Packed to the Rafters (2008) s04e02 Episode Script

In With The New

DAVE: (NARRATES) Council clean-up day - a great chance to turf the rubbish from your life, maybe salvage a few things you forgot you had but, most of all, a chance for a fresh start.
Out with the oldin with the new.
This was the new me.
Oh, you're a lifesaver.
Ah, council won't know what's hit them.
It's not all for the council.
Keep, charity, chuck.
What, and all this came out of there? Yep.
Talk about a snapshot of 20-odd years.
(LAUGHS) Next stop, the attic.
Well, the pantry's in a pigsty if you're on a roll.
Hey, don't push your luck.
(LAUGHS) What? Nothing.
I'm just proud of you.
You're in a good place.
Yeah, well Speaking of which, I think it's about time that we introduced Ruby to the family cricket tradition.
Yeah, sure.
Once Nathan gets home, we'll make a date.
Oh, look at you.
You're all excited.
I am.
All your little ducklings are coming home.
Shut up.
Well, you have fun.
Just come back to me in one piece, please.
What - that's it'? Mm-hm.
No warnings about alcohol poisoning or servo pies or nudie runs? I thought this weekend was all about rugby.
Well, in theory, sure.
If you want to do a number on yourself and still play the next day, that's your call, babe.
See'? That is why I love you.
Oh, get a room.
This is a family neighbourhood.
What is taking you so long'? I can't find my keys.
You don't need them.
I'm driving.
Would that include your garage key? If you find them, keep out.
Is that all you're taking? Yeah.
Socks, jocks and toothbrush.
I'm not playing.
Footy, that is.
I'm there for the chicks, sheilas and the women.
You're sharing a room with him.
Are you gonna miss me? Yeah.
I've got all those washing-up dishes to keep me company.
Yeah, well, look on the bright side - you've got the place to yourself.
Be good.
I mean it.
Bye, Coby.
Bye, Rach.
See ya! I love you! Bye.
Yes! ('SUNDAY BEST' BY WASHINGTON PLAYS) DAVE: (NARRATES) Of course, home alone, Rachel couldn't resist the chance to try some minor clean-ups of her own.
TED: Nei hou ma? Ho Ho.
Ted? Ted, are you right there, mate? Never better.
(TOILET FLUSHES) TED: Nei hou ma? Oh, something smells good.
I'm baking Nathan an apple pie.
Oh, my afternoon tea.
I've been working hard out there, you know'? Out of the way, Grizzly Adams.
(LAUGHS) Have you heard from him? Hmm'? Nathan.
Are you as excited as I am? Yep.
When's he getting here? Well, I don't know.
The whole call lasted 1O seconds.
“Mum, I'm almost out of credit but" NATHAN: I'll be home after lunch.
(GASPS) Hey! Nathan! Don't do that! Hello! How you doin'? You guys are as bad as each other, all these surprises.
I rang.
Yeah, unlike Ben, who just descended.
Good to see you, bro.
Dad, look who's here! You look so well! Thank you very much.
Unlike this one - all scruffy and smelly.
Oh, easy.
I'm good.
Everything3 fine.
TED: Ah! Here he is! Hey.
How are you, Grandad? Ah.
You're lookin' good.
Ah! Where'd you come from? Port Macquarie.
Oh! You were right.
Fishing was great.
And at least you managed to pack a razor, unlike this one.
Oh, just 'cause you can only produce a mo.
He's just jealous, right? Ha, ha, ha, ha.
(OVEN TIMER BUZZES) Oh! Perfect timing.
That's your apple pie.
Smells good.
Mum, I might grab some stuff out of the car first, if that's OK.
Oh! There's plenty of time.
You just got here.
I know.
There's just some food I should probably grab.
I won't be long.
I promise.
Yeah, alright.
Don't make plans tonight.
We're having a 'welcome' dinner.
I'll give you a hand.
Me too.
I can't believe that.
Little Theo?! How's Rita coping with it all? She has her good days.
And her bad days.
Why do you think I'm sleeping in Rachel's room'? You're back with Mum and Dad? BOTH: Yep.
All good.
Rachel likes being at Jake's.
Rachel's at Jake's.
Are you sure it's OK that I go back there? Yeah.
Knowing Rita, she'll insist on it.
You can stay at our place if you like.
It's musical beds anyway.
Uh, Ben, there's your hoodie, yourjeans and your raincoat, mate.
You decided you didn't need them anymore'? I had other clothes.
I coped.
A month's a long time to cope.
Isn't it? You know what, Dad? I'll take over here.
You can go back to your clean-out.
Everything alright between you two? Yeah.
We've just got a lot to catch up on.
Right? Right.
Don't forget what your mother said.
Apple pie for dinner.
DAVE (NARRATES): Tension between these two was old.
But this was something new.
Nathan! How you going'? Hey! Hey! You look well.
Thank you.
How you doing? Yeah, good.
Good to see you.
You look fantastic! Thank you.
I'm sorry I missed the engagement party.
That's OK.
You can make up for it at the wedding.
Hey, I heard about your mum and dad.
Are you OK'? I was dark on my dad to begin with but, you know, now I'm OK.
Just there for Mum.
You know, whatever it takes to help her cope.
Hey, sweetie? Yeah.
Her lawyer wants everything in the house catalogued.
All the reminders of Dad are freaking her out.
Now she wants all his stuff outside for the council clean-up.
And who can blame me? No-one, Mum.
I mean, look at that! Theo gave that to me for my birthday.
Now every time I look at it, all I can think about is that no-taste poutana.
Nathan, sweetheart! Welcome! Hey, Rita.
No, we can't talk - too much to do.
Ben, I've got some more mail.
Do you want it? I might grab it later, if that's OK.
And don't forget that horrible Chinese peacock.
Sure, Mum.
I'll get the, um, peacock.
Nathan, good to have you back.
Not here.
I'm sorry.
Do you have any idea how freaked out I was? Ben, you went nuts out there.
Yeah, I get it! I said I'm sorry.
Yeah, I'm really glad you're sorry, OK, but do you think I felt? Not telling Mum and Dad, not knowing where you were! I didn't know how you were Nathan You vanished, mate! I know! I didn't hear from you for a month! I sent you a text.
I said I needed time on my own to clear my head.
Are you OK now'? Yes.
I'm fine.
I've been good since I've been back.
Really good.
And I'm really grateful that you didn't tell anyone.
Didn't or don't? Both.
But if you ever pull that stunt again, I will, OK'? RITA: Can someone give Niko a hand, please? Yeah, sure! Thank you, Ben! You're such a good boy! So, are we cool? I mean it, Ben.
I'm out of here.
What about Rita? “Such a good boy!" Yes! You finally made it, girls! Whoo-hoo! Let's hit the bar! Yes! I thought youse had a footy game onthis arvo! Who brought this nanna along? Yeah, mate, he begged me.
Listen here, numbnuts.
Well, it's not gonna hurt, is it, Jakey? No! Hey! So, just the one double bed'? Boys, is there something you want to tell me? It's the only room they had left.
Well, I'm right next door, so I don't know- keep the moaning down.
Mate, I don't intend to stay here anyway.
Oh, you're planning on getting lucky! Think I'm here for the footy? It's about all the chicks! Why can't you have both, hey? Isn't that what the weekend's about? Yeah - and beer! And beer! And beer.
Let's go.
(GROANS) Do you need a hand with that'? Oh! Do I know you? No, I'm just here, visiting some mates.
Oh, bad timing.
They're away on a rugby weekend.
Well, I guess you get a hug instead.
Come here! (LAUGHS) It's so good to see you! When did you get back? Oh, about a month ago - maybe more.
Oh, and visiting so soon.
(LAUGHS) Uh, actually, Mum's doing dinner and she told me to tell you not to try and wriggle out of it.
That's rubbish.
She already called.
You're escaping Rita, aren't you? (BOTH LAUGH) What's that look? I know that look.
ls something wrong'? No, no, I'm fine.
Everything3 good.
It's just good to be home and everything's back to normal.
What's this'? What, minigolf'? Is this Coby making his mark? Yeah, that's his favourite contribution to the house.
Well, how's he going'? Is he settling in alright? I barely see him.
He spends all his time in his garage.
Doing what? I don't know.
Really? Ooh, I bet that's absolutely killing you, isn't it? No.
(LAUGHS) And, uh, what - are you culling too? Yeah, well, that all came from the council clean-up.
Now it can just go back.
Grandad said you were looking for me.
I wouldn't mind a hand putting all this stuff out on the street.
What is it about me that says, “Will move junk"? I just got away from Rita and her crazy Theo clean-out.
Yeah, I'll take that as a yes.
So, umhow long did you say that you and Nathan split up for'? Uml can't remember.
Two weeks - that's what you said.
And this morning, Nathan said it was a month.
So, what's the story? There's no story.
I must have got mixed up.
Time slows down when you're travelling.
Come on, Ben.
I'm not blind.
What's going on? Dad, we're handling it, OK'? It's none of your business, so just back off! Saam man zi.
Saam man zi! Saam man zi (WHISPERS) Saam man zi.
Excuse me, Ted? Uh, it's 'sandwich' in Cantonese.
I'm learning.
Wh '? Why not'? y Where's this sudden interest in Chinese come from? From China, I suppose.
Gotta keep the cogs oiled.
What, and Spanish wasn't challenging enough for you? Ha! Could he have picked a harder language? As long as it keeps the cogs oiled.
TED: I heard that! Oh, you've inspired me.
I'm donating all of Ruby's old clothes to charity.
Can you believe she's already got 'old' clothes? I think something's happened between Nathan and Ben.
What do you mean? Well, Ben said he left Nathan two weeks before he came home and Nathan said it was a month.
I asked Ben why the different stories and he lost it.
Yeah, well, they've just spent three months in each other's pockets.
Have they? How do we know that'? Well, darling, Ben was grieving.
It couldn't have been easy for either of them.
Yeah, well, you didn't see how defensive he got.
But you can't force the truth out of them.
Apparently, they're adults.
(SIGHS) Did I speak too soon? About what? Things being back on track.
It's a good thing I dragged you away when I did.
Any more spring-cleaning, you would have busted through a wall - or into Coby's garage.
Who knows what's really in there, though? It could be, like, a hydroponic crop.
(LAUGHS) Or storage for stolen goods.
He's got form.
Well, maybe it's where he makes Christmas presents for orphans.
(LAUGHS) Don't you think it's rather embarrassing, having all your stuff out on the verge so that the whole neighbourhood can seem? Hey! I still use this! What for'? Just because I don't jog, Nathan.
Hey! You guys gonna give us a hand or what? Umoh, I'd love to, but I promised Mum I'd give her a hand with dinner.
Nathan's available, though! Oh, thank you, Nathan.
You boys are such a tower of strength! Niko, a hand with the tallboy, please.
Yep! Coming, Mum! I'll kill you.
Hey, look! Family reunion! Can you just give us a minute? Ooh, why'? Are you two fighting? Sorry.
What's up? Well, I just lost it at Dad because I thought you said something.
Well, thanks for the vote of confidence.
Well, you said you hadn't seen me for a month.
So, shoot me! If we're gonna do this, we should at least get our stories straight.
Actually, you should probably just tell them.
They'll understand.
I don't want to worry anyone.
I just want to forget about it, OK'? Ah, Ben! Back to help too? Uh, no, 'cause I thought that Carbo and Retta were gonna Oh, no - they're going to St Vinnies.
Again? Oh.
Well, at least some poor person can benefit from my misfortune.
Now, the rest - I've labelled what's trash and what's treasure.
All you have to do is box it, huh? OK.
Come on! (ALL SHOUT AND GRUNT) (PLAYERS SHOUT) Footy fans, eh? (LAUGHS) Ha.
Yeah, not to watch the game.
But, yeah, took the day off to be here.
Yeah, I'm with the team, you know.
The water boy? Excuse me, we'rehaving a moment.
Coffee? Yep.
No, thank you, I'm right.
Actually, I'm more of a mascot.
So, are you all staying at the Park Lodge? Yeah! You know it? I work there, in the bar and bistro.
Yeah? Well, maybe I'll see you there for brekkie, eh? Sorry, Cody, I'm only here for the players.
Co- BY.
(GRUNTS) Would you believe I am a roving fly-half and a hooker at the same time? (LAUGHS) You're pretty funny, I'll give you that.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
That was a joke.
It was.
It all looks like junk.
What have you got'? Um, I've got a figurine of a cactus and I've got a figurine of a fig.
This is a figurine box as well.
They're all figurines.
This is insane, Ben.
I did not sign on to packing the entire house.
(SIGHS) I can't feel my arms.
What's that doing back inside? I just put that out.
It's Hera.
The goddess of marriage.
I took her to show-and-tell.
I just can't chuck her out.
What can you do, Carbo? It's their lives.
If they're not happy M um was happy.
Yeah, well, sometimes that's not enough.
Niko, I've got some more boxes ready.
Oh, Retta, you're here too.
I'm sorry.
I'm intruding.
No, no, Rita, we were just No, no.
I understand.
Everyone needs a break and Especially a young couple.
With your whole lives ahead of you.
Mum Mum! Shouldn't we be helping Rachel help Mum with dinner? Hey? Yes, we should.
CARBO: Mum! Mum, wait! I understand.
Nobody wants an interfering mother.
No, Mum.
We're just tired, OK'? I'm going next door to see my friend, Julie.
She's always welcoming.
On second thoughts, I think Rachel will be right.
That - definitely! You can't just chuck other people's stuff out without asking! You don't use it anymore (KNOCK AT DOOR) That's Rita's knock.
(ALL GASP) (WHISPERS) We're not at home.
She's like a sniffer dog, though.
She can smell us.
Oh, Rachel! It's OK.
I'll get rid of her.
Oh Dave.
I'm sorry to disturb.
I just thought I'd drop Ben's mail over.
Isn't he next door? (CRIES) Jules? Oh.
Rita Jules? Rita, what's happened? Oh.
Oh! I'm sorry.
It's OK.
Come on.
I'll make you a cup of tea.
I'll make you a cup of tea.
A tea.
That would be lovely.
And wine.
I'm, uh Me too.
What? No.
Uh I've got another box.
So, Natho, tell us about this chick you went after.
Yeah, yeah.
Ben said something about a self-awareness course.
BEN: (LAUGHS) The lovely Astral.
A gentleman never tells.
That means she was ugly.
So, you did get to see her, Benno.
No, he didn't.
And she was totally hot.
What was she doing with you, then? (BOTH CHUCKLE) DAVE: Knock knock.
Is this a private party? A rage.
Nice of you to join us.
Crosses are trash and ticks are treasure, if you want to Very funny, Nathan.
How's Mum? Just having a little chat to Jules.
She brought your mail over and now I'm bringing it back.
Oh, thanks.
Anything interesting? Yeah.
There is one.
It's from a hospital.
Oh, it's nothing.
Ben Thanks.
I'll sort it out later.
This is insane.
Just tell them.
Tell us what? Nothing.
Ben checked himself out of the hospital.
He was meant to stay overnight and he bailed.
Just shut up, Nathan.
They don't need to hear this.
Ben, if you were in the hospital, you should be Benno.
Ben? Ben'? Ben! Ben! Ben, stop! Ben! (TYRES SCREECH) (CAR HORN BLARES) MAN: Look out, idiot! Are you right'? I told you, Ben! You're still doing it! Doing what? What's going on? Don't you think there's been enough accidents in this family? One of you is gonna tell me what's happening here.
I left hospital without doctors' clearance.
Oh, what the hell were you'? This is why I didn't want to tell them.
Hang on.
What were you doing there in the first place? Just start at the beginning.
I thought that being away would make it easier but I couldn't sleep.
'Cause I couldn't stop thinking about Mel.
So, I started coming up with stuff to get his mind off her.
What sort of stuff'? Adrenaline stuff - abseiling, bungee-jumping.
And it was fine to start out with.
But then he just started taking stupid risks.
It wasn't like that.
Yes, it was.
You didn't listen to any of the instructors.
You were halfway down before they even realised That's crap.
What about the quad bike? You flipped that Why do you keep'? Guys! Why were you in the hospital in the first place? No! Because he jumped off a huge cliff, into a waterhole.
He didn't check the water and cracked his head on the bottom.
Mate Ben! Ben! Why didn't you tell us'? 'Cause I told him not to.
I didn't want to worry you.
They fixed me up.
I was fine.
They wanted to keep me in overnight but I didn'twant to.
Nathan told me I was being an idiot.
But you checked out anyway.
Against doctors' orders.
Because I couldn't handle any more of your lectures.
I couldn't handle being alone either.
So, that's why you came home.
And everything's been OK.
No, it hasn't.
DAVE: (NARRATES) The rubbish cluttering my son's head was out in the open now.
I've just gotta get used to it.
I mean, Theo's with that poutana now and I have an empty space in my bed.
Oh, look, it's not fair to make it your problem.
Or Niko.
Oh, no, no.
I don't see it that way.
And I'm sure he doesn't either.
You're a good friend, Julie.
Oh, no.
No more for me.
Gotta get the vegies on.
Oh, right.
I'm in the way.
No, not at all.
I'll work around you.
Oh, a roast lamb.
Nathan's favourite.
Let me help.
Oh, no, Rita.
It's fine.
I just wish Theo had told me that he was so unhappy.
Then we could have worked on it.
Oh! Uh, well, what if it's not too late? What do you mean? Well, have you spoken to Theo since? Only in my dreams, when I'm strangling him.
I'm not encouraging you to forgive him.
I'm just saying that, well, if it was Dave, I'd want to work out if there was any marriage left worth saving, that's all.
(DOOR OPENS) Ah, speak of the devil.
Oh, I should go.
Finish your wine.
Oh, four for the price of one.
Everything alright? Yeah.
We're getting there.
Drink with me? BOTH: No, thanks.
What's happened? (KNOCK AT DOOR) Sorry about dinner.
Oh, darling, that's OK.
Did Dad tell you? Yeah.
I just wanted to feel something.
I know.
There's so much going on in my head.
Well, you know, all this therapy your dad's been doing, it'sit's really made a difference.
Maybe you should think about talking to someone.
And if you do need some adrenaline, there are other ways to get it.
Somehow, I don't think backyard cricket's gonna cut it.
Oh! Don't let your dad hear you say that.
You will get through this, I promise.
Sure you don't want some food? Nah.
There's some apple pie.
Is there whipped cream? Righto, fellas.
You all know the rules.
Anybody caught cheating will have to drop their pants and run round the bar in the nude.
(LAUGHTER) On your marks Here we go, Paulie.
get set Come on, mate.
"-90! ALL: (CHANT) Scull! Scull! Jeez, I like this style of training.
What happens after you play'? We're dangerous, mate.
We're dangerous! Jodi! You look hot.
Thanks, Cody.
Who's your friend? Jodi, Jezza, this is Jake.
All the 'J's.
(LAUGHS) How are you doin'? Good.
You played really well today.
Oh Well, it was only training.
Still, I had my eye on you.
Good form.
Can I get you a drink, girls? I'll have a vodka tonic, thanks.
And yourself? Same.
You can use my staff discount.
Oh, hot and generous.
One for you, Jakey? No, no, mate.
I'm good.
So, uh, you guys work here? Mm-hm.
Do you love it? I'm thinking of other things I'd rather be doing.
So, anyway, fit boy, are you gonna have a big night out or what? No, no.
No, I'm gonna finish this beer, go and call me girlfriend and go to bed.
Girlfriend? Yeah.
Got him by the short and curlies.
Oh, he's full of it.
(LAUGHS) But she's not here, is she? Here we go.
Alright, mate.
That's me.
It's all yours.
I'm going to bed.
'Night, boys.
MAN: You going to bed, mate? Yeah, mate.
See you, buddy.
Forget about it.
He's about as married as you get.
Me, on the other hand, I am Single! We're all single.
MAN: We're all single! (GIGGLES) Hey, didn't I see you lovely ladies at training'? You definitely did.
Yeah, we love footy.
You love footy? That deserves a drink.
What are you having? Nah, it's cool.
We just bought Shut up.
I can get 'em cheap.
Darling, you don't have to talk about yourself that way.
I don't know what I would have done if that had been me out there with him.
Probably sat on him until he gave in, like the good old days.
(LAUGHS) I'm being serious.
No, I know.
I did.
Trust me.
Sowhy didn't you call me? Or Mum and Dad at least.
What would you have done? Except worried about him until he got home.
What did you do when he checked himself out of hospital? He sent me a text the next day saying that he was fine, that he didn't want to talk about it, so I just went off, did my own thing.
Travelled on the Astral plane.
Ben told you.
He might have.
Yes! There was Astral.
Astral? No-one's parents hate them that much.
Oh, come on.
So, you and, um, hippie chick Absolutely.
you Yep? First time since Sammy? Correct.
How was it? What? The lovin'? The 'boom-chicka-wah-wah"? No, no details, please.
I just How was being with someone else? Uh, it wasit was nice.
Yeah, it was good.
It was like the end of something and the beginning of something.
You've been spending far too much time with Astral.
Did someone say Astral? Nup! He did.
Want to tell us a little bit more about Astral? What is it with this family? I can tell you one thing - she's totally No! You can't! Why not? What happened to privacy and discretion? You just want to know stuff.
No, I don't.
Yes, you do.
Oh, I do not.
You do, Rachel.
You're the one who wants to know what's in Coby's garage, so What's Coby got to do with this? Nothing.
Ignore him.
Oh! You don't want to talk'? When it's about you, you don't want to talk'? OK, forget Astral.
Forget everything.
Don't worry about it.
Sorry I asked.
One thing you two are good at is keeping things to yourself.
Get down.
I'm sitting on you.
No! Rachel! MAN: Here he is! Hey! Hey! Cobes, you're a champion! Up your bum.
Get it in ya! Oh! How about we get some more of these back to my place for a private party? JODI: Sounds good.
You can count us out.
Don't call me.
Jeez! Have a good night! Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
More drinks! Back to mine! Scotty - beer.
Daz - spirits.
You wanna come too? No.
What's the matter, Nanna? Too much heat for you? Something like that.
Yeah? Fair enough.
Give us a bit of time, hey, fellas? What, about three minutes? (ALL LAUGH) Hi.
He's asleep.
That's good.
You OK'? Yeah.
I just wish we'd known about some of this.
He's just trying to protect us.
We don't need protection.
If our son's throwing himself off cliffs and ending up in hospital, we should know about it.
Well, we do now.
Without all the worry in between.
Well, we were worrying anyway.
I know.
Wonder what else they're protecting us from.
Hopefully stuff we never have to hear about.
Until they're all sorted.
Yeah, maybe it's better that way.
Yeah, probably is, yeah.
It's three o'clock in the morning.
We're having a party.
No Just keep it down, OK'? Well, come in.
Come in! No, no, no.
No, no.
Come in! (MEN SHOUT) You want a beer? No, no, no.
Have a beer, mate.
Jodi, you alright? Yeah.
Yeah, she's alright.
You're alright, aren't ya, gorgeous? Yeah, but she doesn't know what she's doing.
On! (GUYS LAUGH) She's off her face.
What are you thinking? Oi, oi.
Jodi, I'm gonna take you home, darl.
Nah! Nah, she's alright.
We're having a good time! It's over.
She's fine.
Go to sleep, alright? Come on, Jake.
You stay here.
You spilt my beer.
I thought better of you, dude.
Coby, get me car keys.
Alright, Jodi, let's try and get this on ya, right, while you tell me your address.
Where do you live? (GROANS) What's going on? Get my car keys.
Huh'? Just get my car keys.
Who are you? I'm Jake, remember? I'm gonna take you home.
Now, did anything happen in there? Do you need me to get you a doctor or the cops? (GRUNTS) (GROANS) No, no.
Leave me alone.
Jodi, Jodi.
It's OK.
Get off! Get off! Where do you live? (GROANS) Ah! (sossnue) Jodi.
Jodi! Jodi! Jodi? Found 'em! Jeez, what happened to your face? What? Oh, no.
She thought I was trying to hurt her.
Jodi? Mm.
Where is she? I don't know.
She just took off.
I'm gonna call the cops.
What for'? She is out there somewhere, off her face, upset.
She's not safe.
Nah, mate, she'llbe right.
She only lives 1O minutes walk away.
How do you know that'? She told me this arvo.
She walks to work.
Look, mate, think about it.
If she's together enough to bolt from you, she'll make it home, don't worry.
Yeah, alright.
What happened in there? Oh.
Camel, Scott and Darren, man - they were all over her.
Well, she was kind of into it back at the bar.
She wanted me to join.
Oh No, OK.
OK, maybe.
But she could barely see in there and that's not right.
Just calm down.
It's over now.
Yeah, 'cause I stopped it! Yeah.
And no harm done, right? So, just forget about it.
Don't mention it.
Lock it away, put it in the vault.
What - after all that, she leaves it here? She won't even remember she had it.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Why do we do it, Jules? All this stuff we collect over the years.
Well, we're small fry compared to Rita.
Yeah, but it's all so unimportant.
Someone's taken the printer.
Oh, clean-up scavengers.
Spirit of recycling right there.
BOTH: Hey.
How's Ben doing? He's still asleep, as far as I know.
Um, I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys sooner.
Oh, don't be.
Really? I'm not gonna get a lecture or a guilt trip? What's going on? Ben's still here, isn't he? And you're the one we should be grateful to for that.
You handled it the best you could.
RITA: Julie! Oh, thank you for last night.
It really helped.
Oh Where's Theo's leopard? Uh, someone probably took it Theo's leopard? Niko! I want everything back inside.
Mum Julie's right.
All may not be lost.
Quickly! Before the vultures return.
You know I'm trying really hard, I really am.
But your mother is losing it.
No, this is a good thing.
Now you're losing it.
Don't you see'? She's not ready to let go.
Maybe she and Dad can still work it out.
You guys ready to order? Yeah.
Just, uh just coffee and toast for me, thanks.
And I'll take the greasiest brekkie you got.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, um, is Jodi working today'? She's meant to be but she called in sick.
She's sick? Nah, she's hung-over.
That's alright.
Allowed one a year.
See, I told ya.
She got home alright.
Morning, ladies! MAN: Oh, shut up, Camel.
Jeez, mate, got a bit of a scratch there, hey? Yeah, well, at least I didn't write meself off.
We did turn it up a little bit.
Can't say I remember much.
Don't bullshit me, Camel.
Come on, mate.
What's going on here? I'll give you one word, mate - Jodi.
Mate, I invited her back to my room.
She said yes, didn't she, Coby'? Didn't she, Coby'? Yeah? Yeah? No-one twisted her arm.
You were the only one spoiling the fun.
She was totally off her face.
Well, nothing happened.
No harm done.
What are you sitting here on your own for, anyway'? Come and join the boys.
So, you really have no problem with last night? Why would I'? I'll see you on the field.
Mate, justlet it go.
This is not gonna bring any joy to anyone, including Rachel.
What? What does that mean? It's done and dusted.
Just leave it here, where it belongs.
Oh, Theo's ouzo glasses from all the different islands.
They have to stay.
(GASPS) My Hera! Where was she? I had her in our room.
I couldn't chuck her on the street.
The goddess of marriage.
We bought her on our honeymoon in Corfu as a symbol of our commitment That's really sweet.
back when everything was new and we'd rather die than hurt each other, or pick up some poutana from a bakery and throw away years of commitment Mum.
and sacrifice and why am I doing this?! Why'? Mum.
He doesn't deserve my loyalty or his stupid ouzo glasses! Get them out of my sight! I don't want to look at them! Mum.
Let the vultures have them! Carbo, she's crazy.
Mum, stop! We've done everything you've said.
No more, Mum.
My dear, dear son.
Oh, you're right.
You're right.
They're just things.
They're just meaningless things.
Things from the past.
From the past, yeah.
I have to look to the future Yes.
here, with my two lovebirds.
(MOUTHS WORDS) DAVE (NARRATES): Rachel had seen a new and very secret side to Coby.
But if she was going to avoid suspicion, the stuff she'd planned to trash was all going back.
('SUNDAY BEST' BY WASHINGTON PLAYS) What's wrong with this? Well, isn't it obvious? A bit of TLC, a bit of sandpaper, it'd be as good as new.
Away you 9°- Oh, here comes the sandpaper.
You need new material, Grandad.
Did you get some sleep? Not really.
Lots to think about.
Any conclusions? Just that Mel would crack it if she knew how much I'd been carrying on.
Remind me of that next time I want to do something stupid.
Uh, there's not going to be a next time, is there, Ben'? No.
Not if I can help it.
In that case, if you want to expend some energy, why don't you start by flat-packing some of these boxes.
Stand back.
One way of doing it, I s'pose.
Um, the council's not gonna be rapt with that - it's not very flat.
Probably not.
(BOTH SCREAM) They never get tired of destruction, do they? OK.
Well, just, um, ask Mum if she wants me to bring anything, yeah? (LOUD ROCK MUSIC PLAYS OUTSIDE) I've gotta go! Jake's home.
I'llI'll call you, I'll call you.
What are you guys doing back so early? Hey, what happened to your face? Well, it is rugby, Rach, not ballet.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just a scratch, literally.
Plus, he's all out of shape, so Well, are you OK, though? You're not injured or anything? I am fine.
Seriously, alright'? it's just Gotta make up for all the training that he missed, hey, fatty? Yes, yes.
Hey! This place is looking great.
I thought you would have gone crazy chucking stuff out while you had the chance.
You so don't know me.
You're full of surprises.
Aren't we all? Hello, boys.
Have a good snoop, did ya'? Hmm'? Sorry, snoop? The garage.
You break a leg to get in'? Like I said, you guys do not know me at all.
I missed you.
Are you sure you're alright? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You're right, you know'? It's all so unimportant.
It's family that matters.
And cricket.
And cricket.
And barbecues.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, barbecues.
Oh, and don't forget (WHISPERS) (LAUGHS) Hasn't got a chance.
I'm gonna knock it out of the park.
Ho-ho! Mate! Hey! How you doing? Come and get it, everyone.
Haven't seen you for ages.
Oh! Thanks.
Hey, Rachel, what was in Coby's garage? Shut up! Nothing.
How would I know'? I don't believe you.
Just tell me.
What happens on the weekend stays on the weekend.
(BLOWS RASPBERRY) Hey, you alright? Yeah, baby.
Never better.
On, oh (SCREAMS) DAVE (NARRATES): Us humans, we're hoarders.
We collect junk and hide it away, even when we know that we should let it go.
Because if we hang onto it too long, it can take over our lives.