Painkiller Jane s01e06 Episode Script


My name is Jane Vasco.
I could use you on my team.
I work for a secret government agency that hunts neuros.
People who can do dangerous things with their minds.
On my first assignment Something a little weird happened, okay, something really weird.
Until i get some answers I'm getting on with my life, doing my job.
Stocking up on aspirin, because I have to tell ya, pain's a bitch! hello? Anybody in here? oh, my god.
Hey, man, you all right? Some people say physical pain is easier to deal with than emotional pain, but then again, they've never fallen 40 stories and lived to tell about it.
Not to mention being shot, stabbed, beaten and lasered.
What a fun time it's been since i left the d.
And joined them up with the neuro hunters.
Still i understand what they mean, for me physical pain is horrible but at least it's temporary.
The other kind seems to hang on forever.
If i had to chose one over the other it would probably be the physical.
But then again ask me next time i get hit by a truck.
Alright showtime! This is a restaurant in thermopolis, wyoming.
A patron named alan sloane stacks up the furniture then climbed out through the skylight.
Margot branton's place three weeks later.
By the way, when they people were found, they were lying on the floor, shivering and catatonic.
James cho was working late in his office this night.
That was two days ago.
Is he crying? He looks freaked.
What's he hiding from? No idea.
Security cameras don't reveal any kind of threat.
He stacked everything up beneath a window, just like the other two.
In mr.
Cho's case, the window was too small.
He chokes himself to death.
What about the others? Have they received any kind of treatment? Sloane and branton are still under going treatment.
Sloane attempted suicide and it's questionable whether either will fully recover.
How do they explain what happened? They can't.
They barely remember doing it.
Tox screens? Clear.
And none of these people had any history of mental instability before the event.
So whatta we have? A neuro who gets their kicks outta driving people crazy? Any connection between the victims? None, that we can tell.
Different backgrounds, different professions, complete strangers.
I'd like to know if there have been any other cases.
Can you get me into? Every medical database in the civilized world? Gimme a half hour.
Okay, 45 minutes.
It would be useful if we could trace back to the first victim, patient zero.
The first victim would, most likely, be the closest to the source.
Miss branton Yes.
I'm sorry, what were you asking? If anything unusual happened before your Breakdown? Unusual? No.
I went grocery shopping that morning.
I came home, put things away.
Then i heard this sound A deep noise, thumping and creaking, all around me.
And i was so afraid.
Of what? I don't know.
I had to stay quiet.
What were you hiding from? I can't rember.
I don't want to Please try.
I just needed to get out.
Why? Don't you think they've asked me that a hundred times? I don't know why.
I just knew if i couldn't find a way out i would die.
You were in a restaurant and the door But i'm not in a restaurant! Where were you? Somewhere Cold.
Closing in all around me.
Collapsing? No I don't know.
Okay, okay, You said there was a creaking sound.
Anything else? Light.
Above me.
I had to get there, but i couldn't reach.
There was something in front of me.
Good What else? I don't want to do this Please.
Keep going.
What else? There was a hat.
A hat, you saw a hat while you were climbing? Yellow A rain hat.
So cold Okay, okay You're doing fine.
Something else, brushing against me.
I turned to look I turned and Mr.
Sloane? Mr.
Sloane, are you okay? Get that away from me! Get it away! It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
Oh, god.
He had a very strong reaction to my gun.
Well, you're a women carrying a piece.
Maybe he's not as crazy as everyone makes him out to be.
Makes more sense than being terrified of flowers.
Guns and flowers.
Maybe they're holding an axle rose nightmare.
Whatever sloane was trying to get away from Whatever he was seeing Clearly terrified him.
In a small, enclosed space.
It's all so damn vague.
What about mass hallucination? It's not unheard of.
But doesn't that usually occur among people who are in the same place at the same time? No! No! No! Grab her! No! Please, don't hurt mommy! Help! What? I don't think our victims are suffering from mass hallucination.
Okay, I'm listening.
What if we have a neuro that can pass on one nightmare at will, to anyone they chose.
A neuro who can infect others with his nightmares.
In this case, the same one over and over.
The question is why.
If we only had more details of the dream.
We could piece the facts together Facts? Recurring nightmares is often associated with past experiences.
Especially traumatic ones.
I know that for a "fact.
" does the little lady have bad dreams? Tell me, sweetheart, what's your nightmare? I'm looking at it.
At least you're dreaming about me.
Wait for it and Boom! Got it.
Patient zero.
First reported case of this type.
Twenty-eight minutes for the record.
Does that include yesterday? I just started today, thanks for coming out.
Alright This is the first case i could find.
Went back ten years.
This went down one month before alan sloane popped his cork.
Henry perkins.
I know that name.
It was all over the news around ten years ago.
Man had an argument with his family.
Settled it with a butcher knife.
The kid who cut his parents' throats while they slept, burned down the house, went next door did the same thing to the neighbors? Exactly.
He's been at graymore psychiatric ever since.
Was given cafeteria privileges.
when he pulled the same stunt as cho, sloane and branton.
Our three other victims.
If riley's right If? If perkins is patient zero that could place him close to the source.
I know henry very well.
I've been in charge of his case since he came to the institute.
He was an unhappy kid.
Unhappy? He killed six people.
The best we've been able to do is keep him stable.
Does "stable" include the incident in the cafeteria where he piled up all the furniture and tried to climb to the top? I hear he caused almost a riot.
Henry's still reluctant to discuss that.
Is there a way we could find out who he had contact with henry that day? Probably the same people who see him every day.
the floor nurse, orderlies, What about other patients? Visitors? Henry doesn't have visitors.
Good one.
You've been practicing.
Good morning, elyse.
How are you feeling? Wonderful.
I sketched a butterfly this morning.
He just sat there, like he was posing for me.
Very nice.
Take it.
Thank you.
And how are you, teresa? She hasn't said a word today.
She won't even look at me.
I got into medicine to try and cure people.
I've become a warden.
But I'm sure you didn't come here to hear a lecture on the current state of the medical profession.
Doctor, we've seen other cases Who experienced the same nightmare as henry.
We're trying to piece together the facts behind the nightmare.
Dreams are rarely factual.
But people do relive specific experiences in their dreams.
Yes, but dreams are complex, combinations of fact and fantasy.
Very rarely literal.
So a cigar isn't always a cigar.
These recurring images, a yellow rain hat? could mean many things.
Different to each person.
I'd like to find out what it meant to henry.
I'd be glad to ask him in our next session.
I was thinking more of a face-to-face.
I'm afraid that won't be possible.
Doctor, i'm afraid that isn't your call.
We need to see him now.
Henry will remain in his restraints at all times.
Don't approach him, and don't get him too agitated.
If you feel threatened in any way, there's a panic button by the door.
I can have ten orderlies to you in under a minute.
Send seven, i'm here.
I need your weapon.
And anything else potentially dangerous.
You gotta be prepared.
You are not prepared for this.
What do you want? To ask you some questions.
Well, i'm kinda busy right now.
I can come back later.
You another doctor? No.
Writing a book about psycho killers? No.
Then it must be my birthday, and they finally got me what i always wanted.
Hope you're into bondage.
Depends on the guy.
I hear you rearranged the cafeteria while back.
So the doc tells me, i don't remember.
You rember doing it in your cell a week later? No.
Then again in the exercise yard, and again in your cell? I said no.
You're a cop.
In a way.
How many people have you shot? Why? Just trying to figure out what we have in common.
I thought you used a knife.
They get just as dead, don't they? Tell me about the cafeteria.
You deaf? I told you i don't I don't believe you.
Why does a cop even care about some lunatic tossing around a few chairs? Because you're not the only one.
What do you mean? Tell me about the cafeteria.
You tell me what's going on.
What the hell's happening to me? You remember something, don't you? Sounds, feelings, hein A deep creaking noise.
Get out! Dr.
Lewis! You're all alone in a cold dark space.
There's a light above you and you have to get to it.
Henry? Where are you? He's coming.
Who is? Who's coming? I can't I can't get out Jane, get out of there.
Open the restraints! I have to see what the nightmare makes him do.
It's the only way.
Do it now! Where are we, henry? Have to get out What do you see? A light.
Up there.
I can't reach.
It's okay Let me help you.
There's someone here.
Can you see who it is? It's a a man.
Please, don't! You're seeing things.
Flowers, and a yellow rain hat.
Tell me about the man.
Can you see who it is? What does he want? No! Can't breathe! Have to get out! Open the damn door! No, no, no, no! Do I need a prescriptionfor this? Just drink it, it'll calm your nerves.
I did warn you.
Yes, you did.
Was it worth it? I'm not sure.
He seemed to feel threatened by someone's presence.
But he didn't say who.
It means something.
Thank you, doctor.
You should have someone take a look at those Oh yeah, but The brandy works better than you thought.
Given what we know, the neuro had to get close to Henry Perkins to "infect" him.
And we know where henry's been for ten years.
That should narrow down the list of suspects.
These are the staff members on duty that day at the institute.
This is a list of patients.
This is the visitor's log.
Anybody on those lists have any connection to our other victims? Of course not.
That would be too easy.
Then we yank dna from all of 'em.
Over 200 people? You know how long that would take? I'll help with the women.
We can rule out the patients.
Most of the them are restricted to the grounds.
They wouldn't have had access to the other victims.
We should check the staff duty logs.
See if anyone was conveniently missing on the days the others were hit.
Visitors, too.
You gotta tell a fat man to eat? Riley, go get a coffee.
Sure, boss.
Vasco Uh? You look like crap.
Guess you're not asking me to the prom.
Go home get some sleep.
You're no good to me like this.
How am i good to you? Just go home and get some sleep.
Sleep, i rember that.
Something that used to happen somewhere between lying down and getting up.
Now when it comes, if it comes, it's more like freddie's nightmare, only without freddie.
It's just me and my own special demons.
Mom? I miss you.
Get back! Please We don't have anything valuable.
Shut up or i'll blow your damn head off! No, don't! Shut up or i'll blow your damn head off! We tried to raise you on your comm all morning.
Here, this'll warm you up.
Damn neuro got in my head.
But unlike the others, you seem to heal quite quickly.
How'd they get in? Popped your front lock.
You need better security.
It just doesn't make sense.
I'd heard someone coming into my apartment.
Jane What did you have for dinner? The usual.
Salad, some wine, why? There's some slow-acting narcotic in your blood stream.
No wonder you were acting so strange last night.
What do you remember about the nightmare? Um It started with my mother, the funeral.
That damn rain hat Absolute terror.
There was a guy, just like henry perkins said.
Where was this? I don't know.
But he had a gun.
I knew i had to hide Water! What about water? Wherever i was It was beginning to flood.
I had to hide but then i had to get out.
There was a window That's what everyone's been experiencing.
They had to get to the window because of the water.
They were drowning.
Would you stop! Let me at least pretend to take care of you.
Her heart's racing.
Sit down.
Probably not a coincidence that the neuro chose the lead agent on his trail as his next victim.
Someone we interviewed.
Not likely one of it's victims.
The hospital staff.
We need to do more cross-checking.
Who was at graymore when perkins had his breakdown and who wasn't there when the others were hit.
Have riley run patient histories.
See who's suffering from nightmares involving drowning.
I'll do that.
But i want you to follow doctor's orders.
I'm fine.
Doc If she gives you any trouble.
Shoot her.
I can't place one person in the vicinity of all the victims.
We've got one nurse who was out of town when alan sloane flipped out.
But she was on duty when branton and cho lost it.
Looks like dr.
Lewis travels a lot.
Including the day Perkins did his thing in the cafeteria.
I'm telling you, nobody was in all the right places on the right days.
I thought i told you to get some r and r.
Hard to r or r when someone's gotten inside your head.
Where are we on the graymore psych staff? Nowhere.
Our neuro must have tampered with the records to cover his own tracks.
Anyway to "untamper" them? Sorry i asked.
Did you give him the lead about the water? About the drowning nightmare? Yeah.
I'm working on it.
You know how many case histories they've got at graymore? I found this one guy who kept on dreaming that he was one of those, what he called, those prima ballerina.
- But his tutu kept on coming up - Riley I thought it was interesting.
Yeah, i know.
Riley, get back to work.
Alright, it looks like it's time for spent on an another visit to "laughing academy.
" Hey what's going on? Minor security issue.
How minor? Some of the door locks in a wing malfunctioned and the patients got out of their rooms.
We're taking care of it.
We need to talk to dr.
You and everyone else.
No one's seen him since this morning.
I have to go.
That's convenient.
A security malfunction that keeps everyone busy while dr.
Lewis goes awol? The brandy! It's a little early for that, jane.
Lewis gave me that brandy before i went home last night.
Seth said someone slipped me a slow-acting narcotic.
If lewis was here this morning, he couldn't have gotten that far.
What's up? I need a two hour radius from graymore.
Assume by car.
Accounting for average road speeds, traffic density, homeland security checkpoints There's your search area.
Checkpoints It would take forever to go through their logs for the past hour.
Lewis is a doctor.
He'd have an emergency pass.
And he'd use it to blow through the checkpoints.
Riley Flagging it in the logs.
Three emergency passes have been used in the past hour.
This one's a block away from the airport.
Alright,I gotta roll Check to see if he booked any flight.
Thank you.
I have looks and brains.
All i wanted was relief from a nightmare that never seems to end.
By "offloading" it to innocent people.
But just enough to give me some peace.
When i discovered that i could do that, i never gave the entire nightmare to anyone.
Including you.
So you're a good guy.
If you knew what i was going through Henry perkins was your first victim? Yes.
You weren't away at a medical conference? I had been.
When you asked to see the institute records, i altered them to show that i was still absent at the time of henry's breakdown.
Why henry? It wasn't intentional.
He was being transferred to the cafeteria, and he stumbled in the hall.
I reached out to steady him.
It was a moment of contact But i suddenly felt lighter somehow, as if a weight had been lifted.
I can't explain it.
It took me a few days to realize what happened to henry.
That brief contact had passed part of my nightmare to him.
So why stop with one.
Relief from chronic suffering can quickly become addictive.
It was cowardly, it was cruel and selfish.
I can't deny that.
I need to talk to you.
In a moment, seth.
We've got the wrong guy.
Seth,the guy just confessed.
And i've just been over his genetic profile three times.
That man is not a neuro.
Are you absolutely sure? There's no margin for error Sir, there's always a margin for error.
But, in this case, i am sure.
Lewis isn't a neuro.
Riley! Yo! New deal.
So lewis, he's either being controlled by a neuro or he's protecting the neuro.
What was the destination on that airline ticket? Richmond, virginia.
Plane would've landed two hours ago.
Let's assume he's protecting someone, he's gone a long way to do it.
Must be important to him.
Lewis' personal life is a blank.
No family, no relatives.
Ever get anywhere with that drowning reference? Yeah, one of the patients.
Been there since she was a kid.
Seems her nightmares are based on something that actually happened to her and her family.
Can you get me a name? Yeah, one sec.
Elyse danson.
She's missing from the hospital.
He was telling the truth.
Everything he told us about offloading that nightmare, is the truth, only it wasn't his, it was elyse's.
You're in love with elyse.
I sketched a butterfly this morning.
Very nice.
Take it.
Thank you.
And after years of trying to help her, you stumbled across something that did.
You think this crap is going to get us anywhere? Give her a chance.
When she made brief contact with henry that day And then i saw henry reliving elyse's nightmare I didn't understand it But i know what i saw.
You can't imagine what it was like.
To see some relief in her eyes.
A brief smile.
A respite from the pain.
You've known elyse since she was a little girl.
She came to the institute when she was Eight? Nine years old.
What happened? I still don't know all of it.
The coast guard found her drifting off the coast of maine, in a life raft she was curled up in the bottom, shivering and alone.
She doesn't remember anything before that.
But she dreams about it, doesn't she? Horrible dreams that plague her every night and haunt her when she's awake.
But the remarkable thing is how hard she tries to look past her own pain, to sympathize with the other patients, to make them smile even while she's holding back tears.
She can still see beauty through her own darkness.
Her gentleness has helped patients in ways all our medications, research and science can't even begin to reach.
If anyone in this world deserves a moment's peace Dr.
Lewis, if you feel as strongly as you say you do, the best thing you can do for elyse is to allow us to bring her here.
Why, so you can put one of those things in her head like you did to me? The chip would only makes a way that she couldn't pass her nightmare to anybody else.
And she'd continue to suffer.
We can eliminate that, too.
Is that possible? No.
Maybe you should let her know that.
She already does.
There is no cure for elyse's condition.
I've tried everything.
Everything you know.
But you see, we have abilities here that are beyond your wildest imagination.
I know what you're trying to do, but i won't turn elyse over to you.
No, i don't think you know what i'm trying to do, i know what they can do here.
I've seen them cure people like elyse.
I know what they've done for me.
You? How do you think i recovered from the nightmare so quickly? She only made brief contact with you No, no, no, it wasn't that and you know it.
You'd have me permanently eliminated and I know you tried.
It's me, and it's what the people here did to me.
Oh, god! Oh, god! I need some help in here! How? You tell me.
Are you willing to take a chance on a miracle? Or are you going to keep elyse on the run for the rest of her life.
Let us help her.
Damn if she can't tell a lie.
Two ways to get out, one front, one back.
If you go charging in, you'll only scare her.
She won't run if she sees i'm alone.
Elyse has been through so much already.
Let me make this easy for her.
Cover the back.
Alright, you can go alone.
Thank you.
We don't have too much time, elyse.
I thought you said we had all the time in the world.
Give me your pain, all of it for good.
What's wrong? This isn't right.
It's taking too long.
I watched you convince that man.
He believed everything you said.
You sold him on the "miracle cure.
" i'm beginning to wonder if i'm not the one who got sold.
What is that? Stay quiet.
Give it back! Please We don't have anything valuable.
Shut up or i'll blow your damn head off! Mommy, mommy! Daddy! This isn't right, let's go in now! Pain is pain, what i saw when i went through that door, was as raw as anything i had ever seen before.
And never wanted to see again.
We have to be quiet.
There's nothing valuable in here There's nothing valuable here! There's nothing valuable here Do you have any idea what that man just did for you? That's dr.
Lewis, right? The nice man from the hospital.
So what is so important.
I've been looking deeper into jane's dna if we compare these two samples, here and here.
You see the similarity.
If you say so.
It's by no means an exact match but the trace markers are evident.
And the point is? The sample on the right was taken from Ruben Hennesey, the telekinetic neuro you apprehended last week.
This one is from jane.
It took me a while because i was looking at the wrong cell quadrant.
Even then, it's not an exact match.
What's your conclusion, doctor? There's no missing the fact that jane's dna contains very similar indicator points to those we find in neuros.
Does she know? I haven't told her.
It's tough when someone you love hurts, you hear them say, if i could take on your pain, I would.
Well, i bet if half of them knew what it felt like, they wouldn't.
Lewis had the opportunity to do just that, and he took it.
Maybe the ultimate expression of love, even if it left him mentally destroyed, i don't know if i could do that.
Then again, before i was pushed out that window, i don't know if i could take on my boyfriend's in-grown toenail.
You okay? I'm better.
You look better.
Some things never change.
That boyfriend's long gone.
Maureen's still here and i still don't open up to anyone.
Which means, what it always meant, i'm going to continue suffering internal pain before the truck runs me over.