Paradise Ranch (2011) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Do you think that I was the only one to blame? Right now do you still think that you are the only victim? You don't even consider your own mistakes.
I can't stand how thick-skinned and shameless you are.
That's why I divorced you.
Is it hurtful? You're hurt because of me? I don't care if you were used by Seon Yoon Hoo.
But, at least, I'm worried.
Do you understand? Forget it.
Let's just stop here.
Jin Young.
That Jin Young ah, open the door! Hey! Be careful! What if you got injured? Aigoo, this woman, so fearless.
Why are your words so different? No.
I don't know what happened to Jong Dae, he's just staring blankly into space.
Dong Joo is also nowhere to be found.
No wonder he is so attentive.
From the moment he brought that woman here He was always like that.
Ahjumma, how can you say that? Dong Joo is naturally what? It's not that Don't you have anything to say anymore ? Something important came up, so he couldn't come.
Ahjumma, do you think he's here for no reason? I don't like the way you talk about Dong Joo.
I hate it.
Ahh Look at how fierce she is.
Come in.
Would you like to drink some coffee ? Black coffee, then.
I don't take any sugar.
Thirty minutes just sitting here and not saying anything.
Like a fool.
Still You got a good reason I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
Aside from not telling me about this Don't you have anything else to be sorry about? It's not like I don't know you're divorced.
Wouldn't it have been better if you told me earlier? And also I never said anything.
Yes, right.
Jin Young ah Is everything finished now? It seems that you're not over Da Ji yet.
I have been so ignorant up till now bothering other people.
Why didn't I tell you? I didn't want an excuse.
Because I didn't want you to know about it.
Helping your ex-wife with her problem, if you were just a friend, I'd tell you that you did well.
Han Dong Joo is so cool.
But actually I can't say it.
Although I'm really angry and really sad regardless, I can't live without you.
Looks like I like you too much, Han Dong Joo.
How did it go? Jin Young must be so mad right now.
What did u say to her? What should I say ? That we cannot break-up? That's because Seeing you leave like that I feel sorry and worried.
There's nothing to worry about.
Go in.
You came first today.
Because I have my wristwatch.
Are the preparations for the family carnival going smoothly? Of course! There are still other competitions.
Ahjussi must participate, too.
The winner will receive a digital camera.
Is it? If I get first place, I will give it to you.
You have something you want to ask me, right? I'm free at 6pm.
How about you? Me too.
Do you want to come to my place ? I will cook something tasty for you.
Just based on these notes I'm not confident that the horse race will even be possible.
Why? No.
Miss Lee Da Ji, certainly, Director will think highly of your ideas.
But President and the shareholders Don't you have anything better to do, Secretary Lee? Leave quickly please.
Are there any problems with the horse race? Nothing is wrong.
I must look over the material now.
You may leave.
No matter what, a cheap poster like this is not acceptable, Dad.
Dong Joo.
that kid! He said we have to first consider the benefit to the local residents.
If he has that much money to spend on them He should just invest it in business.
Leave him alone! I've let him figure it out by himself.
Dad is tired.
Let's talk about company matters later.
Have a drink, Dad! Anyway Eok Soo may feel quite upset meeting that kind of horse owner.
That is right .
That's right Now you even bring my dad to see that person, really ! You two knew that Eok Soo is our family horse's trainer but didn't say anything to me? Dad, it is not like that.
Yeah, right! There's no need to tell me.
Dad, because I did not tell you in advance, I'm sorry.
Even if our children are divorced We and Eok Soo have known each other for how many years? Father.
You still want to be on good terms with him, even after the way he treated you in the past? You ought to cut off contact with that kind of person.
If people's feelings are so easily broken Can I still be here with you ? What? Is this the same thing as that? And what feeling is that? If you think of Jin Young, can you still say those words? If we become in-laws with the Seo Rin Corporation, Our Dong In will be even more powerful.
You'd better keep this in mind.
Ah, President Park.
I'm from Dong In Group.
My name is Han Tae Man .
Ah, yes.
I thought I should come here to meet and greet you .
Your daughter, Jin Young, is doing a wonderful job at our Jeju Resort.
As you already know she has a good relationship with my son.
Also Seeing them working together Really too adorable.
So If you have any free time I would like to invite you to our resort.
So what time ? What ? Oppa, how much do you know about Da Ji shi? What? Do you already know everything? Hmm I already know All of you are really amazing.
Really How was it? Now that you understand Dong Joo's and Da Ji's relationship Do you remember the words I said to you before ? If you change your point of view Then nothing will be difficult to understand.
We accidentally met Then just think from my point of view.
I finally feel better Once you become husband and wife Is that so great? Even after the breakup, they still look after each other.
Oppa, are you the same? That is why I continue to associate with Mil Hye.
Even after separating we are still linked together.
Those 5 years were also like that.
You and she are still not divorced yet, right? Mil Hye Her mother passed away.
Therefore You already know she has no other family.
I just came back from being the host for the funeral.
Oppa, your concern for her is one kind of sickness too.
I think you could stop it now.
I think my doing what I'm supposed to do is good enough.
It's not like I haven't made any mistakes.
I don't know what this is.
A very successful career woman, who once had a zest for life seeing how ruined she's become it seems to be my fault.
What is it? Where are you right now? Outside.
Where exactly in the parking lot? Why are you yelling? Why are you asking about my whereabouts? I'm not going to tell you.
I don't know.
Let's talk.
I'm busy now.
I have an appointment.
You're going to meet that Seo Yoon Hoo guy, right?! If you have something to say, say it at home.
Yah! Don't see that guy.
You're referring to whom? Also, you can meet Jin Young, but you won't allow me to meet him? Who do you think you are? Yah, do you know where that guy was for one week? This foolish girl When did you arrive? This is the money you gave me.
I don't need it.
I was planning after mom's surgery is successful I will look for places with fresh air, and buy a house.
Thank you for the money and for the funeral.
If you need anything during this time, just ask You can stop now.
You've done everything that is possible.
Things in the future .
You don't need to bother with them anymore.
We The end is not so bad right? Stay well.
You told me not to meet with him.
Mil Hye.
Let's talk inside.
Are you just here to give me money? You didn't have to give it to me in person.
Where are you going? Doing what? If I just leave like this, you'll go drinking again.
Then you'll have to take medicine.
It will be like the last time.
So … Are you going to stay and look after me? Then I'll… see you in a relationship with another woman? I don't have such a strong heart.
Mil Hye -ah.
Don't say my name like that.
Also, don't look at me like that.
Don't make me look forward to anything.
I don't have a place there beside you.
Don't worry.
I won't start drinking heavily again.
You're already making me worry you're always like this.
That's why I can't just leave you like this.
I won't let you leave.
Even if you expect it to be different.
I'm still like that.
What else is there for you to see? I have things that I want to say to Ahjussi.
And I have things that I want to ask him about.
Why can't you be reached? Where did you go? That woman … her mother died.
He didn't contact you because he was afraid you'd be hurt.
I must ask him in person.
Are you a fool? Do you not have a brain? How long will it take you to come to your senses? He and that woman are not finished.
You don't even know this? It does not matter.
It's alright.
Do you know? If a man's little finger and a female's ring finger are of the same size then it is said that they are destined.
I always thought I was first.
Yesterday That person is going through a difficult situation right now.
It seems like I have to stay beside her.
For how long? You still love her, don't you ? I don't know.
I thought it already had ended.
But I always worry about her.
I want to look after her.
If I continue to be with you, and have these feelings at the same time Then both of us will have a very hard time.
I know that, by saying this to you I'm so selfish.
When I was with you, I felt excited and really happy.
Why are you saying this like it's in the past? Your feelings of wanting to look after her I can understand.
And I will wait for you.
I will wait for you! Do not wait for me! Did you sleep well? I'll give you a glass of warm milk.
I'm going abroad tomorrow.
First of all, regarding Amanda's apartment Don't go.
I have been neglecting you.
I knew that there was a misunderstanding between us.
But I actually blamed it all on you.
I did not do anything.
We've come to this point And it's also my responsibility.
I've been looking forward to see if we can turn back the clock.
Let's strive hard.
Let's try again.
If it still doesn't work out Only then, let's talk about it.
Why are you acting like a fool? When I said I wanted to leave You should have let me go .
Why are you holding onto me? What do you want? Amanda's apartment, we will deal with it together.
The corporation also has things I must deal with.
I know I can't hold onto you anymore.
You know that I'm very thick-skinned.
But I'm really afraid of being all alone.
I am sorry.
I am really sorry.
Ya! You didn't answer the phone until now! What did you do? Can you not hear me? Why are you not answering the phone?! Backwards your vest.
You put it on backwards.
Yes, that's right? Unni! Unni! Unni, you didn't have breakfast! For several days already You don't eat, don't drink.
You want to starve to death? I just don't have an appetite.
I'll give you money to buy milk .
After school, come home early.
Don't be late! Unnie .
you better take care of yourself.
Let him withdraw.
The construction of the golf course is very important.
Why should I wait until Representative Seo agrees? Only then it's good? The construction of the golf course doesn't take place until the end of next year.
What I'm trying to say is that, even without FRIENDS our resort will still be finished to a high standard.
Even if I'm not here for a week Will our resort have any problems? The contract has been already signed.
We don't have any reason to ask them to withdraw.
Furthermore, Representative Seo said a lot of good things about us when he was at the headquarters in America.
Just let the Americans do it then.
Also, Lee Da Ji said that she didn't want to participate in the horserace competition.
Why? Because of what? I don't know.
There must have been a problem.
Director, I have a few things I must say to you today.
I will listen later.
Aish! I should just Leftovers from the afternoon buffet I packed it for you.
eat it! Thanks, I will eat.
You should eat now, because it's sushi.
It will be spoiled later.
Tell me if you want more to eat.
I will buy more tonight.
No need.
I don't really like sushi.
Sashimi should be sashimi.
Rice should be rice.
When mixed together, it tastes just plain.
If the taste is so plain, why are you intensely shoving it into your mouth? Aren't you afraid that it will spoil? Let me eat them.
That buffet's sashimi is very delicious.
Next time, if you go there, bring me the leftovers again.
Making demands now? I'm just saying, if there happens to be any leftovers, then just bring some back.
You don't want to take part in the horserace? That Because I have too many jobs to do.
I'm very tired, and I can't concentrate right now.
That's why you need to cheer up.
Just continue to take part in the horserace.
I will tell Secretary Lee.
I don't want to.
Why don't you want to? What's the reason? I wanted to endure it Dong Joo.
There isn't that much of a change from last week.
I do it slowly on purpose.
I want to go back to Seoul with you.
I must wait until all the letters of consent are collected.
I don't know when that will be.
Before you collect all the letters of consent Must you live in Da Ji's house? Why are you so surprised? Don't get so worked up.
I'm only asking.
It seems to be like this during this short time.
Are you worried? Truth be told A little.
That So this is Dong Joo's flustered and speechless expression.
I will use it as a reference from now on.
Why do you play with people like this? Is it very interesting? Da Ji and Yoon Hoo oppa broke up.
There's her ex-husband beside her No matter which way you look at it, you still care for her.
It would be even more senseless if I keep acting so serious.
What are you planning to do? No matter how I save, he still eats up 4,500,000 won a month.
Tell me, what am I supposed to do with this thing that only knows how to eat and poop.
Don't say anymore.
Didn't Da Ji say that he will compete in the horserace? I have already watched the video of the horse therapist treating a horse.
Its symptoms were very similar to Paulist's.
I will cure him.
He definitely will run.
Da Ji has spent a lot of effort on him.
Just wait a little longer.
Paulist can run.
Until when? Until when should I wait? I'm also counting on you on to take him to Japan to receive treatment.
I really don't want to say these things to you.
No matter how heartbroken you are you need to clearly separate your professional and personal life.
The horserace is not far away.
How many times does he train in a week? Come on.
I'll treat you to a beer.
Drink some beer.
Come on.
Let me go.
Let me go.
You seem pretty honest.
That's why I hired you.
You can't be like this.
Let's go.
Really Have you advertised it all to the villagers? Saying you were dumped by that man Unnie, if you continue to be like this I don't know what kind of trouble I'll get myself into.
The more I think about it, the angrier I get.
Don't say anymore.
Da Ji didn't do it on purpose.
I'm not talking about Da Ji.
I was talking about the guy from the resort.
Your wife is still right here, yet you're in a relationship with another woman.
You have to come and mess with this child's heart.
She's pitiful enough already.
So stop staring at Da Ji.
This child is always knocked down, time after time.
How uncomfortable must her heart feel? Since it's like this already, can't she get back with her ex-husband? He seems to really look after Da Ji.
Dong Joo already has a girlfriend.
What? Then she is bound to loose both of them.
Then where does my money for the horse go? They both said they'll buy my horse.
Jong Dae's mother.
Tell me.
What am I supposed to do? Take what money? It was your fault to begin with.
Hurry, get going! Why are you so loud all of a sudden? You scared the life out of me.
I nearly wet my pants.
Ah, forget it.
Forget it.
Drink a glass.
Seeing that you're more dead than alive.
Do whatever you want.
What happened? Get up.
Go to the hospital.
There's no need.
I will take some medicine.
You have to drink some water first before taking the medicine.
I will take care of it myself.
I'm only like this because I'm too tired from working.
I'll be better in no time.
Must you be like this? You only saw him a few times.
Must you make yourself into a mess like this? Must you be that upset in front of me? The things about him that infatuate me are not just on the surface.
Although our time together was very short it was still very moving.
Carrying around these feelings.
Seeing him.
What am I saying right now? I am sorry.
To let you see me like this It probably will take a bit of time to forget that I once liked him so much.
Are you and Da Ji completely finished? Can't you reconsider it? I have a few questions about company matters, so I'm preparing to hold a meeting.
Director Han you should participate, too.
Giving up on someone you like because of a sense of obligation This is what an idiot does.
I didn't want to say this.
Da Ji likes you very much.
Representative Seo! You're also serious about Da Ji, right? So Han Dong Joo, are you also like this because of your sense of obligation? Saying these things to me Can you say that it was because of your sense of obligation? I am not.
I'm just weighing two people on a scale in my heart, and choosing the heavier side.
Looks like I made a big mistake.
Your saying these things when your wife is still by your side Isn't this a little too much? There are a lot of places to stay on Jeju Island.
So it doesn't have to be like this.
That scale in your heart don't ever let it lean towards Da Ji's side.
If she gets upset again because of you If that happens I definitely won't let you get away with it.
Don't do your part-time job at the stables anymore.
I'm very busy.
Once the feed arrives, it still needs to be prepared.
You're going to continue working here? Even after seeing what happened moments ago? I need to earn money.
I can't choose my job based on my emotions.
I don't have that option.
You need money? Money? Ok.
I'll give you some.
So Thanks for noticing how pitiful I am, and offering to take care of me.
But, stop it.
I've received so much money from you.
I knew that.
Can you only say it like that? Now, just leave me alone.
Who are you to care for my business? Why are you looking for Ajusshi? When did I? When did I ask you to look for Ahjushi? Who are you? Who do you think you are? You are right What am I? What am I doing now? Please convey my gratitude to Ahjussi.
Should you consider not going back to work at the racetrack? You are someone who raises a horse like your own child You keep coming back to racetracks to compete for the prize money, is that right? Even if I don't want I still have to do it How can I live doing only the things I want to do Please think it over again.
Oppa, such a talented trainer like yourself if only our resort could welcome you.
I'd be relieved.
Bok Shim.
I can't accept your family's money.
Although with you and Sung Sang Ahjussi, we were once in-laws.
But I do not like Da Ji taking Dong Joo's money.
After Da Ji and Dong Joo separated Although it was very hard But I don't want her to become dependent on other people.
Lee, long time no see.
You're drinking? I had a sip.
Are you tired? This fellow only knows how to play every day.
I have to work now.
I don't know what I should or should not do.
That's why I feel so tired.
I would like to do it within a certain time limit.
But I always cross the line Just like a fool.
I'm teased about it every day.
I feel angry, Mother.
Very tired.
But I don't know What should I do? I really don't know anything.
I made breakfast.
Eat before you leave.
I also made your favorite chicken soup.
There is no need.
Yesterday I overreacted yesterday.
What you said is right.
What am I? I am sorry.
Do you work here? There are tons of job opportunities here as long as I find them.
I will live here until I can rent a house.
Is that so? So Do you want me to give up this job? That is not what I meant.
What is it? What do you want to say to me that you had to come to find me? Yes, you're right.
I think I did something special I don't understand.
Listen, what happened now and last time are different.
You treated me politely and even kindly telling me how to live.
But I'm not grateful to you, not even a little.
We're not in a relationship where we can talk closely to each other.
So, if you ever see me again just pretend you don't notice me.
I'm counting on you.
Still so attractive.
My hair looks like a fool's hair.
Dong Joo was right.
If I don't hide, then I'll have to give up.
Don't look back! Don't look back! DON'T! That's why I said don't look back.
Yes, teacher, how are you? Da Eun did not attend school.
Is she at home? Da Eun has gone to school.
You're talking about dating the whole day? But now? I only can go up until 5 o'clock, right? I really want to But if it's like this, the staff won't let me off.
If I'm not here, then they can't do the work.
What kind of call is it? You have not been answering your calls.
It's a type of phone call you don't have to answer.
I will call you tomorrow.
This is our first date after our kiss.
You will call me tomorrow, is that all you can say? Yes? Can't you do things as you go along? Do I owe you any rent? Why do you keep calling? Dong Joo.
So In ah, have you seen Da Eun? No, I haven't.
Let's look for her together.
I'm sorry.
Why do I feel like a fool? Getting put down every day.
I feel so angry, Mom.
What should I do? Really, I have no idea.
Do you need anything? No, I don't.
Let's sit down.
You're not looking too good these days.
Are you worried about something? It's not good for the body.
Don't be so worried.
Father Don't leave Dong Joo on Jeju Island.
Please, allow him to come to Seoul.
Mmm why? Dong Joo and Da Ji are together.
Who are together? That ranch is Da Ji's ranch.
Dong Joo is living now at Da Ji's house.
Lee Da Eun, try to come back! Next Episode Preview I'll wait for you for another month.
I won't be able to bear it anymore if it's any longer.
We can't meet so casually.
You're only thinking of Ahjussi all day.
What if it's impossible for him to come back.
Can't you understand? Why did you go with him? It's because of Da Ji that you are like this.
Do you think you have crossed the line? I've warned you before.
If you try to play with her feelings, and make her cry again, then I really won't let you get away with it.