Pandora (2019) s01e10 Episode Script


Previously on Pandora What do we really know about what happened to the Tereshkova? What about the specimen we were transporting? Someone didn't want that creature brought back to Earth.
My telepathic powers seem to be growing.
I've got to get as far away from everyone as I can.
I believe I'm in love with you, Jax.
The flight data recorder from the battle cruiser Tereshkova.
- What did you just do? - You suspect me in the destruction of your war vessel.
And if I did suspect you, what would you say? That I have nothing to hide.
Cheers! So good to have you back, Jax.
You too, Ralen.
Thank you, Atria.
You and Thomas enjoyed the remainder of your Solstice Break, I hope? Oh, absolutely.
Yeah, we did.
Where is Xander? He said he was gonna come celebrate with us, and you know that man never misses an opportunity to drink.
Well, you know Xander.
He's probably caught up doing some super-secret Xander thing.
Oh, speak of the devil.
What's going on? Jax, this doesn't concern you.
What are you doing? After everything we've just been through? Ralen, I have a warrant for your arrest.
Come with us.
Arrest for what? Thank you, Jax, but I'll be all right.
I attend class at the Academy every single day.
I sleep in the same room every night.
Did you really need to do this here, in front of everyone, with armed guards? Well, based on the circumstances, it would seem so.
What circumstances? Ralen is being arrested for the destruction of the battle cruiser Tereshkova.
You know quite well that I had nothing to do with the destruction of that ship.
What game are you playing at? There is no game here, Ralen.
My only pursuit is justice for the lives lost on the Tereshkova.
But rest assured, this is not Zatar.
Here on Earth, jurisprudence is scrupulously fair.
That fills me with great comfort.
Given the nature of the crime, it will be a military tribunal with three impartial judges from across the galaxy presiding.
Nothing will be public on the data stream.
There will be no jury.
No witnesses to see the great Donovan Osborn take another pound of Zatarian flesh.
Isn't that unfortunate.
Hey, Pilar, so anything? Oh, I checked the data stream for Thomas this morning and found nothing.
- Are you sure? - I'm sorry.
I hope Thomas is okay.
Hey, can I ask you for some advice about boys? Boys? Look, I can't figure out my own feelings.
You know, on the one hand, I really care about Thomas.
A lot.
But on the other hand, I've also been developing feelings for Ralen.
Thomas and Ralen? Tom wants to change me from who I am to who he wants me to be.
And that is wrong.
But I also really worry about him, and what if his faults are why I can't stop thinking about Ralen? Maybe you just have the hots for them both.
No, no, no, Ralen is honest and trustworthy, and accepts everyone for who they are.
You know, I I've always lived my life to please others, and he encourages me to just be myself.
Uh, Thomas left the planet to be as far away from you as possible, and Ralen was just arrested for treason.
So, my advice: you need some better options.
Oxygen levels critical.
Thomas? Mom? I'm here, Thomas.
I came here to get away from the voices.
Not mine, Thomas.
You can never escape mine.
Oxygen levels critical.
I can't control these powers.
I did a mind dive with Dad and now I'm hearing everybody's thoughts.
I I can't turn it off.
Your father ruins everything he touches.
He ruined our family and now he's ruining you.
He's not the man you think he is.
He's exactly the man I think he is.
Your mistake was not staying away from him.
Oxygen levels critical.
I just need to be left alone to think.
You're not running away because of your powers.
You're running away because of a girl.
Oxygen levels critical.
This has to be some kind of mistake.
There is no mistake.
There is something far greater at work here.
My uncle? His reputation on Zatar during the war was legendary.
He is a master strategist.
I believe he is behind my incarceration.
Ralen they've abolished the death penalty on Earth for terrestrial crimes but not for war crimes.
Yes, I am aware.
But if the trial is indeed fair, as your uncle claimed it would be, then I intend to prevail, as I bear no guilt.
And then perhaps you'll consider initiating a relationship with me? Ambassador.
You must be Jax.
I have heard much of you.
You have come to defend me? I have come to offer support.
Greetings, husband.
Greetings wife.
Excuse me? I'm sorry, Professor Osborn.
I let myself in.
Berman Livingston at your service.
Yes, I know who you are.
What I'm not sure of is why you're in my home.
I'm here to examine the evidence.
I can assure you it's all quite in order.
I'll be the judge of that.
Let me get it for you, so you can be on your way.
Do you make a habit of intruding into a man's home and ruining his chess game? The only habit I have is to keep things in order.
Perfect, perfect order.
Which is why I never lose a case, even when someone is working very hard to misplace or hide it.
I hate to lose.
In court or anywhere else.
But I suppose my reputation precedes me.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be here, would I? This is the flight data recorder from the Tereshkova which, until this morning, was under heavy security in the Academy Museum.
This is all the evidence you'll need.
Thank you.
Oh checkmate.
Ralen didn't blow up the Tereshkova.
He's not a spy, and he's not trying to start a war, - and you know that.
- Jax, the only person who's going to be starting a war here is you, if you don't keep your voice down.
Look, I know Ralen better than anyone, and there is no way he's responsible for this.
I really wouldn't be so sure.
I've seen the evidence.
What evidence? - You know I can't tell you that.
- Oh, my God.
Look, Jax, you have to trust in the system.
If Ralen is innocent, then he will be exonerated.
But I think it's time we prepare ourselves for the possibility that he may have been manipulating us all along.
The evidence you're talking about, what if that was manipulated? Are you really suggesting that Ralen has been framed? - Yes.
- As though that's more likely than a Zatarian spy blowing up an EarthCom battle cruiser? Is that really that crazy? What? Your loyalty is amazing.
It's a gift that you give to the people that you care about.
But I'm just not sure that Ralen still deserves that trust.
Did you know Ralen was married? Ralen? Well, if he's been lying about that, then we really have to ask ourselves, what else has he been lying about? Is this the peace and harmony that you expected to attain from our two races when you came to study on Earth? You did not have to come here, Matta.
A spouse regards the well-being of her partner, even when he makes a mess of things.
The humans wish to act quickly.
The trial will commence tomorrow morning.
So I can be effective as your advocate, we need to begin preparations.
Or, and as the humans say, "get down to business.
" Business is all it has ever been.
That is not to say that I am not grateful you are here.
Because I am.
I am glad.
We will present to you today the very definition of "beyond a shadow of a doubt," that the defendant, posing as an Academy student, was in fact an enemy spy responsible for the destruction of one of Earth's flagship vessels, the battle cruiser Tereshkova resulting in the loss of 157 lives.
The prosecution presents an operative whose skills at deception and manipulation culminated in the execution of a sinister plot, hatched by the Zatarian high command itself.
An "operative skilled in deception and manipulation" is hardly an accurate characterization of the accused.
The defendant comes from a family of diplomats, not soldiers.
He's the first ever Zatarian to enlist in the Academy, an action which demonstrates his goal to bridge gaps between our peoples.
In that pursuit, he has endured overt prejudice and mistreatment, all whilst living on a hostile alien planet, away from loved ones, separated from his wife.
All great, personal sacrifices made in the hope of attaining a lasting peace.
Those aren't the acts of a terrorist.
Those are the acts of a hero.
Professor Osborn, can you please tell the judges what this is? That is the Tereshkova's flight data recorder, that was salvaged from the ship's wreckage.
And this, professor? That is the flight data, which we've decrypted and analyzed.
And it was recovered by Commander Xander Duvall and Cadet Delaney Pilar.
Suggesting that whatever data was recovered from this cube captured the last moments of the Tereshkova and the crew before it was destroyed.
I believe the imagery speaks for itself.
That recording has been altered! Facts are stubborn things.
They don't lie.
Why didn't you tell me you had a wife? Jax My marriage is one of political expediency.
Nothing more.
My feelings for you are very real.
And I'm just expected to believe that? It's the truth.
Look, I am so sorry that I didn't tell you.
I broke your trust.
It will not happen again.
Matta is from a very powerful royal Zatarian house.
This marriage was hastily arranged, and my father became the ambassador to Earth, But I do not consider Matta my wife in any real sense of how Earth defines it.
But she is your wife.
And I need to talk to her.
Why? Because I have some information she needs to know.
Miss Zhou, you have been given immunity for your testimony here today.
Can you please explain why? I was part of a group who broke into the archives of the Academy Museum, where the Tereshkova's black box was being stored prior to its data recovery.
And what would motivate you to break into the vaults of the Academy Museum? Billy D.
, the father of a fellow student, was in trouble.
He had racked up some gambling debts with the Hypatia syndicate.
And a woman who introduced herself as Tierney said that these debts would be cleared if we stole an ancient alien artifact called the Jindoo.
- The Jindoo Crystal? - Yes.
But it was all a lie.
As soon as we got to the archives, Tierney ignored the Jindoo and went straight for the data recorder.
She activated a device that she brought with her, and did something to it.
Please continue.
At first, I thought that she was just copying the data.
But clearly, Tierney was tampering with it, altering it, planting evidence to incriminate Ralen.
Pure conjecture.
It is an established fact that the data cube is unalterable.
I move to strike Miss Zhou's speculative remark from the record.
Please stick to the facts, Cadet Zhou.
Your witness.
Where is this Billy D.
? I don't know.
Or Tierney? Or your classmate, Thomas Ross? Strange, isn't it that not one of the people who could corroborate your little story are here today? Daddy.
Updates on the trial of the Zatarian.
Frieds have a legacy of power.
Obtaining it.
Maintaining it.
This quality comes from being fearless, ruthless and unrelenting.
It is in our blood.
But the women I The women I've been with they were leeches.
Feeding off the sacrifices of those around them.
I used to think you two were more like me, but since this catalogue of failures I realize you take more after your mothers.
Father, we tried You, Regan, are distracted by your hunger for power.
While you, my sweet Cordelia, are distracted by your thirst for love.
With Pandora, we would control the portals, giving us control over the galaxy.
But one girl, one simple task, and you can't bring her to me.
All men suffer a thorn in their side.
But I have to suffer two.
Sister, I know how we can get Jax here.
For Father or for you? For us.
What can I do for you? Jax? Are you alone? Yeah.
Why? I hope it's not too late.
I don't want to see an innocent person, especially a friend of yours, executed for a crime he didn't commit.
How do you know about that? His trial was supposed to be classified.
I know that Ralen's innocent.
The evidence to exonerate him is here with me, on lo.
And why would I believe you? Because in your desperation to save your friend, you'd turn to anyone for help.
Even me.
Well, you clearly don't know me as well as you thought you did.
Then perhaps you recognize this.
I need permission to take out the Earhart.
Let me guess, you don't want your uncle hearing about it, I presume? You going to help me or not? Why do you need a ship? I can prove Ralen is innocent.
How? What do you have? That's the same alien specimen we recovered on New Portland.
That should have been destroyed with the Tereshkova.
- Where is it? - Io.
- Io? - Cordelia contacted me.
Cordelia Fried? You can't be serious.
Cordelia insists Ralen was framed, and the evidence is on lo.
The image proves she's telling the truth.
Jax, you of all people should know that she can't be trusted.
Ralen is running out of time.
Can I take the Earhart out? Xander, I need to take that ship.
- Permission denied.
- Xander, you Because we will be taking the Earhart out.
Because I trust you.
Come on.
The evidence speaks for itself.
You've heard from witnesses confirming the legitimacy of the data recorder and its presence on the Tereshkova.
All that there's left to say is what you already know to be true.
And continue to mourn those who lost their lives at the hands of this brazen terrorist.
If you were on Command Track like I wanted for you, you wouldn't be in this mess.
I was captain of the Jemison at 30 years old.
What will you be? Hm? Still pining away for a young clone girl who can never love you back? Well, at least it was my choice.
The academy.
Becoming a pilot.
You always wanted me to follow your footsteps instead of walking in my own.
I always only wanted what was best for you, son.
What you thought was best for me.
You only ever cared about what you wanted.
Oxygen levels critical.
Seven percent.
And how is making your own choices working out for you now, Thomas? Hm? You are lost in space and about to die.
That's what making your own choices gets you.
I expected you sooner.
And I didn't expect you to bring him.
Lovely to see you again as well, Cordelia.
Just come with me.
There's no time to waste.
We've reached a verdict.
Based on the evidence presented, we, the judges, find you, Ralen, the accused Guilty.
I will not let you execute my son.
The ruling has been made.
There's nothing I can do about it, Ambassador.
If it's war with Zatar that you want, you will have it.
No one wants war, Salazen.
Especially me.
But what can be done? The tribunal has already reached its verdict.
The whole trial was a sham.
You don't think even I can manipulate the entire judicial process? What do you want? You don't have children, so you don't know, but I will do anything to protect my child's life.
That may be true.
- But I do have a niece.
- Niece? So that's what you call her? She is my sister's daughter.
Don't insult me with more lies.
No matter.
Perhaps, as ambassador, you can offer something for your son's life.
Something I can run up the chain, so to speak.
You are the chain, Osborn.
We both know that.
What do you want? I want Pandora's Box.
It's a DNA scanner.
Only a Fried can enter this room.
Stings like hell, but you get used to it.
Another one of my father's perverse and sadistic touches.
There it is.
So it wasn't destroyed on the Tereshkova after all.
How did it get here, Cordelia? Cordelia? It's a data cube.
Containing the original, unaltered data from the Tereshkova's flight data recorder.
So the evidence presented at Ralen's trial was fabricated.
By Tierney.
But this is the truth.
And I presume Tierney works for your father.
You could say my father works for Tierney.
What do you have for me, doctor? Not only does it carry the same nucleobases as all known terrestrial life Dr.
He was CMO of the Tereshkova.
And he's the true saboteur.
We need to get this back to Earth, now.
I helped you, now help me.
Let me come with you.
I can no longer stand by and be part of this family of lies and treachery.
Even if you won't be with me, I can't be with them.
Stop right there! Lower your weapon! Miss Fried, stop.
Cut them off! Move in! You two get to the docking bay.
I'll cover for you, then cover for me.
Go! Cordelia! Jax, we have to go now! We need to help Come on.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot! They're gone.
You played your part well, sister.
They have the truth now.
All that's left is to watch as everything plays itself out.
Infiltrators in formation.
Approaching Armistice Line.
You are playing with fire, Osborn.
I hope you know what you're doing.
I know exactly what I'm doing.
What is this? Evidence to exonerate Ralen.
Proof of what really happened on the Tereshkova.
That's impossible.
We just This is completely impossible.
Where exactly did you obtain this data cube? A mutual friend on lo.
But you already knew that, didn't you, Professor? But if a data cube can, in fact, be altered, how do we know this isn't fake data? Maybe the Zatarian tampered with it.
Dimitri Andropov.
The sole survivor of the Tereshkova disaster, and now in EarthCom custody.
It's curious, isn't it, that he's still alive? Considering that he's also on the incriminating data record, and that he supposedly is one of the 157 crew members said to have perished that day.
Andropov was working for Harlan Fried.
He was on his payroll.
And it's him that's responsible for this disaster.
Not Ralen.
We will have to overturn the Zatarian conviction.
Harlan Fried, you're under arrest.
Under what charge? The destruction of the Tereshkova, and treason among other things.
Now, open that door.
I will not.
You have no authority over me.
All it takes is a handprint.
Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, Mr.
But either way, you will open that door.
I wish you would reconsider your decision.
Father, my place is here for now.
Osborn used you as a pawn.
You are quite right, and it won't happen again.
Do you think I forgave you for disobeying my orders to destroy that ship? If I had obeyed your orders, I would most likely be dead right now.
You are to never disobey my orders again.
Thanks to you, now both the alien specimen and Pandora's Box are in the hands of EarthCom, which is exactly what Osborn wanted.
No, Father, I came here for a reason.
Nothing has changed.
At some point soon, you will have to make a choice, son.
Earth or Zatar.
You know what is coming is going to make our war with the humans look like a child's game.
And she's the key.
Just don't let your emotions cloud your judgments, especially when it comes to Pandora.
I won't, Father.
And her name is Jax.
Ralen's back on campus.
So I've heard.
Thank you.
How are you feeling with all that? Feel like you can trust him again? I've decided to take a "wait and see" approach for once.
To waiting and seeing.
Waiting and seeing.
Have you found anything yet, Pilar? Nothing.
Thomas disabled the transponder codes on his infiltrator.
What? So you're saying that he could be anywhere in the galaxy, and we have no way to find him? But you found Jax, Xander, and Ralen when they were stranded halfway across the galaxy.
The difference is they wanted to be found, Atria.
I'm not even sure Thomas wants to be found.
And as long as that's the case, it's highly unlikely anyone will ever find him.