Packed to the Rafters (2008) s03e14 Episode Script

Know Yourself

(CAT MIAOWS) (RUBY owes) (JULIE SIGHS) DAVE: (NARRATES) I've always reckoned, ask anyone to describe me and you'll hear the same thing.
€ 'Easygoiflg-€ 'Dead sexy.
€ Well, maybe that's pushing it.
But the kind of bloke who takes things in his stride, and why wouldn't I be? The family's good, business is good, life's good.
Bacon 's.
OK, so my chofesterofs a problem, but Fm handling it.
That's what I do.
Hey! Or thought I did.
Bacon? How's that fair? Well, it's Rachel's first day at her new job.
She needs a protein breakfast - brain food.
Yeah, while I'm on oats.
Ah, yes, well, the last one to eat oats won the Melbourne Cup, I think.
Cooking bacon.
It's like taking a slab of beer to an AA meeting.
(GASPS) Look at you, you gorgeous thing.
(WOLF-WHISTLES) I'm creative director now, Dad, I have to look the part.
You certainly do that.
You look great.
Really? Thank you.
What do you think, Rubes, huh? (RUBY GIGGLES) (LAUGHS) Here.
Hit the ground running.
Oh, no, thanks, Mum.
I just want to get in there nice and early.
Make a good impression.
How's fainting from hunger gonna help with that'? Eat.
Um Look, there.
Alright, I love you guys.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
No, no, no.
Sweat's nice, but not on silk, Dad.
(GIGGLES) My little girl.
Yeah, your little girl grew up.
Now, don't worry about me - I'm going to be fine.
I could phone this day through.
I'm gonna be sick if I eat that.
Baby, you'll be fine.
They've already hired you, haven't they? And you look fantastic.
Thank you.
First day of work and they've already thrown me in the deep end.
It's my first campaign pitch.
Yeah, which your new boss loved.
He said it had legs.
So does a chicken.
Well, run it by me again.
(LAUGHS) Don't you start.
OK, show me.
Show me! OK.
So - macho '80s shooting style.
Hot crim paroled from jail.
He checks straight into a hotel.
He has a shower.
Sprays himself.
You've seen it? No, no, Rach, you just did the thing with the Right.
So women start to smell him, they fall all over him.
Worth waiting for.
" (SNIFFS) You hate it.
You think it's rubbish? Why'd you do the eye thing? No, I'm a sparky.
I wouldn't know if a good commercial bit me on the bum.
But you're the one I want to buy it.
And I am gonna buy it.
No, you're biased.
No, no.
Rach, you're good at this.
They've given you the job.
Now, you go in there and you kick some butt.
OK, yes.
I love you.
I love you.
Uhtoast? Pep talk makes me hungry.
JULIE: (COOS) Ruby, there we go.
Oooh! There we are.
Mmm! Mmm! Well, there goes your next cholesterol check.
It's way down.
You saw the last one.
Oh, God.
This is so good.
Ah! if you lick the plate clean, I'll divorce you.
Dave Rafter.
Yeah, yeah.
The interview's still at 10:00.
Are you running late, mate? Oh.
OK, that's good.
I'll see you then.
OK, bye.
That was Coby.
Yeah, I heard.
He'll be here at 10:00.
Heard that too.
Well, that's a good start.
He called, he's on time.
Can't take that away from him.
I'm not.
Look, I know I've said it before.
It's justthis is the kid that broke into our house.
Thought you said you trust myjudgement.
And I do.
I just hope you're gonna ask the tough questions.
Assess him Like any other employee.
I get it! Hey, it's not a criticism.
I can handle this, Jules.
I'll take Ruby for a walk.
DAVE: So maybe I don't always get it right.
But when life throws up a challenge, sometimes it's hard to be the person you think you are.
Oh! I'm sI'm sorry.
Excuse me.
I'm Rachel Rafter, the new Creative director.
Mr Morgan's in a meeting.
He asked me to convey his apologies to you.
Did he? Oh, no.
That'syeah, that's fine.
Um, should I'? Someone will be with you shortly.
I'm Liam O'Connor.
We're gonna be working together.
Oh, great! Sorry.
Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you too.
Sorry, Paul's just caught up in something.
Yeah, she told me already, but that'sno, that's fine.
He's obviously a very busy man.
You heard.
Oh, sorry.
I just No, no.
That's good.
I was finished that anyway, so you've saved me doing that myself.
Well, how about I take you on a tour, then show you your office? Ooh, my office.
(CHUCKLES) Good to see your name in lights? Oh, well, plastic letters, but I guess you can't be too pushy on your first day, right? Wow.
So all of this is'? Uh, yeah, they'd be yours.
But don't get too excited - company policy says phones are never switched off.
And I'm guessing the flowers are obligation-free.
That's so nice of him.
Yeah, Paul's that kind of guy.
So this meeting he's in - is that'? Uh, big debrief on an account we just closed.
'We' being the rest of the creative team? Barring myself, yeah.
I'm working on a different account.
Well, no, that's good, actually.
It's really good.
Because it just gives me a bit more time to set up, you know'? Not that I need it.
I mean It's just a bit more time.
(LAUGHS) Cool.
Well, I'm looking forward to it.
Paul says you've been coming up with some good stuff.
Until then, these'd be the employment forms you need to fill out.
Medusa will come and pick them up later.
Medusaâ? You met her coming in.
The receptionist? Are you kidding me? Is that really her name? Uh, I don't dare ask in case she turns me to stone.
(LAUGHS) Right.
But if you find out, let me know, yeah? OK.
Thank you! Um So apparently our daughter has her own office, a new computer and a new phone.
And our other daughter might be thriving but she's not that big yet.
No, it's for Chel.
I thought coming home from hospital, somewhere to recuperate, you know'? And when did you have this thought? Oh, just now.
I figured we still had Nathan's old bed from when he was a kid.
May as well put it to good use.
Ruby's only just sleeping through.
It'll only be for a while.
You didn't think to consult with me first? Jules, I'm sorry.
I just really wanna do this for Mum, alright? Is everything OK'? Of course.
She's just been through a big operation.
Yeah, I know, darling, and I'm happy to have her here.
Is she happy about it? Yeah, well, why wouldn't she be'? So you haven't asked her yet either.
You know what Chel's like.
Any offer of help and she'll go on about not being a burden.
Are you going to ask? Yes, when I see her next.
I'm not gonna kidnap her.
And in the meantime I just drag Ruby's stuff into our room, shall I'? Yeah, if you like.
Darling, is everything alright? Yeah, I'm fine.
DAVE: And I was fine.
Wasn't I? Carbo Just give us a sec.
Let me check if anyone's answered my mating call.
Yeah, about this internet dating thing Hey, I'm not dating - I'm looking for a wife.
Yeah, that just makes it more serious.
That's because I am serious.
Can I give you some advice? (COMPUTER BLEEPS) Awesome! Look at that! I've got a reply! Just cross-check any replies you get against other sites.
Why? Because they say they're all sweet and innocent on one site and then on others they're into Into what? Nappies, rubber, jelly, spaghetti.
You right? I'm just saying there's a lot of weirdos online.
She's perfect.
She's ticked all my boxes.
She's the one.
'The one'? 'The one' like the twitcher? Or the one with the psycho husband? Or the one who thought you were gay? You're not seriously gonna go and meet her, are you? Are you even listening to anything we're saying? I've just got this feeling.
I mean, a perfect match first time? It's fate.
Definitely the one.
Gotta go.
Spaghetti and bananas? You wanna try it? Hey? Hey, there's a hotted-up pink ute outside.
It's gotta be your cousin, right? Oh! It's gotta be Coby.
I gotta check him out.
Not every day you get to meet a bogan cousin.
Hey, don't believe everything Nathan tells you.
Rat tail, dodgy tatts.
You're on.
But tatts don't count, 'cause everyone's got them.
Let's see.
I win.
Give me the $10.
(SNORTS) Coby, right? Why? What's it to you? I'm Ben.
Nathan's brother.
Your cousin.
And this is Melissa.
Hi, Coby.
Another cousin'? No.
Not really.
Hey, I don't know if Tom mentioned it, but I saw him the other weekend.
In jail.
He's a top bloke.
Is your old man home? Yeah.
He should be around the back in the shed.
I'm justI'm a bit early.
No worries.
He'll be ready for you.
There's no pressure, eh? No.
Dad, he's a softie.
You'll be fine.
Hey, good luck.
Thank you.
Bit of a let-down.
Oh, what did you expect? He's here for a job interview.
He's nervous.
So you're OK with me mentioning that'? Well, you know, it's the reason we're hiring him.
You find the place alright? Yeah.
Well, I've been here before.
Uh, yeah.
Course you have.
Sorry I'm early.
Well, it's better than being late.
Come in.
You want a cup of coffee or something? No, thank you.
Right, well, this is Jake.
Coby Jennings.
I suppose I should tell you a little bit about the job.
Little bit of labouring involved, fetching, carrying, but mainly, you'll be driving Jake around.
Oh, they got you on DUI, did they, mate? No, no.
Doctor's orders.
I've got epilepsy.
Epilepsy? Right.
That's, like, fits and stuff'? That's the one.
That's a better excuse than blowing five times the limit, like me mate did.
Well, I can't drive until the doctor's sorted my medication, so it could be a while.
You right with that'? Sure.
Easy as.
Long as you don't have a fit while I'm driving and run us offthe road Can we have a private word? Alright, we need to get a few things straight.
Number one - you got a current driver's licence'? Course.
Almost back to full points.
So you're experienced? Yeah.
Well, I've been driving since I was 13, so Long before you had a license.
Yeah, well, it's the country.
Well, take a seat.
What's your work history? Ah, you know.
Bit of this, bit of that.
Um, a lot of farm work.
Uha servo.
But you already know that.
Car rebirthing? Uh, that was Grandad.
I never helped him.
Any trouble with the law'? Nuh.
A few near misses.
When I was 12.
Some of the guys I used to hang around with were kind ofdumb.
I guess I wasn't that bright either.
It's nothing they put you away for.
Which brings me to the break-in here.
The door was open.
And you guys were sniffing around me and Grandad, so we wanted to know who you were.
Right, well, like Jake said, the job's only until he gets the all clear.
How much do you want it? Koolong's a dead end.
I want better.
I want out.
I'm not dumb, no matter what anyone reckons, and down here, maybe I could even go to TAFE or something, you know'? Set myself up.
Coby comes up pretty well considering.
Considering what? I asked him the tough questions, he gave me honest answers.
About breaking in here? He wasn't here to steal.
He was checking up on us.
We checked up on him.
A normal person would have fronted you and asked.
Well, he hasn't exactly had a normal life, Ted.
Can we trust him? Look, Jules, I want to do this.
He's a good kid.
We're opening up our home to him - our lives.
Could I use your dunny? I've gotta pinch one off like you would not believe.
Uh, yeah.
It's across the hall.
I can do this.
He's a good kid.
DAVE: Something inside me badly wanted to believe that.
I could handle Coby, just like I handle everything else.
No problem.
No problem at all.
He's been in there for ages.
Yeah, he's probably going through the medicine cabinet.
Oh, Dad, could you'? Got it.
Thank you.
(TOILET FLUSHES) (WHISTLES) Sorry, I should not have had that hot dog for brekkie.
Justlet that settle.
You know.
Oh, sorry, Mrs Rafter.
I didn't mean to be rude.
Oh, no.
It's fine.
I've got two sons.
I've heard worse.
So I guess I'll, uh kind of, hear from you, then.
Well, you can hear from me now, if you like.
Look, uh you've got the job.
Are you serious? Yeah.
Is it that much of a surprise? Back in Koolong, you go for a job and they find out you're a Jennings Well, this isn't Koolong.
Really, I mean that.
Thank you.
When do I start? How does tomorrow sound? I'll be here.
And before that, how about some lunch'? Oh, nah.
Thanks, but, nah.
I can't.
You got somewhere to stay while you're down here? Yeah, a mate.
You know, just till I find somethingum Permanent? Permanent.
Yeah, that sounds good.
Well, we'll see you tomorrow, then.
Thanks again.
He won't meet my eye.
Decision made.
I get it.
Excuse me, I Yeah, I'll pass that on to Mr Morgan's personal assistant.
Thank you.
My employment forms.
Thank you.
Uh, I didn't catch your name.
M ieczyslawa.
Sorry'? (PHONE RINGS) M ieczyslawa.
E M B.
Uh, just one moment.
I'll put you through.
Um, this meeting Paul's in, do you know what time they might be breaking for lunch'? Oh, I couldn't say.
It's just I don't wanna go for lunch and miss him, that's all.
Have something from the kitchen.
The kitchen? There's bread, cheese, salami, hommus.
Are you kidding me? Wow! (LAUGHS) My old job, we were lucky to get a biscuit.
Yeah, cool.
So the kitchen's, uh'? Beneath me.
Just below the stairs.
I'm gonna make a coffee.
Can I get one for you? Double-shot macchiato, two sugars.
Make me one while you're at it? Uh, sure.
And let me guess, you'd be a skinny latte boy, right? Oh, am I that much of a cliché? Short black, please.
Oh, you've done this before.
No, I'm just a fast learner.
Plus a pretty impressive CV, I've got to say.
And look - awkward, I know, but it's best you hear it from me.
Ll went for your job.
Is that gonna be a problem? No.
No, no, no.
Paul wanted new blood, a fresh approach.
I respect his decision.
I can learn from you.
Thank you.
Well, that looks good.
Well, Nathan's had weeks of hospital food, so I'm doing his favourite.
Roast lamb, apple pie.
With cream.
Oh! How's my cholesterol gonna deal with that'? Well, it's not.
You're having poached fish.
Oh, that looks good.
Don't tell me - you're out of eggs, meat, food in general? Oh, you're so funny! Hilarious.
Nah, I was just calling round to see how Coby's interview went.
Good, yeah.
He starts tomorrow.
Cool! He was bit nervous, but he seems like an OK guy.
Deserves a go.
Do you like him, Mum? Hmm'? Oh, he'she's fine.
Seems nice enough.
For a redneck.
Hey, stop that.
You make me sound like a snob.
Yeah, if the shoe fits, Jules.
Oh! Aren't you late to pick up Nathan? Oh, and while you're there, can you ask Ch I'll have a word to Chel, yes.
BEN: About what? Oh, convalescing here when she gets out of hospital.
Why? Because she'll be in pain, on medication and she's your grandmother.
That's what families do.
What's up his bum? (SIGHS) You tell me and we'll both know.
I took your advice.
Oh, you finally bought a toothbrush.
I checked out Loretta on all the weirdo sex sites.
She wasn't there.
Is that her name? Yeah.
Isn't it beautiful? I'm sure her parents thought so.
Anyway, we're meeting up today.
It's fate, I swear.
She's the one, Mel.
Uh, then how come you're not running around like a man possessed trying on every outfit in your wardrobe and drenching yourself in aftershave? I don't need to.
Not with Loretta.
She won't care about stuff like that.
Hey, just do me one favour.
First rule of internet dating - never meet on your home ground.
Why? Just trust me.
Make it somewhere public.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Oh, tell me that's not her.
Carbo! Loretta.
And I'm Melissa.
And you don'tcare.
Uh, I'm just gonna OK.
What are you doing? I just saw the weirdest thing.
Something I didn't think existed.
What? Love at first sight.
Huh? Carbo and the girl from the internet dating site.
Who's a freak, right? No! They took one look at each other and it was like time stood still.
Like they were the only two people in the universe.
There were birds tweeting and violins playing.
Maybe I should check.
No, no.
Because you might be interrupting something important, precious.
Something really sick.
Good point.
So let's just go shopping or something.
Yeah, and when we come home and find a forensic team doing blood spray analysis, eh? I'll admit I was wrong.
Come on.
Oh, hey, Dave.
Good timing.
Guess what.
I'm out of here in two days.
Yeah? That's great.
The news from our end is young Coby Jennings is coming to work for me.
He passed the test? Yeah.
He starts tomorrow.
You're very good at picking up strays, Dave Rafter.
On that subject Oh, guess what else? I got a letter from an old friend.
We did the hippie trail together.
Good old days, eh? Yeah.
And she's up north.
She's in Ballina.
And she said come there and recuperate with her.
Ththat's great.
In Ballina'? I could call and say no.
No, look, a break would be good.
Just away a little while.
I'll be back before you know it.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
Did Chel tell you her good news? Yeah, yeah.
Just heard.
It's great, isn't it? Change of scenery, house by the sea.
There's plenty of room if you want to come and stay.
That's what I was gonna ask.
I was gonna say DAVE: I knew what Che! was like.
I should've seen this coming.
Why did it bother me so much? Why couldn't I just take it my stride like I normally would? M E L: Carbo'? (SHOUTS) Carbo, we're home! She's not deaf, Ben.
Carbs? I love U2.
I love U2! They were my favourite band.
I used to have posters all over my walls.
Me too.
I saw them.
Me too.
We could've been standing next to each other in the merchandise queue.
I would've noticed.
But we were in the same arena.
The same 20,000 people.
So close.
So close.
It's like the universe has been pushing us together.
We had to meet eventually.
It just happened to be today.
You know, after your email, it felt weird.
Like everything had changed.
I mean, all I could think about was Loretta.
What a beautiful name.
And I still can't believe you work at Vit Vitalidis Flowers.
And I bought flowers there once.
See'? The universe.
Gar BOTH: Gardenias.
I love gardenias! Me too! Awesome.
Soul mates.
(WHISPERS) I told you.
She's got to be an accountant.
Look who's here.
Hey! Oh! NATHAN: Hey.
Can I have a hug? Come on, pop the stitches.
(LAUGHS) Well, I'm making your favourite.
Roast lamb, roast potatoes, apple pie.
You spoil me, Mum.
Nothing's too good for my homecoming hero.
I just did what anyone would do.
Yeah, you're right.
You're no-one special.
You just got lucky with dinner.
What's your name again? Much better.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, did you talk to Chel? Mmm.
JULIE: And? Hey, Dad, I just noticed you got my old bed out.
A nice thought, but I don't need it.
I'm fine next door.
That's where I live.
Nathan No, it's OK.
I don't Nathan, it's not for you.
It's for Chel.
Yeah, but Chel, she's Going away.
Yeah, I'm aware of that.
Going away'? I'll just drop my bags next door.
I'll come back for dinner.
I hate to say goodbye, butl really should go.
It's OK.
Whatever you're comfortable with.
I don'tl don't normally behave like this.
It's new to me too, trust me.
OK, so, um, we'll say goodbye and then we'll walk away and then you'll call me tomorrow.
(SIGHS) Yep.
Oh, God.
What, they're still at it? No, wait.
We got something we want to tell you.
We were gonna leave you two Guess what Loretta's nickname is.
Uh, Loz? Oh.
Lola? Loren'? Retta! No, it really is.
Don't you get it? Carbo and Retta.
Carburettor! Must be fate.
I know! I know.
Isn't it bizarre? Anyway, we should probably just keep goingaway.
RACHEL: Mishkala Mieshkeshl Micskelawa.
Medusa it is.
What are you still doing here? It's 7:00.
Oh, I'm just waiting for my meeting.
What? Well, the meeting's been postponed till tomorrow morning - 9:00.
That's great.
No-one thought to tell me about that'? I'm so sorry.
I just assumed that someone had.
No, it's OK.
It's OK.
I got heaps of extra work for my presentation done andhey, I even figured out where the fire stairs are, so OK, well, grab your things.
I'll show you how to get out after hours.
Are you telling me I might have actually been locked in here overnight? Well, spoken to nicely, the cleaners might have released you.
MEL: This pie is awesome.
NATHAN: Thank you, Mum.
BEN: You might have to deliver a bit more, mate.
TED: So, tell me, Rachel.
How was work today'? Oh, I don't wanna talk about it.
(VOICES ECHO) So there's this uberdork whose name I can't even pronounce.
I spent the whole day obsessing over my presentation, because no-one was the slightest bit interested in even just meeting with me.
And to top it all off, I looked like a complete try-hard at fashion week.
(VOICES CONTINUE ECHOING) And part of him wishes he hadn't.
JULIE: Who wants some more pie? Yep, I'll have some more, as long as I can have some ice-cream with it.
Nice try, cholesterol boy.
JAKE: I'll have Dave's.
(LAUGHS) Well, Nathan's gonna be fine, if how much he just ate is anything to go by.
Mind you, the poor thing has been on hospital food for weeks, so Mmm.
OK, what's wrong'? Nothing.
I'm fine.
Thank you for a lovely dinner, but I've got to head.
Oh'? Yeah, my meds are at home.
I gotta go and take 'em.
Oh, of course you do.
What about you? No, I've got to stay.
I've got a meeting in the morning.
But you could always pick your meds up and come stay here afterwards.
Goodnight, Rachel.
I'll miss you! Yeah, I'll miss you too.
(GIGGLES) For God's sake, you're gonna see each other in the morning.
JAKE: Right.
Um, well, I'll see you tomorrow, then.
'Night, Jake.
Alright, you have been like this all day.
What's wrong'? Dad, that was nice and rude.
Well, surely you can do without each other for one night.
Yeah, right.
How many nights do you and Mum spend apart'? Oh, average, one a year.
(SLAMS DOOR) I'm gonna take that bed apart.
Stop Hey, stop! Have I been going overboard about the cholesterol thing? Just leave it, Jules.
Well, this can't be about Rachel.
Is this about Chel? No.
No, it's not about Chel.
If she wants to go to stay with her hippie mate, that's her choice.
So you are upset.
I'm not upset.
She has the perfect right to do whatever she wants.
I have the perfect right to get my nice husband back.
Snapping at your daughter like that.
Sorry, Rachel! RACHEL: I'm asleep.
(SIGHS) She used to say that when she was a kid.
Hey, what's going on with you? (GROANS) Come on, tell me.
When Nathan saw that bed, thinking it was for him, he couldn't back out quick enough.
And Rachel, she can't sleep for one night under our roof without her boyfriend being here.
I mean Darling, that's because they grow up.
I know.
I know.
It's not rational.
I just Just what? (RUBY owes) I'll get her.
Shh, shh, shh.
(WHISPERS) on, yeah.
It's OK.
DAVE: Things for uncomplicated Dave were getting complicated.
More complicated than he could possibly know.
(PHONE RINGS) Grandad.
Uh, yeah.
On track.
I got the job.
I was just straight with him.
He liked that.
Yeah Nah, course! Yeah, I know.
I'm not a complete moron.
I get it.
Eyes open, ears back.
If there's anything there, I'll find it.
'Night, Pop.
DAVE: A new day, a new attitude.
If you don't feel itfake it.
(GASPS) on! I'm so sorry about last night.
I'd made all these plans.
And forgot to tell Chel.
But today I'll be better.
What, you've got another plan brewing'? Yes, and she can't derail this one, because she's still confined to hospital.
Just family.
We go to the hospital.
A few snacks, soft drinks.
Just to show how happy we are about her enjoying her new-found freedom.
You think a party's a solution to everything, don't you? Aren't they? It's a lovely idea.
Hi, Mum.
Hi, Dad.
Hey, I'm in a hurry.
Can I steal your coffee, please? Well In a hurry for what? What time's your meeting? Liam said 9:00.
That's time for a decent breakfast, so sit.
You're such a fatty feeder.
So, doughnuts'? Bacon? Eggs? NATHAN: Hey, Dad.
Fresh out of hospital.
You didn't need to come in.
I just escaped weeks in bed and weird meal times.
It's good to be back feeling useful.
Yeah, well, you take it easy, OK'? You're early.
Good man.
Thank you.
Come in.
Nathan will run you through it.
I know you guys have met, but maybe you could meet properly.
Shake hands, and don't come out fighting, alright? Hey.
Just for the record, I'm not an insurance investigator, a cop or a poof.
But you are my cousin and you never said so.
You broke into my parents' house, Coby.
So let's just forget it, alright? Let's just start again.
Start fresh.
Yeah, alright.
Tom reckons you're an alright bloke.
Fair enough.
Justcan't see it myself.
Oh, really? Yeah, well, Dad reckons you're worth a shot and I can't see it myself, so Souché.
Are you trying to say 'touché'? Yeah, that's what I said.
Um, I never got a chance to thank Tom for the flowers, so if you could just Well, you let some doctor cut you up to save your nan.
Lthink he'll forgive you.
Let's get down to some business, alright? Um, the first order of business is To take Jake to the job? That's right.
And to fill out some forms.
Sorry, what forms? First, I'll need your tax file number.
The dole office has got it.
What other forms? Your superannuation and your bank account details.
Don't have one.
What about your dole cheques? OK.
I have one.
But most people like to pay me cash.
Which I'm going to take a massive stab in the dark and say the taxman never sees.
Well, I never got paid that much.
You don't have to mimic me.
Alright? Alright, Coby, um OK.
We're going to make a regular human of you.
OK, Nathan, what if I don't want to be your regular human? It's gotta happen one day, and my advice is do it now and avoid the pain.
No rat's tail.
Oh, Brenton'? Oh, he's got a name.
That's probably got toyou know I'd rung.
They've been in there But the meeting doesn't start till 9:00.
On the left.
Good of you to join us.
I'm so sorry.
I thought we were starting at 9:00.
If we were, you're early.
Everyone, this is your new team leader, Rachel Rafter.
I'm Meet and greet later.
Rachel, why don't you run us through your strategy for Release deodorant? (LAUGHS) Carburettor! Carboretta! Ugh! That's not romantic.
Is that romantic? We were never like that, were we'? Er, no.
No, we were just two housemates who got drunk, fell into bed together Who said it must never happen again.
Just friends.
Who ended up Married.
You know I love you.
You know I love you.
That's romantic! Right? Maybe now they've had a chance to sleep on it, Carbo will Calm down and come to his senses.
(DOORBELL RINGS) What's the bet that's her? She's not a stalker, Ben.
I'm not a stalker, I promise.
I know Carbo isn't home yet, but he will be soon, so I left work early.
Hi, Loretta.
She wants to wait for Carbo.
Cup of tea, or'? I would love one, but I can't.
I'm not hungry.
I'm not thirsty.
I couldn't sleep.
I'm sorry.
I just I've never felt like this.
It's the feeling that I've known him all my life.
Tweeting birds.
You came back.
Of course.
But till yesterday, I didn't even know you existed.
Now I can't imagine life without you.
It's scary.
It's fate.
It's disgusting.
The Greeks invented the Fates.
I know.
(BLOWS WHISTLE) Didn't think you'd escape without a get-out-of-hospital party, did you? You don't do anything by halves! Oh, you're worth it.
Don't tell the nurses.
Say hello, Ruby.
Aw! Look at you, so at home with the baby.
Oh, don't give him any more ideas.
Why? What's that - a portent of things to come? Am I going to be a great-grandma? You already are - a great grandmother! ALL: Oh! DAVE: Funny, but faking it only works for so long.
What do you do when that nagging feeling comes back? Today goes down as one of the good ones, Rachel.
Thank you.
You ticked boxes.
Put runs on the board.
Scored goals.
Did I miss a cliché there? No.
I'm pretty sure you lined up all your ducks.
And she's not afraid of me.
What do you think of that'? Impressed.
Just one thing, Rachel.
Round here, we lead from the front.
to your first team meeting Yeah - as I said, I somehow got the impression the whole thing started at 9:00.
So I'm really sorry.
I promise it won't happen again.
Liam already explained the mix-up.
I can see how well you two are gonna work together.
If you've got time, I'd just like to discuss some company philosophy.
Yep, sure.
I saw you checking the time.
I'm not keeping you? No.
No, it's Oh, it's justit's a family thing.
But, no, no, that's fine.
Weddings, funerals, birthdays - automatic leave pass.
If you need to go No, no.
It's nothing like that.
Liam? Fine.
That's what I like to hear.
CARBO: I can't hang up.
So why don't we just hang up together? On the count of three, OK'? One.
One and a half.
Two .
Two and a quarter Just give me that! What did you do that for?! I'm doing you a favour! Do me a favour - don't do me any favours! Come here.
Come here.
Come on.
Sit here.
This is moving way too fast.
No, it's not.
What Benny's trying to say is you don't really know her.
All I need to know is that she's the one.
You met her yesterday! You said yourself there was someone out there very special waiting for me.
Yeah, I didn't mean the first one you met on the internet! You said I'd meet someone special.
And I did.
And we're in love.
Oh, my God.
He just said the L word.
What, you've never heard of love at first sight? Look, it happened to my parents.
One look - kaboom! My grandparents.
One look - kaboom! Batman and Robin.
One look - kapow! Look, joke all you like.
This is real.
This is it.
How can you be so sure? Well, whenever I look at a woman for the first time, I usually see them naked.
Or in a bunny suit.
You included, Mel.
But with Loretta I just saw her.
It wasspecial.
(PHONE RINGS) It's her.
I missed you so much.
(GROANS) Well, Chel's always on at me about seizing the day, so I said,Why don't I drive you up there and save your friend the round trip?" I might even lash out on a new set of wheels.
Ooh! You don't have to, Ted.
I can drive her.
No, no.
it's just the excuse I've been looking for.
I've got a bit of cash.
I've got the time.
It's one of the perks of being retired.
Oh! I'm so sorry I didn't make it to the hospital, guys.
That meeting, it just dragged on and on.
It's OK.
She's fine.
She'll see you in the morning.
I know.
I already rang her.
So, have you eaten, darling? No, but I'm just going to grab a bag and head over to Jake's.
Probably get some takeaway there.
Can you drop me off at the movies? Half-price night.
Yeah, OK.
If you're ready to go now.
See you later.
Oh! RACHEL: You right? Yep.
Bye! RACHEL: See you! Bye.
Wait for it.
Just the two of us.
Oh! (RUBY owes) Like clockwork.
I'll get it.
HEY, baby.
It's OK.
(CRIES) I know.
I know, I know, I know.
I know.
It's alright.
It's OK.
Must be a bit of wind.
Oh, darling.
Can I Can I try? Yeah.
Thank you.
There we go.
(CRIES) Shhh.
Oh, there you go, sweetheart.
Bad dream? Sure.
You've got the touch.
Oh! Oh, I think she's just getting to the age when she wants her mum.
You remember that stage? Yeah.
All the kids went through it.
How could I forget? They've got a fancy name for it down at the clinic - separation anxiety.
She needs to know that her mum's there for her 24/7.
Don't think we ever really grow out of it.
You were pretty quiet at the hospital.
Meaning? I don't know.
Something's wrong.
And if it's tied up with Chel leaving, then you need to talk to her about it.
DAVE: In my gut I knew Che! leaving was only part of the problem.
Not a bad spot.
Yeah, no.
It's raining out.
It's the best spot going.
You're so early.
Did you forget something? Yeah.
In away I did, yeah.
Um 'up- I forgot to be honest with you.
Shshould I be worried'? No - I just got it in my head that you would be staying with us to recuperate, and your travel plans just threw me a bit off kilter, that's all.
Oh, Dave.
I'm sorry.
I should be the one who's apologising.
I let it get to me.
I can stay, if it's that important to you.
Like you said, you're a gypsy.
I want you to be who you are.
And before you say anything, no-one thinks you came back into our lives just toget well.
I know that.
I believe it now.
I won't be gone long.
There's always the phone.
And the internet.
You can tell me all about your yoga classes.
You can tell me about getting to know your father's side of the family.
Yeah, with Coby and Tom, the family seems to be getting bigger.
But, uh But'? Well, sometimes I feel um DAVE: Washed up? Redundant? Unwanted? No, it's nothing.
It's nothing.
It's just been a tough week.
Anyway, tell me about your travel plans.
I've never been to Ballina.
I haven't I've always been the kind of bloke who takes things in his stride.
The guy sitting by that window was not that bloke.
He was a bloke I didn't know and wasn't sure I liked.