Paradise Ranch (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Episode 1 Yah, Da Ji! Yah, Da Ji! - Yah, Dong Ju, stop! - Dad! - Dad, I'm sorry! - Da Ji! What will I do if you just leave like that? Dad! Da Ji, Have you forgotten your promise with your mother? Didn't your mother say that you definitely must become a student of Korea University? This belief was the only thing that got me through this life.
Dad, I'm sorry.
Dong Ju.
Han Dong Ju.
You're dead when I get you! Yah.
Lee Ok Su.
Where's your daughter? Where did she take our Dong Ju? Oh god.
Do a thorough search.
You're all dead if you can't find them.
Marriage application You're all dead if you can't find them.
Marriage application If Ms Lee Da Ji's citizen registration number is September 1986, it means you're only 17 years old.
If we follow the Lunar calendar, I'm 19 years old.
Without the consent of their parents, minors are not allowed to apply for marriage.
If we get two signatures, it's fine as long as we get two signatures? It's not valid if you get it signed without your parents' knowledge.
Aren't you two being too brave? It's alright.
We'll definitely not get separated.
Dad, I'm afraid of studying overseas.
I won't have dad or Dong Ju, and I'll be alone overseas.
What if the people there see that I'm small and discriminate against me? Ajusshi, I'll take care of her my whole life.
I'll make her happy.
You've been trailing after Da Ji and following her around since Junior High.
What are you saying now? You want to be together your whole life? You blockhead! Ajusshi! Dong Ju isn't a blockhead! Is his brain only smart enough for this? Ok Su, let's agree with this marriage.
Ajusshi, why are you doing this? Please get up.
Dad! You don't interrupt.
You know this too, right? I brought up this child Dong Ju.
He's even more dear to me than my own son.
I love him more dearly than anyone else.
Father! Please get up.
I promise I'll treat Da Ji like my own daughter.
So you don't have to worry.
Ajusshi What are you doing? Why aren't you saying "we'll live well"? We'll live well! Dad, I definitely won't let you down.
Korea! Oi! Oi! Oi! It's a goal! Goal, goal, goal Goal, goal, it's a goal! Goal~ Goa~l You should get down.
I don't want too.
I want to stick to your body just like bubblegum.
Where are you looking at right now? Get down.
I'm sorry! Aigoo.
(t/n: Peek-a-boo) Gakkung! (t/n: Peek-a-boo) Let's live happily together, forever.
19 years old, 21 years old, us that said we'll be happy forever.
Our marriage fell apart in 6 months.
Because we were too eager to get married, and too furious to break up.
For us, who got married with the mentality that it's "do or die", it was also intense and speedily completed when we divorced.
6 years later, time has already flowed by without us knowing.
6 years later It's not that, 6 years later It's not that, but why is that child Da Ji doing carrying a camera around all day? Just pick it up fast.
The yield from the horses are already lessening.
Oh my, what's that old man doing? Yah yah, Lee Da Ji! Did you think I wouldn't find you if you hid yourself like this? Ajusshi, it's been a while.
Yah, you ruined a perfectly good horse and he can't even stand properly now.
What are you going to do about it? I did some oil therapy for it.
Do you think I'll still pass the horse to you? Yah! You stop right there! Ajusshi! They're extremely sensitive when they're pregnant.
There'll be trouble if you shout.
Yah, Da Ji! Da Ji.
Da Ji, are you alright? You just had to fall into the pile of poop.
Oh dirty.
It's poop.
Poop! Poop! The probability of the mare miscarrying is 20% more than last year.
No matter where I checked, I just couldn't find the cause.
It's poop dad! - What is it again? - Dad! The horse's feed is alfalfa.
Isn't that poop? Alfalfa has estrogen in it.
Estrogen is a substance that causes miscarriage.
Overconsumption of it will lead to miscarriages.
So the problem is with the feed? That's right! To a pregnant mare, alfalfa must be consumed in controlled portions of below 20% their intake a day.
This is a study done in Germany.
How do you know this? Hello.
Is the company a playground? Do you come and go as you please? There's nothing to do anyway.
What's the point in going there everyday? Then why do you still draw your salary as usual? You brat.
Father, that's why I told you to fire me.
Why do you lose your temper like this every morning? If you don't attend the meeting, all your credit card accounts will be closed.
Our ranch was featured in a Japanese magazine before, that's why a lot of Japanese visitors like to come here.
The scenery is good.
Actually, this was still a bare piece of land 5 years ago.
But my house and this ranch is really near, so my family and this ranch's owner built it up bit by bit.
This is a stallion.
You know about stallions right? Yes.
If a stallion can't do "that", it's in trouble.
That's right.
There's nothing I've never done before.
I've soaked it in iced water, and fed him stimulants, and even let him watch porn, but it was all useless.
President Yang doesn't even know all this, yet he keeps scolding me.
The girl genius who was selected by Korea University when she was 16 has now become a veterinarian.
Genius? It's because this village doesn't have a vet that's why I had no choice but to use her.
But all you need to do is observe Da Ji for 10 minutes, no, 5 minutes is enough, you don't even need 10 minutes.
Nice catch! I asked you to treat the horse, but you made it worse.
What are you going to do about it? In any case, at least he already pooped.
Poop poop poop.
I heard from your dad that you're going to Australia to buy a horse? After bringing it in, it might change Korea's horse racing history.
Sell that to me.
I'll give you 3 million, no 4 million, no no, 5 million for your trouble.
I'll even pay for your expenses for the auction.
How about that? No way.
A horse that's difficult to purchase even in Australia, I spent a year sending emails and making phone calls, I put in so much effort into it.
If Volpony wins a race, I'll buy that house on the ranch as a prize.
Stop dreaming.
Park already sold that house to someone else long ago.
What are you saying? I don't know.
Does it even make sense to sell the house on Paradise? Ajusshi also knows how we finally got it.
And to buy that house, my dad has already started working at the Seoul Race course Park.
He already left and it was more expensive than expected.
You get over here.
You bastard.
Dad, calm down.
Alright alright, don't do this.
Even if we didn't have the money to buy it, you should have a conscience.
Land that wasn't even worth 5 million, who was it that brought its value up to 50 million? It was our Da Ji.
Da Ji.
But now you sold it for less than 20 million! Explain yourself, you bastard! I don't care anymore.
I'm also just trying to make a living.
I'm tired of this.
In any case, things are already like that.
You bastard! Handsome, isn't it? I don't know.
It's a horse that we're going to keep in our resort in Jeju Island.
Go and buy it back.
I'm not going.
You're not going? Just say it without giving any reason? You brat.
Freeze President Han Dong Joo's credit card.
Why are you doing this? Either you go and buy the horse, or you hand over your card.
You can just stamp it like that.
The 10 million won will be sent into your account in ten installments.
Professor Yuk, thank you.
Ajusshi, I'll pass you the remaining 500 after I get it from President Yang.
I'm a little busy so Oh, alright than.
Da Ji, there won't be any problems getting Volpony over, right? Of course.
It's not like it's someone else, it's President Yang.
Also, we already agreed that I'll be taking care of it until it enters racing.
So, isn't it as good as mine? Oh, it stinks.
So this is the supposed horse heaven? Me? Volpony, do you know how much I missed you? President Yang is just a little petty, but he's not a bad person.
Also, noona will always be by your side, so, don't worry.
Edward? The person and name is such a perfect match.
That Edward gave noona this hat.
There were a lot of pretty girls there.
Your noona still has a lot of charm.
But that uncle is just like you, he's a total pretty boy! You and the uncle are both perfect.
It's been so long since I've felt like this.
David really treasures this horse, so I thought he wouldn't sell it.
Volpony is a good horse.
Are you Korean? My parents are.
The hat really suits you.
Thank you for the hat.
I like it too.
See you again.
See you again? When? Dong Ju.
Dong Ju.
IF YOU PAID FOR THIS VIDEO, YOU WERE CHEATED! I was calling you near the stables.
IF YOU PAID FOR THIS VIDEO, YOU WERE CHEATED! I was calling you near the stables.
I saw.
If you saw, why did you just leave like that? What else than if I don't leave? We haven't seen each other in so long, you should at least say hello.
Our relationship isn't one where we would say hello to each other, isn't it? That It's been 6 years.
What do you want to know? That It's just How have you been? What are you doing now? How you've spent the last 6 years and what you've been doing? I don't want to know and not curious at all.
I'm happy.
I'm not sure about you Dong Ju, but I was happy to meet you here, and I've always wanted to meet you once more.
You No matter what, someone's talking to you.
Are you buying this horse? Yes.
KRW 19,440,000.
It can't go up anymore.
USD$500 more! USD$30,000.
65 million won?! Still using the same cologne.
Yah! What are you doing here? That Because of Volpony.
How about you buy it for USD$60,000? It's like that.
You want to buy it, and I want to sell it.
I don't want too.
You didn't get to buy it just because of USD$1,000, I'll pay for that.
Actually, I wanted to buy it for 20 million won.
But if I had known it would be more than 60 million won, the horse's owner would never have sold it for that price.
and I wouldn't buy it either! I want to call off the deal, but if I break the contract, that's 500,000 won gone.
I want to buy another horse.
You can leave.
Didn't you want to buy it as well? I only did it because it was an urgent situation then.
What's it got to do with me if you're in an urgent situation? Nothing to do with you Do I have to agree just because you appear suddenly like that asking for a favour? Why do you keep losing your temper? I was so happy to finally see you after 6 years.
I'm not happy.
I don't like it, so please get out.
Your cellphone was turned off, so I came over to see what you're doing.
I wanted to hold hands and take a walk around the golf course.
Did I scare you? Who is that? Oh.
I'm here because I asked him for a favour during the auction.
Then Please excuse me.
As I cry, I won't be obsessed anymore.
Don't cry.
It's like that it's like that What is this that it's so expensive? One beer please.
Ah, I'm so hungry.
My chest is about to touch my back.
I'm in trouble.
Rashly shouting out and I bought it with an extra 50 million won.
Think of an idea.
Think of an idea Da Ji.
The future is bleak.
My beer.
Did you buy a horse? Yes.
How many horses? So many? Are you setting up a ranch? I don't really operate the ranch myself.
No wonder.
One look and I felt that you're an expert.
A lot of people knew about Volpony for this auction, a horse that can be bought for 20 million won, why would you spend 60 million won? If it's a horse that must be bought, then it should be bought at even that price.
Dong Ju.
Then I'll contact the auction house for the settlement.
Are things not going smoothly? No.
Where's your luggage? In your room.
My room? Yeah, aren't we rooming together? Grandfather is finally doing something, making Han Dong Ju who gets frustrated at the mention of horses to come all the way here.
Because of his lazy and useless grandson, Grandfather has worried a lot.
How are you lazy and useless? Such a perfect person.
Is it a little too fast? Dong Ju.
If you feel anything within 3 seconds, then let's start dating.
Count up to ten, then forget everything.
Forget everything.
Thinking about it, Volpony is a prized horse that has won a triple crown.
For this kind of standard, 60 million won isn't that expensive, right? You're right.
Then why don't you just explain it clearly like that? President Yang is so reluctant to use water.
He doesn't even flush after pooping.
What's more, he has hemorrhoids, but he can't bear to use toilet paper.
So he tears up newspapers and uses those instead.
Newspapers? If he knows about this situation, he'll order me around like a slave for the rest of my life.
I'm not joking.
Taking away the penalty charge, I still have 15 million won left.
What kind of horse can I buy with that amount? That I can help you.
If it's male What are you looking at so seriously? This horse seems like it's very average.
I think we should go look at others.
What's average? Ah, Ms.
Da Ji.
Skill is good.
Practical experience is good.
This one doesn't look too bad.
What do you think? OK.
I've finally found it.
I really have been played by money.
We got connected, but the trainer said that he's not selling anymore and took it back Is that so? Then don't bother telling the Chairman otherwise.
Just carry it out on the day recommended by the agency.
Really, thank you so much ajusshi.
You're my savior.
I also had a good time because of Ms.
Da Ji.
Really? Really.
IF YOU PAID FOR THIS VIDEO, YOU WERE CHEATED! The one you mentioned last night? Yes.
She's pretty, and her clothes are stylish.
But from my point of view, Ms.
Da Ji is prettier.
Why do you say such things so directly? I see you've made a lot of money from racing horses.
If it's to earn money, I'd do anything.
Oh, also, this is my right-hand man.
He's a scary person.
I run a ranch in Jeju Island, if you go there, please contact me.
Jeju Island? Yes.
If ajusshi comes, I'll be a free tour guide for you.
Take care.
You too.
I say, Madam Bok Shim.
You can buy a pretty good car with roughly 30 million won, so if you get an alimony, you should change your car first.
Aigoo, look at the way you're dressed.
Are you afraid I won't give you a single cent and send you away, that's why you're dressed so poorly? Aigoo.
You've really ignored me all the way.
Yah, Lee Bok Shim.
You have to gain my favour in order to get some money, do you know that? How much alimony will you give me? Who told you that you could snatch half my asset? President Han, please sit down.
If this continues, it's definitely a disadvantage for us.
They have too much evidence in their hands.
Please take a look.
Lee Lee Bok Shim.
You've really collected every single detail well.
Yah, you've never even nagged about me returning home late.
You're scary.
Oh so scary.
It's because you're like this that's why I want to divorce you, did you know that? Yah, you talk to me.
I want you to talk to me directly.
This is the alimony agreement.
This, what's written in this? If you can submit reflection essays with all your mistakes, she'll take out 30 million from the alimony for every one of them and return it to you.
Reflection essay? 30 million for every piece.
That's the price to buy a good quality car, so you should try writing it seriously.
Was the purchase of the horse successful? What are you doing here? I've heard about the thesis written by Miss Da Ji.
Although it's been a while, but I heard that it was an excellent piece of work on genetic engineering.
If you need it, I can lend it to you.
Since you drove to pick me up.
We seem to get along quite well, don't you think so? Get along.
? I've been waiting for a long time, for a partner who can share both my feelings and career.
I admire Miss Da Ji a lot.
What do you think of me, Miss Da Ji? Professor Kang often praises Miss Da Ji.
Back then, I heard that you were selected to study abroad.
I got married.
this means.
And then I got divorced, 6 months after marriage.
Well, this is all a thing of the past.
It's almost 6, aren't you heading back yet? Why? Did you plan to meet your lover here? Loquacious.
Have dinner before you go back? There's a good restaurant here.
It's okay.
Mom, do you really feel happy living like this? Yup, I'm so happy that I'm about to fly.
This isn't even a game.
Either end this quickly, or come back quickly.
To use a letter of reflection as revenge and even giving your husband some alimony, does it make sense? As your mother, there are a lot of things that your father should apologize to me for.
What could I do? The only thing that can order your father around, is money.
You Have you slept with Jin Young? After the divorce, it felt as though you wouldn't like anybody else.
Although I'm thankful to her for saving you like this, but it seems to me that you are one-sidely in love with her.
It makes me upset.
Let's not be so cool with one another.
Are you happy? Why do you ask all of a sudden? Life is short.
You should be happy.
As your mother, at this age, I'm doing all these for happiness.
I'm going to Jeju Island.
Grandpa is threatening me with the credit card.
Until when will you Grandpa wants you to call him often.
Take care, Madam Lee.
Don't make friends with men recklessly.
Blue skies and a clean natural environment, we have chosen Jeju Island, which is suitable for both sightseeing and environmental protection.
It is a well-being resort.
To relax in peaceful nature, and through horse-riding and rowing The mere process of buying over the resort is already tiring enough.
Why do you still want to borrow others' money to expand it? Golf, horse-riding, rowing.
If we want to become Asia's best holiday resort, this money is still not enough, Chairman.
The investment needs to go to the world's best holiday resort.
The best, the strongest! It's already fine as it is now.
Chairman, the external investments program was approved by the Board.
The American firm "FRIENDS", have also sent their Investment Department representative here.
Upon hearing that the world's best holiday resort is invested in by FRIENDS, the number of investors in the resort have skyrocketed.
The acquisition of the resort this time will require quick expansion.
Later, later! The Chairman ordered me to report every detail to you.
How surprising.
What's wrong with you? Even if I'm not in front of you, Secretary Lee can settle everything.
You've worked hard.
You bought Volpony.
Chairman will feel upset.
Let's go.
Let's go, Paulist! Let's go! Looks like this kid has yet to recover from his jet lag! Let's go! Let's go, Paulist! About jet lag, the time difference between here and Australia is only 2 hours.
I'm very clear about that, Da Ji.
Well, Ajusshi It's because of the sudden change in environment, hence it's mental stability is Here you go with your nonsense! Don't even talk about pulling it out to run, it won't even move! You brought me a horse that only knows how to eat, drink and excrete! I can't give you the 500,000 Won.
First, pay me the 2,000 Won for usage of the turf.
Ajusshi! One week, please give me just one week! It also needs time to adapt! Time to adapt? Did you think this is the army? Hello, Ajusshi? You bought a foal? That horse hasn't even been pregnant for 2 months.
What?! Stand closer, closer! Make a sexy pose, will you! "I'm Kim Tae Hee, I'm Song Hye Gyo!" Im Hye Jin, you get out.
Why is it only me? Your height and proportions don't match with the rest! Didn't she already ask you to get out? Hey! What kind of photographer are you? All you have is just a camera, what's there to boast about.
Just a camera? Do you know how much this camera costs? 1,000,000 Won! You rascal, you even have the guts to sell the unborn foal! Let's talk outside.
You, don't run.
Hey! Lee Da Eun, stop right there! This girl When I go to Seoul, I can already tell how much suffering you will cause for your sister.
I didn't even wish to know.
Am I the only one worrying her? Because of Appa's mistake to be a guarantor, Unnie has to pay off that debt I called Mr.
He agreed to return us the money.
I'm so sorry, Da Ji.
There you go again.
Appa, I feel the happiest right now.
My family is healthy, and everything at the ranch is going smoothly.
What else can I ask for? Appa, taking photographs can also earn me some money.
If I take photographs of people Since Da Eun is so determined on taking photographs She can take pictures of the customers that come on weekends, and upload onto our website, it's not a bad idea.
It can help to promote the ranch as well! This is where the pastures are formed together as a ranch.
It constitutes to about 30% of the ranch that we have bought.
What did we buy these for? The scenery here is extraordinary.
Noona has given you so many benefits within the past week! So, shouldn't you at least express some form of gratitude?! Do you have to be so petty?! Fine.
Who will win in the end, I'll just wait and see! Is there something that brings you here? It can't be that you came to see me.
What are you doing here? It's my ranch, of course I'm here.
Why, do you want to chase me away again? Did we buy this plot of land? Yes, that structure marks the boundaries of our land.
That structure marks the boundaries? That, we just bought that a week ago.
We have bought plot number 48-3 of this area.
Number 48-3? It really is this place.
So Trainer Park bought this piece of land, right? Have you confirmed it? The contract wasn't signed by me personally, It was done by a middleman.
I asked if you have confirmed it! Can you come over for a while? The way I see it, you seem to have been cheated? I heard that someone wanted to buy it too, but it was me who signed the contract last week.
The number you have just dialed is unavailable.
Please use text message to contact the user.
Is he busy getting ready to go abroad? The person who played middleman, have you tried to contact him? But then again, why would a swindler pick up his phone? I didn't know that you were working here.
I've been here a few times.
I mean.
Honestly, ever since the resort was built, the golf course has often invited me to go over, and I've rejected them a few times.
And also because.
What were you doing there? I work at the ranch, and I also run Paradise Ranch.
Occasionally, I treat the horses.
I'm a veterinarian.
Veterinarian? Yup.
If the contract is signed wrong, then the company will face a problem.
It shouldn't be something good for you too, right? This not something you should worried about.
Do you have to put it that way? I only said so because I was worried about you.
Everything has been taken care of.
This is to say that plot number 48-3, and its 3,000 square metres of land, belongs to us, D.
I Resorts.
Han Dong Joo? Why is it my name? Chairman used your name, Director Han, to sign the contract.
The official document should be issued to your home shortly.
We will soon begin construction as well.
This can't be! 80% of the structure belongs to us.
We will make another payment to compensate for it.
Who gave you permission to begin construction? That's my home! Me and my father, we built it brick by brick! It's my home! I have to confirm it personally.
Personally This can't be It's impossible It's impossible I trusted you, yet you backstabbed me! Come out, come out right now! It wasn't just one or two of us who got cheated.
The ranch, the land He cheated all of us entirely.
This heartless cheater How did he cheat you too? Ajusshi wouldn't.
It's impossible This is the representative from the Investments Department of FRIENDS, Mr.
Seo Yun Ho.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm Seo Yun Ho.
I'm Han Dong Joo.
The hotel and resort has completed its 2nd round of refurnishing.
With a traditional holiday inn as it's attraction point, it has been open for about 2 months.
- The problem with the ranch is that, - Verterinarian.
Paradise Ranch, who do they belong to? Why is he here? From the information given, the 300 feet sized southern part of Paradise Ranch and the Southern Pastures belong to us.
The media team will attend to you.
It's okay.
It's better for me to go down personally.
I like to walk around alone.
It's a little too tiring for the first day.
What's with this person? We don't have to complete everything within these 3 months.
Please look after us in future.
We should say that instead, please look after us.
What's with the issue about the owner of the ranch? It's unrelated to us.
Because of a double contract, it seems that she was cheated.
I will look into it.
Chairman Han has stepped out, there doesn't seem to be any other changes in the future.
What about Director Han Dong Joo? The real Chairman of the resort is Director Han Tae Man.
Director Han Dong Joo has no power in Dong In Group.
But to send Director Han Dong Joo at our first meeting.
does he think that little of us? During the time where we carry on with our procedures here, we'll only have to attend meetings with the in-charge.
He has bought such a nice place, we should start from there.
Why is Manager Yang like this? You know my situation! Your situation is your problem.
Give me 20,000 Won.
You bought a horse that wouldn't move from nowhere, and lied to me saying that it's a famous horse.
It's only been 10 days.
I need to train it.
I got it.
We'll talk about it when I come back from Seoul.
Stop, stop, stop.
If you want to leave, you have to first sign a letter of guarantee.
I'm going to be late for my flight! I'm going to see the Director of the resort now.
Did the Director say that he's willing to see you? Paulist is running! Da Ji, stop running! Ajusshi, wait for me to come back and we'll talk! I will definitely- Are you okay? Ajusshi! Ajusshi, you appeared like fate.
Ajusshi, look here please! When shall we meet tomorrow? Let's meet often.
Who gave you the right to start construction.
Who gave it to you? The ranch is my life.
The next person to take over Dong Yi Group is.
I don't like doing business.
And I'm not good at it.
Who let you in?! From today onwards, I'm going to live here.
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