Painkiller Jane s01e05 Episode Script

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

My name is jane vasco.
I could use you on my team.
I work for a secret government agency that hunts neuros.
People who can do dangerous things with their minds.
On my first assignment Something a little weird happened, okay, something really weird.
Until i get some answers i'm getting on with my life, doing my job.
Stocking up on aspirin, because let me tell ya, pain's a bitch! Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop! We've got a problem here! Make it stop! Make it stop! What are you waiting for? Not here.
Not in this house.
Make it stop! This is special field agent leslie jackson.
Put me through to cooper.
Coop, it's Ij.
Whatever it is with this damn house It looks like it's starting all over again.
What the hell is your problem? A daily ritual.
Cleansing ourselves.
We wash our hair, our bodies, our hands and our teeth.
But with all the lotions, soaps and shampoos, none of it seems to reach below the surface.
So we do our best to cover up whatever we're trying to hide.
But with so much concealed, i often wonder what it will be like when it cracks.
And what lies underneath comes rushing out, unable to be contained.
A shot of confidence, i'm out the door to face neuros, pain and unanswered questions about my special condition.
Seventeen maiden lane.
In the dunbar district.
It's an odd little place.
On the market for years.
odd, you mean haunted.
When it wouldn't sell, the f.
Picked it up for a song and reprovisioned it as a safe house.
Since that time, four year ago there have been several "incidents.
" what exactly is an "incident?" show up at my place tonight and i'll demonstrate.
Oh, you mean a minor incident.
Several witnesses being held at the location experienced some sort of mental breakdown.
So much for "safe" house.
None of the effects were permanent.
The victims all recovered shortly after leaving the premises.
The bureau's been thorough.
They've pretty much eliminated most of the obvious.
All of it Eliminated.
So, now the press has this story.
Senator moreland is requesting a special committee to investigate the bureau's handling of suspects and witnesses.
They think the bureau's responsible? The f.
Has been accused of using drugs and "mind control" tactics to get people to talk.
When they don't give people the answers, they will fill in the blanks.
Think there's any truth to it? My contacts at the bureau say no.
So obviously no one scanned for neuros.
Obviously, until now.
) if we are dealing with a neuro, we're gonna have to consider proximity.
Riley's downloaded the city zoning maps.
We've eliminated all the surrounding neighbors.
Well, I got a map for the entrances to the main sewer lines, if that helps.
Alight, you guys cover inside.
We'll take the perimeter.
Just in case something goes bump in the night you'll be outside so i have nothing to fear.
Did you feel something? Yeah, a draft.
Upstairs or down? Up.
I'll check down here.
Mom? Nothing out on the perimeter, anything here? Uh, no.
Not that I can find.
Where's maureen? She's downstairs.
You alright? Yeah, yeah, i'm fine.
and and that's when you came up behind me.
And whatever it was that I saw Wasn't.
What do you mean? The room was as it was as it was when i first came into it.
Why didn't you tell me this on site? I was a little freaked out at the time.
a- and I didn't know what the hell was going on.
Do you know now? No.
But i know what i saw.
Ok so the woman that you saw, did you see her face? No, no.
It all happened so fast, and She was gone.
Is this her? Picked these up off of nsa's satellites.
This was time-stamped when the last f.
"incident" occurred.
No, that's not her.
I thought you said you didn't see her face.
I didn't but I'm just saying the coloring and the shape, it's, it's not sue me, alright? It's not the woman i saw! Anyways, i'm running her against the facial recognizance database.
Nothing so far.
She might've been just passer by.
Almost makes you start believing in ghosts.
Well, whatever is going on in that house and we're not going to solve it from down here.
Boss, if you give me another day No, the FBI is under a lot of pressure.
Hope you didn't make plans for this weekend.
Pack for a few days.
We're moving in.
I told you what i saw.
I don't know why it warrants a special interrogation.
Is that what you think this is? It's what it feels like.
Given everything you told me, i have the distinct impression that you haven't told me everything.
I told you what i saw.
But there's more, isn't there? What you saw meant something to you.
Yeah, maybe that i was losing my mind.
It's so simple, just tell me what you're not telling me.
I'm pretty good at reading my people.
Well, maybe you should try reading one of these.
Because you're certainly not doing a very good job reading me.
You're off the case, jane.
What? Why? Because i believe whatever you saw in that house affected you deeply.
So deeply you can scarcely talk about it, and that makes you unreliable.
Hey, i'm the one that heals and recovers quickly, remember? Only on the outside.
Get some rest.
You're sitting this one out.
the kitchen's fully stocked if anyone's hungry.
This feel to you guys like one of those movies where everybody goes in the old house and nobody survives because they all just get Riley, whatever's going on in this house has a rational explanation.
Yeah That's exactly what the scientist always says.
You know what, he's also always wrong.
We secure here? Just have to finish up in the basement.
Then do it.
That's great, just great.
Sure, riley, we need you on site.
Why don't you just go down to the basement set up some wires and die.
Great idea.
Thanks andre.
These guys ever watch movies? Who the heck goes down into the basement alone?! The first guy to get it, that's who! Nothing down here, that's good.
That's easy, that's easy.
It's fine, it's fine, it's fine The spirit of a dead child.
That's the worst.
That's always the worst.
Security breach in the kitchen, security breech! I'm on it, backdoor.
It's okay.
I don't eat much.
We're a team, mcbride.
If you think it's worthy of a court martial, go for it.
But i'm in.
Every entry and exit is covered.
If anyone comes in or leaves They'll activate the alarm.
These clasps will keep any of us from activating the system.
We'll work the "buddy system.
" two to a room, one on watch.
Do we get to draw straws for our buddy? Riley, you're on first watch.
Great! It's always the second guy that gets it.
If you see or hear anything I know Just scream.
It won't be too difficult.
On a serious note, i pulled an i.
On that woman who was in front of the house when the f.
Agent lost it.
Anna robeson.
She's been near or around this house since the incidents began.
This is the first image i have of her at this site, captured four years ago.
But this man, her husband, karl robeson.
Protected witness? If he was, the bureau claims to know nothing about it.
I mean, I've been through their database.
I can't find one record, not one that he was ever brought here or held in custody.
You think the bureau's covering up? Or someone on it.
Riley, give me a closer look here.
Mean something to you? It might.
Riley, what else do you have on karl robeson? The guy is off the radar completely.
All i could come up with is that he did time at havenhurst for grand theft auto.
You have a local for anna robeson? Still working on a current address.
I mean I don't know if she's indigent or what, i'm striking out.
So the broad's a neuro.
Could be.
You find anything else on anna robeson, you let me know right away.
Yeah, of course.
Okay, people.
Let's turn in.
Nighty night, don't let the bed bugs bite.
Good night.
Don't let the bed bugs bite.
You sure this is the right way, lieutenant? The map says east, lieutenant.
Yeah, the map says east, lieutenant.
I think you got this one wrong, boss.
Should of checked the map.
Should have checked the map.
I checked the NNoooo! Side servant's entrance! Alright, what do we got? Side entrance breech.
Send connor They're already on it.
You alright? Yeah! Look what we found sneaking around outside.
Anna robeson.
Why are you here, mrs.
Robeson? Why do you keep coming back to this house? Because my husband Because karl is here.
There's no one here besides us.
The day those two men came to take karl I followed them.
They brought him to this house.
I never saw karl after they brought him here.
They said that they were investigating him about a kidnapping.
Karl would never hurt anyone.
The f.
Karl was different.
And he worked for the people who lost their daughter.
But if you knew him What do you mean "different?" it's hard to explain.
He could take my hand And instantly, i'd experience what karl was feeling.
Joy, pain, sorrow Even anger.
Husbands and wives often have those feelings of being connected.
I know what you're thinking.
But this was different.
And it wasn't just with me.
I remember once when we were out together It was a beautiful, wonderful day.
We came across a homeless man, asking for money.
But one look in his eyes, you could see that his life was lacking more than money.
Karl handed the man five dollars.
But he held onto his hand for a moment.
You could see the change immediately.
It was as if this man lit up inside His hope was restored.
Karl gave that to him.
It's beautiful.
This son of a bitch sounds like a chip candidate to me.
Karl would never hurt someone's child.
Or anyone.
Robeson I'm afraid you're going to have to spend the night here.
We're in the middle of an investigation and right now You're a suspect.
I know why you're here.
The things that have happened in this house.
Karl is here.
Maureen, would you be so kind as to take mrs.
Robeson up to your room.
Keep an eye on her.
Well, we know she's telling the truth about her husband being brought here.
Why would the bureau lie about that? That's something we'll have to find out.
I want every scrap of information you can give me on karl robeson.
You gotta consider that broad has been around this place every time something bad has gone down.
That's right.
Why risk it? I say we chip her and ship her.
I do not believe that she is our neuro.
? No, she was right here with us.
She could have had any one of us at any time.
Why take the chance?! Why risk it? Because i think she knows something.
Something she's not telling us.
Jane, would you mind going upstairs, help maureen keep an eye on that woman.
If you're right and she's not a neuro, what she said about her husband How when he touched people I know.
Had enough of connor as a roomie? Just wanted some time to myself.
You want to talk about it? Not really.
Sounds like you do.
What'd you see? Saw enough to help me understand part of what's going on in this house.
Which is? Which is specific to the individual.
Whatever he or she fears most.
I've been going over the documented cases in my mind.
It was a woman.
The last woman, she was supposed to be a witness in an organized crime case A hemophobic That means she fears of blood She saw blood coming out of the walls.
An agent, arachnophobic.
Could have sworn he saw scorpions crawling out from under the bed covers.
And you? I saw men Under my command Dying.
because I made a mistake.
Something from your past? Not specifically.
But something i live with every day.
You can't take responsibility for what happens to us.
You don't believe a word of that.
You know if you were leading this team, you would feel exactly the same as i do.
You still haven't told me what you saw.
I'm not sure i understand it.
Enough to support my theory? When i know, i'll let you know.
What are you doing here? How did you find me? What do you want?! What do you want?! No! no sign of connor upstairs.
And mrs.
Robeson? Apparently slept through the night.
No, i've checked the entire basement and the outside.
When was the last time anyone saw connor? Last night when we took mrs.
Robeson upstairs.
You try his comm? Nothing.
Did an ultrasound sweep.
Come on, people! Well, where the hell did he go? He didn't just vanish into thin air! I got him.
Picked up connor's comm set via gps.
Can you force a connect? I could do that while i was still in diapers.
You're hot.
You already know what it's like to sleep in a four by six cinder block room.
You gunning to go back? I'm here, what's up? What's up? Isn't that my question? Technically, you're awol.
Now, I want to know why.
Because hanging around that house, waiting for ghostly apparitions to appear is a waste of time.
That's my call.
) well, i made my own.
I can do a lot more in the field than i can hanging around that house, tucked in with the rest of you.
I think the old broad was onto something.
There's something i need to check out.
You saw something in the house.
What did you see? Connor! Damn! I lost him.
He's off the map.
I'm making a fresh pot.
Carpenter should be here in about an hour to pick you up for analysis.
What is it you people are afraid of? We just want him to check you out, make sure you're in good health.
You're a bad liar, miss bowers.
But whatever it is you want me to do, i'll do.
Maureen! I've got something.
I'll be right back.
Is everything alright? What? Hey, mo, not tomorrow.
Now! Miss bowers.
Miss bowers.
Everything alright? Bowers.
You alright? What's wrong? Maureen? Andre! You okay? No, i feel like i'm losing my mind.
It's alright.
It's just the house.
Mom? I thought you were at school.
I don't go to school anymore.
I'm grown up now.
This is always my favorite time.
When i have the house to myself.
Your father's gone and you're gone.
And i get to be alone.
You like being alone? It gives me time to think.
What do you think about? I think about you.
And wonder what's so wrong about you.
I don't understand.
Can you imagine what it's like to have a child A beautiful child.
Only to find yourself frightened by the very thing you love the most? You're frightened by me? You were never like the other children.
Even before you could talk, i knew you were different.
All the dreams we had for a child only to discover that i was the mother of a freak.
Tell me what you saw.
I don't wantto talk about it.
It isn't real.
Whatever you saw, it's this house.
It's not real.
Some wounds don't heal so quickly.
I understand.
But maureen's right.
This house has a way of getting inside us.
The fear is real What you saw is not.
Is there any difference? Yes.
We can conquer Or at least learn to live with our fears.
I'll be alright.
I never doubted it.
yeah, yeah I'll let him know.
Connor's coming in.
He says he's got something.
And he's bringing it here for show and tell.
Jane Before you freaked I mean before what happened What did you touch? What're you talking about? What'd did you touch? Did you plug something in? Turn on a light switch? I don't know.
I suppose i turned on the light.
Why? Andre? I was making some notes I turned off the light and went to bed.
I was in the kitchen with anna making coffee.
Is everything all right? I knew it! I am right again! I am right again! You going to have a parade for yourself or tell us what's going on? I just confirmed with connor.
That his mp 3 player plugged in and he was listening to music.
Wow, that really explains it riley.
Don't you see, Whatever it is it is in the electricity, in the circuitry of the house.
So it seemed brilliant to ask, how come whatever is in here didn't touch me? I mean, with all my equipment plugged in, the drawing power.
There had to be a logical explanation.
Look at this.
Come here.
Andre and jane were upstairs when whatever happened, happened.
But me and connor I'm getting to that.
The light switch in jane's room, the lamp in andre's, the outlet connor used, they all work on the same circuit.
The house was re-modelled at some point and there was too much power to draw from one circuit so they split it off.
The coffee machine works on the same damn circuit.
Except for this room and my gear.
Riley, you're out on a pretty big limb with this.
Think about it.
Why does chipping work on neuros? Because neurological activity is Electrical.
Electrical Exactly.
The chip can interferes or shortcircuit a connection in the brain.
All the wiring goes to a breaker box located in the basement.
Hell, guys, it's worth a look.
Okay It should be here, right along this wall.
It's hollow.
It's just painted drywall.
It looks like a door that's been boarded up.
Help me get this thing out of the way.
Alright, get back.
Different circuit.
What do you make of this? It's an interrogation room.
Crude, but familiar.
I see you found camp's playground.
This is russell camp.
Assistant special agent in charge of the northeast division of the f.
Who are you people? I thought i told you that we're asking the questions.
Alright connor, what's going on? I saw something last night.
Something from my past.
Someone i hurt.
Which helped me rember who this piece of garbage was.
You know him? I know of him.
When i was in the joint, cops would be investigated by the bushel.
Campy here was working local p.
And was accused of some very bad things.
What kind of things? Let's just say that his interrogation techniques were Unconventional.
This is the agents who brought anna's husband to this house.
He and his partner, dwight elkins.
Why lie about it? Isn't it obvious? He and elkins wanted to get away from f.
Headquarters so they could conduct their interrogations so no eyebrows would be raised.
A five-year old girl was missing.
We didn't know if she was dead or alive.
Robeson wanted to lawyer up.
So you tortured him.
We were trying to extract information.
Alright What happened? He said he didn't know anything about the kidnapping and we let him go.
Look at this! You better talk, you son of a bitch! There was a girl's life at stake, for godsake! Here we go.
Alright! Alright! Nobody Nobody thought anything was going to happen to him, ok? We roughed him up a little.
Dwight gave him a jolt from the charger.
Nobody knew his heart was going to stop.
We didn't know.
So you killed him? He died, yeah.
You and elkins You got rid of the body, walled the place up, you didn't tell the f.
That you'd even questioned the man.
They ended up catching the kidnappers.
Two weeks later.
Still had the kid with him.
Robeson had nothing to do with it.
Given your future, he might've made the right choice.
Connor, call the f.
And tell them to pick up this piece of garbage.
Congratulations, pal, you are first in line for the senate investigation committee.
I love you, anna.
Everything anna robeson described about her husband, how he could pass on his moods and emotions Sound like a neuro to me? Alright, let's say he was.
So in his last moment, he's electrocuted.
All his pain, his fear, his last emotions All which are brain activity And electrical Passed into the circuitry of this house.
So you're saying the house is a neuro? I don't know.
But it seems everyone who came in contact with that circuit seemed to experience their own pain and fear As if karl robeson was still able to transmit emotion.
So what? You're saying we should chip the house? This is nuts.
You have a better explanation? Wait, at the end That wasn't camp's voice.
I'll bet even money that whatever was wrong with this house, isn't wrong anymore.
Carl robeson escaped this house through camp, the man who killed him.
Alright, are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? Yes, i am.
Let's go.
Follow me.
After you.
Keep talking.
Alright, you fill my wallet.
You just turned it on, right? Flicked the switch.
Oh, no! Oh God! Oh God! Anything but that! Riley! Anything but that! What is it? What's wrong? What's wrong? It's It's decaf! I hate decaf.
I will get you for that.
I'm sorry.
A president once said, "we have nothing to fear but fear itself.
" andre, one of the strongest men i know, admitted his fear to me.
Even maureen admitted her fear of losing control, i think my greatest weakness is the fear that i'll be seen as weak.
But i have to wonder, if the vulnerable aren't the strong.
And if those who wear their strength like a shield, the weak and frightened.
I think i am ready to talk.
Come on in.