Paradise Ranch (2011) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Ajusshi! Did you wait for a long time? Paulist disappeared, so we went to look for him.
Are you hurt? No, it's just a slight sprain.
Take her to the hospital to get her leg checked.
She twisted her ankle while searching for the horse and she can't walk anymore.
Ok, of course you must go to the hospital.
No need for that After I put on medical plaster I'll feel better.
Let's go.
The doctor said that there's nothing wrong, my bones are perfectly fine.
Although there's no major damage, it's best to come tomorrow.
That Today Paulist needed to get a check up, but he suddenly disappeared.
Everyone searched the whole day.
Dong Joo was also helping.
Horses have an instinct to return home.
Unless there's an accident, he'll return home on his own.
Rest well.
Ajusshi! If you're not busy, do you want to go to the pub? Beer? Great! You better rest well today.
You Are you angry? Why do you think that? It's because You look like you are angry.
Da Ji! with Director Han, Were you just helping each other out, because of the ranch? That is Go in.
Why does getting treatment take such a long time? Unless the wound is very serious? Why are you not sleeping? I came out to have a drink.
What did the doctor say? I just have to keep the bandage on for two days and it will be fine.
Thank God! You have worked hard today, thank you.
This is all because of me, what do you have to be thankful for? Director Seo has not said anything? Nope, he didn't say anything.
However, if President Yang knew, he just might kill me.
Ah, what to do? I already said that no matter what, I'll definitely compensate.
You don't need to worry.
It is not about the compensation! How many times do I have to say it before you finally understand? You're really stupid.
- = The number you have dialled is currently switched off = - - = Please leave a message after the beep = - Ajusshi! Your telephone was off So I waited for you.
I want to tell you something that I haven't told you yet.
That Han Dong Joo and I Are not just classmates.
We liked each other.
We even got married And then divorced.
I didn't know how to tell you, so I'm also divorced.
Looks like we really don't know each other.
Is it a big problem that you were married? I don't think it is.
I can understand why you didn't mention it.
Our relationship is very sudden.
But if the partner is Han Dong Joo, then the situation is different.
He is also my business partner prior to associating with you.
I have no self-confidence.
Dong Joo is doing this because the ranch that is, what I didn't mention is Da Ji! Choose your objectives in life and find out what is the most important.
To me, that is work.
It has always been like this.
It will also be like this in the future.
Are you saying we should stop seeing each other now? Yes, this is Seo Yoon Ho.
- = The number you have dialed is currently switched off = - -= Please leave a message after the beep= - Dad.
Ahhh, this girl, my ear almost went deaf.
I bet you're really busy, why would you make pickled vegetables for me? No matter how busy, I will still make them for you.
Otherwise you'll certainly be eating your meal with kimchi only.
This little rascal, you do not need to worry about daddy's pickles.
You should go out and watch a movie, or buy something good to eat, you little rascal.
Mmm Heard that you're dating.
Your dad is very happy.
That person looks very steady, seems not bad.
Date nicely and see how it goes.
Mmm Daddy favors him very much.
Have a look at this.
Wow, are you going to the FRIENDS resort? This place looks very expensive.
This person looks pretty good right? So successful at such a young age, not very easy.
That's why I say you should really work hard.
What are you doing? Quickly go and practice.
How is the opening ceremony program? As agreed, tomorrow is the date for the inspection.
But how come you say that it's still undecided.
Because there's a problem with the quality of the invitation's paper.
The necessary document has been sent to the president.
How is the decision-making system here? As far as I know, the final decision should be made by Director Han Dong Joo here.
Apparently, I must raise the issue of this month's unsatisfactory work management.
For us in FRIENDS, the business planning decision can be made in just one day.
Dong In usually takes about three days to a week.
Even if the director had looked through it, the president I've seen it.
But it's about the same as the previous party concept Nothing great about it.
I'm afraid our staff did poorly.
Let them replan.
The design should be the same as the opening ceremony for Friends.
Not that fantastic.
The proposal is like this all along.
After going through many people, it will be different.
Of course.
I'm looking forward to it.
However, we estimate that the invitations must be sent out within three days.
Yes, we will verify the plan by today.
No matter what, we just have to complete it by today.
Bring me the correlation date.
Except for the person in-charge, If all the staffs work together, why can't the party proposal be completed by today? The FRIENDS' resort party concept, is the kind of concept that has been endorsed worldwide.
Because this is a worldwide-recognized party concept, so you didn't report to me but to the president? Every time I show you any documents, you only carelessly look at them.
In order to look for Paulist, or whatever that horse's name is, you did not come to work yesterday.
That was to help the residents in this area.
In conclusion, this must be completed.
Let us do an even better job for this party.
I thought Secretary Lee was quite smart? Really .
just anybody can work as a secretary? Paulist, are you still looking for him? Yes.
I have hired someone to look for him.
Oh Jin Young! Where are you now? Two people are sticking together like chewing gum.
The expensive massage is not necessary.
Look at them in love Ah .
really glowing! glowing! What do you think of a brother/sister in love? Oh .
I took the wrong one again! You eat.
After eating so many soondae, now you're going to eat meat? I'm eating a lot to make me work better.
What's wrong with you? Doing unnecessary cleaning at the bar.
Washing the bed sheet at night, were you tricked again? What kind of person do you think your sister is? You're back? Come eat with us.
I'm busy.
I need to go back to the company.
Is you leg better? Ahjussi, do you like my sister?! Why do you care if she is hurt or not? That's because your sister was injured.
What happened to my sister doesn't concern you.
Just leave her alone.
If that Ahjussi misunderstands, then what are we going to do? Why are you always causing trouble for Dong Joo? Is Dong Joo your friend? That's right, Lee Da Ji.
you should teach your sister properly.
Do you really want to win over my sister who is much younger than you ? You are so old and why do you guys start quarreling as soon as you guys meet? I really cannot stand this anymore.
Da Ji has peace only for a few days And then is bothered even by trivial matters.
Is she this way because she lost President Yang's horse? So many worries.
What is there to worry about? I thought her rich ex-husband said he will be responsible for it? Using the body and the heart to build a relationship, that's what ties a husband and wife together.
That's really Ahjumma! Pay attention to what you say in a guy's presence.
Even if he is a widow.
Saying these kinds of things, don't you feel ashamed? You barely bat an eyelid.
I can't stand it anymore! You're so lewd.
How can you say that? Le Lewd? What are you saying? This ahjussi, really! That It's been so long, and you are still using Representative Seo's proposal The party does not have to be held at the resort.
It is a party for the resort opening! If not at the resort then Yacht party? That's it! Yacht party! Very creative, isn't it? It's just a change of venue.
It will be on our yacht.
No matter where it is, the party will still be held.
Prepared for a VIP (very important person).
It will be a grand and simple, private yacht party.
It's not a bad idea.
Right, private! Then, that's all for today-- And that proposal, We will handle it.
It's already past midnight.
We can finish it by tomorrow morning.
There's not enough time.
So how should I prepare the Yacht Party? Forget it.
Do not carry out Director Han's proposal.
Do you understand? Why are you making so much noise so early in the morning? Dong Joo, that rascal! Representative Seo's completed proposal for the resort opening party, has been rejected by him.
He's so annoying.
What does he know?! Don't bother about him.
Don't tell me you did everything well right from the start? Father! You have to experiment with everything before you know how to do it.
He just started, so stop pressuring him.
This time, let's see how he does it.
Party on the yachtit's not bad.
Director Han gave direct instructions to use FREADS red wine as a souvenir.
I see.
Why do you close your eyes? PONY.
Today, I just received my first paycheck.
Should I buy you something? Do you want anything? What's wrong? You don't even want to speak to me? Ahjussi didn't want to talk to me either.
Is that why he didn't answer the phone? Ahjumma? Da Ji! You have to come over and help me.
Representative Seo agreed.
He said it is a very good idea.
Are you saying if his side doesn't agree then we can't do it anymore? We must make it even better than the world-class standard.
Paulist still hasn't been found? About that All horses look similar.
And the cost of searching for the horse Then deduct it from my salary.
Money for the beer's wheat, Money for the old horse's medical treatment, Also, a couple of days ago, you charged cakes on my credit card.
Several months of wages are not enough.
If it's not enough, Then.
deduct it from my pension.
Yes? Demonstration?! Withdraw ! Leave! Resort.
! Da Ji! Take this! You join too! Leave! Resort! Get lost! Did you tell them this is a sacrifice to Dragon King? I did! He says, even if that is the case, the opening party still has to continue.
This group of fellows must understand, before we can reason with them.
Leave! You know, I know the Director.
If I talk to him about our situation What are you doing here? Why are you like this again? Your being like this makes it difficult for us.
Difficult?! It is difficult for us because of the resort.
Yes, that's right.
This Saturday is the day we offer a sacrifice to the Dragon King.
What does it have to do with the yacht party? It's the one day of the year that we don't go fishing.
Fishing boats aren't allowed out to sea on Dragon King Day.
The yacht party is Secretary Lee, as far as the yacht party is concerned, is there a problem with its legality? No.
No problem at all.
Nothing against it.
You! That day is a deity day.
It is an important day for us as well.
If you dance during the sacrificial time.
Can't you just let go and not care? Who cares what he does, it's his business.
What else can be done? That's why.
What your resort is doing is not right.
That's not necessary! Let's just stop it here.
Stop what? How can you just ignore the law? Don't you have any common sense? If you do this, how will you obtain the letters of consent? I'm warning you.
Before the police come, leave quickly with the ahjummas.
What you're doing right now is illegal.
Don't you know? Don't want to.
No way! I absolutely will not go! I will stay until the end! Leave, Leave, Leave! Ahjumma, wait a second.
Da Ji! This girl's really Ahjussi! Wait.
If we end it like this, I will regret it for the rest of my life.
After Dong Joo knew about my relationship with ahjussi, He said he would leave the house.
But I was the one who asked him not to leave.
Dong Joo tried to preserve our ranch and worked so hard.
I also wanted to try to help him.
I'm grateful to Dong Joo.
Do I need to listen to this? If you're done talking, I'm leaving now.
Everything is too sudden.
Meeting Ahjussi.
Meeting Dong Joo again.
Liking Ahjussi.
Even though I've only known Ahjussi for a short time Now the situation is… Living with my ex-husband under the same roof.
I was uncertain how to tell you about it.
I wanted to give Ajusshi a good impression.
However, I'm not ashamed of my past.
I'm sorry.
I did not tell you the truth.
However, I really like Ahjussi.
I am sincere.
It was me who told her not to say anything.
Going to Lee Da Ji's house is because we have to complete the letters of consent.
After I get the letters of consent, I won't meet with her anymore.
I'm worried that you might procrastinate, that's why.
Yes, right.
I know that the future will be uncomfortable.
Knowing that it's related to Director Han is making it more uncomfortable.
Regardless if it's me or you, And even if it's awkward, you shouldn't be that cold-hearted.
I was the one who created this situation.
Lee Da Ji was only doing what I had asked her to do.
Other than resort matters There is no need to have any contact with Director Han anymore.
I'm not here because of resort matters.
I don't even know why I'm talking about our personal matters with Director Han But it's making me more uncomfortable.
Dong Joo, go.
This is a matter between me and Ahjussi.
Ahjussi! I was the one who didn't let you say it Why didn't you tell him that? Don't you have a mouth? Don't you know how to speak? This is between me and Ahjussi.
It has nothing to do with you.
How does it have nothing to do with me? Are you stupid? If not, stop crying, and stop clinging onto him.
Be thankful to Dong Joo? If you say something like that… Can't you pretend you didn't see anything? Must you be so obvious? If you're like this, I will become even more pitiful.
So then why did you get involved with him?! Is he really that great? If he says let's date, you'll date.
If he says break-up, then you'll break-up? Bastard! That bastard is you.
Besides being angry, you can't think of anything else, right? How can you be so selfish? Even if you cannot comfort me, you shouldn't make me feel worse! Comfort your ass! Hyung I'm sorry.
Will you clear my afternoon schedule, please? And also, will you find out what's going on outside? There was no need for me to it say first.
Don't they always have a demonstration? I don't care how they do it, just drive them out.
Pray to what Dragon King.
What's up with the Dragon King Festival? They said that, on that day, a sacrifice has to be made to the Dragon King aboard a ship.
They are making noise like crazy Saying it's a demonstration.
What is Dong Joo planning on doing? What is there to do? I'll just drive them away immediately.
Don't do that Just leave it alone, and let Dong Joo handle it.
Even so Father It's time for the news, change the channel.
Father, this world has become much better, yeah? What are the kids eating these days, that they've grown so plump? They're not like how we used to be.
Look at the one on the left.
She's the prettiest.
I disagree.
Women also have to be refined.
No, it is not.
Must have an hourglass figure, only then This channel has not broadcast the news yet? It's a useless television.
Yes, right.
Call me when it's time for the news.
Yes, Father! Hey! Tell the truth! You stole the horse, didn't you? Where did you sell the horse? How could I sell Paulist? Then, a horse that doesn't even run That doesn't even move in the stable Runs away right before the competition starts? Ahjussi! Paulist disappeared.
I am sad too.
I didn't want to say this but Do you know how much I've lost because of you? Spent money to send you to Australia Bought a horse that couldn't run Even hired a famous jockey.
Now you've even sold the horse.
We will find it no matter what, So please calm down.
Please let go! What, you rascal! Are you a part of this, too? Alright! Let's go to the police station.
And continue our talk there.
I've been enduring it all this time.
Please, enough is enough.
Ahjussi! No matter what happens, I will still go look for him.
I am really sorry.
Why are you apologizing? What did you do wrong that you have to apologize? Who are you are teaching? I'm sorry, but I'm the one who lost the horse.
Right now, I have people looking for him.
No matter what, I'll find him and bring him back.
If I can't find him, then I will take full responsibility.
So, from now on Paulist's matters Please bring them all to me.
I have people looking for the horse So it'll be found soon.
Thank you! If you weren't there, I definitely would have been brought To the police station.
It's all because of me that this happened in the first place.
So, there's no reason for you to thank me.
I know that it's because you're sad, Because of me, you lost your temper.
I wanted to look cool in front of you, but it doesn't seem possible, always letting you see the bad things.
It's saddening.
But Although I don't know if I look like a fool but I'll do my best until the end.
I no longer want to do .
anything that I might regret later on.
After we broke up, I only realized then.
I will leave.
Thinking from my point of view, I, too, do not want to be with you.
There is no advantage to you if I'm here.
The matter with Ahjussi wasn't because of you.
What I couldn't truthfully tell you is the matter that Ahjussi is angry about.
Even if you leave, nothing would change between Ahjussi and me.
What are you looking at so earnestly? Very handsome, right? I like it very much.
What is it? While being in love, at the same time.
I've discovered many new things.
Discovered many new things.
What about the past? Why? When the relationship turns sour you look for someone else.
I have always been curious someone like Oppa, What charms does he have? But Seeing you on the yacht, I realized something.
The so called Seo Yoon Ho is a Director.
Is his own concurrent job lives.
Such attack could be very big Generally it is impossible for the women to serve the opposite party completely.
But Da Ji really is genuinely not meticulous.
It is completely written on her face.
Really attractive.
Makes people jealous.
I will do my best until the end.
I do not want to do something that I will regret later on.
After breaking up with you, only then did I realize it.
The sun is coming out from the West.
The person in front of me now, is it really Han Dong Joo? I've already fed them.
This way the Ahjussi and Ahjumma.
will give a little more pay right? Besides, I'm only helping until your leg recovers.
What to do? Before the leg, was good.
No matter what, thank you.
Where are you going so early in the morning? The Ahjummas called me over.
Those hateful Ahjummas? You write a pledge now in our resort.
The Ahjummas let me help, So.
The waves have been quite big recently.
It's exhausting, right? Yes, in a month there aren't that many days with the moon.
We should pray to the Dragon King.
It's all because of that fellow's holiday resort.
Aigoo, Just consider it as having a party.
I will use this to hit him directly at the shoulder! Those people don't know about it.
If they knew that it's an important they, then why are they like that? Even if they don't hand over the letter of consent, they will still help solve the problem.
Ahjumma, don't worry.
Do you like abalone? Would you like me to cut you some? Who said that you can eat abalone? I've been busy for several days straight managing the yacht party.
Your resort has many good places.
Why can't the Dragon King Festival be changed? That is all just superstition! It might be superstition to you, But, to the Ahjummas, this is a very important matter.
if the venue isn't changed, I will deliver the petition.
What are you looking at? I'm not sure what this is.
I will confirm it first.
I'm sorry.
What is it that actually makes Hyung acts this way ? This is the resort's reed area.
reed - tall marsh grass How about the horse racetrack From the seashore to the reeds? Compared to a boring racecourse, It has beautiful scenery.
Should be very interesting For the guests who aren't interested in horse riding or golf, The option to take a walk and do some sightseeing would be good.
Really good! Recently there are many events like this too in overseas.
I believe that in such a beautiful location To be offering this event We definitely will not lose out to other countries.
May I ask, where is Mount Halla? Mount Halla? Ahh! Mount Halla.
That's right.
What do you think about adding traditional food and drinks to the Western restaurant's menu? The glutinous rice wine is Jeju's traditional liquor.
Beer, grape wine, and foreign wine is everywhere.
A liquor which could only be obtain in Jeju Island, Visitors are sure to like it.
Yesterday, there was something I couldn't tell you.
As long as Ahjussi doesn't mind I want to continue dating Ahjussi.
I hate breaking up.
Because Ahjussi is a divorced man, I like you more.
Is it true? Because you are a divorced guy, that's why I like you more.
Is there anything that makes you unsatisfied, Mr.
Director? Very satisfied.
Completely changed beyond recognition.
President Park, please confirm this.
Still a lot of final touch ups to do .
Look slowly.
Very good.
Do it here (the party).
At a time like this, how can you change the place so suddenly? The invitations are already printed.
It's alright, we'll just have to reprint them.
Director! The opening party is very soon.
VIP guests will attend this.
It is very important to our resort.
Residents are also very important To our resort.
It's an important annual holiday.
If we insist on having the party What will happen to the superstitious residents? I already reported it to the head of the organization.
But, I am the person in charge.
Moreover, the seafood that will be used at the party.
just buy it directly from the female diver over there.
How come it's like this? The purchasing department makes its own arrangements.
The chief of the purchasing department is working with his own brother's company.
Who arranged this? Isn't it our company's objective to buy high quality goods at a low price? You're still looking for that horse, aren't you? That's right.
You must find it.
How is it? The venue has changed.
Didn't you say that it will be held at that place? If the director said that place cannot be used, Who else would dare to decorate the place? Just let them prepare for the Dragon Festival properly.
Yah! Han Dong Joo.
Director Han.
You are really very great.
Before, it was because I didn't want to do it, doing it diligently now is actually a little great.
Those ahjummas would be very happy.
Thank you! I'm really proud of you.
I'm busy.
Let's hang up.
I am here for the purchase of the horse The horse will be sent tomorrow Raise it well.
It's already been an hour.
Can't move? Yes, right.
If I move this way, checkmate.
Do not want that.
Obviously, it is very clear what to do.
Just do it as usual, can already.
Why old becomes hesitant? Is it not because there is another way you want to go? Frequently, the mind and heart Are not attuned.
Occasionally, following your heart isn't so bad.
Hyung, do you think I'm the sort of person who only listens to his brain? Recently, no No matter how hard you look, also improbable to see the flower.
That uncle is hopeless.
It's best if you just forget about it.
Honestly, what is so good about that uncle, why do you insist on being with your ex-husband? Not to the extend of two people kissing.
Can be considered a success.
Paulist! Where did you go? Only now then come back.
Therefore ahjumma, do not worry.
Just prepare the sacrificial offering well.
Okaygot it.
Paulist! Where did you go? Do you know how worried noona was? Probably saw that I am unhappy.
I've seen the information.
It will be of considerable help.
Thank you! Promised you Will always help you do it.
If possible.
You like me because I'm a divorced man , is that sincere? Yes.
Why? If too perfect will be a burden.
To be divorced is certainly not a shortcoming.
Both our lives have a stain on it.
I am sorry.
I have never think of it in that way .
The past is only the past.
There are still many things we have to understand right now.
The past is only the past.
My feelings for you Can you accept them? I thought you are a child.
Married and have also divorced You were probably frightened.
Moreover the target is.
Divorce, I did not say it.
Knows it, but did not know how to say it out.
That is why I am angry.
Maybe envy.
Should be envious I was angry at the same time is very sorry too.
Thanks for saying you like a male divorcee more.
I am more grateful.
Doesn't answer the telephone.
If I call you right now, would you answer? No matter at what time when you call.
Ten minutes once.
No, five minutes or one minute once.
Did not know that can do that or not From now on need to attend meeting for 6 hours straight.
Then I won't call.
The number you have dialed is currently switched off I've been listening to that woman's voice for several days.
You can send me a sms.
Looking at your sms makes me feel happy.
That Dong Joo until receives the letter of consent.
Although you don't care But will help him as much as possible That is you, who I like The person you like is me.
Han Dong Joo, why did the venue change? For no reason? Rascal.
Because the residents opposed.
Have it on the yacht.
I will see to it.
You will? What do you know? Why are you always creating trouble? You brat.
Father, is it really that lousy? Mmm it's not good What can you do well? You know nothing.
Just go fishing ! fishing ! you brat A son who always talks back with me.
A wife who asks to write self-criticism letter.
For you.
Have you eaten? Haven't eaten.
What's wrong? Remember to eat meals.
Your complexion is not good.
Today why You did surgery? You didn't look like this before.
Let's get off work together.
Director Han! Don't you have the feeling of your having seen this horse somewhere? Don't you know? This is Paulist.
Forgot him so quickly.
Why should I remember his face? That 's why tried to find cannot find it.
Probably nearby in the horse field.
It's Yoon Ho ahjussi who found it.
That Yoon Ho ahjussi and I reconciled.
is that my business! The ahjummas are very grateful about the abalones.
You don't like abalone? Doing a good job! But by doing that you will get the freshest feeling If the resort bought them just fine.
Cheap and good, they complement one another.
What do you mean, complement one another? Asking me to help you day in and day out with this and that, Is clinging to me and begging me your specialties? You're not even a beggar.
Who's the beggar?! It's good for you, too.
It's good for both of us.
My fault! I hate being vexed.
I've told you, the party will be on the yacht.
After helping you, I have to help another.
This is endless.
How can a human be like this? The ahjummas are really happy! How can you simply change it? I have always been like this, so don't ask me.
I don't like being associated with others.
Why don't you go plead that ajusshi? Why mention Ahjussi? How do I good bully do not want in front of the human who likes to lose face Am I good for bullying? I don't like to lose my face in the public Selfish punk! Bad guy!!! What?! Bad guy!? Are you done yelling? Yes.
Why? Are you in a bad mood? I've even endured you calling me a beggar.
You, get out! Get out immediately! Why should I leave?! You, get out!!! Yes, right.
You're finally talking with your real words.
Things you say are always too much, that's why.
Stop talking.
Jin Young! I found the place.
Wants to have the dinner and Minister together Li with you said I want to have dinner with you and Minister Li together Da Ji is here, too? Oh, that! Episode Preview.
Ahjusshi! If it has long wings, what do we do? It's a letter of consent.
Is an angel indeed.
Han Dong Joo.
Because it's your amazing 27th.
Dong Joo has suffered a lot.
Have a good business party.
Cross the Pacific Ocean, cross the Atlantic, cross the Indian Ocean.
Stop the chief.
Use whatever means necessary to prevent him from attending the party.
Keeps running unconditionally My Father is coming here.
Your dad? Wait here, don't reveal yourself.
Dong Joo.