Pandora (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

It Ain't Me Babe

1 [RALEN.]
Previously on Pandora My telepathic powers seem to be growing.
We need Jax to reestablish contact with Cordelia.
This is the latest in surveillance technology - from the CIS.
- [JAX.]
That's going inside me? You don't want to be with me.
You want to be with Ralen.
My heart was not into it.
That's because it belonged to Jax, isn't it? I can't have feelings, Jax, and still do my job.
It appears Parallax is in possession of a powerful new weapon.
Whatever it is, it's too bloody dangerous to leave in Harlan Fried's hands.
It was you that opened the portal, just as you will do the same for me.
We must be a pretty long way from Tiagra.
Are those Zatarian ships? What are they doing here? They're preparing for war.
This place is an old Zatari outpost from the war, but we were told it was abandoned.
Not from where I'm standing.
I do not have an explanation for this.
We need to get out of here.
Right now.
And how in the worlds do we do that? We go through there! - Get to the portal.
- No! What if it takes us back to where we were? - Anywhere is better than here! - Aah! Jax! [PANTING.]
Ralen, come on! - Go, go! - [JAX.]
No! Xander.
Start talking! Now you tell me what you know about the Zatarian fleet.
I am done asking nicely.
Oh, that was nice? I know half a dozen ways to make you talk, and most of them are deeply unpleasant.
I want answers! Start talking! You are not listening.
I do not know why there was a Zatarian armada in the sky above the planet.
What are you doing, Xander? Jax, just relax.
How's your shoulder? I guess that depends on what I think I'm seeing right now.
If it is the commander threatening to torture me, then your keen powers of observation appears to be functioning adequately, Jax.
Jax, you have no idea what's going on here.
I'm pretty sure I just saw you trying to intimidate my friend, who also happens to be your student, with physical assault.
Multiple times.
Multiple times? How long have I been out? A few hours.
You're hurt badly, Jax.
You should lie down.
This man is an enemy combatant.
Jax, you saw the fleet.
The Zatarians are preparing for war.
That is in violation of every peace accord they have with the Confederacy.
Yes, and my father must be warned.
I assure you my government has nothing to do with this betrayal.
Then who does? Much like Earth, there are factions among my kind who are not happy about the current state of interstellar relations.
This fleet poses as much threat to my race as it does yours.
And you really expect me to believe that? I do not care what you believe.
Xander, let him go! Oh, so I suppose you believe him then? I don't know what I believe.
But I know we need his help to get out of wherever we are.
I know you want to see the good in everyone, but sometimes you are missing what is right in front of your face.
Sounds familiar.
How many more of your friends do we have to lose, Jax, for this ridiculous obsession? How many more bad decisions do you think you can get away with? Look where we are.
If you had listened to me on Euphoria 7 instead of running back to Cordelia Fried, we wouldn't have ended up on Tiagra.
We wouldn't have gone through the portal.
And we would not be here, wherever "here" is.
Do not blame Jax, Mr.
You are exactly where your Professor Osborn wishes you to be.
He sent you to Euphoria 7, did he not? You are a pawn in a much larger game.
Uncuff him, Xander.
That will not be necessary.
The portal's vanished.
Please tell me you two have at least figured out where we are.
I've seen historical holos of cities like this.
Old Earth tech.
So the portal brought us back in time? Not quite.
I want to leave you with a final thought.
Our ancestors fled a dying Earth for the stars.
The single most important step in our evolution as a species.
Now, the lucky ones headed to our closest celestial neighbors.
But sadly, more than half of our ships never made it to a planet.
Their crews dying of starvation, radiation sickness, or vanishing out there in the infinite void.
Their bravery paved our future and helped heal a dying world.
And it's my job to ensure each and every one of you are found worthy of that sacrifice.
Class dismissed.
Have you seen Ralen? Why, was he asking about me? Jax never came back from Solstice Break.
Maybe he's seen her.
He may actually be the why.
Ralen told me he liked her, so I kind of encouraged him to go after her on Euphoria 7.
So I'm the only one that cares about grades in the study group.
- And celibacy.
- Not funny.
If they miss enough classes they'll be expelled.
Well, then we should definitely try and contact them, before it's too late.
Keep an eye out for any useful tech.
We need to find a way to send a message off this planet.
Judging from that ominous-looking ship looming above us, we may also may need weapons.
Something about that ship feels familiar to me.
You ever seen anything like it? No.
It must have something to do with that portal that brought us here.
Either way, it's freaking me out.
Well, it's not sending out any energy signatures at all.
I think it's derelict.
These were standard issue in the Ark ships during the Great Migration.
He's covered in burn marks.
What was Ralen doing on Euphoria 7? I mean, he just turns up in the middle of an EarthCom black-op? He's part of a species that is building an armada to wipe out the human race.
We don't know that yet.
You can't let personal feelings get in the way of duty.
I know.
You made that abundantly clear when you used me as a spy for my uncle.
I'm trying to protect you, Jax.
I don't need you to protect me, okay? I can protect myself.
And look where that's got you.
Are we really doing this right now? I know you like him, Jax.
I like him too.
But you cannot ignore the empirical evidence against him.
I hope I'm wrong.
I really hope you're right.
But we need to be vigilant.
Can we at least agree on that? [SIGHS.]
I think our best hope of finding any useful tech to contact Earth is on that ship.
Can you just stop it for one damn minute, Atria? - I am begging you.
- Stop what? I wasn't doing anything.
And you missed another class.
I can't do anything about that.
My head feels like it's on fire right now.
What is that? Don't worry about it.
It's not your concern anymore.
Jax and Ralen missed their return shuttle from Euphoria 7.
Mystery solved.
They slept in.
What I mean is that's all I found.
They've vanished from the entire data stream.
How is that even possible? I searched for Xander too.
Ghosted in the same way.
There is no record of them leaving Euphoria 7, and there's no record of them still being there.
We have to tell someone.
Good evening, cadets.
I do hope for your sake this is worth disrupting my very busy schedule.
It concerns your niece, Ralen and your teacher's assistant, Xander Duvall.
I assumed it was regarding the C-minus you received on your Battle Tactics & Strategy midterm, Atria.
The point is, they haven't reported back from Winter Solstice Break.
We think they might be in some kind of trouble.
Students often get into trouble on Solstice Break.
Your concern is noted, but not warranted.
They are on assignment for me.
Doing what, exactly? [OSBORN.]
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't realize I am required to report to my first-year cadets.
We'll, uh, let you get back to that busy schedule now, sir.
We were just worried.
Ralen was with them? Affirmative.
Yeah, we think so, sir.
The USS Searcher lost contact with Earth 150 years ago.
Intended destination: Proxima Centauri.
Looks like they never made it.
I think that I can access the ship's log.
Hoping to find astrogation data.
What about a way to get a message back to Earth? [TYPING.]
No, the comms gear's been completely stripped.
But you guys keep an eye out for anything else we may be able to salvage.
We lost navigational control.
There isn't much on here.
Most of the data's been corrupted.
We lost navigational control because of a spatial anomaly.
Our star charts are useless.
Ship was heavily damaged, but we managed to set her down.
We called it Homestead.
Population: 2,012.
Morale is high.
We may be lost, but we will make this work.
We have no other choice.
No other choice.
Captain Alice Grant, USS Searcher, commanding.
Major Taylor, front and center.
I wonder what happened to them.
The same thing that's going to happen to us if we can't send a message out.
I realize that no one off this planet may ever see this, but I would still like to say that the only reason that we're all still alive is because of the courage and the bravery shown - by Captain Grant.
- Oh.
So on behalf of the entire crew and the settlers, I would like to officially thank her.
Thank you.
- Oh - Thank you.
Year five.
Homestead is strong and growing.
Maybe getting lost was the best thing that ever happened to us.
Captain Alice Grant, out.
We found a cave under the city.
You are looking at the first recorded evidence that we are not alone in the universe.
My geologist believes that these markings are over 30,000 years old.
It appears that this pictograph is of an alien holding up a baby.
A human baby.
Are you all right, Jax? They arrived yesterday.
We tried to make peaceful contact, but they just started slaughtering us.
We're going to try to get this transmission to Earth, warn humanity that these creatures are out there.
God help us.
Move! Move! Move! They're coming! [GUNFIRE.]
We lost navigational control because of a spatial anomaly.
Those same aliens were on New Portland.
Why were they on this planet? Why would they kill everyone? We're not alone.
We need to move.
Commander, I hope that given our current tactical situation, you will forgive me a minor subterfuge.
What subterfuge? I thought you searched him.
I did.
Major Taylor, front and center.
Boys and their toys.
What is our plan? [MARCUS.]
I realize that no one off this planet may ever see this, but I would like to say that the only reason that we're all still alive is because of the courage and the bravery shown by Captain Grant.
They arrived yesterday.
We tried to make peaceful contact, but they just started slaughtering us [GRUNTS.]
slaughtering us, slaughtering us [RECORDING SKIPS, REPEATS.]
Shut it off.
Shut it off.
Major Taylor, How are you still alive? Call me Marcus.
The blue flowers.
The pollen, they halt the aging process here on the planet.
A literal fountain of youth.
I've lived here on this planet for over 150 years.
Completely on my own.
Everybody else is dead including my captain.
I understand, and I sympathize with your loss, Major.
But right now, I need you to tell me everything you know about the comms array of the Searcher.
Now, do you know where it is? Yeah, it's in my camp.
But it's useless.
I tried boosting the signal, but it won't get past the irradiated ionosphere, so Well, technology's moved on a bit since you left Earth, Marcus.
Can you take me to it? Yeah.
But now it's my turn.
How did you guys get here? We arrived through a portal.
It dropped us in a cave beneath the city.
How long ago, man? Approximately 15 Earth hours.
They're here.
Quickly, follow me.
You disturbed their temple.
They're coming for us.
Do we trust him? Right now we don't have much of a choice.
Grab the bags, grab anything useful you can.
We're going to need it for the comms array.
- Ralen! - [SNARLS.]
I'll hold them off.
You go.
Leave me.
I'm wounded.
Come on! I'll just slow you down.
Leave me.
Come on! Move! Open the door! Come on.
Come on.
Thomas, I know you're in pain.
Let me help you.
No, Atria.
No what? I didn't say anything.
You don't have to.
You read my mind.
I'm reading everyone's minds.
It won't stop.
I can't control my powers.
There's something wrong with me.
Let me take you to the Med-Center.
Maybe they can help.
It's no use.
The pills don't work.
I even went to my quiet place to try and clear my head.
The old Western town in the VR simulator? Even in a sim my powers are out of control.
I read Hari's mind.
Hari? Who's that? My horse.
You broke my heart.
And it hurts.
I'm sorry.
I was just trying to be honest with my feelings.
This is all new to me, Tom.
I've never experienced what it's like being in a real relationship, or cared about someone like I care about you.
And I know you know that, even if it's hard to accept right now.
I love you.
Just not in the way you want me to.
I don't I don't want to hurt you, or anybody else.
I've got to I've got to get as far away from everyone as I can.
Whoa! What was that? [INDISTINCT CHATTERING.]
If he were human, I'd say he punctured a lung.
But he's not human, so I'm not sure.
Can you help him? Yeah.
Yeah, I will.
But if he's anything like humans, he needs to rest right now.
Those aliens that tried to attack us, we've seen them before.
What do you know about them? I mean, nothing.
We tried to communicate with them when we entered their temple, but it was useless.
They just wanted to kill us.
All of us.
You were the only survivor? Yeah.
I'm sorry, Marcus.
Those same aliens came to my planet and took everything that I love.
I was the only one left.
You know, I'm sorry about your friend Ralen.
She looks upset by it.
Maybe Elliot could talk to Jax.
Elliot? I thought you were the only survivor of the Ark colony.
I am, but I'm not alone here.
Elliot, Xander.
Xander, Elliot.
Well, say hi to Elliot.
Hi, Elliot.
What's that? Well, okay, I'll tell Xander, but he's not going to like hearing that.
Elliot seems to think we're all going to die horrible deaths.
Well tell Elliot that I'm an optimist, so not to worry.
I'll let him know.
You think you'll be able to get a signal out? Almost.
But there's only enough power to send one message.
How's Ralen? Not good.
Look, Jax, maybe that attack fleet that we both saw was a big misunderstanding.
Maybe I'm wrong.
You don't think you are, do you? I think that the most obvious explanation is usually the truth.
Sometimes you have to have a little faith.
One of your better qualities.
So I have some better qualities then? [LAUGHS.]
A few.
You don't care to elaborate, do you? [SIGNAL CRACKLES.]
- Did you get it working? - Nearly.
I was able to triangulate our position using some of Major Taylor's old star charts.
And now soon I'll be able to send their updates to EarthCom.
Update about what? The Zatarian fleet that we encountered.
What are you talking about? We have to tell them where we are.
Jax, you saw that fleet with your own eyes.
They're preparing to attack Earth.
Xander, if we use that message as a warning, then we're going to be stranded here.
Jax, Intel this specific could save millions of lives on Earth.
So when I get this system working, that is the message that I am going to send.
That is a foolish decision.
There is another option.
Based on the position of the binary suns, I believe this planet is closer to Zatar than it is to Earth.
Our best chance is to contact my people in hopes of a swift rescue.
Come on, get him up.
Come on.
You're not going to let him do that, are you? You already know the answer to that.
Ralen is going to die.
Jax, you know that I would do whatever it takes to save Ralen or anybody else under my command.
But you're still going to send that message to EarthCom, are you? That doesn't mean I want him dead.
Those creatures are going to be coming for us.
We have to be ready.
It must have been tough, being here alone for so long.
I wasn't alone.
I had Elliot here.
Of course.
How did you do it, Marcus? How did you survive against those things? [SIGHS.]
My captain led us into battle.
We gave it to them hard.
Soldiers, civilians fighting side by side, giving it everything.
Captain Grant didn't flinch.
Copy that.
Major Taylor! She never gave up.
They just overwhelmed us now.
They were slaughtering us.
We were never going to win.
Major Taylor, where are you? - And I ran.
- Marcus? - And I hid.
- Where are you? I should have stood and fought with them.
Instead, I just ran away.
I should have fought with them.
Comms are ready.
We should send a message to Zatar.
They will dispatch a rescue ship.
I'm alerting EarthCom to the fact that your people are amassing an armada to destroy the Earth.
I'm afraid I cannot let you do that.
What, and you're going to stop me? Ralen, you can hardly stand.
I will not let you send that message, Commander Duvall.
Is that a threat? Take it as you wish.
I have a sworn duty to the Confederacy to report vital military intelligence.
Jax, what the hell are you doing? Being impulsive.
Jax, we only had one message and you sent it.
What did you do? I sent it to the only people we can trust.
Someone is trying to contact me.
Who? I don't know.
This feels so weird.
I had to tap into a very low-tech wavelength to get the transmission.
What is it? I'm receiving a simple text-based hyperspace message along with a set of coordinates.
Oh! It's Jax.
She's with Xander.
And Ralen.
You did it.
You found them.
Actually, Jax found us.
For some reason her message sent through an ancient information database known as the World Wide Web.
Never heard of it.
The good news is I know where Jax is.
The bad news is she's in serious trouble.
We're going to need some help.
Well, well.
There's two faces I wasn't expecting to see again quite so soon.
And what prompts your visit at this ungodly hour? This may sound harsh, Professor, but you fibbed to us.
We know Jax and Xander are not on a special assignment for the Academy.
And what makes you say that? Because they're stranded halfway across the galaxy, and desperately need our help.
And how exactly do you know this? Jax transmitted a message to me.
I know where they are.
And what was this message? "Help.
Surrounded by New Portland enemy.
" We have to help them, Professor.
And I will.
Give me the coordinates, and I assure you I will find them.
I don't think so.
You don't think so? "We don't think so, sir.
" This is not a game, cadets.
I need those coordinates now.
And you'll get them on one condition.
I've interfaced with the battle cruiser's computer and nav system.
Entering coordinates.
You have your destination, Captain.
Light speed.
I sent a message to Pilar.
I trust her.
Hopefully help is on the way.
What about sending a message to EarthCom about the Zatarian fleet preparing to strike Earth? Guess that's on hold for now.
You do not believe me when I say I know nothing of the intention of that Zatarian fleet.
You're my friend, and I know you've never lied to me.
So I'm going to ask you something, and I need you to tell me the truth.
Why did you follow me to Euphoria 7? Now is definitely not the time or the place.
Well, there may not be another time or place.
Very well.
I was viewing a romantic comedy transmission on Earth while you were away.
I enjoyed it quite much, actually.
I wanted us to have the same happy ending.
You are so weird, Ralen.
Am I? Yes.
But that's not necessarily a bad thing.
I don't think you understand.
I came to Euphoria 7 to tell you that I had developed sentimental feelings for you.
Sentimental feelings? Romantic feelings.
What are you talking about? I may be foolish to confess this to you, but I believe I am in love with you, Jax.
You are hurt way worse than I thought.
Do not do what you always do.
Make a humorous retort to deflect uncomfortable conversations.
And I presume it is uncomfortable for you.
It's not uncomfortable, it's just a little surprising.
Not that I expect you to answer this, but I wish to know if you perhaps share my feelings.
Those creatures, they're inside the city.
We need to leave now.
We're completely surrounded.
Shoot anything that moves.
They're on the roof.
- Stay close.
- What do we do now? [SNARLING.]
I'm sorry about your friend Elliot.
I would have done the same for him.
Hang on! [PANTING.]
Are you okay? [EXPLOSION.]
This is Fleet Admiral Donovan Osborn onboard the EarthCom battle cruiser Moshe Dayan.
Do you copy? Sir! Sir! Sir! Yes! Yes, sir! This is Commander Duvall.
I am with Jax and Ralen on the surface.
Yes, sir! [XANDER.]
Am I glad to hear your voice.
We see your vehicle.
We are making planetfall and will commence exfil.
Deploy infiltrators.
Infiltrator Squad One to Squad Two, get in formation.
Deploy shuttle.
Prepare for exfil.
Protect the shuttle.
Dust-off inbound.
Okay, we have eyes on the shuttle.
The shuttle has landed! Over there! [ALL GRUNT.]
Everybody out.
I'll lure them away so you can make it to your ship.
Come on.
The aliens are coming.
We need to go! Marcus, come with us.
No, I ran before.
Everybody I cared about died 150 years ago.
This time I'm going to do what's right.
I'm going to stay and fight.
Be safe and send Earth my regards when you get home.
Thank you for giving me a second chance.
Get out of here.
Go! Come at me, you ugly bastards! Ah! [MARCUS.]
For Elliot! [SHUTTLE PILOT.]
This is shuttle XL4.
We have cleared the planet and will commence docking.
The first portal took us to a Zatarian outpost where the fleet that we'd been tracking is mustering.
The coornates from my multi-bracelet I am aware, Mr.
What I now need is a full debrief on portals you encountered.
How they worked and where they took you.
We lost Jacqueline's signal when she made the jump through the first portal.
What signal? From the nanotech you injected into her on Euphoria 7.
You don't think you were the only one watching.
Why do you think I gave it to you? You knew that Fried would use her to open the portal? You wanted her to do it.
To see what was inside, yes.
Say, if that was the case, then why didn't you just tell me when you sent me to Euphoria 7? You had an extremely valuable part to play in our little drama, and I believed you would be more convincing if you didn't know every detail of the denouement.
And you knew I wouldn't do it if I knew I was serving Jax up to Harlan Fried.
Well, that too.
Did we make it off the planet? [LAUGHS.]
We did.
That's good to hear.
And I'm glad that you're here with me as well.
I need to think.
About us? About a lot of things.
Does that mean you're not interested in a sentimental relationship with me? It just means I have to think.
Okay? Now, get some rest.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Will Ralen be okay? He will.
And I can't thank you both enough.
If you hadn't gotten my message and warned my uncle, we would still be stranded down there.
What are friends for? Speaking of friends, where's Thomas? I thought he'd be with you guys.
What is it? He's not still mad at me, is he? [MONITORS BEEPING.]
Quiet at last.
Oxygen levels critical, 17%.
Oxygen levels critical, 17%.
Oxygen levels critical, 17%.
Oxygen levels critical, 17%.
Oxygen levels critical, 17%.
Oxygen levels critical, 17%.
Oxygen levels critical