Paradise Ranch (2011) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

I'm waiting for you to return.
Can't you come to your senses? How long are you going to let people worry about you? How can you be like this, so shameless? Do you really need to show that you're heartbroken? Let's not talk about me.
Did it ever occur to you that your younger sister is worried about you, that's why she couldn't eat or sleep well at night? Mmm Dad? Da Eun said she wants to stay with me for a while.
Did something happen? What is it this time? Is Da Eun at your place? My daughter even flew over here just to see her dad.
Dad will buy something delicious for you.
Am I a child? Just buying me food, is that enough? Where did you put your luggage? I heard that you brought luggage with you.
Your sister because you disappeared she didn't know what to do, crying while shouting at the same time.
How important are you to your unni.
Why didn't you spare a thought for her? Dad, you don't know anything.
What don't I know? Aren't you here because your sister lectured you and you are throwing a tantrum? No.
For this family, she gave up her studies, and runs around everywhere.
How can you be this inconsiderate to your sister? If you want to catch the plane, then go now.
Call your sister first.
Hurry! Dad.
How can we make unni happy? She is working very hard.
I can't help her.
I can't do much.
What happened? Nothing.
It's just that I'm sad.
Just because your sister said a few words to you, you ran away from home? Don't do things that frighten her.
That will make your unnie happy.
Your unnie is very angry.
Buy some food for her when you leave.
Let's go.
Can you ask unnie not to scold me? Oh! My little daughter.
When will you be sensible? Da Eun! Do you know how hard I've been looking for you? My heart almost shattered.
Why are you being like this? Please stop being a busybody.
Do you really hate me that much? I hate you! I really hate you! I hate you very very much.
Daddy bought these for you.
Who said I want to eat these? You didn't go to school but packed your bag and disappeared.
What were you thinking? You! After doing this, you still dare to stare at your sister? Do you really want me to teach you a lesson? I did it because I don't want to see you Not eating, not sleeping.
Lately, Unnie has just been feeling extremely tired.
Just for a while.
How can it be just for a while?! Is this not the same as when you broke up with brother-in-law? For two months, you just lay there like a corpse.
Aside from not eating or sleeping, you also kept crying, As if you were not part of this family anymore.
After the accident, unni started to have more spirit.
So, you didn't go to school, and could not be contacted, all that was to scare me? You can't take care of me for a while? Unnie is very tired.
Heartbroken, too.
Unnie needs some time.
In order to forget the pain, do you really need to give me more pain to replace them? Is it not the same as when you broke up with brother-in-law? For two months you lay there like a corpse.
Not only did you not eat or sleep but you just kept on crying.
Can't you take care of me for awhile? Unnie is very tired.
Heartbroken too.
Unnie needs some time to recover.
Have you been well? What are you doing here at this hour? It's late.
I'll send you home.
Let's go.
Ajusshi! Our relationship, is it really over? Is there no way that you will return to my side? For the entire day, I couldn't stop thinking about Ahjussi.
I can't stop no matter how I try.
I am sorry.
That I said these words to you.
Unnie will cry just for today.
I am sorry.
Are you here to help your sister? Just, I got up early.
Go get ready for school then.
In the meantime, before your unnie gets better, I will do all of these.
What are you guys doing up so early? You wanted to help me.
but I've already fed them.
Let's eat! Today we're going to have Korean beef.
Korean Beef! Korean BeefKorean Beef! So early in the morning, and we are already eating bulgogi.
Bulgogi - marinated barbecued beef.
In order to work hard for the whole day, you have to eat well in the morning.
You eat too.
No, thanks.
You should eat a lot.
Looks like you're going to start making breakfast again? Humans have to eat in order to live.
Recently, I've been neglecting myself.
All this time, I made the two of you very uncomfortable.
In order to express my sincere apology Here.
Quick Eat it on account of my sincerity! Eat well.
What is the closing date for submitting photos for the horse race competition? We must take PAULIST's photo.
The people involved will take care of that.
Why are you asking for the closing date? I am not dismissed yet? Really? Hey! Did you put chili in it?! It's so spicy! Really? Mine's okay.
Here, water .
Is it really that spicy? What are you doing? Dong Joo's father.
Ah! I heard that the ranch you bought belongs to Da Ji.
Dong Joo is staying at Da Ji's house right now.
Have some breakfast first.
Daughter-in law, what do you think would be the best? If he really doesn't have any feelings for Da Ji, staying at her house Nothing will happen, right? Dong Joo has spent many years forgetting Da Ji.
He obviously has someone he likes now.
I don't like it that they're around each other again, Father.
You went for a walk? It's still early, and you're up already, and last night you came home late.
Your teacher waited for you until really late, because he wanted to have a drink with you.
Something came up.
This time is also teacher's art exhibition.
You're the one who gave me the ticket right? You're too kind.
It makes me nervous.
Thank you! I'm going to wash up.
Until now, he is still drinking the lemon tea.
How do you do? Let me help you.
No, it's okay.
This is my job.
It's not even bit heavy.
It would be even weirder if we get along too well.
See you again.
This position seems a bit off.
If the main light is too near the middle then the background will not be lit.
Is that so? Ahjussi, please change the light position again.
Then, from there, move a little bit and it should be fine.
This effect, which is right over there that you .
Everyone can still compete? Ahjussi, you're also participating? Whoever gets first place receives a digital camera.
The reactions to the jocky's celebration are not bad.
Yes, it's worth the wait.
Director Han! Director Han! Something big happened! An accident happened in the VIP suite for the horse race competition.
The part-time worker for that competition, Lee Da Ji, while trying to save another staffer was hit by a huge ladder.
I'll go.
Representative Seo needs to direct the meeting.
Director Han, let us go together.
Dong Joo.
There is someone injured from the resort.
Lee Da JiShe's Lee Da Ji.
On the other side Ah you're eating really well.
You should buy Soondaeguk next time tasty soup to eat.
soondaeguk= blood sausage soup Ok, I know.
I will buy it later.
Oh! It's you.
Do you have a wish to die? Just who do you think you are to try and save other people? If I had not done that, then that woman may have been seriously injured.
You're the one who got injured.
Have the things you brought been approved by the doctor? No, Unnie said she wanted to eat them.
It doesn't matter.
I don't even need surgery.
My injury is not that serious.
You say that it's not serious, but you still need to use the neck brace? You are here.
That must be painful.
are you alright? Yes.
I'm taking painkillers right now.
After your surgery, it would be better, to rest for several days.
There is no need to.
I don't have the time to rest.
I'm very well.
We won't know until later whether you're well or not! You should do as suggested then Only then I'll feel at ease.
It's ok.
Does he really need to send her to the parking lot? Seriously, you're good at acting frail and weak.
Brother-in-law is much more pitiful.
Unnie, you should eat less.
Don't you have the slightest desire to perform well in front of brother-in-law? Who is your brother-in-law? What should I call him? Calling him brother-in-law or calling him oppa sound really strange.
Then should I call him Mr.
Dong Joo? Even that is better, as long as it's not brother-in-law.
speaking of brother-in-law.
Don't you think he is being too attentive? This morning he was like that.
Also just now, despite being in front of his girlfriend, he was really worried about unnie.
That situation was really suspicious.
He is only like that because I've been injured.
He is obviously wavering.
A time like this is the perfect time to steal him back.
Aish you! It's very painful please don't talk to me anymore.
Her left arm has a plaster bandage on it.
But, there is no serious injury.
Still, she needs to be hospitalized for about a week.
Hurry, get up! Are you intend not to go to work today? Water.
How much liquor did you actually drink? You also don't think about your own age.
Ah very hot.
Hey, I only drink when I want to drink.
Even if I don't want to drink, I still must drink when doing business.
Why did I sleep in here? Why are you asking me? You were drunk, and you sneaked into the room.
Sneaked into? This woman's words We slept together then? How is it, that at your age you can be so shameless? You obviously like it.
Did we really just sleep? What was I saying? Toothpaste toilet paper Anything else? Chocolate on top of the refrigerator.
Bring it to me.
You can buy those things.
You're only staying for one week, yet you're planning to bring all those things? Why spend money when I have all these at home? This is my first time in the hospital.
I never thought in my whole life that I would wear such clothes.
I feel this is going to be a interesting experience.
You're really enjoying it Haizz.
You should go inside it's windy.
Are you worried about me that much? You looked particularly frightened a moment ago.
Since that accident occured at the resort, Of course I am really frightened.
I am the person in charge of the resort.
You don't know? I don't get any compensation? This also can considered a workplace accident.
Director! Why aren't you responding? What do you want to eat? Tell me .
I'll going to buy it for you.
A lot.
Chickenpig's feetchicken soup.
Also, ice cream and strawberries.
That's right I want to eat strawberries.
There is also I want Jajangmyun and Champong.
Champong = Korean seafood noodles Jajangmyun = Noodle with black bean sauce Ah! Pizza is also good.
You Listen to me.
You think that by covering your ears you won't hear me talking? Pizza soondae You must buy those.
soondae = Korean sausage and rice Wow.
I really want to eat it.
And ice cream, too.
You didn't tell Dong Joo that I came, did you? From the barley used to brew beer, to looking after the injured Da Ji Everything happened because it was related to Miss Lee Da Ji.
Helping the female divers Also, changing the opening party location, that too, right? That's right.
Truth be told, I'm thankful to her, helping with the letters of consent.
But to be honest, because of Miss Lee Da Ji, the director got scolded by the President many times.
Until the final walls are completed It will be better in a few days.
Unni, are you feeling alright? I don't have any wounds.
Da Ji-shi was discharged yesterday.
Is that so? You quarrelled with Dong Joo again? You haven't seen him for the past few days, right? Did we quarrel? He hasn't called in several days.
It seems to be like an argument.
You should call him first.
I can guess what he's been busy doing.
I'm scared that it will become even more awkward, so I don't want to call him first.
Don't do it that way! Make sure you brush well.
Are you not going to take that off? I want to take part in the horse race this time.
Help me to look after it carefully.
OK? Who are you asking for help from now? Anyway, you are being judged.
I told you to stop mentioning it.
Just make sure you brush well, so that it looks glossy.
Aren't I doing that right now? Why are you calling me again? I just got off work.
Why don't you answer the President's phone calls? President is very angry right now.
You just told him that we are attending a very important meeting, which is why we won't be able to meet.
If you have an urgent matter, then you can go first.
I can do it.
What urgent matter are you letting me handle? Earlier, you said that you didn't want to go near the horse.
Now you're feeding the horse, and giving it a bath.
Is is feel good? Wait until you take off your bandage see if I'll still help you to do these things.
Looks like being sick is not a completely bad thing.
And I can order Han Dong Joo around.
The bandage can be removed next week.
Should I wear it for a bit longer? When did you last wash your hair? Mmm.
it's been 3 days.
Do it more gently! Do not move.
So noisy, noisy, noisy, so dirty! I have used many shampoos like this.
You! Wash it well! Hmm.
Your hair is not horse fur.
Why is it too difficult to handle? Ah.
Feel so good.
Is it done? Done! Feels like something went into my eyes.
You should close your eyes.
If I close my eyes, the soap will still go in.
What are you doing? Help me wipe my face.
What are you doing? You! Wipe it yourself.
How could you just leave like this? You two seem like you're getting along well.
How could you two just ignore each other? Ahjumma.
I knew you two would ignite your old flame.
It's not what you think.
Why did you come out of my room? And what is that? The top I bought you last time.
I'm planning on returning it for a refund.
Didn't you say you don't like black? How can you return it when you bought it so long ago? It doesn't matter.
It wasn't worn.
You hung onto it, yet you never wore it once.
Just leave it.
ThisI've already worn it.
Worn it? When? I wore it on the first day you gave it to me.
Satisfied? Da Eun looks like she is going to be late.
Why does my ahjussi have to be the secretary for that bad Yoon Ho ahjussi? Mother! What time are you thinking of staying 'till, today? Didn't you say you were in high school? Don't be like this from now on, student.
I'm not called student.
I'm called Lee Da Eun.
Lee Da Eun! I'm just looking for a while.
Is this not even allowed? I really, really like you, Ahjussi.
I'm scared unnie's heart will get broken.
So I'm just looking for a while.
Is that not allowed? Peeping is not a crime.
Even if you say I can't, I'll still do it.
Making food you? Judging from your voice, you're looking down on me.
You just wait and see.
I will make a whole table of food you like.
I'll look forward to it.
See you later.
Mmm It really suits you.
Why did you come out ? You! Don't come out before your arm is better.
If I can't serve then wiping things down must be okay.
Just think of Dong Joo.
Because he is worried about you that's why he can't leave your side.
What's wrong, Ahjumma? I don't want to listen to these kinds of things.
I'll help until Da Ji can start working again.
Ferment the beer with me later.
Normally you won't let others come in when the beer is fermenting .
What's the matter with you today? Why has the beer been going so quickly recently? It doesn't taste bad.
It's already past 10:00 pm.
Supermodel Mil Hye, start eating her dinner.
Now, we have to call her designer Mil Hye.
You don't have to force yourself to eat , just stay here with me.
Didn't you say you don't like eating alone? You're trying so hard now just to get on my good side.
I certainly should work with you then Do you want to go travel? I'll be alone? You're not comfortable when I'm around ? I'm afraid you'll get bored.
When did we sleep together? I'm sorry.
It was unfair of me not to say what I should have.
I must said things which I shouldn't have.
Give me more time.
I know you're very diligent.
Yet, you're acting like it doesn't matter, that you didn't know.
I think holding onto you like this I'm shameless, and very cruel.
That child is not easy to find.
I'm not forcing myself to start again with you.
When I decided to stay by your side It doesn't mean my feelings for her suddenly disappeared.
I am very sorry.
Give me more time please! Because I can't fall asleep I want to drink a glass.
Is it that difficult? If you don't have some liquor, you won't be able to sleep? You're only allowed to drink this one.
It is getting better day-by-day.
Whether it is love or saying goodbye It seems that no matter how hard I try, I will never be immune.
It always hurts.
And, I never knew Even if you don't have the same feelings for him In front of a man whom you've been married to you can still talk about love and abandonment? Shameless.
No embarrassment or consideration.
How do you become like this? Yes, right.
How am I so casual? Is it because you make people feel comfortable around you? Thank you so much for coming here and helping me.
It is not because of your endless nagging and lecturing but having you by my side, my mood is up and I'm back on the right track.
Are you praising or criticizing me? Yeah.
However do you think we are very funny? After we got married, we didn't have a thing in common between us.
Every day, arguing for the sake of argument.
Yes, right.
Also, thanks to you, I had to deal with a lot of things.
Being praised by other people, their telling me that I can do things really well.
That is also really very lucky.
Our reunion hasn't been bad.
Why did we quarrel so much before? If we were being modest around each other and looking after each other I must be drunk and talking about meaningless things again.
If that were the case We would not separate.
Ahjussi is here Find a place to hide.
Who's in there? Looks like it's a rat.
The lights are supposed to be off.
Did I forget to turn off the light? Da Eun must be panicking.
Let's go.
Yes, you go back first.
Let me reorganize here first.
Why is my heart beating so quickly? Really.
I have a plaster bandage.
That is really fortunate.
Lee Da Ji, aren't you going in? What are you doing here? Go inside.
That Have you not heard me? Go inside.
This level of a joke is enough already.
Do you think she's easy to bully? I've warned you before.
Don't have any ideas about her ever again.
If you're going to keep on being like this Then don't you blame me for being rude.
Jin Young ah.
Oppa, I haven't seen you in a long time.
Yes, right.
Want to go have a cup of tea? Is it alright for you? Yes, fine.
You haven't called in several days.
Are you very busy? This habit of yours is not very good.
We did not argue about anything.
Shouldn't you have said something? I'm very angry.
Seeing her being played by him like that Even though I know what you're saying, I still don't feel good.
Are you that worried about Da Ji-shi? Are you her guardian? Jin Young ah.
Even if it is because of regret or because of pity, you have to look after her? I don't like it, Dong Joo ah.
I am not that kind of a woman, with a big heart.
Can't you move out of there? Are you sure you're only living there because there are no other options? Earlier, it was a very awkward situation.
No matter what, under the kind of circumstances just now, you should've run.
Your arm is it uncomfortable? It's very comfortable.
Da Eun tidies up the room while I do laundry.
Because I am injured, Dong Joo is helping me feed the horses.
The family members look after me very well.
It makes me feel like a princess.
Has the hospital not told you that you shouldn't drink? You can smell the alcohol? Ah, I did not drink much though.
You look good.
I feel a bit relieved.
So am I.
I saw you smile.
I like it a lot.
From now on Let's smile like this when we're together.
The last time I saw you smile was before Ahjusshi went to the US right? For the happy times we were together in the past I really hope we could talk with each other comfortably.
Just like a friend.
You still haven't come to your senses? Why are you following him? Am I the kind of person who can easily be bullied? Easily let others play tricks on me? I did not really mean what I said a moment ago.
If I went with him, wasn't it better for you as well? What are you talking about? I just wanted to let you and Jin Young talk together.
So then she wouldn't misunderstand anything.
Does this make any sense? Then what am I supposed to do? I don't want to make you look like a bad boyfriend in front of Jin Young.
It seems like you didn't know what to do at that time But Jin Young was obviously very angry.
So what do you want me to do then? Therefore I just followed Ahjushi.
I feared that if I stayed there it would've been more awkward.
I don't know what I am doing I can't understand anything right now.
Hey! Where are you going? Where do you plan on living from now on? You can't sleep in your car every day.
That I haven't moved out yet.
I must wait to receive all the letters of consent.
This can preserve Da Ji's ranch.
She only has this ranch left.
She and her family spent several years making that ranch as it is now.
It is because of our resort She might lose her ranch.
I want to help her resolve this matter.
I'll wait for you for one more month.
After that well I really don't like it.
What are you doing, right now? You came, Director.
I am the young person who leaves home, wearing unwashed underwear and this western-style clothing.
Therefore, I waited here to give this to you.
Did I ask you to bring it here? You left home quickly without changing.
If you dare to go out again all night one more time I'll drive you out.
Where are you going? We must hold a meeting about the upcoming horse race.
I am holding a meeting.
It seems good.
Thanks, Ahjussi.
Friends help each other.
Didn't you say we would be friends? Normally, I don't make friends with women.
You became my one and only female friend.
You must participate in the competition.
Remember when I said that if I got first place, I'd give the prize to you.
Then, it looks like you have to win.
You've worked hard.
I know Although it is awkward between us But, in the company, you should not mix personal feelings with work matters.
It looks like what you say and do are different.
It's been two weeks since I came back from headquarters there are many issues that I would like to discuss with you, Director Han.
But you did not attend the meeting that I held.
Do you have time today? Just like this, speaking with you in person is uncomfortable for me.
Han Dong Joo, how long do I have to endure you being unreasonable? Oh.
You mean business partner.
Correct, we are.
I'm sorry.
But what to do Having to be nice to the person who is messing up my private life I don't have that type of a good point.
Is it because of Da Ji You are treating me like this? I heard that you are dating someone else.
What does it have to do with you taking care of Ji Mil Hye? How about it? Looking at this photo of your hometown, don't you feel like running? This photo was taken when your famous grandfather won a prize.
How about it? You want to run like your grandfather, right? Hey! I've already called you over 10 times.
You didn't even attend the conference.
I don't want to speak to you.
What are you doing, right now? I'm asking you, what are you doing? Before Jin Young starts misunderstand I think that it isn't necessary to live here anymore.
Did Jin Young say anything? We must get the letters of consent in one month.
Maybe if I hadn't gotten the pasture, I would not have had to live here.
Once you get all of the letters, give them to Secretary Lee.
Do you really have to move out? Living with me like this, isn't it really funny? Jin Young doesn't like the fact we live in the same house.
What does you and Seo Yoon Hoo meeting have to do with me? Who am I to stop the two of you from meeting? Isn't it right? That Ahjussi and I have become friends.
And also From now on, I don't want to have anything to do with you.
We must never meet again.
Maybe Even if we didn't break up We wouldn't have lasted for much longer.
You and I are not good together.
Yes! Are you still meeting with that guy? Yes! Even if I don't allow it? Yes! I know.
I'm hanging up.
Yes! Are you Han Dong Joo? Yes.
I'm Jin Young's father.
Have a chat with me.
-Next Episode Preview - I don't know when he will be back.
That's good.
When you aren't here to do the washing and cleaning, it's so much more convenient.
I am also very happy.
Really good! Very good.
Thank you! You didn't let me wait for a month.
Why laugh? Why are you laughing? You're insane.
Do you want to eat too? That's right.
Run, that's the way.
You, come here.
I dare you to come.
Don't run.
You think you can catch me? If I catch you, you're going to get it.
Let me return to the company.
He said he has been transferred, he can't be by my side anymore.
You should make a call.
Freeze! Ajusshi! Don't chat with me like this.
I must go to Jeju island.
Let go of me! You aren't letting go? What are you doing Ahjushi? I'm here to get the money.
You said you'd give me money for the horse.