Packed to the Rafters (2008) s03e17 Episode Script

Spark Of Life

TED: (NARRATES) Holidays.
Aren't they great? Somehow they always put the spark back into your tired old life.
TED: Whoa! Watch out for red-backs, mate! Ho ho! Wipe-out! (CHUCKLES) Welcome back.
Yeah, good to see you, mate.
Yeah, well.
You're looking sharp.
Yeah, yeah.
It's at the local op shop, mate.
Chel picked it out for me.
How is she? Oh, mate, couldn't be fitter.
Honestly, Dave, a month at the beach, sun, surf- you're looking at a new man! Yeah? With a new board, eh? Yep.
Isn't she a beauty'? I don't know why I ever chucked it in in the first place.
(YAWNS) Excuse me.
Late night? No, busy working.
I just thought I'd spend 2O minutes cleaning the gutters between jobs.
No worries.
I'll whip it into shape for you.
Midget Farrelly, eat your heart out.
(CHUCKLES) JULIE: Ah, yes, I remember when you gave it up.
You said you were too old.
I was wrong.
Yes, sweet pea, there's always a first.
I put your bag in the room.
Thanks, mate.
Now, why give something up when you get so much out of it? Eh.
What about your knees? If I need new ones, I'll buy 'em.
(CHUCKLES) When I think of Chel choofing off to India for what's left of the hippie trail, I think, “Why not?" Yeah, she sounded pretty excited.
Raring to go, mate.
Can't wait.
Yeah, it's fantastic.
Look, I'll just stash this and then I'll deal with those leaves.
Remember holidays? Yeah.
Well, it's Friday.
I have to work for quite a lot of it, though.
Well, yeah, but maybe we could find a few hours, try and get to the beach.
Play it by ear.
There's a lot on.
Oh, actually, I've got mothers' group.
I'm running late.
Before you go, there's a woman who wants a quote on some outdoor lights.
For a change.
Yeah, about the beach - maybe next weekend, eh? WOMAN: Yoga's been marvellous for Orly.
We've been learning the pavanamuktasana - the wind-releasing pose.
Wind? Trapped digestive gases.
Oh, yeah, when you've got to release the gases.
(SNORTS) Are you jogging, Julie? Are you trying to get back into shape? Um Because there are some fab little three-wheeler jogging prams with much better suspension.
Isn't that good news? We all know about shaken baby syndrome.
We wouldn't want to risk any developmental problems.
Now, we want to show you 'bala asana', the child's pose.
Orly does this one.
He finds it very relaxing.
You stretch your hands in front of you, like this About getting back into shape Mmm? Ignore her - you look great.
Oh! (CH UCKLES) You've got to wonder what Steph's husband's like.
He's an alcoholic.
(LAUGHS) He'd have to be completely stewed to get through an evening with her.
That's unkind.
(CHUCKLES) Well? Um If you're not doing anything after, you feel like coffee? Uh, oh, I'd better not.
I told Dave I'd check on some accounts.
(LAUGHS) Maybe another time? You're on.
And this one's called 'uttana shishosona', but I like to call it the 'extended puppy' pose.
Ohh You know what? (LAUGHS) Why not? I think, after staring at Steph's extended puppies all morning, we might need a coffee.
I was wondering how you were getting on.
Oh, didn't they tell you? I'm in charge now.
Oh, pleased to hear it.
Well, boss, I don't suppose you've seen the rake in your travels.
I have, mate - back left corner.
It's been a long drive.
You sure you're up for it? Driving's just sitting, and sitting's for old people.
I found this guitar.
I didn't know where to put it.
Just chuck it anywhere.
I don't get to use it much anymore.
It's yours? Not only is it his, but Dave was a genuine rock star.
You should get him to tell you about it - or better still, get an autograph.
Rock star? Don't listen to him.
Little bit too much sun, you know'? Show me a few chords? (CH UCKLES) No, you've gotta go pick up Jake from the Harris Street job.
Maybe I can get your autograph first.
Sell it on eBay.
Coby, pick up Jake, please.
Oh, look, Stephanie's got to be onto us.
There's no way she'd think we're into it.
(LAUGHS) Are you kidding? I could've spontaneously combusted - she wouldn't have noticed.
Yes, well, lucky no-one lit a match after the wind-releasing pose, or we all would have combusted! What have you, umwhat have you got on for the rest of the day? Uhwell, prepare yourself, because it's riveting.
Um, I'm going to draw up some invoices, mash some banana for this one Pick the banana up from the floor.
My clothes.
The lampshade.
And then the highlight of my evening will be watching Sleepless in Seattle on the telly.
Ah, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan.
Don't meet till the very end - top of the Empire State Building.
Hey! You're lucky I've seen it.
Who hasn't'? Teddy bear won me.
If that kid hadn't have left it there Tom Hanks won me.
He's your type, is he? Mmmno, not really.
(CH UCKLES) Anyway, he's taken.
Really? Damn.
I would have thought Meg Ryan would be more your taste.
She's OK.
Not a patch on you, though.
Ohno more coffee for you.
You're obviously delirious.
It's true.
Stop it.
Even with banana on your clothes.
(LAUGHS) Hello? Oh, I'm sorry.
Had coffee with someone from mothers' group.
No harm done.
It's under control.
Ooh! What are you cooking? Vegie curry.
And thanks to Chel, I'll never refer to vegetables as 'chook food' again.
Well, whatever you're doing, it's working.
You look fantastic.
Yeah, well, I've got a two-point plan.
One, keep the mind active by learning a language, and two, keep the body active by preparing for Kokoda.
You're gonna walk Kokoda? Well, not right this minute.
But, you know, that's the goal.
Wow! I want what you've got.
Easy, love.
Just go out and grab it.
No, no.
I'm not complaining.
I've had a lovely afternoon.
(COOS) Haven't we'? Yes, we have.
Making friends? Yes, I am.
I didn't think I'd have much in common, but it seems that I do.
Hey, darling.
All that way and all she wanted to do was pick my brains.
The woman with the outdoor lights? Didn't she want a quote? No.
And I was supposed to meet Jake on a building site an hour ago.
God only knows what's happening there.
Next time you take a booking, could you think a bit harder about travel time? Umwhat have you lost? Well, that invoice you were meant to do.
You know, the one about the fit-out on the new apartment? I did it.
It's there.
Where? I can't find it.
It's in that pile.
Where? Oh, darling, you're wet.
Jules! Yeah, I'll get it for you.
Just give me a second.
Come on, darling.
TED: It had only taken me a month to get my spark back.
But the sparks flying between these two were not the kind you'd want to encourage.
COBY: Yep.
Everything3 everything's cool.
TOM: And you saw our little friend? Course.
He's good.
Good lad.
Look, I-l can't really talk now.
You're still at the Rafters'? Yep.
Thanks, Grandad.
I'll talk to you later.
Thanks for the call.
You will.
Was that Tom? Yep.
Does he call a lot? Oh, a bit.
Let's get this party started.
Hello! So you two get along, then? You and Tom? Yeah, get along OK.
Hey, before he went to prison Uh, did you want to do this or what? Oh, it's up to you.
How much do you want to know about Stunner Stacey? A fair amount.
Me too.
Let's go.
(SIGHS) (READS) “Al" “Although" O-U-G-H is tricky, but it'syeah, although.
“AlthoughI'm unjust" “.
a" uh, “ho" Homebody.
Yeah, right.
(LAUGHS) Um, um “.
mymy famy fav” Favourite.
favourite" Oh, for the articles.
Hell, no - for the pictures.
Want to take a look, Grandad? No, I'll pass.
I've got a curry starting to happen.
Ooh, yes.
I can smell it from here.
Well, you get hungry, you know where we are.
So Thanks for notsaying anything about the reading.
Oh, it's no big deal.
Hey, listen, we're actually gonna have pizza next door, if you don't mind getting botulism.
Or you could just drop in for a beer.
Ummaybe, yeah.
I've got a few things to do.
If you change your mind, let me know.
Anyway Are you sure the car's OK'? I don't want Mel buying a lemon.
Oh, you smell nice.
You think? TED: The sparks flying between Carbo and Retta were another thing again.
The guy reckons he's kept it serviced, but if it's not right Could you at least pretend to be listening? The trick is to floor it, not flood it.
Here, I'll show you.
(MOTOR REVS GENTLY) Carbo! Car's great, Benno.
Mel's got herself a beauty.
Runs fine? So fine.
Carbo, the car! So he gave it the thumbs-up'? When he managed to come up for air.
I love it! Mine, mine, all mine! BEN: Do I get to drive it? MEL: Mmmsometimes.
Maybe, if you're very nice to me.
Hey, would carrot work on pizza? I can't take it anymore! It's driving me nuts.
What's wrong'? Retta's getting ready.
She's in the showernaked.
In case you were wondering.
Water cascading off her soap-lathered skin and falling in droplets off her (SINGS) La Ia la la la! (DOORBELL RINGS) I'm gonna get that.
Thank you for sharing, but can you not, please? Look, I'm sorry, but I'm just so Frustrated.
We get it.
Can we talk about something else, please? My new car? It's driving me nuts.
Everywhere I look, everywhere I go - sex! Would this work on pizza? You're not funny.
A man with beer - my kind of guy.
Glad you could make it.
Yeah, absolutely.
Someone normal.
No, carrot's weird.
WOW! MEL: Oh, you two are really dressed up for the movies.
CARBO: It's Gold Class.
Can't slum it.
Yeah, we're seeing a horror film.
I love horror films.
They scare the crap out of Carbo.
Yeah, I know.
But that's the fun of it - the adrenaline rush.
Don't you look gorgeous? I really like your dress, Retta.
Oh, thanks.
Anytime you want to borrow it, just say so.
I mean that, OK'? It would really suit you - probably better than it suits me.
You've got a great shape.
In fact, any of my clothes - if you see something you like Oh, gosh! Look at the time.
If you guys don't hurry, you'll probably miss your train.
See you.
See you.
See you, guys.
Have a good time.
Is she always so nice? NATHAN: Yep.
She's OK.
Did you hear her? I mean, she was pretty full-on.
And sudden.
Practically instant.
(QUIETLY) Now'? Yes.
Back, uhsometime soon.
They're trying to have a baby.
I can't believe it.
I really am the normal one.
What about me? (CH UCKLES) Another beer? Is that where you stayed? Right on the beach, you lucky thing.
And Oh! DAVE: I'm off to bed.
Are you coming? Huh'? Aren't you gonna stay and watch the movie? No, I know how it ends.
It's Sleepless in Seattle.
We always watch it.
Not tonight.
Aw, Dave 'Night, all.
'Night, Dave.
The movie's about to start.
(SNORTS) Spoilsport.
Me'? (LAUGHS) No, Hamish.
He's from mothers' group.
Well, parents' group.
We're the troublemakers who sit up the back.
(CH UCKLES) And so he's a good friend, eh? Well, I wouldn't say that.
Well, he's texting you of an evening.
Oh, for heaven's sake, Dad! Now you don't want me to have friends? I didn't say that.
Well, you may as well have.
Hey, calm down, love.
What's your problem? Well, the problem is the movie's about to start and you're talking rubbish about me daring to have a social life.
(INHALES SHARPLY) That was, um Sorry.
Sorry, Dad.
That was a bit over the top.
Didn't hear.
You got my bad ear.
Is everything OK, Jules? Mmm? Yeah, it's fine.
No, honestly, it's fine.
I think we're just probably just a bit tired, that's all.
TED: I still had my holiday eyes, bright and wide open, and that spark in Julie's was starting to wony me.
CARBO: For a horror movie, there sure was a lot of sex.
Yeah, there really was.
An awful lot.
In close-up.
Mmm, up close.
Carbo, is this too hard for you? Eh'? I mean difficult.
Becauseif it is and you want out, I'll understand - I won't hate you.
Hey, hey! I don't want out.
Don't you ever think that.
I know it's a big ask and I know it sounds old-fashioned and you probably think I'm crazy, butit's important to me.
You are crazy.
And you are old-fashioned.
But it's not a big ask.
All those things are fine by me.
So I'm sticking around.
Got it? Got it.
You matter too much to me.
Enough to drive me home? Because I'm probably over the limit.
Oh, I don't think I should be driving either.
Doesn't matter.
I'll get a cab.
No, stay.
You can have my bed and I'll take the couch.
What? I just feel so lu6l What teddy bear? That movie was two hours too long.
Oh, stop ruining it.
We liked it.
We liked it a lot, didn't we'? Yeah.
You sure you two are brothers? Nuh.
BEN: How would you know, anyway'? You were fidgeting throughout the whole movie like I was watchin' it! Oh, hey.
How was the movie? It was, um Yeah, and really, um (CH UCKLES) Yeah.
Sounds fascinating.
I think I'm gonna turn in.
I've had my fill of bad movies.
No, no.
Stay, just for a bit.
I've been around so much lately, but I still hardly know you guys.
I'm actually a bit tired too.
Yeah, he is.
Oh, well, how about avodka shot? Hey! That'll wake us up.
Yeah, I'll get them, shall I'? Yeah, can't, sorry.
I've got tol got work tomorrow.
Yeah, same.
See you, Cobe.
Actually, yeah, I'm exhausted.
Today's been nonstop.
Some other time, hey, Retta? And, uh, there's pizza there if you want it.
Too much.
What do you mean? They couldn't leave the room fast enough.
It's obvious they don't like me.
Especially Ben.
Hey, look, they like you.
OK'? Everyone likes you.
(SCOFFS) Except me.
Because I love you.
To bits, OK? OK.
I'm going to bed.
Talking about it just makes us think about it.
Don't you want some pyjamas? Oh, no.
I never wear them.
Sweet dreams.
(PHONE BEEPS) (GIGGLES) Who's that'? Just someone from mothers' group wanting to talk about the movie.
Bit late, isn't it'? Sorry.
Anyway, I'd rather talk to you.
Oh, I haven't got much to talk about at the moment.
Oh, that's OK.
I don't mind.
Well, I can't sleep.
I may as well get up for a while.
Sorry, darling.
That's my fault.
I was awake anyway.
(swans) (PHONE BEEPS) (TYPES REPLY) (PLAYS) Don't stop.
Sounds good.
Nah, nah.
I'm just filling in time.
Can't sleep? Oh, you know, just a few work issues, nothing serious.
Things a bit rough at the moment'? Nah, we'll manage.
You know, I'm only too happy to help out.
Chip in a bit more than rent and board.
Nah, Ted, that's not necessary.
You know money troubles are only money troubles.
Don't let 'em grow into something more.
Yeah, I know.
You know, I'mI'm trying to chase up all this work and I just feel like I'm a a mouse on a wheel.
Well, if you're going round and round, why not stop for a while? Take the time to see what you're missing.
Yeah, and in the meantime, the wheel falls off.
No, it won't.
What was that John Lennon line? “Life's what happens when you're making other plans.
” You know, we should never have let you loose with a couple of hippies for a month.
Still, it's worth thinking about.
It was easy for him to say.
He was rich.
So are you.
More than you know.
Don't stay up too late, hey? TED: It's not easy keeping the holiday vibe alive.
Not when the worries of everyday fife drag you down.
And when the empty house next door is showing its own wonying signs of life.
Some things are better left till morning.
Most people would have used the front door.
Oh! And don't even think about doing a bunk.
(SIGHS) I needed somewhere to stay.
There's no-one living there.
It's break and enter, Coby.
And it's disrespectful of an old woman's memory.
She's dead.
Why is she gonna care? And what about Dave? I'm doing my job.
I'm working hard.
Now, he's gone out on a limb for you and you're not being honest with him.
And if you're not being honest about this, what else aren't you being honest about? Nothing.
He's giving you a chance.
Don't you think you owe him? What? And you think telling him's gonna take the pressure off'? Oh, don't use that argument with me.
I'm not stupid, boyo.
One way or another, it ends today.
And Dave has to know.
You're gonna tell him? You or me.
Take your pick.
Mmm'? Hey, Isn't it amazing that something we like doing so much can bring us something so wonderful'? Someone so wonderful.
Our own beautiful little person.
With your eyes and your nose.
(GIGGLES) I can't stand this! This is torture! She's in there right now, her long limbs sprawled under my rumpled sheets.
Go away.
(SIGHS) Her lips gently parted Carbo, stop moaning.
You made your bed.
And she's lying in it! Tell someone else.
We're busy.
No, you're not.
You're not even dressed.
Oh! I can't believe you guys are about to when I'mwhen she's Do you mind? (SIGHS) Mind? Of course I mind! Carbo, go away! Look, I can't sleep, I can't eat Just go away now! Oh, OK! Forget I was here.
Good morning.
I had the best sleep.
(CLEARS THROAT) All that space in the bed.
And your mattress.
Oh! It's so firm.
Y-yes, it is.
I felt a little guilty, though, about you being on the couch and me all spread out in there.
Uhplease stop.
No, you're right.
Guilt is a pointless emotion.
Bathroom's all yours.
(SIGHS) Oh! Oh! Spark plug, fan belt, alternator.
Brake pads.
Yes, use your fingers as well.
Looks like we've got another mouth for breakfast.
Is that doable? Yeah, I think we can manage that.
Um, the glasses are over there, juice in the fridge.
Why don't you get started with that while I finish with missy here? As it's Saturday, first day of the weekend Uh, Dave, Coby's got something to tell you.
In a second, Ted.
As it's Saturday, my mobile phone has decided it's not prepared to do any overtime and has decided to take the day off.
What's brought this on? Something a wise man once said.
Anyway, I'm gonna take the day off as well, as is Jake, but, Coby, seeing you've come all this way, I'll find you something to do before we go.
Maybe you could finish off the shed, eh? Go where? Well, the great outdoors is calling.
You and me.
Sorry, baby.
Um, Dad, you know that offer to babysit? Ooh! Love to.
Thank you.
Well, you can't tell him now.
It'd wreck his day.
The day's not over yet.
JULIE: Oh! Bliss! Mmm! Yeah, we've missed this.
Mmm! I haven't been much company either, you know, with all the work, and the not sleeping.
God, I can't remember the last time we spent time together, just the two of us.
What are we gonna talk about? UmI'm sure we'll think of something.
(PHONE BEEPS) Oh, can you'? I'll get it.
It's not Ruby.
It's just a text from Hamish.
Who'? You know, the father from mothers' group.
I told you about him.
Should I be jealous? Yeah.
Yeah, you should.
Jealousy, sun, grass.
Who knows where it might lead? Hmm.
No nappy talk today.
I can't face it.
Come here.
(PHONE RINGS) Just ignore it.
Oh! (LAUGHS) (SIGHS) Oh, it's home.
Hello? Dad? ls Ruby OK'? Oh, good.
It's Dad.
Says it's urgent.
Yeah, Ted? What are they doing here? What's happened? Nothing.
Not to us.
There was a robbery last night.
They're just doing routine checks.
What robbery? Where? On the site where they've been working.
They're not saying it's got anything to do with you guys? Well, it's the second time fixtures have gone missing from one of our jobs, so They reckon it happened last night around about 9 o'clock, just before the security came by.
So someone knew'? Well, it could be luck, but the stuff just got delivered yesterday.
Looks like an inside job.
What inside job? You tell him.
I'll call Brian and make sure there's no problem.
Is there likely to be'? That's why I'm calling him.
Come on, Brian.
How long have I been subbing for you? Yeah, but there's no connection.
You can't possibly think that.
Yeah, alright.
When things have cleared up, then we OK.
Well, uh Yeah, thanks, Brian.
Job's off.
And so too is the likelihood of working with him again.
But it had nothing to do with you.
From his point of view, that's two robberies my team is connected with.
Yeah, but they can't just fire you with no reason, with no proof.
Well, you tell him that.
I'm still out of work.
We'll find other jobs.
The phone never stops ringing.
Yeah, all the crummy waste-of-timers that no-one else can be bothered with.
Look, I know I've said this before, but how well do we really know Coby'? Well enough.
Maybe not.
OK, I've been staying next door, but that doesn't mean I've been ripping stuff off! It means you've been lying to me.
What else have you been lying about? What about the plumbers? They were on both jobs.
Could've been them.
Don't you think the police would've asked that'? What were you doing around about 9:00 last night? Uh, Dad? Just hang on a sec.
I want some answers here.
Honest ones, not the bull you've been feeding me.
Dad, he was at our place.
Doing what? He came over and we watched a movie with Ben and Mel.
Then we had pizza.
That was around about 9:00'? Yeah.
I told you, I didn't do it.
Look, I-I'm sorry, mate.
I I've had a bad day.
Ishouldn't take it out on you.
Just leave all the stuff.
You can finish it later on, alright? Sure.
Hey Coby.
Coby! Coby, hang on! All that crap about giving me a chance! Yeah, he meant it.
Oh, yeah, right.
And what about your grandad? He did what he thought was right.
Oh, and stuff what I think'?! (SIGHS) It wasn't you, was it? Are you kidding me? I just need to know that you coming over last night wasn't about getting an alibi.
You and Dave, you're the bloody same.
I'm not accusing you.
Just, last night you kept checking the time.
Yeah, it was a boring movie! You thought so too! I just need to know for sure.
And you think I'm scum? That's Give me a break! (ENGINE REVS) Reckon he'll be back? I don't know.
You think he did it? I hope not.
(SIGHS) Hey.
Look, I know you're tense and I know you're worried, but you're keeping me awake too, darling.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
It's just Have you seen Ruby lately? It's like herding cats.
Trying to run the office as well Yeah, well, you sleep, then, seeing as I do sweet nothing all day.
Hey, I didn't say that.
It's alright.
I've got some paperwork to do.
What, now'? Yeah.
I'm wide awake.
May as well do something useful.
Well, I'll make you a cup of tea.
No, you stay there.
No point in both of us being awake.
I need to clear my head.
Dave (OPENS DOOR) (swans) (YELLS) (BOXES CLA-l-FE R) You having a bit of a party? Don't you ever sleep? Well, not when my room's right there.
A lot better than you, I reckon.
How long is it since you've had a good night's sleep? I don't know.
How old's Ruby'? Come on.
There's more to it than that.
Yeah, well, I'm sorry, Ted, but that's the best I can do.
And that helped, did it'? Nope.
Come on! Do you want to talk about it? No, I don't! Well, I guess that just about covers it.
Yeah, well, I guess it does.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) Oh, come on! Dave, it's Sunday.
They won't seriously expect the job to be done today.
Yeah, well, if I don't, it'll eat into tomorrow.
But you're exhausted.
You can't keep going on like this.
It's work, Jules.
We need the money.
it's just money.
it's not worth it.
Well, believe me, when you've just lost a big contract that you were banking on, it is worth it.
You're up early.
Thought I'd give you a hand.
Don't worry about it.
No point both of us missing a sleep-in.
You heard from Coby'? No.
Not answering? No.
He probably went out last night and he's sleeping it off.
Well, who could blame him, eh? Dave, can you just take it easy? We'll get by.
Something else will turn up.
What - the tooth fairy? Just leave it, Jules.
It doesn't help.
Coby, it's Nathan.
Uml was way out of line and you're welcome to beat me up about it, butuhDad really needs you, so can you just give me a call back? OK.
I really hope he comes back, because if he doesn't, all I've done is make things worse for Dad.
Oh, I'm weak.
I'm so weak.
I don't deserve Retta.
I've been unfaithful.
With who'? It was last night.
Don't know who she was.
This naked temptress.
And then she reached over and I, uh Oh.
Ew! I'm trying to eat! OK.
This has to stop.
You think I'm not trying? No, I mean the whole situation.
You need to talk to Retta and sort something out, because the way things are now, it's hopeless for all of us.
It's hard for Retta too, you know.
Yeah, of course it is.
A celibacy pact'? It's justit's not right.
I know that, you know that.
We all know that, don't we'? Yes.
Look, you're a big boy now.
It's time to make a big decision.
I know it's tough, but you've got to end it.
Carbo? Put us both out of our misery.
It's the only way.
(M U-l-FE RS) it's not Oh! (SIGHS) Anything I can do to help? Oh, no, thanks, Dad.
I'm just adding up some invoices.
Want me to take missy for a walk? No, no.
She's asleep.
(SIGHS) I am on your side, you know.
You can talk to me.
Ohl know that, Dad.
Hasn't been much of a homecoming for you, has it? (PHONE RINGS) Yes, hello? Oh, Hamish.
Oh, you know.
Just the usual for a change.
(LAUGHS) Coffee? Yeah.
Uhyeah, why not? OK.
Can you give me 2O minutes? Great.
I'll see you there.
That's a nice surprise.
(swans) Don't, Dad.
I didn't say a word.
Look, he just wants someone to talk to to break the baby routine, that's all.
And frankly, the idea of getting out and into some fresh air is pretty appealing to me too, OK'? Julie.
HAMISH: Morning.
Oh, thank you for suggesting this.
Can't tell you how much I needed to get out of the house.
Well, I have ordered you a latte.
Oh, thanks.
So, how are you? Oh, I've already fought with the vacuum cleaner (CH UCKLES) Thank you.
fought with baby vomit and I fought with Claire, all in the two minutes before she decided she'd had enough and went to the office.
Oh, Hamish, that's awful.
You two alright? No, not really.
Things have been tense for a while.
It's Oh.
Oh, well, that's just the pressure of a new baby.
You'll ride through it.
Dave and I are a bit the same, actually.
Justgoes with the territory, I think.
SONG: You were so smart then In yourjacket and coat My softest red scarf Was warming your throat Claire didn't really want to have a baby.
It was me who pushed for it, so As it ends up, we both feel guilty.
We've been drifting apart.
Yeah, well, Il know that feeling.
(CHUCKLES) I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to put this on you.
It's It's just What you said - it's, um it's pretty much Dave and me.
I mean, we've alwaysbeen so close.
But now he's he's so tired all the time (SOFTLY) Sorry.
I feel like it's my fault.
Oh, come on.
Nothing's that bad.
I will come back here Bring me back when I'm old (SIGHS) I want to lay here Sorry.
Forever in the cold Sorry.
I'm I feel so stupid.
No! You couldn't be that.
No, I'm Sorry.
Are you OK'? Yeah, I'm fine.
(TYRES SQU EAL) (SIGHS) Julie I've got to say this.
It might not be the right time, but I think I need to say this.
I like you, Julie.
Oh, I Oh, God, no.
LookI've got to go.
Julie No, really, I've got to go.
And we will keep you We will keep you, little one (TYRES SCREECH) Safe from harm Like an extra arm You are part of us (CRASH!) You were so smart then In yourjacket and coat So, goodbye, old England Till next year's snow.
Hey, Coby'? Do you know where Dave is? No, I thought he'd be here.
We've got some stuff to sort out.
I've just been trying to ring him.
He's not answering his mobile.
What happened? Oh, it's alright.
It looks a lot worse than it is.
Are you alright? Yeah, no, I just lost concentration and What, you had an accident? I lost the contract.
Didn't make the job.
I'm supposed to be looking after you and I can't even look after myself.
Hey, stop it.
I don't care about the contract and I don't care about the job.
We're supposed to be looking after each other.
(COBY STARTS E NG I N E) Benno! Oh, Benji, Benny, Ben-Ben! Ben.
Mwah! What? Is this leading somewhere? Mate, not only are you my best friend but you're a genius.
Why'? The advice you gave me was spot-on.
What you said I should do about me and Retta.
Just perfect, mate.
Oh, good.
You're gonna dump her.
No way.
Oh, sorry.
Let her down gently.
Write her a letter.
“Dear Retta No, I'm gonna propose! What? Yeah.
That way, we end the celibacy thing.
I just gotta find the perfect moment, you know'? Like I said, she's the one.
The girl I'm going to marry.
Me and Retta - forever.
Oh, Benny, mate.
Mwah! I owe you one, mate.
I'll never forget it! (CHORTLES) You get your cut next week from Jarrod.
It'll be a tidy earner.
Tell you what - that little bit extra makes a big difference in here.
Big difference.
You've done well.
What's the problem? No problem.
If they're treating you bad, you let me know.
I'll fix it.
No, no.
They're cool.
Theythey're really nice to me.
Then what? Ll can't do this anymore.
I feel bad about what happened to Dave.
Dave's a grown-up.
He can look after himself.
He lost the contract because of me.
He had the accident trying to make up for it, and that'sthat's my fault.
All I've been doing is ripping them off, and they're good people.
They really are.
And there I was thinking you drove all this wayjust 'cause you wanted to see me.
No, I did.
Il do.
I know I said I'd do this for you, Grandad Please? I can't.
(SIGHS) I just don't want to hurt them.
Oh, but your old Grandad here can roll with the punches, eh? No.
Don't you forget who first took you in, who was always there for you.
Dave could have died.
I never signed up for that.
I never signed up for this place either.
But you make the best of what you've got.
That's all we've always done, haven't we'? We always get by, one way or the other.
Don't we'? Yeah.
You bet we do.
You're my number one.
And no-one or nothin' can ever change that.
I don't know, Rach RACHEL: You almost totalled yourself.
Now, you're gonna do as you're told.
Now, I'm earning good money.
I should have started paying more rent when Ruby was born.
She does eat a lot.
Don't worry about tomorrow's jobs.
I'll sort out what's there.
Take the day off.
Like the hospital told you to.
Yeah, but it's easy to say, isn't it? Dad, do the words 'wake-up call' mean anything to you? Exactly.
Things are gonna change around here.
One way or another, we're not gonna starve.
Oh, who's the pig now'? TED: Hallelujah! They were finally rediscovering that spark again.
I was actually wondering whether we'd get to see you again.
(CHUCKLES) Well, I just wanted to let you know I've cleared all my stuff out from next door.
It's all cleaned up and there's nothing broken or anything.
You got a place to stay? Yeah.
Yeah, all sorted.
There's plenty here if you want to join us.
Oh, noI'm right.
I'd better shove off.
Good on you.
Hmm'? So there it was.
Maybe life wasn't completely a beach yet, but there was definitely a tang of salt in the air.
You are coming back, aren't you? Queensland's a long way.
Oh! A couple of hours.
We'll see you soon.
Bye, darling! Bye, Mama.
Next stop, Kokoda! Say bye-bye.
Bye-bye! (LAUGHS) Bye-bye! Bye! (LAUGHS)