Paradise Ranch (2011) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Episode 4 We went to the same university in the UK.
I did not tell you about that.
Before going to France, I studied Economics.
Although I only obtained superficial knowledge.
Is that the case? The person who studied Economics should be involved in the renovation of the business.
I thought the outcome would be mediocre.
The proposal that she prepared for the resort renovation is pretty good.
Because of her skills.
She was allowed to win in a Design Competition in the United States, right? Sure enough, only you are on my side.
Haven't we met before? That In Australia.
Oh, that's right! At Dong Joo's hotel room.
They are here for the horse competition.
Oh, that.
We were classmates in elementary school.
As a fellow classmate I asked him to help me buy a horse.
He didn't help me.
Miss Da Ji.
Yoon Ho oppa is a playboy.
Yeah, I know.
She already knew That I'm a playboy.
I didn't mean it like that.
I meant that your good looks and graceful manners Will attract a lot of women.
That's what I meant.
Thank you! For having that thought.
By the way You've brought a well-known designer.
We will have to spend a lot of money.
I can only pay within my means.
Ah, yeah! You know, your girlfriend is here.
You think you should stay here? Bring yours out too.
So I can wash yours with mine.
Why would you wash my clothes? Are you my wife or something? Then what!? What are you going to do with your clothes, underwear and socks? I'll take care of it myself! Don't even bother by going to my room! Why are you shouting?!? You knew he is a playboy.
You knew it, but you still like him! What does that have to do with you? Are you my husband or something? I wanted to say this before Why do you treat me like a wife who is having an affair? Whether I date that man or not.
Do I have to get your permission!? Who told you to ask me for my permission!? You're acting like that right now! You! When do you plan to bring the letter of consent to me? That Please settle this quickly.
Let's not meet again.
Once there is something that's not in your favor, you use the agreement to threaten me.
I'll just.
Provoke me and I will not give it to you.
It hasn't been a half of a day and his shirts already need to be washed! Ah really.
Hold on.
He has been here for four days.
How come he only has two pairs of underwear? He wears the same underwear twice.
But he wears several shirts a day.
Aish, is the outer appearance all that matters?! He's so damn dirty! Whose underwear is this? You're now washing your ex-husband's underwear You are really one of a kind.
I'm just washing one load.
Looks very expensive.
However, why is he wearing boxers that only uncles wear? Dong Joo doesn't wear briefs.
He doesn't like being stuffy.
You seem to know quite a lot! The interior design team please, arrange the best resort suite for them.
With lots of natural lighting.
There is going to be a ceremony to launch the yacht tomorrow.
Order the best quality chairs because they'll be working a lot in that office.
there is a lot that needs to be prepared How long do I have to prepare for? It will be used tomorrow.
You decide.
Director, do you want to try the yacht tomorrow? Direc Really Interior Design Why does that fellow care for that woman? Jin Young, let's take a break.
It's only the first day.
Why do you have to work so hard? Divert all the energy that you used for complaining to creativity.
It hasn't been that long since the divorce and you already have a new girlfriend? Why do you even care about me having a girlfriend? Because I care So I hear Didn't we talk about Oppa's marriage? That I will wait until you get a divorce.
That kind of joke does not have any meaning now.
That's not a joke You need to let it go.
It's also We dated for a while, while we were studying abroad.
I also think I am too stubborn.
I have also decided to let it go.
However Oppa still doesn't support me.
Why here? That meeting was unforgettable.
Don't look at me with that pitiful expression.
Compared to a year ago, you looked more comfortable than ever.
It's a blessing.
Thank you! You must be busy with the ranch.
Why don't you quit some of the part-time jobs? Don't fall sick like that.
I am very healthy.
In addition, I need to earn some money for something else.
Da Ji.
You need some sort of alimony, right? You did not gain even a single cent from the divorce.
You thought that Da Ji is like you? Can't even become a role model… Oh! I don't see why she wants to have so many jobs Seriously! Da Ji.
In the past, you and Dong Joo were inseparable.
Now you live in the same place, doesn't your heart beat fast? The emotions will be reborn again With Han Dong Joo! No! Never! That will not happen! Never! Who is attending the yacht event? President Shen Yuanhai, engineers, and two other people.
It will finish around 6:00 pm.
President Yang will be there It is estimated that the proposed increases will start with the next order.
But we cannot let them start making demands.
Should we bring President Yang's proposal? No Contact the company.
Get President Yang's recent FRIENDS proposal Ah, right What time is it? Just past 8 o' clock.
Even though you are a veterinarian You can't draw blood from horses.
Does that make any sense? That's because Long ago, I worked at an animal hospital.
The horse moved while blood was being drawn.
In the end, the horse died.
Died?! Ever since then, I've had a phobia about drawing blood.
Forget it! You have to take the practical value of 100 million.
Hurry up and clean the horse manure.
However, you should know what to do.
I can't do it, ahjusshi.
If an accident occurred Try again, you will do better.
Don't think of doing it well and don't be afraid.
Just think about yourself.
And the horse in front of you.
Veterinarian Lee Da Ji, are you ready? First, find the vein in the neck, find the curve, and at 1/3 of the curve, where the vein is Position the needle at a 45 degree angle.
Then draw the blood.
If the angle is too wide or the needle is in too deep, you will hurt the vein.
It's done, ahjusshi Yeah The gym suit really fits you.
I am undoubtedly handsome, no matter what I wear.
Unni Come here and move this over as well.
Don't move such heavy things, you will get injured What are you doing? Quick, come here and help Ready? One, two, three! Isn't it too small? Very warm and fine What do you want me to do? Just tell me.
Take me to the launch of the yacht.
I have to take a look at the yacht's style to finalize it.
Yacht launch? You aren't going? OhErGoYeah, I'm going to the launch.
Veterinarian Lee Da Ji Are you ready? I'm so moved.
Does this make any sense? We don't have service staff for the launch event.
Jeju Island is temporarily holding a major event.
We have to contact the part-time agency People will be here soon.
Do it properly! Do I have to do it by myself? Sorry.
I .
At a beer bar, I was a waitress for 3 years.
I'll do it.
I do it very well.
Is there anything you need my help with? You've helped me so much, I don't know how to repay you.
The director of busy adults.
Hurry and go take care of it then.
Since this is the first transaction We will give you a 30% discount.
Future transactions will not have any discounts.
You have to treat DI Resort as a subsidiary of FRIENDS Why are we their subsidiary company? Please complete the transaction at the price that FRIENDS provided.
Do you understand this English? Your classmate said She was a waitress for 3 years.
Excuse me.
Due to differences in the economic rate, it's impossible to invest an additional one hundred million.
What are you doing here? I'm working.
Why are you working here? Turn.
With those shoes and skirt that don't suit you.
Will you do anything for money? Because of you I feel humiliated.
Why do you feel humiliated? What kind of relationship do we have? If I return 30,000,000 to you I will have to work very hard So please don't care about what jobs I do.
I'm very busy; I'm leaving first.
What are you doing? My hair! My hair! Where are you touching?!? Sorry! Sorry! Don't move your head.
Are you crazy? Gentler! Being with you, I have yet to encounter a single good thing.
Ow, it really hurts! You are doing that intentionally, aren't you? Calm down It hurts! What are you doing? If others see this, they will definitely misunderstand.
Ah I'm sorry.
Does it hurt? No.
I am okay.
Oh, seriously, too handsome for words.
Use this.
There is no need.
Is your head all right? Mmm, thank you for just now.
These look good.
My younger sister really likes taking photos.
Is oppa good to you? Yes.
Please give me a cup of a green tea.
That is my job, I'll do it.
Wait a moment.
Are you all right? Oh no! Sorry! Those taken from yesterday are in here right? No.
It's all right.
Let me do the repairs.
Forget it! You're so vicious to me, but so gentle with her?! Ahjusshi also left As a part-timer you should finish cleaning up before leaving.
Before the lens fell, the camera fell to the ground.
No matter what, to get 50,000 won for such a short time is not bad.
I should do the dishes now.
Wow, you took so much.
When did you come? Wow, to finish this takes 1-2 hours.
How much will you pay me if I help? Are you taking money from a poor person? Many company heads exploit their workers.
Oh, this cannot be.
Let's settle it once we're done.
Give me a cup! A cup! Cup! Cup! Look at this.
Wow, like silk.
Here, have a cup Great! Ahjusshi! You try it too.
I can't.
Oh, it's not suitable.
Ahjusshi, it's not like that, really! You must shake your head.
You are a practical person.
When you miss me, you will come back to hang out with me.
You even solved all the problems with the camera.
100% So you realized Thinking about it You seem to smile the most when we are together.
Thank you for bringing me happiness.
Dong Joo, let's not be friends anymore.
Let's date.
Sorry I scared you.
When I was a child, my dream was to achieve a doctorate in genetic engineering.
But at that time, the more I wanted to do that The more I seemed unhappy I like to read comics.
I have the Red-Haired Anne and Alpine Rose series.
And I also like to watch movies.
Especially the ones with Hugh Grant in the lead.
I watched all of them.
He is my ideal type.
Ahjusshi, it's your turn now.
Ahjusshi, what was your childhood dream? I don't know.
I have a goal, but I'm not sure if it's a dream.
Ahjusshi, you're like Santa Claus.
When I was drawing blood in the stables, and here on the yacht, and also every time when we met in Australia.
You always give me a gift.
You are the same to me too.
Knowing ahjusshi is really nice.
You have something here.
Not there.
Why did you close your eyes? I'm sorry! Ahjusshi! What's there to be sorry for? Let's go! I will drop you off.
No need! No need! No need! I can walk home myself.
I'm crazy! Crazy! You are crazy.
Because, things that happened this time are abnormal.
Where have you been? I've been cleaning up at the yacht.
Why? What? You drank red wine.
You stole the red wine from the yacht, didn't you? Stole? What are you talking about - 'stole'? Am I a thief? Then why are your lips like that? What's wrong with my lips? It clearly is true.
If not, will you buy red wine to drink? I said I didn't! Oh, I will go back and have a look.
If you insist on doing it, it will enlarge your chest.
Let's do it together.
To live our lives well, we have to work hard.
You still showed off to me about drinking red wine with the resort ahjusshi.
What happened that made your eyes lose focus? Why? Are you throwing yourself at him because you like the resort ahjusshi? Da Eun! If I could go one hour back in time Of course you can't! You threw yourself at him but he didn't like it? Maybe he was frightened Ah, really deadly! Generally, a man will never refuse a woman.
Unni! What? I'm your elder uncle But we met only 4 days ago and you're already speaking to me informally? You don't look like the kind of person to speak formally to.
You, ahahyou! And, and! After seeing the vehicle three times, you want to buy it.
Why do you do that? Isn't our relationship like this good? Playing it cool? Let's have another cup What are you doing here at this time? Er Oppa, who is this grandfather? Your oppa's father.
The more you need to self-reflect for your child's mother.
I really had no confidence to face you.
It's not a 1 or 2 day thing anymore.
Father, don't worry.
So, do you plan to continue living away from home? Without you, the house feels empty.
Be it either the son or the grandson, they will do something that is beyond what words can describe.
Father, please give me more time.
No matter what happens, you have to think about your son's father and Dong Joo.
Why? Do you want to eat again? We were planning to eat by ourselves.
What about Dong Joo? Do you plan to leave him on Jeju Island? Of course, he's doing very well now.
Let him live on the ranch for 2 months.
Getting the letters of consent from the villagers.
After getting the letters of consent, do you plan to bring him back? You don't need to worry about it.
Do your own thing.
I'll be leaving.
Unni! Stop spacing out! Da Eun ah! What if I quit the job at the horse field? With that pay, you have to continue working even if you feel embarrassed.
Yes? Do you have any matter with the representative? This is hilarious.
Does the ex-husband need to care about the ex-wife's affairs? Does the ex-husband need to care about the ex-wife's affairs? You are already in middle school.
How come I don't see you studying? Unlike someone who was tutored by my sister until he was 21 years old?! Da Ji! You.
Make sure you do your job today.
Letters of consent.
Quickly get the letters of consent and kick Han Dong Joo out.
What is this? I also don't know.
What about the red one? No, not such bright ones.
Lighter ones.
That one, please give me that one.
Oh, Jin Young.
I'm at your office.
I'll be there soon, so please wait.
Don't worry! Bye! Seriously! When did she take these? Why does she not want such a handsome guy? But falls for someone who doesn't even want to look at her.
This is She is someone I like.
Leave him alone.
There is a competition the day after tomorrow.
Still not ready? Yes, that's right.
To you who has only been here for a month, you would not let someone ride you, right? I understand how you feel.
You should go and practice with the other horses first.
I'll talk to the owner.
This is for your own good.
Let's go.
I brought you some side dishes.
You're too kind.
I ate quite well at the cafeteria.
It's nothing special.
Thank you! I will eat well.
Sorry about the last time.
Dong Joo's father and I just behave like that.
I also feel that maybe you still have feelings for each other.
Thus, you act like that.
I'm not sure whether there are really some feelings left.
We have been living apart for two years.
Although we can choose how we live.
But don't live this way for too long.
When someone isn't in front of you, your feelings will go astray.
Oppa has lived alone for 20 years He still keeps his feelings bottled up inside That is Don't live your life suffering You've had to suffer because of a country bumpkin like me.
Even passing before me.
I felt guilty because of her and that's why I behave this way.
Oppa, you are still the same.
Lee Da Ji.
Though you may like her, this is getting absurd.
What is this? Yes! This unni likes you.
However, to do what unni did To go all out just because of liking someone is unacceptable.
It might complicate the whole matter if you don't grasp the entire situation.
- = Aren't you coming home? = - I called you five times.
Where are you? Why do they always exaggerate? Whether I come home or not is none of your business.
What do you think you are to me? Why are you calling me? Because it's already past midnight but you're still not back yet.
Is that my home? How can you say it like this? Even if a dog that you raised does not go home, you'll keep a small door just for him What? A dog!? Have you finished what you were going to say? What I meant is that you don't lock the door If you are not coming, then at least send a message.
Did I say something wrong? Really Bastard! Bastard! Dong Joo.
What happened to you yesterday? I thought we agreed to have lunch.
Sorry! Something urgent came up.
I'm going to take a bath and exercise for awhile more.
What's wrong? It is because of the words I said that you tried to escape.
I knew you were bluffing.
Park Jin Young is the kind of person who tells jokes well.
That was not a joke.
You didn't really hope that it was a joke, right? If you really think so I'm okay.
However do not do that in haste.
Then continue your exercise.
Let's take a look at our Prada.
I must inspect.
Let me see.
Excuse me! Please, come this way.
What is represented is not a mortal, really.
Not always easy to find fault with the famous director of investment With only a few words, the representative has thrown around four hundred million won.
This is so Too noisy.
I was unable to continue watching it.
Director, you just need to sign here.
Secretary Lee knows why I will suffer hardships here.
You know very well.
If I take over Dong In, Who do you think I should dismiss first? We are not a FRIENDS subsidiary company.
You don't have the majority of shares.
Even though we have a lot of shares Then people who understand, will let FRIENDS decide.
You say that we're partners, but you don't treat us like one.
Isn't that right? Want to hear some instructions on behalf of him? So you can leave Dong In to Friends.
Before this, it was still good and he has to go and cause trouble.
Yes, right.
I will do so for being hated.
What is that? The buyers should not create trouble You're honestly stepping over the line.
You ignored me You asked me to stay away, but why are you now asking to come out? I just want to say that I will diligently strive to fufill the contract.
I already said that there is no need for a contract II'm I'm only saying this because I'm afraid that you'll get used by your ex-husband My Dong Joo couldn't do that, not just for a letter of consent.
He would not involve our marriage in this matter.
He has received various awards for good conduct while in school Prizes for good studies are common.
Anyone can get them.
The prizes that he got are not awarded to just anyone So there's no use you saying such words to his ex-wife.
Please apologize.
Don't say anything.
Please leave.
You being like this, Not clarifying the situation and getting the facts right, will have to compensate in the end.
We compensated Ahjusshi who is not giving a single cent for the horse training, The medicine expenses are on credit.
Or ajusshi thinks that he should not pay because she is not cured.
That is because your strength and talent are insufficient Even though I have insufficient strength to manage it, really, thank you.
Because it's like this, in the evening I will visit and pet them.
Even if the others said that the ahjusshi has used me, I do not think so.
Why? Because ahjusshi used to treat me with sincerity.
But now he won't.
The horse training fee and the cost of the medicines, please deposit them in my account by the end of the day.
In the future, I will absolutely not give you any free medical treatments.
Dong Joo, let's go.
I will not give this to you.
I only have to stamp, right? Ahjusshi, isn't this the barley for fermenting beer? What else could it be? Some people said that this will be in demand.
But I haven't earned anything.
For a year, I've been eating barley and drinking barley tea.
Sorry! Do you think a person like me will get piles? Really? For real? I checked the sugar and protein level, they are appropriate.
My wheat is that good Do you know how hard it was for me to grow this? Actually I… It's enough It is 200 tons.
Yes I will pay for the expenses I will give you the money next month.
First statring from the wheat… How can I trust you like this We poor people need things on credit, Why do rich people need things on credit as well? If he had not found the outlet, you would have not been able to continue to eat that wheat.
Just sell it at how much it can be sold for Then Da Ji you write the guarantee.
I won't write a guarantee, absolutely not! Tomorrow, I will send the truck early in the morning.
Place it properly I will return it to you Sorry Forget about the money.
Thank you for your work on the resort matter Anyway, it was I.
Then Dong Joo will help in the beer bar, until ahjusshi's arm heals.
Then you can do that.
Two things that I'm determined not to do in my life are to be a dead body and a guarantor.
I would rather die.
I'll give you some money.
Who's asking money from you? If it was me, in that moment, at the very least I would have said that I would not do it.
I'm saying that I would absolutely not have done it.
I know that you are very unhappy.
But you should not insist if you don't have the ability to do it It's not about money.
I have experienced this before, so I know.
What a mess! It's a shame to throw away such precious dishes! Are you always eating and drinking like that? Are you a beggar? What's the matter? It's such a pity that I was not able to make amends by giving you the written guarantee I'll treat you to a drink.
How about that? This is a heavenly black beer brewed from Jeju wheat.
It looks like two cups of melted coffee beans.
It smells like a beer.
You're really exaggerating.
Aren't you going on a date today? What about you? Did you report on what you eat? Now, this disaster ends.
It's all over.
Although it never started But I was so happy then.
It was like a warm dream-like spring, It's still a warm spring What's so good about a man that always makes women cry? He's not that type of person.
Yeah, sure he isn't! That brat.
What's so good about him? You must recognize clearly, all right? You definitely can't go out with that type of a person.
Understand? Hey! Why do you always yell at me? Am I so easy that I can be taken advantage of? At that time, at the yacht, I was also very angry.
Don't ever compare me to your princess girlfriend.
Because of your girlfriend's camera, you ignored my fall.
She is not my girlfriend.
What? She's not my lover.
It's just a one-sided love on my end.
I'm sorry about those horrible things I said to you.
Do you have a food that goes well with beer? Snacks? Yes.
Of course we have it.
Dried chicken meat, egg rolls, or peanuts.
Something like that.
Right! Han Dong Joo.
Oh! Have you slept? No, I haven't.
Is something the matter? You were out of contact for the whole day.
Although I don't know what happened, But there's this strange sense of distance.
Am I wrong? If it's because of what happened that day I like you, not as a friend, but as a woman! I like you as a woman.
I know.
So I am very sorry and yet thankful.
Thank you, I'm sorry.
I don't want to hear such words.
You drank a lot.
Do you want me to come over? No, don't come over.
Just listen carefully In the past three years, I have never seen you as a friend, and that will never change.
So, like you said, let's start dating.
Let's not be friends anymore.
Let's date.
What's wrong with this dried meat? Tastes strange "I've liked her for three years.
" He really is persistent.
Message! Message! No.
It's not mine.
Shall we have breakfast? This person! Really! I came too early.
The important thing is My childhood dream was to be a cartoonist.
Because I couldn't draw well, I lost confidence and that's why I gave up.
I enjoy reading by myself.
I like to watch movies on rainy days.
I've collected all the Vivian movies.
I prefer beer over red wine.
I like pasta with hot pepper sauce.
It is also my signature dish.
Why don't I cook for you tonight? I haven't washed my hair I can't be as happy as you are.
Perhaps you will be disappointed, I'm going to be relying on you a lot, so I might be nagging or preaching I am okay with it It seems that I like you alot Ya! Lee Da Ji! I told you not to wash my underwear.
Why did you wash them? Next episode's preview Since you're so insistent on liking him What do you even know about that ahjusshi? At least I know more than you.
You guys can't possibly be sleeping in the same room, right? Am I that cute? Ahjussi, you can't do anything.
Look at the time.
You want to go to a man's hotel room at this hour? But I still want to start looking around If you can Are you afraid that people will find out that you're living in my house? Paulist! Da Ji, Dad is home.
Da Ji, it's father