Packed to the Rafters (2008) s04e07 Episode Script

Sweet Sorrow

(KOOKABURRA LAUGHS) RACH E L: "Parting is such sweet sorrow.
€ Shakespeare knew his stuff.
Moving to New York, saying goodbye, so many conflicting emotions.
I'm just letting it go through to voice-mail.
I don't have time.
In fact, I don't even have time for this conversation unless it's really important.
Is that my e-ticket? Details are all there, including the address of your apartment.
East Village?! Yes! It's a serviced apartment, but only for a month.
After that, you're on your own.
Hey, don't say, €œon your own It sounds really far away and on my own.
It's too late for second thoughts.
Come in, guys! Oh, I said I didn't want any fuss.
We can hardly send you halfway around the world thirsty.
(PHONE RINGS) Justwhatever it is, ignore it.
It can wait.
I just need to finish a couple more emails.
To Rachel.
ALL: To Rachel.
New York's not gonna know what's hit it.
Cheers! RACHEL: So many things you want to say, so many things you can't.
€œDon't go!" That's what I wanna say.
I wanna scream it at the top of my lungs.
No, it's alright, I'm not going to.
It's Rachel's big opportunity, I know that.
It's my job to be supportive.
I think we might be needing these before the weekend's out.
No, we won't.
It's not gonna turn into a blubber-fest.
She's only going for six months.
It'll fly by.
Are you trying to convince yourself, or us'? Anyway, I've always wanted to visit New York.
Now I have the perfect excuse.
Note to self - save extra money for airfares.
Well, don't you think? I mean, it's the perfect opportunity for all of us.
If that's how we choose to see it.
JULIE: It is.
In the meantime, I better make a booking at the Shanghai Express for the farewell dinner.
Should I not call it that'? No.
Gonna book for Jake? I don't know.
He's taking it pretty hard.
Maybe I'll book for him, but if he doesn't make it, we can just take the chair away.
Whatare you booking now'? Well, she's leaving in two days.
We can't leave it any longer.
Jules, it's OK to be upset.
I'm not upset! No, this is no time for tears.
It's not what Rachel needs.
What she does need is clean clothes, so she can start packing.
No daughter of Julie Rafter is going to go spreading the news in a grubby pair of jeans.
One of these is not going to be enough, is it? (DIALS PHONE) Are we talking a box or a truckload? (SIGHS) (DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) (SIGHS) Mum, what are you still doing up? Oh, no, I was just watching a Well, I was watching a movie, but it's finished.
Oh, right, it just finished that very second, did it? I thought you were gonna try and get home early.
Yeah, I was, but I got hijacked by Medusa for a glass of champagne, which turned into a bottle, which turned into more drinks and then dinner for everyone, but (YAWNS) .
l couldn't really relax, because I was thinking about how much I still have to do.
And I've only got Oh, wow.
a couple of hours before I have to get back up and go in and finish everything I didn't do today.
Tomorrow's Saturday.
I know.
It's your last day with your family.
Yeah, but it's only going to take a couple of hours, I promise.
It's really important.
Well, it's just we want to spend some time with you before you go.
Well, we've got dinner tomorrow night, don't we'? Which reminds me, your father's booked for 10, which includes Jake.
Mum, he might not wanna come.
But you at least want to invite him, though, don't you? Yeah, but I Darling, it's tomorrow night.
I'll ask him.
I'll ask him, OK'? Can you believe I'm leaving Sunday and I haven't started packing? I thought I could hear voices.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, that was Mum.
She's been up watching a movie.
Oh, very funny.
You're gonna miss this, you know.
Who'll be waiting up for you when you go to New York? I don't know.
The doorman, probably.
I wonder how many secrets I'm gonna have to get him to keep for me.
I don't want to know.
(LAUGHS) Packing.
Oh, need a hand? RACHEL: No, it's cool.
RACHEL: Totally under control.
No, you're not making the biggest mistake of your life.
I know it sounds crazy.
New York's the epicentre of the universe.
Yeah, but the rent is ridiculously expensive.
I mean, I'm gonna be living in a broom closet and paying through the nose for it.
But you'll be out all the time anyway.
Not in the winter, it's freezing.
Buy a coat, mate.
Oh, it's really far away from all of you.
Is that a positive or a negative? I need to know before I answer.
Nathan Well, if you get there, OK, and you hate it, or you can't find a coat, then just jump on the next plane home.
We'll still be here.
We're not going anywhere.
Hey, Rachel, still in the country? Oh, don't tease me.
I'm fragile.
Why? What's wrong'? Oh, nothing.
Nothing a few words of wisdom from my little bro couldn't fix.
(BOTH CLICK TONGUES) That's a first.
FEET-FA: Rachel? Hey! Hey, we thought we heard you.
Hey, great to see you.
I got you a going-away present.
Oh, you didn't have to do that.
I downloaded every song I could think of about New York.
Oh, that's great! Thanks, but shouldn't it be songs about Australia? No, 'cause you're going to New York.
Yeah, but I'll be homesick for Lovel love that.
Thank you.
Thank you, Retta.
So, are you guys coming to dinner tomorrow night? Ooh, yeah.
Yeah, of course.
Oh, problem number two, Mum wants me to invite Jake.
What do you think? If you don't, that'll be a real slap in the face.
Yeah, but I don't want to rub his nose in it, you know.
€œYay, look at me, I'm moving halfway across the world!" Well, Jake's been a really important part of your life.
Yeah, and he still is an important part of my life.
There you go.
There's your answer.
When did you get so smart'? Murder rate in New York City went up by 23% in 2010.
Do you know that'? The internet's a dangerous thing.
Rachel should buy some capsicum spray for her handbag.
It's legal over there.
If you're rehearsing your speech for tomorrow night's dinner, I wouldn't open with that.
(SIGHS) Thought we were being positive.
I am.
I'm trying.
We're sending our daughter to live on the other side of the world.
So, will we actually climb up the Statue of Liberty or just get a ferry and go round it? What? When we visit Rachel.
Oh, so we're going now, are we'? Well, it's your idea.
Don't try and talk me out of it.
Well, we'll do the statue and the ferry.
And don't think I won't have capsicum spray in my handbag.
Sure, sure.
It's alright, I'll snap out of it.
I have to, for Rachel's sake.
It's OK for you to tell her that you'll miss her.
Without opening the floodgates? I can't.
But what if she doesn't come back? RACHEL: Mum was right.
Sometimes better to say nothing.
Because saying anything at all can be way too much.
HEY- Last council meeting was a doozy, apparently.
Sorry I missed it.
Yeah, it will go down as one of the big regrets in my life, too.
Well, I've got a couple on the list that probably come before that.
Um, so, I was just wondering if you were free tonight, because Mum and Dad have organised this big dinner for me Uha goodbye dinner? Yeah, I guess.
Look, if it's all the same, I might just give it a miss.
No, that'sthat's OK.
I don't blame you.
Um, I better go get ready for work, but I'll leave that with you.
UmOK, well, see ya.
Oh, you won't, actually.
Uh This will probably be the last time we see each other for a while.
I'm just gonna go.
(SIGHS) RACHEL: OK, so this wasn't exactly the speech I'd prepared but I guess actions do sometimes speak a whole lot louder than words.
Which shirt do I wear tonight, mate? Don't ask me.
I just did.
I'm not the one with the good advice.
Apparently that's Nathan.
He's your man.
That one.
Hey, are youyou OK? I've always been the brother that Rachel talks to.
No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
Since when? I've always been the brother with the good advice.
Last night, Rachel comes over to download.
It's not me she turns to, it's Nathan.
Ben, look, your advice isn't always that crash-hot.
I'm her favourite.
Look, I'm sure Rachel loves you and Nathan equally.
No, she doesn't! There's never been anything equal about it.
I'm her favourite.
Yeah, but Rachel and Nathan have always had more in common.
They were the brainy ones, same sense of humour.
Carbo, Carbo.
Having said that, I would choose your advice any day.
Thanks, mate.
It's nice andsimple.
(SIGHS) Where are my shoes'? Right here.
I didn't think they were Jake's.
Hey, you are not going to say a word about this to anyone.
If you do, I swear to God I'll make you pay.
I don't think that jumper will fit Jake either.
I'm funny.
What - so no goodbye? (LAUGHS) Well, didn't we just do that'? Only not in so many words.
Yeah, well, you know, if that's the case, we could go and say goodbye again.
Yeah, I know.
It doesn't change anything.
I'm still going to New York.
Yeah, I get it.
Even got you a going-away present.
Very touching.
So this is how you want me to remember you? Ohl was kinda hoping, you know, there might be one or two other memories you'd be taking with you.
Yeah, maybe a couple.
This is right.
This is good.
You leaving like this, without any ties.
To me, I mean.
Oh! RACHEL: Right then, there was nothing sweet about the sorrow I felt.
Will I see you at dinner? Nah.
Some other time, maybe, hey? RACH EL: It hurt.
It really hurt.
Oh, there you are.
I thought you'd gone into work already.
Yeah, I'm going, I just have to have a shower.
You were up early.
So, Jake isn't coming to dinner.
Oh, did you talk to him? Yeah, we.
And how did that go? Um, Mum, you can just leave that, OK'? Darling, it's not gonna pack itself.
I know that.
So, how was he? Um, he washe was fine.
He justhe just thinks it would be better if we don't see each other tonight.
And you know what? I've got a heap to do.
Why don't I just make a start? Mum, look, honestly, it's just gonna be a really last-minute, 'chuck everything in', 'whatever I can get my hands on' sort of thing.
That'll be interesting on your first day at the office.
Look, I know what you like to wear, I know what's clean Mum, please leave it.
OK, you know what? Actually, there is something you can do for me.
You can pick up my dry-cleaning.
That would be an awesome help.
RACHEL: I knew what she was thinking.
Was that it? The sum total of all we had to say? That's Australia, that's Africa, that's New York City.
(RUBY GURGLES) And see, look over here, look - we're here, and your sister's leaving us to go and live all the way over there.
(RUBY LAUGHS) Ah, well, it's not that funny.
OK, I better get going.
I've gotta go to work.
Alright, darling.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) I'll get that.
Tom! (STAMMERS) You're not in jail.
No, I broke out.
I'm on the run.
Can I hide out here? What?! I'm joking, darl.
I got parole.
Oh! You did? Wow! Umthat's fantastic news.
Is that what you say? L-I just Mum! Dad! He got parole.
How good is that'? Tom! I've been out, uh, just over a week now.
Tell you what, it's still a bit of a shock to the system not being told what to do (CHUCKLES) Yeah, well, you should've told us.
Oh, well, mate, I needed time to myself, get my head together.
I had to make sure they weren't gonna land on my doorstep and tell me they'd made a mistake.
(LAUGHS UNCOMFORTABLY) So, you've gone back up to Koolong, then? Yes, mate.
Yes, mate.
Settling in, settling in.
And I'm sorry, I should have called before I But I was coming into town to see an old mate, and I thought, €œOh, well, I'll just drop in and see if you're home.
€ Yeah, well, it's good to see you.
Yeah, it's just been a really crazy weekend with Rachel leaving tomorrow.
Yeah, isn't that good I got to see her before she goes? Yeah, anyway, I should You know, I've been really looking forward to this moment.
Why's that, mate? You and your family.
Getting to know ya.
Having a chance to spend time with ya.
No pressure or nothing.
So, could I get you a drink or a cup of tea? Well, if you're putting the kettle on, I won't say no.
(TYPES) Well, she'll be there for six months, but some of us are already counting the days until she gets back.
And, actually, there's some things she wanted me to do so she can finish packing, so I might make a move.
BEN: Hello! Where's Rachel gone? Tom! What are you doing here? I broke out, mate.
I'm on the run.
You serious? No, he's joking.
I got parole, Dopey, I'm out for good.
(LAUGHS) Good.
That's funny.
Yeah, well, I'm happy about it, I have to say.
JULIE: Yeah.
Why didn't you tell me? Well, 'cause we didn't know.
I just landed on 'em without warning and I think I probably lobbed at the worst time with all the stuff that's going on around here.
Yeah, where is Rachel? Well, she's gone into work.
What? But she's leaving tomorrow.
I know.
This is the last chance we've got to hang out before she goes! I know! Oh, well, I'd better be making tracks, I guess.
I don't want to gum up the works or nothing.
Oh, Tom, sorry, I don't mean to be chasing you out of here.
No, no, no.
As I say, I've got a mate who's waiting for me.
I wouldn't want him to think I'd landed back in the clink.
(LAUGHS) Rachel's at work.
Can you believe that'? Oh, cheer up.
It's not like she's going forever.
Just 'cause you two had your big deep-and-meaningful the other night.
Sorry, what? You heard me.
If that's how you'll be spending the day, no wonder she's gone to work.
So I'm not allowed to say I'm gonna miss her? It's the other side of the world.
I'll miss her, but she's coming back.
You got a guarantee on that'? No.
But if she stays longer or she comes home, just remember you'll always be her 2nd-favourite brother.
Nothing's gonna change that.
Right, that's it.
Where are you going'? Rachel's favourite brother is gonna go spend some time with her.
In that case, her favourite brother is coming, too.
It was my idea first.
It was mine second.
What? Do you know who you just hung up on then? Whoever it is, they can call you back.
It's still Friday in New York.
I need to talk to my new colleagues.
Next week, they get to own you.
Today, you're ours.
So that's the number you can get me on.
That is, if I ever learn how to take messages on this bloody thing.
Still, I guess not having to wait in line to make a call's a bonus, hey? So we can expect to hear a bit more from you, then? Yeah, I reckon I can manage that.
Caught up with Coby yet'? Uh, no, I thought I'd pop in after I've seen my mate.
Where's he moved to again? 'Cause I know the boarding house wasn't much chop.
He moved in with Jake, Rachel's ex.
That's right, that's what he said last time I spoke to him.
Well, things seem to be panning out for him.
He really seems to be getting his act together.
Yeah, he's doing really well.
This place of his, is it far'? A couple of blocks away, Baker Street.
That's the one.
See you later.
(LAUGHTER) NATHAN: Did you get some relief? BEN: I did.
RACHEL: So it's actually happening.
(SIGHS) I'm getting on a plane first thing tomorrow morning.
Stuck between two fat guys from Florida.
Oh, not in business class.
Oh, yeah, you keep telling yourself that, Rach.
So this is the part where I tell you both I'm gonna miss you? This is the part where we're meant to remember the good times.
Like the time you pushed me off the swing and I split my head open.
Oh, Nathan, it was a tiny cut on your lip.
There was heaps of blood.
It was funny.
Notnot as much blood as there was that time you whacked me over the head with a cricket bat.
Oh, yeah.
Why did I even do that'? Because I told Kate Jordan you were in love with her.
(ALL LAUGH) That was harsh.
She was something else.
It was funny.
She was a horror.
So, are you really sure you wanna do this? Yeah.
It's going to be a lot of work but I'm up to it.
Well, just don't lose sight of what's important, OK'? All the really good shopping? Don't worry, I won't.
No, no, the most important thing.
I know, a sense of balance.
Seriously, Rach, the most important thing.
What's that'? That I'm your favourite brother.
You're the most deluded brother.
Nobody asked you, Nathan.
God, I wish I had a cricket bat now.
You know what? I hate to say this but I love you both equally.
I do.
I'm sorry.
(LAUGHS) if you think that means either of us will get up early and drive you to the airport, you're as deluded as Ben.
RACH E L: Translated into brotherspeak, that means, 'We love you and we'll miss you.
€ Looks like not saying what you mean is a family trait.
Where have you been? I was getting worried.
Oh, Nathan and Ben kidnapped me.
Tell you what, an awful lot of violence went on in that park.
If you think Sydney parks are violent, try Central Park.
(LAUGHS) Grandad.
You do know it's two hours until dinner.
I know.
You realise how much packing you've got to do? Mum, it's OK.
You don't have to stress.
The restaurant's booked.
We can't change it.
You won't want to do it when you get home, or tomorrow morning.
You wanna be at the airport first thing.
Has she been like this all day? Why am I the only one taking this seriously? Mum, I'm sorry, I didn't realise it was such a priority for me to leave with a suitcase full of clean underwear.
Come on, you two.
I'm your mother, what else am I meant to worry about? I'm sorry if I'm such a burden.
If I didn't worry, who would, then? That's what I wanna know.
Tomorrow I'll be on a plane, out of your hair and you can get on with your life again.
That is (QUIETLY) Calm down.
(SIGHS) (SIGHS, SNIFFLES) Knock, knock.
Oh, if you've come to lecture me about packing I wouldn't dare.
I know it's a lot to try to fit into two suitcases.
It is.
And, for the record, putting you on that plane is the absolute last thing your mother wants, I can promise you that.
OK, you know what, Grandad? We're gonna have to stop talking about it, because I'll start bawling, and I really don't have time to cry, so you're welcome to stay and you can help me pack, but you have to promise you're not gonna say anything nice to me.
In that case, I don't know how much good I'll be to you.
Well, out you go, then.
I mean that in the nicest possible way.
Look, I know it's a big step to up and leave all of us and Jake but that makes me even more proud of you.
I mean, you were never one to pull back from things just because you were scared.
And you'll never get to my age and ask yourself what might have been.
(TEARFULLY) What did I say about not making me cry'? Proud of ya.
(SNIFFLES) Last chance to change your mind.
What are you talking about? (MIMICS) €œWhat are you talking about?" Well, I suppose you don't really need to come to dinner.
You did give Rachel her goodbye present.
Oh, really? That's it? That's the best you've got? Oh, no, no.
I can do better.
You want some better? I'm only just starting.
No, no, no, no.
And I'd be knocking off the comedy routine around Rachel.
You heard her.
She wants to keep it a secret.
So you're definitely a no-show'? What do you think? So why did you get her a present this arvo? Oh, just (LOUD KNOCK AT DOOR) Get that.
Get that.
A big bow.
White bow.
Quick, mate, the cops are after me.
(CHUCKLES) What is it with you people? You've got no bloody sense of humour.
G'day, mate.
The name's Tom.
Tom Jennings.
Ah, Coby's grandad.
Well, you gonna invite me in, or what? Yeah, comein.
Nice place.
So, what are you looking so worried for'? I'm not.
You should see your face.
You're like a rabbit in the headlights.
Yeah, no, it's a bit of a surprise.
Oh, yeah.
When did you getout? Oh, a couple of weeks ago.
Yeah, no, look, I'm real sorry for dropping in unannounced, but it's been a fair while since I heard anything from you.
Long time.
Fact is, I didn't know how to find ya.
Yeah, well, I've been pretty busy.
Too busy to ring your old grandad? Oh, well, I didn't Righto, I'm going for a run.
Nice to meet you, mate.
Yeah, likewise.
Ah, have fun at that dinner.
Yeah, so, I got the apprenticeship now.
So that's been keeping me busy, and Dave's treating me real well, real well.
They all are.
And I don't want anything bad for them.
They don't deserve it, so if you want to know the real reason you haven't heard from me, that'd be it.
Look, mate, I don't want to upset anyone.
I'm keeping my nose clean these days, and that's how it's gonna stay.
No, all I ever wanted was to make sure you never said nothing to bugger up my parole.
And you kept quiet.
You did the right thing.
Yeah, I did.
Well, that's all that matters in my book, the rest of it's not even worth talking about.
I'm just happy you're doing real good for yourself.
OK, which one looks the warmest? (KNOCK AT DOOR) Ooh, I got it.
Rachel, we are leaving in 1O minutes.
I know, so help me make a decision.
Oh, that one.
Really? I think you're just trying to hurry me along.
Oh, you think? I don't know if it'll last in the northern winter.
Take the other one, then.
Ah, Coby, we're just about to leave.
And, yes, that is a hint.
Hey, did Tom catch up with you? Said he was going to.
Yeah, I did, actually, just now.
That's why I'm late.
Tom? Tom, Tom? Nah, he got parole.
Why did no-one mention this? Oh, I did, didn't I? No! No.
How is he? I want to see him.
Well, he's probably on the road by now.
Nah, I think he's staying in town with a mate of his.
We should invite him to dinner.
I'm sure he's got plans.
Give him the option.
Well, I did push him out the door.
How would you feel about that'? It's alright with me.
Rachel I know! There.
I've got a good idea.
Why don't I just wear all my clothes? Then it doesn't matter how much I pack.
Hey, Tom.
Yeah, I believe you're still in town tonight.
JULIE: Hi! Hi.
Look at her.
Ruby's getting so big.
Seems like only yesterday we were saying the same about this one.
Now she's going halfway across the world without us.
Rachel, you're gonna miss us all.
Oh, I don't know, Henry.
Jury's still out on that one.
Who are we waiting for'? Oh, that's Nathan and we had booked for Jake, but Tom's on his way.
He'll be here soon.
Speak of the devil.
Evening, all.
BEN: G'day, Tom.
CARBO: How are you, mate? You must be Fred.
Ted, Ted.
Sorry, terrible with names.
Never forget a face, but.
Listen, I wasn't expecting an invite.
I hope I'm not putting anyone out.
No, not at all.
Oh, good, good.
Hello, mate.
Hey, Tom.
How are you? Good.
So, looks like I'm with you, Cobes, eh? Looks like it.
I tell you what, it's been a long time since I had Chinese.
Mind you, it's been a long time since I had anything but macaroni cheese.
That's a shame, it's Henry's speciality! (GROANING, LAUGHTER) Are you OK'? Yeah.
Yeah, of course I am.
Why wouldn't I be'? All my favourite people are here.
(SIGHS) Ah, the Statue of Liberty.
Shouldn't it be the Opera House, though? No, because you're going to New York.
(STAMMERS) Yeah, I love that.
Thank you so much, I'll pop that in my suitcase.
Oh, we thought you weren't coming.
Uh, sorry, I changed my mind.
No, that's great.
Excuse me, Henry, can we get another chair, please? Right here, next to the guest of honour.
Oh, thanks, mate.
Hello, you.
You're full of surprises, aren't you? Well, after this morning, I could say the same thing about you.
Good to see you two are all chummy again.
Oh, they're most certainly that.
Rachel, why are you giving him the death stare? I'm not, he's just being an idiot.
Chummy, hmm.
That's one way of putting it.
(M UT-FERS) Jake.
Oh, no way.
Ben, shut up.
Just shut up, OK'? (LAUGHS) You didn't! Who didn't what? Nothing.
Rachel Um, I'm starving.
Dad, what are we gonna have? Good idea.
How about some pork? Mmm.
Sorry, we are talking about food.
Ow! Why did you kick me? I didn't.
Sorry, that was me.
Rachel, why would you kick Retta? That is so rude.
Now look what you've started.
I thought pork was a good idea.
Can I have a beer, please? (LAUGHTER) Anyway, I could stand here all day talking about how Rachel's gonna rock at her new job, but that kinda goes without saying.
I am the overachiever of the family.
Yeah, you were always the smartypants one that couldn't wait to show Mum and Dad her report card.
Yeah, while you were burning yours in the barbecue.
How did you know that'? Who told you that'? Who else do you think? Did you?! I only did it once, Mum.
Thanks, Jake.
Oh! Anyway, here's to Rachel, my amazing, awesome big sister.
To Rachel.
ALL: To Rachel.
Think you better slow down, darling.
I thought this was a 'partay'.
OK, my turn.
Make it snappy, Dad.
Mum's looking very on edge.
I am not! I'm more composed than all of you.
Yeah, and I'm remarkably impressed.
Thank you.
Rachel, we always knew this day was coming.
We said all along that if she learns how to read and write, there'll be consequences.
(ALL LAUGH) And you leaving us and heading out into the big, wide world's probably one of them.
We're all really proud of you, princess.
You knew what you wanted, you worked really hard, and you usually did it without too much fuss.
(ALL LAUGH) Yeah, right.
Shut up! And, as much as we all hate letting you go, and I think I speak for everyone round the table here no-one would ever stand in the way of you achieving your dream.
So safe travels.
You call us once in a while, eh? More often than that, thank you very much.
Can Ican I say something? Actions speak louder than words.
Ha-ha, mate.
Uhnot much good at this sort of thing, so I just wanted to say meeting Rachel changed my life.
Andwell I'm a better man for knowing you.
So thank you.
(TEARFULLY) I'm sorry.
Oh, there was way too much chilli in that.
It's not fair.
Henry should not do this to me.
No, he shouldn't.
(SIGHS) It's tomorrow.
I know.
(SIGHS) Think it all just got a bit real.
What am I doing? I mean, seriously.
Instead of everyone telling me what a great time I'm gonna have, I just want one person to say, €œPlease don't go.
" Darling, hey.
Once you're there and it's fantastic, all these doubts are gonna go out the window.
But what if they don't? What if it's a huge mistake? OK, well, I'm only on the other end of the phone.
Whether it's a good day or a bad day or somewhere in between, justjust call me.
I'm not going anywhere.
(TEARFULLY) I'm just gonna miss everyone so much.
Oh, sweetheart, we're gonna miss you, too.
More than you could possibly know.
(READS) €œYour journey, there is turbulence ahead.
" Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, Mum, that is the worst fortune ever.
Oh, darling.
I'm getting on a plane tomorrow.
You always get the good ones.
What does yours say? Ah (READS) €œAII your dreams will come true.
" No, that was meant to be mine.
It's a fortune cookie, doesn't mean anything.
I hope not.
Guess what mine says.
(READS) €œHe who eats lemon chicken gets gastro.
" Oh, it does not.
It does! Oh, Henry, hello! We were just saying what a what a lovely meal it was.
Oh, would you like a photograph of the family together before you go? Yes, I did bring my camera.
Of course she did.
Thank you.
There we go.
In you come.
Come on, Jake, you, too.
Other side, other side.
Are you OK'? Squeeze in.
Yeah, it's just gone to my head.
Everyone get ready? Everybody say, 'Sex!' B Sex! en! Smile.
(ALL CHEER) II'm gonna catch a cab home.
Oh, hey, how did you get here? My car's Well, give me your keys.
I'm driving you and you're coming with me.
Oh, what's that code for'? Code for, €œYou're gonna get a kick in the head.
" Come on, you.
What else would it be code for'? (LAUGHS) Here we are.
Either you wore him out this morning, or you, my friend, are a total lightweight.
I'm not gonna take the credit for that.
No, he's had a lot going on lately.
I'm hardly surprised it's gone to his Here I might leave you to do that.
You've had more experience getting him undressed than me.
Nighty-night, sweetie.
I love you.
(MUMBLES) (WHISPERS) I love you, too.
You leaving already? Yeah, I've got a plane to catch first thing in the morning, so I'd better get going.
Well, um Don't get weird, but I painted you something.
This is for me? Well, you don't have to take it with you.
You can just leave it here.
No, Coby, if I leave this here, I'll never see it again.
Someone will steal it, most likely Ben.
(BOTH LAUGH) Thank you.
I love it.
I honestly wasn't expecting this.
No big deal.
Actually, I think it is, all things considered.
And don't think I don't know what this means.
Sorry, what? You wanna give me a hug.
No, you've got me confused with (GROANS) Righto, OK.
Righto, yep.
That's enough.
And you just promise me one thing.
You keep going with this, you don't just let it drop.
Yeah? Thank you.
That's a tiny little suitcase for a very big adventure.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, well, everything that's important, I have right here.
Everything except five pairs of your favourite shoes because you love them more than you love anyone in this family.
(LAUGHS) You know me too well.
(SNIFFLES) I'm going to miss that.
You ready to hit the road? Um, I wanna get a cab.
I don't want you to drive me to the airport.
Rachel No, Dad, I don't want a big airport goodbye.
So this way, I can just get that over and done with, and I can pull myself together the whole taxi ride there.
The bar is gonna go right there.
(LAUGHS) You know what? Your silly jokes, Dad not gonna miss them at all.
(SIGHS) Hey.
Oi, one more for the bag.
Oh, look, my two favourite brothers.
With our favourite sister.
You do know we love you both equally.
Yeah, I should hope so.
You're gonna need a very big mantelpiece.
Printed it out last night.
It's not the best quality, though.
No, it's perfect.
Thank you.
Come here.
OK, don't you dare cry.
Because if you do, I'm gonna cry Oh, I'm and I'm not crying.
I'm not crying.
Not even close.
OK, great.
No, Retta, you've already bought me two presents.
Justjust open it, please.
You naughty 'Cause you're going to New York, but you'll be thinking of home.
I get it.
Thank you.
That's sweet.
You're welcome.
(HORN BEEPS) Oh, wow, it's here already.
Thought we'd have at least another half an hour.
You guys promise to Skype, yeah? Mmm.
Especially you, Miss Ruby.
(KISSES) TED: Oh, don't worry.
She'll probably teach us how to do it.
Well, I thought you'd be bawling by now, for sure.
Well, you told me not to.
NATHAN: Where's your big sister going'? Ooh, you hungry, Rubes'? I'll just chuck this in the cab.
OK, umI'll call you guys as soon as I get there.
Got everything'? Dignity, self-respect, overwhelming sex appeal.
Passport? (LAUGHS) (GASPS) And we're letting her go to the other side of the world.
COBY: Jakey.
Jakey! Oh, piss off! Oh, sorry, mate.
Did I wake you'? Just go away, dude.
I've never seen you with that shade of green.
What time is it? Hey? 10:30.
Oh, I've gotta go.
Go where? Where's my keys? I dunno.
Where's my shoes'? Shoes'? My shoes! RACHEL: The moral to the story is, if you've got something to say and you lea ve it to the last minute, you'd really better hope you don't sleep in.
Where's anything, man? ALL: Bye! DAVE: Bye, princess! Now, she does know the meter was ticking over the whole time? She wanted to give us an extra hug.
Or seven.
Well, work's picking up the tab.
What does it matter? Hey, where's Rachel? She just left, just a minute ago.
Rachel! (HONKS HORN) Come on, babe.
Pull up.
Sorry, can you pull over, please? Justsorry.
What's going on? Jake, I have to be at the airport.
I know, I know.
I know, I justl just had to see you one more time.
Here are.
That is Saint Christopher.
He's the patron saint of travellers.
Not that you need looking after.
Not that you ever did.
Now, if I can't be there, at least he will be.
Thank you.
(swans) (SNIFFLES) Well, uhgo on, you've got a plane to ca You OK'? Yeah.
It's alright, I'm not gonna be in here all day.
Just making sure it sinks in.
Can't believe she's actually gone.
And not one tissue all morning.
Proud of me? Very.
RACHEL: There are always things you want to say but can't.
Not until the right time, anyway.
(TYPES MESSAGE) (PHONE BEEPS) In the end, there were only a couple of words that mattered.