Packed to the Rafters (2008) s04e19 Episode Script

Leap of Faith

(DOG BARKS) TED: (NARRATES) There are those mornings when you wake up and feel like you're ready to grab the world and give it a good shake.
Ready to take a leap of faith.
What's that one up there? To launch a new lease of life.
Morning, you two.
Oh, hey, Dad.
Oh, could you grab some Milk.
On the list.
Yep, days like this, it feels like anything is possible.
Like even the scary things can be faced.
Goals are in sight.
Come on, mate, I want bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
Then you'd better hire a possum 'cause we're all knackered.
See'? Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
And what do we say? ALL: It'll all be worth it in the end! You know it.
A day so alive with potential that nothing could spoil it.
It's raining grubs.
TED: Oi! I suppose these belong to you.
Oh, sorry, Grandad, they were getting into my parsley.
So what am I'? Their buffet breakfast.
I didn't want to kill them, sorry.
Oh, the garden's looking good.
It's Emma's work, not mine.
So when am I gonna meet this mysterious green-thumbed young lady? Haven't seen much of her myself.
Why's that'? Oh, it's complicated.
I've been avoiding the issue.
Well, Emma, in general.
You got something on your mind? Yeah.
We called this phone psychic that we found in the paper.
Haven't you got better things to do with your dough? And he told me that Mel wants me to follow my heart.
Even used her name - Mel.
How did he know that'? And I suppose this has put the frighteners on anything you might have with Emma.
It's too soon, Grandad.
What, too soon for a new friend, or is it something a bit more'? I don't know.
You know, whoever said “Good things come to he who waits” is probably still waiting.
(swans) Well, I have stroked the clouds and brushed the running stream.
Oh, and fetched some milk.
You're in a good mood this morning.
Oh, it's the 13th.
Uhisn't that supposed to be bad luck? Depends on who you ask.
I'm forgetting something.
I know it's not your birthday.
OK, so it's Yeah, I know.
Where's it gone, eh? Remember the party they gave you? Wake, you mean.
Oh, nonsense.
A lot of nice people said a lot of nice things.
And they gave you that lovely clock by your bed.
Ah, but that's it, Jules.
What is? Time.
See, it's time to jump back in.
Actually do the things I've always wanted to rather than just talk about them.
I mean, I've got it all here, see.
There's drawing, volunteer work, jumping out of a plane.
Oh, with a parachute, I hope.
I've no intention of sprouting wings just yet, love.
Might even get myself a job.
A job? Why not? Use it or lose it.
But you know what I intend on doing first? I can't even begin to imagine.
Making my own home-brew.
What? 'Ted's Ale'.
Might have to get something a bit more catchy.
You two off'? Yep, day care.
I might give you a lift and then after we drop Ruby off, you can come with me to the home of home-brew.
So you're serious? Oh, ho-ho.
Yes, I'm grasping the tiger by the tail.
(JULIE SCOFFS) Let's go! OK.
What are you doing here? Oh, Darren called in sick.
Got the emergency call from Mum.
EMMA: She didn't tell you? No.
Uh, how've you been? Yeah, good.
You? Yeah, yeah, good.
The garden's looking great.
Oh, have to come round and check it out sometime.
Yeah, definitely.
Although, uh, this week's pretty busy so I Whenever.
Just let me know.
Yeah, sure.
(MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Oh, it's Retta.
Say hi.
It tickles.
It tickles.
Hey, guess what.
Uh, give me a hint.
Uh, well, you know Tina from work? Oh, yeah, the old crab's breath? Yeah, well, anyway, she's had two double movie passes in her wallet for ages and she only just realised that they expire tomorrow night and she can't use them.
LORETTA: Yeah, bummer is right.
She sat on a bee.
BEN: What? A bee.
It stung her in the bum.
She's had an allergic reaction.
LORETTA: Yeah, I know.
Apparently, her bum's swollen to twice its normal size which, in Tina's case, is not pretty.
I can say that, though, because I'm her BFF.
Anyway, doctor reckons she's gonna be like that for days, so she won't be able to leave the house, but the good news is she's given us the tickets.
So do you want to come with us tomorrow night? You don't have anything on, do you? He never has anything on.
Hey, I have things on! Actually, tomorrow night I don't.
So put me down for one.
Ahh! (SQU EALS) Retta? Sorry, Carbo's giving me a foot massage.
(LORETTA LAUGHS) Um, Emma says hey.
LORETTA: Oh, is she there? Yeah, yeah.
Here, I'll put you on speaker phone.
Hey, Retta.
Hey, do you want to come to the movies tomorrow night? With LORETTA: AH of us.
Fve got some freebies.
(LORETTA LAUGHS) LORETTA: Oh, if that's OK with you, Ben? Sure.
OK, yeah, I'd love to.
Great! It's a date.
LORETTA: Ben, we can pick a flick when you get home.
(LAUGHS) on, my God.
on, yeah.
(SCREAMS) Never mind.
Less talk, more work, you two.
Hey, you can't get mad at me, I haven't even clocked in yet.
Sorry'? 13th.
The date - it's the 13th.
Unlucky for some.
You guys actually got a lot done last weekend.
Yeah, we found a top labourer.
He knew what he was doing and he really went for it.
Oh, hopefully we can get him back.
Good stuff.
Actually, Dad, you know him.
What, the labourer? Yeah, it's Matt.
Uncle Matt.
Your brother.
My half-brother.
I thought I said I didn't want to go there.
Yeah, I know, it's Well, you were away and he's a really good worker.
OK, this one time only.
Tell Mum to expect the invoice.
Um You paid him cash'? Yeah.
Nathan Sorry.
He needed the money.
Is that what you're gonna tell the tax office if they audit us'? We don't operate like that and you know it.
It won't happen again.
Oh, there he is.
Just the man I was looking for.
A bit early for you, isn't it, Grandad? I'm on a mission.
After your dead marines.
Empty bottles? You know, the boutiquey beer ones, for my home-brew.
Home-brew'? So when I hear explosions next door, I'll know what it is.
Oh, you can laugh now, but when Taylor's Turps is on tap in every bar in Sydney, you'll be able to say, “I was there from day one.
" 'Taylor's Turps'.
That's catchy.
I think so.
TED: Is this the famous Emma? BEN: Yeah.
Well, you can't avoid her forever, then.
Ben, sorry, we need to tap a new keg.
No worries.
Uh, Emma, this is my grandad.
Ted Taylor.
You can call me Ted.
I hear you've really got things shooting up for our boy here.
In thegarden.
Yeah, I heard.
So how do you do it? Just a little TLC, and a good helping of chook poo.
Oh, it does it every time.
(LAUGHS) I better tap that keg, and I'll grab those bottles for you, too.
Thanks, mate.
And while I'm here, I might have a talk with the boss.
Well, pleased to meet you, Ted.
Likewise, Emma.
Uh, excuse me, Donna.
Mmm? I was just wondering if you needed any help around the place.
Are you asking me for a job? Well, I know how to pour a beer, mix a drink.
I don't need any bar staff, Ted.
Well, I could clear tables, be a general dogsbody.
Sorry, Ted.
I understand.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Oh, of course.
Of course.
TED: Some leaps become stumbles.
The trick is to stay on your feet.
It got three boxes of tissues in the review.
Who reviews movies by boxes of tissues? Certain men's magazines.
LORETTA: Carbo! It's the love story of our generation.
Of course.
I knew that.
Is it in 3-D'? No.
Do they blow stuff up? Ben, it's a romance.
Shoot-out? Ro.
Stunts? Here, you pick something and it better be good.
Whoa, how about that new zombie flick? Ooh, can we'? Max screen and 3-D.
“They'll eat your brain and then dance in your lap.
” Ooh, that sounds good.
No, mate, I heard that was really, really scary.
Maybe too scary for the girls.
Oh, baby, it's OK.
If it gets too scary, you can bury your head in my shoulder.
I'm sure Em will do the same.
LORETTA: To you, I mean, not me.
I mean, we're close but that'd be weird.
Right, all decided, then.
Hang on, let's not rush into this.
Safe to enter the lab, Professor? Safe as houses.
Yeah, I've been following instructions to the letter.
Nothing's gonna happen on my watch.
BEN: What are all these? I just dusted off my old drafting table to play with a few label ideas.
You see, you drink with your eyes before your mouth.
I heard you hit on Donna for a job.
Well, if it's any consolation, there really aren't any vacancies right now.
You wouldn't want to work there anyway, would you? I just want to feel useful again.
Wouldn't you rather do something that you like'? It's a bit late for me to be a brain surgeon or a fighter pilot.
My choices are somewhat limited.
What did you think of Emma? She seemed like a very nice young lady.
Ben, I'm not a psychic.
You're gonna have to tell me what's on your mind.
Emma and I are supposed to be going to the movies tomorrow night with Carbo and Retta.
It's not a date.
Fair enough.
I was thinking of cancelling but Well, what's the harm in a few friends going to the flicks'? I mean, that's the mature thing to do, right? Just go and enjoy the movie.
Well, there's four of you.
More than two, in my book, is not a date.
Yeah, you're right.
Thanks, Grandad.
I like that one.
That one.
TED: The biggest leap of faith can be a baby step.
And he paid him cash in hand.
I mean, Nathan's done the books, he knows how things work.
Well, I'll be able to cover it.
It's not the crime of the century.
Still, he should know better.
Oh, I was hoping he'd change his mind and give Matt a chance.
Do you reckon Dave will come round to the idea? (KNOCK AT DOOR) Eventually.
I'm not interested in going there, Jules.
Not now, not ever.
It's a can of worms.
Well, he's still your brother.
We've made it this far without knowing each other.
Let's not risk another Jennings disaster.
What? He'she is not like Tom.
Well, we don't know that.
Well, my impression is that Well, we all know what your impression is.
What is that supposed to mean? Well, you flirted with the guy.
Of course you like him.
Oh, he was flirting with me.
All I'm saying is we don't know the guy and let's leave it that way.
Besides, it's not like we have a lot in common.
Greetings, all.
So, who is coming to my gig this Thursday? Are you playing with a band? No, just me, playing good old rock'n'roll.
Yeah, I wouldn't miss it.
Do you need a hand setting up? Yeah, that'd be ace.
Anyway, tell your family and friends.
Maybe you can bring your dad.
We might have to work on him.
It's not gonna happen, Jules.
End of story.
If you're gonna make that deadline, you have to put on another labourer.
Yeah, that Unistrut ducting isn't gonna lug itself.
I know.
Mmm, it's a lottery these days finding a young bloke who's not work-shy.
Or as thick as a box of hammers.
But employ someone who's family Ted Dad Hey, I'm not talking about Matt.
I'm offering you my services.
What? Never fear, Ted is here.
Dad, you're not serious.
Uh, Ted, labouring is It's hard work.
To which I am no stranger.
Yeah, but Look, I'm in good nick, and I know a pick from a shovel.
Yeah, but, Dad What have you got to lose? And who knows'? I might even surprise you.
Alright, let's give it a shot.
You won't regret it.
Dad, think about it.
It It's hot, it's dirty work.
Which is why God invented cold beer and hot showers, which I am going to have right now.
Not necessarily in that order.
What would you rather see, a documentary on lnuits lnuits'? Eskimos.
Or'? Or an animation where the main character's a sloth? Whoa, tough choice.
ls neither an option? Well, you're not invited.
Well, given the choices, that's actually a relief.
Inuits it is.
Ah, we're off to the seafood buffet at the Rower's.
Mm-hm, it's all-you-can-eat.
I skipped breakfast and lunch just so I could fit more in.
You really know how to cut loose, don't you? Oh, hey, Matt's got a pub gig this Thursday night.
If you're free, you should come.
You, too, Ben.
It'll be great to finally meet him.
Yeah, turning into a big week.
Movies tomorrow.
What are we seeing? It's a doco on lnuits.
I thought it was Eskimos.
It's the same thing.
I knew that.
Hope you don't mind but we only had four tickets, but you could always buy an extra.
Oh, as much as I love all things Inuit, I'll pass.
Oh, next time.
Anyway, we better get a wriggle on.
The deep-fried lobster course goes first.
LOR E-l-FAI OK, ciao! NATHAN: Bye.
Who's the fourth ticket for'? Emma's coming.
That is great.
It's just a movie, it's not a date.
Of course.
It is.
That's why you picked a boring doco.
It's not romantic, it's not scary.
No, unlike you, I happen to be a big Inuit fan.
You think you're playing it safe, but everyone knows boring movies are the best to make out in.
What? Why did Carbo and Retta say yes? Nobody cares what's onscreen in a boring movie.
I do.
I care.
I'm gonna be watching every frame.
Every frame.
What was I supposed to say, Jules? He was practically begging.
You tell him no.
I didn't hear you say no.
JULIE: Well, I tried.
Dad working as your labourer is just not a good idea.
DAVE: I know, but we both know how stubborn he can be and for some reason, he seems to have his heart set on this.
Yeah, I know, it's his new thing.
It's 1O years since he's retired.
He wants to feel useful again.
DAVE: OK, I can understand that.
JULIE: Yeah, well, so can I.
DAVE: So'? So, you're just gonna have to find easy jobs for him to do.
DAVE: He's not an idiot, Jules.
JULIE: No, but he's not being realistic, either.
DAVE: It means we still have to find another labourer for the real work.
JULIE: Well, either that or hurt his pride.
CARBO: Here you go.
Was that you throwing up last night? Yeah.
Something from the all-you-can-eat buffet bounced.
It was loud.
Oh, sorry, I couldn't help it.
Was that you last night? Mmm.
Really loud.
Hey, she can't help it! Hey, are you sure you wouldn't rather be in bed, babe'? No, it still smells up there, and the sheets are in the dryer.
Yeah, the first chuck was projectile.
Ew! Well, I hope you get better.
You're still coming to the movies, though, right? Uh Oh, yeah, I'll be fine.
Babe, there's no way you'll make it.
I already am feeling much better.
See'? Retta, Retta, see'? I told you, you have to lie down.
But you're still coming, though, right? I have to stay by her side, mate.
That's what husbands do.
Yeah, yeah, I understand.
Well, you and Emma can go.
There's no reason why you two can't have fun.
But there's still every chance that you'll make a miraculous recovery, though, right? Oh, yeah, I'll be fine.
Don't worry about me.
(LORETTA RETCHES) CARBO: Just get it out, babe.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Come in.
Oh, hey, thought I'd better come and check, if you're going to work with Dave No, no, uh I'm gonna have to take a sickie.
Yeah, woke up with a cold and sore throat.
Oh, that's no good.
No, no, but I wouldn't want to risk infecting anyone else.
No, um OK, all set'? No, Dad's not well.
Oh, just ajust a cold.
Sorry to let you down, Dave.
No, no.
It's more important to get well.
Just, uh, look after yourself.
Have a good one.
You, too.
Make you a cup? Oh, ta, love.
TED: Sometimes you can make a leap of faith and fall flat on your face.
Check this.
What? What's that? Oh.
Uh, this, it'sit's an ad for Matt's pub gig tomorrow night.
JAKE: At the Legacy in Nevvtown.
Oh, Legacy.
There aren't venues like there used to be.
That's all the more reason we need to go along and support them.
Yeah, well, we're all going.
Do you want to come? He's top of the bill.
He's the only one on the bill.
Still It's the same.
A bill's a bill.
Hey, this is Monday's newspaper.
Is this some kind of a set-up'? You guys go along, have a nice night.
But you can count me out.
Try and keep the hangovers to a minimum, eh? Good try.
There we go.
Thanks for the cuppa.
Oh, you're welcome.
Anything else I can get you? No, thanks.
JULIE: How're you feeling? Dad, are you OK'? I'm not crook.
Well, I thought you said that I was saying goodnight to the home-brew last night when you and Dave were in the shed.
Oh, God.
I heard what you said.
Dad, I'mI'm so sorry.
No need.
Yes, there is.
I don't mean to Hey, hey, hey- Hey.
You were right.
Labouring's a young man's game.
Oh, Dad.
I would have given it my best.
I know you would have.
Probably ended up in hospital.
Or worse.
Dad, I'm sorry, I don't know what to say.
There's no need to say anything.
I was due for a reality check, and you gave it to me.
Look, uh, I might go and get some air.
Hmm, up for a challenge.
TED: A challenge? Right now I wasn't sure I was up for anything.
Hey- HEY- How is she? Oh, not good.
Well, she tried some dried biscuits, they stayed down.
Well, that's good.
That's great.
But then she was still hungry, so she tried some leftover chicken korma.
Who eats chicken korma on an upset stomach? She was testing the boundaries.
Yeah, I might still be OK.
It's not contagious.
I'm not taking any chances.
Oh, yeah, Emma called.
She said she's on her way.
Where? Here.
You said you were going to give her a lift.
Did you tell her you guys weren't coming? Oh, yeah.
She said it was a real shame.
When did she call? About 15 minutes ago.
So she'll be here about (DOORBELL RINGS) FEET-FA: That'll be her now.
Just wait.
Finish that.
You're coming, too.
No, no, no, no.
Two's company, three's a crowd.
Besides, a doco on Eskimos, I just don't think I'd be Inuit.
How long have you been sitting on that one? Since about lunchtime.
(DOORBELL RINGS) I gotta get that, Benno.
You're coming and so are you.
Four's just a group of friends.
What? What am I doing? Coming to the movies.
It's free.
Retta, you poor thing.
I'll be fine, just not tonight.
Good news.
Coby and Nathan are taking the spare tickets.
Oh, great.
Is, um, here OK'? Yeah, great.
Good one.
You're alright.
Popcorn? Ta.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
Here are.
Just sit down'? What's this about again? lnuits.
Who's in it? Polar bears and Eskimos.
It's freezing, to be precise.
It's gonna look awesome in 3-D.
Oh, it's not (PHONE RINGS) Whoo, that's mine.
MAN: Shh.
Oh, g'day, Snot.
Oh, no, no, man.
We've changed plans, we're at the flicks.
MAN: Shh.
No, not 'Zombie Showgirls', no, it's something about Shh.
polar bears and Eskimos.
It's in 3-D.
It's not.
Yeah, I know, it's Snot.
How do you know Snot? I don't know Snot, I'm saying it is not in 3-D.
Snot, it is not in 3-D.
Yeah, 3-D killer whales would be awesome.
No, those Eskimo girls, they Oi! Bye, Snot.
Huh'? You're not supposed to use your phone in the movies.
It hasn't even started yet.
Yeah, but still.
It's just the ads.
Can we just have a word outside, please? WOMAN: Shut up! Sorry.
What - are you giving us the boot'? It's a free country the last time I checked.
Come on, this way you get to hang out with your mates.
I've just blown Snot off and now you've got me all pumped about polar bears.
Here, take this for your troubles.
Come on, catch a beer.
Enjoy your date.
It's not a date.
Sure it's not.
Come on.
It is a date now, isn't it? No, as long as you don't hold hands, it's just a movie with a friend.
Everything OK'? Yeah, just not their cup of tea.
Really? Yep.
No accounting for taste.
Uh, I think they've got an early start.
MAN: (ON MOVIE) And so it begins.
Dave, please, I'm a big boy, I don't bruise easily.
Yeah, all the same Believe me, I'm fine.
Now, don't take this the wrong way, but I'm off to bed.
Oh, Dad.
Look there's nothing that grabs me on telly and I've got a good book.
Night, all.
Night, Ted.
(EXHALES) God, he's upset and it's our fault.
He said he's fine.
He's not fine.
He's lost his mojo.
(CHUCKLES) His mojo'? He's not Austin Powers, Jules.
Yesterday he was on top of the world and now he's shuffling off to bed and it's barely dark.
Well, he's right, there's not much on TV.
OK, what do we do now'? I don't know.
I've gotta think of something.
BREE: Hey.
Is Coby here? Uh, no.
Oh, well, can I come in anyway'? Yeah, sure.
He's gone to the movies with Nathan and Ben.
Oh, we're supposed to be meeting up tonight.
He never mentioned that.
Yeah, well, you know Coby, he's got the memory of a goldfish.
Uh, I was just about to make coffee.
You want one'? Uh, yeah, I'd love one.
Alright, I'll whack the kettle on.
Have you heard from Alex lately'? Yeah.
Is he behaving himself? Doubt it.
It's amazing he can survive without you, really.
Apparently he's seeing some girl on the Gold Coast.
Really? Good for him.
You know, some people might say that you being noble for no good reason isn't really being noble, it's being stupid.
And some people might have a point.
Look, Bree COBY: Snot, I swear I didn't hang up on you, mate.
I will take you to the Eskimo film to make up for it.
Hang on.
COBY: Uh, what are you doing here? We're hanging out tonight, remember? No, that's tomorrow, remember? At the gig.
Oh, sorry.
Snot, yeah, how's Saturday, mate? Where you going'? Uh, another time.
MAN: (ON MOVIE) After a long, cold winter, the polar bear cubs take their first tentative steps in the daylight.
Although their world is fraught with many dangers "this for now is a landmark moment "and one of triumph.
What time did it finish? Half an hour ago.
He'll be home any minute.
Babe, you should go to bed.
I'm fine, plus I wanna hear about Ben's date.
Anyway, he won't be long.
Unless What? Unless he got lucky.
Come on, guys, Ben isn't like that.
Human'? Unfaithful.
Unfaithful to who? Well, Mel, who else? Carbo It's him.
Sun up'? Yeah, just watching the nothing, really.
How was the movie? It was good.
Really good? Yeah, it was really good.
Was it really, really good? Come on, guys, give us a break.
It was just two friends catching a flick, that's all.
That's all? Just friends? Exactly.
So, um, when are you gonna see her next? Tomorrow night.
Come on, we're going to Matt's gig at the pub.
Your idea, remember? So also not a date? Definitely not a date.
Goodnight, guys.
Hey, you said you wanted to jump out of a plane.
That I did.
Anyway I spoke to the skydiving people and they're pretty light on this week for bookings, so they can fit you in whenever you want.
Fancy that.
Seize the day, eh, Ted? Oh, it's also good for 12 months so there's no hurry.
Oh, this is way, way too generous.
Oh, it's the least we could do.
We owe it to you.
Oh, no, no, you don't owe me anything.
Well, we wanted to get you something that you really wanted.
Something special.
Well, I mightjust go and check my diary.
It didn't really set his heart on fire, did it? Jumping out of a plane? What were you thinking? Well, he said he wanted to.
Yeah, but when push comes to shove Oh.
(EXHALES) Well, what now, then? Thanks again for last night.
Oh, hope you weren't too bored.
No, I wasn't bored at all.
Were you? No, no, no.
Just, umno.
Are we still on for tonight? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Only if you want to.
If you don't I totally understand, 'cause Ben, I wanna go.
Oh, OK, cool.
Uh, here's the boss.
I better look busy.
Those clothes hanging up in my office'? I brought a change.
I'm going out with Ben later.
Two nights in a row'? Yeah.
I know that 'mmm'.
What? Your idea or his? Mum.
I'm just wondering given the circumstances.
It was his idea.
We're just going to a gig with some friends.
Alright, don't get in a snit.
I'm happy for you.
Just, um What? Be careful.
Mum! I'm not being negative.
I'm just saying, for both your sakes, take it slowly.
Well, thanks.
Oh, sorry.
Is she cracking the whip? Oh, um, no.
You know, being Mum.
So is your uncle Matt expecting a big crowd tonight? Oh, yeah, Nathan says it's good to get there early 'cause Matt reckons the place goes off like a cracker.
“Like a cracker.
" Maybe he oversold it just a bit.
ALL: Hey.
It's packed.
BOTH: Yeah.
I'm Emma.
Sorry, I forgot you two hadn't met.
You must be Ben.
How do you know'? You've got the Jennings chin.
It's unmistakable.
No, no, Nathan showed me a photo so I could get a sense of the family.
OK, this is Emma.
Looking hot.
Pleased to meet you.
Uh, you, too.
So how's your roadie going'? MATI": Oh, he's bloody good.
He's sober and he hasn't broken anything.
Not yet.
Give him time.
Oh, that's funny.
This stuff is older than I am and it weighs a ton.
Only problem is he whinges a bit.
So it's a bit quiet in here tonight.
Yeah, once I kick off, the crowd will come flooding in.
Always do.
Guys, trust me.
Tonight is gonna be awesome.
Get a drink, food from the bar.
I've gotta run a sound check.
Sounds good.
No worries.
OK, sunshine, get your ears into gear.
Are you sure you're OK'? Yeah, I'm fine.
Didn't wanna miss their second date.
It's not a date, they're just friends.
ALL: Hey.
Feeling better? Yeah, yeah, much.
How was the movie? Yeah, good.
Great photography, eh? Yeah, it was.
Uh, we're just grabbing a bite and a drink.
I'm in.
You want anything? Um The house specialty is oyster shooters.
(MOANS) Maybe just ajust a water.
No, no, no, they can drain.
You sure? Yeah, relax.
What's on the box, Teddy-boy? Oh, a new show's about to start.
Got a good write-up.
Yeah? Mmm.
The kids will be off to the pub.
Matt's gig.
Nathan invited me, too.
Not even a little bit curious? Nope.
Curious about what? Um, Matt's gig tonight.
The answer is no.
Oh, I am.
I am a bit curious.
Well, call Donna.
I'm sure you'd make terrific groupies.
You're not funny.
Well, yes, I am.
No, you're not.
I actually think you're a bit curious, too.
Yes, I am a little bit curious but that doesn't mean to say I've got to go to the gig.
You know what I reckon? Do I have a choice, Ted? Life's full of enough missed opportunities without us going out of our way to make more.
Especially through our own stubbornness.
Speaking of which, have you called those skydiving people yet? Not yet.
So what's this new show about? Oh, it's about finding out your family tree.
Oh, I read about that.
It got good reviews.
Very cathartic apparently.
Long-lost brothers reunited at last.
You two are as subtle as a sledgehammer.
What's to be gained by not going'? Have you asked yourself that'? Well, if you're so interested, Ted, why don't you go along? Alright.
I will.
And if I'm going, you're coming with me.
Oh, good idea.
I can look after Ruby.
Jules? I repeat, what's to be gained'? A quiet night at home.
Probably not that good anyway.
(CHUCKLES) Have fun.
(SINGS) I'm alone with you tonight I'm alone with you tonight I'm alone with you tonight I could always remember Oi.
Sorry, my hand slipped.
Do you want a drink? Yeah.
(CROWD CHEERS) Remind you of anyone? You know you're brilliant And if I'm alone with you BOTH: (SING) Tonight I'm alone with you tonight Dave's here.
Dave's here.
I'm alone with you tonight.
(CROWD CHEERS) Yes! Yes! Thank.
Thanks, guys.
I'm gonna take a really quick break.
I'll be back soon.
Hey, you got the crowd going.
Oh, thanks, mate.
Good stuff.
Hey, mate.
You're sounding good.
Oh, it's just a cover.
Not like I wrote the lyrics or anything.
Don't play it down.
The crowd were really getting into it.
Matt, this is Ted, Julie's dad.
Oh, great to meet you, Ted.
I'm pleased you came.
Beer? Yeah, that'd be great.
TED: Sometimes you take that leap and wonder what you were ever wonted about in the first place.
(CROWD CHEERS) We have a very special guest in the audience tonight, folks.
Some of you know him as Dad or Uncle Dave, the rest of you will know him as the 'Suburban Boy' himself- Mr Dave Rafter! (CROWD CHEERS) Dave, what are the chances of belting one out with us'? Oh, no.
(CROWD CHEERS) Oh, he's got a touch of stage fright tonight, folks.
We'll get him up on stage next gig, I promise.
Looks like I'm flying solo tonight.
(SINGS) Went down to Santa Fe where Renoir paints the walls Described you clearly but the sky began to fall Am I ever gonna see your face again? ALL: No way.
Get stuffed.
Stuff off.
Am I ever gonna see your face again? He's not bad.
Trams, cars and taxis, little waxworks on the move TED: Sometimes you take the leap and suddenly you're in free fall.
Am I ever gonna see your face again? ALL: No way.
Get Stuffed.
Stuff off.
Am I ever gonna see your face again? ALL: No way.
Get stuffed.
Stuff off.
Ben! Ben? Stop, please! I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
What? For kissing me or running away? Both.
It's OK.
No, it's not.
A kiss at a gig.
That's how Mel and I became official.
I don't want to freak you out.
No, it's just OK, I am a little bit freaked out.
I'm sorry.
I know you're still in love with Mel.
And I know you always will be, and that's just how it is.
So where does that leave us'? We agree to be friends and that's OK.
I can do that.
So let's forget about what happened back there and no more angst.
Come on.
But one thing - next time we go to the movies, it's my turn to pick.
TED: Other times you've gotta step back from the edge and just admire the view.
WOMAN: (ON TV) It's our biggest innovation in 15 years.
How was it? Great fun.
Ah, Dave? Yeah, that was good.
A decent crowd, I suppose.
Yeah, but did you enjoy it? Yeah, it was OK.
(SCOFFS) I saw you singing along.
He had a ball.
Ah, there you go.
Bet you're glad you went.
OK, I had a good time.
Are you happy? Plus Matt asked him up on stage to help belt out a tune.
No! Did you go? No, it just didn't feel right.
I thought you couldn't keep an old rocker down.
Yeah, well, this old rocker is severely out of practice.
Well, there's no reason you can't take it up again.
What? In my spare time? Well, you find time to do other things.
I suppose it would be good to get some of the old magic back, but But what? I don't have the discipline.
Not on my own.
I never have.
Well, maybe Matt could practise with you, make things easier.
Let's not rush things.
Just take it one step at a time, alright? Sounds like a good plan, though.
I am off to bed.
Night, Dad.
Oh,Ted thanks for giving me a kick up the bum.
I needed it.
Anytime, mate.
Coby was going for it.
I was not.
Yeah, where do you suppose he learnt to dance like that'? That's a gift you cannot learn.
That's true.
It reminded me of Alex when he dances.
Oh, Jake, you cannot say that! I can.
He's my brother.
Fair enough.
I'm gonna hit the hay.
You should, too, Jakey.
And I've gotta slash.
(CHUCKLES) A good night.
Hey, um, do you remember what I was saying last night? Give me a hint.
OK, I was standing over there and I was talking Oh, yes.
about how being noble for the sake of being noble was I'm not being noble.
Yeah, you are.
Think about it.
You're single, I'm single.
Alex is moving on with his life.
Yeah, but Jake, we're adults, you know.
I mean, if we wanna hook up, it's between you and me.
Bree This doesn't have to be complicated.
Bree, you gotta listen to me.
I don't want this.
Yeah, you say that and then No, I mean it.
I mean it.
I mean, what we had that one time, it was so great, but When I said 'friends', I mean 'friends'.
Why? Because it's not the space I'm in.
Look, if I've given you the wrong signals, I'm sorry.
I mean, you're a beautiful girl.
It's justit's not what I want.
(TOILET FLUSHES) Hey Where's Bree? She had to go.
Oh, she's my designated driver.
Coming up to 13,00oft.
Get ready Now'? Yeah, it's something you always wanted to do, Ted.
Yeah, but You said you were up for a challenge, Ted.
That's a go, Ted.
Jump, jump.
(SCREAMS) Ted, your parachute! (GRUNTS) Huh! Up for a challenge? Dad, have you seen my measuring jug? Oh, sorry, love, it's in the laundry.
I was using it for my home-brew.
It's alright.
I'll grab it.
TED: Sometimes the most important thing of all is knowing what leap to make.
JULIE: Dad! (SCREAMS) Dad! Oh.
Dad! (JULIE LAUGHS) TED: It's not funny!