Packed to the Rafters (2008) s03e20 Episode Script

Perfect Bubble

BEN: (NARRATES) OK, it's gonna sound mushy, but some moments are like a perfect bubble.
Suspended in time.
Just me and Mel together.
The most perfect woman in the world.
(SNORTS) Morning.
Good morning to you too.
Oh, Ben, let me wake up.
Have I told you lately how much I love you? Once or twice.
Have I told you that my sperm motility is off the chart? (LAUGHS) Only about 2O times a day.
You're fertile.
I get it.
I've created a monster.
Leave it.
This song reminds me of you.
When you lose something you can? replace When you love someone Awesome.
I've always wanted one of these.
That's a pasta fork.
Mel and I weren't the only ones living in a love bubble.
Oh, yeah, baby.
That's the spot.
That's good.
Have I missed something? Benno, say hello to our new housemate.
BOTH: Ta-da! When did this happen? We decided last night, didn't we, sweetie? I know it's kind of sudden, but it makes sense.
I'm here every night anyway.
And now we get to split the bills five ways instead of four.
I only just found out myself.
Have you cleared this with your mum'? Not yet.
Maybe talked it over with the rest of us'? NATHAN: I don't mind.
I already live with one lovesick couple.
What's the diff'? See'? Natho's on board.
What happened to voting'? Wa-wa-wincha'? Nathan's in.
I'm in.
Retta's in.
Retta can't vote.
But look at all the cool stuff we get.
What is it'? No idea.
It's an egg separator.
I'll show you how to make a high-protein, low-fat omelette? Ooh.
No eggs.
So how am I supposed to make Mel's breakfast? I'll run to the shops for you.
CARBO: What a sweetie.
It's cool.
I'll deal with it.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Unless your name's Nigella, I'm busy.
You're not Nigella.
I must be.
I cooked you breakfast.
Thank you very much.
Looking good, Mr Rafter.
I thought I'd dress up.
Now, here's a thought.
Why don't we let your breakfast go completely cold? Mmm.
Well, I'd love to, but I'm running late.
Hey, is everything OK with you? Yeah, fine.
It's just that you tossed and turned a bit last night.
That's all.
No, I'm OK.
I was thinking if no-one's doing anything tonight, we could maybe have a dinner.
Why tonight? I don't know.
It's been a while.
Don't think it's a good idea? No, it's a great idea.
Nigella shall consult her Julie Rafter cookbook.
Nice to see you happy.
Where are you going'? We can't all be unemployed bums.
I think I've earned the right to take it easy for a while.
And, in the meantime, I'm thinking of taking an extended break.
Maybe even a holiday.
Nice life for some.
Somewhere warm and sunny.
You could come with me.
There's always Camel's Gold Coast trip.
Yeah, or there's Bali.
I knock off at 4:00.
Well, no, I was thinking as soon as we can organise it.
You're serious? Yeah.
Why not? I'd have to get my passport.
You don't have a passport? I've never been overseas.
Ohthere's one time I went to Tassie.
Tasmania's not overseas.
I think you'll find, to get there, you go over sea.
Yeah, but Forget it.
Are you in or are you out? Retta's showing me how to make an eggwhite omelette.
I'm factoring in a few casualties.
Very healthy.
Yeah, well, it's for Mel.
Nothing's too good for the mother of your future grandkid, right? Oh, someone knows the right buttons to push.
They're all yours.
Hey, didn't you used to do that for me when I was a kid? Oh, I doubt it, mate.
Ruby's special.
No, me too.
I remember.
Oh, nice one.
They're beautiful.
You were both crazy about bubbles when you were little.
Yeah, well, look how gorgeous they are.
Hey, I'm good for these.
I promise.
Don't forget about dinner tonight.
Dinner'? Yeah.
Enjoy them while they last, Ruby.
See ya.
Don't worry, kid.
There's plenty more where that came from.
Look! Yeah! Dude, check it out.
Message from Laura.
Just read.
(MOUTHS WORDS) Whoa! She has a way with words.
I'll give her that much.
She's wild, eh? I might take her up on the offer, you know'? Thank her for this.
I thought you already had, you cheeky bugger.
You know.
I'm polite.
You're an idiot.
I'm just polite.
What do you reckon? G'day, Mrs Rafter.
I'm just gonna take this lot out to the van.
Hey, are you busy tonight? I am never busy, Mum.
Oh, now, that sounds defeatist.
I'm fine and I'm free for tonight.
What's happening? Your dad wants to have everyone over for dinner.
Sounds good.
Actually, what about you, Coby'? Would you like to come? What - like, a family thing? Yes.
Well, you're family, aren't you? Coby's already got something planned for tonight.
Don't you, mate? Oh.
Hot date'? No.
It's nothing important.
I'll be there.
Hang on - you'd rather hang out with us than thank Laura for the watch? You gotta treat 'em mean, mate.
Treat 'em mean.
Treat 'em mean.
Is that right? Mean! Ah.
This is amazing.
Retta did a fantastic job.
I made it.
OK, maybe she supervised.
I think it'd be good having her here.
We could save heaps on takeaway.
Hey, you tell Retta this omelette is amazing.
I made it! Who are you kidding? What are you looking for'? Colour samples.
Retta's had this fantastic idea about painting the place.
Already? She's been here for five minutes.
It'll be great.
You reckon your mum'll think so'? Mum's not here, is she? See'? She's changing him.
No, Ben.
They're nesting.
Carbo wouldn't even let us move the ceramic rooster.
You're right.
It's not fair, but they're in love.
It's new.
Everything's romantic.
He wants to please her.
it's sweet.
We're not romantic? We're getting on with our lives.
Married, trying for a baby.
And when I'm pregnant, we'll be moving out anyway.
Make a nest of our own.
Don't you want Carbo to be happy and settled? I guess so.
Retta could be the one.
Just like you're the one for me.
I have to go.
Stay! Come on.
Just 'cause you've got the day off.
One more cup of coffee.
And this I did make.
Your husband.
(GROWLS) Alright.
Hey, Dave? Yep? How many jobs have we got booked in for next month? Oh, mate, we're checkers.
Oh, right.
It's just that Rach is in my ear about going away together to Bali.
Bali? Trust Rachel not to let unemployment get in the way of a good time.
Sorry to spring it on you, but do you reckon I could have some time off'? Like, 1O days or a couple of weeks? When were you thinking? As soon as I can find a decent package deal.
Like I said, the timing's not perfect.
You're the only other qualified sparky besides me.
Then there's Coby - there's no point in me paying him to drive you around when you're not going to be here.
Fair enough.
Fair enough.
We can raincheck it.
Jake? Jake? How long till you're back behind the wheel? Bit over a month.
Alright, look, if Rachel can wait that long, I'll try and rejig the schedule and you can pick up the slack when you get back, hey? Sure, sure, sure.
If that works.
I mean, that sounds great.
No problem.
Um, Dad, what about Coby'? When Jake's driving again, what happens then? Coby? You always knew this job was temporary, right? Yeah.
All good.
Any idea what you'll do when you finish up with us'? Something'll come up.
Always does.
Because I've been thinking, with work picking up, I could probably do with an apprentice.
You interested? Oh, are you serious? You're a good worker.
Fast learner.
Get on with everyone.
I reckon you'd do really well.
I have to warn you - it is four years hard work on a basic wage.
Mate, I can handle it.
And it's TAFE one day a week.
Exams and stuff.
But that was always your plan, wasn't it? Go back to school? Or did you just say that to get the job? No.
(WHISTLES) That's, um, a really nice offer.
I, um I'm just not sure I want to tie myself down right now, you know'? Everything alright? Yep.
You just have a think about it and let me know.
Oh, of course, now I really am late.
But I was worth it, right? See you tonight.
Is that all I get? Ben, I'm running late.
See'? Who said we're not still romantic? Oh.
It is really bothering you, isn't it'? Why don't I drive you and then later on I can pick you up? Don't you have better things to do? No.
I'm happy to dedicate my entire day off to you.
And I'm happy to dedicate my entire evening and my entire day off tomorrow to you if you can swing it too.
Hey, now you're talking.
I'll make it happen.
We can spend the whole day in bed.
You've got a one-track mind.
To make a baby.
I gotta go.
Give me a proper one.
I love you.
Prove it.
I love you too.
BEN: (NARRATES) Ifl'd known my perfect bubble was about to burst See you tonight! I never would 've let her go.
CARBO: That's not bad.
But my favourite's Persiana blue.
R ETTA: Ooh.
Hey, Benno! What do you reckon? Feature wall.
Your mum's gonna freak.
Over a free paint job? No way.
She just painted the place a couple of years ago.
You didn't tell me that.
Don't worry.
You're the expert.
She's gonna freak.
Look, it's a feature wall.
She'll love it.
There's a spare brush if you want to join in.
I'll pass.
Hey, Carbo! What? But the colours should reflect your sense of style.
The truth is Mel and I probably won't be here much longer anyway.
Not once she's pregnant.
You serious? No way, mate.
This is your home.
Hey! So if you had to pick'? That one, I suppose.
Good choice.
Very you.
Cheerful, welcoming, inclusive.
Whoa, are we talking about Ben? (LAUGHS) Oh! That's it! You're asking for it! It's coming! That's it, you're asking for it! Hey, in the meantime, this place already stinks of paint.
So how am I supposed to have a romantic evening with Mel tonight? Get a room, mate.
We live here too, don't we'? Here it comes! Here it comes! Watch out! Watch out! Oi! Ta.
Is that all you've done? (LAUGHS) Why don't we go for a drink later to celebrate? The apprenticeship.
Oh, I haven't said yes yet.
Yeah, but you're going to, right? Oh Coby, it's a great opportunity.
Yeah, if I got through.
Why wouldn't you? Your dad reckons I'd have to go to TAFE.
So what? I'll help you out with that.
We can step up the reading lessons.
You'll get through, Coby.
No sweat.
Whwhy are you all doing this? It's 'cause we hate you and we think you're a waste of space.
(CHUCKLES) Fair enough.
Are you gonna accept'? It looks like I'd be an idiot not to.
You'd better get digging harder, then.
Oh, tough morning, darling.
Nothing wrong with a nice long bath.
Oh, baths.
Yes, I remember those.
Big empty things with taps and plugs.
Would a cup of tea unruffle those feathers? If you threw in a biscuit, it might.
Grandad? I'm alright, love.
What's the lady of leisure got planned for today? Oh, I don't know.
I could do anything.
I could go for a walk or have some lunch Take the washing off the line, do the shopping Nope.
Supposed to be on a break.
So how long's this break gonna last for anyway'? I don't know.
Maybe the lack of jobs out there is the universe trying to tell me something.
Maybe it's time to give up advertising.
For what, exactly? I don't know.
Maybe a little second-hand bookstore or a gourmet sandwich shop.
Darling, you hate serving people.
I just offered you tea, didn't I'? BEN: Hey, Mum? Yes? You liked staying at that hotel last week, yeah? Yeah.
What was it called again? Ahthe Kent.
We loved it.
Why? I was thinking of getting a room for me and Mel tonight.
Someone knows how to treat a lady.
What's the big occasion? Nothing.
Just want to be romantic.
That's all.
(GIGGLES) Sorry we won't make dinner tonight.
But look at it this way - it's one step closer to you getting a grandchild.
That's an overshare.
Wow, that's odd.
That's Paul Morgan.
Your ex-boss? Paul.
I'm fine.
How are you? (PHONE RINGS) Hello, beautiful.
I just got your message.
What's up? Two things.
Firstly, you're a major hottie.
(CH UCKLES) You've got it bad at the moment, haven't you? Second, what time do you finish work tonight? Oh, it's a long one today - 7:30pm.
Leave your car there and I'm gonna pick you up.
Don't ask what it's about, 'cause it's a surprise.
Ooh! Or you could just tell me.
Well, what if I don't like it? You're gonna love it.
And, uh, why's that'? Fishing won't help.
You're no fun.
You won't be saying that later tonight.
(CHUCKLES) Get out of it.
It's about time Dave hired us a slave, I mean, sorry, an apprentice.
Sad thing is he's only half joking.
Yeah? Wait until you spend an entire day stripping insulation off copper wire.
Oh, yeah? Bring it on.
At least I'll come out with a qualification.
DAVE: Hey, guys- This is Detective Collins and Detective, um, sorry Bryant.
Detective Bryant.
They've got some news about the site robberies.
Good news, actually.
We've arrested someone in possession of the stolen property.
JAKE: Oh, that's great.
You got him.
Well, so farjust the guy who did the break-in.
Jared Mario.
Anyone know him'? You still think it's an inside job? We're just covering all bases.
But I'll tell you this - we're gonna have his phone records within 24 hours.
So if any of you do know him, do yourselves a favour and come forward now.
DAVE: I can personally vouch for these guys.
They've told you everything they know.
Then they've got nothing to worry about.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That's a bit flash for a building site.
Oh BEN: (NARRATES) It's an awful feeling knowing that bubble could burst at any moment.
(CLAN K!) (BREATH ES H EAVI LY) Laura again, is it? Ah, yeah.
You should be a detective yourself, mate.
I've seen what they can do.
I'm a bit tempted.
Relieved they caught the guy.
Oh, yeah, especially for Dad.
Takes the pressure off.
So, Laura Yeah, well, she's at me to hook up later on, so Well, we should be done by nine, you've got time.
Yeah, I s'pose.
Or you could just skip dinner.
There'll be plenty of others.
Nah, I promised your mum.
But, yeah, there's plenty of time to hook up beforehand.
Is it gonna be enough, is the question.
(BOTH LAUGH) Thanks for coming in at such short notice.
No problem.
So I'm guessing a phone call from me would have been one of the last things you were expecting.
(LAUGHS) Well, I can't say I'm not intrigued.
You mentioned some changes.
I made a mistake, Rachel.
But I'm pretty sure I was never mistaken about your level of skill, drive and commitment.
So now you want me back? Absolutely.
What do I have to do to make it happen? Ta-da! Aren't they stunning? Heh.
Gee, someone's doing their bit for the economy.
Yes, I try.
(CHUCKLES) And you, mister.
You scored too.
Oh! It's been about a year since I bought my own clothes.
You're not complaining about that, are you, Jake? No.
Oh, we'll never get to Bali if you keep spending like this.
Well, actually, that's not going to be a problem because, guess what, I got my job back.
Or, should I say, my new and improved job? What happened? Yeah, what happened? Paul realised that he couldn't live another day without me.
And I played hard-to-get till he offered more money and more perks.
You would have been so proud of me, Nathan.
Go, Rach.
Yay! Congratulations, love.
Thank you.
Yeah, that's fantastic.
Um, I'll be back in a sec.
What's wrong with Jake? He just wrangled two weeks off work and he might have been to the travel agent.
(SIGHS) (DOOR OPENS) (SIGHS) I thought you said you couldn't get time off.
Yeah, it doesn't matter.
(SIGHS) Why don't we go in six months? I can clock up some leave I'm off from the 12th.
Well, I can't.
I've signed a contract.
The package, it was too good to refuse No offer's worth putting up with that Liam fella.
No, Liam's gone.
That's why Paul called me.
What about those long hours? I mean, you went mental and I never saw you.
Jake, this is my career.
I have to put it before a holiday.
What, and I'm just supposed to fit in, change my plans? You know what? Forget Bali.
In six months, I will take you anywhere in the world you wanna go.
America, Europe (SIGHS) The world's our oyster, honey, because of my job.
You'll see.
No, no, no.
Rach, the world's your oyster.
You know, truth is I've loved how you've been in the last few weeks.
Just happy and chilled and the way you were this morning.
(SIGHS) Where are you going'? Home.
But I'll come back for dinner.
BEN: (NARRATES) And just like that, Rachefs happy bubble burst.
I'm making real coffee.
Do you want one? No, thanks.
Um Does the hotel have anything to do with me moving in'? Besides the paint smell.
I know I'm so vain, I probably think this song is about me.
I'm doing it for fun, Retta.
It's just a bit of spontaneous romance.
And maybe to get a bit of time-out from me and Carbo? I know we're a bit full-on and now I'm living here.
The thing is we were all getting on so well, I didn't think you'd mind.
I don't.
I just need to get used to it, that's all.
You sure that's all it is? What else? Well, I dunno - you and Carbo have been friends for years, and then suddenly I appear on the scene and I've got Mel.
Why would I care? Because you don't think Mel's changing anything, but maybe I am.
You're not.
And I wouldn't want to.
Do you know what Carbo says? He sees how happy you and Mel are, and he wants that for himself.
I really do think that I'm the one for him.
And he's the one for me.
What? You're right.
Who else could put the 'retta' in 'Carboretta'? (CHUCKLES) That's the hottest.
Oh, come on, Mum, we talked about Bali for two minutes.
Nothing was booked.
He said he couldn't even go.
(SIGHS) And then this amazing opportunity comes along.
I didn't say a word, darling.
No, you didn't have to.
You're giving me that look.
You think I'm wrong.
I didn't say that either.
So what else aren't you saying? I'm not saying it's your fault.
I just think it would have been considerate to let him know about EMB before you said yes.
Why? He would have been against it.
He is still against it.
Fair enough.
(SIGHS) You're really not helping.
Did you manage to get the booking? It's all sorted.
Mel has no clue.
Carbo's organising a bag of petals.
It's all sorted.
What petals? For the bed.
Too much? No, not at all, darling.
She's a lucky girl.
I have my moments.
You know, I can't believe you're not my little boy anymore.
About to start a family.
I had to grow up sometime.
Hey, can you sew a button on for me? (LAu GHS) Oh! OK, so I'm not good at sewing.
Yeah, Yeah.
Why can't you just wear another one? No, 'cause that's the hot one.
Fair enough.
You owe me.
You know what? Mum is right - Mel is a lucky girl.
Are you being nice to me? Yeah, don't get all smug about it.
Have fun tonight.
Hey, where are you going'? Fish shop.
The who-what? Pop.
Pop! Mum said I used to cry when they popped.
Yeah, I remember.
Not that I blame you for getting upset.
I mean, bubbles are a lot like life.
(c005) Have you been drinking that stuff, Grandad? Well, think about it.
You float along with your little ups and downs and then, “Pop!" All gone.
Now that Jake's bailing on Bali, I think I'm gonna ask Dad for some time off.
I could really do with a break.
It's been a rough year, hey? Yeah, I definitely just need to take stock and figure out a new direction.
What you need, my boy, is a road trip.
A road trip.
Nothing better than a driving holiday.
Lots of thinking time.
Now, it doesn't matter where you go - Yackandandah, Humpty Doo, Burpengary, Poowong, Dunnedoo - all great spots.
With stupid names.
I'm sensing a theme.
(CH UCKLES) But as good a way as any to plan your route.
Isn't that what a road trip's all about? Hmm.
For you.
The way to a man's heart, eh? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) Well there's also these.
(SIGHS) I wanted to share them with you because the world is our oyster, it's not just mine.
I'm gonna prove it to you.
How'? By always consulting you before I make decisions that affect both of us.
Big or small.
I really am sorry.
What do you say? OK.
But you owe me a holiday.
So, you know what they say about oysters That they look like cow snot? (BOTH CHUCKLE) What else do they say about oysters? I don't know, I'm not really into them.
Oh, well.
Get in here.
(GIGGLES) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) I was starting to think you weren't gonna get back to me.
Yeah, I've had a lot on my plate today.
I can help with that.
I actually I wanted to give you this.
What's going on? Um Are you blowing me off'? No! No, I, look, it (SIGHS) It wasn't yours to give.
I just wanna be careful.
I told you, Dad won't even miss it.
Yeah, but it's gonna come back and bite me on the arse.
It always does.
Are you in some kind of trouble? Oh Tell me.
There's no point, unless you can build a time machine.
Or bribe the cops.
You're in trouble with the police? Wellask me tomorrow.
Ooh, you're bad, aren't you? (LAUGHS) Here.
Looks like you need some of this.
JULIE: Come in.
I thought you'd forgotten about us! No, no, no.
I just had to pick up these.
Oh, great.
OK, well, come through.
We're just about to get started.
Here he is.
Oi! Look who managed to tear himself away! Oh Tear yourself away from what? JULIE: Oh, let the boy get settled.
Can I get you a drink or'? No, no, beer's good.
I'll sort it.
Well, you'rejust in time for my toast.
Is this for your new 'old' job? No, it's not always about me.
I know that's amazing.
It's to my gorgeous and very understanding boyfriend, who, in spite of all my stuff-ups and impulsive nature That's one way of putting it.
still finds it in his heart to love me.
Oh! News to me.
See, normally I'd hit him for that.
But I won't today because I love you right back.
To Jake! ALL: To Jake.
Up your bum, mate.
Good to see you, mate.
Personally, Jake, I'm glad you're not taking off overseas just yet, because that means that I can take off instead.
What'? What's this'? I'm planning a road trip, like Grandad.
A road trip? Mmm.
When were you going to tell me? I've got a business, in case you hadn't noticed.
Settle down, mate.
He's telling you now.
I'll sit down and work it out with you first, Dad.
Don't worry.
How long are you going for'? Um, I'm not really sure yet.
And while Coby's here, why don't we do a toast to Dave Rafter Electricians' first official apprentice? JULIE: Yeah, congratulations! RACHEL: And he's our cousin.
TED: To my nephew.
JULIE: And my nephew! (ALL CHEER) (PHONE RINGS) Hey! I was just on my way to get you.
Oh, good, you haven't left yet.
Listen, someone's running late.
They've asked me to fill in till he gets here.
But we've got plans! Like what? Nice try! Well, I can't leave on time if I can't stress how important it is.
How long are you going to be'? Not sure.
I'll call you when I finish, though.
OK, call when you're done but just bear in mind that I'm about 25 minutes away.
So you're not at home - a clue! And that's all you're gonna get.
(GIGGLES) Oh, you know that's the first time I've smiled since our last conversation? I love you.
I love you more.
Not possible! What about New York? You know, the city that never sleeps.
Or London, the theatre? (FRENCH ACCENT) Or gay Paris'? For the (HICCUPS) .
gays? TED: What's wrong with seeing this country? Well, Jake, he's been everywhere.
He's done that.
Yeah? Have you been Budgewoi? (SLURS) Who hasn't'? You should probably slow down on the beers, mate.
It is a school night.
Who asked you? So, Budgewoi, was it? TED: Mm-hm.
You've been there, Jakey? Yeah, yeah.
Course I have.
The way the moonlight reflects off the water by the caravan park.
Magic! Oh, we had some great family holidays there, Dad.
Nice for some.
How about you, Coby'? Any memorable holidays? Family holidays? Jeez, family holidays.
There was, um yep, there was that one where my stepdad didn't beat the crap out of me.
Cobe, do you wanna come outside for a sec? Nup.
I'm good.
Oh! (GLASS SMASHES) ALL: Oh! No harm done.
Mate, Coby! No! I don't want your help! I never asked for it.
Oi, oi, Coby.
COBY: No, no! It's not about you.
It's about me and him.
He's the one that's pissing off.
Pissing What are you talking about? I bet you all had a great laugh, didn't you? Old moron Coby can't read, all that crap about TAFE.
You're all talk, Nathan! Mate, you need to get a breath of fresh air.
And you can shove your apprenticeship up your arse.
I don't want your bloody charity.
Dad, I've got it.
BEN: (NARRATES) Some people need to burst their own bubble before anyone else can get in first.
(GAS PS) What is going on? Back off! Coby, I'm not leaving yet.
If I was, I'd be back in time for TAFE.
Yup! I didn't tell anyone about your reading.
Yeah! No, there is no way you're driving.
Give 'em back.
You're drunk, Coby! Give me my bloody keys! Coby! Just stop it! Just calm down! Talk to me! I'm an idiot.
Alright? I've screwed everything.
What the hell was that all about? I'm sorry.
That's alright.
Come inside, we'll sort it all out, alright? Doesn't matter what you said in there.
The apprenticeship's still yours if you want it.
You just gotta come and talk to me.
I can't do it if I'm inside.
Inside? What are you talking about? The cop's gonna look up Jared's phone records.
Cobe, no.
What? You helped him? You helped him? I give you a job and this is how you repay me?! Hey, I'm sorry! Dad, take it easy! I don't give a damn how sorry you are! I work my arse off so scum like you can come and take it away.
That how I do it, is it?! Dave! Dave! He was in on the robberies.
It was him! Dave, let him go! You keep away from me.
You keep away from my family.
If I see you round here again, I'm gonna break your neck! Now piss off.
I do the right thing by him and look what he does, how he repays me.
Dave I could have lost everything.
The house, the business, everything.
I know.
Have I got a bloody 'kick me' sign on my forehead? First Warney does it, now him! What am I doing wrong'?! Nothing, Dave I wanna tear him apart! Dave, please.
You're scaring me.
Why'd You do it'? C'mon, talk.
You're a coward.
I know.
I'm a useless, gutless waste of space.
Is that what you want? No.
I want you to tell me why you did it.
You wouldn't get it.
I've done my fair share of stupid things in the past.
Why don't you try me? Tell me what's going on, please.
I gotta go.
You gotta go? You clearly can't walk home so I guess I'm giving you a lift.
Not to the boarding house, but.
I'm sorry.
I've never felt that way before.
I don't know what's happening.
Darling, I know you said this isn't depression but, no, you also said that something's not right.
Jules, I'm not depressed.
I'm just angry.
Well, maybe it's all part of the same thing.
You really do need to talk to someone.
Wellwhat have I got to be depressed about? Things aren't perfect but I know how lucky I am.
It's not about lucky or unlucky.
It's obviouslyjust how you feel.
If there's something we could be doing to help we're not doing Jules, stop.
You're not doing anything wrong.
It's me.
I don't know what's happening, what it is.
But it'sit's there.
It's in here.
And if you keep pushing that down and pushing it away, this happens - tonight.
Well, say I do talk to somebody, what am I going to say? I'm stressed with work? A new baby is making me tired? (KNOCK AT DOOR) NATHAN: Can I come in'? Um, hang on just a sec.
Yeah, OK.
Come in.
Hev- Hey- I just dropped Coby off at the police station.
It was his idea.
He's taking responsibility.
Did he say why he did it? No.
Just that we wouldn't understand.
He's really cut up about it.
Yeah, well.
Can we talk about this tomorrow'? Don'tdon't think about Coby.
I think we've got a bigger issue to focus on, don't you? (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Ben, just finished up.
Why aren't you answering? Anyway, sorry, but I'm desperate for a shower.
So meet me at home and we'll go from there.
Love you.
(TOILET FLUSHES) (PHONE BEEPS) MEL: (ON PHONE) Ben, just finished up.
Why aren't you answering? (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Sorry, babe.
Leave a message.
Hi, it's me.
OK, time to spill.
Don't go home, come straight to the Kent Hotel in the city.
Room 712.
I've got clothes for you here.
And, hey, even though you made me spoil the surprise, I love you too.
OK, time to spill.
Don't go home.
Come straight to the Kent Hotel in the city.
Room 712.
I've got clothes for you here.
Hey, even though you made me spoil the surprise, I love you too.
You OK, Nathan? Yeah.
I'm alright.
Bit of a rough day.
(MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Benno! Hey, is Mel there? I thought she was with you.
No, we keep missing each other.
Can you get her to call me if you see her? Yeah, sure.
No worries.
How's the hotel room'? Lonely.
Not for long.
Have fun, you dirty dog.
You betcha.
How's Benny-boy? Everything going alright? Mel hasn't turned up.
(DOORBELL RINGS) You expecting someone? No.
Carbo? No.
Bit late.
Maybe it's for you, Natho.
Might be a hot chick! Alright.
Uh, can I help you? Can we speak with Ben Rafter? Uh, Ben's not actually here.
I'm his brother, though.
Can I help you? (KNOCK AT DOOR) SONG: When I look up from my pillow I dream you are there with me Though you are far away I know you'll always be near J"To me Yeah, I go to sleep And imagine that you're there with me I go to sleep And imagine that you're there With me I look around me And feel you are ever so close J"To me Each tear that flows from my eye Brings back memories of you J"To me I go to sleep And imagine that you're there With me Yeah, I go to sleep And imagine that you're there With me When morning comes again I have the loneliness You left me Each day drags by Until finally my time descends J"On me I go to sleep And imagine that you're there With me I go to sleep And imagine that you're there With me.