Painkiller Jane s01e21 Episode Script


My name is Jane Vasco.
I could use you on my team.
I work for a secret government agency that hunts Neuros.
People who can do dangerous things with their minds.
On my first assignment something a little weird happened, okay, something really weird.
Until I get some answers I'm getting on with my life, doing my job stocking up on aspirin because I gotta tell ya, pain's a bitch! Andre? Sarah.
I'll catch up to you at the meeting.
Sure, I'll see you there.
How are you? You look well.
I feel fine.
And don't worry, I haven't walked through any walls for a long time.
You look older.
Still handsome, but older.
Not wiser? You were wise when I met you.
You always wear that well.
If you're wondering, I don't blame you for any of this.
They've taken good care of me here.
Good, I'm glad.
I'm sorry.
- I'm keeping you from your meeting.
- I do have to go.
- Maybe we can talk some other time.
- Yes.
It's good seeing you.
Where's the boss? I thought he was with you.
He was.
He's on his way.
That'd give me a few minutes to finish these protocols.
I was out sampling the local pub scene last night.
I'll be right back.
What do you know about a patient here - Whackjob Freak of nature - Name's Sarah.
Why are you asking? Andre seemed to know her.
- More than know her.
- Right, people, we've got work to do.
Let's get cracking.
Where's Riley? Let it go.
You have those new patient protocols from Dr.
Newman yet? Just waiting for you, boss.
Looks like a false alarm, sir.
We're finishing our sweep and should've an all-clear in the next five minutes.
We'll need your approval for the all clear.
Security! How did you What do you want? What do you! The answers to so many questions.
They say that when you look into a mirror you see what you want to see.
While the image is a literal reflection of whatever's in front of it, what we see is clouded by our perception.
Whether it be of beauty, imperfection, triumph or failure.
Our take on what surrounds us is only as real as our take on what is inside us.
It sheds a whole new light on the phrase, "seeing is believing.
Sarah? Am I interrupting? I'm sorry about running off when we met yesterday.
I understand, you're working here.
You knew I was here? Everyone knows you're here, Andre.
Things are a lot better because of the changes you and your people have made.
But that's no surprise.
I can't claim that I offered you a better life.
But you did, Andre I was doing things I shouldn't have been doing.
You were doing your job.
I always knew something was wrong with me, but I was willing to use it.
Ever since you Ever since you chipped me and sent me here Believe it or not, life is a lot more normal than it had been.
You don't miss your freedom? But I don't miss the life I was living, the things I was doing.
Freedom means different things to different people.
and bizarre murder has taken place at offices at the national security agency.
Boris Czmerick, a senior officer for the agency was found dead Oh, dear god.
his heart removed from his body.
I've seen that man in a dream.
no suspect or motive for this brutal crime.
But it was only a dream.
A horrible nightmare.
It's all right.
Andre, I have been in that room, I have seen that man! That's impossible.
You just said it was a nightmare.
You probably just saw him on TV before or read about it in the papers.
No, something happened in that room! Something awful! You have to make it stop, Andre! Please, make it stop! You have to tell someone, please! Oh, god, someone help me! I'll need a full scan, MRI, cross-sections, CTI, everything.
- Laterals? - Might as well.
Keep her well-sedated.
I want the results as soon as you have them.
What have you got? Not much more than you know, boss.
The guy was high up the food chain at ENSA.
No sign of forced entry, and even though an alarm was triggered no one saw a thing, not even the cameras.
Whoever got to him didn't use the front door, that's for sure.
Just keep digging, Riley.
I'm sure somewhere, someone found something.
- Okay, boss, I'll do my best.
- Thank you.
- Talk to me.
- She's stabilized.
We're running a full battery of tests.
And the chip? It's in place and appears to be functioning normally.
Well, then it's impossible that she did what she said she did.
I've worked here long enough to never say "never," agent McBride.
I'll keep you posted.
We've got another problem at customs.
The last shipment of medication wasn't properly labeled.
They say you have to go down and sign for it or they won't release it.
Is there anything else anybody needs me to do? - No, doctor.
I was just told to - Thanks, I've got it.
Wanna talk about it? There's nothing to talk about.
Please, you can pull that B.
on Vasco, but not me.
You have something to say to me, agent King, spit it out.
She's a woman.
Chip or no chip, twisted DNA or not, they're all a little freaky.
But most of all, they have a way of making us freaky.
Are you suggesting that I'm letting my personal feelings get involved? I'm just sayin', be careful and stay on your game.
We got a corpse in town, no idea how the perp got in.
She's saying, "I did it, I did it!" And we both know she has the talent to have done it.
Is there indication that she or anyone else left the perimeter last night? No, what the lady's capable of This is not a guessing game, agent King! At present, there's no reason to suspect that Sarah Rogers had either the capability, or the opportunity to commit that crime.
Have I made myself clear! Crystal.
Hey, doc, how are ya'? I'm sorry about this.
- I just need to sign it and get back.
- Here ya go.
- I'll bring the pallet from the back.
- Thanks.
This is Dr.
Could you put me through to radiology, please? Hello, doctor.
How the hell did you? What've we got? One of our doctors, Dr.
Thomas, went missing a couple hours ago.
He was last scene at customs, picking up medical supplies.
- Did you do a head count? - First thing we did.
And all patients are accounted for.
All right, hold on.
I think I might have something.
Just pulled this off the security cameras at the customs office.
It's a little bit grainy, but What are we looking at? You've reviewed all the footage? She was taken to recovery after her tests.
There is no camera in that room but, like the last time, there is no images or records of anyone leaving the premises besides Dr.
Even if she did walk through the wall, she couldn't be in two places at once.
I understand, sir.
I'm just telling you what we know.
What about blind spots in the system? Like I said, not every room is covered but there are no blind spots along any part of the perimeter.
- Did she say anything? - She's pretty shaken.
Keeps talking about doing these things in her dreams.
- And what do you think? - Right now? I don't.
Can I talk to her? She's groggy from the medication.
I'm not sure what you'll get from her.
Go away, please.
Tell me about your dreams.
- I don't want to talk about them.
- You have to.
We need to understand what's going on.
I've had them for years.
Ever since I was a child.
You saw yourself hurting people? Not always.
It's hard to explain.
It's as if I could see myself from the outside and watch what I was doing.
But the feeling was always the same.
As if I were searching for something.
Searching for what? I don't know.
As if part of me was missing.
- I told you it was hard to explain.
- That's all right, go on.
The dreams stopped for a while after you sent here.
Though they never really frightened me, I felt relieved that they were gone.
When did they start again? I don't know.
A few months ago.
And then the other night when I murdered that man When you dreamt that you murdered that man And last night again, I tortured someone.
A man.
He begged me to stop.
And I wanted to make it stop but I couldn't.
Did you recognize the man? No, he was so far away.
I could tell he was dressed in white.
I think he might have been a I don't know.
- Like a doctor? - Yes.
Did something happen? Was someone else hurt? That's what we're trying to find out.
Now, listen to me I need you to tell me everything you can about that dream.
Faces, places, anything you can remember.
It's all so vague.
I saw him His white coat, anyway.
And trees.
Lots of trees.
And a fountain, maybe Somewhere, I heard the sound of running water.
I can't remember any more.
That's all right.
Tell me what happened.
You get some rest, okay? I'll try and visit you as soon as I can, okay? Andre? Maybe it would have been better if you'd killed me when you had the chance.
What do you think? You get any of the test results? They all came back negative or inconclusive.
There's still nothing to indicate that the chip is malfunctioning.
I want her isolated.
I want her sedated, and I mean paralyzed.
I want her physiological and mental activity monitored twenty-four-seven.
Post guards.
No one goes in or out without my authorization.
Already in place.
The location she mentioned.
Trees maybe a fountain.
Are there any In this part of the world, a few dozen, maybe.
Riley's going to need a starting point.
If she's right, maybe we could find this Dr.
This is the last location I picked up from the cell phone.
Signal went dead after that.
You hear that? Sound of running water.
We're close.
- All right, let's go.
- Let's roll people.
Stay by the car! I'll stay by the car.
Over here! I've got a "last dialed," don't know what it means.
You can run it when we get back.
Get him out of here.
Look, you told me to back off on Andre's history with Sarah and I did.
But given the current circumstances that information has now fallen into the need-to-know category, I need to know.
Let's walk.
Three years ago we were on the trail of a chip-job that had been stealing drugs and pricey medical gear from a major hospital.
We assumed the drugs were being stolen and sold on the street.
But we had no idea how they were getting in or out of secured areas.
We figured it was an inside job so we started interviewing people.
Sarah happened to be one of the first.
She worked in the laundry room in the hospital.
Seemed like a good kid, honest, hard-working.
Time went on, we thought we had our Neuro pinned as an orderly.
Real bad guy.
Criminal record longer than mine.
Usual procedure.
I caught up with him after one night of drinking.
Swiped a bit of DNA for the doc but we figured the point was moot.
I mean, all evidence pointed towards this guy.
Anyway by that time, Andre had gotten pretty cozy with Sarah.
First time I'd ever seen that happen, but why the hell not? She was bright, kind, innocent.
Everything we weren't used to.
To the boss, probably felt like a breath of fresh air.
Things got ugly though, when our prime suspect tested Neuro negative.
Riley's busy running possibles with his usual enthusiasm when he finds out that Sarah's mother is sick, very sick.
Whatever she had, she probably wasn't going to pull through.
There were treatments but they cost a lot of coin which Sarah didn't have.
It wasn't easy for the boy wonder to tell the boss what he'd found.
None the less, I thought we'd run straight away on it.
We didn't.
He put a nix on it.
Said it was something that could wait.
Guess it was something he wanted to take care of himself.
Andre? The kid was just trying to lift enough medicine to help her mother.
After they shipped Sarah off, Andre made arrangements for her mother to receive treatment.
Why not? She deserved it as much as people with money.
But eventually she fell through the cracks, got lost in the system.
First time I ever saw the boss doubt what we were doing.
He came this close to walking.
I don't know what to say.
You aren't going to say anything.
I told you this because I don't know if I could trust his judgment right now and I need you to back me up.
Other than that, darlin', this conversation never happened.
Oh, my god! What have they done to you? It's taken me so long, but after all these years I've finally found you, my beautiful sister.
We've looked at this in every possible way, Sarah was under complete lockdown and monitored at the very time of Dr.
Thomas' murder.
There were no marked changes in her physiology.
EEG, GSR, heart rate, respiration, are all within the norms.
The data doesn't lie, doctor.
And the video that Riley obtained the images from the customs office, are they lying? - That was Sarah.
- Or someone who looked like Sarah.
Now, what about Baumgartner? He could easily have taken her form.
The facility is secure, Andre.
You've seen to that.
Baumgartner's a shape shifter but he can't walk through walls.
And Sarah can't be in two places at once.
I have made my decision.
I want Sarah taken out of lockdown.
Discontinue the sedation.
- Don't you think that you might be? - Might be in charge around here? Good.
I'm glad we understand one another.
Just before my mother died, she told me I was adopted.
She told me about you, my twin sister.
How we were separated.
Why we were separated.
And then all began to make sense.
The dreams You've had them, too? As if you were looking for something? Not something, Sarah, someone.
A part of me I always knew was missing.
But not anymore.
We're special, in so many ways.
But then those dreams That man Abby, you killed that man! And Dr.
Thomas! He was the man in white, wasn't he? You murdered them! - No.
- I saw it! I thought I had done it.
Sarah, when my mother finally passed, I knew I had to find you.
No matter how hard or how long is gonna take.
When I finally managed to track you down it was as if you'd vanished off the face of the Earth.
I had come so close to finding you and you were gone.
It took me another four years to find out that they'd sent you here.
No one knows about this place.
I know a great deal about this place.
I know what they did to you.
The man that did it to you.
What they do here.
You and I are different.
We can go places and see things others can't.
This is a bad place, Sarah.
I've come to take you home.
But Dr.
Thomas He never hurt anyone.
That's right.
Thomas was a good man.
The more I looked into this place, the more I understood just how vile and cruel it was.
A place where people like you, good people, are locked away because they fear what they don't understand.
Thomas knew that.
And there were others.
I tried to meet with them.
They promised to help me get to you.
It wasn't me, Sarah.
Their people got to them first.
That man, McBride Andre? He wouldn't murder anyone.
He would if it meant keeping this place a secret, silencing the people who'd want to expose it.
The most important thing right now is to get you out of here.
Getting in, I'm afraid, is a lot easier than getting out.
They watch us closely.
That's why I need you to stay here in case someone comes in and checks on you.
I'll see if I can find a way out.
Sarah I need to talk to you.
I apologize for the way you've been treated, but I had to be sure.
And now you are? I know you.
I know what you're capable of, and what you're not.
When I met you, despite your power, all you wanted to do is help your mother.
But that's why you put me here.
- Yes, because of - What I am.
What I can do.
Sarah, until very recently, I had no idea what was going on at this place.
- I'm trying to make it better.
- A better prison.
A better place to learn about you and people like you.
- We need to understand - What you fear.
But if it had been up to me things might have turned out differently.
But it was up to you, Andre.
We all have a choice.
All right You are not the first person to suggest that all of this is all wrong.
- Having a change of heart? - No.
I don't see the world as black and white, despite what you think.
And I don't necessarily fear what I don't understand.
Not everyone here is like you.
There are people that possess great power and they use it for personal gain, at the expense of others.
But you just said, I'm not like the others.
And yet you used your power to take away mine and lock me up here.
Maybe the only people that should be locked up here, are people who misused their power.
Maybe the wrong people are behind these walls, agent McBride.
The main exits are too well guarded.
The only way out is through the outer wall.
The problem is they are too thick.
Too thick to go through alone.
But if we tried together, combined, maybe we could They took away my power, Abby.
Even if we could do what you say The chip can be removed.
It's a simple electrical device, that lodges itself in the cranial cortex.
What goes in, can come out.
Lean forward.
You know I would never hurt you.
- I think we should talk about this.
- There's nothing to say.
Nothing, or too much? Don't you think I know how you feel? I not sure I care at this moment, Jane.
I've just looked in on Sarah.
They've discontinued the sedation and she'll be released shortly.
- What are you talking about? - Just what I said.
As soon as the medication's sufficiently worn off, she'll be released.
When did you see her? I just left her a few minutes ago.
So did I.
This is McBride, security breach, code red.
Go! I want this place on full lock-down! Now! Emergency lockdown on all doors! Yes! Damn.
This is McBride.
Detainee escape, Sarah Rogers.
Possible breach of outer perimeter.
I want checkpoints set up on all roads out establish a search grid assuming a ten minute head start, monitor all choke points.
Approach target with extreme caution.
We have to try this.
Feel me.
We have to do this together.
Have you ever felt anything like it? - Come on let's go! - No! Boss I've got a hit.
One of the trucks from the motor-pool is on the move.
Got a good solid signal on the tracking device.
How do you want to play this? Chipping her sure as hell isn't going to do anything.
Hey, I make that call.
She's a Neuro boss, she's already killed two people that we know of.
- I make that call.
- There's no other alternative.
Damn it, Connor, enough! You know what? He's right.
We can't risk losing any more lives.
You've told me a hundred times that we can't let personal feelings interfere with the work.
We have a job to do.
This is delta-six-zero.
I've got a visual on the target vehicle.
Going to make a stop.
Let's roll.
Keep out of sight.
Stay where you are! I am authorized to shoot! Stay where you are! I don't want to shoot you! Come on, let's go! Signal's stationary.
Should be directly in front of you.
Still think we should chip her? Get to high ground, she can't be far.
And Connor, don't you dare shoot without my order! Copy that.
Go! I've got eyes on target.
In the church, just south of your position.
Take the back and flush her towards me.
Maybe you should flush her toward me.
You've seen what she can do.
How about I give the orders around here, Vasco.
Get moving! - We have to keep moving.
- No.
Sarah, listen to me You killed that man out there.
I saw you.
Just like you killed the others.
Do you realize what I went through to find you? We have a gift.
Can't you imagine the possibilities? You saw the strength that we have, we were meant to be together.
- You and I are the same.
- We are not the same.
I am not going with you.
I'm in.
No sign of her yet.
I'm heading for higher ground.
Copy that.
Connor keep your eyes open.
I don't want her walking out here behind us.
Copy that.
She not going anywhere, boss.
I see her, west side of the building.
I've got a clear shot.
Boss, I've got a clear shot.
Take it.
Status? It was a hit.
Lost visual.
Vasco, are we clear? I've got a body down.
Doorway to the west.
Copy that.
Connor, call in with our location, I want an ambulance in here on the double.
- I'm on it.
- I'm going in.
Jane, report.
Vasco! Connor, get in here and give me back up.
Andre? Sarah It's not worth it, Sarah! You were right.
We weren't meant to be together.
Not a good time, Connor.
Yeah, we don't get a lot of those, do we? I guess what I'm trying to say is that I know how you feel.
Thank you.
Sometimes I think this chick is tougher than both of us.
I've been looking all over for you guys.
- Am I interrupting? - No, I was just telling the boss how Denver's D line is going to shut down Oakland's passing game.
Oh, yeah, he thinks that their D.
's have lost a step or two during the regular season, Oakland is going to find a way to take a deep.
- Really? - Yeah.
That's what I say to that.
I mean, Denver's running game is going to eat up the clock there's no way they're losing this one All right, well, as truly fascinating as I do find this, I think I'm gonna go help Riley sample the local pub scene.
Our actions, how we handle ourselves, how we react to the uncontrollable, unforeseen forces around us, is the closest we have to a true window on the soul.
Actions reflect who we are, more than words, confidential files, or video footage ever will.
You can hide from what you do, or you can be proud of it, but you can't deny that it's a gauge of who you are.
Andre gave us a glimpse through his window, And if you ask me, in this case, seeing is believing.