Paradise Ranch (2011) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

= Episode 10 = Lee Da Ji, Are you going to Japan? How can you touch someone else's things without their permission? Who's going with you to Hokkaido? Who's going where?! Just because I'm visiting a famous ranch in Hokkaido.
But Why do I have to report everything I do to you? Whether I go to Japan or not It's my decision, isn't it ? We should not interfere in each other's private lives.
You said so.
This part-time job is good though.
No way! I'm not doing it! I absolutely do not want to do it! I especially recommended you.
If you don't do it, what am I going to do? You recommended me? You? You did? Why? I have to find someone from the village for this job.
And, I'm shy.
In this case, compared to other people You're easier to approach.
And, you will work hard even if it's other people's business.
I knew it.
What else can I expect from you? You think that I recommended you because there are no other candidates? I'm not an elementary school student.
Must I say words like 'Thank you' and 'Sorry' for you to understand my intentions? About yesterday I'm sorry that I yelled at you like that.
Thank you for the medicine and the pillow.
Is that fine? Alright! And also Accept the part-time job You are the best candidate.
First, I have to finish up the idea by Wednesday.
Once the job at the racetrack is ended Oh right! I'm scheduled to be a tour guide at the racetrack.
Da Eun ah After your class ends on Wednesday Could you go to the racetrack and take over my job as a tour guide ? Why did you accept another part-time job if you can't handle it? It's different.
Dong Joo asked me a favor.
He said that I am the most suitable candidate for this job.
Moreover, this part-time job pays 1,000,000 won.
Do you really want to travel with Yoon Ho ahjussi? Of course.
Not only to casually discuss the treatment for Paulist's condition.
Hokkaido's ranch is famous for treating horses.
I've watched the video showing them treating horse illnesses.
It was very touching and impressive.
However That's not the main point right now! Your boyfriend wants to go traveling with you alone.
Only the two of you.
And it's for three days and two nights.
Yah! We are not going there to play.
Ahjussi said that in order to complete our itinerary, the time is very tight.
Even though it will be busy .
Don't you know that an itinerary can change instantly? When a man asks you to go travel with him, you immediately agree? Even if unni knows this You! Again! The little thing shouldn't say the words she does not know.
My unni got married at my age.
What's the point in saying this right now? You are living under the same roof as your ex-husband and thinking of traveling with your boyfriend? Seriously, is there anything that you won't do? I'm not going to help you with your racetrack job.
I just recorded the movement of Paulist in the stable.
Thanks, Ahjussi! Although the hotel is great I heard there is a very good villa near the ranch.
My secretary recommended it.
I'll let you decide where to stay.
Accomodation? That I could sleep at the ranch.
Not together with me? Why are you frightened? If we are traveling together Of course we have to sleep together.
You want separate rooms? It's not that Is sharing a room with me worrying you? How can you say that so straightforward? Then we'll just have separate rooms.
Okay then.
Let's do that.
That villa is really close to the ranch.
We can just sleep there.
There are plenty of rooms Ahjussi's good points I want to discover them slowly, little by little.
I want it to be like that.
However, you cannot do something like last time You can't get drunk and then fall asleep in my room.
I am also a man.
At that time, I may not be able to remember your wish to take this slowly.
I will not do that.
I thought you are already an adult, but clearly, you're still a child.
That's right.
I accepted the part-time job at the resort.
We probably will not meet for the next three days.
I know.
I've heard.
What? The main theme for the horse race has been decided.
What are you doing? This time, the theme for the horse race is Family carnival! This is the carnival that is the highlight of Marseilles.
A genuine competition between the horses.
Just put the horse face mask on! Very good! Isn't that a little too childish? A group of adults wearing masks? This is the key point! Once your mask is on, then you can begin to fight.
Han Dong Joo! You! Are you really that good at playing guitar? Reading is not a crime.
I'm begging you, please don't wear the same underwear all the time.
Something like this How about it? Catching the pigs, the game we used to play with mother when we were young.
It is the festival for the resort Do you think it's feasible? If it would be too difficult for the mothers then Fathers are also good.
Food is more important than anything else.
We must provide Jeju's best cuisine to the resort's members.
Some personally wrapped food, like this, is also very interesting.
What are you doing? To experience how to plow People from the city don't know how, right? They could try to do some sort of farming work.
Family farm? Exactly.
It's not only a resort where people can enjoy themselves, but also a resort where members can share a common space.
How about it? Sound good, right? Do you think that this is a weekend farm? Members who come here only once or twice a year, how can they possibly do these on their own? Can't we just plant a variety that is easy to pick? Planting some persimmons here would be good right? This is the area for the sports center.
But compared to a sports center A family farm is much better.
Sports centers, golf courses Are they all too common ? Compared to other resorts Isn't an authentic resort with some local atmosphere even better? It doesn't sound like a good idea.
What do you mean by that ? The idea doesn't suitable for the activities at the resort.
Compared to these The majority of the members come here for the high-class service.
Also the location of that family farm has been planned for sports center construction next year.
Those were the President's specific instructions regarding that location.
How can we change it to such .
When it comes to service, does it all have to be that luxurious? Isn't the luxurious style a little too old-fashioned? Our resort should be different.
That's why Services that are filled with human touch.
Isn't this an even better idea? Kids who are stuck in the city can come here and rediscover the nature as well as experience a peaceful, village life.
That way, their parents will be pleased, too.
Our resort will have outstanding characteristics, completely different from the others.
Everyone should stop thinking that it's not feasible.
Just think about it.
The experiences you can have on Jeju I think this idea is quite good.
Now this is just a preliminary business plan.
Everyone let's think carefully about this idea.
We will continue the meeting next time.
We won't have a chance to meet because you are going to be very busy with the business plan.
It actually sounds good.
Ahjussi seems like you didn't think too much about it.
How should I say it The risk is very great.
This is an idea that will get either 0 points or 100 points.
Is that the situation? But meetings make people feel really anxious.
I didn't feel it strongly when I was doing the research.
But when it comes to making a decision of "Yes" or "No" It makes people feel agitated, and hungry too.
That girl can't distinguish between ally and enemy.
After three days Let me see you more often Yes! Miss Lee Da Ji.
The director asked you to come to his office to prepare the materials for the meeting.
What did you say to Representative Seo a moment ago? Nothing much.
Why? It's just because I thought Representative Seo opposed our proposal.
Therefore, you should be able to distinguish between north and south, white army and green army.
Don't leak any information out! We're all working for the same company.
Why are you splitting us up into "them" and "us"? And it doesn't seem to be urgent.
Do we have to prepare it right now? You didn't notice it in the meeting a moment ago ? The committee members were ready to eat me alive.
In order to keep them quiet, we have to make thorough preparations.
Those people who always pick on me I'll show them who's the boss.
Pick up the phone! Hmm, Jin Young ah.
Mmm, alright, I understand.
I'll go over there right now.
Hey, I'm going out for a while.
I endured being hungry because he said this work is important and needed it urgently.
But, one call from his girlfriend, and he goes running off.
Miss Da Ji, it has been a long time since I last saw you.
How are you? We're going to have meat noodles .
let's go together.
Dong Joo said that he knows an especially tasty restaurant.
Meat I still need to go to the racetrack to do my part-time job.
But, you still have to eat lunch.
Let's go together.
Let's go together.
Why? Doesn't it suit your taste ? All the while I thought it was normal noodles Now I know meat noodles are like this Jeju's meat noodle is normally like this Have a taste.
This pork is completely different from normal pork.
Yes, right.
I forgot that you don't eat pork.
Stop eating.
Let's eat something else.
It's alright.
Let me try it.
It's Jeju's specialty, isn't it? Are you alright? Then don't eat the meat, just eat the noodles.
Miss Da Ji really eats well.
I'll give you my portion.
Give it to me.
I'll finish it all.
You already ate two bowls.
Don't worry.
When I'm in a good mood, I can eat four servings, let alone two.
You two look really close.
Sometimes, it can make someone else a little jealous.
Ah! Disgusting! You spat all over my face! SorSorry.
She didn't spit out much.
Were you surprised because I said I was jealous? No I was only We obviously argue every time we see each other.
Yet, you're saying we look really close? If we're sitting closer most probably because we are been forced under a knife.
What? Isn't there that feeling? A feeling that, even though you're quarrelling, you're actually close? You two are like that.
Excuse me.
Oh unnie! I knew it was going to end like this when you were wolfing the food down.
What? Why don't you just feed her directly then? Ahjumma .
some more soup here please! The president asked you to give him a call regarding the horse race competition.
Ahh which faults is he finding with this time ? Just find any excuse.
Say that I'm in a meeting , or I'm extremely busy.
Also find pictures of splendid horses for advertisement.
This is the result of Member Satisfaction Survey.
Representative Seo will travel to Japan this weekend, so we conducted the survey earlier.
But, what is Representative Seo going to Japan for? He is going to participate in the FRIENDS resort opening ceremony in Hokkaido.
Are you saying he is going to Hokkaido? Traveling with a lover at least must put this on.
Shouldn't I take an even more hot and see through ones ah.
It's my lucky day.
Is Yoon Ho ahjussi really divorced? Because my sister is always being deceived Yes ! Ahjussi, is this car fast? Can't you just give me a ride for once? Why do you always ignore my messages? I already sent more than five today.
My name is Da Eun.
Lee Da Eun.
Student, please don't be like this to me.
I'm a very busy person.
I'm not like this because I have a lot of spare time.
I have genuine feelings for Ahjussi.
I am married.
Take a picture of this.
The horse psychologist will make Paulist running and jumping in no time.
Then make me a guarantee.
If this horse doesn't run before the competition, You will pay all the expenses include acquiring and treating him.
Ahjushi That Fine, let's do that then.
The costs up to the competition.
Why should Ahjussi have to pay? Isn't this the horse we bought together? Whether or not he ever runs, I think we should raise him.
We ? We're taking the horse for treatment and give it back to Yang ahjushi.
Then it's over.
It's the trip which solves the difficulties Well, you're already back now.
What are you doing so late? Do you know about Baek In Soo Ahjussi? Baek In Soo? Who is he? Yoon Hoo Ahjussi's secretary.
Why do I even think you know something? Here, wear them when you're travelling.
It's a present.
Hey, what's wrong with you? Why? Do you have something to say to me? Why are you staring at me? You finish the proposal really fast.
Didn't you say it's urgent? Why? Is there any careless mistake in the horse race competition proposal? No.
It's just Yah.
What is that? Da Eun, that little brat! Your younger sister really has no taste at all.
Did she think it would suit you? To actually buy this kind of thing.
When have you ever seen me wear something like this? Just because I've never worn it.
I'm very much suitable for wearing this kind of thing! What's it to you? That girl.
Really! Aren't you tired? I'm a bit sleepy.
I'm a little tired too.
Am I going crazy? So before she has never even allowed me to look at it! Now she will let that guy see everything what is this? So noisy! I can't sleep! I'm sorry Dong Joo said I have to finish it before I go away.
I am a married man I am a married man I am a married man.
Unnie! Family is very precious, right? You can't joke about it, right? What are you saying ? Because family is really precious Over there.
On this side of the pasture imagine a glorious hotel.
Sitting outside drinking a glass of wine under the clear skies I can almost picture it.
We can get Paulist treated.
While we visit the ranch.
I'm really looking forward to it.
Ahjussi, your fingers are really pretty.
Did you know? If a man's pinky is the same size as a woman's ring finger, then they are destined to be a pair.
Ours don't look the same though.
It's just a saying.
You seem really tired.
In order to get ready for the horse race competition I worked all night on the presentation.
It's all done now.
What is done? Do it again.
Just look over it once carefully.
This, what can I get out of it? Is the company a place for you to experiment? All the graphs are a mess.
I hate it just by looking at them.
Not a sign of sincerity just like someone.
Who? Who are you refering to? I increased the overseas section to accommodate the sponsors.
This makes the horse race more competitive.
It also creates a better impression.
The proposal is not that bad right? Do you know how important this horse racing event is for me? I thought you already knew.
Everyone was opposing it, but I insisted on carrying it out.
If I don't prepare it properly and just come into the meeting What kind of position would I be in? That I understand that Write it as carefully as you can.
Scrap this presentation.
Redo it from scratch again.
Did you know? If a man's pinky have the same size as a woman's ring finger, then the two people are destined to be a pair.
Let me have a look at the ring.
I have bought one of each.
Dink some juice.
Oppa feels like dreaming right now.
No matter what, I still cannot think of you as my oppa.
I'm sorry.
Is he really a married man? I need to find out for myself.
Da Eun ah! He's actually not married right? He is not married.
As far as I know.
I knew it would be like this.
Does he have a lover? I don't think so.
He's so good looking.
How could he still be single and have no lover at all? Don't tell me he likes man! Ahjushi, this is not the time for you to laugh.
Because of the situation that ahjussi and my unnie are in, I learned it's important to determine whether a person is eligible, before I start seeing them.
The number you've dialed is currently not in service.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Having prepared it quickly in just a few days, it is rather impressive.
I have to find a way so she has to cancel her trip.
Yes! You brat! Who allowed you to make this kind of advertisement? You don't know about anything.
Earlier, you even said to allow the villagers to select freely Now, we will still have the villagers carnival.
I will also give the resort guests invitations You should only entertain the resort's guests Will you earn money? Can you reverse the time? And you Give this project plan to Representative Seo Yoon Hoo.
Why should I report to Seo Yoon Hoo?! The director of this resort is me.
Act like a Director if you're a Director, isn't that right? Why are you always doing useless stuff? Dad, if you cannot believe me Why don't you tell me what I should do? Yes.
Brat! I will go there and give direct instruction for what you should do.
You don't have to do anything.
Just sit down and don't touch anything.
Do you understand? Please have your meal.
Are there people on guards at my front door ? Is it my father's instruction? Take her phone away! Watch her carefully Do not let her go anywhere.
My father even lets Secretary Kim a senior personnel to do such things.
I reorganized the materials that will be published Write the small notes to where you think they might ask questions about okay? Look at it once You want me to have a look at all of them? Of course ! You should.
Didn't you say this matter is very important to you? I stayed up several nights to finish it.
You really stayed up late for me ? Is that true? What are you saying? How can you not understand others' sincerity? Forget it.
I'm too tired to fight with you right now.
So read it well.
Are you sure the divorce matter of Presentative Seo ended well? Why do you mention it again? You should make sure whether he is divorced or not.
Meet him only after you are sure about it Of course I did.
Ahjussi told me that he and his wife are divorced.
Did you see it? With your own eyes? Did you see the actual divorce papers? Ahjussi said that they are divorced.
How can you just believe him? I believe him.
You believe anything he tells you.
The last thing anyone can believe is that player's words.
And you just believed him? How is he a player? He's not even divorced yet and he's already dating other women.
What do you call him if not a player? He's too charming So women really like him That's all.
He's not a player.
It doesn't matter to you if he's a player and it doesn't matter to you whether or not he's divorced You still want to go on this trip with him.
How do you know about our trip? How do I know?! That's not important! It's not what you think it is.
We're going to Japan for Paulist's treatment.
Don't tell me You knew about the trip, that's why you gave me all this work.
You really don't like me to go on this trip.
Right I hate that you and him are traveling together.
That's why I asked you to do these things.
can't I ? How can you be like this? How can that guy's motives not be clear to you? Now you must travel with him? I'm a fool for worrying about you.
Why do I even bother? I don't even have the words to explain this to myself.
Han Dong Joo! What are you doing? So you are in this place as well I'm feeling quite bored I'm glad to meet you here Mmm Yes! How's the planning for the horse race competition going? Do I have to report to you? I'm just curious.
Because I was curious, I have already asked Da Ji.
But she's not willing to say anything.
It's still in the planning So I'm not too sure.
Can't wait till I come back and see it.
Okay good then.
As you request.
He asks you to come and you come.
He asks you to go and you go.
I hate this kind of thing about you.
Whatever that guy is, it's not even clear You still want to go and travel with him .
Like a fool , I'm worrying about you ! Why do I have to worry about you? I also don't know the reason myself.
I resort - Horse Race Competition Proposal.
Are you finish preparing? Ahjussi, I'm going over there.
No need.
There's still time.
I'll come and pick you up .
That I have something to say to you.
I will come and tell you.
Come here then! Yes? Help me, honey.
Please come here and help me, honey.
Where is Ahjussi? Hey, why are you still here? There's only 30 minutes left until your conference begins you haven't even looked over your materials yet Where were you hanging out? You didn't go on your trip? I was afraid if I didn't participate in the conference you'd ruin everything so I decided not to go and have been working my butt off I was afraid that you weren't going to pay me 1,000,000 won wages? You satisfied? You were only afraid that I wasn't going to pay you? It's not only because of that You're worried about me I'm also really worried about you It'd be great if you could succeed Even though we're looking after each other and supporting each other mutually It won't be like this our whole lifetime It is a good thing.
Do you think so? Listening to what you are saying It really sounds like you care about me? Don't stress yourself and always think positive.
That's what I meant.
Okay? You must read the conference material.
You're not even smart.
What can we do if you make mistake in the conference? What did you say? I'm not smart? I am smart Really? I am not sure about that.
But Lately, I haven't seen working to get the letter of consent.
After I finish it, I'll continue to do it.
You'd better do it properly okay? In my opinion, I've done well.
Don't be so stubborn.
Just come back home.
If you don't want to get married, Just learn how to do business from me.
I have a boyfriend.
He is a good person.
If you dislike Renovation Course Then Change it to Architecture Course.
I said I have a boyfriend.
Secretary Kim will arrange it for you.
Don't you think that you're very mean to Secretary Kim? Ten years have already passed.
I think is it the time you should change her registered permanent address now.
I'm sorry.
I know it is Secretary Kim's matter.
It is the only thing that dad and I can communicate about.
You're still the same.
You still don't listen to your dad's advice.
Who is this guy you are talking about? I'm not like before, when I had to listen to dad's opinion first before I spoke.
I will also not bid good-bye without a reason.
You should just give me up.
I'm waiting here just to tell you that Don't expect me to be a obedient child like my oppa.
I don't want to regret it.
Because of an urgent matter He couldn't go to Japan He might be gone for a week or longer Is there any bad news? No.
He said he'll contact you directly His cell phone is turned off Ya! seriously Seriously Ya! How can this fellow still be like this till now? Didn't you say you go to Japan to find the way to treat his illness? I have a little matter to handle So I couldn't go to Japan.
You I knew this would happen.
Ya! I'll immediately sell this horse.
That ahjushi or that younger brother , where is he now? He's not in Jeju right now.
Who's going to be responsible for my horse? I'll buy the horse for you then.
Aigoo a while ago it's that fellow, now it's this one.
You sure have many men to help you.
Da Ji ah, you really have lots of ability.
Why are you still standing here? We have lots of thing to do with the applications.
Let's go now.
Mmm Ahjussi.
I promise that the horse will definitely run before the race.
I promise! Ya! Do you think I will still trust your words? What charm exactly does that girl have? Those guys are crazy about her.
Is she that pretty? The competition is coming soon.
What to do if you don't know this? Ah The old person has not raised a horse before .
that's why such thing will happen Just help me with this once more time Eok Soo! Long time no see, ahjusshi! I am this fellow's trainer.
Oh, you're the trainer here? Lately I'm like this I'm going out often so that I won't become a burden to my daughter-in-law.
You look well though, Ahjussi.
Even though the kids turned out like this I thought we'd never have the opportunity to meet like this again Looks like our fate is not end yet.
How is Dong Joo these days? He was kind of useless for several years But he's starting to shape up now.
How's Da Ji doing? She's working as a vet on a ranch in Jeju.
Jeju? Where in Jeju? Excuse me, ajusshi! What are you thinking? How dare you arrange for my horse not to compete! Let's talk about this outside , shall we? You think you're that great huh? You're only a trainer.
How could you do this without the owner's permission? If I hadn't done this and allowed the horse to run Then there's a possibilty the horse would have collapsed by the time competition starts Are you a vet? You are just merely a troublesome trainer.
It's my horse.
Whether I let it rest or race It's my decision From now on, you don't need to look after my horse You're fired! Hey! hurry up and help out! Why do I have to? So dirty! Don't you want the letter of consent? What does this have anything to do with the letter of consent? Moreover Aren't you taking the application form? Don't you know the saying "killing two birds with one stone"? We could get both of the letter of consent and applications.
Here is precisely the golden chance okay? Certainly, I looked it with both of my eyes .
You better smile unconditionally okay? Hurry and help out! Yah ! In these clothes? This outfit is really expensive.
Ahjumma! If you have any errands to run, just make this strong guy do it for you! Just because I feel a bit sorry Don't worry! No problem! Aigoo.
She is really an reincarnation of starving ghost.
The resort this time made a big and stimulative resolution Everybody must come and participate okay? Even if she's looking for sleeping pills You absolutely musn't give them to her Please do that.
You should go back.
I will remain here.
Be sure she is eating her meals.
Also Stop her from drinking Don't let her drink anymore.
I rely on you.
Even if it's hard for you you still have to force yourself to eat.
I will do as I deem fit.
You being here makes me uncomfortable.
Please leave.
Operation fee and hospital expenses have been already taken care of.
Because I heard there's a need for a death certificate The insurance company and the hospital will not contact you again about this.
Since I've already taken care of it It's really pitiful huh? I can't do anything on my own and I'm making things difficult for you Because I wanted to undergo the surgery in South Korea.
I didn't plan to come back I'd find a surgery's hospital I should prepare the operation fees It has already been a while During these 31 years I really don't know what I've done At this rate, before the horse competition starts We'll have obtained all the letters of consent.
Is that right? The earlier the better So all the hardship we suffered wont be in vain.
That's true.
After getting the letter of consent It will be all over.
Good for you! That About Yoon Ho ajusshi When will he start working again? When will your boyfriend start working? Why are you asking me that? But How come your girlfriend hasn't contacted you at all recently? Did she go somewhere? You're really good at talking back.
Hey! Where are you going? Yah! How can you just leave like that? Give me the car keys.
Why do you need my car keys? You just had some rice wine.
I'll drive.
Do you even have a driver's license? I'm in the process getting my driving license, but I'm already an expert.
Although I never have an experience before.
It's better to just walk Don't worry.
I'll drive carefully.
If you drive right now, you'll be driving under influence! I wasn't planning on driving, I was gonna walk You better hurry or I'm going to leave without you! You're dead if I catch you.
I've been away for a long time.
I am sorry.
You drink lemonade? I didn't like it before.
But somebody made it especially for me Drinking one cup of this is rather good at raising one's spirits You seem very tired.
Have you been well? You've been very busy? You didn't answer my calls.
I was worried.
I missed you.
A little Just a little being like this.
Just a little.
After disappearing for a few days Work has all piled up.
And you're going somewhere? I'm going to propose.
I'll be late.
Don't wait for me.
You said you were going to drive me home because I drank liquor.
As soon as Seo Yoon Hoo appears You can just leave without saying a word? After saying that he had some urgent matter one week ago I couldn't contact him This is the first time I saw him after that.
Then you You're completely under Seo Yoon Hoo's control.
So After agreeing with you to leave together Seo Yoon Hoo actually left by himself, saying that he had some urgent matter.
And he didn't contact you after that? That's the only way you can think of it ? Because of a meeting, you couldn't go away together? You must be really capable.
Okay fine! Let's leave it here.
No matter what I say you still have your own opinion.
You're always so stubborn.
If you're really that capable then why are you being used by Seo Yoon Hoo every time? What did I tell you? Men don't like easy women.
Just one word, and you rush to his side.
He said he had to go on a trip You immeditately follow him? Therefore, going on a trip was just an excuse.
You are so easy to bully.
Insolent brat! You're a bad guy! Why can you only pick such spiteful words that hurt people? Because of you I Bcause I could not endure your vicious acts, that's why I decided to divorce you.
How can you say that? Such offensive words.
Do you think that I was the only one to blame? Right now Do you still think that you are the only victim? You don't even consider your own mistakes.
I can't stand how thick-skinned and shameless you are.
That's why I divorced you.
Is it hurtful? You're hurt because of me? I don't care if you were used by Seo Yoon Hoo.
But, at least, I'm worried.
Do you understand? Oh, just drop it! Now really Let's just stop it here.
Jin Young ah!