Paradise Ranch (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

I haven't washed my hair yet.
I don't know how to make others happy like you do.
Perhaps because I'm a workaholic, you'll become sick of me.
More likely, since I am older than you, I'll always nag.
I don't have such worries.
I like you a lot.
Hey! Lee Da Ji! I never asked you, so why did you wash my underwear? It's been a while.
Even though I heard you weren't at the resort, I never thought you'd be staying here.
That I'm only staying here until I can get the letters of consent.
So it's basically complementary.
Are you helping him get the letters of consent? I promised her that if she obtained the letters of consent she would get the stocks for this ranch.
That's what I said.
Beside the letters of consent don't interfere with anything else.
I can't even put it on.
I am merely saying this I'm sorry.
I heard.
You are also very hardworking.
Episode 5 That Episode 5 That.
Han Dong Joo.
Director Han needs the letters of consent.
You can keep your ranch.
Do they not complement each other? Should this be a matter of concern? No, it's not a problem.
Definitely, there is a reason that can't be explained.
Isn't that so? However, the feeling is not too good.
You don't stay in the same room, right? No, absolutely not.
You're not close? Just a dream? That.
What did that person say to you that has affected you so emotionally and mentally? How much do you know about him? How much do you know about him? You just like him? Like him a lot? What do you know about ahjussi that makes you act this way? I know him better than you.
Seducing women with money and making girls cry Would you be happy if I was rude to the girl that you like ? Why?! You are not in a relationship with her.
In fact, she comes to your hotel.
Hugging each other while saying "I miss you".
Hey! It feels bad doesn’t it ? And makes you angry? Well I feel the same way! I really shouldn't have come here.
I never even asked you to come.
Fine, I'm leaving.
Even if I have no place to go, I should have never stayed at an ex-wife's house.
Especially when you are dating someone that I see everyday at work .
Isn't that right? I am speechless.
But are you really dating Yun Ho ahjussi? I thought that your crush was one-sided.
Does that Ahjussi like you too? Aren't you going to school? Then, does that Ahjussi know that you're divorced? Then, if he finds out that your ex-husband is Han Dong Joo, it will be a big problem.
Representative Seo wants to see you right now.
If that person asks me to do something, must I obey? The rest are here and there.
Has anything changed? The tangerine trees and the stones are original , aren't they? Yes.
In order to maintain the same scenery throughout the resort, they want to replace them.
It's me who wants to replace them.
But this way is also good.
It can reduce the costs too.
Why replace the trees and stones that are in good condition ? only to exchange them with marble and expensive trees.
Just like a good Jeju holiday resort.
We've decided on it from the beginning.
It seems that we can't help Representative Seo with anything.
You've already helped a lot with the information you've given.
That will be fine.
In the future, don't be too hasty asking for changes, You must start by looking at the references and examine the advantages.
Let Representative Seo also understand it clearly too.
Here's the banquet hall reconstruction proposal.
Can you take a look? So embarrassing.
UmI was drunk that day.
It's my fault.
Don't trouble yourself with that Thank you! Your words gave me more courage.
If it's because of me, There's no need to pretend.
Do I look like I'm pretending? I wanted to try my best.
If you can, then I miss you.
Do you miss me too? Why do you like me? How much do you like me? Are you busy? What time should we meet? Anything good to eat? I wanted to say that to you.
I think you know why it's difficult.
But for you to actually say these words would be strange.
I am sorry.
Are you busy today? Ah Then, when should we meet? I have time tonight, and also tomorrow.
You can decide what we eat.
I'm not a picky eater.
I won't be the one to call you first.
As the Director.
Embracing a woman that way in front of the company?! What do you think? Do you have to tell him about your divorce now? Then if Han Dong Joo and Ahjussi meet in the company, it'll be soo awkward.
Isn't Han Dong Joo leaving soon? So just pretend not to know for now.
You should only come clean about the divorce when Ahjussi loves you so much, he can't leave.
I really don't know what to do.
What? I've said it before, I must wait for the letters of consent.
However I made an important decision to give you the ranch first.
After the letters of consent are obtained, don't misunderstand me.
30,000,000 Won starting from this month.
I don't need that money.
Therefore do not say anything to me within the next 24 hours.
You're taking it! Am I a beggar? No, take it.
I need to give it to you.
In short, after today we shouldn't meet again.
Why? You're afraid your girlfriend will find out you're staying at your ex-wife's house? Hey! You have to make it clear! This ranch, 80% of the land is mine.
Only the land is yours.
The sale could not be done.
This makes me really angry! This lot of assholes! Can we get that land within two months? Certainly, that land is mine.
Only the land is yours.
You can't get it even if the two of you combined efforts.
How much is that piece of land worth? Didn't I say I would help you? It is not about the money.
Isn't it very strange? Even the Resort President got kicked out.
The only place to stay is our house, and the ranch as well.
Didn't I say I wouldn't stay at your place? Tsk .
Tsk Three shirts but just one pair of underpants.
Really dirty.
Didn't you say not to see each other again? I've come to get my luggage.
What did you say? If you want to leave, I'm not going to stop you.
Why are you so tall? Lee Da Ji! Hey! Hey! Hey! What should we do? Hey! Are you crazy? Dad! My dad! What? What about your dad? My dad came back.
Tidy up quickly! Where to? Da Ji ! Da Ji! Dad came back! Da Ji! It's dad! Why did you lock the door? Da Ji! Second floor! Quickly, go to the second floor! Da Ji! Window! window ! Are you trying to break your leg? Get in! Quickly! Stay in here, don't move.
Da Ji! Da Ji, it's dad! Why did you lock the door? Da Ji! Da Ji! Dad? Why did you lock the door? Didn't you see that I came back? When I saw you outside, I even waved to you.
No, I didn't see you.
I suddenly had a stomachache.
That's why you run so hastilyah! Why didn't you tell me ahead of time when you would come back? I have some business at a nearby field so I came back.
Why? You didn't want dad to come back? No.
If you had phoned ahead, I would have prepared the chicken soup that you like.
Why is your face so red? Are you sick? Yeah, I have a bit of a cold.
Then take some medicine.
Medicine? It's on the second floor.
Dad, I just ate.
You should change your clothes first.
Phone The telephone was off.
It's Da Eun's phone.
About the resort .
Did President Yang say anything? Mmm .
let's wait and see.
Let me tidy up the clothes.
Go, change your clothes! Ya ya .
wait a second! Whose clothes are these ? Oh those I wanted to buy this for my dad.
How could you ask me to wear this? These are clothes for young people.
You're young too! I wanted you to look even younger.
Let's go have a meal of knuckles with Da Eun.
Mmm That's also okay.
Come out quickly.
I'll go back by myself.
Hyung, you should go back and rest first.
Did you come here to see my sister? We meet again.
Ahjussi, are you really dating my sister? Why? Are you not satisfied with me? It doesn't matter if I'm satisfied or not.
What's more important is that she is satisfied.
Even if you don't care about appearance, do you really not take conditions into consideration? Hyung, you should go back first.
I'll read books while I wait for you.
Ajusshi ! My sister's home.
Have dinner before you leave.
That ahjusshi too! Where is the owner of these things? Dad.
Dad, it's not like that.
I'm very angry right now.
How am I supposed to believe you? Unni! Yoon Ho Ahjussi is here.
Dad! When did you come back? Ahjussi, this is our dad.
Dad, this is Unni's boyfriend.
We are meeting for the first time.
I am Seo Yoon Ho.
Do these belong to you? I'm asking you a question.
Yes, they're mine.
As my accommodations haven't been fully prepared yet, I've stayed here for a few days.
I'm sorry to have worried you.
- Dad, it's not like that.
- Dad! Unni's boyfriend is quite handsome, isn't he? Are we just going keep our guest standing like that? Isn't the FRIENDS corporation famous for their overseas resort? If it's the Investment CEO, then it's a very high position So what if it's a high position ? It's important to have good moral character.
Why are you living here? A place where only two girls live.
I wasn't thinking right.
Dad, it's not what you think.
You can't be like that.
This Ahjussi willingly helped her in Australia.
When President Han made a fuss, he also helped.
He's helped us so much.
Can't he even stay for a few days? There's no compassion Isn't that right? Dad, once Ahjussi leaves, I'll explain it to you, okay? This child does not let a man live casually with the family.
What's the relationship between you and our Da Ji? Although we haven't been together that long, We are fond of each other.
Even so, Is a place where two girls are staying somewhere you can simply come to live in? There are many villagers and little sister is also here.
Then, if it's not for me and villagers, they can stay with each other? You go upstairs first.
Dad, on an empty stomach, You shouldn't drink too much.
What do you like about our Da Ji? She is cheerful.
When I look at her, I unconsciously feel very happy.
What's there to be happy about? I don't even have time to take a breather Da Ji, do you think he's a good person? I'm asking you if you think he is a good person.
Since my child said that you are a good person, You must be a good person.
Although I am her father.
because of feelings of shame as long as the child agrees, then I won't oppose it.
No, I can't oppose.
This child was South Korea's Mensa Arithmetic Champion several times.
She is a math genius.
Dad all of that is in the past why do you bring them up? It's history already.
If not for the fact that your dad's useless, you would have excelled in your career.
Because you have such an incompetent dad, you are suffering here now.
We borrowed when we shouldn't have Because of repaying the debt, you gave up the government scholarship to study You should have been buried in the book and/or a research lab but in the 6 years that passed, you have suffered pain and misery Dad, please stop drinking.
You're starting to spout lengthy speeches.
This child This child…should not be working here.
Here you go again! What about this ranch? This is my dream.
Ahjussi, sorry.
3495 multiplied by 2834 is how much? The Mensa math genius champion is like this? Really? Wait a moment.
I'm sorry.
It's very embarrassing.
It's good.
on the other hand .
I get to know many things about you.
Will you be able to get good scores at your dad's? It seems I have to thank Director Han.
Have been lucky that he obtained good impression Ahjussiabout that Mmm? Such expression really doesn't suit you very much.
That kind of sorry expression Well, if you're really sorry Have dinner with me tomorrow.
I will treat you to delicious food.
I'm going to eat a lot.
Doesn't look too intelligent no matter how I look at it Others always say that.
That's really Where did he go? -=The number you have called is currently switched off.
= - This child .
this child.
should not be working in here.
Here you go again! What about this ranch? I said this is my dream.
You and dad made up already? Didn't you come because you received a call? Grandfather is sick.
Go in .
take a look.
How can it be a heart attack? Until yesterday, he was still shouting loudly.
Aigoo! Father! Father! You can't stay here.
Shouldn't he have surgery first? Hurry, to the hospital! Because of his old age, surgery is not recommended.
But he still needs to be hospitalized Instead of being in the hospital, Being cared for by a family member is better.
The family needs to pay attention.
Don't let the patient get stressed.
Forget it.
Who will look after me? Try looking at a retirement home or a nursing clinic Father! How can you be like this? Father, if you live in a place like that, how can I feel at ease? Don't worry.
Look after the company for me.
I will stay here.
I came back from Jeju Island to take care of you.
What can you do? Aigoo, aigoo! I should die this way.
Becoming a burden to the children.
Father, why do you say such things? I came back.
How can I be a burden to you like this? Your husband and Dong Joo .
already make you worry so much .
Don't say such words.
I'll take care of father.
Bok Shim If you come back You still must accept what is from the child's father I'm talking about a letter of reflection We can finally speak with ease.
A moment ago, I was really scared.
Will it be all right? Don't worry.
He'll be better soon.
If your grandfather dies, We will immediately turn into beggars.
Therefore, the will must be revised immediately.
What are you talking about? Grandfather will not die! Therefore, we will build roads in the Jeju fields.
This punk shouts loudly for anything What do you mean? Build roads? Dad, aren't you going to do that? It wasn't easy to handle that old woman After agreeing to give me a hand, you went around spreading the word Help with? Am I not working on the letter of consent? That letter of consent is only a waste of your time.
I will have it ready by next month.
You just need to be back around that time Dong Joo! Grandpa is asking for you.
Father! Father! You want to let him participate in the horse racing competition? Certainly .
must let him compete in the race.
How much prize money they offer.
Letting a horse that can't walk enter a race I'll leave this matter in your good hands Because of who did I buy the 20,000,000 Won flower But still To let him compete is a little too much Have you forgotten that I'm the one who paid for your expenses in Australia? How can you tell it's a thoroughbred? It's a really lousy horse.
Ahjussi, it can hear you.
Must be the first, I can't accept second prize.
How did you know? It's also very tiring at the ranch I'm thinking of selling the place and looking for somewhere to stay for a few months Father.
You brat! Didn't you say not to let grandfather suffer any shocks? Dad, this kid is just so insensitive I don't know why we should believe him So you came back to pursue this? No, I have thought about this for a while If grandfather loses that piece of land The matter should end at that… Why do men sprout so much rubbish How can you manage like that? Grandfather, I already got two letters of consent.
Received two already, that's fast.
Dong Joo, that's still not good.
In the next month.
I can get all the letters of consent .
certainly! Therefore don't sell it.
This is what I'm trying to say Once sold will vanished into thin air without even being aware of it.
Even if you wanted to change him .
this child is still like me.
No need to worry .
grandfather absolutely won't sell! Grandfather rest for awhile longer.
That boy really! Looks like you thought carefully that brought all your clothes back? Your things are moved to Dong Joo's room That room is near dad's room.
Why must I use Dong Joo's room? Here is my room.
Then do you want to share this room with me? Who said that I want to room with you I hate to see even just your shadow.
That's why I already helped you move your baggage You are not Han Dong Joo! Why let unni worry so much? You're not a small child, getting used to running away from home? Is this my home? To say anything about away from home.
Do you know how many times I've been trying to call you ? You haven't gone to work? Have you started to check up on me? When I get the letter of consent I will return the entire farm back to you.
Therefore I will start from tomorrow to receive the letter of consent earnestly.
I'm here to get the luggage, being here is neither good for you nor me Why? Your girlfriend might be unhappy? If not for this, then just stay here You don't want to consider about Seo Yoon Ho ? If we continue like this, don't you think he would mind? Ahjussi said it doesn't matter.
That is .
you and I.
If I move out, He will be grateful and even help me You also doing all this because of our ranch You can't stay at the resort, and still must receive the letter of consent.
Although you may not be comfortable with staying at my home, But I can only do this much for you.
Let you rest comfortably I have to go out for awhile.
The meal is prepared, remember to eat it.
That Telling Yun Ho Ahjussi about our relationship, Will this inconvenience you? Da Eun told me not to say.
Sometimes the truth will hurt the other party.
Not knowing would be better.
I know, I'll come back soon.
If you're going to the pub, let's go together.
If you want to get the letter of consent, You must present yourself well in front of Soo Bong ahjussi.
I'm not going there.
Going to see Representative Seo? Adjussi said the food is prepared.
Must you ask about the other party's private life? Go on.
So, Each to his own, why do you care what he thinks? Don't know! Don't know! Don't know! Why? You haven't washed your hair again? I washed it What is this? It's beer Our farm has a beer distillery It's good, I heard you like beer It's 2 barrels.
You're good with beer? Or is it that you have a poor tolerance for wine? Why don't you come in? I'm coming in It'll be frothy only if you get the right angle Don't you know that froth is the lifeblood of beer? Golden Ratio 7:3 Steak for table three.
Spaghetti Marinara for table six The steak is for table nine Table three Two more mugs over here! Yes.
One more over here! Yes.
One more over here! Yes.
It's so busy here, why isn't Da Ji here yet? You're so busy like that, but still spend time to eat and draw with me.
Is it ok? No, it's not ok.
Really a problem? Even if it's a problem, we must still meet To specially put aside time to meet you and in future to specially put aside a special time Because you are special to me Adjussi, that's so gross I don't like "special" Do you like me that much? Ahjussi When did adjussi start to like me? Yes, when did it really start? Can't really remember clearly Then, what do you like about me? Then what do you like about me? It's a secret, beauty is in the eye of the beholder Ajusshi, have you finished drawing? If you dont tell me, I am not gonna show you The chest, I see from the unopened blouse Openly teasing me That's why earlier I said not to talk about it How many? Two.
Otherwise, Three.
Am I so adorable? What is it that ajusshi doesn't know? Chey, this cute? Looks ancient, chest like a cliff, look at the short legs This doesn't look like a sketch, it's a portrait Why are you looking for trouble? Is the matter settled? It's already so late A young girl like you, out so late at a men's guesthouse Didn't you say not to bother with each other's private lives? It's so late, fancy you leaving your younger sister alone at home.
And you're so messed up.
Do you think it's right? Looks like your younger sister is gonna learn so many good things from you Furthermore, I'm alone at the bar cleaning and moving the beer, do you know how tiring it is? Doing all this, will I be able to get 守峰 adjussi's letter of consent? That I originally intended to return here immediately Stop talking rubbish In short, even if you're in a romantic relationship, you cannot forget what you're supposed to do Letters of consent.
Paulist, keep walking.
Good, good Then, let's proceed to the second phase of the plan Come Paulist .
Go! Go.
Paulist mmm go! Dont you like unnie? As soon as I get on you, you don't even move You .
come to help me! Why apart from the consent letter also demand to do this too? ? No, once someone get's on it's back, it would not move an inch.
So? In two weeks will enter a race.
Aren't you very good at taming horses? Help me.
Don't want to I don't want to stay near a horse.
If you dont' want to help me just say so.
Does this make sense? Don't I know you? Don't you love horses? Do you really know me that well? You previously many times our Da Dong stayed motionless like this.
For you .
mentioning the past seems to be very easy? Our Da Dong.
!%& Charge the amount into Secretary Li's account.
Okay .
Director That also give me that.
Where are you .
why are you panting in this atmosphere? Jin Young ah.
If I wait, I will.
Unnie .
you think that I am just making a scene don't you ? I haven't even completed the inspection and style orientation here.
lighting ,furnishing .
how are those things? Lack of budget ? No, these look good.
How can you just take the outlook into consideration, what about practicality? It must be practical for the users.
Hanging up several hundred lights here, who likes them? Yes, I heard that they will get it cheap, that why I plan to get a rebate.
Why? I can't be like this? If it's not convenient for unni, I will discourage them.
Forget it, it's not the first time I'm being scolded.
I desperately want to replace the designers.
Get one that listens.
Because of money, I made unni become a businesswoman, while I engage in arts.
I would not do that.
Lets start afresh.
Your stress an comforts really have standards.
You are not the representative, that's what make you look more like a businessman.
Such radiance, seems like your love life is going smoothly.
What's wrong with you? Look.
This designer published a new book.
Do not you like this designer? What's going on? Oppa takes such good care of me.
What? Seeing as I won't pester you anymore, You feel a little uncomfortable and want to entice.
What kind of person do you see me as? I just want to apologize for the things before.
Why do we have to bring up the things form the past, it's embarrassing.
Seeing as you are happy, you will be happier in the future right? I hope you would be happy forever.
Come, just like how we did it just now.
Trust Unni, try and carry me ok? Okay.
Let's go! Looks like Paulist is very anxious.
Because she is carrying a lady.
Ahjussi! Is it still the same? The competition is in 2 weeks, this is terrible.
This horse was bought for me, I have to make an effort.
Aren't I good at training horses? Then, lets give it a try.
If it doesn't go well, I can fire you immediately.
What if it goes well? Mmm .
A glass of beer Okay.
Then, lets start.
Let's go Paulist.
Yeah, you are doing it right! This is your wedding gift.
From now on, you have to take good care of it.
But, why only one horse? We're going to ride together.
When you have a child, I'll buy one more for you.
That won't do, our Da Ji is only 19 years old.
Since you're married, why not? Having a child is painful.
Painful? Have you given birth before? That won't do as well, our Da Ji is very precious.
Let's try it.
Dong Joo, what should we name this horse? Da from Da Ji and Dong from Dong Joo, how about Da Dong? Mmm, Da Dong is nice.
I feel that Dong Joo is so clever.
Where did he go? Paulist! Come on! Hurry! Just wear anything and come out! It can't even move.
Where can it run to? What's the matter at this early time? Paulist is missing.
Missing? When? He was in his stable yesterday evening.
You went to horse stables? Last night? Rather then saying I went, why don't you say.
At that time, you opened the horse stable's gate? Oh.
If today it cannot receive the final inspection, There's no way it can compete in the race.
What about the beach racetrack? Let's tell President Yang.
If he knew that the horse disappeared, I predict he will kill Unni.
If anything happens, why don't I just take responsibility? Before anything happens, we must look for it.
It's an order.
It doesn't even dare to carry someone, don't know if anything really happened to it.
Such worry should be made an example of.
Is your interest 'hurting me'? Didn't you say you don't like horses? Didn't you say you don't want to be near a horse? Why did you go there? Give me a picture of Paulist.
They all look similar in length.
So You can't do it? Come quickly.
Has Da Ji come back? Not yet.
Ahjussi, have you found it? Seems like the horse is still not found.
Why don't you make a phone call? I can't get through to her mobile.
And I don't have Dong Joo's number.
Aigoo, just let it be then.
Two people walking, they might develop some feelings for each other.
What if they rekindled their old feelings for each other? I already said, she's with her husband, What's there to worry? Ahjumma! Although said to be divorced.
But do you know how much he liked her since childhood? Moreover, they are currently living under one roof.
Those two are always together.
How can there not be any hint of sparks flying? Oh, you're right, at Dong Joo's hotel room.
It was a coincidence.
Oh, that Oh, we were classmates.
Classmates from elementary school.
Hey! I found him! Where, where, where? That's not it.
What is not right? The color of the horse is exactly the same.
it doesnt have that Paulist has a mark, but this one doesn't.
You are really Hey! What are you doing? Run! Stop! Hey, isn't that him? The color and everything is the same.
This is the one right? Our Paulist does not have a bandage on his ankle.
It's a bandage.
Maybe he got injured.
No, he is Choi Kang.
Choi Kang? Wait White Horse Garden? Horse Meat? Stop the car! Stop the car! What now? Ahjussi, where are you bringing him? Dong Joo, call the police now.
What are you doing? Ahjussi! This Ahjussi stole Choi Kang.
It's not like that.
I'm the one who sold him.
Ajusshi! A horse that can't run.
What can I do with him? Whatever it is, we still can get some money for the meat.
Ajusshi, he is Choi Kang.
The horse that lived with you like family for five years.
Just because he can't run, you're going to sell him? Hurry! Get out of the way.
If he's injured, just give him treatment and he will become better.
After treatment, it is possible that he can run.
Is the cost of the treatment merely a few cents? Just feeding him alone costs 1,000,000 a month.
How can we afford to bear the costs? Then sell him to me.
The money for the meat, I will give him to you.
Horse that cannot run, What do you want him for? Put it in a horse riding field.
Previously, it kept running, it's so tiring.
Now, place it in the horse riding field and it it be rode by children.
Also it's it graze peacefully.
Let it live days of leisure.
Ah, big trouble.
The salary deduction for the beer, plus deduction for buying the horse, Ah, I don't care, I don't care.
I said we should go to see a doctor.
It just takes 10 minutes to get home.
What's the use of spending money? You were very cool.
Then, sell it to me.
The meat cost, I will pay.
Looks like the Department Head's ability should not be underestimated.
It's just these, what else is there.
If you like horses so much, but still you said that you don't wanna be near them? You just dont like to help me, right? Hurry up, do you plan to return after sunset? Where is Da Dong being raised now? Sometimes I really want to see her.
Did she give birth? Is she still in that pasture? She died.
For several days and nights, I was riding her like crazy without knowing that she was pregnant.
Died giving birth.
The pony died too.
It also died.
I just cared about my problems I was the one who killed her.
When did it happen? Was it after breaking up with me? It must have been hard for you.
I know how much you liked the horse.
So, don't tell me about the horse being found or not found.
Because I don't ride horses.
I'm sorry, Dong Joo.
I didn't know how hard it was for you.
Hurry, let's go! What? What's wrong with your leg? I injured it a bit, a little while ago.
There is no need.
I will just walk.
You're too slow.
It's because I want to hurry back to rest.
Get on! But how can I do that? When you get drunk, it's me who carries you.
Then, let me trouble you.
relax! Thank you! Thank you, Sorry you often say that.
Ajusshi! The relationship with my business parter is bad, but still meeting with you.
I don't have the confidence.
Do you know how much I've lost because of you? Now, you sold the village too? Being a guarantor once, is it because of your help? Oppose to the resort.
Leave! Resort! How can you convince the villagers like this? Thought this is very sudden, I met Ahjussi and met Dong Joo again.
Also, I Like Ajusshi.
Really good! Get out immediately! Why do I have to get out?! You, get out! Can't you just pretend that you don't know? If you keep on being like this, I will be guiltier, don't you know? Then, why are you still going to be with that guy? The bad guy here is you!