Packed to the Rafters (2008) s03e12 Episode Script

Moments of Truth

NATHAN: (NARRATES) This was it - the moment of truth.
No going back now.
Cold, Nathan? Um, a little bit.
Well, we can't have that.
SONG: What a beautiful day It's been warmed.
Won't be long.
And to think only a few days ago, I really had been.
So where do I sign? MAN: Hang on! Until the surgeon has visually inspected your kidney Michael, you worry too much, OK'? Where do I sign? Down the bottom.
Bring it on! I have to be absolutely sure that you're aware of the risks.
What's that old Turkish saying - “He who wants a kiss does not ask, 'Where's the cheek?“ Meaning? I don't know.
Just thought I'd lighten the mood.
Michael, I'm not afraid of death anymore.
But since I met my family, I really love life.
I'm fully aware of all the risks.
Bring it on.
(SIGHS) How did you go? I signed.
Oh, Chel, fantastic! Oh, my goodness, I wish we were going in there and doing it now.
Monday will come soon enough.
Yeah, I guess.
What do you wanna do now'? Want me to take you to Mum and Dad's? No.
Can you drop me at home? There are some things I want to do.
Yeah, sure.
ls there anything I can help with? No, I'm going to write some letters.
Some letters? Chel, that doesn't sound too positive.
Depends on the letter.
It's a cleansing ritual.
My new life starts on Monday.
There's bits of my old life that I still have to lay to rest.
Like Tom? Yeah, like Tom.
BEN: So, uh, let me get this straight.
Solar panel girl Her name's Amy.
OK, Amy doesn't drink, correct? Of course she drinks.
What is she, a koala? Doesn't drink alcohol.
She's very responsible and I've always got a designated driver.
Doesn't eat red meat? (GASPS) For real? Lots of hot chicks are vegos - it's super healthy.
As long as she's getting enough iron.
Not yet she's not.
Oh, Ben! And she's saving up to buy a hybrid? You're right! You two are the perfect match.
Joke if you like, but relationships are about compromise.
Look at you two.
What? Everything Mel has to put up with.
What? He's got a point.
Anyway, we're going out again tomorrow.
And it sounds so hot.
We're going twitching.
Twitching? Do you know what twitching is? Nup! (DOOR OPENS) Do you? Yeah.
BEN: Hey, how'd you go? All systems go.
That's fantastic! Thank you very much.
What's in the bag'? Oh, um I'm just going to write some letters.
Letters? To who? Family and friends.
There's a few things I want to say.
I'll see you in a bit.
Oh, hey.
This isn't some sort of last will and testament thing, is it? No! God, no.
Oh, good, 'cause I thought maybe the hospital put their wind up you or something.
No, Ben, I'm fine.
Chel gave me the idea, that's all.
So it's, er It's just something I want to do.
Saying some things I haven't gotten around to saying.
Like? I don't know! I haven't written yours yet.
(LAUGHS) 'Cause you know whatever it is, you can say it to my face.
Like, it couldn't be any worse than what we already say to each other.
No, Ben, it's just something I want to do.
It'll feel good.
It'll be like a ritual.
A what? A ritual.
I'll leave you to it.
TED: A ritual? A ritual is when you tie a virgin to a stone altar and cut her heart out.
That is a ritual.
Exactly! Ben, you're not made of glass.
Oh, sorry.
So what do you reckon? I reckon I love time off in between jobs.
I love daytime TV.
My last word, considering what's ahead of them, I reckon Nathan and Chel should be allowed to indulge themselves a little bit.
And I don't know how you can watch that stuff! Do you reckon I need a Cardio Twister? Yes, you do.
But don't you think it's just a little bit weird? Oh, if he wants to write letters, let him write letters.
Get over yourself.
I am over myself! Why don't you move over? Hello, sweetheart! Oh, sweethearts.
Hi! How was mother's group'? Oh, always reassuring to know you're not the only one making mistakes.
Rachel, you're still in your pyjamas.
Technically, they're old trackie daks.
Yeah, technically, you're supposed to be picking Jake up in 15 minutes.
I forgot.
Ben distracted me.
Didn't! Yes, you did.
Didn't! Did! Children! Oh, hey, and we're having a lunch for Chel and Nathan here on Sunday.
Well, Chel goes into hospital that afternoon, so you've been warned - I want you all here.
I'm going to take Nathan for a run to keep his mind off it.
Everything will be fine, alright? Yeah.
Hey, Natho? Yeah.
Your dad's downstairs.
Said you were going for a run.
Oh, yeah, right.
How's the letter-writing going'? Yeah, good.
Got a few done already, hey? Mm-hm.
For friends and family.
Hey, what do you know about twitching? Um, isn't that when your eye muscle spasms'? Yeah, that's what I got too.
Really? Hmm.
I never noticed that.
Oh, no, no -when I did a search.
Oh! Right.
Half a million hits on muscle spasms, which can't be what Amy has in mind - can it? I don't know.
Just go with the flow, enjoy the surprise.
Mmm, yeah, good idea.
You know, I love surprises - in all shapes and sizes.
Don't we all? See you, man.
See you.
Family and friends, he said - family and friends.
Well, what am I - chopped sikotakia'? Well, was there one there for me? Of course there was.
What did it say? It was sealed.
What could he have to say to me he can't say to my face? I dunno, but if Nathan wants to write some letters and put his affairs in order, then we should respect that.
Yeah, I do but it's a really safe operation.
They do them all the time.
It's a big operation.
There are always risks.
Yeah, but there are risks doing everything - riding a bike, crossing the road, jumping in a swimming pool Using a fork to get bread that's stuck in the toaster.
I almost electrocuted myself once.
Good run'? Yeah, fantastic run.
Ooh, is that sushi? Yummy.
Well, it's your favourite.
Actually, I hope there's enough.
More than enough.
I'm ordering a pizza - something that's actually cooked.
Hey, Natho? Yeah? I was thinking, I'm off tomorrow, so how about we go fishing? Oh, wow, I can't remember the last time we went fishing.
All the more reason to go.
What do you say? It's no worries, I can get a boat from the club.
Um, I'd love to Good.
I'll call Derek.
but I can't.
Sorry, I thought I'd go and see Tom tomorrow.
I'm having this mental block trying to write his letter.
I thought seeing him might help.
Yeah, no worries.
So why don't I come with you? 'Cause I want to meet our new grandad too.
Uhl sort of need this to be a one-on-one this time.
Yeah, no worries.
Anyway, I'm going to hit the shower.
That sushi looks fantastic, Mel.
What time is she picking you up? About now.
Early date.
It's twitching, mate.
You have to make an early start.
You still don't know what it is, do you? Yeah, of course I do.
It's, umit's a lot of fun.
A little bit geeky, maybe? It's birdwatching.
What? What? Birdwatching.
What? Perving on chicks? No - real, feathered, beaked, nest-building, birdwatching.
(LAUGHS) No, it's not! Trust me, my uncle was a twitcher.
They're nuts.
Yeah, right! Don't say I didn't warn you.
OK, I'm off! Hey, do you want some breakfast? Toast is made.
Oh, no, I'll grab something on the way.
I want to beat the traffic.
Ben, I'm sorry if I upset you last night.
You didn't upset me.
Fishing sometime would be awesome.
I need to do this by myself.
I understand.
Hey, drive carefully, yeah? See you soon.
See you.
CARBO: See you, Natho.
NATHAN: See you.
(SHUTS DOOR) Feathers and beaks - are you sure? I'm sure.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Twitching time.
How bad can it be'? Oh, Nathan.
Hey, Tom.
So, umyou're on your own, then? Yeah.
So, to what do I owe the pleasure? Well, uml tried to write you a letter but I got stuck.
(SCOFFS) I was never much for letter-writing myself.
Oh, no, it's not that, I just I didn't want it to sound phoney.
Phoney? You hittin' on me for money, Nathan? No! 'Cause I tell you, you're barking up the wrong tree there, mate.
No, it's not about money.
I guess, basically I just wanted you to know that I'm glad that I got to meet you.
And? And No, simple as that, really.
We're strangers, but we're family, and I've come to appreciate family a lot lately.
You're my grandad and that means something to me.
Sorry, that sounds really weird.
No, no, no, no, no, mate, I just, um, I wasn't expecting that.
You know, my brother, Ben, wants to get to know you as well.
Brother? Coby only told me about a sister.
Oh, no, two sisters.
You've got Ruby, who's the youngest, she's six months, and Rachel's the eldest.
Same mum'? Yeah.
Bet Ruby was a bit of a surprise.
Oh, yeah, she was, definitely.
Strike me - four new grandkids.
Well, I'd love to meet all of you one day but judging by the look on your dad's face when you left here, I'm guessing that's not gonna happen.
In fact, I didn't think I'd see either of you again.
So, did your dad tell his mum'? What? That you didn't remember her? That there were lots of girls, that you were just out to have fun'? It sounds a bit rough when you put it like that.
Well, it probably sounded worse when you told her.
Yeah, I'll bet.
But look at it from my point of view - I was young and stupid.
Anyway, it was 4O years ago.
I can't remember what I did She thought you were the love of her life, Tom.
Yeah, yeah, I know that now.
I didn't then.
OK, so, Amy's not the one.
What happened? Oh, Mel was right - twitching is birdwatching.
The feathered kind.
In teams! Ooh.
So I suggested we go to the pub.
And'? Oh, no, we couldn't - we still had to spot a hoary-headed grebe, a short-tailed shearvvater and a red-necked stint.
As you do.
Three hours, mate - my patience was wearing thin.
Well, you're only human.
And I was starving, so I snapped.
I said the only bird I was interested in was a roast chook.
And? And deal breaker.
(LAUGHS) Wasn't even going to drive me home.
You are kidding! I'm sorry, mate.
That's alright, mate - plenty more birds in the forest.
Well, I suppose I better get going.
What's your hurry'? Chef's doing macaroni and cheese.
A bit later, some of the boys are having a game of poker.
Are they? Right.
Umthank you, but I think I'm going to pass.
No, well, see, in that way, we're different.
I could never say no to a hand of poker, let alone macaroni and cheese.
Take care of yourself, Tom.
Yeah, you too, mate.
You reckon you'll be back? Yeah, probably.
I'd like that.
Anyway- Gee, you know, a memory's a funny thing.
It's sort of like a room full of locked doors.
You just need the right key.
That dance - that was in Cobar, wasn't it? Nice try.
What, it wasn't'? Yes, but I'm pretty sure Dad mentioned that.
Did he? Oh, maybe he did, maybe he didn't.
Maybe it's coming back in dribs and drabs, so you sit down.
No, Tom, Tom - you can't play with people's emotions.
I wouldn't dream of it.
Besides, your gran's been through far too much.
Yeah, she really has, OK'? See you.
Hey, you tell her I want to see her.
Well, that's her call but I don't think she And ask her about a Beatles song.
The Beatles? That night in Cobar, we danced to a Beatles song.
NATHAN: Was he telling me the truth or was he being the consummate conman, just telling me what! wanted to hear? And I tell you, we tore up the floor.
All eyes were on us, I remember that.
Tom, I gotta I'm not saying it's not fuzzy, but maybe if I saw her face, it'll all come flooding back - every little detail.
What have we got to lose? You ask her for me, Nathan.
Please? And I believed him.
In that moment, I believed he was telling the truth.
Hey, I thought we'd have a lunch here tomorrow for you and Nathan before you head to the hospital.
Yeah, just something casual.
Sounds good.
Oh, look, the bar's open.
White wine'? Just a small one.
What about you, Chel? Water? Yeah, thanks.
Hey, everybody.
What happened to you today? I thought you were gonna be with me.
Yeah, sorry about that.
I went and saw Tom.
Tom? Mmm.
Thought you'd wait till after the operation.
I know I said that, but there were a couple of things I needed to say and things I needed to ask him, so Like what? How to flog a stolen car? Dave! I don't see the point, Jules, going there and now upsetting Chel.
He's not, I'm not.
What did you talk about? He said he remembered something about the dance in Cobar.
CHEL: Really? NATHAN: Yeah.
He said you danced to a Beatles song and that you “tore up the floor" - his words.
Did he say which song? No.
Well, hang on, justjust think about it for a second.
It was the early '60s, right? Surely, every dance was wall-to-wall Beatles numbers.
Do you think he really remembered? He sounded convincing.
Well, of course he sounded convincing - he's a conman! Look, you can see whoever you like but this is really lousy timing for Chel.
Yeah, sorry.
Yes, bad idea.
Nathan Let's just forget it ever happened, alright? No, no, no, let's not.
Chel! Nathan! Oh, Chel, I'm sorry.
That was stupid.
No, thank you.
Thank you.
A little bit of emotional upheaval makes life more interesting, I reckon.
UhI'm not sure about that, but OK.
Chel, I tried to write some letters too but when it came to Tom, I got stumped.
That's why I went to see him.
I struggled with that letter too.
I don't wanna give you false hope.
You're not.
Even if he did make it up about the Beatles song, at least he cared enough to lie.
(LAUGHS) The week's hard enough as it is without Chel upsetting herself over ancient history.
Oh, she seemed to cope with the news.
She actually looked Hopeful? Yeah, that's the trouble.
She doesn't need it.
She just needs him out of her life.
Well, you can't blame her for wishing it was true.
She looked tired tonight.
Well, she's got a lot on her mind.
She needs to focus on being strong for the operation.
She can't die, Jules.
Got some flowers for you, mate.
Oh, my God! They are so beautiful! Yeah, thanks, mate, but they're not from me, they're from Jesse! It's our anniversary.
Yeah, Jesse, right.
My boyfriend.
Oh, 12 weeks, and they said it would never last.
He's the one, hey? He is definitely the one.
Thank you! Um, congratulations.
(CAR HORN BLARES) MAN: Filthy poofters! You morons! Cretins, losers! Don't worry about them.
So far in the closet they've found Narnia.
Uh, no of fence, mate, but they didn't seem gay.
Everyone's a little bit gay.
Some just more obvious than others, right? I told him, “Not even a bit.
" Straight as they come, straighter than straight.
Yeah, yeah, we get it.
Karandonises are lovers of women, conquerors of skirt.
Are you counting your mum in that'? Hetero-hero stud muffin.
What part of “we get it” don't you get? He's just a bit nervous.
I'm not nervous.
Look, I'm comfortable with my sexuality.
But, well, what do you guys reckon? What, that everyone's a little gay? Yeah.
Well, there is this nurse in oncology who's pretty hot.
Really? Melissa, this is serious.
Can you not disrespect my fantasies like that'? What's the big deal anyway'? Some people are just born gay.
Some people achieve gayness.
And some people have gayness thrust upon them.
Hey, Benno.
What does this guy do for a crust anyway'? Alan? He's a hairdresser.
Hairdresser and a florist - perfect match.
Ha, ha, very funny.
Yeah, big mistake expecting a serious answer from you blokes.
Carbo, what does it matter? It doesn't.
I was just curious, that's all.
Bi-curious'? Curious, curious.
I've got to go back to work.
Hey, come here, come here.
Group hug, group hug.
Oh - please tell me that's your hand, Mel.
You don't have to see him, you could wait outside.
It's not that.
It's justwhy the change of heart'? I thought I could put it in writing but I need to see him.
I understand.
I do.
Me too, if it's any help.
We're gonna Julie's organised a big lunch today.
Don't let that stop you.
We've got time if you drive me and we leave now.
Look, I know you want closure but honestly, are you prepared for disappointment? Heartache, even? All that.
It's something I have to do.
OK, let's go.
I'll call you on our way home.
Mm, good luck.
She's made a real effort - the hair, the make-up.
Well, last time she saw him, she was just a girl.
Well, people can say they're prepared for heartache.
In my experience, they rarely are.
Well, let's hope she doesn't need to be.
(DOOR SHUTS) Rachel? It is Rachel, isn't it? Yes.
Um, my friends always call me Chel.
Well, then, that's what I'll call you too.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
It really is you.
Afraid so.
I'm amazed you can recognise me.
So, um, Nathan gave you my message? You remember that night? Bits of it.
I suppose for you it's It's as clear as yesterday.
Never thought I would leave such a lasting impression.
Yeah, well, a baby leaves a fairly lasting impression.
This is me um, taken back then, about a year after Dave was born.
Wow, you were beautiful.
I was.
Oh, no, no, I didn't mean that Anything? Well, like I said to Nathan, it's just flashes.
So did you drive up? Dave drove me.
Oh, and he's'? He's waiting outside.
Right, well, fair enough.
Gee, Nathan is an intense young fellow, isn't he? He reminds me of you a lot.
What, a good dancer? Why don't you tell me some of the things you remember? The flashes, anything.
OK, uh Well, I had my dad's Holden, the old EK, 'cause I nicked that to go rouseabouting.
Yeah, you did.
Do you remember the cold? Do I'? Freeze the udders off a bull, it would.
I gave you my coat to keep you warm.
What? I'm sure I did, didn't I'? It wasn't cold, it was stinking hot.
And then a storm came through, it pelted down.
Must be thinking of a different dance.
I'd rather you didn't lie to me.
It's just that you seemed to want it so bad.
I did.
Oh, Chel, don't go.
I'm sorry.
Oh, that's OK, it's OK.
Lemons, lemons.
Lemon-scented gums, that's what they're called, aren't they? There was a strong smell of lemons after the rain.
I'm not making it up.
There were trees outside the shed where we took cover.
And you were wearing a red dress.
Blue skirt.
I'm sure you With a red top.
Ah, how about that'? And the Beatles song? Love Me Do.
Hello, sleeping beauty.
Finally decided to join us.
Yeah, I didn't drift off until after 3:00 last night.
I just couldn't switch my brain off.
Well, you better get a move on, 'cause lunch is in an hour.
Oh, right.
Ben, can I ask you a favour'? Sure.
I'm going to leave these letters on my bedside table.
If anything should happen tomorrow What is the big deal with the letters? I don't want to hear about them, OK'? Ben! Forget I asked.
What? What do you expect him to do? Treat tomorrow like it's a day at the cricket? Don't be ridiculous.
He's putting his affairs in order.
It's a sensible thing to do.
He's not going to die, OK'? That's what you're afraid of, isn't it? What? That's why you're being so hostile.
You're afraid he might die.
You are.
Admit it, you are.
He's my little brother.
Hmm'? Oh.
I'm sorry.
That's OK.
That's OK.
I need to spit.
Huh? I need to spit right now.
(SPITS) Hey, who'd like some pie? Oh, looks just like a bought one.
It is a bought one.
Hey, what flavour is it? Oh, don't say steak and kidney! It's vegan and gluten free.
And I didn't pick it.
What a waste of a pie.
NATHAN: I'll have a slice.
CHEL: Me too.
Hey! How did it go? Good.
Well worth the trip.
What's that'? Is it steak and kidney? (LAUGHS) Oh, it's funny when she says it.
Snags will be ready in two secs, Dave.
Taken my job, have you? No.
No, that's alright.
Carry on.
Well worth it'? Is that all I'm going to get? Tom remembered.
You sure? I finally feel at peace.
That's the best I can describe it.
Chel, that's fantastic.
That's great.
Um, excuse me, all.
Steaks will be ready soon - rare, medium and burnt.
Uh, but before we get to that, I'd just like - don't worry, I'm not going to say a speech - but I would just like to say how much I love my mum and my son and how proud we all are of Nathan for giving this amazing gift to Chel.
We know it's going to go well tomorrow and all these nerves are for nothing, so I'd just like to, um, grab this one here, I'd like to make a toast to Nathan and Chel.
ALL: To Nathan and Chel! RACHEL: Yay! NATHAN: Let's eat.
It's time.
Already? Yeah.
I have to be at the hospital in half an hour.
Thank you for a lovely lunch.
Don't be nervous.
Can't help it.
Well, fake it for my sake.
I'll get my KEYS- Oh, no, you've driven enough today.
I'll get a cab.
Mum, I'm driving you, no argument.
Look after these for me.
Nothing's going to go wrong.
Well, no, but just in case.
There's one for each of you.
Alright, but you'll be getting them back, unopened.
SONG: What a beautiful day What a lonely, cold night J" Ooh Oh, what a beautiful day Yes, now I'm on my way See a full-flowing fountain Ready? I think so.
RACHEL: Good luck.
Better get going.
I'll take that.
Oh, I can grab that.
We'll see you in recovery, yeah? Say bye, Ruby.
Bye, Ruby.
(CRIES) “Bye-bye, Nathan.
" “Oh, don't go.
" Piece of cake, hey, mate? DAVE: OK.
Let's go with the Kidney Express.
What a beautiful day Vlflwat a beautiful, what a beautiful day.
You're looking good.
I just had my last dialysis ever.
Where's Julie and Dave? Oh, they sent them outside while they prepped me but they should be back soon.
Your room's smaller than mine.
Really? Mm-hm.
Did you book the executive suite? No, I booked the deluxe.
Really? Big mistake.
Executive has a spa.
Oh, there you are.
Went to your room and you were gone.
Jules thought you'd gone AWOL.
Oh, no, no chance.
That nurse on the desk is a good sort.
Dad! I always had this thing for nurses.
Not the time, Dad.
Want me to put in a word for you? If I was 2O years younger.
You'd still be married to Mum! Excuse me, everyone.
Sorry to interrupt.
That's OK.
Have you met my grandad, Ted? Hi Uh, Nathan? Cheeky bugger.
It's time.
OK, ready to do this.
OK, well We'll be here when you wake up.
Yeah, you better be.
I'll see you on the other side.
You know what I mean.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Well, it's a Rafter kidney, it's going to be perfect.
Here we go.
SONG: Your warm whispers It should help, it's been warmed.
Won't be long.
Nathan, I'm Dr Spence, your anaesthetist.
How are you feeling? A bit nervous? Uh, a little bit.
It's only natural.
If it's any consolation, I'm not nervous at all.
We don't expect any problems.
Now, I'm going to give you a premed, which will help you relax.
Then we'll take you into theatre, OK'? OK.
NATHAN: There it was.
I could taste the fear.
SONG: Your warm whispers Letting me drown in a pool of you Your warm whispers It's time to take you downstairs, Chel.
Whatever happens It'll be fine, it'll be fine.
We'll be there when you wake up.
That'll take hours, don't wait.
NURSE: Excuse me.
I'll see you when I wake up.
Good luck.
Good luck, mate.
(WHISPERS) You're not the only one with a thing for nurses.
NATHAN: It's amazing the difference a little premed can make.
Feeling a bit more relaxed? Um, yeah.
Can I get some of that stuff to take home? This is a pretty wonderful thing you're doing.
My grandmother's a pretty wonderful lady.
Still, it takes a lot of guts.
Some guts and two healthy kidneys.
They're ready for us, Doctor.
OK, here we go.
It'll be fine.
NATHAN: In that instant, life had never felt more precious or more fragile.
My moment of truth had arrived.
SONG: Yeah, I'm weeping Hello, sweetheart.
Welcome back.
It's OK.
It all went well.
Turned out you had a beautiful kidney.
(GROANS) Oh, yeah, you're in pain.
The nurse said to push this if it hurts - it's morphine.
Yeah, they said you might be a little bit sore.
How's Chel? She's still in theatre.
No news yet.
Early days, mate.
Nathan? Yeah, come in, he's awake.
Hey, how was the little one? Oh, she was perfect.
She's just sleeping.
(SIGHS) He still looks so pale.
Yeah, he's still in pain.
You're a hero, bro.
These are from Carbo.
Not in a gay way.
Uh, it's a long story.
And look, if you get bored --You can play Operation! Oh, yeah! Since when did you become the comedian of the family? I've always been the funny one.
No, you haven't.
Well, yes, I have.
I have! N't.
Guys, guys! (JULIE CHUCKLES) RACHEL: Such an idiot.
(CLEARS THROAT) Thank you.
Put that back.
Yeah, hey, Troy, yeah, just made my last delivery.
Yeah, OK, I'll see you tomorrow too.
Look who's here.
The filthy poofter! Oh, get a life, guys.
What'd you say, poofter'? Hey, look, I don't want any trouble, alright? (GROANS) Rape, rape! Shut up, you stupid bitch! Nobody's touching you! Rape! Call the police! Hey, leave him! (GROANS) Oh, my God! Are you OK'? Oh, yeah.
Are you a nurse? Oh, God, no.
You must be an angel.
You sure you're seeing straight? I'm fine! You saved me.
I think you should go to the hospital and get checked out.
Sometimes these things can have a delayed effect.
No need.
I'm OK.
You sure? Positive.
OK, well, I've got to fly but at least make sure you call the police.
I mean, those hoons need to be locked up before they kill someone.
I will.
And here.
Tell them I am happy to be a witness.
And, um, call me tomorrow.
I wanna make sure you're OK.
Erin Moore? Promise me you'll call.
I'll call.
OK, well, take care.
Erin Moore.
The girl I'm going to marry.
SONG: You can never know what it is You can only go where we're meant to go You were meant to help us along (BUZZES) Rachel! Been four hours.
Shh! We should've heard by now.
No, well, they said it might take this long.
Yeah, at the most.
Must've been a complication.
It's driving me nuts.
I'll come with you.
What are you eating? Want one? No, he does not want one! How are you feeling? Uma bit stiff, a bit sore.
I'm hungry.
Uh, no! Darling, it's good that you're hungry.
But the doctor said only fluids for now, OK'? Met him on his way in.
Oh, Michael, hi.
How's Chel? Out of surgery, all went well.
Oh, thank God.
DAVE: Yeah, when can we see her? Well, not tonight.
She's still in recovery.
The plan is to move her down to the high dependency unit by morning.
They'll be monitoring her pretty closely for the next few days.
Right, I said I'd be there when she woke up.
And you can be.
They'll keep her asleep until after she's transferred.
So we can come back first thing? All being good.
But right now I think Nathan needs his rest and I'd suggest that you all do too.
DAVE: Yeah, fair enough.
Right, any other questions, don't hesitate to call, alright? Thank you.
DAVE: See ya, mate.
See ya.
Can you do us a favour and get rid of those letters? I knew you wouldn't need them.
JULIE: Is it possible to be exhausted and elated all at the same time? RACHEL: I thought that was childbirth.
Oh, something here.
Oh, flowers.
From Carbo? No, they're from Tom.
Tom? Yeah, your grandfather.
Oh, one for Nathan and one for Chel.
Do you think they're stolen? Rachel! Maybe he busted out.
Enough, you two.
I think it's a lovely gesture, don't you? Yeah, yeah, we should put them in water for tomorrow.
Alright, see you guys in the morning.
Oh, I'm gonna come with you.
'Night! OK.
BEN: Hey.
Rachel, where are you going'? Nowhere.
What are you doing? Nothing.
Oh, don't pretend you're not gonna read them! I am not going to read them.
Well, I am.
No, you're not.
Rachel! Rachel, stop it.
Oh, my God.
You have to read yours.
No! No, this is really sweet.
You have to read yours, Ben.
There's nothing to be worried about.
I'm not worried, it's just it's just a betrayal! Oh, it's just a letter! Well, I'm burning the lot! No, you won't! You're gonna read yours, 'cause you won't I promise you, I won't read it! You will! Bring back evil Ben! He was heaps more fun! Hey.
How's Nath and Chel? It went very well.
So far, so good.
That's great.
Are you OK'? What happened to you? I'm fine.
I just met the girl I'm gonna marry.
You were gay bashed'? That's not the point! Mate, did you go to the cops? Yeah, and to the hospital.
Ah, no and negative.
Carbo! It's nothing, I'm fine.
Any headaches, nausea, any vomiting'? I'm fine.
if they hadn't had that lucky punch, I would've taken them both apart.
Mate, you've gotta go to the cops.
And have them make fun of me too? No way.
Anyway, that's not the point.
What do you mean “that's not the point"? The point is, I met Erin.
What a beautiful name.
Who's Erin'? Aphrodite.
Erin Aphrodite? No, just Erin.
Who's Aphrodite? Goddess of love.
I'm lost.
I really think you should go to the hospital.
Erin saved me.
What, from two gay bashers? Did she kick arse? Better.
Mate, she yelled and they bolted.
It was awesome! And she said I should call her.
You reckon it's too soon? No, go for it.
But she said to call her tomorrow.
Mate, do it.
I will.
(DIALS NUMBER) Hi, Erin'? Yeah, it's Carbo.
You know, you met me today? The one you saved? Carbo, hi! How are you? Are the police on the case? Uh, yeah, and I'm fine.
But, look, hey, Erin, look, I wanted to uh, you know, just say thank you.
You know, can I buy you a drink or send you some flowers? Aw! Well, a drink would be nice.
Would it? How about Friday night? Sounds great.
It does'? Yeah! Hey, Carbo, look, I don't mean to pry or anything, but, um, are you seeing anyone? I mean, are you involved? No, no, I'm not involved at all.
You know, I'm footloose and fancy free.
Just waiting for the one.
That's great.
OK, well, I'll sort out the details and then I'll give you a call, yeah? OK, bye.
She wanted to know if I was involved.
Mate, you are in like Flynn.
OK, he's totally cute, completely unattached - you two are gonna be perfect for each other.
Is there any news on Chel? Yeah, apparently she had a really good night.
Mum and Dad are with her now.
And there's no sign of any complications.
That's good.
But I'm still a lady of leisure till my new job starts, so here I am.
And these are from Tom.
Really? They were waiting at the front door when we got home last night.
And this is from me.
Forgotten about that.
You read my letter.
Yeah, it was really sweet.
Full of little memories.
Made me laugh and cry.
I'm sorry I buried your favourite dinosaur.
Well, I did cut off your Barbie's hair.
Yeah, you did.
(CHUCKLES) I told Ben to get rid of the letters - what happened? What, he started handing them around? Oh, no, I just beat him to it.
Ben was appalled.
Of course, no-one else got to read theirs.
So'? So they all got destroyed.
Which, personally, I think is a tragedy.
Especially if they were all like mine.
Which they pretty much were.
It's funny, the things you remember.
The things you'd hate to lose.
I'm gonna say something I don't think I've ever said in living memory.
You like my hair like this? Oh, you read my mind.
I love you, little brother.
I love you too.
I'm hurting you? It's OK.
Pity we couldn't leave these with Chel.
Mmm, did you see her face when you read her the card from Tom? Yeah.
I might've misjudged him.
Maybe you're right - if Nathan and Chel can give it another go it'd be a bit miserable if I don't.
TED: Here they are.
Where's Rachel? She's already in there.
She sent us on a coffee run.
You're looking better.
How you feeling? Mmm, not bad.
How's Chel? She's still a little groggy but as well as can be expected.
Oh, she's a tough old bird.
She'll be OK.
You two are up next.
Oh, great.
Don't expect too much.
I wish they'd let me in to see her.
I think they might notice the empty bed.
You'll be allowed in soon enough.
Not for at least 48 hours, according to Michael.
I'm sure there's a good reason for that.
We'll give her your love.
Thank you.
Can I have one of these? Organ donors only.
Rub it in.
SONG: There was a crack in your smile the day you were born And you're out on the pool and it's making you yawn She looks so small.
Diet must be working, then.
Well, if you're cracking jokes already, you must be OK.
Let me sleep for a few more years, I'll let you know.
Not a chance.
Day one of your new life.
You up for a chat? (PHONE RINGS) Nathan's room.
Yep, here he is.
Hello? Hey, Nathan.
How are you? Good.
Good, how are you feeling? NATHAN: We had both survived.
Faced our moments of truth and come out the other side.
What lay ahead was a mystery but It feels fantastic.
bring it on.
I know.