
That is not a good sign.
I'm gonna find her, Grandad, and I'm gonna bring her back, OK'? Trish.
Ted, there's nothing I can do.
Please, Trish, just hear me out.
I'm not getting involved.
Nathan knows Sammy's gone to London and he's getting on a plane this weekend to follow her.
That's how desperate he is.
Ted, I promised I wouldn't get involved.
I'm not asking you to break any promises.
I just need to know if he's wasting his time.
Their marriage is over.
Nathan must see that.
Then let's stop a bad situation getting worse.
If there really is no hope and this is the end of the line for both of them, then Sammy has to tell him that outright.
Walla-walla-walla wincha! Ooh! (LAUGHS) I love it! Walla-walla-walla wincha! Ooh! Classic! (LAUGHS) What would you call that'? Sad, pathetic, desperate.
That'd cover it.
Walla-walla-walla wincha! Ooh! I love this! Come on, you've gotta admit this is funny! I'm laughing on the inside.
It's out of my hands now.
It's gone viral! And half of those are you! Yeah, with 1,000 Facebook friends, I'd be surprised if you weren't.
Mate, this is bigger than Facebook.
This is everywhere, spreading across the Net like a Virus, yes, you said.
YouTube sensations come and go overnight.
Whatever happened to that tragic Chk-Chk Boom girl'? I've heard she's doing pretty well for herself, actually.
Walla-walla-walla wincha! I love it! Whoo! Walla-walla-walla wincha! Going somewhere? Don't try and talk me out of it.
I've booked a ticket for Sunday.
Wouldn't dream of it.
There's someone here who wants a cuddle.
Hasn't had one from her big brother yet.
Did Ruby tell you that, did she? Oh, mothers can sense these things.
Oh, my goodness.
There you go, sweetie.
Oh! Oh, she's so light! Oh, she's beautiful! Yeah, of course she is.
Comes from good stock.
Look at her little fingers.
She'll miss you when you go.
You know, I kinda wish I was her sometimes, Mum.
Life's so simple - you just sleep and eat and (RUBY VOMITS) on! And vomit.
Oh! Oh! Oh, sorry, darling.
That's actually posset.
It's good luck! What? For who? The drycleaner? Shh! (CHUCKLES) (DOORBELL RINGS) Oh, OK, you take the puker.
I'll get the door.
She's not a puker.
She is a puker.
Ted told me you're planning on heading to London.
If that's where she is, that's where I'm going.
You're wasting your time and money.
That's my decision.
She won't see you, Nathan.
She might change her mind.
She won't.
You know her.
She won't.
It really is over.
You have to accept that.
She left these behind.
I'm so sorry.
Aren't you that YouTube bloke? Wear-wear, whingey? Nah, mate, it's walla-walla-walla wincha! Yeah, that's it.
Good one, legend.
Hey, thanks, mate.
(CHUCKLES) JULIE: (NARRATES) OK, when the pages of life's diary start filling up with the really tough stuff sometimes the only way to fix things is to turn the page over and start again.
NATHAN: Are you sure it's OK'? I might have two sisters, butI've only got one brother.
What'll Mel say? Oh, come on, it's Mel.
She'll be OK, dude.
Really? 'Cause I understand it's a big ask.
It's huge.
But it's not that big.
I just got recognised again! What? Yeah, by a bloke - reckons I'm a deadset legend.
You're kidding.
Mate, if this doesn't mean I've gone viral, nothing does.
I'm gonna go see how many hits I've had.
Walla-walla wincha! He won't even notice.
Nathan? I'm sorry, Mum.
Did I wake Ruby up'? I was trying to be quiet.
Uhwell, yeah, but what are you doing? This was always the baby's room.
It's your room.
Mum, I'm not the baby anymore.
It's time to move on.
It's time for a fresh start.
Oh, and I'm gonna sell my car too.
I'm just gonna buy some bomb.
Who needs it? Nathan.
Before you say anything, I'm justI'm not going far.
I'm just moving in next door.
With Ben'? This is Ruby's room now.
Or at least, it will be, with a change of colour and new furniture.
You don't have to do this.
Yes, I do.
At least one good thing comes out of this whole mess.
Oh, look, we can hug it out, but don'tplease, no tears.
I won't.
DAVE: Sure you got everything'? Uh, yeah, I think so.
And, well, I'll come back tomorrow to finish that off.
I won't put Ruby in there for a few days because Ah, yes.
The fumes probably aren't good for my little sister.
Probably not.
Probably not.
Well, I guess it's time to make that long journey.
Honey, if you change your mind I won't.
Mum, there's too many memories in that room.
Oh, it's a good thing.
Mum, it's a good thing! Oh, I'm sorry.
Come here.
(WHISPERS) Almost.
Mum, I still work here.
I'll see you every day.
I love you.
I love you guys too.
Here we go.
Two down, two to go.
Oh! CARBO AND BEN: Here he is! Welcome! Walla-walla-walla, wincha! Ooh-whoo! You'll get used to that, unfortunately.
OK, thank you.
Um, look, guys, I just wanna say that I really appreciate this.
How about we make it official by cracking a few cold ones? Perfect! I'll make some nachos.
Yeah, great.
I'm just gonna go and unpack my bags.
Do you need a hand with that'? No, I'm OK.
I'll be down in a sec.
I put some lovely natives in there for you, mate.
You know, not too girly.
Very butch, very masculine.
You're talking flowers, yeah? Oh, yeah.
Thankyou, Carbo, and thank you, guys.
Ow! You've done the right thing.
I know.
it's just it feels so strange without them.
(SIGHS) He really didn't say anything? Darling, I know things are tough right now, but you will get through this.
I mean, this is your chance for a future.
You're right.
So how about a toast? Hear, hear.
To life without Nathan.
To a new life, whatever it may bring.
(GLASSES CLINK) BEN: Put it away, Nath.
I'm coming in.
Mel's nachos are ready, so expect a lot of washing up, but not much taste.
What's that'? It's the diary Mum kept when I was a baby.
I found it when I was packing up my room.
Oh, the ones they read out at all our 21sts? Yours was really bad! Yeah.
I guess it was.
Yeah, the beers are getting warm.
I'll be down in a sec, mate.
Oh, Nathan's done such a beautiful job.
He's gonna be OK, Jules.
Yeah, I know.
(SIGHS) You OK'? Yeah, for someone with flaming melon syndrome.
You could make a fortune as a Dolly Parton impersonator.
thanks for the support.
That's what Dolly says at the bra shop.
(LAUGHS) Oh, that is so not funny.
Is that (GASPS) Oh, the milk's come in! Well, what do we do now'? Get Ruby.
She's asleep.
Well, wake her up.
You can't wake a sleeping baby.
Wake her up or I'll explode.
J U LI E: “My darling, beautiful Nathan, “you are such a welcome addition to our family.
“The world is yours, my baby boy - “a blank page ready for whatever you want to write on it.
“I hope it will always be filled with as much love and joy “that I feel as I hold you now and will feel for you always.