Painkiller Jane s01e07 Episode Script

Higher Court

My name is jane vasco.
I could use you on my team.
I work for a secret government agency that hunts neuros.
People who can do dangerous things with their minds.
On my first assignment Something a little weird happened, okay, something really weird.
Until i get some answers i'm getting on with my life, doing my job.
Stocking up on aspirin, because let me tell ya, pain's a bitch! How's the wine? Delicious.
A client of mine owns a vineyard.
I was thinking of going up there.
Feel like a long weekend? I'd love to, I just I don't know if i can get away.
The job, right? Tom We've talked about this.
You mean, we've talked about not talking about it.
I'm sorry, i just It's okay, i love the mystery.
Well Maybe tonight we can solve some of that mystery.
This merits a refill.
I'll be right back.
Tom? Everyone's has things they hide.
Usually they are small, watching daytime soaps while scarfing down enough chocolate to send you into a sugar coma.
Letting enough underwear pile up in the corner until you are actually forced to go out and buy more.
Not that i would have any personal knowledge of this of course.
When i was little, i was like all little girls, sharing my secrets with my friends.
When i grew up i realized that a real secret is something you don't share with anyone.
The secret i have now is anything but small.
In fact, it's so huge i don't even talk to myself about it.
I've already considered the "reasonable" explanations! And there aren't any.
How long had you known this guy? Long enough to know that he wasn't suicidal! Six months, wasn't it? And in six months, you've never gotten close to anybody? Look, he was a good man and i'm not an idiot.
And i'm not in the habit of walking around, looking for neuros behind every closet door! There are a million other explanations for this.
And it may not look like it, but we have procedures.
Procedure? One moment this man's asking me to the wine country and the next thing, he walks off a roof? I understand how you feel No, you don't.
You've been through a tough loss, bowers.
Take a few days.
A friend of mine owns the vineyard.
I was thinking of going up there.
Feel like a long weekend? I don't know.
I'd love to.
I just don't know if i can get away.
The job, right? Where'd you get this? Restaurant security.
I had riley run an enhance.
I'll be right back.
Tom? Bowers thinks there's a neuro behind it.
Thoughts? Perhaps she didn't know the man as wel as she thought she did.
Everyone's got things going on in their lives people don't know about.
But you see where she's coming from.
She's got to fit a reason to this.
Something that makes sense to her.
Because if she can- then she's not powerless.
When you lose somebody you love, you've got three choices.
You can blame them for not staying safe.
You can blame yourself for not protecting them.
Or you can find out who's really to blame, and make them pay.
Bowers needs an ass to kick? Yes.
Don't tell her i said this we're a lot alike that way.
We're not good with "just letting things happen.
" i've got three other cases with limited resources.
I can't justify spending time on something that's so far off profile.
Who are you trying to convince? You.
Bowers will have to deal with it.
Let it go.
I thought you'd gone home.
Guess not.
Look, mo If you came to argue mcbride's case, save your breath.
Maybe i came to ask you about yours.
And maybe there's a tooth fairy.
Interesting place.
What made you pick it? A friend of mine was here the other day.
I was Curious.
I was too.
About why i haven't heard from you.
I'm glad you called.
How's the new job? You can't talk about it.
Yes, i get that.
Special federal detail, whatever.
I'm not asking for case files, jane.
I just want to know how you're doing.
You like the people? Or is that a secret, too? Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
Maybe you could turn it into one.
Maybe i can.
That merits a refill.
I'll be right back.
Justin! Let's get out of here.
Your place? Yeah, why not? Life's short.
You here to tell me to keep my left up? You ought to know.
You gonna cut me some slack? Then i'd have to admit that i can be a bitch.
Can i cop a plea? I saw justin last night.
You might let him get close.
I did.
We had drinks At the skybar.
I just wanted to tell you, if what happened to tom Happened to someone i was close to, i'd be asking questions, too.
Tom larsen.
On the surface, looks clean.
Clean enough to start up with maureen.
Did you run the clearance? The feds did it.
If i ran it, i wouldn't have missed the obvious.
I'm listening.
Guy's file was just too clean.
Most people have forgotten credit lines with no recent activity.
Or info shows up in duplicate because data clerks used different protocols.
It's normal, you get used to culling the signal from the noise.
And tom larsen? All signal, no noise.
Everything totally credible - devoid of human error.
And, to me, clean is suspiciously messy.
The reason tom larsen's real identity was scrubbed is because the man was in witness protection.
Tom larsen spent the first 25 years of his life as gene crowley.
He was an accountant in santa fe.
Was doing pretty good until he cooked the books for the gage cartel.
And got renamed and relocated by witness protection when he testified against them.
I didn't authorize this research.
You didn't nix it either.
Crowley wasn't a volunteer witness.
State got him to turn on the gage cartel to save his own ass.
They had him on murder charges.
Found his wife in a shallow grave.
Apparently the guy had anger management issues.
And bowers was dating this creep? How strong was the case on him? Strong enough to get him to risk his life by taking the stand.
Another 50 reasons the guy might've stepped off that roof intentionally.
Do you have the printout i asked for? Yeah.
Thank you.
Miklos rovak, aka michael varga.
Cook county, illinois, file number 41471103-f.
riley pulled another witness relocation hit out of the system.
Looks like you might've been onto something with larsen.
A liar and a fraud.
Michael varga.
"shoe store owner.
" former contract killer from chicago.
Varga drove his car over a cliff at 100 miles an hour.
I pulled gps readings from the local police mainframe.
Have no idea why he didn't stop to take that detour.
Tom never stopped before walking off the roof.
There have been at least two others.
State's witnesses, living under assumed identies, dying suddenly under what can only be described as "mysterious circumstances".
Check this out.
Kevin moore walked off an airplane at 30,000 feet.
Helen winston.
Two weeks ago, decided to put on a pair of fins and ends up snorkeling in freshly-poured concrete.
You said varga was a contract killer.
And tom larsen was accused of murder.
What about the other two? Nobody in witness protection program is a model citizen.
To know enough to be worth flipping and protecting, you gotta be dirty.
Looks like maybe we got a neuro who's playing for the right team.
How's this neuro getting this classified information? If we could figure this out, we can track him down.
So good luck.
Bring up varga again, will ya? Alright.
Tell lisa i'll take her to the soccer game saturday if i don't have to work I gotta go.
I'm heading into the basement No signal.
I know, we'll talk about it tonight.
Look, i have to hang up.
I'll call you right back.
Hey, sheila.
Hey, you're working late today.
Case file.
But one of these days i just might come down just to take you to lunch.
The file, officer cook.
Just punch the deposit ticket and you're on your way.
See ya.
Yeah, i've got signal.
So let's talk about the kids' schedule Andre's looking for you.
Riley's pulled some other files.
More dirtbags.
Two other suicide hits and some possibles.
Then i say we keep out of it.
That's not your call.
Maybe it should be.
We offer these guys protection for turning state's evidence.
But the guy who's hunting them down, we're supposed to go after him! Him? We're talking about a neuro.
I know that.
But instead of chipping him, maybe we should give him a medal.
What happened to "everything by the book?" you used to get on my back for talking just the way you are.
The damn book put tom larsen out on the street.
And who knows how many more.
Your reward for testifying, mr.
Larsen A new name and a new city where nobody knows to run the other way when they see you coming.
This isn't just about tom.
Easy for you to say.
No, actually, it's not.
Mo, whoever's doing this thinks he can dole out the death penalty to anyone he wants.
Alright, this week you like his choices.
What happens next week when you don't? You're starting to sound like me.
Frightening, isn't it? How's it going pinpointing possibles? This guy doesn't seem to be going after embezzlers or drug pushers Just killers.
I reduced the target sample from friggin' huge to merely unmanageable.
Riley, if you're able to hit this thing, someone else could.
Is there any way to find out if someone else has sniffed this database Someone from the outside? Boss, do you have to ask? Alright, let's do this.
Gregory hazen, raleigh county, file number 41471103-ae Current identity marty lento.
Gregory hazen, aka marty lento.
Seems our perp has been using the same source to get access into the witness protection files.
I know where that source is but not who.
Here's the thing.
Lento's file was pulled 12 hours ago from that same source.
You think he's our next target? I wouldn't count him out.
Can you get me an address? Does a bear Just let me have it.
And a tail on lento might be nice.
He's hallucinating.
We're invisible to him.
She's sweet.
Made less than a hundred that year.
Must be worth a fortune.
How's she run? Eats gas but purrs like a kitten.
Boss, why don't we jump him.
Easy connor, might lead us to the source.
Maybe he lost a contact lens.
Shhh! Lento! Get out of there! Shut it down! How?! Where?! Maureen, shut it down! They had him on murder charges! Killer from chicago.
Witness protection You gotta be dirty.
Maureen, push the damn button! Mo! You've got to do this.
Maureen, shut the damn thing down! Jane! Jane! Is she okay? She's alive.
I wish i wasn't.
Just shoot me and put me out of my misery.
As if that would help.
Let's get you out of here.
I'm so sorry.
Connor, debrief him.
I want full details.
What the hell is this? What is this place? It came pretty close to being the end of you, pal.
I don't understand Talk to me.
You came in on the train.
Tell me what you thought you saw.
A car auction.
With these cool cars.
That's what you saw, a car auction? Of course.
I was talking to this guy about a corvett, but.
What? It's okay, it's okay, let's get you out of here.
What's happening to me? Do you know What i don't know could fill a book.
Just be glad you're alive.
Looks like our perp changed his m.
Gregory hazen a.
Marty lento wasn't a murderer- not even a criminal.
You're right, riley.
Gregory hazen was a defense attorney.
What are you saying? De-fense a-torn-ey.
that's not possible! What's your problem? What the hell's an attorney doing in witness protection? Remember the robert grant trial? Guy who murdered his wife and kids? Police botched the evidence, hazen made a big deal about it, grant walked.
Death threats? Hazen got more than grant.
Guess the police decided he needed protection.
I almost let that man die.
He is an attorney.
Lotta gray lines out there.
And i crossed all of them.
This is interesting.
You think so? You shoulda been there.
Let me try something.
Ah! Increased tensile strength in the newly healed tissue.
Ah! That's cold! Really, hein? What about here? Here? And here? Increased sensitivity.
Well, you're poking pretty hard there, doc.
Actually, i'm exerting very little pressure.
Has this occurred with previous injuries? To be honest, i don't recall.
Well, it's something to look out for in the future.
This phenomenon could explain the intense pain you reported.
You started healiwhilthe laser was still cutting you, and the fresh tissue was hypersensitive.
All i know is, it hurt like hell.
Sorry, You can put this on.
Your shirt's pretty much toast.
Promise me you'll report any changes.
Chills or hot flashes, unusual cravings, that sort of thing.
Pickles and ice cream? Cravings can be the body's way of signaling a chemical process.
Excess potassium, iron deficiency, it's all medical evidence.
I promise, if there are any changes, you'll be the first one i call.
What'd you get out of lento? Guy thought he was at a car auction.
So he was experiencing a persistent vision of another environment, leading him into danger.
Sounds right.
But he had no idea how it happened or who's responsible.
Just another dead end.
Maybe not.
We might've found a way to come at it from the inside.
How? Case officer in witness protection, name of downing.
All the case files of the recents victims have been accessed from downing's account.
You saying he's our neuro? Or an information leak that leads to our neuro.
How you doing? Peachy.
Connor, i need you to check on downing.
You got it.
Alright brainiac, your override code worked, i'm in downing's office.
Glad you made it big guy.
You can thank me later.
See if the same code works on the database? Riley! These guys have our intel.
There's a detailed map of our layout here, riley.
According to this.
They are going to strike- ahhhh! Who are you?! Get down! Connor, get back here! What the hell is going on? Talk to me what's happening? Riley! Hey, connor.
Are you okay, lad? Connor! Connor! Connor! Vasco! Connor, what are you doing, man?! Why! Hold your fire! Agent king, cease fire! Andre, get down! Connor, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Connor, it's me! It's jane, it's jane! It's okay, it's okay.
Shhh! The s.
Got into my head.
We seem to be dealing with a neuro who can induce persistent visual hallucinations in his victims.
Well, it's gotta be downing or burstyn.
Who the hell is burstyn? Or downing for that matter.
The "privacy police" guy.
Domestic terrorist.
I tracked it from downing's office Riley, these guys have our intel.
Never happened, did it? Connor.
Last time we saw you, we left you to question marty lento.
Next thing, you were in here, guns blazing.
Neuro must have gotten to you back at the factory.
When you left with marty.
You see anybody else around? You're asking me what i saw? Bad idea.
I feel like i need a shower.
Son of a bitch.
It almost worked.
If it wasn't for jane and her freakazoid healing, i'd have killed all of you.
Hey, listen.
I need you to get your head back in the game.
The real game.
Whoever did this, they could try it again.
We to take him down before that happens, okay? Then i'm the answer to your prayers.
Got this off of real-time satellite.
What're we looking at? Connor coming out of the factory with lento.
That's connor and lento right there.
Now watch.
You saying that's our neuro? No one else in the area.
I ran thermo scans, ultra-green, i even went so far as to You i.
Him yet? Ruben hennesy.
Currently employed as a janitor at 10 police plaza.
He's an attorney.
Graduated stanford law with honors.
Attorney to janitor.
Helluva career move.
The question is why make it? Hennesy's been at ten-p for the last six months.
His nineteen year-old daughter was murdered a year and a half ago by a three-strike offender who should've been behind bars but wasn't.
Was turned over and relocated by witness protection.
Makes him look good for it, huh? You think he's trying to make up for what happened to his kid? If he is our man, he might've started that way.
But now it looks like he's prepared to kill anyone including us, to protect his secret.
How the hell do we get close enough to chip a guy who can pull this kinda crap in our heads? The man can make us see anything he wants to.
Maybe we can make him see what we want him to.
Members of a covert, federal law enforcement unit were gunned down today in a bizarre underground firefight.
Apparently a disgruntled team member turned his weapons on his colleagues, before killing himself.
The gunman has been identified as connor king.
The mayor's office has assured the public that this incident will be thoroughly investigated.
Not Yet.
Confused, right? I'm dead.
So just keep on doing what you were doing.
Pretend i'm not here.
Or am i? Seeing is believing, isn't it? Thought you were the only one who could play this game? Welcome to my nightmare.
You stay out of my head! What did you do? Changed your mind.
About changing peoples' minds.
You know those people got what they deserved.
You know what kind of people they are.
We do.
The type of person you've become.
Get him outta here.
Let's go! Good work.
Can i quote you on that? I'd only deny it.
You've been bringing people here for five years? Some of 'em don't make it this far.
They all come here.
The live ones get new housing.
The others go straight to the lab.
What happens in the lab? I don't ask.
Mcbride, vasco, king, bowers.
We're here to see to ruben hennesy.
I don't have that name here.
He's an inmate.
Recent admit.
Got to debrief him.
Make sure the security of my team has not been compromised.
Agent mcbride, i'm sorry i can't help you.
That detaine has been transferred to another facility.
Let me see that.
All the authorizations are correct.
But that's impossible.
My mistake, we'll just look around.
What's the problem? We can go talk to hennesy at the other facility.
There is no 'other facility.
' at least, there shouldn't be.
I'm beginning to learn.
A secret isn't always something you choose not to tell.
Even the most open people may not be aware that they have things to hide.
I rember my dad once telling me that a secret may simply be the difference between what appears on the outside and what really is!