Pandora (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

Knocking on Heaven's Door

1 Previously on Pandora [SOBBING.]
It's Daddy, Regan.
He's dead.
I told you I would give you the key to the mystery.
I have the key.
I presume you know where to find the lock.
Where the hell did you get this? What does this open? Pandora's Box.
We should return home to Zatar.
Perhaps this could be a new beginning for both of us.
I will find you, Dad.
I promise.
I'm going back to Adar to run for Seeker.
Hello, Daughter.
- Jax, what's wrong? - I saw something.
What did you see? The end of everything.
It must be very important for you to come here, Donovan.
I need your help.
I didn't expect to see you again.
Nor did I.
Her memories are coming back and I believe what happened to you is happening again here and now, Pandora.
So you knew I wasn't human? Professor Osborn had me convinced that it would be too dangerous if you were to know the truth.
It's not even that I'm surprised, especially considering everything that's happened these past few months.
If I'm not human, that means my parents weren't my parents.
So what was I, just a science experiment? You're still their daughter, Jax, no matter where you came from.
But where do I come from? All I know is that Professor Osborn found you as an infant and asked his sister to raise you as her own.
Not even your father knew the truth.
I thought opening Pandora's Box would answer my questions, but it's only left me with more.
I think we might have done something terrible.
Well, we'll think of something, we always do.
So besides you and my uncle, who else knows this about me? Every veteran of your uncle's old military outfit from the Zatarian War.
Professor Pevney? Mm-hmm.
And Shral.
Jacqueline and Commander Duvall paid a visit to Pandora's Box last night.
It appears my niece has acquired the key.
Tell me she didn't open it.
I don't know.
They disabled security and incapacitated two security guards.
We're still picking up the pieces down there.
Who's we? Pandora.
You contacted Pandora after she begged you never to reach out to her again? I had no choice.
I know we've had our differences in the past, Donovan, but I think we can agree the time for secrets is over.
Oh, I agree, but it's possible the storm that we feared is already here.
I quite like this new clone body of mine.
New tight flesh as well as a few other body modifications.
That's just creepy.
I can get you a new body if you'd like.
Taller, shorter; man, woman, you name it, it's yours.
How are you even here? I long ago established emergency protocols in the event of my arrest or attempted assassination.
Or both.
I don't suppose you had anything to do with that? Of course not.
Nonetheless, I have an entire chamber of clone bodies freshly grown from my own DNA waiting for me.
And I transplanted my consciousness into one before you could get too comfortable in my chair.
You've been planning this for quite some time.
Of course.
The only one of my daughters who would never betray me is my dearest Odessa, but unfortunately she's not with us anymore.
Allow me to introduce you both to Leone Vokk, acquirer of rare and precious things.
Your reputation proceeds you, - of course, Mr.
I don't suppose my father hired you to kill us, did he? It is not Vokk like a dog.
It is Vokk.
Leone Vokk.
In my moments of recent contemplation, I realized that I have perhaps been too contemptuous of you both, which may be why we have not achieved our primary objective.
Ultimate control of the portals gives me the power to travel anywhere in the universe.
Just imagine.
We need the key.
- Jax Zhou.
Leone Vokk will hunt her down and bring her here and dispatch anyone who gets in his way.
That's coming out of your fee, Leone.
Since returning to Zatar, all you do is train.
Punishing your body more and more each day.
I just desire to clear my mind.
That's all.
That is what meditation is for.
Did my father send you here to spy on me? [SCOFFS.]
I'm here of my own volition.
You spoke of a new beginning for us, but I'm yet to see any indication of that.
I need more time.
You still have feelings for the girl.
If you're referring to Jax, the answer is yes.
I got your message.
How can I help you? What can you tell me about Pandora's Box, Professor? Well, after Prometheus stole fire from Heaven, Zeus took revenge That's not the Pandora's Box I'm talking about.
What can you tell me, Professor? I need to know.
I-I'm sorry, I have to go, but can we talk more about this later? He didn't know anything? We opened that box, Xander.
What if we released evil into the worlds? What I saw, it was so real.
It wasn't it wasn't like a dream at all, like a premonition the Earth's future? Jax, if what you saw was real, then we have to be ready.
We're right back where we started, with Father in control.
Not exactly where we were before.
He's young, he's vital, he's obsessed with his own youth.
Hiring Leone Vokk was careless and premature.
He's the best there is.
Vokk is a blunt instrument.
Osborn will see him coming a mile away.
We need to be smarter.
- We? - Yes.
We cannot let Father control the portals.
This is not a fight for controlling Parallax, it's a fight for our very survival.
I know how we can get Jax and unlock the secrets before he does.
She knows about the Box.
We need to tell Donovan.
Osborn already knows.
What if she opens it? Then they'll come for her.
It's too soon.
We're not ready.
We'll find out, won't we? We should have never trusted Donovan to handle this.
His affection for the girl has clouded his judgment.
Who are you referring to? Jax or Pandora? "The higher we soar, the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.
You know, I thought we came far as a race.
More compassionate, more evolved as a species.
Earth has come a long way.
But who said I work for Earth? [TIERNEY.]
Thomas? I'm still learning how to control my new powers.
Mind-reading and telekinesis is quite a powerful combination.
I think you'll be an even better asset to us than your father.
Any news on when he's back from that mission you sent him on? No.
You're lying, I can tell.
What's Xeno-726? How did you know that? How could you read my mind? I can penetrate your mental block, Tierney.
Now tell me the truth.
It's an asteroid.
There are over 17 million heavily guarded safety deposit boxes hidden inside of it.
I needed your father to break in and steal the contents of one of them: TK-421.
He never came back.
He's done working for you and so am I.
I'm going to find my dad.
And don't try and stop me.
I won't get in your way.
We have a new job, ladies.
Regan Fried has offered us a substantial amount of money to acquire an asset for her on Earth.
Jax Zhou.
Set course for the Sol system.
I learned during my time on Earth that clones do have souls and we are as deserving of the same rights and protections as any other being in the universe.
The Seeker claims to speak for the creator of all worlds, but he only speaks for himself.
I intend to give a voice to everyone.
Adari and clone alike.
So, the rumors of your return are true.
We are truly blessed.
What brings you back to our beloved Adar, Atria Nine? I'm here to run for Seeker.
What blasphemy is this you speak? A clone cannot hold a seat on the Council.
That is forbidden.
Actually, it's not.
Clones are property, you have no soul! Tell them to leave now, or I will make them.
Arrest her! Her visit here is under the protection of the Earth Confederacy.
So back off.
And who exactly are you? Delaney Pilar, freshman.
I'm a classmate of Atria.
And if you ever even bothered to actually read the Adari Articles of Founding, you would know that anyone can become Seeker.
Anyone not anything.
I'm not sure they would make that distinction.
Of course you could arrest us, but I'm transmitting everything you say and do on the datastream back to Earth, so it's your move.
That felt good.
Scary, but good.
And, trust me, we're just getting started.
I wonder if you truly comprehend the importance of interstellar protocol.
Could it have something to do with the fact that when we made first contact with the Zatarians, and neither understood the other's customs, languages or intentions, we found ourselves stumbling into a war that would last nearly 15 years and almost led to the annihilation of both our species? Could be one reason Another reason.
It pays to be polite.
And to understand the enemy you're dealing with.
You better have a good reason for disrupting my class.
"And I looked, and behold a pale horse, and his name who sat upon it was Death and Hell followed with him.
I don't really ever think of Revelations as poetry.
Drop your weapons! [STUDENTS SCREAMING.]
A blade for a blade.
- Jax, go.
- No.
Jax Zhou.
Jax Zhou.
Jax Zhou.
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
Let him go.
Get away from her.
No! Help! Stop! No! Let me go! [MUFFLED SCREAMS.]
Come with me.
Who in the worlds are you? I'm Pandora.
Look, I appreciate your help, but you need to tell me who you are.
I'm you.
What does that mean? I was a lot like you once.
I was just like you.
But I haven't been that person in a long time.
- Why are you helping me? - Your uncle sent me.
You know my uncle? Just like you, the Ancients sent me to observe and judge.
Observe and judge what? - [DONOVAN.]
Jacqueline! - [GASPS.]
Uncle! Professor Shral, are you OK? Who's the lumberjack with the gun trying to kill me? An assassin-for-hire.
Working for Harlan Fried, I suspect.
And I don't believe they want you dead.
Let's keep moving.
Fried and Parallax want to control the portals that Pandoras use to go between worlds.
They believe you are the key, Jacqueline.
I'm no key.
She's the key.
You both are.
You're a Pandora, Jacqueline.
Can't you just open one of your portals and get us out of here? The only portal I can summon returns to my universe and that world's completely destroyed.
Jax Zhou.
Jax Zhou.
"That which fails to kill you only makes you stronger.
" I've been expecting you.
We don't have much time.
Let's move.
Keep going.
- Uncle, where are you going? - Jax, come on! [GRUNTS.]
I took your advice, Matta.
I'm embracing meditation over violence to clear my mind.
I'm sorry to interrupt then, but this news is most urgent.
The alien race that we long feared has dispatched an armada to Earth as we speak.
If she had not opened the Box, they would not have known that here was a Pandora on Earth.
I gave her the key.
The fault lies with me.
EarthCom won't be able to defend themselves against this threat alone.
I told your father the exact same thing.
And what did he say? I know he rebuilt our fleet.
And it wasn't to attack Earth, it was to fight these creatures, wasn't it? Yes, my husband.
All this time the humans thought that the fleet was built to fight them, but it was to battle the same enemy they will now battle.
Then we must attack.
There's still time to help them.
Your father has decided that he will allow them to wipe out the humans first.
And then when they are gone, we will come in and destroy what is left of the aliens ourselves eliminating both threats to Zatar from the galaxy.
So he will not help Earth? Certainly not after Osborn's duplicity.
He was just doing what he thought was right for his people.
And your father is doing the same for his.
Now tell me, Husband, what do you intend to do? [PANTING.]
Easy there.
I think I heard something.
Wait, hold on, hold on.
Xander! - Jax.
- What are you doing here? Getting you to safety.
What's in the bag? I raided the armory.
I'm sorry, have we met? She's an old friend.
Give me the big one.
If Vokk gets past your uncle, I'll do my best to slow him down.
Keep moving.
- We're not leaving you, Professor.
- I'll be fine.
And if we don't see each other again, good luck.
Thank you.
Follow me.
We're taking fire! Hostile ships approaching! This is foolish.
The Adari will never allow us to be free.
This is bigger than us.
We must unite.
If there's even a small chance that this could work, we owe it to ourselves and Atria Nine to stand up and seize this moment.
This is an illegal assembly.
Atria Nine, you need to come with us.
Do not recite more Articles of Founding.
I have passed an amendment which makes Atria Nine's gathering in violation of Adari law.
And I've terminated all access to the datastream.
What is this? I will make it simple for you.
Atria Nine, you are under arrest.
Atria Nine, stand forward now.
I am Atria Nine.
I am Atria Nine.
I am Atria Nine.
I am Atria Nine.
I am Atria Nine.
The safest place for Jax will be onboard an EarthCom battlecruiser in orbit.
We'll take the Earhart and dock with the ECOM-29 at the airfield just over there.
The problem is, there's never a battlecruiser around when you need one.
What's that? [XANDER.]
Attack drones! [XANDER.]
Take cover! [XANDER.]
The entire airfield has been destroyed.
Every ship from the base is gone.
So much for taking the Earhart.
I have a plan.
Follow me.
Without a ship, we are stuck here.
No, we're not.
We need to get to the Space Elevator.
Unfortunately, out here it's a bit too exposed.
- It'll get us to a ship in orbit.
- Deck Sergeant Wilson? - Drones took out our airfield.
They didn't even show up on my monitor until it was too late.
The other bounty hunter's smarter than he looks.
He just destroyed your only means to escape.
Commander Duvall, if you need to reach the Space Elevator, I believe I can be a hand.
The man who blew up the airfield is on our tail.
We also need to get this student to the ECOM-29.
She's docked with the Pearl.
Well, you came to the right place.
I know this academy better than the back of my hand.
Back when I was a freshman, at night we used to sneak through the old service corridors under the Academy to go to the swimming pool and go skinny dipping with the girls after curfew Are you quite finished, Deck Sergeant? Uh, sorry, sir.
Uh, there are tunnels underneath the campus.
I will get you safely to the monorail which will take you to the Space Elevator.
You can count on me.
Hello there, I'm Elias Wilson.
I haven't seen you around campus.
Deck Sergeant.
- Lead on.
- This way.
- Do I get a gun? - No.
So who is this guy chasing you? [LEONE.]
Jax Zhou.
He's here.
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
We need to go! Now! Go! Go! Go! Come on! Go! - Go! Go! Go! - Go! Go! Go! Let's go! Come on! Keep moving, keep moving! [WILSON.]
Hey, when the staff used to catch us down here, we used to get away from them by sealing them behind the blast door.
See? Piece of cake.
You guys keep going.
I'm just gonna rest here a while, if that's all right by you.
I'll be fine.
I brought a snack.
Just rest, Deck Sergeant.
Call me Elias.
Okay, Elias.
And tell the Purple Girl I did good.
We will.
We need to keep moving.
Thank you.
That's one of ours.
They're coming for Pandora.
Leone Vokk's ship.
I have an idea.
We need to get up there and fight.
Fleet Admiral Osborn, your ship has been cleared to land.
Initiating docking procedures.
Must be a thousand of them.
We must protect the Earth at all costs.
No one gets through.
We gotta keep moving.
There's the monorail! [ALL GRUNT.]
Jax Zhou.
What do you want from me?! "Let your plans be as dark and obscure as night" [GRUNTING.]
Get in, both of you.
We're not leaving without you.
My world is completely destroyed.
You still have an opportunity to save yours.
Go! "And when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.
Out of ammo? [CLICKS.]
Who are you? - [JAX.]
Pandora! - Jax, we need to leave! [BOTH GRUNT.]
This is Fleet Admiral Donovan Osborn.
There will be no mercy.
We will go on to the end.
We will fight on seas and oceans.
We will fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air.
We will defend our island.
Whatever the cost may be.
We shall never surrender.
Until the very end.
Until the very end.
Fire torpedoes.
Fire! Fire! Send in the infiltrators.
Engage! Engage! Fire! The weapons are barely doing any damage.
Oh, my God.
Welcome to the monorail.
Enjoy your ride.
- [JAX.]
You were right.
About what? What you always said about me being impulsive.
That it would get me into trouble one day.
I wanted to find out what was in the Box as well.
I think we're both to blame.
And like the myth, Pandora was curious and stubborn.
I don't think anyone could have stopped you from looking inside the Box.
Monorail docking with the Space Elevator.
Incoming! Scramble Infiltrators! Scramble! This is the Moshe Dayan.
We have taken a critical hit.
We're taking fire! We're taking fire! Divert auxiliary power to shields.
Incoming! [SCREAMING.]
Attention EarthCom, this is Ralen of the House of Ral.
I'm here to assist you in the defense of Earth.
Ralen?! Your assistance is much appreciated, Cadet.
I don't think one fighter is going to turn the tide of this battle.
We can die together or we can die alone.
But we will assuredly die, so let it be a noble one.
Unleash holy hell on those bastards, XO.
Fire all weapons! [SCREAMS.]
Osborn! Osborn, go in! [AUTOMATED VOICE.]
Space Elevator in motion.
We are approaching the Pearl.
This is just so insane.
The same day I find out I'm not human, I find out the fate of the universe is in my hands.
I can't even remember to do my laundry once a week.
Anything you need, Jax, I'm here.
I know.
Welcome to the Space Elevator.
Why have we stopped? [AUTOMATED VOICE GLITCHING.]
Enjoy your ride to the star stars Sta Grab something! We're falling! Jax! Jax, grab something! - [XANDER.]
Jax! - [JAX.]
Xander! Jax, take my arm! We'll grab on, grab it! Brace yourself, Jax! Brace yourself! [BOTH SCREAM.]
We lost another battlecruiser, sir.
Shield's at 60%.
Life support's down.
There's one way we can win this.
EarthCom, come in! EarthCom! Ralen, I fear this battle may be lost, but we will go down fighting to the very last man and Zatarian, for that I thank you.
It is an honor to fight alongside you.
Together, sir.
Ralen, they have target lock on you! [PANTING.]
Attention EarthCom fleet.
The Zatarians are here.
This is Matta of the House of Ral.
Matta! Matta! Welcome to the fight, Matta of the House of Ral.
Nice to see you, Wife.
How did you convince my father? Your father doesn't know yet.
Well done.
Attention all EarthCom Vessels: Get into formation with the Zatarian fleet.
Let's take it to these bastards.
We are not done yet! [SHOUTS IN ALIEN LANGUAGE.]
Whose ship is that? That's not Leone Vokk.
It's the Hypatia Syndicate.
Hello again, Jax.
They're dead they're all dead.
This is some kind of prison.
He's not here.
What the hell is going on? It's a trap.
Tierney! You delivered her right on time.
At last, Pandora is finally mine.
Actually, not quite You have done well, Daughter.
Daughter? Oh, don't you recognize your sister, Odessa? Oh, of course you don't, you've not seen her in this body before.
The girl is now yours, Father.
I don't suppose "the girl" has anything to say about this? And as for you, my dear, dear girl, I have much more exciting things planned for us after I kill him first.