Packed to the Rafters (2008) s04e20 Episode Script

Butterfly's Wings

JULIE: (NARRATES) Is it true what they say - that everything that happens in life is somehow linked? That if a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon, they get floods in France? She's OK.
JULIE: I know.
DAVE: She's safe now.
Two days ago, a butterfly flapped its wings Oh, get in there.
or in my case Ooh! Ow! Bum! I broke a nail, and a whole chain of events was set in motion.
Right, I'm off.
You're a bit early, aren't you? Deadline, Jules.
Got the whole crew working today, including Matt.
Glad to see you're getting on better with him.
Course you are - he's your secret taxi-driving lover! Oh, stop it.
Wasn't funny the first time.
Funny? You're my wife.
Deep inside, I'm crying.
(CHUCKLES) I can't believe there's only 1O days to go.
Yeah - with 12 days of work.
Yeah, well, it'll soon be over.
Yeah, this one.
Hopefully, it'll be the first of many.
Ooh, what, and then we'll be filthy rolling rich? Something like that.
Well, this better grow quickly, then.
I can't possibly be seen at the Opera House with a less-than-perfect nail.
See you tonight.
And try not to worry.
I won't.
I really thought we would have finished that first level by now.
JAKE: It won't be much longer.
Where's Matt? Has he called in'? It's OK, Dad.
We're on track.
Yeah, it's Dave here.
Look, I'm on site and you're not.
Save it for later, mate.
Just get in here fast.
We really need you.
OK'? JAKE: Feel better? Yeah, I'll feel better once he gets here (SIGHS) .
and once I've had a coffee.
Hey, Coby, you couldn't do a caffeine run, could you? Yeah, course.
We got time? Yeah, I've been pushing you guys too hard.
And get one for Matt, too, would you? That's if I haven't scared him off.
You know, I never get manicures done, but these are perfect.
And these new nail bars are so cheap and quick.
No, thanks for talking me into that.
What about that massage chair? Yeah.
(CH UCKLES) Oh, look, 'Thelma & Louise'.
Didn't you love it? Oh.
I could never decide which one I wanted to be.
Actually, I've never seen it.
You're kidding.
No, no.
I must be the only woman in the world who hasn't.
Easily fixed.
It's on tomorrow.
Oh, no, no.
No, I shouldn't.
Definitely Thelma.
She gets Brad Pitt.
Oh, sorry, I shouldn't have told you that bit.
(LAUGHS) That's OK.
(CH UCKLES) Oh, come on.
My shout.
Oh, well (IMITATES THELMA) Come on, Louise.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, alright.
If Dad can babysit, I'll come.
Ooh, look.
The salon's got a special for brides.
Should keep this for Retta.
JULIE: One broken nail led to a manicure, then to a movie flyer, then to a hairdresser.
Louise shoots this rapist, and I just don't think Yeah, no, Donna! Oh, sorry.
And another link in the invisible chain was added.
Hey, I forgot the flow switches.
Want me to go and get 'em'? Nah, I want you to finish up here.
They were just there on the bench.
Well, get Bree to go and get them.
We're flat out here and it'll save time and she is a courier.
That's a great idea.
It's the least she could do, I reckon.
I'll give her a call.
Guys, sorry.
Would you believe it? Flat battery.
What? You leave your lights on, you wally'? Oh, how hopeless do you think I am? Don't answer that.
Nah, I stopped to help this girl by the side of the road.
She needed jumper leads.
So I'm charging her battery.
Yeah, I bet you were.
And then she starts staring at me and she says, “Hey, you're that guitarist guy, right?" Hey, an actual fan.
Oh, hardly.
Turns out she's been making her way through her favourite musos, and some of her not-so-favourite musos.
Right, and now she's scraping the bottom of the barrel, is she? Well, put it this way - I reckon even I was in with a chance.
Anyway Matt! Matt.
Just save it for a smoko, mate.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No worries.
And I'll make up the time to you.
You can count on it.
Uh, Bree's on her way.
And if we get lucky and finish the work early, maybe we could squeeze in a jam session.
JULIE: Hey! Yoo-hoo! What do you reckon? Hey.
Hey, hey.
W-what's Ruby doing here? Oh, uh, well, I just picked her up from a play date with Thought you might like some morning tea.
It's really nice of you, Jules, but we don't have time for this.
And she shouldn't be here at all.
You know'? it's just not fair.
Oh, yeah, sorry, I wasn't thinking.
Umis everything alright? Yeah, just have a million things going on, that's all.
Well, I won't add to them.
Enjoy the pastries.
See you at home.
Gotta go.
Yeah, yeah, I'll be in all afternoon.
I'll see you then.
You are looking at a new Great Mate.
(GAS PS) They passed you? Nearly.
They've done the background check.
All they have to do now is check out my home environment.
Haven't they worked out by now you're perfect? It's good to see they're thorough.
Oh, I love you for doing this, Dad.
But I must admit, I would love you more if you did this out there.
Well, look, the labels come off easier with the hot water.
I can't believe you're persisting with the whole home-brew thing.
Oh, I've ironed out the kinks now.
Full speed ahead.
Move over, beer barons, Ted Taylor's coming through.
Hey, um, what are you doing tomorrow night, apart from brewing'? Why? Say no if you want, I was thinking of seeing an early movie with Donna.
I can look after Madame Butterfly.
Are you sure? Completely.
And stop feeling guilty - you're allowed to see a movie.
Thanks, Dad.
You're an angel.
I'd settle for “Great Mate So, anyway, this girl's sucking all the juice out of my battery, and she starts taking her shirt off.
What?! In broad daylight? And then I start noticing this crazy little look in her eye.
'Cause you're looking at her eye.
Hey, I'm a gentleman.
Hey, mate, what did I tell ya'? Oh, uh, yeah, Dave, sorry.
Just give me a kick every now and again - I'll come into line.
That's the point - I shouldn't have to.
You don't have to keep saying it, Dad.
We all got the message.
Yeah, well, doesn't seem like it.
Hey, there's Bree.
I'll grab It's OK, mate.
Jake's got it.
BREE: Hey.
Here's your doozy-whatsits.
I think you'll find they're called thingummybobs.
Thanks for bringing them in.
No worries.
Uh, can you sign here, please? Just there.
So you guys gotta wire this whole lot? Yeah.
It's massive.
You want to give me a tour? Ohlook, we're pretty under the pump at the moment.
Some other time.
See you guys later.
DAVE: Yeah, thanks, Bree.
Oi, Bree.
Are you alright? Yeah.
Why wouldn't I be'? No reason.
Do you want to hang out tonight? Oh.
just as friends.
I can't.
I, um, promised Coby I'd have a drink with him.
Oh, OK.
Whereabouts? I don't know.
Just out somewhere.
Uh, well, like I said, some other time.
(WOMAN SPEAKS OVER RADIO) If you were a psych patient, which would make you calmer? The one on the right.
You didn't even look.
I'm a psych patient.
What would I know'? Hey.
These are for you, honey.
Oh, they're gorgeous.
Thank you.
Leftovers from work.
Lucky he doesn't work in an abattoir.
So, you working tonight? Yep.
Is Emma, too? Nah, she did the lunch shift.
So did you.
Yeah, well, it just worked out that way.
So I guess you'll be seeing her after work, then.
Is this going somewhere? Oh, it's just that you two seemed pretty friendly at the gig last week.
I already told you, Carbo - we're just friends.
Really? Yeah, really.
Yeah, well, friends don't kiss.
Not in my book.
Carbo! I'm sorry? Yeah.
I saw you at Matt's gig.
I don't know what you think you saw, but we're just mates.
Because I think it's pretty soon for anything else.
So, everybody have a good day? Yeah, you know my yiayia? How's the wedding going'? Don't mention the wedding.
We're trying to forget that.
Told your mum yet'? Oh, these flowers are really beautiful.
Because Rita's been calling, all the time.
About the catering, the music Yeah, Emma calls you, too, heaps.
the honeymoon, the thank you gifts.
I'm starving.
Look, I know he's clumsy about the whole Emma thing, but he's just being protective of you.
How many days is it now before a gazillion Greeks arrive to watch you walk down the aisle? (CH UCKLES NERVOUSLY) I'm actually (CLEARS THROAT) .
a bitbit peckish myself.
Um, Dad, what time did you say she was coming? Oh, struth, she'll be here any minute.
Yeah, I'm not sure these bottles are such a good look.
Yeah, you're right.
I'll get 'em out the back.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Oh, too late.
It's alright, I'll get it.
I'm Julie.
WOMAN: Audrey from Great Mates.
Come in.
Hello, Audrey.
Good to see you again.
You, too.
Take a seat.
(INHALES SHARPLY) Oh, there's Ooh.
Um Oh.
I wondered where that one got to.
(CH UCKLES) Don't worry, we didn't drink all of these.
Dad's into home-brewing.
Ah, I see.
Oh, not because he loves beer.
It'sjusthe loves a challenge.
I like to blow things up.
(TED EXHALES DEEPLY) So, would you, um, like a cup of tea or coffee? Kettle's just boiled.
Tea, thanks.
(SIGHS) I must say, Audrey, I'm surprised I got this far.
Really? Why's that'? Oh, I just assumed I'd be too old.
Age isn't a problem.
Commitment and stability - they're the main things.
Well, I'm stable and committed, and good with kids.
I mentioned my new granddaughter during our interview.
You did, yes.
Umthisthis is a bit different from babysitting.
You'll be a mentor to a child not without problems who needs a consistent role model and a regular commitment week in, week out.
Oh, I understand.
I've got the time and, hopefully, the temperament.
And I'm in there for the long haul.
Excuse me.
Um, Audrey, do you take milk? Yes.
Oi! I' guys- Hey.
Help us - burgers or steak'? There's a roast vegie salad that's pretty good.
Burgers it is.
(CH UCKLES) Oi, game of stick? Mm.
So, do you reckon we're gonna get this job done in time? Well, I hope so, for Dave's sake.
Hey, here's Bree.
Ah, so it is.
Didn't think I'd see you guys here.
Yeah, well, couldn't bear cooking.
Or pizza.
Is this a private party or can anyone join? Help yourself.
Where are your friends? Oh.
Um, not meeting anyone.
Oh, no.
You came here on your own'? Yes, Coby, just because I want to grab a meal on my own doesn't make me a social reject, does it? Does it? What? Nothing.
Anothery'? Yes.
What non-alcoholic beverage would you like'? Oh, lemonade, thanks.
And, um, the roast vegie salad.
(CHUCKLES) Jeez, talk about the third degree.
(CLEARS THROAT) So, here we are.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) So, you playing, or what? Is that alright? Yep.
So, how did you go today'? Oh, I'm having second thoughts about Matt.
He's a nice guy, but he's a bit of a slacker.
Really? Yeah, he doesn't understand the word 'deadline'.
And long tall stories are fine when you're at the pub but not when you're under the gun.
Well, maybe you need someone like him on site to.
occasionally release the pressure.
All I know is that I am tired of shouting at him.
I'm tired and I'm over it.
You know, the Jenningses, they're trouble, more trouble than they're worth.
Now I feel a bit guilty.
I was thinking about seeing a movie with Donna tomorrow.
Oh, good.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, I've lined up Dad to babysit.
Oh, doesn't feel right with you working these hours and it's right at Ruby's witching hour, so Nothing Ted can't handle.
(RUBY BURBLES) Oh! Darling, you can't wear those to bed.
She wanted to wear 'em in the bath.
(JULIE CHUCKLES) Hello, precious.
You don't mind if Mummy goes to the movies, do you? Leaves you here, all alone with Grandad, while she goes off and has fun'? Don't you listen to Daddy and his passive-aggressive rubbish.
JULIE: One tiny broken nail had started it all and already things were set to change in ways we never could have imagined.
Oh, yeah, I'mI'm looking forward to it.
I'll see you both there.
Get the wings off her? (SIGHS) Oh, yes, after a battle.
Then I turn to straighten the bed, and she's out the hallway, trying to get out the front door.
Little escape artist - every family needs one.
And every family needs a Great Mate.
I'm in.
(GASPS) You serious? Even after she sat on your beer bottle'? (CH UCKLES) What, she doesn't think we're raging alcoholics? Well, if she does, it's apparently not a problem.
She's gonna bring Cooper round tomorrow to meet me.
'Cooper' - that's apt, given your current hobby.
So what happens? Do you stay here, take him out? Well, once Audrey leaves, whatever seems best.
Are you alright with that'? Yeah, of course.
Hope he likes me.
I mean, I told Audrey I knew about kids, but what if I've forgotten? Oh, you'll be right.
All you have to do to break the ice is crack open a few home-brews.
Oh, you're a great help.
No, it'll be fun.
I'll take him to the park near the marina, get a bit of fresh air.
He'll love that.
He'll love you.
Well, look, I'll go and wash up for dinner.
Oh, he's nervous.
JAKE: Oh! COBY: No way! You're on fire.
Beginner's luck.
Yeah, right.
Another round, guys? Uh, yeah.
I want a different beer.
Which one? Well, what you got? Coby, there's millions.
You up for another challenge? What, after that last embarrassment? Yeah, I'll go easy on ya.
(SCOFFS) Sure, alright.
We should run into each other more often, 'cause, you know, this is fun.
(BILLIARD BALLS CLAN K) You know what? What? I think he's worried he's not up to it, that that kid's gonna be too much for him.
Does Ted think that or you? Well, both.
I mean, the kid must have a pretty awful home background, which is why he needs a stable role model.
And Dad's got the best intentions.
l don't know, sometimes that's just not enough.
Oh, well.
I suppose if it doesn't work out, there must be an escape clause.
I'm sorry, darling - I'm keeping you awake.
I can't sleep, anyway.
Only a few days to go and it'll all be finished.
Well, this job, anyway.
Yeah, but if we're late, just by one day, it'll cost us.
We'll be up for penalties.
Is there anything I can do on site to help? Nah.
Are you sure? Just be pretty when I get home.
(SCOFFS) And have your slippers ready? (BOTH CHUCKLE) I wish Matt would pull his weight.
He is who he is.
Maybe I should just get someone else.
You know, bite the bullet.
How old's the kid coming to see Ted? (CHUCKLES) Very funny.
(WHISTLES) Thanks for this.
Oh, don't get too excited - I haven't washed them since the last time you stayed here.
(CHUCKLES) Still, it's a hassle.
Yeah, well, it's late.
We should have kept an eye on the time.
Anything else? Uh, I'd love a glass of water.
Good night, hey? Yeah.
You knew we'd be there, didn't you? Well, I guess.
But, I mean, don't worry about it, I heard what you said.
I'm an adult, I can handle rejection.
Oh, Bree I'm kidding.
I'm kidding.
It's justnot the right time for me.
I get that.
OK'? I get it.
Justget some sleep.
Don't say I never do anything for you.
I won't.
How do you do it? What? Make a bed'? No.
Not drink grog.
I couldn't.
Well, I guess I just channel my energy into other things.
Yeah? Grandad thought it was because of Mum.
She must have put you off, hey? Uhl guess.
She still with that arsehole? You'd have to be more specific.
(SCOFFS) I've got no idea who she's with.
I can't keep up.
I know you think I'm the same when it comes to guys.
Wellyou did date a few.
It's not my fault they all turned out to be useless.
Hey, careful! You're beginning to sound like her.
Anyway, I'm going to hit the hay.
Hi, Ben.
You going to work? I just thought I'd wear my uniform around the house.
Toast? No, thanks.
I was asking Retta.
BEN: Your wife'? Who you're married to, no-one else knows yet'? How's Emma? Change your shift to work with her? How's Rita? Told her about your big, fat Greek lie yet'? (DOORBELL CHIMES) ALL: I'll get it! He's right.
It's a lie.
It's a big, fat Greek lie.
Babe, no more sugar for your coffee.
He have to tell her.
We're running out of time.
We're trapped.
It's a train wreck.
We're on the train and we can't get off and we've gotta get off the! Hi, Julie.
Retta, hi.
You after Ben to babysit? He's doing a double, again.
Uh, no.
It's actually Retta she's after.
Aren't you, Mum? Something to do with the wedding? Yeah, well, it might not be any use to you, but they've got wedding discounts.
Ihadn't thought about the hair.
Mm, me, neither.
Well, the big day's so soon.
You must be getting excited.
Mm, mm.
Yeah, she is.
I am.
We are.
Thanks so much for this.
I'll check it out after work tonight.
Oh, well, I'll give them a call if you like, let them know you're coming.
Oh, great.
We don't need hair, do we'? Yeah.
We kind of have to now, otherwise she'll get suspicious.
I feel sick.
So do I.
So phone Rita.
(CARBO AND FEET-FA GROAN) Oh, come in, come in.
Here we are.
This is Cooper.
Cooper, eh? I've been looking forward to meeting you.
I'm Ted.
And this is my daughter Julie.
Hi, Cooper.
Doesn't Mr Taylor get a “hello”? Ted will do, Cooper.
I don't mind.
Between you and me, I've been called a lot worse.
Well, follow me and I'll give you the grand tour.
(POWER TOOLS WHIRR) Matt still not here? Uh, I'm sure he's on his way.
Well, 'probably's not good enough.
He should have been here an hour ago.
Guys, you wouldn't believe it.
You know the girl with the flat battery, one with the crazy eyes'? Matt.
G'day, Dave.
She turned up to my gig last night and wouldn't leave me alone.
And then she arced up over something I said, and this morning, there were eggs and honey and stuff all over my windscreen.
What, for real? Yeah, the eggs set really hard.
It's impossible to get it off.
What, and that's why your late? Mate, the way it was, I couldn't drive it.
Mate, I've just about had it with your stupid excuses.
Oi, Dave.
This is my money and my family's future at stake, and if you're not prepared to pull your weight, you say so now and stop wasting my time.
Dad, I'm sure Matt gets the picture.
Yeah, I got it.
Yeah, I hope so.
Well, maybe you'd prefer this one.
I think it was Nathan's, but he won't mind.
You turn it on round the back, but you'd probably know more about it than I would.
(TED SIGHS) Anywayenough of that.
You know what's five minutes away? A marina, with a park nearby.
Yeah, there's boats and, umand swings.
Although you'd probably be a bit old for the swings, but, umit's just it isfive minutes away.
Yeah, Julie's kids used to play there.
This family's sports mad.
You know, you pick a sport, we like it.
Um, Cooper, would you like another soft drink or a fruit juice, maybe? It's a bit overwhelming to start with, so I think it's time that I left you to get on with it.
You going'? You think you can manage? Oh, yes.
Yes, of course.
We're gonna get on like a house on fire.
And you're OK to drop him home? Oh, no worries.
OK, well, I'll see you out.
Bye, Cooper.
Enjoy yourself.
Well, what do you think so far, Cooper? You reckon we can put up with each other? Yep.
I reckon so, too.
(SIGHS) Bloody hell.
How stupid am I'? Wrong gauge wire.
Even a 5-year-old could see that.
Yeah, well, not when you've been working as hard as you have.
Nah, I've completely wasted the last two hours.
Look, it's no worries.
Coby and I will stay back and fix it.
No, I'll fix it.
It's my mistake.
JAKE: No, you're going home.
No, I can't.
Not now You can.
Dave, listen, you're trying to work and manage the job at the same time.
If you keep doing it, something's gotta give.
Sojust go home.
I'm cool with staying.
I owe you the time, anyway.
Dad, don't argue.
Yeah, alright.
There's probably a few tenders I can work on.
It's settled.
Yeah, look, if there's any problems, just I'll call ya.
We'll take care of it.
JAKE: Yep.
Up'? JAKE: Yep.
(BURBLES) RUBY: Da! Oh, hi.
This is, uh, Cooper.
Remember he was coming over today'? G'day, Cooper.
How's it going'? Now, this is Dave, Julie's husband.
(BURBLES) Fair enough.
I wouldn't speak to me, either.
(JULIE AND TED LAUGH) Look, uh, we're heading off.
We're going to the park.
Good idea.
Great day for it.
Won't be too long.
We'll be back in time to take over with Ruby.
No hurry.
See you, Cooper.
See you, Cooper.
(INHALES SHARPLY, SIGHS) Right little chatterbox, isn't he? Oh, don't.
He hasn't said “boo" since he got here.
Poor Dad.
Yeah, well, I've been in that kid's shoes - you get a bit wary of letting people in.
As long as Ted's prepared to put the time in.
Yeah, no, he is.
He'll be fine.
I hope.
Anyway, now that you're here, I might, um, go and get ready.
Uh, might see if I can have a drink with Donna before the movie.
Yeah, good idea.
Go and make yourself look pretty.
I-l mean, prettier.
(CH UCKLES) You're home early.
I got, uhgot a bit tired at work and needed a break.
You sure you don't want me to stay and make dinner? No, go, Jules.
Honestly, go.
Um, got some paperwork to do, so a nice, quiet house would be ideal.
J U LI E: I almost stayed home, but I didn't (BURBLES) and another link was added in the chain of small, significant events.
Hello, precious.
And how was your day? This is where we used to playjunior cricket when the kids were small.
But you're probably not a cricket man, right? Yeah, I thought that'd probably be the case.
(SIGHS) OK, Cooper.
What is it? Too old? Too boring? Because if it's either of those, there's not much I can do about it.
But if it's something else, something I've done, then, for heaven's sake, tell me.
I might be able to fix it.
Let's go and get the car and I'll take you home.
Probably where you'd rather be, anyway.
Come on.
I'mI'm not mad at you, Cooper.
Did it sound like I was? Course, wedon't have to go home just yet.
Maybe we could sit for a while, if that's what you want.
(SIGHS) But if you call Rita, I won't have to go.
Yeah, but why can't I call her tonight, after your appointment? Because then I have to go to a stupid hair thing for no reason.
What's up? What are you doing home? Change my shirt between shifts.
Tell Carbo to call his mum.
So you don't have to go to your hair appointment? Exactly.
Just don't go.
Can't - I told Julie I would.
Oh, for God's sake.
CARBO: And where are you going'? To work.
I already told you.
Give my love to Emma.
Give my love to Rita.
Do not take your stress about the wedding out on Ben.
It is not fair.
Where are you going'? I've got a fake wedding hair appointment to go to, remember? You coming? Oh, do I have to? Or you can call Rita.
Your choice.
Wait up.
DAVE: OK, Ruby, it's movie night tonight.
And because Mummy's not here it means we can eat whatever we want.
So what's it gonna be'? Party pies? Fish fingers? (PHONE RINGS) Fish and chips? Pizza? Yeah, Jake, what do you want? Dave, sorry, I've got the project manager here and we've got some confusion with the specs.
He reckons we're not doing it right.
What aren't we doing right? He reckons, instead of using 1.
5-mil cable throughout, that we should have it all the same rating as the panel feed wires.
Well, tell him he's wrong.
Yeah, I've tried that.
Look, Dave, we know there's no problem but he won't hear it from me, and he says it's tools down until it's sorted.
OK, look, just stall him as long as you can, I've got something to sort out here first.
Well, I'll see you soon.
Alright, change of plan - Grandad's gonna take care of you, alright? (DIALS PHONE) (PHONE RINGS) Oh, Ted.
Today of all days.
OK, Ruby, looks like it's gonna be Carbo and Retta.
(BURBLES) Come on.
(KNOCKS AT DOOR) Carbo, are you there? Carbo.
(SIGHS) Mummy's not gonna like this, but it can't be helped.
Mine's already off.
Wouldn't want you shushing me like that.
Come on.
Jules, something's come up and there's no-one to look after Ruby.
We're using the same cable we agreed on.
I'm sick of subcontractors trying to cut corners on the sly.
We're not.
We're doing it as per specs - exactly.
Not the way I read 'em.
I'm sorry, guys.
There's no alternative.
Look, if there's any problems, we can sort it out.
The rating's too low on the wiring.
Look, it should be 4-mil copper.
Those are the panel feed wires.
Just hang on a second, please.
Could you look after her, please? (PHONE RINGS) on You want to get that'? Here are.
I'll take her.
Just keep an eye on her.
OK'? Keep an eye on her.
The 4-mil cable can only handle up to 3O amps, max.
Come and I'll show you.
It'll be clearer if you can see for yourself.
No, we're at work.
He doesn't know what he's talking about.
He's a project manager - comes with the territory.
Oh, yeah, 'cause you're an expert now.
Hey? Are you getting prettier? Or is it just me? Jeez.
But you are getting about 1O kilos heavier.
Do you want to sit down for Uncle Cobe? There we go.
Right there.
You want some milk? Some of your drink? Here you go.
Hang on.
Hang on.
Here's your milk.
I found you some milk.
Wait there, Rubes.
Oh! Flippin' hell! JULIE: The broken nail, the manicure, the movie, the hairdressing flyer all led to this one moment.
DAVE: It'd help if they learned to read the specs before they hit the roof over nothing.
At least he finally calmed down.
How'd you go? Yeah, it's alright now.
Even he admitted he was in the wrong.
Where's Ruby'? She's with Coby.
Where's Ruby'? Hey? She's over there.
I told her not to move.
Ruby'? Ruby! Rubes! DAVE: Ruby'?! Ruby! (YELLS) Ruby! Ruby! (BURBLES) Ruby! RUBY! RUBY! (DOOR CLICKS, BUZZES) Ruby! (WORRIEDLY) Ruby, just come back to Daddy.
Come back to Daddy's voice.
Come on back to Daddy.
There's a big drop on the other side.
Is the power on in there? I'll check.
It's OK.
Come on.
Come on back to Daddy.
DAVE: Ruby'? Ruby? Ruby, come back to the door.
Come to Daddy's voice.
That's right.
(BOTH GRUNT) (BURBLES HAPPILY) DAVE: Ruby, just stay with my voice.
Go get a jemmy.
I've gotta get in there.
OK, Ruby.
Ruby, just come back to Daddy's voice, OK'? And I'm gonna tell you a story.
There's athere's a little princess, a beautiful little princess, and it's you, alright? (DAVE CONTINUES TELLING STORY) Ruby'? Just come back to the door.
Ruby! (CHUCKLES) (LAUGHS) (STRAINS) Ruby, just come back.
Ruby, just (BOTH GRUNT) Come on.
Ruby! Rubes, stop! Stay where you are.
Stay where you are.
What are you doing? NATHAN: Don't move, Rubes.
(GRUNTS, GROANS) Stay where you are.
What's that'? Is she alright? (GRUNTS) Hey, Ruby.
It's alright.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK, baby.
(RUBY owes) MATI': I'd tell you it didn't hurt, but I'm not that good a liar.
You sure you popped it back in'? Yeah, but I might have torn something along the way.
Take it easy.
We'll call you from the hospital, let you know what's going on.
(GROANS) I owe you one, mate.
I'll tell you properly later on, OK'? (STARTS ENGINE) Hope I get a good-looking nurse.
Better run a comb through my hair before I get there.
We'll keep you posted.
I'm really sorry.
If there's anything I can do Yeah.
But, you see, I wouldn't have driven over the cliff.
I would've gone back to find Brad Pitt.
He is seriously beautiful, isn't he? Well, he was then.
He's so much older now.
Oh, not a problem.
So am I.
We could grow old together.
Why don't you give him a call, see what he's doing tomorrow night? I heard he's taken.
Eh'? Angelina someone.
That's because he doesn't know you're available.
Oh, well, back to the real world.
What? Oh.
There's all these missed calls from Dave.
It's OK.
It's OK.
She's asleep.
(BREATH ES H EAVI LY) (SIGHS) How could you just leave her unattended on a building site? I thought Coby was minding her.
She's not Coby's responsibility - she's yours.
And after you had a go at me for bringing her in.
At least I had her in her pram, I didn't leave her to wander around.
Alright, tell me, what was I supposed to do? Keep her safe.
That's your job.
Not just mine.
I had to take her in with me.
There was no-one else.
Oh, yeah, great.
As if I don't feel bad enough.
You think I don't feel bad, as well? And I didn't let her wander around, I'd never do that.
Just stop it.
It's my fault.
I left my bloody phone here.
Oh, Dad, it's! Sorry, it was ait was an accident.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said I could never forgive myself if anything I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Well, Matt didn't get his wish.
The nurse was a guy.
(CHUCKLES) BEN: As long as he fixed him.
Well, it's better than it could have been.
But he's damaged all the ligaments in his shoulder, so he won't be playing the guitar anytime soon.
Oh, poor Matt.
He'll hate that.
He was making jokes about it, but I think he's pretty unhappy.
Anyway, I'm done in.
Gotta go to bed.
Nobody wake me for anything.
Look, I'm gonna go and wash this out and head to bed, too.
Just carrying it around is actually it's actually hurting my neck.
Night, babe.
Don't be long.
All those little steps.
If I hadn't booked that hotel, if I hadn't called Mel and distracted her Benno, don't go there.
If I'd just picked her up like I was supposed to.
What about me, mate? I suggested to you to get the room.
Or Retta.
Painting the walls was her idea.
That's what made you want to leave.
(EXHALES HEAVILY) Benno, you go down that road, everything that ever happened to you in life starts to feel wrong.
I can't help thinking about it.
Sorry about all the Emma stuff, too.
It's cool.
No, it's not.
This wedding guilt is getting to me and I took it out on you.
You were just trying to be loyal to Mel.
You're my best mate, Carbo - you're allowed to think what's happening between me and Emma is weird.
And it's true - we did kiss at the pub.
But what you don't know is that after that I freaked out completely and we've decided to just be friends.
Don't worry.
I'll never disrespect Mel.
I couldn't.
Not in a million years.
What are you doing here? Sorry.
Il need to talk to you.
now'? Yeah - it's important.
This has been one seriously weird day.
Yeah? What do you mean? Oh You first.
(SNIFFLES) UmI'm not normally like this.
Normally, I'm fine.
I just, uml can't stop thinking about you.
Oh, w And I know that it's crazy and you probably think that I'm crazy No, I think you shouldn't do this.
but I had to tell you.
But nothing can happen.
Why'? Because it can't.
I've told you why.
We get on.
We had a great time last night.
We played pool.
No, Jake.
There's something here, and you know it.
We talk, we understand each other.
But not for me.
I I can't give you what you want.
You have to accept that.
(TEARFULLY) I'm sorry.
It's just not that easy.
Can you hold me? I don't think that's a good idea.
Justjust for a minute, and then I'll go.
I know I shouldn't have come here in the first place.
(SNIFFLES) This feels nice.
(SNIFFLES) JULIE: Cause and effect.
Actions and consequences.
Does a flap of a butterfly's wing cause catastrophe somewhere else? She's OK.
I know.
She's safe now.
Well, in the end, it wasn't the disaster I thought it was gonna be.
But he still didn't speak.
Oh, no, not a peep.
But there was something going on that made me think he didn't actually hate me, so I reckon it might be worth persevering.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Sorry about the phone, mate.
No harm done, thankfully.
JULIE: Oh, Matt, hi.
Come in.
MATI": Ta.
What are the chances of a cup of coffee? Oh, extremely good.
I'd, umI'd give you a hug, but you probably wouldn't thank me.
Oh, yeah, probably not.
So, uh, how's the girl'? That's what I'm really here for.
Doesn't even know it happened, thanks to you.
I owe you, mate, big-time.
Yes, we both do.
Is that as sore as it looks'? Oh, it's OK.
Besides, the doctor was cute, which made up for the nurse.
(ALL CHUCKLE) But I probably won't be on site anytime soon.
Oh, no, no problem.
Compo will take care of everything.
I'll make sure you're not out of pocket.
But I'm sorry about the guitar-playing.
Oh, well, thousands will be thankful.
Besides, every artist needs a rest.
The comeback tour - I can see it all now.
(CH UCKLES) Actually, there is one thing - if you want to thank me, go easy on Coby - the kid's beating himself up enough.
It's already on my list.
Ruby was my responsibility.
I'll make sure he knows that.
Actually, there's a second thing - just relax about what happened.
That one's a little bit harder.
Nah, I reckon you dodged a bullet there, mate.
You should think yourself lucky.
If it was me, I'd be going out and buying up big on lottery tickets.
Not such a bad idea.
JULIE: Maybe Matt was right.
It's all how you look at it.
What began with a broken nail gave us all a scare and could have ended so much worse.
So, once this is off, maybe you and I can have a jam.
But it also had a happy outcome, one that we could never have foreseen.