Painkiller Jane s01e10 Episode Script

Portraits of Lauren Gray

My name is jane vasco.
I could use you on my team.
I work for a secret government agency that hunts neuros.
People who can do dangerous things with their minds.
On my first assignment.
Something a little weird happened, okay, something really weird.
Until i get some answers i'm getting on with my life, doing my job.
Stocking up on aspirin, because I gotta tell ya, pain's a bitch! suck it in, tammy, or we'll never get all of you zipped up Caitlin, you're supposed to wear the outfit, not wrestle it.
Relax Undo the top.
I want the audience to see that some part of you still looks like a woman.
Lose the candy on the runway, shannon.
It makes you look like a chipmunk gathering nuts for the winter.
Chipmunks are adorable, geoffrey.
So are you, shannon.
Just ignore him.
Sweetie, it's good to be nervous.
Use that energy on the runway.
Turn it into something hot, dangerous, sexy.
Make it yours.
Understand? Arlene hasn't been hot and dangerous, since madonna had a career.
You watch me work.
I'll show you hot and dangerous And very sexy.
The beautiful katie heads off fiddels's new collection with this flowing outfit representing flight and freedom of spring adding a nordic influence.
Next eve shows us a continuing european theme here as this lovely blouse adding a bavarian flare to a sexy summer look.
And joelle gives us a modern update that hips up evening ware for a less traditional urban look that still remains classic.
The wonderful flowing design here worn by rebecca is equally at home in town or out on the beach.
And yes, the stunning wanda show us that fairytales do come true.
With the classically influencing gown and the beautiful flowing satin.
And with a more modern take on evening ware, shannon shows off You okay? Excuse me, excuse me, where is she? Right over here.
What happened? Can you tell me what happened.
She collapsed on the runway, she's only 19.
My god! When I was a girl, my grandmother gave me a book of fairy tales.
What I learned from those stories was that men had to be brave, handsome prince charmings.
And any woman who wanted a prince charming to want her had to be kind and pure And beautiful, mostly beautiful.
No prince worth his kingdom would've kissed sleeping beauty if she hadn't been just Perfect.
I'm grown up now.
Don't believe in fairy tales.
Or princes.
And i'm a few light years from perfect.
It's just a bruise.
'Normal' people get them all the time.
But, since I'm 'abnormal', when something doesn't heal, it's not normal.
It's abnormal.
And just trying to wrap my brain around this weirdness gives me a headache.
You're having headaches? A figure of speech, seth.
How have you been feeling lately? Physically? Emotionally? It's amazing what goes on in my head sometimes.
You sleeping all right? Rarely.
It's hard to go to sleep.
Hard to stay asleep.
Lots of dreams.
About? Vampires.
Things that don't die.
It's sort of an obsession of mine.
I know how hard this is for you.
What's hard is not knowing why i can take six bullets and live And why a bruise won't go away.
Right now, i'm wondering how your state of mind affects your body's ability to heal itself.
You think there's a connection? I thought it was something that Just happened.
We know what goes on in our brains can affect our bodies.
But i've never done anything to make it happen.
You haven't, but But perhaps your mind has.
That makes me sound more and more like a Don't jump to conclusions, jane.
Maybe you should just try and get some rest.
It started with one isolated incident that caught my attention.
The more i looked into it, the stranger it got Look at this: katherine cost, amanda smart, shannon conway and carolyn merrit were all fashion models.
All young, beautiful Carolyn merritt? The babe who wore the purple thong in the 2005 swimsuit issue? I was so wrong.
You do read.
That Carolyn Merritt.
They all knew each other.
They'd all worked together Now they are all dead.
What happened to them? They died of old age.
Margeaux, katie, amanda, shannon and carolyn.
The oldest girl was 23, the youngest 19.
Shannon conway was the most recent She died after the first big show of the new season.
How do young women die of old age? The first medical diagnosis was a segmental progeria some sort of accelerated aging disease.
NIH and CDC, they all checked out all the usual suspects: hutchinson-gilford, de barsy syndrome, cockayne, gottron's.
They're genetic disorders, but here's the thing.
None of the girls' DNA presented any of the expected genetic mutations.
And progerias kill at a very young age.
These women were all healthy one minute, rapidly aged and dead the next.
You see the progression from left to right.
You said they worked together.
What about exposure to radioactive material, Chemical toxines? No.
I created lifestyle and biographical profiles on each girl, I cross-referenced everything I could.
and so far, no statistically significant commonalities.
I am still working but If it walks like a neuro, talks like a neuro Riley, you said.
This season's circuit is just underway.
I think we'll have to investigate this from the inside.
How inside is inside? I'll have your bios and resumes finished this afternoon.
Don't trip on the runway.
What's wrong? I have to ask you something.
How do i look to you? And not, not because we like each other But objectively.
Would the average man rather be with some bony little twig who wears a size zero pink thong bikini? Or this? The truth.
I'm a grown woman.
I can take it.
So go on.
Hit me with your best shot.
I'm sorry.
I put you on the spot.
You don't want to hurt my feelings.
Now you think i'm a silly, vain, insecure woman, with low self-esteem.
Can i say something? No, I think you've said enough.
No, you have.
Can i get some air time, here? Fine.
The truth.
No lip service.
But it's the lips that tell the truth.
You're, like, here.
This is where i, like, live And you don't.
Don't you ever knock.
I just came by to borrow something to wear.
I met a new guy and I plan to get lucky.
So, I want to look hot.
Help yourself.
I'm sure i've got something that goes with combat boots.
Cool Thanks! My neighbor, amanda.
She has some issues with boundaries.
And doors.
She just wants to feel like someone's taking care of her.
So do i.
No, no! Ladies! New guppies in the pond.
Win a contest or was it "make a wish?" i've got your wish right here.
Save it.
Fear's like blood in the water, and we're surrounded by sharks.
At least everyone's having a really good time.
Now i know how hef felt at the mansion.
Riley You picking up a feed from all the surveillance cams? I'm hot, boss.
The only way i can get into this dress is if i paint it on.
Demarco designs his dress for girls with single digit bmis.
You're just too healthy.
Good luck.
It's not your skin It's your skivvies.
Bra, panties.
I don't think so.
Demarco will not be pleased.
Go away, geoffrey.
I'll make demarco happy.
I always do.
I'm glad someone can.
He's a pain, but he's right.
And the dress is discrete.
For a hooker in times square.
It's just your body, honey, it's not who you are.
That's one of the two most important things you need to know in this business.
I like that.
What's the second? Without a beautiful body, you're worthless.
Enjoy it while you can.
Kirsten shows us the most important aspect in spring ware.
Colour, colour, colour In this beautiful floral blowing dress.
Candy shows us this beautiful summer style Even over a simple black outfit.
Take it off your neckline and you're ready to hit the club! Jane, you're up in three minutes.
Is It possible to stay fashionable come rain or shine? Wanda certainly does in this simple yet stylish look that has her looking hot and dry.
Is on in 30 seconds, has anybody seen her? Nobody is there.
Maureen shows this tropical colour in this gorgeous expressionist influence.
And the lovely jane Jane is certainly turning heads on the runway and will turn surely more on the finest restaurants as well as the most happening parties in this stunning outfit.
I went into the dressing room to put on the dress Came out and looked in the mirror.
I'd put on 20 years in five minutes.
You seem fine now.
All healed.
There's a shocker.
So what does this mean? I live forever? You can reverse whatever dna damage the neuro might have inflicted I don't know if you can reverse the 'normal' aging process.
The bruise has healed.
You look better.
We've got three dozen possibles who were in that room with you.
Did you get close to anyone? Are you kidding? It was like a tokyo subway car at rush hour.
I got close to everyone.
Riley's looking over surveillance footage.
I'm hoping he can isolate something, or someone, unusual.
On the runway I'll tell you this though, our neuro must have been damn shocked to see you come out on the runway.
Have to wonder what the reaction will be to that.
The surveillance cams picked up 86 people, including the models, at the fashion show.
But only three of them were present for the other Incidents.
Geoffrey graham.
It's not your skin, it's your skivvies.
Bra, panties, history.
I don't think so.
Thanks for the replay, riley.
It's one of my favorite memories.
It'll be in my top ten, too Wanda norton.
Demarco designs for girls with single digit bmis.
You're just too healthy.
Good luck.
Arlene watson.
The show coordinator.
Without a beautiful body, you're worthless.
Enjoy it while you can.
It's show time.
We need dna from all three of them.
I'll takes dibs on wanda.
Jane, you take wanda.
You can handle arlene.
You'll get geoffrey.
To date, all the victims are women.
We don't know if our neuro requires physical contact or merely proximity.
You're telling us to be careful.
What else is new! We know jane can recover.
Bring a chip gun with you just in case.
Connor, as to how you want to handle geoffrey, i'll leave that up to you.
Jane, are you home? It's me amanda.
The dress was totally hot, which means i didn't have it on for very long.
You have anything i could wear to a soiree tomorrow night? Whatever.
You want to know what kind of a career modeling is.
That's not the right question.
Not even close.
What is.
Modeling isn't a career, sweetie, it's life.
Every day 24/7.
There's nothing else.
It's consuming, addictive and very seductive.
It's also degrading and humiliating.
You're just a beautiful means to an end, a lovely commodity like the fabrics that make the clothes you wear.
And you are expected to be perfect every day 24/7.
That's impossible.
It's insane.
The models cry on my shoulder every day.
I hear all the horror stories.
Models sacrifice real lives for 15 minutes of fantasy and illusion.
But, when they can't sell schmata, they're useless and invisible.
And for a model, being invisible is a death a lot worse than dying.
I have an appointment with a designer.
I still sell beauty.
Only now Not mine.
Hey, you were at demarco's show? That depends.
What are you? I was doing security.
Security? No, you didn't see me.
Let me ask you something.
Those models, they get paid pretty good, huh? Those models, yes.
Why do you ask? Just seems like an easy way to earn a buck.
Just strut your stuff and they pay you.
And you're wondering if your "stuff" is worth strutting.
You're the pro here.
So this is a consultation.
I guess so.
I charge for that.
Let's say one margarita? I can do that.
I'm going to buy some cigarettes.
I'll be right back.
May i help you? Hi.
This may seem a little presumptuous but, I met you at demarco's show.
- My name's - I know Jane vasco.
I'm in the penthouse.
After the other night I'm just not sure if i'm cut out for this.
Thank you.
You have all the credentials, you'll get over it.
Opening night jitters.
Hell, i'm still jittering.
It doesn't seem to affect you at all.
It did.
Like anything else, you do something long enough, you get used to it.
I guess i'm still wondering if i want to.
I felt like i was in a shark tank.
Is it always like that? Goes with the territory.
These particular type of "shark" has a short life span.
The "fins" only hold up so long.
In all that feeding frenzy, how do you find your friends? Often in the most unlikely, unexpected places.
As long as they don't let them smell blood.
That is a lot to think about.
Just out of curiosity, how'd you know my name? How'd you know my address? People have a way of finding each other When they need to.
Dna results on geoffrey and arlene were negative.
And guys i think you'd better take a look at this.
Wanda norton's real name is phyllis carson.
Born in erie, pennsylvania.
Got a lot of mileage out of being pretty.
Junior and senior prom queen.
Won the miss 'battle of lake erie' beauty contest, twice.
Other than that did some local modeling et cetera, et cetera.
Ts is phyllis on the hood of a 1978 trans am.
What's your point, she models classic cars.
Today, it would be classic.
When this photo was taken the car was brand new.
This photo was taken september 1977.
Wanda Phyllis was born in 1955.
Puts her in her 50's.
Has jane checked in yet? No.
Can't get her on the comm, either.
You try wanda's place? It just rang.
Keep trying jane's comm.
You and i'll check her apartment.
I want to know if you hear something.
I don't think the insecurity ever really goes away.
How can it? As models we spend our entire careers watching the hourglas slowly empty, pretending it isn't, but, it is It's getting late.
I should Go.
You belong here With me.
You see.
Models are like roses: first we're delicate buds, then we're beautiful flowers.
Then our petals slowly fall and we die.
But you're different Somehow you're special too.
You are a beautiful flower that doesn't die.
jane, open up! Clear! There's no way that's vasco.
You found me so easily.
Where are we? Where have you taken me? That makes me uncomfortable.
I thought it best to relocate to someplace we might have more privacy.
I've been watching you, studying your face for hours.
You have a timeless beauty.
Raphael would have loved painting you.
What do you want from me? Youth.
You have it.
I need it.
Those girls The ones that died Beauty comes with a price.
Those girls didn't suffer.
A small kiss is all it takes.
And then there's you.
Someone who can give me what i need without Apparently paying the price.
An endless drink from my fountain of youth.
Alright people, i need some answers! Bowers and i went over every inch of wanda's condo.
We found jane's prints on a glass, but that's about it.
No clue where they went.
What about the girl in jane's place? Amanda worth.
She was jane's neighbour.
She must've been in the wrong place at the wrong time when wanda came in, looking for jane.
Riley, anything? Ask me to track down a serial killing neuro, a pyro, a minor and i'm good, but damn, these frickin models live out of their purses.
Harder to track than a Find her! A celebration's in order.
You've taken ten years off my face and you've saved someone's life.
Think i'll get nominated for a nobel? To you, jane You can't appreciate how amazing it feels to be young because you've never been old.
You know what they say "skin deep" and all.
What's beneath your skin is already old and dead.
Young and quick to judge.
Do you know how you'd react if you were in my shoes? The first time it happened When i realized what i was capable of.
It was an accident.
I didn't understand it.
It terrified me.
It made me sick.
But you got over it.
I swore it would be the last time, never happen again.
I suppose vanity triumphed over Self-control.
So, i did it again, for the last time, i told myself.
And every time after that It was always going to be the last.
I suppose it's the same as anyone's addiction.
One last time at a time.
Every "addiction" has its price.
As just mine.
It seems that, along with youth and beauty, the girls also leave a little bit of themselves inside of me.
Sometimes it's little quirks.
Shannon loved these candies.
Lose the candy on the runway, shannon.
Amanda? You killed amanda? She smoked.
I've never smoked in my life.
Now i dream about it.
But why? Why amanda? I was looking for you.
I found her.
You're not an addict.
You're a monster.
No, darling.
I'm a model.
You've cut yourself.
It'll heal.
You're scared.
But, i can make this arrangement very nice for you.
Clothes, money, jewelry Anything you want Like i said, in time you can get used to the things you want, excuse the ways in which you get them.
Uncuff me and let me show you what i can give you.
I'd like that But, not yet.
Anticipation heightens sensation.
I'm pulling data on every designer and agency wanda's worked for, every model she's worked with, family, friends, lovers, everyone.
It's going to take awhile.
A while is too long, riley.
I know.
Get back on it.
Tracing all those contacts could takes days.
I'm open to ideas.
Arlene, the woman who coordinates the shows, she said the models spill their guts to her the good, the bad, the ugly.
Maybe wanda did, too.
I know how hard this is for you.
What's hard, is i can take six bullets and live, and why a bruise won't go away.
We know what goes on in our brains can affect our bodies.
But i've never done anything to make it happen.
You haven't but perhaps your mind has.
You don't know me, Jane but this really is for the best For me, for girls who would otherwise have to die When you think about it, we have so much in common.
Both of us alone, putting on a front to show the rest of the world that it doesn't touch us.
Despite the pain inside, we're just fine.
But we both know better, don't we? It does touch us.
And profoundly.
And maybe true peace of mind can only come when we can touch each other.
Wanda is different than the other girls She doesn't come to me as much as they do.
Most of these kids are scared, lonely.
They need someone to talk to.
Not wanda.
Close friends? Lovers? I don't think she has close friends.
And i know she doesn't hook up with any of the boy toy models.
She has dated one man, some high tech mucky muck.
Keeps a penthouse in town.
When he'd fly in on business, they'd be inseparable.
Got a name? Jim blenheim.
I met him once.
Good looking but thirty years older than wanda.
Never understood the attraction.
For her? For him.
I can think of at least thirty reasons.
You know where blenheim's place is? No.
Blenheim was very private.
I like to know where my models are 24/7, but when wanda was with him, it was like she'd dropped off the face of the earth.
I just got off the phone with liz logan, the new head of the taa.
She's building a new dynasty and she's dying to work with me! If it hadn't been for you, this couldn't have happened What have you got on blenheim? The guy's got a lot of money.
And that buys good privacy.
I did get a hit.
Architectural digest did a spread on blenheim's 'palace' the place he has downtown.
No mention of where it is, but i grabbed some background detail through a window That's the cronkite building in the background.
That window's just south of the building.
Given the angle we're looking down from, i calculate we're The ceilings in that room are ten feet.
Assuming two feet for structural Riley, just give me a damn address! Penthouse.
You asked me how it feels to get old, to see everything that makes life worth living slipping away.
Now you know.
I should've known it was too good to be true.
There's always a price that has to be paid.
I wish i didn't have to pay it.
I wish i didn't need it And, sadly, you can no longer help me.
I like you, jane, i really do.
I'm sorry things have to end this way, but i know you understand why i have to do what i'm doing You're useless to me now, like a dress that's gone terribly out of style.
I'm going to have to replace you I don't go out of style.
I'm timeless Remember? You all right? Feeling my age.
Chip her.
It'd be fascinating to understand the neurological mechanism at work here Some kind of seizure.
Andre here.
I got her.
Hurry! Grab the legs! Seth, what's happening? I don't know.
I do She's experiencing my life Every bullet, every cut Everything i could heal from.
I know how it feels, i know.
It's okay.
She's gone.
You let yourself get old.
I didn't 'let' myself get old.
I made it happen.
How? Let's cut the cat-and-mouse, seth.
I know what you're looking for.
And i know you know more than i know.
So i'm kind of curious here.
Am i a neuro? The whole science of neurological aberration is new field, jane Remember the bruise i had that wouldn't heal? Of course.
You wondered if i wasn't healing because of how i was feeling.
Before that, i'd always assumed the healing just happened, that i was like a salamander that regrows his tail after it's cut off.
He doesn't make it happen.
It just Does.
Yes Every neuro we've encountered has had mental control over what they did.
Exactly my point.
If my brain controls my healing, then i should be able to turn the healing off.
I decided to check the theory and take my brain for a test drive.
Meaning? When i was with wanda, i cut my hand.
It started to heal, but i made the healing stop I let the pain of what had happened to amanda Take hold of my emotions.
The same thing happened with wanda.
I made the healing stop.
We don't know that's what happened, jane.
Not for sure.
It's my brain and my body.
I know what's going on inside of me.
So do i, and neither of us should jump to any conclusions.
Not yet.
You jump whenever it feels right.
I already have.
A part of me felt sad for phyllis carson, of erie, pennsylvania.
An innocent little girl learned that being 'pretty' made the world go around.
It made life worth living for her, and for wanda.
At any cost.
Maybe wanda has been released from an evil curse and is finally free.
Maybe somewhere phyllis carson is still a pretty little girl And that's enough.
And maybe amanda has finally found the home she never had.
I want to believe she has.
Then again, i'm the girl who once believed in fairy tales.
And maybe that's not so bad.
In the end, the slipper fit cinderella's foot, didn't it?