Packed to the Rafters (2008) s03e15 Episode Script

Don't Go There!

Don't open the door! (DOOR CREAKS) Oh, you idiot.
BEN: (NARRATES) How come the victim in the honor film always goes where they know they shouldni'? (MAN SHOUTS) (ALL GROAN) oh, mV God! oh! (WOMAN SCREAMS) Why the hell did she go in there? Oh, my God.
I'm going to have nightmares for a year.
Retta told me that was gonna happen when she lent it to me.
Can you go two minutes without saying her name? Oh, yeah, but she loved it.
She freaked out, but she loved it.
That was stupid.
The cute one's always meant to live.
Ta-da! Hope you're ready.
From horror movie to horror meal.
Give her a chance.
She's been slaving for hours.
Hey! Jeez, that's not fair! I wasn't ready! You've gotta keep your guard up.
The guy in the movie - learn from him.
Never take more than three steps backwards.
Otherwise Mmm, smells great.
Looks, uhhot.
Like the chef.
This has to be the best curry I've ever had.
It's not a curry.
It's a gulag.
Do you mean goulash'? No, it's definitely a gulag.
Very funny.
Can't be that bad.
It's terrible.
No, really.
It's quite OK.
Actually, I'm feeling a bit queasy.
Queasy? Yeah.
Feeling a bit off all day.
Could Icould I see you in the kitchen? Back in a sec.
You, uhyou said queasy.
Does that mean you're'? No! It's nothing.
Are you sure? Quite sure.
What about your period? I don't know.
It's coming.
How do you know'? Well, a good sign is I get irritated by stupid questions.
Let's get the test kit.
There's no point.
You don't know that for sure, though? Mornings are better for accuracy, anyway.
Really? Yes.
Well, first thing tomorrow morning, then.
Yeah? Mel? Hey? OK.
This could be it.
(LAUGHS) Can you believe my sperm? First time out (IMITATES ROCKET) .
Olympic champions.
Mel? Just give me a minute.
I should have listened.
But like the idiot in the movie, I just had to go there.
Hey, Mel.
Can we talk about this? Ben, I mean it.
Don't push.
What about dinner? Um, it's actually going cold, the casserole.
It's not a casserole.
What's the point'? It's inedible anyway.
So I'm just going to bed.
Hey, Mel.
And I'm gonna get some takeaway.
Not that there's anything wrong with yourbolognaise? Did you want anything? No, thanks.
It's alright.
You go to bed.
I'll just clean this up.
Carbo, it's getting pretty dark outside.
Are you sure you're gonna be OK'? Look, don't worry, Natho.
The best-looking one always gets killed last, remember? So as long you're alive, I'm fine.
Huh, that's funny.
No, seriously.
Retta thinks I'm too good-looking to be true.
You keep telling yourself that.
And just, uh watch out for Mrs Luscombe's.
What do you mean? Well, if any house around here's gonna be haunted, it'sit's probably gonna be hers.
That's bull.
Just because she lay dead on her floor for Yep.
(DOOR CLOSES) Ooh, I think he's just come in.
It's Dad.
He says hi.
Say hi to Chel.
You're late.
I was starting to worry.
Took a little bit longer than I thought.
How's Ruby'? Sound asleep.
And the beach bums? Having a ball.
The break's making a new man of Dad.
It'll be us soon.
Fiji, sun, lounging by the pool.
Oh, I know.
Every drink served in a coconut.
I can't wait.
Hey, I'll get you your dinner.
Uh, actually I'm not that hungry.
What, did you eat on the job? No, no.
I was too busy.
It's hard to eat when you're up a ladder.
Well, why don't you send Jake? Then I'd have to call out Coby and that's two sets of overtime.
Well, why don't you have a shower and come to bed'? Yeah, I will in a minute.
Make a girl feel special, why don't you? Oh.
Oh, OK.
Well, maybe I will eat some food after all.
(LAUGHS) You might need the energy.
(LAUGHS) Never take more than three steps backwards.
Where's my phone? Oh.
Thank God.
I'm such an idiot.
Must be at least a million missed calls on here.
I'm been playing catch-ups all day.
(GROANS) It's like without it, you don't exist.
It was in the washing machine.
What? Only for one cycle.
(LAUGHS) Don't.
Don't tease me.
I could be fragile.
How was your meeting? It was good.
Good, yeah.
Paul liked it, so mock-ups are done, ready to present.
And that's tomorrow'? Yep.
And you're presenting? Yes.
And everything's ready? There's nothing more to do? And you are too tired to have this conversation.
Cheese toastie'? Oh, that would be heaven.
Were you guys just outside? Nuh.
Are you sure? What's going on? Well, I think I just saw something in Mrs Luscombe's house.
Like what? I don't know.
A light.
A light? Yeah, I swear.
And I found this tennis ball, maybe one of mine.
Do you wanna do you wanna go check it out? No, no.
You go.
I'm not cute enough, apparently.
Look, don't worry about Retta's stupid film.
Just eat this pizza before it gets cold.
Look, I don't think I can eat.
She lay on the floor for two days, dead.
That's gotta make her unhappy.
You're right, you know.
That's what you saw.
What? Mrs Luscombe's ghost.
Shut up.
No, no.
She can't pass over, and do you know why'? Shut up.
It's all the windows we broke playing street cricket.
And all the tennis balls we lobbed into her backyard.
She's come back to haunt us, Carbo.
Shut up! Oh, she's come back to haunt us! Jules, that food did the trick.
Jules? BEN: Clearly I wasn't the only one having trouble letting things go.
You want your brain to switch off, but it just keeps on going there.
(GROANS) I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to wake you.
What's up? Just going over and over my presentation.
I mean, I know I'm ready, but Come back to bed.
I'll just I'll lie there awake.
Well I think I know how to make you relax.
And take the edge off.
Just think of me as a big, cuddlyhot water bottle.
I know you can do it.
What - sleep or the presentation? Both.
Hopefully not at the same time.
Mel, are you awake? Mmmyes.
This time tomorrow, we could be parents.
Well, not actual parents with an actual baby.
You know what I mean.
I only just got used to thinking of myself as a husband.
Tomorrow I could be a dad.
You could be a mum, eh? You'll be so sexy when you're pregnant.
Big round tummy.
Can we just go to sleep? Yeah.
Come here.
Can you imagine us with a tiny baby? It would change everything.
But in a good way, yeah? So, er, this is current? It's not past the use-by date? It's not yoghurt.
So what do we do first? Ah, there's no “we" for this bit.
But there's about to be “wee".
Get it'? Can you wait outside while I take a moment'? Can I do anything to help? I doubt it.
Are you sure? Positive.
That's the result we want? Out! (SIGHS) I'm just out here! I'm right here! Morning.
So, you got a bit on? Oh, no, it's not that bad.
Listen, don't let Dave overdo it.
Is he OK'? Yeah, nothing a beach in Fiji won't fix.
It's fine.
Check this out.
This is from Chel.
Ah! DAVE: Getting any ideas, Jules? Darling, I'll never look like that in a bikini.
(READS) “Dear family, having a great time.
“Thought if they could do such a great job on my kidneys, “I'd get my boobs done too!" Not bad, hey? Not bad.
Not bad at all.
Yeah, yeah - alright.
Off to work, you lot.
You can have this back later, if you behave! See you, then, mate.
Say, how's that daughter of mine? Still alive'? Last time I saw.
It's been so long, I probably wouldn't recognise her.
Well, I'll let her know you asked.
Yeah, good.
Um, Dad, have you got a minute? What's up? It's from the Tax Office.
I owe them 15,000 bucks? It says I haven't paid a superannuation levy, but I did! Not for yourself.
For me? Why would I do that'? It's my company.
I don't know.
It just doesn't make sense.
Oh, and they're fining me as well.
What am I'? The mint? How long have I got? It's kinda due now.
What, so I can take out a loan that I can't afford so they can put borrowed money into my super which I can't access till well, till I'm dead, probably! It's the Tax Office, Dad.
They don't have to make sense.
You know that.
We'll be OK.
You can cover this, right? Yeah.
No tax man's gonna get between your mother and a pifia colada.
It's a terrifying thought.
Just no mention of this to Jules, alright? She's gonna find out some time.
Yeah, some time, but now not now.
Just leave it with me.
I'll sort it out.
You'll be right.
(SIGHS) Mel! Anything? Mel! (KNOCKS AT DOOR) Maybe you need to drink some more water.
I've done it.
What? Why didn't you wait for me? It was negative.
Are you sure? Yes.
Maybe it's wrong.
No, these tests are pretty much foolproof.
Let's do another one.
There's two more in the kit.
Ben - I'm not pregnant.
BEN: (NARRATES) Don't go there.
That's what we say to the losers in the honor movies.
Was I really that much of an idiot? Are you feeling OK'? Not much you can do about it.
I thought you I thought we would be more disappointed.
Ben, I can't do this right now.
I just have to Hey, have you guys seen my order book? It's on top of the fridge.
That's where it always is.
Yeah? I couldn't see it.
Why didn't you wait for me? What? I thought we were going to check the result together.
CARBO Oh, yeah, Retta's coming over for dinner.
Tonight? Look, I know, I know, you all think it's going too fast, but, look - Retta's great.
I just want you guys to love her like I do.
I don't know.
We might have plans.
Please, Benno.
It's really important to me.
Of course we'll be there.
Nice one.
I'm cooking, OK, so no big lunches.
It's gonna be full-on.
I've gotta go too.
What, right now'? I'm running late.
Well, can we talk about this tonight? Please? Where, Ben? Not even the bathroom's private.
(SIGHS) I thought we were in this together.
She didn't even call me to wait for the result.
Maybe she misunderstood.
I really thought it was going to be positive.
I'm sorry, darling.
I was flat, Mum.
I was really bad.
But Mel, it was almost like she was relieved.
Did you ask her what she felt? Yeah, I did.
But do you have any idea what it's like living in a house packed full of people? No.
Do tell.
What if she doesn't want this? What if I've pushed her into it? What if she's just doing this for me? Oh, sweetheart.
(SIGHS) Maybe we shouldn't even be trying.
Living at Carbo's, how can you bring up a baby there? Oh.
Maybe I'm not meant to be a parent.
Hello, Ruby.
Hello! (LAUGHS) Yes, yes.
This whole baby idea, it's like the basement door in the movie - I shouldn't have opened it.
What? Oh, it's just this silly movie.
Forget it.
(G U RG LES) Darling, I'm sure if Mel is having doubts, she'll tell you.
You reckon? Mmm.
She's probably just trying to process things.
Just give her some space.
I hate space.
Space sucks.
I wanna know now.
COBY: Tell you what, these people must be loaded.
Dave's gonna be installing a chandelier.
Cost 18 grand.
You're kidding me! Apparently they spent 1 O grand on garden lighting.
What? They've never heard of torches? No.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, would've bought a lot of baked beans back my place.
Baked beans'? Yeah.
We only had cereal.
Three times a day.
Oh, well.
Least you had three meals a day.
When Mum was waiting on the cheque, dinner only.
Dog biscuits.
Home brand? Course! (YORKSHIRE ACCENT) Luxury.
(BOTH LAUGH) That trench digging itself, is it? No, we're just chatting.
But we can talk and work at the same time.
Yeah, well, I can whistle and hop at the same time, but you don't see me doing it, do you? What's up his bum? It's OK.
He's cool.
Just cut him some slack, yeah? Great job, Rachel.
It's really, really looking good.
Thank you.
I'm a bit nervous.
Don't be.
Just relax.
OK'? If you believe it, they'll believe it.
You're right.
So, do you know anything about this client? Sanjay? I've worked with him a couple of times.
Seems OK.
(MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Sorry, I've just gotta take this.
No, no, any time.
Ah, well, I'd be lying if I didn't say I've got my reservations.
Just not sure she's totally cracked it, you know'? First pitch for the company, bit of overkill.
OK, well, I'll, erI'll see you there.
Bye, Sanjay.
I just need to catch up with how you are.
But when you're ready, OK'? There's no pressure.
I'm sorry I didn't wait for you.
That I tested on my own.
I was scared.
Really scared.
I might have been pregnant and .
not sure if I wanted to be.
I guess it's lucky that you weren't, then.
No, you don't understand.
As soon as I saw that it was negative, everything changed.
I felt so weird, like kind of, umempty.
So you wanted to be pregnant? I've never been so sure about anything.
Well, then, let's test again.
They're pretty accurate.
But they can be wrong, right? Sometimes, if the hormones Then let's do it! What? Right now'? Getting pregnant's a miracle.
Maybe this is our miracle.
Only together this time.
Hey! Retta's here.
Hurry! Carbo! Mel, you're still in uniform! You ever knock? Too late now.
She's here.
I know, but No, it's too late for that.
And, Benno, do your shirt up.
Let's take the test now.
No, no, now.
No, later, Ben.
NATHAN: Carbo, we've already met Retta.
Yeah, I know.
But this is the official introduction.
So, ah, let's do this right, OK'? Retta, this is Ben and Mel.
Do I curtsy now'? And I'm Nathan.
Yeah, he's Nathan.
Mel just got home from work.
She's a nurse.
Oh, that's great.
My cousin's a nurse.
Do you know Patrick Schembri? Oh, probably not.
Um, Ben manages a bar and Nathan works in the family business.
And Mel's a nurse.
What do you do, Retta? Retta's a colourist.
Oh! A hairdresser? I work in a paint shop but I'm studying colour psychology.
One day I'd like to help people and companies select and co-ordinate colours.
Make the world a better place.
Retta says that colours often have an unconscious and powerful effect on the way we live and work.
Yeah, like our clothes, for instance.
Take your shirt, Ben.
People often choose blue or pale blue when they feel overheated about something.
Instinctively, it might be an attempt to calm down.
That's why hospitals and psych wards are nearly always pale blue or green - it has a soothing, cooling effect.
Psych ward blue is very you, Ben.
FEET-FA: So, what is it'? What? That you're over-excited about? Nothing.
But maybe you were when you chose the shirt.
I'm not.
I'm fine.
Look, I'm sorry if I got a bit defensive.
If we didn't nail it, we just didn't nail it.
Look, I appreciate your time and effort Just not the realisation.
Look, that is so fine.
You guys are the clients.
You have to be happy.
I was just trying to say, if you let us have another run at it maybe from another angle? SANJAY: Not another angle, Rachel.
A different concept.
Sanjay, don't worry.
If there's one thing we're good at around here, it's going back to the drawing board.
Right, Rachel? Absolutely.
We'll be in touch.
I'll walk you down.
Thank you.
See you later.
What the hell was that'? That was so weird.
Honestly, you were on fire.
I don't understand.
He loved it yesterday.
Whatwhat happened? Did I get too heated? I got a bit too heated, didn't I'? I'm so embarrassed.
No, don't be.
You've got nothing to feel bad about.
You were just passionate about the idea.
That's fine.
Hey, I was looking online - the resort's got babysitters so I thought one night we could book one.
Maybe have dinner in town, by ourselves.
Yeah, might never come home.
(LAUGHS) And the salon up in the mall has got a special on spray tans.
Is that too stupid? Not at all.
If you end up glowing in the dark I'll be able to find you in the restaurant.
(GIGGLES) I've still got it.
Hey, I was I know we're saving for this trip but I was just wondering if we could maybe help Ben out a little bit? What, you mean down the track when they've had a baby? Wellmaybe before that'? I mean, we've helped Nathan and Rachel in the past.
Rachel? Which one's she again? I thought it might help him out, that's all.
(PHONE RINGS) I'll look at the books, see what I can come up with.
Dave Rafter.
G'day, mate.
The whole panel? Yep.
Alright, then, I reckon I can be there in about 2O minutes.
Oh, you're not going out now'? Won't take too long.
Just think of it as a couple of extra cocktails.
Why don't you have some dinner first? Just chuck it in the fridge.
I'll eat it later.
(BOTH LAUGH) You still here? Yeah, mate.
Just enjoying a knock off.
You going out? Yeah.
Thought I might hit the strip clubs before dinner.
Really? Or fix a blown panel in Beverley Park.
Can't decide.
Oh, sorry, mate.
If I'd have known, I wouldn't have had a couple.
Job just came in.
Oh, still.
I should've kept myself right, just in case.
You're doing too much at the moment.
What makes you say that'? Oh it's just something Julie might have said.
Well, you don't have to listen, do you? It's all good.
You want a lift? I'm heading that direction.
How about you? No, I'll walk it off.
I'm sweet.
Pull the door shut when you leave.
No worries.
See you, mate.
Forgot my keys.
What would you do without me? I have no idea.
See ya.
How's your food, Retta? It's delicious.
It's all organic.
I'm into health.
I love the way your hair does that.
So, Retta, tell us more about this colour thing.
Well, you have to understand that the colour of an object Like this glass.
Is actually a complex result of its surface properties as well CARBO: As its transmission and emission properties.
All of which contribute to the mix of wavelengths in the light leaving the surface of the object.
For example, yellow stimulates memory.
I mean, what colour are Post-it Notes? Nathan? Sorry, I was stuck on emissions.
Um, Post-it Notes are yellow.
Yeah! Isn't it fascinating? (SIGHS) Hi.
What are you doing here? I missed you.
Wow, you know, you almost sounded sincere then.
Yeah, OK.
Um, I've run out of clean clothes.
Can I please borrow some money'? And Jake said you were asking after me.
Might have.
So, how are things? You look tired.
Too much of the high life, you know'? (CH UCKLES) How about you? How's work? Oh, you know.
Do I? No, well, the last thing you need is me banging on about it.
Hasn't stopped you before.
Work's terrible.
Everything the client loved yesterday he hated today.
Doesn't sound good.
I know.
I've got to start again.
I've got to do a new concept, new budget, new everything.
Want some? No, thank you.
It's so hard, Dad - you think you're on top of everything, then all of a sudden you realise you're not at all.
Well, sometimes people are hard to read, hey? Yeah, but not for me.
Not usually.
I mean, reading people is what I do.
Just makes me question myself a bit, that's all.
Hey, no questioning.
It's early days.
Just do what you do, trust you know what you're doing and keep doing it.
It's good to see you.
Is everything OK'? Yeah.
Why wouldn't it be'? I don't know.
No reason.
I'm fine - now.
Yes, my hugs are renowned for their healing powers.
No, it's your Mum's pasta.
It's magnificent.
Some experts say that every room needs a touch of black to ground the colour scheme and give it depth.
I know! Are you sure you don't mind me talking about this? CARBO: No way! There are other subjects.
We did them.
This is great.
I could listen to you all night.
Retta, I can't believe you like that film you lent us.
It scared the hell out of us.
Oh, me too.
But I love being scared.
You feel so alive.
Ooh, Carbo saw a ghost last night.
Didn't you? No.
It was just a light.
Where? In the dead lady's house up the road.
Well, can we have a look at the ghost house? What? Now'? Well, please? Come on.
Is anyone still hungry? BOTH: Nup.
There's plenty of food.
You're not scared, are you? Of course not.
So, do you guys want to come? No, I thought I might get an early night.
MEL: Yeah, me too.
Hey, do you need any sheets or towels or anything? No.
No, thank you.
I won't be staying.
Me and Carbo have taken a vow.
A vow'? Of celibacy.
Alright! Um, I'll show you that house.
Celibacy? For real? Lucky it's only till we get married.
So, I'll say goodnight now.
Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome.
And I'm sorry if I bored you with all the colour stuff.
I know I can go on.
Orange was a bad idea.
Too much communication.
(LAUGHS) Are you ready? Let's do it.
See you, guys.
See ya.
Are you sure you're not scared? No.
Not at all.
Marriage! What? Colour me crazy.
ls Carbo completely nuts? Yeah, I'm sorry, she's known him for what - three minutes and she's turned him into Ah, mush man.
Until they're married?! Maybe it's my fault.
I told him he'd meet the perfect girl.
Yeah, but celibacy.
You know, there are other things we could be obsessing over right now.
It's like the Dark Ages.
I mean, it's barbaric.
No, really.
There's no need for us to be here when we could be upstairs, doing something together.
I am in the room.
Oh, my God.
How could I forget? Come on.
Back in a sec! You know what you were saying this morning about miracles? Yeah.
I can feel it too.
I think this is it.
Come on.
I swear there was a weird light in the window.
Can we go in'? No! (CLEARS THROAT) I can feel your heart pounding.
That's normal when I'm with you.
(LAUGHS) Liar.
You're scared.
No, I'm not.
Well, that's a shame.
Because I was going to distract you.
How'? A kiss.
I'm scared.
BEN: There's definitely a second line forming.
Where? There.
See'? There.
Ooh, I don't think so.
This is the longest five minutes of my life.
People bang on about watched pots taking forever.
What about watched sticks? Oh - there is definitely a second line.
See'? Two lines is good, yeah? There's no second line.
You sure? No.
Maybe if we just give it a bit more time.
We're not pregnant.
Not this time, Ben.
You're right.
It's just an awful, awful feeling, when you want it to happen so much and then it doesn't.
There is only one way that this is ever going to happen so, um, let's get practising.
He, Dad? Are you alright? Yeah, sure.
What are you doing alone, sitting in the dark? I just couldn't sleep.
Just thinking.
What about you? What are you doing? Just working on a few concepts.
Good for you.
I am going to come home more often, I promise.
If there's anything you need to talk about, I am here for you.
Thanks, Doctor.
Dad, I There's a few things rattling around.
Nothing major.
“She'll be right.
” Exactly.
Typical man.
Is this where I grunt? (CHUCKLES) Goodnight.
Get some sleep.
You know, you don't have to keep things bottled in.
Who says I am? I might not be great at reading the clients at my work, but I think I know my own dad.
What time is it? Late.
Jules, I need to talk to you about something.
Do I have to open my eyes? It's up to you.
It's about Ben and Mel.
I don't think we can help them out at the moment.
Really? Why? The Tax Office are hitting us up for $15,000.
What? Whafl? Well, it's my own fault.
I stuffed up some stupid superannuation thing.
Oh, no.
So, um (SIGHS) There won't be any holiday, either.
Yeah, I know.
I'mI'm sorry.
Oh, no, look, maybe I can I'll go back to Barrett's part-time.
No, no, no, no.
I'll do some It'll be alright.
We'll be alright.
We just don't anything spare for anything else.
I feel like such an idiot.
Oh, hey I doubt we're the first people to get bad news from the tax department.
I know, but I stuffed up.
I'm really sorry - for you and for Ben and Mel.
Hey, we'll work it out.
We always do.
(RUMBLING) Oh! (OPENS DOOR) Ha! I know what you're doing! (YELPS) What's going on? Balls! You think I don't know that you're doing the bouncy ball thing? What? Carbo, get out! Very funny.
Do I look amused? No.
What the hell are you talking about, you freak? Oh, sorry.
Sorry, did I interrupt“? Yes! (CHUCKLES) I get it! No! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Funny man.
(SHRIEKS) Get out! Get out! Wait, wait.
What? Tell me this, but.
I just saw the ghost right now.
So if you were inside doing the balls Yes.
who was over at Mrs Luscombds? I'm going to go over and investigate.
Oh! Come on.
This we have to see.
MEL: Come on.
NoI'll just No Just hold No, no, no Hold that thought, baby.
Hold that thought.
Don't worry about it.
Hold that thought.
It's alright.
(SIGHS) (SCREECH ES) Get off! Get off.
Be serious.
Jeez! You think this is scary - wait till Mel catches up with you.
Benno, if you and Mel are trying to have a baby, you're going about it the wrong way.
I don't think I want to hear this.
I was talking to cousin Toula about it.
She reckons the male needs to take the lead - you know, the downward drift.
Oh, yeah.
Makes sense.
Better odds that way, I reckon.
Are you two right? Just because you're not getting any, stop obsessing over my love life.
I'm not.
Oh, yeah? What about this whole celibacy thing with you and Retta? So lame.
(NATHAN SNIGGERS) Oh, there it is! Do you see it? There! Do you see it? Come on.
You go first.
Ben, what is that'? It's not a ghost.
It's a squatter.
Well, we should probably just call the police or something.
And why would you go and do that'? (ALL SCREAM) Whoa.
Coby'? What's going on? NATHAN: I'm confused.
You said you were staying at a mate's house.
COBY: Yeah.
That fell through, so I slept in my car for a while but the cops kept moving me on.
So then you went and broke into a house.
It was empty.
Who gives a toss'? What's going on? Coby's the ghost.
NATHAN: You're breaking the law, Coby.
If you were stuck, why didn't you ask for help? Look, to tell you the truth, I didn't want Dave thinking anything bad.
This is the first real job I've had in ages.
I didn't want to screw it up.
So if it's all the same to you, I'll keep the curtains shut and the lights off and I'll see you in the morning.
Doesn't anyone else see a problem with this? It's not ideal.
He slept in his car.
That's pretty rough.
First he lies about where he's staying.
Now he's breaking into houses.
What are you going to do? Call the cops? Coby in trouble with the law is the last thing Dad needs.
We can keep an eye on the place.
At least we know it's not a ghost.
NATHAN: Goodnight.
Wait up.
(SQUEALS) Now, where were we'? One more Carbo interruptus and I'll be the one taking the vow of celibacy.
Hold on.
I'll put the chair against it.
Do you really think that will hold? If Carbo gets past this, I'll personally break it over his head.
What? Hey, Mel.
Is it OK if I lead this time'? Tell me you haven't been talking to Carbo.
Oh! Morning.
What's all this? Four new concepts.
I'd like to see Sanjay say no to all of these.
You should see your dad more often.
Like he says, I've just got to trust I know what I'm doing.
You can't read all the people all the time.
That's right.
Not everyone you work with is what they seem.
Well, good luck.
So, Nathan, how'd you sleep? Oh, fine.
You? Yeah, like a baby.
Thanks for asking.
Are we going to have a problem? That depends.
Do you want to spell it out? I should tell Dad.
Hasn't anyone ever told you dobbing's a real dog act'? What happens if you get caught, Coby'? It will reflect badly on him.
Bull! This is not about your dad.
This is all about you.
Ah, this is going to be good.
Go on.
First you stalk me up in Coolong, twice.
Now I can't fart without you showing up.
Coby, you haven't given me any reason to trust you.
You are obsessed.
I am not a crim.
I have not hurt anyone.
Get your own life.
I'll tell you what - I will lay off if you start playing by the rules.
Get off my back and I'll find somewhere else to stay.
You'd better.
Ready? Rachel, hey.
How are you today'? Hi.
I'm good, thanks.
Really? You look a bit tired.
Oh, it was just a late night, you know'? Ideas don't prepare themselves.
I guess not.
I can't wait to see what you've got, though.
Sanjay should be stoked.
Quick turnaround.
Yeah, let's hope so.
He's tricky, though.
He knows what he likes.
Except when he changes his mind.
He's a changeable guy.
For someone who's only met him a couple of times you seem to know an awful lot about him.
We've worked together before.
Can you assemble the rest of the team for the presentation, please? Sure.
It was weird, wasn't it? Sanjay's 180.
Yeah, it was.
What do you think happened? I don't know.
Like I said, he's tricky.
Client privilege.
Maybe he was just playing games.
Why would he do that'? I don't know.
You know him better than I do.
Why don't you tell me? BEN: If someone you work with's got it in for you, you'd better be absolutely sure before you go there.
But if someone on the other side of the world has ideas about your whole future, you have to go there, whatever anyone says.
CARBO: Hey, guys, Mum just rang.
Now, that is scary.
It is.
She's selling the house.