Packed to the Rafters (2008) s03e19 Episode Script


SONG: I woke up late today Actually, I do that every day Got no place to be seen RACH E L: Breathing - the easiest and most natural thing in the world.
Except when you're racing to keep up and your life gets crazy.
Oh, God, so many questions to ask That's when taking the time to breathe can actually be something you forget to do.
All of which can be a symptom of classic avoidance.
'Cause I don't want to do what I don't want to do I'm the queen refusenik But, oh, my God JULIE: Rach! I'd be doing it all just fine But I'm a real late starter So I'm making up for lost time.
Yeah? Well, that's just how kids talk these days.
We ran a focus group.
You're right.
That's fine.
We can, um we can start again.
ls everything OK'? Er, my boss hates the tag line for my pitch.
Well, at least you're in time for dinner.
Oh, great.
Save me some.
Rachel We're worried that you're working too hard.
And about you and Jake, darling.
Yeah, well, don't be.
It's fine.
Well, clearly it's not - for anyone, but you especially.
I just I can't talk to her anymore.
Her new job must be pretty stressful.
And then I tried to help her out with this idea and she just totally shut me down.
So call her and, you know, work it out.
No point.
He's a stubborn idiot who deliberately drove his car and put himself in danger to prove a stupid point.
Why should I be the one to apologise? Because you miss him.
Jake, it's killing you.
Call her! (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Liam.
Yeah, we're gonna have to scrap that tag line.
Paul hates it.
Doesn't she ever turn that thing off'? (KNOCKS) Knock-knock.
How's it going'? Oh, thank you.
Um, yeah, it's alright.
Hmm! You didn't show me this idea.
Oh, that's not mine.
That's one of Liam's.
I'm just working it up, trying to give it some shape.
What'? You don't like it'? It's getting there.
Darling, if you don't think it's a good idea No, well, I think it's a good idea to build some teamwork.
You know, get some trust happening between us.
Well, it's good to see that you two are moving on.
Childish not to.
And no, I'm not moving on with Jake.
No, there's nothing to move on to.
Try and eat some of that, will you? I will.
RACH EL: Remembering to breathe makes all the difference.
Do you want a hand? I wouldn't want to interrupt your game of Solitaire.
Very funny.
It's Tetris.
Ah, good morning.
Better timing.
Sorry about yesterday.
I told Cobes I was gonna bike it.
Then got a flat, had to catch a bus.
Er, seriously lame, mate.
Cut your losses.
Anything left to load? Yeah.
In the shed.
We still on for tonight? Oh, I dunno.
Trust me.
It's a really simple exercise.
I reckon you're ready for it.
What? I'm too much of a genius for Vlfink magazine? Forget the reading.
How about a beer? Now you're talking! No.
No, Liam, no.
Not this afternoon.
This morning, please.
As soon as you get in.
I forgot to mention she's still here.
Thank you.
Did you skip your run today, Dad? DAVE: Oh, no.
I got up early.
Seized the day.
You know.
Alright, well, have fun.
You too.
Good luck with the pitch.
Thank you.
See you, guys.
See ya.
Should we start running a book? What on? On who's gonna crack first.
(CH UCKLES) JULIE: Dave! Dave! Yes.
(CH UCKLES) OK! Thank you.
Oh, thank you so much! What is it? What happened? We won.
Won what? Front row tickets to Eric Clapton.
What? A limo's gonna pick us up.
We're staying in a 5-star hotel, everything's paid for Justjustjust hold on.
How did this happen? Well, it was a rock trivia comp.
I entered.
That was the radio station! Wow! What about Ruby'? Oh, well, Rachel can look after her.
Yeah, f she's not chained to her laptop.
Well, Dad can help.
You think? It'll be her first night away from us.
Has to happen sometime.
Can't believe I'm finally gonna get to see Eric Clapton! I know! (CH UCKLES) RACHEL: And while Mum and Dad were breathless with excitement, Ben and Melissa were holding their breath - breathless with nerves.
It should have shown by now.
Just give it another minute.
No, the stick doesn't lie, Ben.
Can I see'? Mmm.
Are you sure you hit the target? Yes, I'm sure.
These things can be pretty tricky for girls.
Trust me - we have our ways.
Really? How'? It will happen.
We just have to be patient, OK'? (KNOCK AT DOOR) LORETTA: Sorry, guys.
I'm busting.
Thank you.
It's OK.
We're done.
Oh, my God! How'd it go? Are you pregnant? Bathroom's yours.
Oh, sorry! Boundaries, remember? LIAM: This is great.
So you're happy? Are you kidding? I'm in awe! You've really pulled it together.
And I appreciate it.
I know it wasn't the strongest idea Oh, hey, don't go there.
We're a team.
OK'? It doesn't matter who does what.
So how do we do this? I'll pitch the concept then you come in with the media plan.
Meeting room 3.
Thank you.
Ready? Let's do it.
And our billboard image - “Mav - keep doing stuff.
" (CHUCKLES) Well, what do you think? Well, it's definitely on brief.
But it's too underplayed.
I feel like I've seen it.
Well, this demographic is incredibly media sawy and they hate being sold to so the tag line is meant to reflect that by being as low-key as possible.
I can see that.
You've done a good job.
But'? Bottom line - it just doesn't grab me.
Right, well, perhaps if we outlined what we had in mind for the media buy But if the idea's not grabbing me Then no amount of media spend can help.
PAUL: What if we were to take a new approach? Do we have time? If you give us time.
Er, OK.
This is just off the top of my head.
Sci-fi fantasy.
Hero image is a warrior - Mav.
Think Avatar meets 10000 BC.
At his feet is this mythical beast he's just slain RACH EL: He wouldn't.
And gazing at him adoringly is this hot chick he's just rescued - clad only in animal skin bikini.
Breathe, Rachel.
It's intergalactic! We're on a burning red planet.
He did.
He stole Jake's idea.
Of course, he's drinking Mav.
It's classic graphic novel.
Just what the target market's into.
And the tag line? Rachel? If I couldn't breathe, how on earth was I going to speak? How about, uh, “Mav - for a thirst that conquers"? Trent? I like it.
Guess that's a yes.
Good save.
You should use the top of your head more often.
Thank God they bought it.
Look forward to the layouts, guys.
Can you close the door, please? Sure.
Hey, you know what I mean.
What happened in there? Look, Rach, I know that didn't go according to plan but we saved the account, that's what matters.
It was the way you went about it that stinks, Liam, and you know it.
It was dead in the water.
You didn't even try.
I bent over backwards to make your idea work and you kicked me to the kerb.
Look, Rach, I know how hard you worked on this.
But the client wasn't buying.
End of story.
So, just out of thin air, you came up with a new concept complete with a snappy tag? We had to do something! A pitch almost identical to the one Jake came up with.
So'? An idea's an idea.
And it was one which you scoffed at, Liam.
No, Rachel.
That was you.
Look, give me Jake's number.
I'll thank him in person.
Buy him a beer.
Credit where credit's due, right? This isn't about that.
You know it.
No, Rachel, I don't.
What's next? That I deliberately set you up with a lame idea that you felt compelled to work up, for the team, and then covered myself in glory'? We kept the client! And if you can't be happy about that, then maybe you should be in a different line of work.
Are we done? Yeah, we're done.
Are you OK'? Yeah, I'm better now.
You know smoking's bad for you.
So's working at this place.
Hi, Paul.
I just stepped outside.
I'll be right up.
RACH EL: Remembering to breathe is one thing.
So is remembering how to love.
Rachel! BOTH: Hey! I didn't recognise you.
Almost called the cops.
Yeah, well, I've been busy.
Yeah, I heard.
You'll be running the place soon.
(CHUCKLES) ls Jake here? No.
He'll be back soon.
The rest of the gang too.
Oh, the gang? Yeah, Camel and the girls.
That's why you're here, right? The Gold Coast trip? What Gold Coast trip? Hey, what trip? (M UTFERS) Good one, Alex.
Um, Camel's organising it for the end of the footy season.
You should come, Rachel.
You know, Jake would love it.
We both would.
Um, yeah, look, I'd better get going.
It was nice to see you again, Al.
Rachel he's missing you.
I'll tell him that you stopped by.
Please don't.
I mean that.
(CLEARS THROAT) How do I look? (WHISTLES APPRECIATIVELY) You'll be the toast of the mosh pit.
Er, it's Eric Clapton, Dad, not AC/DC.
You look gorgeous.
OK, Ted, here's her dinner.
Ooh! Oh, look at all that potassium! Yummy! Now, you be good for Grandad, darling.
DAVE: You sure you can go through with this? Er, yeah.
I'm justbeing silly.
Mummy's just being silly, isn't she? Rachel said she'd be here to give you a hand.
That's OK.
Everything under control? Yeah.
How'd your pitch go? Good.
They liked it'? Yeah.
A few minor changes, but You OK'? Fine.
Um, are you guys aware that your car is out the front? Oh, already? Um, where's my'? Bag.
(CHUCKLES) Come on.
Our chariot awaits.
Well Oh, are you sure you'll be alright? We'll be fine.
OK, well, call me if Go! .
you have any questions.
Have fun.
You coming? Yeah.
In a minute.
It's not every day there's a limo at your front door.
(DAVE CHUCKLES) (JULIE GASPS) Trade the van in, Dad? Yeah, this thing holds more.
This is a classic.
Can I have a squiz under the hood? Nah, sorry, Carbo.
Eric's waiting.
Who'? Clapton! JULIE: OK, thanks.
Bye-bye, mate.
Call us if you need to.
Have fun! Thanks! (CHUCKLES) BEN: Oh! You lookjust like Jay-Z and Beyonce.
Thanks, darling.
Britney even.
You are wearing undies, aren't you, Mum? Oh! Yes! Maybe.
Oh I deserved that.
Eugh! CARBO: See ya.
BEN: Bye! Have fun.
Bye ! Come on, gorgeous.
Banana time.
Wanna come round for a drink, Rach'? No, I've got work to do.
You've always got work to do.
It's called a career, Ben.
You should try it sometime.
Her and Jake still fighting? (BOTH IMITATE CATS HISSING) Hey, who are they going to see again? Er, Derrick someone.
Yeah, some guitar dude.
Um, I'm really sorry about before.
I just keep putting my foot in it, don't I'? What? The pregnancy thing.
It's cool.
What's cool? Nothing.
Oh, have you done another test? I'm sorry.
It was negative.
Again?! Carbo! You know, colour therapy can help.
With the bedroom thing I mean.
Our bedroom thing is fine.
And it can help with stress too.
I'm not stressed.
OK, maybe not.
But if you are, you should do something about it.
'Cause stress is definitely not good for fertility levels.
Fertility! Where does she get this stuff'? Maybe you guys should talk to my aunty Voula.
Uncle Tony just had to look at her.
Popped one out every year for 11 years straight.
I'm not infertile.
How do you know'? Because I'm young.
And it takes time to get pregnant.
Months normally.
Yeah, try telling that to Aunty Voula.
Mate, first time every time.
No waiting around with Uncle Tony on the job.
I am not infertile.
Ben, don't even start.
There is nothing to worry about.
Yeah, of course not.
Thanks, mate.
Just there is fine.
Thank you.
Oh Wow.
Should I have tipped him? (GASPS) Oh, he's just doing his job.
No-one tips me when I put in a power point.
(CHUCKLES) Wow! Look! Wow.
We need to get out more, eh? WOW! Oh! Oh, and this! Ooh, look! Wow.
There's champagne! Ooh! And (GASPS) .
and bubble bath.
Hey, how long till the concert? Long enough.
How about some bubbles in bubbles? Can't say no to that.
Mmm! I'll go run a bath.
(GASPS) Dave, there's a spa! Do you wanna fire it up? I'm coming in.
MELISSA: What are you doing'? Nothing.
That means something.
Just answer that, would you? He's right.
What is it? Nothing.
COBY: I brought some supplies.
Sweet! Hi, Coby.
Oh, hey.
Let's leave them to it, shall we'? Male infertility? I'm just curious.
I told you.
Why would you even worry about that'? Becausel might be barren.
It's possible.
Actually, it's not.
You'dneed to be a woman.
Oh, you know what I mean.
Shooting blanks.
No! It's highly, highly unlikely.
Please! You need to stop working yourself up.
Yeah, you're right.
Do you think we should change the colour of our bedroom? No! I like Retta.
She's a lovely girl, but she's not a fertility expert.
No, she knows about duck-egg blue and canary yellow.
Yes, and that is it.
Thank you.
Apparently it's good that I wear boxers.
Ben! Ah, see, if the teachers had have handed this stuff out at school, I might've done a lot better.
Let's get started.
Oh, that looks too much like school! It's just an exercise.
It's not grammar or spelling or anything like that.
That's good.
Just a way to get you comfortable with the actual process of writing things down.
How do you know all this stuff'? I went online, did some research.
For me? Yeah.
I'm gonna cry.
Oh, yeah.
You get a beer for every sentence you write.
Keep talking.
It could be, um, oh, I don't know, something you know.
Like the house you grew up in.
Oh, I get it.
You're trying to get inside my head.
Figure out some stuff.
Come on, mate.
it's just an example.
Write about whatever you want.
I might write about how I got this.
If you like.
She was hot.
And that might help you too.
Like, sort of like an instruction manual.
Because you've never been with a woman before, have ya, Natho? Never.
Why don't you tell me all about it? Nice try.
Nice try! I reckon it's my sperm mobility.
What? Some guys' sperm are like Thorpedoes and others just kind of doggy paddle.
It's motility.
There's a clinic at your hospital.
I could get tested.
You wouldn't get a referral.
We've only been trying for a few months.
Couldn't you, like, pull some strings, call in a favour'? Is this some weird male pride thing? No, I just want to make sure there's no problem.
Well, there's no problem.
It just takes time.
Not for Carbo's uncle Tony.
So it is a male pride thing.
Mel, this is important to me.
If there is something wrong, I want to know now so we can fix it or work around it.
Please? You know I think you're being totally ridiculous.
And I hope our kids don't inherit your worry gene.
Will you do it? Everything alright? Yeah.
She's fine.
And what about yourself? I went around to Jake's place today.
And? Alex was there.
I found out that, um, Jake's planning a trip to the Gold Coast with Camel and the girls.
I felt like such a loser.
That's something you'll never be.
But I've made such a mess of everything, Grandad.
You know, it turns out Jake was actually right about Liam all along.
So why don't you tell him? 'Cause it's gone on for too long now.
I don't know how to fix it.
Is this how relationships end? They just peter out? Sometimes.
Remember when you and the boys were little and I used to take you to the pool? Mmm.
We used to play this game holding your breath underwater.
(CHUCKLES) See who could stay down the longest.
I'd forgotten about that.
And you always won.
I had to.
I was the oldest.
You don't always have to prove yourself, you know'? Hmm'? (KISSES) Get some sleep, hey? Yeah.
Hmm'? (SIGHS) RACH EL: I couldn't tell anymore - was I holding my breath to prove a point or drowning? Whoo-hoo! (LAUGHS) That was incredible.
Oh, what about the crowd when 'Layla' started? If I could play guitar half that well Oh, darling, I bet he can't install a downlight as well as you.
(SQUEALS) So, should we party like rock stars? You bet.
OK, you clear out the mini bar and I'll throw the TV out the window.
(LAUGHS) Ooh! Hey, should we order up a late-night feast? Good luck finding something low-cholesterol in that lot.
Oh, you've officially got the night off.
We're meant to be having fun, remember? It's Rachel's orders.
Hey, should we call her and make sure everything's alright? If it wasn't, she'd have called us.
Yeah, you're right.
No, she's probably asleep.
Ooh! anyway.
you___ are not gonna get too much sleep tonight, Mrs Rafter.
Ooh, is that right? Mmm.
I love you, Jules.
You take my breath away even after all these years.
RACHEL: Only sleep brings calm, and quiet breathing.
But how to sleep, with work and Jake? Stubborn, selfish Jake.
You go straight home.
No detours! MAN: Yeah, good on you, Mum! Have a good sleep.
Camel is such a tight-arse - one six-pack between five of us.
Yeah, well, it's just as well Rachel wasn't here too.
What do you mean? I didn't know whether to tell you, but she came around here.
When? This arvo.
What, to see me? No, to swap recipes.
So why didn't you tell me? What, in front of Camel? Besides, she asked me not to.
But why, if she came around? I told her about the Gold Coast.
Well, I told you - just talk to her! MAN: (ON TV) The best-selling steam mop on the planet! Haan is the fastest, easiest and best way to clean all your hard surface floors (PHONE CHIMES) (WHISPERS) I'm sorry it's so late.
on, no, it's OK.
I wasn't asleep.
Alex just told me.
So how are the travel plans coming along? It was Camel's idea.
And it won't be the same without you.
Here, Igot this online ages ago.
It's only just arrived.
Is that for me? Why not you? Let me guess - lingerie? Just open it.
Tell me you didn't drive.
Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.
Not again Jake Oh, for God's sake.
Rachel, I wanted to see you! Yeah, and you could have a fit and die or kill someone else.
When are you gonna learn?! When are you Forget it.
Forget it.
So now you're just gonna walk away? No, I'm not walking away! You're pushing.
You know, you've changed since you started this job, and not in a good way.
Why do you blame my job for everything'? You have never supported my career.
Of course I have.
And if you think that I don't, then that's you seeing everything through your eyes.
(swans) Jake Jake! Rachel! What's going on? Thanks for letting me crash, dude.
(GRUNTS) Didn't realise it was so late.
It's really hard with this curfew.
What time is it? Oh, I'll check out the bad boy.
Another one? No, no, we've had enough.
Tell you what - you give us another one, I will start spilling me guts on home, sweet home.
You tell, then beer.
Well er, my mum died having me while my dad was at war.
And he never came back.
That's rough.
Very sad.
Um Which war? The good news is my aunty and uncle, who did look after me, were really nice.
They had a farm.
Where? In the country.
Whereabouts in the country? Am I telling this story or'? Yes, you are.
Go on.
Thank you.
So one day, I find myself in this desert You said it was on a farm.
What happened to the farm? The farm was kind of near the desert.
It's in the country It's out west, alright? So I'm in this desert and I meet this really cool oldguy.
Um, white beard, brown robe, went by the name of 'Kenobi'.
This'war' that your dad went to, Coby was it a 'Star War'? Oh, you've heard of it? You Coby, you can't do that! (LAUGHS) Be mysterious! Stay illiterate.
See if I care.
Goodnight! Goodnight, dude.
(GENTLE GUITAR MUSIC) (DOOR SHUTS) SONG: Thoughts not remembered right And tears we're yet to cry We carry We carry Dave? Among the winter pines Darling, what are you doing? I'm just enjoying the view.
Come back to bed.
Everything OK'? Yeah.
Why wouldn't it be'? That better? Yeah, it's good.
It really is over.
Look, things always seem worse in the middle of the night.
Go and see him and talk things through properly.
What's the point'? We'll just end up arguing over the same thing over and over again.
(DOOR SHUTS) Here they are! Hey! How was it? Hey! Fantastic.
We followed your instructions and had fun.
So what are you doing home so early? Yeah, why aren't you raiding the breakfast buffet'? Oh, you know Missed a certain someone too much? Yeah.
Was she alright? She had breakfast an hour ago.
She's sleeping.
And what about Clapton? He still got it? (MOBILE PHONE CHIMES) Umyep, sure does.
So come on - tell me all about it! Yep, I will.
I justjust wanna unpack.
You were only gone one night.
Liam? Hi, it's Rachel.
I got your message.
I'm heading into the office now.
You're working on a Saturday? So sometimes I work Saturdays.
It goes with the salary.
Oh, and this was on the front lawn.
For you.
Jake? They had another blue.
When? Last night.
Oh! What's eating Dave? Meeting room in 20.
And, er, bring your happy face.
No-one likes a sore loser.
Have you seen this? Not bad for a first pass.
Paul, I'm really sorry, but I can't work like this.
Like what? I'm used to working in a team environment with people who support each other.
That's the way we work, isn't it? Yeah, I thought so too.
Now I'm not so sure.
This is about Liam, isn't it? No, I don't want to make it about any one individual, OK'? I'm worried.
I'm starting to think it might be the culture here.
I don't understand.
I wanted this job.
I really did.
But it's starting to turn me into someone I don't like.
Rachel, we've all had an idea that didn't fly.
No, it'sit's not about that.
You could have a real future here.
It's early days, but I really do believe that.
But if you're having doubts, if you don't like the way we do things there's the door.
There was a queue.
Weekend shoppers.
What did I miss? Thank you for the opportunity.
I'm really sorry it didn't work out.
RACHEL: I had just walked out on the biggest break of my short career.
And the thing was, it felt great! For the first time in months (EXHALES) I could breathe.
If you want me to take a sample, I'm leaving in five.
Plenty of time.
Think of me! Who else am I going to think of? Oh, come on! I'm busting.
Er, Ben's in there.
For how long'? He only just went in.
Is he working today'? No.
Come on, Benno, fair's fair.
I'm running late! Just give him a minute.
BEN: Just give me a minute! Oh, man, you stink! Well, if Ben wasn't hogging up the facilities Ah, is he crook? (KNOCKS ON DOOR) No, it's In a minute! Ben, people are waiting.
A minute, OK'? Everyone, just leave him.
You sure he's alright? Sure he's not crook? No, it's just amedical thing.
Medical thing? (WHISTLES LOUDLY) ls Ben in there? What sort of medical thing? Nothing to worry about.
Is this got to do with his fertility'? No, no.
BEN: No! What's going on? What are you doing here? That's it! What the hell is going on? Did you sell tickets or something? No! I can't do this.
Are you trying to give a sample? No! So this is about your swimmers? I've gotta go.
We'll miss the appointment! Yeah.
So we miss the appointment.
We didn't need to go anyway.
Off your game, eh, Benno'? Mel, wait! Good luck! Ooh! Hey! I need to pee! And you guys think me living in a boarding house is weird.
Wait! I'm running late.
I'll do it there, at the clinic.
Here's an idea - just enjoy your day off.
Forget about it.
No, I can't.
You've already teed it up with your friend, and I have to know.
Get off my new car and do up your laces inside.
Thanks so much for this.
Oh, it's no problem! I'll just check which room's free.
I don't think I can do it here either.
Ben It's justit's so sterile.
It's a hospital.
They're supposed to be.
And at least half your friends won't be hanging outside the door.
Can you come in with me? There's magazines and DVDs.
You'll be fine.
Yeah, come in with me.
Why not? I've already told you, and now I really am late.
OK, room 2.
And just let me know when you're finished.
Thanks heaps for this.
Oh, no No, you wanted this.
Now go do what you have to do.
(MOBILE PHONE RINGS) What? I can't do this.
Why not'? Because it's just me in a weird room with a plastic jar, that's why.
There's visual aids.
You have my permission toenjoy.
Enjoy them? I don't even wanna touch them.
How many other guys have been in here? Ben Talk dirty to me.
No! I'm hanging up now.
Mel, please! For heaven's sake! Mel, what are you'? BEN: Ahhh! (UNZIPS FLY) Jake.
Is that Rachel? CAMEL: Jake! Come on, dude.
We are so over this achy-breaky heart routine.
Get over there.
Alex told me I'd find you here.
I opened your present.
I loved it.
And I quit my job.
You were right.
I don'tl don't want to work with people like that.
I don't want to be like that.
I don't want to lose you.
(MEN CHEER) That is poetry! (GENTLE GUITAR MUSIC PLAYS) Dinner's nearly ready.
I'm starving.
Dave, what is it? What do you mean? What's wrong'? Is it the business? I thought we'd turned a corner.
Yeah, yeah, we have.
It's fine.
Darling, talk to me.
It's not about that.
Then what? I don't know.
But there is something.
I have these moments out of nowhere, where I just feel I don't know how to describe it.
I just feel emPtV- Like last night after the concert.
Lthought you were having a good time.
Yeah, I was.
We were, and then in the middle of the night, I was just Why didn't you say something? And ruin your night? This is more than just working hard, isn't it'? I don't know.
Is itabout us'? No, no.
Not at all.
You, the kids, what we've got Then what? I wish I knew.
(EXHALES) RACH E L: f'd forgotten how wonderful it is to breathe in time with someone.
What time is it? It's a bit after 9:00.
What'?! No, relax - it's Sunday.
I made you some breakfast.
What's the occasion? Do we need one? Can't believe I slept so late.
Well, you obviously needed it.
You joining me? No, I've already eaten.
Had to feed Ruby.
You're the best.
Um Listen, Dave Hmm'? about what you've been going through Do you think you should see someone? Like who? Well, acounsellor, maybe.
For a bit of insomnia? But you justyou've been going through so much lately.
It would get to anyone.
Or maybe it's more than that.
Like what? Depression.
It's more common than Jules, I'm not depressed! I've been stressed.
There's a difference.
Yeah, well, it wouldn't hurt to talk to someone.
We did talk - last night.
It helped a lot.
I slept like a log.
Honestly, it's just a blip on the radar.
A good night's sleep and I feel fantastic.
These eggs - they're perfect.
Really good.
I'll get you a cup of tea.
Bloody hell! It's a bit early for that, isn't it? Yeah, well, we put a fair dint in yours last night.
You brought them.
Umthis is for you.
“Dad pissed off on me.
So did Mum.
" Spelling's stuffed.
No, it's good.
That's it - there's no talking about it or hugging or kissing or any of that Rafter stuff.
What Rafter stuff'? What? Exactly! BEN: Hey, check it out! Gold star in every department.
Pathology report.
Count, motility, morphology What's that again? Shape.
They come in different shapes? Yes.
And yours are perfect in every way.
Ha! Did you hear that'? Sperm.
Oh, again! Now can we just chill and go back to enjoying ourselves? Absolutely.
And don't listen to Retta, ever.
Oh (GROWLS PLAYFULLY) RACHEL: And while Ben breathed a huge sigh of relief, I inhaled the sweet smell of freedom.