Painkiller Jane s01e20 Episode Script

The Beast of Bolnar

My name is Jane Vasco I could use you on my team I work for a secret government agency that hunts neuros.
People who can do dangerous things with their minds.
On my first assignment Something a little weird happened, Okay, something really weird.
Until I get some answers I'm getting on with my life, doing my job Stocking up on aspirin because let me tell ya pain's a bitch! Wham, bam, thank you ma'am.
You try beating that, my jolly green friend.
How do you keep doing that? You win.
Drinks on me.
Don't feel bad.
You giving me a better fight than I've had in a long time.
Thank you.
Blood in your eye.
Thanks, I think.
Is there a storm coming I didn't hear about? No storm.
Why are they locking the place down? The beast of bolnar walks from the eighth hour past noon to the ninth.
And pity anything which crosses its path.
Animal or man.
My goat was first, four years ago.
No one believed me, they laughed at me.
They're not laughing, now.
Dogs, horses, men.
Sliced to ribbons and ripped in half by the beast.
You're kidding, right? Anybody tried hunting it down? Them that tried all died.
Best to stay inside when it is the time of the beast.
Come on, another game.
double or nothing.
You bet.
Just a second.
Yeah, be there in half an hour.
Sorry, my friend.
Have to give you a rain check.
Rain check? I have to leave.
You can't go.
It's the eighth hour.
Connor, the beast kill you.
I'll be okay.
Ahhhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! No! No! Connor? What happened?! Ah! Connor! What happened! Ahh! It almost got me! I don't know, something.
maybe it was the beast.
What beast? What beast? The beast of bolnar.
- It's okay! - I got to go! It's okay! You'll be okay! Couldn't find much on "the beast of bolnar.
" a few references to a town legend.
Similar to bigfoot or the loch ness monster.
Animal mutilation, killings.
No proof.
Hey, last night I was given the mother of all tetanus shots.
That's proof enough for me.
I'm not saying I don't believe you.
As many horror movies as I've seen You've gotta consider all possibilities.
Including a neuro on the loose.
We have any reports of neuro activity outside north america? I knew you were gonna ask that.
No The only known neuros this side of the water are housed in this facility.
It's mcbride.
Get in here, thank you.
I'll keep checking but the local databases are pretty pathetic.
You want facts, talk to people.
The guys in that bar knew plenty.
- Agent mcbride.
- Captain One of my team was attacked last night, in town.
It has the earmarks of neuro activity.
If it happened in town, it wasn't a neuro.
Not one of ours, anyway.
- All the inmates are accounted for? - Yes, sir Head counts are done on the hour since the administrative change.
That will be all, thank you.
Alright, connor, put some clothes on, I want you to show me where this happened.
It's mine.
I don't know if I hit it, didn't take it down.
Connor, try to find me a blood trail.
Ever see him like that? Not even close.
What is that? Looks like the claw mark of some animal.
Yeah, king kong's bigger brother.
What the hell could do that? Mark of the beast it is.
Beware the eighth hour past noon.
Have you ever seen this beast? No one who sees the beast lives to tell of it.
Where does it come from? Have you no eyes, woman? The beast comes right out of hell.
But there has got to be something Connor? Find that blood trail? Only my own.
Welcome to bolnar.
New people in town tend to create a stir.
I'm constable farkas.
Andre mcbride.
We're u.
Federal agents.
Really? That's a first.
What brings u.
Federal agents all the way to our little town? One of our colleagues was attacked last night.
- Between eight and nine? - Yeah The beast of bolnar.
Trust me I know how it sounds.
You have to understand.
Two different worlds.
- Each has their own rules - What're you saying? You don't believe in this beast or not.
I'm saying that there are things here that can't be explained away with "Rational explanations?" and the beast of bolnar is one of those things? You already know the answer to that, don't you? I know something attacked me last night.
Who or what, I don't know.
There could be rational explanations that you are unaware of.
Then I'd be more than happy to hear them.
Four years ago, the people in this town elected me, believing that I could help protect them.
I haven't been able to do that.
If there's a chance that we could help each other to meet that end, I'd like to participate You know the town, you know the people.
We can use all the help we can get.
That's the last one.
The square's been sealed off.
The streets have been cleared.
Except us.
If even a cockroach crosses my sensor perimeter, we'll know about it You're all keyed into infra red in case we need a heat signature.
you're a bloody genius.
Five minutes to 8:00.
Places - I got the north end.
- I've got the south.
Farkas, here.
West end.
We're about to discover whether or not science can triumph over mythology.
Alright, riley, what do you got? Not a peep.
Wish it would come out and get it over with.
Maybe it's not coming out tonight.
The beast comes every night.
- It's almost 8:30 and I've got nothing.
- Keep going til 9:00 If he knows we're out here With all this brilliant science We're not talking about a he.
We're talking about an it.
Still nothing.
Looks like a wash.
Farkas? Ahhh! What's going on? Farkas, I'm on my way.
There's nothing on my screen! I see something's got him.
what? I can't see it.
Jane, be careful.
Hold your positions, we're on our way.
Check vasco.
She's alright.
He's not.
No prints, no fibers.
Good thing we stayed up all night.
À good man's dead and all we've got is a lot of nothing.
I've checked my sensor array and transmitters over and over.
Everything's working perfectly.
Except it didn't work.
How was the perimeter compromised? I can't explain it.
Farkas tried to tell us that this is an it and not a him.
Even if this is some kind of beast, it should give off body heat on infra red and anything that moves should set off a motion detector.
Only it didn't.
Why? - I haven't got a clue.
- You better get one, riley.
One thing we know for sure, whatever it is, it kills.
Whoa, whoa, check this out! Boss Does that mean the thing's still here? I don't know, I can't tell, I can't zoom in any further.
Jane? Connor? I have it calibrated for a uv 15 overlay.
It should work.
) Alright, you sonovabitch, where are you? Connor, anything? No! Guys! Footprints.
How could something so tiny be so strong? Anything yet? Yes and no? Meaning what? I know what didn't kill constable farkas.
It wasn't the wounds on his back or the beating he took.
Then what was it? Farkas died from a complete shutdown of his central nervous system.
And it was sudden as though someone just flipped a switch.
Never seen anything like it.
Can you confirm that this is the same thing that attacked connor last night? Not with absolute certainty but the wound patterns are identical.
Boss Sorry, go.
Got a preliminary analysis of the footprint.
Trace electromagnetic energy in and out of it.
It wasn't there before farkas was killed.
Okay, it belonged to the killer.
What're we dealing with? Based on the depth of the print.
À female, five-six and 110 pounds.
The guy I talked to in the tavern said the beast first attacked four years ago.
His goat.
So we're not talking about an ancient legend.
We're talking about a legend that started after nico moved into the neighborhood.
Hell of a coincidence.
According to newman, whatever killed farkas attacked his central nervous system.
You're damn lucky to be alive.
Riley, I want you to delve deeper on this footprint analysis.
I'm going to head back to newman.
I still think we're missing something in the inmate population.
You two get back to town and find the guy from the tavern.
See what he remembers about this thing's first kill.
Could shed light on how this began and why.
Let's go.
Find this.
Sorry, I couldn't come up with more answers for you.
That's alright.
It's to be expected in our line or work.
Let me ask you something, doctor These detainees, you have been here for a while Have you encountered any conditions under which the effects of a chip could wear off? Encountered it? No.
Is it possible? Like you said "In this line of work " no way to be sure.
Yes, but look around you.
Nico has over a thousand neuros who are not using their powers.
And they aren't all living here in the section for model detainees.
I assume these questions stem from the incident in bolnar.
Let me say this, agent mcbride.
We know that proximity is required for neuro power to have any effect.
Bolnar is 25 miles away.
The beast of bolnar didn't appear until after nico was established here.
I don't believe in coincidence, doctor.
You're right, of course.
But you might have to consider the possibility that you're not dealing with a neuro but something altogether different.
Well, if it isn't the dart champion of bolnar.
Lot of work I am doing.
This won't take very long.
Horvath, something happened to me the night I left the bar.
I told you not go, you went anyway.
I remember you saying something about your goat was the first thing attacked by this "beast.
" torn apart.
My name's jane.
We know this beast is dangerous and we want to help your town get rid of it.
Can not get rid of.
Why not? Curse of the gypsies.
Gypsies? World war II, many gypsies died here.
Gypsies curse bolnar, beast come.
World war ii was 60 years ago.
How come the beast only showed up four years ago? I'm not a gypsy.
That's loud.
Church, next door is good, protection from the beast.
You said your goat was the first thing attacked.
Attack goat, not person.
Boy must learn.
I said, boy needs to learn.
Thanks for your time, horvath.
Nice class of people you hang around with.
He seemed like a good guy in the tavern.
Guess that's why they call it happy hour.
Poor kid.
Reminds me of the old man.
Minus the left hook.
- What've you got? - Nothing.
Horvath doesn't know how or why it started.
Unless you buy the gypsy story.
I'm listening There's some superstition about a gypsy curse but it doesn't add up.
Actually, farkas thought it did.
And something got past riley's sensors.
I think I might have a way to track it using part of the uv frequency that revealed that footprint.
Still, thing should've had an infrared signature.
Should have, but didn't.
You sure this will work? Only one way to find out.
Is that it? That's it.
A mile north of here.
Moving twelve miles an hour.
We move.
You're our eyes, kid.
Got your eyes and my mojo.
Riley, eta.
Two minutes.
Remember we hit this thing as one.
Hey, guys, do you see what I'm seeing? Oh, yeah, I see it! We just don't know what the hell it is.
Hey, guys, do you see what I'm seeing? Oh, yeah, I see it! We just don't know what the hell it is.
Jane, you've got point.
Connor, you move on my mark.
Where'd it go? I don't know.
It was on my screen Jane! Behind you! Vasco! You okay? Yeah.
Wouldn't have been if whatever the hell that was didn't show up.
Any history of this thing saving anyone before jane? Not that I could find.
None of the people I spoke to could rember it happening before, either.
Yesterday, it snapped her in half.
Doesn't make any sense.
Are you wearing perfume? What? Pheromones.
They've been known to excite predators.
Among others.
Other than changing my clothes, I can't think of anything that made yesterday any different than today.
Ahhh! What kind of prison has frigging cats? It's therapeutic.
It calms the inmates.
Whatever happened to a good smack in the mouth? You okay? This remind you of anything? You don't need a cut man in your corner? What's your point? These scratches aren't nearly as linear and parallel as the ones the beast left in town.
Or the ones we saw on connor and farkas.
What difference does it make? The beast isn't a cat.
We don't know what it is.
Or isn't.
I'd like to go back and speak to horvath.
Do it.
Riley, anything on those footprints? I've got a firm handle on the energy signature.
If I can enhance it I might be able to produce an image.
Something like a mug shot.
Sooner than later, riley.
Of course.
You looking for something? Yes.
I'm just not sure what it is.
I told you everything I know.
I know you have.
There's just Something here Something I'm missing.
I am sorry But I have no time for talking.
I have work to do.
If I could just have one more second Or not.
Let me help you with those.
You've really got some muscles there.
I can do twenty push-ups.
Not bad.
More than I can do.
Are you ametican? American.
My english is not so good.
I think your english is very good.
Where'd you learn? At orphanage.
My name is jane, what's your name? Kristoff.
Kristoff, it doesn't have to be this way.
If you want, I can help you.
I have to go.
How's it going? Tell you in a second.
I'm trying to render an image out of this electrical signature.
I'm hungry, I'm gonna render a sandwich.
You want anything? This'll take a while.
I'll come with you.
Doesn't make any sense.
How do you "render" a sandwich? Yes! So much for turning over a new leaf.
It did, actually.
Until last night they'd always been safe inside.
I'd say you could call this a sign of forced entry.
I'll take interviews.
They know me.
Let's check this body.
Oh, god.
Not cut off, either.
It saves your life one day, overkill the next.
Think we're affecting the pattern simply by looking for the killer? Wish I knew.
I suppose we should find the rest of them.
Much as I hate to pass that up.
Horvath has a son.
Someone needs to check up on him Let him know what's happened See if he's okay.
Alright, I'll find the head myself.
Kristoff? Kristoff, it's jane.
Kristoff? Where are you? Hi.
There's something I have to tell you.
- I'm not allowed to talk to you.
- Why not? The mister said.
The mister? Your father? Told me never to call him that.
Why aren't you supposed to talk to me? I don't know.
But if I talk to you, the mister will send me back to orphanage.
Kristoff, listen to me.
There's something I have to tell you, something sad.
The mister isn't coming back.
Because I was bad? No, kristoff, you're not bad, he is bad.
To do this to you.
To hurt you.
Do this to me because I was bad.
- Now he's left me.
- He didn't leave you.
He died.
I'm so sorry.
I go back to the orphanage, aren't I? I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you.
Okay? No, you'll go, too.
Everybody goes and leaves.
I won't go until I'm sure you're taken care of.
Have you had breakfast today? No.
I'll see what's in the kitchen.
Eggs, bacon and potatoes.
That's what I make the mister every morning.
Well, you wash up.
Today, I'll make breakfast for you.
Just trying to get you guys on the comm.
I've got positron emission tomography of the beast of bolnar.
Have a look.
Given that you guys don't believe in monsters, I ran it against the inmate population.
There's a 91 percent match to one of them.
Gabriella flanagan.
I don't know what you want me to tell you.
The truth! I've been telling you the truth.
Tell me.
I've never hurt anyone in my whole life.
If you don't count robbing people blind.
I'm not saying I shouldn't be here.
I stole and that was wrong and I'm paying for it.
But you said people have been killed.
I'd never do that.
There's a town called bolnar.
You been there? No.
I never even heard of it.
Argh! You were seen.
Can you explain that? No, it's a mistake.
I've been here for ten years.
Lady, you're gonna die here unless you tell us what we want to know.
I don't know anything.
I don't.
Why won't you believe me? That's the best damn liar I've ever seen.
Or she's telling the truth.
You saw that thing on riley's computer.
It looks just like her.
She's a model detainee.
Never caused any problems.
How do you explain it? Seriously, boss, just gimme ten more minutes with her.
Find dr.
Newman and have him run every test in the book on her.
I don't know what you're expecting to find.
Even if I did find something, gabriella's "talent" was that she could see through solid objects.
She didn't tear people apart.
I understand that.
But if her power were somehow to mutate, change form.
That's a big "if.
" besides, gabriella flanagan is still chipped and the chip is functioning.
You're positive.
Agent mcbride, right now, this woman is no more a neuro than you or I.
Kristoff Breakfast is ready.
- Vasco.
- Jane, it's riley.
You still at horvath's?* Yeah, I think I found something, too.
Whatever this is, it's somehow connected to this place.
You've gotta get out of there! In a minute Tell andre those aren't claw marks.
Listen to me! The beast is on the move.
And it's heading right for you.
In broad daylight? All I know is, it's headed toward horvath's and it's moving fast.
Jane! Jane! Kristoff.
Kristoff, wake up.
Kristoff, wake up.
Wake up! Kristoff, it's alright.
May I see that? There's no doubt about it.
No doubt about what? I've found the beast of bolnar.
You mean we found her, gabriella flanagan.
Yes, and no.
When gabriella flanagan came here ten years ago, she was pregnant.
She had a child who was then transferred to an orphanage.
I've confirmed that with dna.
I've also confirmed that the boy is a neuro.
Doc, what're you saying? That this freakazoid gene can be inherited? It would appear to be.
This is the first we've seen it.
Doesn't make any sense, gabriella's Apparently, the inherited ability can be different from the mother.
I don't buy it.
If the kid did all this, why does it look like her? Right now, I can only give you a best guess.
The boy - His name is kristoff.
- Kristoff's unconscious mind seems to have created an entity, a creature from the id, so to speak, that carried all of his rage.
And there was a lot of that to go around.
Kristoff was adopted at the age of five for little more than slave labor.
He's nine, right? The beast of bolnar appeared four years ago.
Apparently, kristoff didn't even know what he was doing.
The entity created itself during a specific portion of rem sleep which turned out to occur Between 8:00 and 9:00 p.
When the church bell sounded, it would wake him up or interrupt the rem sleep.
Like it did today.
Think about it.
You're kristoff, getting worked half to death by a man who offers zero comfort or warmth.
Deep down you're mad as hell.
I still don't get it.
Why does it look like his mother? He shouldn't even be able to rember her.
Yes, he does.
In his mind, she's the only protector he's ever known.
Until you helped him.
That's why his monster saved you.
When the kid went to sleep again, why didn't the monster show up? Most of us only experience rem sleep once or twice per sleep cycle.
The deepest level is usually the first.
Son of the neuro.
Sounds like a horror movie.
Although, sequels usually suck.
There was Riley, shut up.
If this is true, then the neuro ability can spread through genetics, we could be in for one hell of a party.
I'm afraid that's a strong possibility.
If you'll excuse me, I have a report to write up.
I guess the circus is gonna be in town for a long time.
Look at the bright side.
You will never be out of work.
Trust me, boss, if we could take the last of these freaks off the planet, I'd he happy to collect my unemployment check.
Well, if you'll excuse me, there's a freak that needs some attention.
I've spoken with the new director and it's all arranged You'll never have to go back to that orphanage.
And you'll stay with me? Kristoff I can't.
I have my work to do.
But I do know someone that can stay with you.
And I've spoken to her.
And she's missed you Every day of your life.
And, kristoff, There's nothing better Than being with your mother.
Go on, you'll be okay.
Will I see you again? Of course.