Packed to the Rafters (2008) s04e06 Episode Script

The Dollhouse

JULIE: (NARRATES) As a kid, I'd imagined my perfect world.
OK, open them.
(GASPS) Oh, my doll's house! Mm-hm.
Dad, where did you find that'? In storage.
I thought I'd do it up for Ruby, if that's alright with you.
Oh, of course - she'll love it.
Rach, look at this.
Grandad made it for me when I was little.
Oh, the dollcottage.
Yeah, I was obsessed with it.
Wait - there's more.
(LAUGHS) My family! Oh, Mum, Dad and four kids.
My perfect world.
Two boys and two girls? Mm.
Maybe you knew something even then.
Oh, well, if I did, I'd forgotten.
Maybe Ruby shouldn't have been a surprise.
But you really looked after it.
Unlike some I might have made one for.
Excuse me, I loved my doll's house.
I'll let you reveal the truth.
I am off to the hardware store.
Oh, thanks, Dad.
Hey, are you alright, sweetheart? You look worn out.
Just tossing and turning all night, you know'? Work stuff.
Is that why you've been staying here instead of Jake's'? Exactly.
Um, gotta run.
So, you're not avoiding him, then? No.
Love you.
Rachel (DOOR SH UTS) JULIE: (NARRATES) We all do it.
We all try to build a life that's right for us.
For some, that means starting a business, building some financial security.
For others, it's planning the perfect wedding - the beginning of a long and happy life together.
But no world can be perfect all the time.
Sometimes complications intrude and that's not always a bad thing.
It forces us to question what's really important.
Before you say anything, I know it looks like I'm stuffing you around.
But I promise I know that you're not.
The New York office, on the other hand, is starting to get impatient.
As are the three people on two continents in line for the same job.
L-I justl have some personal stuff I'm trying to sort out.
Rachel, your family will still be here.
Your boyfriend can come and visit.
Surely they support you.
I haven't exactly broken the news to them yet.
Then break it.
And trust me, opportunities like this don't come along all that often.
Can I just have a little bit more time to think about it? Monday.
First thing.
Thank you.
New York? Oh, dardarling, that's, umthat's amazing.
Yeah, congratulations, princess.
Always knew you were going places.
How long's it for'? At this stage, it's only for six months.
But maybe longer? Well, depending on how I go.
It's good news, right? Oh.
Yeah, it's fantastic news.
It's a massive opportunity.
What about Jake? Jules Yeah, we'd miss each other like crazy.
But, I mean, it is only six months.
It's not forever.
It's the court case that's the big problem.
I don't know if I can just leave him.
What did he say when you told him? Well, I haven't yet.
Is that why you've been sleeping here? Mm.
Well, you know, six months can be a long time.
Rachel's worth it.
Yes, she is worth it.
OK, this is where you tell me what I should do.
Sorry, Rachel - we can't make this decision for you.
(GROANS) I had a feeling you'd say that.
Just go with your gut.
What's it telling you? I wish I knew.
OK, umplease don't say anything to Jake yet.
I will tell him, in my own time.
What? Well, she has to consider what she'd be leaving behind.
Like her mother? Like her family, her home.
Everything that she's built up here.
Well, I will miss her, but we can't be selfish about this, Jules.
Oh, who's being selfish? I'm not being selfish.
I'll bite.
What's up ya bum? Nothin'.
Don't lie.
You've been quiet all day.
(GROANS) From the courts.
My court date's been set.
Well, that explains it.
I've been waiting so long for this.
I started to believe it wasn't gonna happen.
Oh, mate, just 'cause you're going to court, doesn't mean you're gonna get locked away.
(CH UCKLES) One guilty plea and a bond and you know all about it, eh? I'm just saying, you know, maybe maybe Jodi will take one look at you and everything will just come flooding back, you know'? There's gonna be questions.
She's gotta have answers.
The lawyers know what they're doing.
Yeah, maybe.
What did Rachel say? Oh, I haven't really seen her, mate.
She's been so busy with work.
(BLOWS RASPBERRY) What? Youse two are as bad as each other.
You are gonna tell her, right? She's my girlfriend.
Of course I'm gonna tell her.
(TURNS ON TV) What colour should I use Red.
So certain because? You want to sell car parts.
Red cars go faster.
Better reason.
Red stands out more.
Red it is.
Serious? I wanted blue, like the Aegean.
Matches Retta's eyes.
Aren't they brown? Yeah, but I'm not wearing a brown shirt.
You're not w'? Why would I want my website design to match Retta's eyes? Websites? I thought we were talking about wedding shirts.
Let me guess - your mum wants to know.
Yeah, she's getting them made.
Now that she's back with Dad, she's getting all gooey over the arrangements.
Oh, then our opinions don't matter.
Not that you've asked my opinion, but no-one's gonna see that website.
You make me laugh.
My built-in hit words for the search engine gives me preference.
Right - like that hasn't been done before.
Look, if you want to stand out, put up flyers.
Flyers? Mm-hm.
What century are you in'? Everybody's on the net.
But not the old codgers working on their classic cars on the weekend.
Look, you gotta start somewhere, mate.
Anyway, blue or red, Benno'? You're my best man - you gotta wear it too.
Retta said you would say that.
Carbo, um flyers aren't such a bad idea.
I know.
I can't believe I'm agreeing with something Carbo said.
I'm adding another floor, a balcony - and what about a rooftop pool? Don't forget the helipad.
(LAUGHS) Nothing's too good for my granddaughter.
Don't let Rachel hear you say that - she'll get jealous.
After what she did to her doll's house, let her.
Well OK, Ruby's out for the count.
Me time.
Are those.
'? Oh, they are.
Yeah - cholesterol.
At least I'd die a happy man.
(LAUGHS) I know what you're doing.
Hmm'? Sorry'? Triple chocolate cupcakes.
Rachel's favourite.
I thought they were banned.
No - she's got a big decision to make.
Thought she might like some comfort food.
Taste of what she might be missing.
Is there anything wrong with letting my daughter know she's loved? You gonna tell Dad to stop renovating Ruby's doll's house? Hey, hey - I'm not getting involved.
Remember when Rachel was 10'? What was her favourite movie? 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York'.
I thought you weren't getting involved.
Favourite TV show of all time? 'Sex and the City'.
Sex and which city? New York.
Yes, alright, OK.
We've always encouraged her dream.
Now that it's a possibility, I want her to make the decision that's right for her, that's all.
Well, then, let me take that into her.
Oh! Is thattriple choc'? Mm-hm.
Ohh! Apparently, calories don't count when you're threatening to move so far away.
Oh, emotional blackmail cupcakes, eh? You know your mother would never stop you from going.
Doesn't mean she wouldn't miss you like crazy.
Dad, what if I take the job and I end up losing Jake? I wake up in 2O years and I'm old and alone and I realise he was my destiny? You'll never be alone, Rachel.
Old? Well, happens to all of us, unfortunately.
Who knows - maybe you can have New York and still make things work with Jake.
It doesn't have to be all or nothing.
Doesn't it? No.
But one thing I do know is that you can't make this decision without telling him.
And for what it's worth, the fact that you're finding it so hard proves one thing.
And what's that'? How important he is to you.
Can't you guys do that in the living room'? Hey, we were here first, OK'? So, I was thinking blue for place cards.
Me too.
This is gonna be tomato-coloured if you don't move it.
The blue matches your shirt and your mum's dress.
You know, we don't have to do everything she wants.
Are you sure we don't prefer the purpley-coloured one? The mauve'? It's too high school Formal.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
It's like we share a brain.
Are you hungry? Not anymore.
Although, the mauve does go with my dress.
You mean the bridesmaid's dresses.
No, my wedding dress.
But you're wearing white.
No, I'm not.
Well, it's tradition to wear white.
Who cares about tradition? I do.
Greek Orthodox tradition.
Who mentioned Greek Orthodox? Me.
No, we talked about this.
And I said I want the full religious thing.
And I said I wanted a civil ceremony.
I didn't think you were serious.
I didn't think you were serious.
I thought we shared a brain.
I've never seen you go to church.
I'm Greek Orthodox here, OK'? I have to get hitched by a priest.
Carbo, I'm not gonna pretend to be something I'm not on the most important day of my life.
And I would never ask you to do that.
You can convert.
Just for the sake of the wedding, then we can let it slide.
But that's hypocritical.
Ask anyone.
Ben, Nathan I'm not converting.
Well, I'm not not getting married Greek Orthodox.
And I'm not not not converting.
Well RACHEL: Hello? Jake'? Hey did you know that “dammit, I'm mad" is “dammit I'm mad" backwards? Is Jake here? (DOOR CLOSES) Jake! Rachel's here! Hey- Hey- I thought you had work to do.
Too much on my mind.
Well, it's good to see you.
It's good to see you.
Well, I'll leave you to it.
I missed you.
Are you staying? Uh, that depends.
Um I've got something to tell you.
Uh, so do I.
So, rock, paper, scissors? Well, no, you go first.
(SIGHS) This came today.
Oh Baby, I'm so sorry.
(SIGHS) Kind of makes it real, huh? Yeah.
So, what happens now'? Well, in seven weeks, we go before a judge, I tell my side of the story, Jodi does the same, and then the judge decides, so Can I ask a favour'? Anything.
Can you come to court with me? I reckon I'm gonna need a friendly face.
I'll be there.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Now, what's your news? What do you gotta tell me? Oh, it's nothing.
It's just It's work stuff.
Oh, Rach.
Fair's fair.
No, honestly, it's nothing.
Forget about it.
So Are you staying tonight? I'm not going anywhere.
There you go.
Bit early for triple choc, isn't it? Are you complaining? Never.
But since when am I allowed cupcakes? Well, I'vejust been thinking about what you said and Hey.
Hey- Uh, Dave Can I have a word? Sure.
OK, well, I'll see you tonight.
You didn't tell him, did you? Shh.
What's up? Sorry, mate, I need a day off.
Rachel, you have to.
You owe him the chance to discuss this.
There's no point, Mum.
I've made my decision.
I'm not going.
Oh! What? Jake is more important to me.
Anyway, I thought you wanted me to stay.
Well, no The cupcakes? Yeah, alright.
Yes, they weren't very subtle.
No, darling, I want you to do what's best for you.
And this is what's best for me, Mum.
It's all decided.
What's all decided? I'm nottaking the job.
And before you blow a fuse, it's OK.
I'm actually really happy about it.
New York will be there forever.
Jake needs me now.
This about his court date? Court date? Are you sure about this? Yeah, absolutely.
Jake's court letterjust put everything into perspective for me.
You wouldn't believe what a relief it is.
I slept like a log last night.
So, thank you for listening.
Thanks for accepting.
Decision made.
You're not buying it, are you? Nope.
No, me neither.
But she's right about one thing.
New York's not going anywhere.
Neither is our daughter any time soon.
Yeah, well, is that such a bad thing? Yes, if she's staying for the wrong reason.
JULIE: (NARRATES) Building a perfect life is complicated.
And if we aren't all honest about our feelings, can any of us end up happy? Hey, Rachel.
When you move to New York, can we come visit? Might have mentioned something.
Nathan, you promised.
Hey, those are mine.
What? You hate triple choc.
No, my thighs hate triple choc.
I love it.
What are you guys doing here anyway'? Taking time out.
Carbo and Retta are doing our heads in.
Besides, we can spend more time with our big sister, can't we'? Before she goes overseas.
Abandons us forever.
There's nothing to worry about.
Oh, no, we're not worried.
We just hope you get a really big apartment.
So we can come visit.
Stop saying that.
I'm not going- Good for you.
Rach, this job is exactly what you've always wanted.
Yeah, but It's just a job, right? Her life's here.
I need to be where Jake is.
Jake can travel.
What's wrong with Australia? I rest mV case" You think she should ignore the best career opportunity she'll ever have? There are more things important than career, Nathan.
OK, guys.
That's great.
I appreciate the support, but I've made my decision.
I'm not going to New York.
What? When were you gonna tell me about New York? Rachel, thisthis is awesome.
Why didn't you say anything? I guess I didn't know what was happening with us and, so, I was a bit confused.
Yeah, but you've decided to stay.
What happened? Well, last night, hearing about your court No, Rachel No, I knew then that I couldn'tl couldn't go.
Not yet.
No, my place is here with you.
There's no way I'm letting you give up your dream job for me.
It's not for you.
Well, it is Ah.
No, it's about you.
It's about us.
It's about valuing what we have.
Before you read that letter what were you thinking - stay or go? I hadn't decided.
I was gonna talk to you about it first.
Yeah, but you didn't.
I didn't need to.
No, Rachel, you promised me once, right, any major life decisions - anything - and we'd talk about it.
Baby, I don't want you staying out ofduty or some kind of guilt.
I'm not.
How's the car parts business going'? Any bites? Yeah.
Yeah, a couple.
You mean none.
Thanks, Ben.
Told you, mate.
You gotta get noticed.
Put some flyers up.
Already done.
What? You listened to me? It's not all garbage that comes out of your mouth.
Look - printed and ready to deliver.
With a little help from my friends.
Eh'? Eh'? Uhtechnically, we're family.
I'm not your friend.
Come on, Ben.
It's Sunday tomorrow.
It's perfect for car parts.
There's Sunday drivers and people washing their family sedan.
Come on.
FEET-FA: Yeah.
It's also the day that people go to church.
People who believe, that is, not fakes, who only go when it suits them.
You know, you're right.
I think I might get an early night.
Gotta be up early if I want to catch up with the big man.
Oh, you're gonna give up your Sunday lie-in? Yep.
(LAUGHS) I'll believe that when I see it.
Prepare to eat your words, missy, 'cause you'll be sitting beside me.
I'm not going to church.
I've told you - it's hypocritical.
Yeah, but then you're knocking something back without trying it.
Isn't that hypocritical? You're right.
I am? Yeah.
I am being hypocritical.
I'll visit your church with an open mind and an open heart.
Yeah! And if it speaks to me, I'll consider getting married there.
How easy was that'? Don't count on it.
Where'd you put 'em'? Somewhere you won't find them.
No, dude, where are me keys? Nah.
You'll just go to the motel and do something stupid.
No, I just want to talk to Jodi.
Oh, yeah, great idea - go and hassle the girl that's pressing charges against you.
No, I'm not gonna hassle her.
No, you're just gonna go over there and ask her nicely to remember what really happened that night.
Well, have you got a better idea? Yeah! Stop being a bloody idiot.
I'm not being Justwhere are my keys! Give us my keys! No.
You're just gonna make things worse.
Bank your winnings, mate.
Rachel's staying here, isn't she? Yeah - to hold my hand.
Do you think I want that'? I want this out of the way so Rachel can make a real choice about what she wants.
Clears the way.
I get that.
You go to that motel and you're gonna wind up with an AVO.
(GROANS) And that's not gonna do yourself or Rachel any favours.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You're totally right.
Yeahl know I am.
Bank my winnings, like you said.
That makes sense.
You better believe it.
Thanks, mate.
Oh, well, thanks for making me some.
What are you doing up so early anyway'? Jake? Oh, you bloody idiot.
SONG: She's bound to run amok Invested enough in it anyhow To each his own The garden needs sorting out She curls her lips on the bow I don't know if I'm dead or not To anyone Come on and get the minimum Mate, you're with Rachel, right? Because if you're on some sort of road trip or something, I've got three words for you - AVO.
Come on and get your overdose Collect it at the borderline They want to get up in your hair 'Cause they know J"And so do I The high road Jodi.
Can I help you? It's Jake.
No, wait, please.
I just want to talk.
I don't want to talk to you.
I know you think I tried to hurt you, but I didn't.
Please, listen.
My whole life is on hold because of this.
Get away from me! No, please! Please! I wasn't part of what happened in that room.
I got you out of there.
I was trying to help.
You've gotta remember I wasn't in that room.
The music woke me up.
And then Camel came to the door with your top on his head.
There was a bad vibe and I got you out.
What the hell are you doing here? Get out of here! I got you to the car park, put your top back on Go now! Alright, mate.
I'm going.
You freaked out and you scratched my face and you kneed me Tell it to the police.
I was trying to help! Go! OK! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
JULIE: (NARRATES) Jake's actions were desperate.
But when your perfect world is falling apart, desperate is sometimes the only option left.
(LAUGHS) Get this.
Did you know that “dammit I'm mad" is “dammit I'm mad" backwards? Retta? We're gonna be late.
What do you think? Too much? Well, no, but you look I just don't want to offend anyone.
You won't.
You think longer sleeves? No.
Longer skirt'? No.
I'm showing too much skin, aren't I'? No, it's not like that.
You look fine.
Really, really fine.
Ooh, sweetie.
Not before church.
You know what? I'm actually quite excited.
Do we get to sing? Yeah.
This could be fun.
Fun? She's onto him.
Ben, are you still happy to take Station Street? Remind me again why I agreed to do this.
Because you're my brother and you love me.
And if you don't, I'll tell Mum.
Always a dobber.
Oh! Nathan, you idiot.
That is gold.
This is a great new service in town.
Be sure to call and ask for Nathan.
Terrific new service in town.
Just call and ask for Nathan.
Call and ask for Nathan.
It's terrific.
I tried it myself.
How are you? There you go.
There's this great new service.
Just call and ask for Nathan.
Very special.
Ruby will have the McMansion of doll's houses.
Yes, well, in the end, you just want your kids to be happy, don't you? Mm.
And what did you raise Rachel to want? Uhto go out and conquer the world.
Why did I encourage that'? Mm-hm.
The natural order of things.
So, you bring up your kids to go out and live the lives they were meant to live and then, 2O years down the track, you move in with them.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
Now Rachel suddenly seems determined never to leave.
How did that happen? Uh, you two are starting to worry me.
Next you're gonna be joining the craft club.
What? No, it's therapy.
Break from housework.
By doing another kind of housework.
You're really starting to worry me.
(CAR APPROACHES) Hey! Are you alright? I was trying to fix it.
Fix what? What's happened? You're not gonna like it.
The service wasn't about being Greek Orthodox.
It was about being human.
If you take away the organised part, our beliefs are virtually the same.
Wasn't the service in Greek? Yeah, but Retta felt the words.
I did.
The spirit of the words - the spirit of the whole place.
The incense, the icons - it's changed me.
Yeah, but not too much.
No - I feel changed.
So, does this mean that you're converting? Maybe.
We'll have to go back.
What? This week, next Sunday.
Every Sunday.
Every Sunday.
Isn't that what joining the church means? What? If I commit to this, we'll have to worship every week.
No, no, no.
That's the beauty of church.
You just join up and forget about it.
No, Carbo, you were right.
I've been a hypocrite.
Ijudged before I experienced and now I've experienced and it was wonderful.
Retta, wait.
She's onto him.
How'd you go with the flyers'? Amazing.
They are all over town.
Now I just have to sit back and wait for the avalanche of phone calls.
I can't wait.
Nor can I.
(PHONE RINGS) Get it! Grab it! Hello.
This is Nathan speaking.
Sorry, what part were you after? Uhwhat model's that'? I'm confused.
Problem? Someone breathing heavily and asking for a 'big and busty'? That's strange.
Oh, well.
At least the flyers are getting people's attention.
I'm gonna check my emails.
Good idea.
I've never been the guy women cross the street to avoid.
Late at night, I cross over to let them know it's OK.
Jodi - she was scared.
Of me.
She doesn't know you.
Yeah, but that's what I was trying to fix.
If she'd just talk to me for five minutes! You know'? She would have realised that I'm not such a bad guy.
It didn't happen the way she thinks it did.
I know.
Oh, man.
I just like, I want the whole thing gone.
I know, but Jake, you said yourself, it's a police matter.
You can't interfere.
And, yeah, I interfered.
I'm an idiot.
I know.
I want this whole thing gone so you can decide about New York.
I have decided.
Yeah decide without this stupid case hanging over you.
Jake, I'm staying.
Are ya'? Yes.
Are you sure about that'? Very.
'Cause you know what I want? What? I want you to stay 'cause you want to stay.
I want you to stay 'cause you want this lifehere, with me.
That's what I want.
I've created a monster.
What? I've created a monster.
Retta's converting for you.
She's doing everything you wanted.
What's the problem? I never wanted her to actually believe.
You're a nut job, you know that'? How would you feel if you had to go to church every Sunday? If I was with the woman I loved, I'd go anywhere, any time without complaining.
Now I feel bad.
Hey, Nathan? Yes.
Did you get any more of those weird phone calls at all? Maybe.
Carbo, when you handed out flyers for the florist, did you get any off-the-wall emails? Like what? Like photos of guys in drag or guys saying they're really a woman on the inside? I got a couple of cracks about morning glory.
That's about it.
It's weird.
Oh, well.
Gotta take the good with the bad, I guess.
Guess so.
What? Check out the domain name.
So what? Part sex change.
(LAUGHS) Part sex change! That's classic! Part sex change.
We've gotta tell him.
Why? He'll figure it out.
(CH UCKLES) That's good.
(SIGHS) (KNOCK AT DOOR) Hey! Uh, Mum, you can quit the emotional blackmail.
I am staying.
Ah, well! Last time I do anything nice for you! (BOTH LAUGH) (SNIFFS) Oh, sweetheart.
Oh, no, it's OK! I'm fine.
I'm happy.
I was just Dreaming? (SIGHS) You always have.
Go, darling.
(WHISPERS) What? If you want to go, go.
You're saying this? You, my mother? (LAUGHS) Darling, it'sit's what you've always wanted.
And no-one should be standing in your way.
Not Jake.
Not me.
For a relationship to work, you've got to want the same things - your likes, your dislikes your hopesyour dreams.
In the end, the court case can't be the issue.
It's an obstacle, but it's not the issue.
It's the hopes and dreams that are important.
You know that.
JULIE: (NARRATES) In a perfect world, we all live happily ever after.
In the real world, happiness comes with difficult choices.
Uh, excuse me? Uh, do you live here? Can I help you? I'm looking for Jake Barton.
Are youJodi'? How did you find out where he lives? He, umhe signed the guest register at the motel.
I'm Rachel.
Jake's girlfriend.
I just want to talk to Jake.
Why? L I just want to talk to him.
Yeah, of course.
Umwell, he should be home soon.
Maybe you'd like to come inside? There you go.
(CLEARS THROAT) Iguess you know everything.
Well, I know what Jake's told me.
I believe it to be the truth, even if you don't remember it that way.
You must think I'm trash.
Not at all.
We've all done things we're not proud of.
But that'show I can be so sure that Jake didn't do anything to you.
He's not that kind of guy.
I wouldn't know what kind of guy he is.
(SIGHS) What do you remember? The.
rugby game, drinking at the bar.
Getting friendly with Jake? Yeah.
But I knew he had a girlfriend.
He told me.
(SIGHS) Hooking up with one of the guys, going back to his room After that, just flashes.
Um a pafiV- Other guys and Jake being there.
Getting scared, running But after seeing Jake today, hearing his voice, I started thinking What? (DOOR OPENS) JAKE: Hey, Rachel.
I just saw the guy from the motel Jodi.
I need you to help me remember.
(HUMS CHEERILY) I did the 40-Hour Famine once! But a good Greek Orthodox spends over half the year fasting.
Yeah, but I don't want to be a good Greek Orthodox! I just want to be good enough to get the perks! Carbo! You're doing my head in! Can't you just accept the church like I do? But if you want to marry in church I have to get married in church.
then I have to be Greek Orthodox.
How about this? We get married in church But I get to wear the dress I want.
And'? And we say our own vows.
In Greek? In English.
So, no hypocrisy, but still in church.
A compromise.
Exactly! OK! You win.
Ha! You see'? Man of the house speaks and everything works out! Did I work it out? Sorry, my love'? Did I get my way or did you get yours? The important thing is that one of us has learnt to compromise.
Yeah! Hang on - that was you, right? You compromised, not me.
Yeah, it was her.
Ahhh! I don't get it! Almost every call is some kind of smut.
Every email is a sexual innuendo.
That's strange.
How am I supposed to get this business off the ground? Don't take it personally, darling.
I'm not! And I'm not giving up.
I'm, uhI'm putting more flyers out tomorrow.
Ah! Do you want me to do some? No, I couldn't ask you to do that.
Oh, so why did you bring that pile over, then? Well, I just thought if you were out walking Ruby Oh! If you can tear her away from this.
No, well, she hasn't seen it yet.
The great unveiling's tomorrow.
They're good, aren't they? Yeah Oh, I think I see your problem, darling.
What? Well, are you qualified for this sort of business? Why would I need qualifications, Mum? Well, to perform sex changes.
(READS) “Part sex change"? Part sex change Part sex change! Probably why Ben was keen to help No! I'm gonna kill him! .
(DOOR SLAMS) It's quite funny, though.
I'm thinking red for my dress.
Red'? Are you sure about that'? I'm only kidding.
(BOTH LAUGH) I'm funny.
What part would you like sex changed, Nathan? You're dead.
(CARBO AND FEET-FA LAUGH) Whoa! (ROARS) Come here! What is going on? lsis that'? Jodi.
You've met Jodi.
You could say that.
She's dropping the charges.
You It's over.
It's over? Yeah.
She's going to the cops right now.
You little beauty! Oh! Oh! I can't believe it! Yes! Oh, this calls for a beer or 12! I'll be back! Yes! Is it really over? Oh, that is the best news, baby! I love you! (LAUGHS) JULIE: (NARRATES) Rachel was free - free to make the decision that was right for her.
Free to choose her perfect world.
So, what are you gonna tell your boss tomorrow'? You're taking the job, aren't you? So, what about us'? It's only six months.
Or we could just say goodbye for now.
I am so sorry.
You're not the suburban-dream type.
I think I always knew that.
(WHISPERS) I do love you.
I know.
I love you too.
Always will.
SONG: We must have told a thousand lies To keep our feelings safe inside But as we danced around the truth It felt so good to be Oh! Hey.
I was just making things tidy for Ruby.
I think Jake and I just broke up.
(SOBS) Oh, darling! Oh, sweetie! I remembered what happened to my doll's house.
I destroyed it.
(SOBS) Oh! Darling, not on purpose! You renovated! (LAUGHS) Constantly.
Yeah, I tried to knock out a few walls and the whole thing collapsed.
Do you remember what you were trying to make? A New York penthouse.
(SOBS) Like in the movies.
JULIE: (NARRATES) Rachel finally accepted she had to build her own world.
You never were the doll's house type, darling.
(NARRATES) And I'd have to learn to live without her in mine.
(PHONE RINGS) This is Nathan.
MAN: (ON PHONE) Do you just do part sex changes? Or can I have the works? Trust me - I would gladly take to you with a knife.
Lighten up! Lighten up? Ben, I've got to change the business name, re-register, get a new website - all of these changes cost money! Oh, you can't let one little sex change drag you down.
How much? More than I've got laying around.
I'll lend it to you.
No! I'm not a charity case.
After all the fun that I've had, it'd be money well spent.
Come on! We're brothers.
We're supposed to do nice things for each other.
What are the strings? Well, I want the money back and I get to keep one of the flyers.
Deal? (SIGHS) Deal.
Besides, I've already had a great idea for a new business name.
Oh, yeah'? Got It Spare Parts.
'Go Tits'.
(S N IGG E RS) Thanks, Ben.
Any other bright ideas? Actually, yes.
How about No Big Ask Car Parts'? (LAUGHS) It's still not funny.
(BOTH LAUGH) DAVE: Jake's here for work.
Is he OK'? I don't think he's in the mood to chat.
OK, well, I'd better get to work.
Accept that job before some other career-obsessed monster does.
Not a chance.
The job's yours.
Always has been.
Thank youl think.
Bye, Grandad.
Break a leg, sweetheart.
OK, madam's all dressed up for the occasion.
Ooh! Are we ready? Absolutely.
Here we go.
Look, Ruby! Look at what Grandad made you! Ta-da! Your very own doll's house.
Yeah? Look at all the dollies, darling.
Yeah, check out the swimming pool.
Oh, look at those lovely windows.
Pink - your favourite colour! The colour! JULIE: OK, well Want to have a look? Another Rachel.
Oh, she'll grow into it.
DAVE: Yes, it's Bunny, isn't it? Yes, Bunny.
Put it with the doll's house.
Look! Lovely! Mm SONG: Don't worry, son I'll come around I'll be the one To remind you To tell you Don't look away from the things you cannot see JULIE: (NARRATES) My doll's house was precious.
Two girls, two boys - my perfect world.
Now my eldest girl was moving on.
My youngest - who knows what kind of world she'll create for herself? But you can't keep any of them at home forever, however much you'd like to.