Painkiller Jane s01e08 Episode Script

Friendly Fire

My name is Jane Vasco.
I could use you on my team.
I work for a secret government agency that hunts Neuros.
People who can do dangerous things with their minds.
On my first assignement something a little weird happen, Okay, something really weird Until I get some answers, I'm getting on with my life, doing my job, stocking up on aspirin, Because, I got to tell ya, pain's a bitch.
This is beautiful.
You like it? Absolutely beautiful.
She's just talking about the tag, Riley! I know! I love salamanders! It's not a salamader, it's a chameleon.
It's the underground cop of the reptile world.
Always blends in.
Can't be pinned down.
It's perfect for you So what's gonna be for you, Lady? Maybe a puma.
Cunning, dangerous, Ever quite know, it's going on beyond nice Hey, I ain't got nothing for a while, thanks Hey, come on.
It would be great right in here, ya Right there.
Yeah, but who? Ah no, I don't know, I'll pass, Thanks.
Truly a shame.
Now, you're telling me All right, so what do you think I should get? Right here All around here Definitely not that hangover you're gonna have tomorrow morning buddy We should heu pack'in up! No it's early, it's early, right? Seing, it's early! No, actually Mo, it's quite late.
Why don't you, heu, paid him? Do you accept good "two it is"? Never said no before! I think our friends has had a little bit too much to drink I dare say that yes! Okay! Jane, that man is an artist.
And you're clearly a patron of the arts.
So, whatta you say? The three of us? My place? One of us has to take him home.
You girls could flip for it.
That was easy.
C'mon ri, get in the taxi.
You coming? No, i've got a ride.
Oh, right.
C'mon cinderella.
We better get home, before i turn into a pumpkin.
I think you passed that critical line.
So your place or mine? Ri, you are really going to feel terrible in the morning.
Five more, Five more minutes.
Pearson to maternity,please What? No! Hello? Hello? Is anybody here?! Hospitals, not exactly one of the top ten vacation destinations.
Sterile surroundings, intimidating machines.
And lab coated doctors rattling off critical data They make indigestion sound like some flesh ravaging disease.
Then there's the worst part The food.
But the question of the day isn't what's on the menu, but what the hell was I doing here? Hey, you're awake.
Who are you? What happened? Where am i? How did i get here? I'm shelly.
I'm your day nurse.
You're in the hospital.
Why am i tied down? The doctor will be in, in a minute.
Why can't you tell me what the hell's going on.
I'm sorry.
The doctor.
No, no, please.
You'll pul your lines out.
Take it easy, just try and keep still.
Okay, okay It's for your own safety, jane.
I'll take over, thank you.
I'm sorry about the restraints.
But last night What about last night? You don't remember anything about last night? Of course i do.
I was out with my friends.
I took riley home then i went home.
At least i thought i did.
That's all you remember? Well, clearly there's something i can't rember.
So why don't you tell me what's happening to me.
I'm your doctor.
Jakob baumgartner.
As for your memory loss Don't be too concerned.
A certain amount of memory loss is to be expected.
To be expected from what?! Was in some kind of accident? Some of the treatments you've received have been.
Treatments? How long have i been in here? Why don't we have this conversation after the effects of the sedatives have worn off.
Why don't we have it now? Because i'd prefer that you were clear and focused.
And less agitated.
We'll bring you some breakfast.
Some strong coffee.
We'll talk afterwards.
Why can't you tell me what's happening to me? Do this for me.
Have some breakfast and some faith that i have the best interest at heart.
I promise, all your questions will be answered.
I'll be back soon.
How's our patient vasco? Pretty much what we expected.
You reassured her, of course.
Gained her trust.
But as i told you from the outset, vasco isn't a simple case.
I was wondering about your orders for patient vasco.
No more restraints? No, not at present.
Any special orders for staff, then? Do we need to be on suicide watch? No, i don't expect that to be a problem.
Thank you.
No sudden movements, that's how you pull these things off.
The doctor said he'd be back to speak with me.
That was over an hour ago.
I'll let him know.
Soon, please.
Seth? Dr.
Were we expecting you? I'm concerned about jane vasco.
Of course you are.
That's to be expected.
How is she doing? She hasn't recovered from her coma yet, Dr.
Baumgartner is encouraged though.
Her vitals are strong.
If i could just look in on her.
There's really no point right now.
I'm sorry you wasted a trip.
If there's any change, I assure you, we'll let you know.
Seth! Seth! Seth! Jane! I don't know why they're lying to you or what's going on but we've got to get out of here.
Seth, we've got to go, now! Security! Guards! What are you doing? This is no way to behave, jane.
What are you talking about? Why are you doing this to me? What did you expect, jane? How should we treat you after you killed riley? What?! Get off of me! It is impossible! I don't believe it.
That's not going to bring jensen back.
It doesn't make any sense? Why would i do that? When was this supposed to have happened? Is this another thing you claim not to remember? Andre I honestly don't rember.
You want to play this game, jensen had too much to drink.
You walked to his place.
He was found dead the next morning.
Why don't you tell me what happened! What set you off?! How am I supposed to tell you what happened, when i don't even believe this! You don't believe it? Really? You believe that? Is that yours? Looks like it is.
Does that jog your memory? Riley, you're really going to feel terrible.
It doesn't make any sense.
I made a bad call with you, vasco.
I should've turned you in.
What are you talking about? Your healing powers, jane.
What did you think that was all about? Your dna has tested neuro positive.
Why didn't you tell me? Would it have changed anything? The question is, why didn't i report it to my superiors, if i had jensen might be alive today.
In that sense, i own this as much as you do.
And this place? What is it? If I am what you say I am, why not just chip me and take me to the lab at the internment center? Where the others go.
Chip you? With your abilities? As for the internment centre, we'd get no answers there.
Nico has been a complete failure.
And this place? Baumgartner? Baumgartner was head of research at nico.
Fought an uphill battle for two years to change procedures.
But we still sent neuros there.
No alternative.
Not until baumgartner quit.
Nico's no more than a warehouse.
They've cut funding to almost nothing.
The place is a toilet.
The only one who seemed to care was baumgartner about research about finding answers.
And maybe a cure.
that's beautiful.
You think he can help me? Help you.
Do you think i give a damn if he could help you.
As far as i'm concerned, you're here to help him.
An intact neuro.
Unchipped, powers fully functioning.
There's a lot he can learn from you.
Things i should have but didn't.
I'll be taking marrow samples along each leg.
I'll need ten intraosseus Did you say ten? In a single session? I should up the dosage of tetracaine or else she'll feel pain? You won't need an anesthetic.
For bone marrow extrusion? Protocol calls for a 5 mig minimum, doctor.
Anything less and she'll be screaming in agony.
We're setting new standards, nurse wells.
I don't understand.
I don't need you to understand.
I need you to assist.
First needle please.
- If you need something you should tell me now.
- I don't need anything That's all, nurse, you can wait outside please.
Okay, jane, just relax.
I don't give a damn about what happens.
As far as i'm concerned you are here to help him.
Hey, how are you doing? I'm still alive.
So not doing so good.
Well Dr.
Baumgartner seems quite sure of his methods.
Even if they seem a little unconventional.
I'm &just going to sterilize the entry sites, it'll only sting a little.
I must've misunderstood.
There're no points of entry.
Didn't they? Didn't they tell you? I'm different.
Is there anything i can get for you? Are you in pain? What's it going to be for you, lady, maye a puma What i need, you can't get for me.
We have a visitor.
I'll send her in.
Hey, kiddo.
How you doing? Mo, did i really do those things? Did i really kill riley? I loved riley.
I don't know what's happening to me.
You'll be okay.
I don't even know who i am anymore.
What did andre say to you? He told me what happened and what i have to do.
Follow doctor's orders.
Let me ask you something.
What's your take on that guy? What do you mean? I don't know.
It's just this whole thing.
Why? Before you, before any of this happen, did you ever hear any discussion that nico was failing? Andre probably thought it was none of our business.
Or maybe he has something to hide.
It's a chameleon, always blends in.
You? The fact that he has someone like you on our team.
You mean a neuro.
That's not been confirmed.
Apparently you missed the morning edition.
Mo, what're you getting at? I don't know.
It's more questions than answers.
It's just I don't know, baumgartner.
Keeping you away from the internment center could be andre's way of covering his ass.
That doesn't sound like andre.
No, but killing riley doesn't sound like you.
I want to look into this, if i find any answers Trust me.
I want to be the first to know.
So hang in there, okay.
I'll be back.
Nurse wells, bring me the bone marrow results for patient vasco.
Perhaps i left it in my office.
I found them, dr.
I'll be in room c examining the results.
Seth You shouldn't be out of your room without permission.
I just needed to take a walk.
To think.
I understand.
Next time, though, ask for permission.
This is a hospital, not a prison.
It's for your own safety, jane.
What happened, seth? What would make me hurt riley? I don't know.
There's still a lot we don't know about Neuros? Your condition.
And you think this is the best place for me? Maybe the only place.
But why not nico? I thought all the research was centered there? I thought andre told you.
Nico's become an embarrassment.
They've given up trying to do anything but store the people we send them.
That's why baumgartner left.
Jakob baumgartner is the foremost expert in this field.
He authored the first paper describing the neuro aberration.
He's done nothing since but study the phenomenon.
He resigned from nico when he saw their changed priorities.
Do you trust him? I do.
Sorry, jane.
I'll look back on you tomorrow.
Connor, am i glad to see you! You got to know what's going on here.
Shhh, it's okay.
Don't do this.
Listen to me! Why would i listen to anything a damn neuro has to say? Are you part of this, too? Face it, lady, you had us all fooled for a while, but you're just another chip candidate.
And what're you, connor? You and seth? All of you.
You just march step to whatever Andre tells you to do? Mcbride didn't kill riley.
You did.
So yeah.
right now, i'd follow him into hell.
And being here with you It looks like i'm already there.
How is she? She feels cut off and abandoned.
Alone and isolated.
She found the nico report as we expected she would.
Then we're almost there.
I prefer speaking with you face to face.
Any word on vasco? Is that concern i hear? So i like the broad.
I just want to find her so I can bust her chops.
I'm sure she'll be flattered.
Riley? Tell me you got something! Look, I got feelers running into every system in the known universe.
Airports, hospitals, everything's running a blank.
No credit card use, no atm hits.
You two, i need a complete timeline of everything you did that night.
Every bar you stopped at, every joker who offered you a drink.
Boss What? We've been over this ten times.
We'll go through it 10,000 times until we find her, is that clear?! I want security footage from every red light camera, bank lobby, every wired parking ramp you might have passed on thursday night.
You think we had a stalker? It happens.
Wrong kind of guy sees a couple of chicks out drinking, faculties impaired maybe Follows his favourite one home, for the snatch and grab.
How "impaired" was jane? A few beers.
A few tequilas.
Connor, emergency rooms in person.
Every jane doe, every female admitted in the last two days.
Wait a minute! If she'd been hurt, she would have healed out by now.
Theoretically, yes.
But we have to check all possibilities.
If she's hurt and not healing, we can figure out why later.
After we find her.
You should check the morgues, too.
I think we're ready to move to the final phase.
She's convinced that i'm a fraud and that her only hope lies in getting to nico.
Jakob, you understand failure is not an option.
You were quite clear about that.
It's crucial that i find the location of that center.
And she's the only one who can take me to it.
All that's left is to throw her a lifeline, which is? The one person she really trusts.
This is good.
Good evening.
Good evening, doctor.
I'm afraid i was right about andre.
I found out some things.
That makes two of us.
I found a report.
The nico report.
I managed to tap into riley's database.
I found the same thing.
Then you know that baumgartner's full of crap.
I should be at nico.
The doctors there are onto something.
That's why i'm here.
If andre finds out The hell with Andre.
We've got to get you out of here, jane.
Thanks, mo.
I owe you.
You do.
And you'll pay.
Just lay low, i got to figure things out.
I'll be back in the morning.
And we'll get you to nico.
I'd like to check on the state credentials of a dr.
Jakob baumgartner? Yeah ok, I'll hold.
Hi, tomorrow Can i call back in the morning then? Perfect.
Thank you very much.
- Here you are! - What are you doing here? They told me they moved you tonight I have to talk to you.
What is it? Whatever's going on here Baumgartner He's not a He's a.
He's a - What? - He's a I don't know what he is.
I'm not even know if he's human.
But this hospital, this whole place What they're doing to you It's all a lie! Okay, jane, it's a lie.
What do you mean? There are no patients here, none.
And no other doctors.
Whatever's going on It's all about you.
I know.
I don't understand.
I saw something earlier.
I don't know how to explain it.
But the doctor Somehow he changed I know it sounds insane but he's some kind of monster who can change his appearance.
I don't know what he is.
That's okay.
That's okay We're called neuros, shelly.
How are you feeling? Little bit woozy, must have given me something.
If we're going to do this, we're doing it now.
Let's go.
What are you doing out of your room? Get down! Everybody stay down! No one will get hurt! Stay down! Put it down! Put it down! Damn it jane, my gun's jammed! No! Mo! My ankle! Where's the car? Go! Go! Go! Hurry! I am! Are you okay, mo?! Yeah, i'm okay.
Brought your clothes to change into.
Aren't you relieved you'll be at nico soon?! You always had my best mo, i appreciate it.
Hey Mo, you know what? I heu I officially forgive you for stealing todd engels right out from under me the first year at the academy.
Hey, what did you expect.
He was there.
I wasn't really into him anyway.
Thanks for driving, my ankle still killing me.
Don't talk to me about your ankle, i'm the one who got shot in the back.
let's get out of here.
Fill it up, we don't want to stop again.
We're attracting too much attention.
Hand me my wallet out of my purse and i'll pay you when we get going.
Have you got cash? I don't want anybody tracking us by my cards.
Good thinking.
Jane's credit card! $23.
47 for gas.
How soon before we get to nico, jane? We won't get there until tomorrow.
You planning to drive all night? I could use a break.
How's the ankle? Not good, actually.
Want to stop and take a rest? I just want to get there.
How'd you girls like your food? It was fine.
Best hash browns in the state.
I get you anything else? No, i think we're gonna head out.
Just the check.
Do you have enough cash? Meet you in the car.
Your foot better? You want to drive? It's a little sore but if you're sick of it, I can try.
It's fine, i'll do it.
Thanks Thank you! Bless your hearts! No problem.
What can i say, i'm a good tipper.
Another hit.
47 again.
47 $23.
47 How's the ankle? Still a little swollen.
Hope you don't mind driving the rest of the way to nico.
No, we're almost there.
This is it.
This is it? This is nico? Why? I just expected Don't you recognize it? This is where you live.
No, that's not exactly right.
This is where i live.
You forgot one small detail, doc.
Maureen just got a new tattoo.
And you didn't realize i saw you walking without a limp.
As my father always says What you don't know can hurt you.
Are you okay? I will be.
What? I never thought i'd be so happy to see the real you.
Where's riley? He's back at the command centre.
Connor Want to get this garbage in the car, please.
You got my messages.
Guess i did.
I don't think we ever had a shape-shifter before.
The guy did a pretty good "you.
" never as good as the real thing.
Really? You took a hell of a risk, vasco, even if you didn't believe maureen.
How did you know the rest of us weren't real.
To be honest, i had my doubts about you, too.
I mean baumgartner's version of you.
He kept referring to riley as jensen.
You never do that.
So once i figured out maureen wasn't maureen, the rest fell into place, besides you would never had been caught with someone like todd engels.
Who? Exactly.
Mo, i officially forgive you for stealing todd engels.
What do you expect, he was there.
Rember that little dude from first year at the academy? Oh, the dorky guy who was always quoting mark twain? No.
I figured wherever you guys were, you'd be looking for me.
And i knew that if anyone could find me.
It would have to be "the best.
" I brought donuts.
Sweet! Riley! They told me i killed you.
I could think of worse ways to go.
I got it right away.
47 for gas.
47 for breakfast.
I told him i was using cash but i knew you'd pick up those hits on my credit card.
Of course.
Hey, it was big tip.
Everyone knows you're not that big a tipper.
Good thing you remembered my address.
Good information.
Don't even think about it.
So what was it about? Did baumgartner give anything up? Not a thing.
Obviously he wanted the location of nico.
He has it now.
Hope you had a good vacation, vasco.
But we've got work to do.
Vacation? Yep, I'm home! We often take our friends for granted until something happens and makes us appreciate them more than ever.
Like being there for us when we break up with our boyfriends.
Or when we realize they don't want to be dissected in medical experiments and locked up for killing one of them.
Absolutely nothing.
Not a scrap of paper.
It's like no one was ever here.
According to riley, there's no record of any recent tenants.
I can try to track something down through utilities or moving services, but I'm not holding out much hope.
This was a pro job.
Whoever did this has skills and money Give me a minute.
When i was in this room, i thought my friends had turned on me.
I thought i deserved it.
I was never happier to find out it wasn't true.
To be honest There's a part of me stil waiting for it to happen.
Ready? Yeah.
There's nothing here.
They've accepted me as part of their team, even with my gift.
But i'm still not sure that gift isn't really a curse, and it's just a matter of time before they realize it.
Okay, i have trust issues, sue me.