Paradise Ranch (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

President Yang, Why are you like this? You should know about my situation.
Your situation is your situation.
Just give me 20,000,000 won.
How can you bring a horse that doesn't move here? And you still lied to me that it's a famous horse.
It's only been 10 days.
If we train properly.
I know.
You can discuss it with me after I come back from Seoul.
You can't go, you can't.
If you're going then you have to write a guarantee.
I'm going to miss my flight! I have to go meet the president of the resort right now.
Did the president even say you could meet him? Paulist is running! HEY, HEY, I told you to stop! Ajusshi, Wait for me to come back and we'll talk about it.
You have to believe me, take good care of him.
Are you okay? Ajusshi! I'll let you leave after you finish writing the guarantee.
Ajusshi! You came at just the right time.
This person is an expert horse buyer.
We bought that horse last time.
Please help me, say something.
His real name is Paulist.
He's a pure-bred, famous for having won $8 million in prize money.
Yes, because of its bloodline, it doesn't walk or run.
All it does all day is eat, drink, and poop.
He'll create news.
I'll give you 20,000,000 won.
Actually, because of Lee Da Ji's request, I'll let her have the horse that I wanted to buy.
I want it because a lot of effort was put into it.
Actually, I can give you 60 million won for it.
Sixty million won? Give him 60 million won.
No, no, no.
That wasthat one.
What I mean is, I don't want to sell him.
I've troubled you again.
Ajusshi always appears as if arranged by destiny.
Is this the ranch you were talking about? Yes, it still has some problems, but we will find a good solution.
Ajusshi, when did you come? Do you plan to stay here for a few days? Where are you staying? I came yesterday.
I'll be here for two months.
I'll be staying at the D.
I ? Ajusshi, that place isn't any good.
Don't go there.
No good? No, not that it's not good.
It's just that it's evil to the people who own the ranches.
Ever since the golf course opened Golf balls would often fly over and hit people.
Not only that, but there used to be many chickens here prior to this.
After they ate all that grass, the chickens just fainted.
Oppa, do you want to eat chicken soup today? There's an opposition to speed boats.
Because of the construction of the speed boat ring, it ruined the lives of female divers too.
Why are you touching my butt? Who do you think you are? They destroyed the natural environment on top of threatening the locals' lives.
Just because of some basic on-the-surface construction, do they think they can become a resort filled with bliss and happiness? Right, Ajusshi? That's right.
Find another house.
It doesn't have to be like this.
I was overreacting.
Actually, our ranch has also been at a disadvantage.
Anyway, there were many complications.
Where are you going now? Ajusshi, I can't be your tour guide today.
Right now, I'm going to negotiate with someone.
Negotiate? Actually, I'm going there to request something.
If you tell me your number, ah, nevermind.
Since ajusshi knows my number, call me later if you have time.
I will show you Jeju Island's paradise.
I didn't know if you'd really come.
Thank you.
I think you look even more handsome when I see you here.
Please have a good time.
Why don't you try talking to them again? Yes, I shall go confirm it now.
The tour guide is waiting for you.
Tour guide? Don't we already have one? Our own Ms.
tour guide? You all must have heard the rumors.
I will be resigning from today onwards.
From the fertilizer market up to the present establishment for the Dongin Group, I've already put in my best effort.
So there are no regrets whatsoever.
I believe that as long as everyone gives their best efforts, then it is definitely possible for Dong In to become a global company.
In the future, to lead Dong In Group my successor is Han Dong Joo, from the planning department.
That President That was the response I expected.
You guys think it's unreasonable too, right? Don't you want to immediately oppose my action and turn back around? In truth, the company isn't truly ours.
You guys shouldn't be discouraged.
Just work well, that's all.
Also, the person in-charge of the Jeju Island, reports to Head Han Dong Joo.
Father! You can't be afraid, there's nothing to be afraid of! Grandfather, I'm still better right? I understand.
Starting tomorrow, I will work seriously.
Yes, I will study the work my dad has done.
Is that enough? It's too late.
You should set your expectations lower.
Dong Joo, you must possess the desire to do business.
That's all you guys need to know.
Carry on with it.
Dad, I'm trembling now.
Is the company a child's matter? What would this little bastard know? Oh, I'm about to faint.
Well said.
Therefore, if it seems impossible and doesn't work out when he becomes the president, the company will transform into full Management System.
Father! Your dad isn't deaf, lower your voice.
Didn't you say, whatever that place's name is will be visited by some people? They came to examine the matter of the owner contract.
They're one more reason to worry because they're critical and conniving people.
That owner's contract, if Dong Joo can maintain the value of their stocks, then everything will be returned to the company.
Dad, to our Dong Joo, that is an important matter.
This may not be right, ah, but all of these doings are part of a process, ah.
Grandfather, now is not the time to saddle up and ride the giraffe.
If riding a horse is what's the matter then, For exactly how long are you going to run around being ignorant? Just being idle all day.
Dad, I really can't accept your decision There's an old saying, that a well raised person must learn well to cherish those around him.
This is one of your achievements as a father, but it also hurts your children.
This child will naturally learn to accept it.
One is overflowing, the other is empty.
Tell me, why did I make this decision? No.
please can you put me down so that I can talk Ajusshi, please let me go.
Ajusshi, I am only asking you to help me look for the person in charge.
How can you guys be like this? Really! Hey! Hey! Hang Dong Joo! Dong Joo.
Dong Joo.
Han Dong Joo! Your company has bought 30% of the stocks.
But the problem is our family's house.
The part of the land that our house is on is not the whole thing.
Two-hundred and eighty.
You said so before that your home is only 20% of the stocks.
That that is You guys came in as you pleased, took our house, and now you want to demolish it.
Legally speaking, what you're doing is also illegal.
In terms of legal matters, it's not illegal because you willingly signed it.
I already knew that.
So, what do you want to do? I cannot accept this condition.
Let me see the person in charge! Just like my Uncle, give me the rental fee first.
You think you can overturn the President's decision? Otherwise let me go visit the director Our village's people oppose to the signatures Not only have they threatened the ecology Yeah, right.
You're just like the others.
I want to meet the director and directly negotiate with him The results will not change We still have to try, I don't want to be chased out like this Even if you talk to my father there's no use Have you forgotten how we split? This and that aren't related at all.
If you want to meet the organization head, the person in chargethat is my father.
Father? Therefore, you go back! You bought this ranch because you knew it was ours? That's a really huge fantasy of yours I don't have even the most insignificant relationship with you The company is not that free.
There are other things to work on.
I will go see your Dad.
I have to talk about this in person! How can you be so hopelessly stupid? What? Hopelessly stupid?! Why are you so unreasonable? Why are you so superficial? You're strong, you're powerful I told you that I have to meet with them! I hate seeing you.
Go down first and wait there What I mean is, measure his feces.
How could three kilograms be lost in two days? You brat It's been training well You caused trouble as soon as you got to the match Brat.
You got scared just from falling off the horse one time? That won't do Come here.
I will give you 2 days Restore its body weight to the same as before.
Do you understand? Go! Train! When did you come? Just a moment ago.
Look at your hands, its really cold Sit, sit.
Do you live here? Oh, not every day Sometimes I might have to leave before dawn so I will stay here.
That's it Don't have the strawberry milk that my daughter likes? Dad! What is it? Did Da Eun cause trouble again? No.
Ah, are there a lot of people at the ranch? Mmm Da Ji.
It's tiring right? Dad always feels sorry thinking about that Dad's the one who should be tired, coming all alone to Seoul There's nothing that can tire a person who spends his life with horses Daddy is not tired at all Da Ji, we have to work diligently like this for one year Wait till daddy returns to Jeju Island.
Then won't let my daughter touch even a drop of water Where is Coach Lee? Coach Lee! Coach Lee! Da Ji, take some food from the fridge to eat, first Dad's going to go out for a minute What do you think you're doing? The veterinarian said that it's able to run Then why has it been prevented from coming out? His leg is still lame.
If he goes running and twists his leg Won't it end up the same as last time? I'll take care of that.
Because of a little skill, you've forgotten exactly who you are If you keep on being this stubborn You'll be fired The onion stings my eyes Increase to 10 plus peeling Oh, but now its becoming Twenty years ago, the value of money was the same? Da Ji, too.
My oppa with his personality, now needs to work for other people.
It must be hard on him Ahjumma, You're already this age and still calling people 'oppa' Don't you feel ashamed? Always looking for faults.
An oppa is an oppa.
Or should I call you 'father'? Ahjusshi, do you like Aunt Yangzi? That fits pretty well, too Also, my photos have been well received Don't worry.
Australia, Philippines, China, Los Angeles Many Korean immigrants visited the website I've posted up a very nice clip And added a few effects to make it special.
Wow, Da Eun is so smart I know.
When did you arrive? Five hours ago.
It's been vacant for 3 months, but it's still so clean.
When did you tidy it up? Did you know I was coming? This is my secret hideout .
a good hiding place.
Is there a problem? Grandfather made me responsible for the business' operation What are you going to do? I really don't like doing business It doesn't suit me Grandfather isn't actually letting you do business No matter what he tells you to do, try to see what it's like first I'm giving you this advice Very funny.
Also wash up first It's already been several days since you last washed.
The initial period is really special and an important factor in getting a good opinion from the resident.
The President of the Dong In Group said that promotions could start Lots of people began to feel unsatisfied If the bird won't sing Then there are some people that strangle them And there are some that hit them to make them sing There are also people that wait for them to sing What would you do, hyung? I would hit him and then wait and see.
I would just look for another bird Why would you hit and wait? Many more new birds can be called Our tour guide is very helpful What about Paradise Ranch? Because the purchase was made in Han Dong Joo's personal name The resort development's advancement hasn't gotten a firm start There are many secrets among the employees.
Hyung, I will drive I'll drive.
Keep the rest of Ajusshi! It'll be faster if I help Then the tour guides will have some extra time In Jeju there is a scenic spot for seeing the sun rise sometimes Hallasan is a must-see Compared to this.
Resort , Hotels , Golf course Introduces such places to me Oh, that's good What are you doing, ahjusshi? Come here! Wait, wait! Hurry up! “The Stone Master” means grandfather in the Jeju dialect.
He could be said to be the patron saint of Jeju Island.
Have a look at this If you touch her nose, she'll give birth Look, it only turned black here Why are you saying this to me? What are you trying to do? Ahjusshi, look here! Cheese 1, 2, 3! What is delicious here? Ajusshi! Leave me that photo Aunt, did you catch a lot? Are there lots of crabs in the water? Little thing, if you want to eat then just say so Hold on for a minute, please! Fine.
Try it.
Try tasting it.
You should try it too Your boyfriend is very handsome! You need to hold on to him Otherwise he'll leave I wish I could just put him in my pocket and take him everywhere You still need to keep hold of him, or he'll leave I said it very clearly I refuse to move out I don't need any compensation Just two months Not any more than that I don't expect you to last any longer, brat Just pretend that you are doing that fishing that you like so much Okay, I know.
Thank you! Are you okay? Just now that phone call I'm not okay But it will be okay What time are we meeting tomorrow? Are there more places you want me to see? Of course! You've only seen half When you are free, give me a call then Telephone number.
Ajusshi, I do not know yours This is my number.
Who is he that made you ask for his phone number? Looks like it's not made in Jeju Island She's my younger sister.
Lee Da Eun, and Ahjusshi? Seo Yun Ho.
And your age? 33 years old! You look very young! I didn't think you were more than 20 years old.
Therefore, you are no good You have too many wrinkles around your eyes.
You don't look like you're in your twenties My sister brought a guy here For the past 1,000,000 years this is the first time so Aigoo, I want to just Then, Ahjusshi, I'll contact you again tomorrow Mmm.
What's your relationship with ajusshi? Why do you want to know that? Goodbye ajusshi.
Hurry up and go It was his first time here Why did you say all that? Idiot This looks like a child This looks a bit childish Stand still! Move just a little bit this way Yes.
Not that way.
That way, there! What are you doing now? University, university, collegemore uni- How many schools did he go to? You really have nothing better to do? Really did not know how to be discreet He listed all the awards that he has won.
Han Dong Joo! What right do you have to start construction? Why? What are you saying? There are demolition workers at our house Why do you have to tear down the house? Why do you have to touch the house? Why are you asking me? As the head of business, don't you know about this? Is it legally any problem? If you really want to prevent it, Go ask your great boyfriend then.
What kind of words are those? Forget it.
Just get out.
I am very busy now It's easy to use law I'd love to.
Then I will follow Law to exercise my right on this building Therefore you should also take the law into consideration That would be nice Do you still have something to say? Fine, I'll leave.
I'll leave.
But did you know? If someone comes here to look for you Did you think there is a reason for it? Maybe for you, doing things according to law is just fine But for me, the ranch is my entire life.
You say I'm disgusting .
right What about you? Really lame Ajusshi! Where are you? I'm going out for a while Excuse me Today, I have very urgent business Therefore I can't be your tour guide What to do? Alright, I guess it can't be helped Is it that easy to look down on me? How come something like this was not reported to me then just carried out.
Didn't the organization head agree beforehand? Moreover this management you also agreed on When did I agree? Before going to Australia on official business, you absolutely signed it.
I don't care.
I don't remember it I gave you the report at that time.
You said to do just like I had in the past and that would be good enough.
At the moment the local resident's opposition is no joke And you keep delaying the construction no matter what, what are you trying to do? South Korea college graduate .
up to this extent only you can do? There are more principles to adhere to Therefore are you planning to continue with the demolition ? If we want to continue our construction Then that Ranch is neccessary for us That rancher and Seo Yoon Ho are pretty close You know this right? Ah.
How good is their relationship? They're .
especially close.
It's that type of relationship.
Also violation of the principles .
also messing with the investor If there is no investment , Secretary Li ,can you be responsible ? Hurry up and first interrupt the fortification This is such an important size and she is making it public! Miss Lee Da Eun? Is Lee Da Ji here? Why are you looking for my sister? There seem to be a few wounds When did it start? It started to kick the front leg from last night onwards Is it always using the front leg to tread towards this side? Yes.
It repeatedly stands up and sits down It also urinates moving the leg aside Inspector said that it was colic That's right.
Looks alright but I have to look at this It hurts a lot, doesn't it? It's okay now.
You were raised like this? They do not pay attention to the people talking In fact, they will talk It hurts.
It hurts.
I understand.
Right now it doesn't hurt anymore What is she saying now? What? Hmm, I also know She says Ajusshi is handsome.
She has pretty good taste in men Oh No Can I take care of her until she's completely healed? That's exactly why I came to look for you From now on Take care of these horses for two hours daily Monthly salary… is 1,200,000 Won So much! Can you do it while still operating the ranch? As well as talking to the horses This is considered pretty low, right? But this is the kind of financial group they are Ajusshi why you? Because of I heard the ranch is looking for horse trainers So I thought of you It is the horse which I really like.
Ah, so you are here to sell horses No wonder I saw so many good horses just now Actually, I'm not that great of a horse trainer Representative If you want to catch your flight, you need to leave now.
You should hurry.
Let's meet each other more in the future I don't know if I'll be able to do it well But I'll do my best.
Thank you! Thank you too.
Perhaps from your perspective, following the law is all that's needed.
But for me, that ranch Is my life.
- = Land Transaction Contract= - Seller: Piao Jae Bin, Buyer: Han Dong Joo Han Dong Joo, Han Dong Joo So from now on, this is mine I can do as I please Dept Head Goo! The meeting is starting now Representative Seo Yun Ho is in the weekly meeting? Yes.
They say that he is the most confident person Apparently he is rather difficult Our proposal is not sufficient for him Moreover, he does not believe our reports Like, they even collected their own information What are you doing? Oh.
going to take a snapshot to keep as evidence I'm no longer 19 and underage.
About that.
why don't we just receive the compensation for the damages? cut.
don't you be too compassionate I heard that according to the law , we will also lose You don't need to worry.
Your sister will not let the ranch fall into other people's hands.
Absolutely not Us and dad, we put in a lot of effort so that we can have this place What are you doing? D.
I Resort gave me this.
My estimate is once the resort is open We will make 2.
5 billion in sales And you will have an income of 70 million Won Listened to what the Korean minister says personally Let me estimate the general outline.
When do you plan to start construction? Ah yes the construction.
after consultation with local groups We intend to buy Paradise Ranch in that area by this month Then that place will kickoff the construction We haven't reached an agreement yet.
We cannot start yet I took care of it already Paradise Ranch.
We've only got 30% The south of the village pasture's coastline will be used as the center It has sufficient space to complete the yacht room But why must the construction start from Paradise Ranch? That is because Because the landscape there must be given more prominence than the south village pasture We also planned to buy the land peripheral to Paradise Ranch for buildings Although these extra expenditures will be quite a burden to us But we do take into consideration Representative Yun 's special relation with the ranch We will then mark up the level My relationship? What does that mean? Hey! Han Dong Joo! Looks like money is not enough But to me this is simply a drop in a bucket.
a drop in a bucket/ocean -a very small amount in comparison to the amount that is needed Ajusshi! Miss Lee Da Ji, what brings you here? I am here because of the compensation problem What are you doing here ajusshi? How much is the compensation amount for Paradise Ranch We have given double the market price.
Miss Lee Da Ji considered that amount too little Therefore she came here In my opinion this amount is more than enough to spare It's not like that for me.
That ranch is simply not measurable in monetary terms.
Looks like we have handled this situation a little improperly.
Yeah .
It looks like that.
Making no distinction between private matters and business.
Partnerships are always destroyed because of problems like this.
Before you said that we must delay construction.
Then this is the partnership which makes a clear distinction between public and private interests.
I, as a resort developer Put forward some objective proposals.
But basis their work intention.
Find it everywhere Then, see you at the next meeting Now I also want to go to work - the Racecourse I will treat you if you go, and be good I hope that in the future we will not meet each other Take care Hey, Lee Da Ji! Hey! Hey, Lee Da Ji! If you do not accept this you will get nothing! You know this, right? Have I ever asked you for money? Do you have a lot of money? Our place, My dad's place, Also has our dream.
How much compensation are you getting? Accept this first I will talk with Representative Seo.
This is the matter that you didn't know of.
Ajusshi! That's not right, Mr.
Seo Yoon Ho Is he an investor in your company? In your own relationship you don't even know what the other person is doing? How do you handle things like that ahh? The race course The ranch is also, The man is also.
What's so good about that man? Cause and consequence .
didn't ask any questions at all? Why do you make me so disgraceful? Am I really so pitiful As to let you treat me cruelly? Why are you like that with me? Letting you hurt me, scaring me Why do you hurt me? To me, you Are a miracle .
in the most difficult time of my life Recalling warm memories, Must you change those memories as well? I beg you, don't be like this! Don't be like this! It had painful intestinal spasms all night He is already better now.
I will resign from the RaceCourse Anyway as the pony is getting quite well Therefore, its time to keep the promise.
All right.
Thank you.
Ajusshi! Yesterday was a very sad day Also ahjussi was awfully angry However, because I believe ajusshi I thought that you would have your own reasons to meet them The first time I met Ajusshi to postpone the resort advancement That wasn't very good And even the pasture matter got entangled in the same place Therefore I was not able to say easily, that you should pull out the capital for the resort I understand I will not exchange the ranch for money.
About the compensation .
is our Da Eun She didn't know the whole circumstance, she just accepted it I have also forgiven your mistake.
Ajusshi cannot understand me Because we have only seen each other a few times So that means Miss Da Ji also believes me? I believe in myself Therefore I will also believe in the person I like I think compared to a horse buyer a resort investor.
This role is more suitable for you ahjushi Then, I'm going Why are you here? because serious business problems have emerged The female divers completely attached themselves like jellyfish to the boats The resort is littered with dead chickens on the ground The residents are holding a banner demonstration In brief , this rigid impetus project We don't know what other problems will arise What are your intentions? First .
Suspend the construction for now.
Then attain a written letter of consent from all residents involved Letter of consent? Dad, that's our land The land owner who wants to use his own land Also needs the resident's letter of consent? Ah Really This is not a problem with land We need to win over the popular sentiment Exactly, president! Let me have a look When can you bring the consent letters? That in two months No way.
Half a month.
How can father want to have the resident's letter of consent in half a month? In the first place due to the resort incident.
Our prestige has been discredited First, gain the resident's heart.
Right .
obtaining the residents' hearts should be very easy Right, I understand what you're thinking.
Is not very assured about your family members in Australia ah But how can like that .
we must accept our fates Alas, it is very difficult to accept it easily ah Hey! Where are you going? Hey, why did you come here again? This land is mine.
It's not here Go back, go back two meters Go back, go back, go back That's right, it's there It's there Hey! Where do you think you're going? This is my house! It's my house too.
So? Starting from today, I plan to stay here.
Are you crazy? Get out! Get out immediately! I came over to help you.
The way to gain favor is very simple, actually Going and living there is a very good method.
Go? Go to where? The ranch.
Dong Joo, your staying there may also help to restore Your father after discrediting Our resort image.
You can also get the residents' consent.
Wanting me to stay there.
isn't that going too far? This is likely just to make a show in front of others Moreover, how can I stay there? The land is under your name Ownership of the building rights should be also.
That's right, father.
No! What is .
incorrect boy? Absolutely not! According to the law This house also belongs to me alright Legally .
two weeks later This house, for sure, will be leveled to the ground by then.
Therefore You don't really plan to stay at my house right? I Who said that I'm living with you? This place is full of the smell of horse manure I don't want to stay here for even a minute.
You mean Just do anything as long as the residents agree with me.
And so in two months I will return to Seoul and I'll give my ranch shares to you.
You will give me your shares? You! It can't be that you are trying to trick me by using the ranch stocks as a bait Let me work as a spy Our large scale resort construction is massive Even compared to here, if you add up all the lands in the village it's still smaller Hey, if you're not willing, just forget about it Putting my life on the line I wanted.
I also planned to help you unexpectedly Forget it.
Wait a moment.
Joining the resort Can benefit our village? Jeju Island? Horse trainer? What exactly is this? in South Korea we obtained it in a horse race after winning Dad bought a horse which was originally supposed to be euthanized Dad and I provided good physical therapy and training In the end, he got first place Who said that I was curious? The things that you promised just now, I've put them down in writing, here Sign it after you look it over You're afraid that I'll break the promises in future That's why you prepared this agreement But it's actually not for that reason This is because I'm often deceived.
Exactly ? You're not Well , those cheaters and I cannot receive equal treatment you know .
To use 30 million dollars to buy this 2 months later so that much can collect later ok I don't like it too.
I am not the employer.
You must pay the 70,000,000 Won that I initially paid Why is it 30 million? You directly said to Why are you creating so many problems over this amount This is not because you said that I must buy it no matter what price I have to use 70,000,000 to buy it.
However, that 40,000,000 Won has already been spent.
I hate complicated things, therefore All you have to do is obtain the consent letter, and then return to give it to me.
Thank you.
I knew I would worry you.
I also know all of this is not necessary Did you do this for me? All you have to do Is sign your name there I also understand the sense of fairness I also do not to want to receive it in vain 20 month-long payment installment In the short time of two months you must plan to get the great sum of money of 30,000,000 Won I'll definitely pay you interest.
What? Pesticides haven't been used on it Eat it.
Don't you like eating oranges? Forget it.
I don't like oranges.
Then give it to other people to eat.
Your car is really awesome.
When did you learn how to drive? The letter of consent needs to attain 15 other households.
One month should be enough Of course! Not even one week is needed Thank you for the agreement.
So long as you know.
That If someone comes asking for me, just say that I live here.
I'm only going out for a little while Why? That Just do what I said.
Really unsophisticated Am I dreaming or not? Even if I died at this moment I would not regret it Young lady, what are you doing there? To encourage Pony, I am feeding him ginseng.
Ginseng? It's not that.
I just saw that Pony looked sick.
If there's anything you want to say, put her down first.
What's the matter? This young lady is feeding the horse strange things.
It's not strange! She must have her own reason Right? Yes.
And who's this person? I hired her.
She's really energetic.
You've been lucky Da Ji I was just planning on going to see Da Ji Meet me? I thought I should apologize to you.
For the things I let you misunderstand, I'm really quite sorry.
That you believed me about this, I am grateful.
My apology.
Will you accept it? Yes.
At first, I didn't feel sorry After finishing this, I also didn't apologize.
I spent a lot of time thinking about it.
A day hasn't passed yet It's considered fast Moreover, the things I don't like I will forget very quickly I won't remember.
So then Will you come work at the racing grounds like you used to? Well, Since such a high-level person asked me All right.
So Now? Lets agree on the reconciliation Ajusshi we must get along together No.
We're friends now.
I will not be friends with women -Preview - I was originally a melancholy sort of person.
Seeing Da Ji, it feels like something fun will happen.
And mischievous too.
I will not be friends with women If we don't become friends, even if I got the consent letter tomorrow, I'd still have to complete this task regarding the ranch.
I will not do them again.
What do you want with me? Let's make a fresh start.