Painkiller Jane s01e22 Episode Script


My name is Jane Vasco.
I could use you on my team.
I work for a secret government agency that hunts Neuros.
People who can do dangerous things with their minds.
On my first assignment something a little weird happened, okay, something really weird.
Until I get some answers I'm getting on with my life, doing my job stocking up on aspirin because I gotta tell ya, pain's a bitch! The van will be here at 10:00 to take agent McBride and his team to the airport tomorrow.
Sure that's early enough? Wouldn't want them to miss their flight home.
More than enough.
It's so very red.
It was the only shade that was able to completely cover the blood stains.
There was a lot of blood.
I knew I shouldn't have bought it on e-bay.
No, darlin' it's not like that.
Of course I want you to come and visit, it's just that if I give my contact information to anyone it might jeopardize the safety of those orphans being held captive.
Orphans? You said their parents were worried about them.
Their soon-to-be parents who just selected those kids for adoption.
God, they must be frantic right now.
That's why it's so important I go in undercover to help find them.
Be careful, Connor.
Oh, darlin', oh yeah, I will.
Wish me luck.
Try it again.
Boss, I've hit it a dozen times in the last half hour.
I can't even get Morgan's office on the emergency channel.
Everything is shut down.
Could it be a satellite problem? No, if it was, there's a dozen others they could piggyback on to.
I sent him that message two days ago.
All right, put me through to his house.
We're sorry, the number you have reached is not in service.
Try Rio-six-two.
Boss, - that's for catastrophic events only.
- I know what it's for, Riley.
Rio-six-two, do it! Emergency communications, what's your department code? One-seven-three-six.
Did you say, one-seven-three-six? That's correct, one-seven-three-six.
That's a non-functioning code.
That's impossible.
That code registers non-functional.
This is special agent Andre McBride, put me through to Gerald Morgan, immediately! We have no one by that name on our personnel roster.
All right, Riley, you try to reach him, use everything in your bag of tricks.
I'm going to talk to Hamilton, see what he knows.
Boss, what the hell is going on down there?! Riley, override security and lock the facility down now! High alert! Someone's trying to take out the whole operation.
This is it, Riley, we're going to war.
Main power is gone.
We're on emergency back up.
No, this is not a communications problem with Washington.
Morgan's not even on the roster.
Whoever's did this, they planned it well.
- Is captain Rawlings - He's on his way down.
Ok, got 'em boss.
Connor's in an elevator and Jane's in a stairwell at the northeast sector.
- They're conferenced.
- All right, people, talk to me.
Little problem with a locked door.
Working on it.
Stuck between floors, darlin', wanna trade? I want both of you get back to the command center ASAP.
We have a situation.
Tell me about it.
Exits all secured.
No one's entered or left the facility in the past three hours.
- Was anyone seen near Hamilton's office? - Nearest camera's fifteen meters down.
Didn't show anyone except who we found at the scene.
But there's two hallways leading to the area that aren't monitored.
All right, cordon all detainees in a secured area and get me a head count.
- Guys, this is not good.
- What is it? When the power surged, it blew the electronics in red sector.
We got at least four cell locks that were disengaged.
- Red sector's the - I know what red sector is! Get me Rawlings.
Captain Rawlings, this is McBride, I've just been informed there is been a security breech in red sector that's red sector, all available personnel there immediately.
Freeze! I've got Jane.
- Jane, go.
- I'm out of the stairwell.
What's the quickest way back? Ok, go right at the next T.
You should be able to access a utility ladder about ten yards down and get up to level four.
- Comm me when you get there.
- Jane We've had a security breech in red sector.
I don't know if anyone got out.
Just be careful.
Got it.
Oh, that sucked! All right, Riley, talk to me.
Connor, where are you? Third level, quadrant seven.
Quadrant seven? Boss, there's a sub-panel just around the corner.
He might be able to activate an overload and regain full power.
Do it.
Connor, head for the labs at the end of hall.
There's a power sub-panel in the wall.
We might be able to get some power back on.
Right, roger that.
All right.
All right, I'm here.
Ok, you'll see two yellow switches about a third of the way down, the circuit overload should've pushed them to the left, you need to reset them.
On top you'll see a numbered dial.
Turn it clockwise until the indicator lines up at 450.
- 450 done and done.
- To the left you'll see a red lever.
Pull it up, and then back down.
Now we're done like dinner! Got any other plans, Einstein? Whoever cut the power must have damaged the systems at the mains.
- They're in the sub-basement.
- Just tell me how to get there.
That's too risky.
We've got potential escapees from red sector.
Get your ass back here.
I'm on level four, B-ward.
Head to the fire doors.
They're probably locked, but there is windows.
On it.
Come on! Come on, you sons of bitches! That doesn't make any sense.
It's just a supply area, and those doors wouldn't lock down, they're not even part of the emergency system.
I don't know what to tell you, Ri.
If they're not supposed to lock, someone must've forgotten to tell them.
No need for sarcasm, maybe I just made a little mistake.
- Hey, wait a second.
- What is it? "It" is you eating your words.
You're on the wrong floor, Jane! What? - Still can't get her.
- Just keep trying.
Don't worry about me, boss.
I don't heal as fast as Vasco, but I'll be okay.
Your theory about red sector escapees ain't a theory.
- They're packing.
- How many? There was four, now there's three.
Vasco get back yet? She was on the wrong floor and we lost connection with her comm.
We've unaccounted for red sector detainees.
- Yes, we know captain.
- They killed three of my men at the ward.
- Another two on level 3.
- We lost Jane on level 3.
What about the rest of the population? Everyone accounted for except a couple of trustees.
- How many men can you spare? - Two would be stretching it.
Then stretch it! We'll do a grid search.
Connor, you and I will make our way down from here.
Take your men down to ground level Start there.
Boss, guns.
Dead? Be better off if they were.
- Julien Ellison.
- Had the power to make people catatonic.
- Don't shoot! - Freeze! Slowly hands in the air.
I didn't do it.
Eddie, what the hell are you doing here? I'm a trustee.
I was cleaning up when he came in.
- He just froze them.
- We can't trust this freak.
It's all right, a guy with this kind of power if he wanted us dead, we'd be dead already.
So, how come you aren't comatose, Eddie? I didn't bother to ask, if you know what I mean.
All right, get back to your ward.
Go on.
Doesn't make sense.
Guys in lockdown don't do trustees favors.
It fits the pattern.
They're taking out staff, not other Neuros.
Clear! Fire broke out in the records room.
Sprinklers were activated, but the temp's still rising.
Rawlings? I've lost communications.
It was sudden, just like Jane.
Doctor, your predecessor ran unauthorized experiments on some of the population, yes? - That's correct.
- Did he un-chip them? The experiments would've required him to do that.
The Neuros on the loose must have been involved.
Taking out the staff, destroying records.
They're trying to wipe out any evidence of our existence.
And yet they didn't touch a trustee.
Because he's a Neuro.
Whoever's behind this, they're planning on sending every Neuro we've ever captured back into the world.
- We aren't secure here.
- We aren't secure anywhere.
We are in the safe room.
It's on level two, blue sector.
She's right.
Got an ultrasonic barrier that deflects every neuro-ability we know of.
Connor, get our weapons ready.
Riley, pack up your computer.
Newman, with me.
Okay, guys, I've got Jane! We've got escaped Neuros from red sector.
- I know, I'm headed your way.
- No, Jane, we've moved.
We're on a safe room on level 2.
- Where are you now? - Near the kitchen area on three.
How do I get there? I'm gonna try to open up a stairway east of you.
If that's jammed, use the kitchen stairs down to storage.
You'll have to double-back to the B-ward east door, then head straight and around the corner.
- Copy that.
- Jane.
The door is secured and the barrier is activated.
I need to know when you're close.
I only want it open for as long as it takes for you to get inside.
Okay, Jane, you're close.
Head left and you'll see the safe room door.
I see it now.
Jane, hurry they're right behind you! Wait, wait, wait, wait! No, Riley, - What are you doing?! - Riley, what the hell are you doing?! She's lying! - Open the door! - She's - Open the damn door! She's got red paint on her, okay! It's the same paint that Hamilton's office was being painted! She never reported being anywhere near there! - Hurry up Riley! - She's lying.
We've got proof.
Open the door! Show me that proof now, Riley! If they wanted you dead, you'd be dead already! She's been lying the whole time, boss.
You'll all be dead soon enough! And how are we going to get in? We won't have to.
Connor and Andre will come after us.
What's the status of the yellow and green sectors? They corralled the residents into the ding hall on blue.
Only two guards on post.
Everyone in yellow is locked in the day room.
The guard stationed there was one of the ones we toasted in the records room.
And we still have two dozen techs and administrative workers to take care of.
They're unarmed and untrained.
Should be an easy sweep.
- And we'll free the wards.
- And then what, just walk out? No.
Trucks will arrive at the main gate at 0700.
- We'll get everybody on board.
- And then where do we go? We've made arrangements for everyone to be flown back to the States.
Without a team to hunt us down, - we'll be able to - Get back to doing what we do best.
- Yes.
- Something like that.
Doesn't leave us a lot of time and we're one man down.
We could get more help from red sector.
I had a bad feeling about that broad from the beginning.
No, there's got to be a reason why she's doing this.
I don't give a damn why she's doing it, Riley, she has to be stopped.
- Like with a tranquilizer.
- No, not with a tranquilizer.
We're going to have to kill Jane.
How do you kill someone who can't die? - What do you mean, "can't die"? - She can heal from any injury.
She and Baumgartner, they have a lot in common.
He has the same capability.
But Jane can't change her image.
It's just a variation of his ability to regenerate his cell structure He always returns to his original form, and and we've noticed he's been able to heal from small injuries very quickly.
Have you any DNA records of agent Vasco's? The patterns are identical.
It's possible she's not acting on her own will.
- What the hell does that mean? - Baumgartner was always a unique case.
His DNA pattern wasn't like the other Neuros.
It was similar, but there were significant differences.
Like Jane.
We've studied his cerebral pattern extensively.
We found that a region of his brain is unusually overdeveloped; a region that makes him highly susceptible to suggestion.
Jane's pattern shows a similarly overdeveloped region in her brain.
Who's the sonofabitch doing the controlling? No idea.
So, then what? Wave a watch in front of her face and she'll stop what she's doing.
Preliminary research indicates that something like that might be a possibility, but at this point, it's just a theory.
I am sick and tired of theories.
Right now we're under assault and Jane's leading the charge.
But boss We've seen her take hits to the body but there's got to be a limit.
We got enough firepower to the right area, there's got to be something that she can't heal from.
Yeah, maybe, but the problem's access.
She's got three unchipped neuroid freaks with her.
Chances are won't leave home without them.
Then we'll have to beat them at their own game.
March! Go, go, go! Go, go, go! We got a problem, boss.
Yellow sector, door to the sub-perimeter.
Riley, NICO remains under lockdown.
If you want you can get one of Rawlings men Boss, we don't have time! Ok? They're in trouble! This guy, he's red sector.
It stays locked.
- Those are my people down there.
- They're my people too, doctor! That gate leads to the sub-perimeter.
They could easily get to the outside world! - You could open it quickly! - I can't take risk! - They're going to die! - Not if we get there first! Thank you.
Riley, you keep that locked! Very Rambo.
Pretty tough to heal from Just long enough to grab your cute little traitor ass and throw it in lockdown.
There's just one problem with your plan I don't work alone.
Now, what we're We don't work alone either.
Riley, open the door! Right, the people at that gate are safe for now.
The same can't be said for Jane's freak crew, she's on her own now.
So that's good news.
Yeah, maybe, but there's nothing to say she won't spring more playmates from hell.
That's probably the first thing she's going to do.
I think I got Jane, but it's a pretty good bet given the location.
- She's headed to red sector.
- We may not be so lucky next time.
I'd like to think there's a little skill was involved.
- We have to stop her.
- How can we do that - if she heals from gunshots? - We don't use guns.
Riley, remember those explosives we used to blow the tunnel, we still got any? Yeah, there's enough chemicals and supplies to whip something up, but - they're a couple levels down.
- If we can get our hands on it, I can rig up something that no one's going to walk away from.
- Not even Jane.
- How long will it take? About half an hour.
What's Jane's position? - She'll be back in red sector by then.
- Can you do anything about that? I can't cut her off completely, but I can sure as hell slow her down.
Then what are you waiting for? I you see so much as a cockroach out there, shoot the hell out of it and don't stop moving.
My pleasure.
Just for that I'm going to save you for last.
Come on Riley, where is she? - In the vents.
- Where in the vents! I have do idea! I mean, whoever built this place didn't have the foresight to install security cameras in the air ducts! That was the last one.
We're ready.
Ready? Where the hell are we going to use it if we can't find Jane?! Get her to find me.
Look, she'll come out in the open if she thinks she has a clear shot.
How are you planning to detonate that without destroying yourself? There's no other way.
Maybe there is.
I've been helping Dr.
Newman access NICO's research database.
Our experiments were unsuccessful with electrical stimulation to the control portion of Baumgartner's brain I was telling you about.
I discovered a convergence of synapses from the optical nerve and this node.
Great! Can we get someone in here to explain that in Hungarian - so we understand it better? - Ok, for the Neanderthal's among us, there's a direct connection between the eye and the control center.
And there's probably a reason for that.
And it's possible the control node is activated by some kind of light source.
That would explain why direct electrical stimulation didn't have any effect.
If we could hit that optical nerve with a high frequency spectrum, - it might be able to break the control.
- And how do you intend to do that? With this.
You don't see anything because you don't have the condition.
But to someone like Jane who does, it'll look like the 4th of July on steroids.
In theory, she'll go out like a light.
- It's worth a shot.
- Yeah.
And if doesn't work, I'm dead and you're all not far behind.
I'll take the explosives as a back up.
I'm the team leader, I recruited Jane, - this is my responsibility.
- No, no, no! I'm the one with demo experience.
It doesn't take an expert to push a button.
It does to reconnect a bad lead on the fly.
We'll draw straws.
- Looks like it's my lucky day.
- Yeah, guess it is.
She's close, boss.
Jane! Jane, you're being controlled! Someone's using you as a pawn.
There's a part of your brain that's been programmed! But that's just like you, isn't it? Always pretending to be the rebel, but all you end up doing in the end is following orders.
Haven't exactly been following yours, have I? Then again you won't be giving any when you're dead.
Now Riley.
Taking one for the team? You were once a part of that team, Jane.
Either you will be again, or this all ends right here.
This is bad.
Don't make me do this.
While you were on vacation, I tracked down Roberts to Vonotek.
The chairman.
He started it all.
He created Neuros.
He created me.
I'm part of a second generation.
Neuro 2.
0 now perfected.
It felt like killing you, Connor and Riley, betraying Brian and trying to take over NICO was was something I wanted to do.
I'm a monster.
Leave me here.
You have to leave me here, find a way to chip me, let them experiment.
That won't be necessary.
The light pattern worked.
The synaptic activity at the control node has shifted, the node itself has shrunk.
Do you understand? You were being controlled.
There's a part of your brain that's highly susceptible to command.
Roberts was able to access that using a high spectrum light.
None of this is your fault.
- He's a dead man.
- Right now, you are more valuable to this team than you have ever been.
This is a micro-bug.
Roberts had it put in.
He could hear everything you could.
All Roberts knows is his destruction of NICO failed.
He does not know that you're no longer under his control.
It turns the chip on and off.
You can decide when Roberts listens in or when he doesn't.
You're a double agent now, Jane.
We don't know how Roberts runs his organization, but with your help we will.
Waking up on that table was like some kind of "Wizard of Oz" from hell.
That would make me the cowardly lion.
And Andre the heartless tin man.
No brainer, I'm the scarecrow.
Truth be told, Riley actually has as much courage as anyone on the team, and Andre, even though he doesn't like to show it, has one of the biggest hearts.
And I've even gotta admit that Connor can come up with a pretty damn brilliant idea every once in a while.
Not that I'll ever tell him.
I'd do anything to protect this team.
And now that I'm a double agent, we just might have a chance at stopping Roberts from whatever he's up to.
I knew she wouldn't make it.
He's going to kill you.
- We all have our problems.
- Neuros tagged and bagged, boss.
This work is unlike any work you've done before.
I call the shots in my life, agent McBride.
Your entire service record has been red flagged.
What the hell is going on! We hunt Neuros.
A dozen deaths traced directly to Vonotek.
He's on the express elevator.
You wanted to see me, sir.
Pre-sales figures.
We have orders from 90 percent of targeted stores throughout the country including every major chain.
That's great news.
Looks like retailers are betting that Vonotek's new product will be every bit as successful as our pharmaceuticals.
Why wouldn't they? We're the most trusted company in the world.
If we're going to meet the demand, and I intend to, we're gonna have to increase production and expand distribution.
Which means increasing security.
We've got to keep our "secret sauce" secret.
- I understand.
- In this case, what people don't know will help them.
Just think Randall in approximately four months the world will begin to experience the amazing benefits of neurological enhancement.
That's what I call food for thought.