Painkiller Jane s01e11 Episode Script

Ghost in the Machine

My name is Jane Vasco.
I could use you on my team.
I work for a secret government agency that hunts Neuros.
People who can do dangerous things with their minds.
On my first assignment something a little weird happened, okay, something really weird.
Until I get some answers I'm getting on with my life, doing my job stocking up on aspirin because I gotta tell ya, pain's a bitch! When you spend a lot of time with the people you work with, you get to know them well.
Even if you've never been to their home, you can imagine how they live.
When I visited Andre, his place was clean, organised.
And I guess you could say, manly.
Except for the box of Captain Crunches’ kitchen.
He claimed is from when his niece visits.
Been to Mo's place lots of times.
The surroundings fit a woman.
Haven't seen Riley's pad, but I can imagine stacks of comic books, tech gear and cifi memorabilia.
As for Connor, let's just say, I plan to wash my hands for a long time, with really hot water and industrial soap, after I live.
- Vasco.
- Nice hardware.
You're damn right.
I only mean the bike.
- What are you doing here? - We got a lead on the kids.
Riley is been trying to raise you in the comm all morning.
And you volunteered to come by personally.
We drew straws.
I lost.
Briefing is at 14:00.
That's two hours from now.
A lot could happen in two hours.
You're being modest.
I'm sure you can get the job done in two minutes.
Two minutes.
Just enough time to talk down these heads.
Maybe you shouldn't be playing with sharp instruments.
Oh, it's just a burn.
Coffee maker blew a gas skin on me.
It's more organised than I thought it would be.
- You expected a scattered mess? - Something like that.
Well, not me.
Work's chaotic enough.
I got to come home to something different.
Yeah, I know.
Thanks! Maybe you should play with toy boats instead.
That was close.
- I must've made contact with the terminals.
- You must have.
In the future, it might be a good idea to disengage the gears - before you lay hands on that thing.
- I always do.
Almost always.
Car is up front.
Chinese tradition puts a lot of stock on names.
They believe you can make your destiny by what you call yourself.
Joyful fortune.
Whoever chose that name was hoping for not just success but pleasure in it.
I wonder if they got either.
All right, let's focus.
These maybe kids but they're killers.
Until we find out which one is the Neuro, they're all deadly.
Riley, talk to me.
A triangulation puts our boys in the loading bay.
Guys, could you hear me? Andre, what's going on? - Shoot them! Shoot them! - Which one? The window sill is broken! Is the one furthest from the window! - Ok guys, I'm back.
Is everything ok? - Yeah, we're all right.
Let Seth know we're coming in.
We're gonna need some looking over.
Come on, boss.
What the hell was that? Ultrasonics would be my guess.
- So, only that one kid was the Neuro? - Yeah, that was more than enough.
- You're ok? - Yeah.
My boot is worse than my ears.
Oh, thanks for patching me up, doc.
I appreciate it.
That's what I'm here for.
Come to the hospital for a pair of X-rays and I'll set you up with some painkillers.
I think I'll be fine.
Of course you will.
All right, that should hold you till the bone heals.
Try to stay off of it.
Not your day, is it? - The burn, the bike now your foot.
- I'm backing the odds.
I think maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket.
You think there could be another explanation? Yeah, bad day.
Crap happens.
That's life.
Since you're so concerned, maybe you'd be interested in turning my luck up, eh? I think maybe you should be more concerned than I am.
You're still here? Something's in your mind.
Do you believe in coincide? I believe in getting strait to the point.
There a hot I don't know about him.
Yes, that's true.
And that is not a coincidence.
You know more about his past than anyone on the team.
I know what I need to know, Jane.
And you know what you need to know.
Did you know he had three accidents today? A coffee machine blew up on his face his bike almost took his leg off and the door.
If something or someone from his past has resurfaced and all what's happened isn't a coincidence then the whole team could be in jeopardy.
Look, I don't know what's going on here, but I don't feel comfortable waiting around for the next thing to just happen.
So, I'm supposed to act based on your feelings? No.
On yours.
You're not actually taking this seriously, are you? I have to, Connor, is my job.
Well, I thing you should tell Vasco to stick to doing what she does best.
Remaining invulnerable to injuries and everyone else around her.
Sounds like you take that personally.
As of today we should be drinking, not thinking.
So, tell me Exactly what is it you're trying to avoid thinking about? A guy can't have a drink with a friend? It's your timing that concerns me.
- Here we go.
- We made a deal when I first took you aboard that you'd tell me everything that I needed to know.
- And I made good on that.
- As far as you know, you have.
But I had Riley check the specks on that door.
Just write down the code.
Redundant safeties.
There's no way that think could have blown, - unless someone tampered with it.
- You're starting to sound like Vasco Is too bad there's not enough of this to make you look like her.
Just talk to me.
If there's something, anything, in your past, any unfinished business, whatever it is, I need to know.
Even if there was, what are we talking about here? I mean, there was nobody in the garage when the train slid to new gear.
And besides us and the freak boy squad, there was no one in the warehouse.
I have a closet full of skeletons, we both know that.
But they're dead skeletons.
They hate coming back to life to haunt my coffee maker.
Now here, drink this.
You're making me nervous.
I ignore what's we're looking for here.
And for all we know, Jane is making a big deal out of nothing.
Hello? Somebody here? Anybody? Is there anybody here!? - Waiting for these? - Yeah, right.
There's no gear in here for the part of my body that I'd like to exercise.
- You might want to reconsider that.
- Why, do I look out of shape to you? - What's on your mind, Riley? - Oh, maybe staying awake all night, working up a full history profile on Connor? - Yeah, that sounds like a great time.
- It wasn't.
Andre said it was your idea.
Something about you having a hunch that someone from Connor's past might be reaching out to touch him? - Yeah.
I guess it was.
- Ok, a hunch? - An educated guess.
- No, no a hunch.
Without the data to confirm the facts it's a hunch.
It paid off in the past.
You're telling me you've never had a hunch? No, I haven't.
And you know, I've never seen a ghost been abducted by aliens, found the truth of my life through astrology or you know what? Been granted three wishes by a genie.
Well, by the sound of your enthusiasm, my hunch paid off.
Ok, yes.
Maybe, ok, but that's not the point.
I think it is.
Learn to live with it, Riley.
- By the way, what is your sign? - Easy.
- Yeah, you what.
- My sign Barrier Precinct Tactical Response Squad.
This photo was taken 12 years ago.
What the hell is this all about? - You authorized this? - Connor, 5 of these men are now dead.
Davis Monfredo was driving a combine on his father's farm and got stock in the gears.
It sucked him in up to his waist before they could shut it off.
Kevin Douglas pinned between a forklift and loading dock.
Crushed his pelvis.
Gottschalk, Rubin, both died in car accidents.
Now, yes, taken separately maybe accidental.
But we put them all together And what we're looking for is a man who knows how to beat the safeties - on an industrial fire door.
- And out of vintage motorcycle.
Last one was Joey Berlin Got mabbled in a generator last night at batsmen department store.
Connor, can you make a call on this? Relax, they're coming.
You know, when you get out of prison, you think, "I did it.
" "I did my time.
" But you pull enough crap in this life, - you never stop doing time.
- You've any idea what this is about.
Come on, I haven't seen these guys in 10 years.
- Did any of these guys do time with you? - Hell, no.
We were the pride of the precinct.
The dream team.
- Immaculate and untouchable! - Untouchable? Well, someone is trying to get back in touch with you.
Now, who'd have a reason? Well, we pulled away a lot of creeps.
You wanna a list? Some of those Thank you.
Some of those guys you put away were wearing blue, right? I told you.
Not on this team.
- Hey, just go easy, will you? - None of this is easy.
Are you sure you're not painting these guys a brighter shade of white, just because you want to? Look, I know who I am and what I've done.
I don't need to cover my reality.
Yeah, I noticed.
Here's the deal, Connor.
Right now you're at risk and you're putting the whole team at risk.
What do you want I should do.
Crawl to a hole? Close enough.
Until this is over you lie low.
You go underground.
But if that takes weeks? If it takes weeks, I'll buy you another bottle of reality.
Go easy.
Wine waits for no man.
Are you almost done? Yeah, I just have to double check a couple of these quotes and then ship it off to my editor.
I'll get that for you.
I didn't know you liked crosswords.
Or should I say, "love" crosswords? I had some time to kill in the laundry room yesterday.
You should do laundry more often.
You get about three week of dirty clothes there.
Just a couple of hours.
You did a whole stack of crosswords in a couple of hours? In pen? Wow, I should watch my back around you.
I'll watch yours.
- Something I said? - No.
Just something I did.
- Those puzzles.
- No crime in being smart.
Guess I'm just a lot smarter than I thought I was.
You chose me.
As I recall, you picked me.
- Really? - Yeah.
Two smart people, eh? Thing that'll work out.
As long as attack records go to me.
You know, for a girl who likes to come across as a tough guy, you ought to hide your Bronte collection.
- It reveals the romantic on you.
- You've been searching my bookshelves! - Reporter.
Occupational hazard.
- You gonna write my history? I always said I'm gonna try and get to know it.
And I hope it's very long with lots of installments.
Timing is everything.
This better be extremely important.
- Hello.
- Jane, it's Andre.
- I need you to get over to Connor's.
- I thought he was - "out of town".
- Yeah, he's lying low.
but he remembered some letters written by a couple of guys from his old squad.
Now, they are a few years old, but they're making this more personal insight I want Riley can bring up on his computer.
- They're in a box in his garage.
- Right now? - Yes, right now.
Is there a problem? - No, no.
It's fine.
Now, when you're there I want you to dig around for anything else that might be relevant.
Listen, Jane, none of us is perfect.
And that definitely includes Connor.
He might be withholding information like to jeopardize us all, especially himself.
- Yeah, I'll take care of it.
- Good, you call me when you're done.
I gotta go.
Will you promise to hold that last thought? No, it was more than a thought.
But don't worry about it, it's not gonna change for quite some time.
Nice to meet you too! This will be a lot easier if you just told me where King is.
Who the hell are you? You are gonna find out right now! I just wanna talk to him.
He was tall, about six feet, short hair, silver, with a little bit of black still left on the sides.
That rings any bells? Yeah, about a million guys trying slots in Vegas.
This wasn't his first fight.
The guy knew what he was doing with the knife.
You got those photos? I ran an aging program on the old photo.
These are the surviving members of Connor's team.
That's him! - William Hoyt Pierce.
- Senior officer.
We lost touch when I went to state.
Looks like his feeling nostalgic.
Riley, current address? Oh, the guy is law enforcement.
Lives always on the move, no fixed address.
The guy is off the radar completely.
Are you saying you can't find him? I never say never.
Maybe we need to let him to find us.
OUTSIDE CONNOR'S GARAGE Connor, we've got you in sight.
Nothing running except for one vehicle.
There! King! Pierce was here and never changed position.
The truck made no course corrections.
Pierce was the intended target the whole time.
He wasn't after you.
He was trying to warn you.
Or kill me because he thought I was behind it.
And the truck showed no sign of mechanical tampering.
And no one behind the wheel.
So we're looking for a guy who can control a 5 ton truck without touching it.
Only to alert the surviving team members, then.
One guy got his legs caught in a combine, the second was crushed form the pelvis down and the third who was jagged into the generator, was this feet first? - Yeah.
- Connor near misses.
Anyone of them could have caught his leg off.
Connor, can you thing of anyone who'd have any reason to take these guys from the bottom up? Beeman.
Harry Beeman.
Fire doors! Hit us with a system breach! - Lock down engaged! - Intruders? I can't tell, the system has gone crazy! Let's asume the worst.
Seth, secure position! - Riley! Release the weapons locker! - It should be open! - No, it isn't! - Well something is jamming me! Override did not go! Don’t' you waste that ammo.
We have no idea what's coming on that tunnel.
- We have, what, 3 rounds each? - There should be extra mags in the fridge! - Seth? - Help! Help! - Seth! - Seth! Riley, the door! Everybody back! Everybody back! Help! Close, eh? Thanks.
- Riley, what's you status? - System is completely down.
All right, check his side arms.
Connor, divide up those extra mags? Yes.
Look, there's only long range clips on the fridge.
and all that rifles and scopes they are on the weapons locker.
Remind me to store more stuff in the fridge.
Fire doors came slamming down.
Manual override is jammed.
That means we're sealed in.
Someone is turning our own security against us.
- Harry.
- You knew this day was coming.
- You earned it.
- This is my station.
These are my people.
You will explain yourself to me.
I don't answer to you! I don't answer to anybody! Not since the day Mr.
King left me in the building where tons of rubble came down on me.
It was the standard prep extraction, Harry.
No one knew you were at the place with C4 No one could have.
Except maybe the cowards that set me in first.
- It could have been all of us.
- It should have been all of us! But you moved on.
Got a new team.
Brave captain.
But for me, things just stay the same.
In this chair, every day.
That's my life, thinking about what could have been.
Thinking about what should have been, and what shouldn’t.
And then your life changed, didn't it? You developed special powers.
Funny, eh? I can't move my legs, but I can move a half ton truck, and all sorts of other interesting things, like loading docks, Odoor and motorcycle gears, without having to lift so much as a finger.
Guess somebody out there is looking out for me.
- No! - Joe! You won't take me out with machines.
Machines serve me! He's gone.
Joe! He's gone! Answering the light.
- Joe, can you hear me? - Seth, the train, if he rolls it Joe is down there.
We can't leave him.
Go help.
Look, nobody hung Beeman up to try.
That mission was by the books.
It was just damn stupid luck that he went in there first.
And now is hard damn stupid luck that he can use all this equipment against us.
You wan me to apologise for the past, and I will.
But I didn't pull him in that chair.
That's not how he went down.
Connor? Somehow I don't think an apology is gonna work with talk and revenge here the guy has been doing for years.
Might've started that way but I don't thing that's what it is now.
Seth and Joe, they aren't part of his past.
They weren't on his squad.
Look, he knows that I'll give a crap is he takes me out first.
He's enjoying himself.
He's showing me what he can do to the team before he takes me down.
- The flashlights too? - He's coming on us again.
You looking ok, Joe.
I'm not, but I'm doing what I can.
Good work, Seth.
- What the hell is he doing? - He's waiting.
He's got the advantage.
Riley, what do we got left? Still part of the security grid, but I've been blocked out.
I think our Neuro is using our grid to spy us.
That's how he knows where we are.
I will not be able to open the doors, until Riley regains control of the system.
There's another way out.
The original engineers put on those fire doors to protect the line.
They put and emergency evacuation shaft too.
- Where? - Through the ventilation tunnel, There're ladders, manual hatches.
This went up to the streets.
- Well, lead on.
- I'll stay.
I leave here, he's gonna keep on coming.
In case some let him kill you, you thing's gonna stop? No, idiot.
But I have un idea.
And I could use your help.
Are you asking me for help? Are you gonna do it or call a press conference? - Fine, I'm in.
- Good.
Get everybody out of here.
All right.
I'll be back, with some fire power.
I wanna hurry.
- Let's go! - Good.
Wait down here.
All right; your call, boss.
It's just down this way.
- This is it.
- From all the way out.
- Sure you can make it, Joe? - I'll raise you.
We'll do it together.
Ok, it is locked.
- Joe, what the hell is that? - That's crazy.
These have been disconnected for 15 years.
It doesn't seem to bother Beeman.
Please, tell me we're not gonna get sucked up into that fan.
Doesn't have that kind of draw.
Feel the breeze? - Those are fans.
- They're spinning in reverse.
They're no bringing air into the shaft.
They're sucking it out.
We'll make our way up the tracks.
Make it look like we know where we're going.
That we have a way out.
If Beeman is watching us maybe he'll come out of his hiding place to stop us.
And you need me for this plan because? I want to keep you close to me, so I can keep my eye on you.
Look, I don't know if can help the others.
Maybe they can help themselves but you're the one that matters to me.
Probably the only thing that's mattered to me in a long time.
And if Beeman knows how I feel about you that puts you on the spotlight.
If anything ever happened to you it'll be worst than hell.
How much air you thing we have? We'll know when we run out of breath.
There's a manual hatch at the top.
If we can get there in time.
Riley, let's check it out.
- Ok.
- Come on, hassle up.
Ok, I'm going.
I don't think we've much time left.
Don't stop, Riley.
Keep going.
The air's starting to thin out.
Come on! Got to get that hatch open.
Andre! I am working on it! No one could have seen that coming, right Connor? It's just bad luck you sent her in first.
Question: Can you live with yourself now?! Yeah, I can live with myself.
Hey, girl, are you all right? The only woman I know that can get hit by a train and live to tell about it.
It looks like it might've hurt.
Boss, the fan! The door! Try the door! - What? - -Open the door! It's clear! All right, let's go, come on.
- Is everybody ok? - All in one peace.
When the fan stopped we knew you must've done it You chipped him! I stopped him.
Aren't you afraid those things turning up and ripping your face off? Maybe I forget it was someone else's turn to have a homicidal Neuro on their trail this week.
Lightning only strikes once, uh? Well, the bike has got to get fixed.
You think on your feet, Vasco, I'll give you that.
When a guy starts declaring his undying affection wakes you up.
And knowing how sensitive and romantic you are, I knew you were up to something.
And being in love with me obviously wasn't it.
No, obviously.
I mean, Beeman was watching us.
I figured we'd give him a show.
I was betting on the fact that maybe he'd hate me just enough to take it out on you.
- Lucky me.
- Well, it worked.
It did at that.
You get a lot of that guys declaring? I'm a girl.
Occupational hazard.
Anything I can do to help? - Yeah, you can hand me that torque wrench.
- This? That's the one.
So, how long have you been working on it? About 9 months.
- Your baby.
- You see, that's the thing.
Women never appreciate the beauty of a well built machine.
I'm not so sure about that.
You know what they say about judging books by their covers.
Maybe it's the same with people.
Some of us work hard to present a cover to the world around us.
Even to the people we're closest to.
The kind of cover that makes people walk by without ever picking up the book.
The pages remain unread and there's nothing to be learnt between the lines.
Hey, are you gonna help or watch? - Oh, yeah.
- Give me the ratchet over there.
- This? - That will do.