Paradise Ranch (2011) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

- = Episode 13 =- I really don't know what to say on our very first meeting.
I heard you're divorced Yes.
In this world, there is only one person who has the nerve to behave rudely in front of me.
And that's my daughter.
That Chairman Jin Young has been working very hard I have raised her for many years.
I should understand her better than you, right? Such a precious daughter to actually meet you.
I'm just wasting my time, which is as precious as gold.
Let her go.
I am actually acquainted with your grandfather.
Only because of him, I have agreed to meet you like this.
From now on If you're still together with my daughter, Jin Young And I hear about it All the people around you will be involved, too.
Until you give up Jin Young.
Have you finished eating? After the chef changed The dessert here hasn't been as good.
After eating oily foods, It's good to drink red tea.
I'm leaving first.
Why are you being arrogant? Sit down.
Even if the last card was given to you, it does not make a difference.
When brother-in-law left, even if it's the one in his pocket… What brother-in-law?! Stop saying these useless things and eat your food! That person only knows how to shout and mumble nonstop everyday After he left, my heart felt so refreshed.
You and I both don't like it when egg soup is thick like this This and that Are you cooking that soup for a ghost then? I like chicken egg soup.
Also I cooked these because I plan to eat them with gruel later.
Think whatever you want.
You get angry then just walk away.
Someone with no where to go and you chase him out of the house.
He has somewhere else to go! I told you.
I'm not the one who chased him away.
Such a rude person.
Rotten egg.
You really can't get along with me.
Although I know that you might decline my request My daughter, leave her alone.
Please don't meet my daughter anymore.
When an adult says you may meet, then you can meet If you're not allowed to meet, then you won't meet? At our age? I'm not sure how well you know us But I'm definitely not the kind of child who listens to an adult's logical reasoning.
I am not an obedient person.
That's why my grandfather sent me to Jeju Island.
Please don't control Jin Young.
It's not as if I am stealing her.
For the sake of your child's name, whatever it is, you always get involved and interfere.
From good and bad experiences, we learn what's right or wrong.
Didn't Chairman write this book? "Result Is Unknown.
" Are you trying to lecture me now? I've heard that Chairman you are a very fearful person.
I hope it is not actually like that.
Chairman each time you're being like this .
Jin Young will have a hard time.
I'm leaving first.
Yes, Chairman.
People complained that the dessert served here was not good Why didn't you do anything at all? Write your resignation letter.
You are fired ! Frightening .
I almost wet my pants.
I am sorry.
As husband and wife, we have seen each other naked.
Do you really need to say sorry? Let's have breakfast.
I've ordered room service.
You already knew that I'm not interested in cooking.
So I made the decision.
Yes, right.
So You, too.
You don't have to force yourself anymore.
If you don't feel like laughing, then don't force yourself to laugh.
And don't worry about it too much.
Also I can't get used seeing how you dress like this.
Really! From today onwards, I'll pick out your shirt and tie.
I'll chose what you wear.
I will give you time as you asked.
However Don't be too obvious.
If my mood turns bad I don't know what kind of trouble I'm going to cause.
Thank you! The old Ji Mil Hye is finally back.
Why are you being so strict with yourself? If I were you, I would let it pass already.
I'm not like you, Director, who has no strength.
Until this project is finished, I won't answer the phone.
It was my father.
I told him that we are dating.
Knowing my father 's personality You must feel really nervous and uncomfortable.
Will you be all right? You know my father has caused me a lot of pain before Now, I'm proficient at handling it.
It's nothing at all for me now.
You're not working part-time at the beer house today? I already moved out of the ranch.
I will be staying temporarily with Secretary Lee for now.
Why are looking at me like that? Thank you so much! You did not let me wait one month.
Saying he had nowhere to live, and then forcing his way in here.
Yes, right.
Without you here I don't need to do much cleaning, laundry and cooking.
I am feeling really happy.
Wow It's so spacious in here So good! really good! Don't you have beer? Yes! I don't really drink alcohol.
Buy me a few later.
Yes, okay.
I took your bed.
I am really sorry, Secretary Lee.
Once I owe someone a favor, I'll never forget about it.
You know that, right? Only for a night You don't owe me any favor.
So, for the meantime, we will be living together here.
Secretary Lee, if you don't say anything Grandfather and Father will never find out about this matter.
Is that right? Is there anything you want to say? About that Well actually Our President You don't need to worry about the President.
Secretary Lee you just need to shut your mouth.
And we can keep this a secret .
Is that right? Yes, right.
My mouth Is very tight, right? But If you want to collect all the letters of consent You should stay at the ranch.
Why should I do that? Lee Da Ji will do that.
You came? Are you busy? I was so busy trying to finish this work, my head is spinning now.
What time will you finish then? Do you want me to buy the movie tickets first? That Jin Young ah! Secretary Kim said that this and the design document do not match.
What to do? I might not be able to go there today.
Hmm, it's okay.
Continue your work then.
I will clear my schedule for tomorrow.
I'm sorry .
Today, I don't have any appointments.
And Da Ji shouldn't be able to work as a waitress at the moment.
What does it have to do with me, actually? Why? Even if you and I are arguing Don't you know what you still need to do? There are so many visitors today, and it is so busy in here.
You're really not coming? I'm not coming.
Definitely not coming! Even if I die, I'm not coming! So Don't nag me anymore! Understand? Who does she thinks she is? Just ordering me around like that! Han Dong Joo! You really aren't coming? Busy to death here.
Why am I smiling? Because of what reason am I smiling? Am I going crazy?! Now, you just figured it out? Your real condition I kind of miss him.
Unnie, you don't feel the same way? Why would I want to see him? I don't want to see him at all.
Just thinking of him, I hate it already.
Aish You frightened me.
Now it can't come out.
Why are you suddenly shouting like that? Please help your unni wash her hair! How much are you going to pay me? Really! You are really I help you with everything, and you still want money? If you're not willing to then forget it.
Yah! You're really going? Should I send some love message to prank him? Did you eat your meals well? I'm eating my meals very well.
Why? What? I was wrong.
Let's meet and talk okay? 11 o' clock, come to my office.
Why hasn't she come yet? Make it short.
I'm very busy.
Ah, right! I should've called first.
Jin Young Ah.
Go ahead and work.
I have a meeting here with others.
I just wanted to see you for a bit.
Is it inconvenient? No.
I'm not busy at all.
I said.
I'm not busy.
You should stay there for a while.
That's why I let you bring me back to the office.
What will we do later? What do you want to do? First search for good restaurants on the internet.
Then we will go to one each day.
Second! Let's just cuddle at home and watch DVDs all day.
There are so many more things I want to do with you.
I really want to travel.
When can we do all of that? Is he making fun of me? Why call a busy person to come and wait here like this? Yes, Ajusshi.
Where are you going? Do you want take a walk together? When things are not in order, Just leave this one here And just do other things first.
It might help you find great new ideas.
Are you busy? In order to earn a living, I need to survive.
We have to eat first! I'll treat.
Honey, you know how to say such words? Is it strange? Worrying about me skipping lunch, You were not that kind of person before.
Since you've been dating others you've changed completely and become a new person.
Is that a compliment? I am not scolding you.
Did you go out for walks with her, too? Then, I also want to take a walk with you.
Ahjussi, don't be like this, okay? Please talk to me first.
Ahjussi! Ahjussi! Ahjussi! Ahjussi! From the beginning You deceived me into buying a horse that could not run.
I wasted too much money already.
So don't say anything to me anymore.
Yah! Let go of me! Actually, I didn't ask Ahjussi to do anything.
That ahjussi only helps me.
So long as I succeed in training PAULIST Training? You Again! That horse has been training for several months, and he doesn't even move half a step.
Stop dreaming! Stay away! Take your hands off! I won't let that happen.
Please listen to me.
Why can't you stop That guy finally came out.
Are you looking for me? Yes, that's right.
I came because you said last time that you'd give me money for the horse.
Let's go to the office and talk about this.
Ahjussi, it's unnecessary.
You don't need to do that.
Please don't do anything.
Although it is a little slow Paulist's condition is improving day-by-day.
And you didn't have to pay for any of his feed.
Just give me a little more time.
Can you not do that? Why should I give you 20,000,000 won? For participating in the competition and getting the award.
The reward is secondary.
Ahjussi, why doesn't your horse run? We should find that out first.
Every day, it's money, money, money.
The horse knows it.
The owner also thinks so.
You must treasure him.
Then he will run better.
You also know it well.
If you don't listen to me now, I won't see you anymore, ahjussi.
For a lifetime.
Who's afraid of who? Sorry for disturbing you two.
Let's go now.
Let go of me! I can walk by myself using my own feet.
Are you making fun of me? She sent the message to me first? Why hasn't she come yet? Paulist! Hmm.
it's tasty.
You also want to eat this too, right? Therefore, come here quickly and eat your meal.
You are very outstanding.
Really! PAULIST is the same as you? Crazy about eating? What are you doing here? Didn't you say you had something you wanted to talk about? Me? When? Early this morning, you sent a short message to me.
You are the one who sent a message this morning! Told me to go to the office.
Aish this crazy girl Didn't you tell me that you have something to say, and we should meet? Look here! I didn't send that message.
Let's say I sent it.
Then, what's wrong with you Letting me wait And going somewhere else? That suddenly Therefore I came here to find you now.
You are carrying on a lovers' quarrel? The more you quarrel, the deeper your feelings get for each other.
Ahjumma! Why are you standing there? Are you not helping to make the beer? Hold on more tightly.
You don't have any drinking buddies? So you're drinking alone to drown your sorrows? You look too lonely.
Even if it is just being your drinking buddy I still want to do it.
I feel very concerned about it, too.
If you can help, help her as much as possible.
Certainly, you will know what to do.
Thank you.
Me too.
I am also thankful.
When you were away, Da Ji had to do your share of the work.
Because of that, she suffered lot of hardships.
Will you never come back here again? If I come, I know you'll bully me.
Why? There is no one else to bully.
I felt bored, so I bullied you.
I've done my share.
Da Ji must hold a lot of grudges.
Oh my arm is sore You do it! Da Ji! Come here and have a look.
Yes, Ahjussi! Stir it well, be more consistent.
I'm doing it.
That message Da Eun probably sent it.
That really wasn't me.
Okay, I know.
You said that you don't have another place to sleep.
Where are you living now? Are you and Jin Young living together? I don't mean it in any special way.
It's because you aren't married And will be living in the same place with your girlfriend.
Hmm It won't look good from someone else's point of view.
Moreover, the higher up the position The more in private Then what about my living with my ex-wife? In private, wasn't that more indecent? What I am saying is I'm on the director's office sofa, Curled up asleep, Almost breaking my back.
In the end, you're the one talking about my private life.
Ha! You're really unbearable! Secretary Lee? You don't need to worry about my private life, you just care about yourself.
Your being friends with a married man, Holding hands together, And meeting late at night It is not what you think.
In a few days, Ahjussi will be leaving.
Doing my job at the racecourse, I will see him.
But when he's there, I go rigid.
Maybe it would be better if I hide and not see him.
Didn't you also tell me? When we can meet? Don't be impatient.
If your arm is sore, I'll do it.
Do you want to put your other arm in a cast? When can you take off the bandage? This weekend Just thinking about it makes me very happy.
Even if you can remove the bandage, don't carry anything heavy.
It won't be good for your arm.
Okay! If you feel uncomfortable resting on the sofa Then you can come back to the ranch.
If I go, what do you plan to nag me about? I won't nag, just come.
Don't suffer outside.
Eat slowly! You will get indigestion.
You need to eat more slowly.
Drink some soup.
After a while You two will be arguing while feeding each other.
It's fine, it's good.
You two look good like this.
Good what good? Also, you sent that message, right? Stop hitting me! You know that I hate it the most when people hit my head.
And you still hit my head every day.
You do things that are worth your getting hit.
So that's why I hit you.
Also arguing with your unnie Is not good.
I want to study hard for the exam.
Until the exam is over I must use Dad's room.
Since no one needs to use that room anyway, It's all right? Mmm okay.
If you're almost done eating, you should go.
It's quite late already.
I wonder if Dad is okay.
He should be okay.
What are you doing? Are you leaving? You should at least finish eating before you go.
Even if it's your younger sister, must you be like this? You really shouldn't let people leave like this.
So late at night.
Say it again? Only people going through the barriers and having this number are allowed to participate.
During the initial examination, we can check So those people who do not have one of these must voluntarily leave.
Aigoo our Da Ji becomes so fierce.
So impressive! You came? Do not give them extra time just because they are good.
What I mean is, be fair.
Yah! What do you take me for? An innocent one? Then, why did you let that Ahjumma through to the next round? Ahjumma! Surely, he's not a pure breed.
It can be checked.
Mother, it is so embarrassing.
I told you that it's not good.
This boy doesn't even think about how much the award is.
No, that's not it, I used a pure breed to sire him.
But he turned into a hybrid.
A hybrid will not do.
So embarrassing! Quickly leave! I heard recently that Dong In Construction is the best in the industry.
Really? Thanks for the praise.
Well compared to you, we're only a small company.
Recently, I've been actively preparing to make some investments.
But the person in charge, will be Director Han Dong Joo.
Ah yes! Actually, it's people who don't listen to what horses want to say Actually, these kids know how to talk, too.
It hurts.
It hurts.
Mmm everything is all right now.
Just now, what did he say? Hmm What? I also know He said that Ahjussi is really handsome.
Representative, Dong In's president, his objectives don't look simple.
I feel he has little contact with overseas investors.
And they are currently expanding the business scope with us.
Even with contact, apart from displaying it, there are other ways of communicating.
Make inquires and see what stage they're in.
Hmm you look very tired.
Hyung, he's grown up a lot, right? The horse that used to stay just quietly in a corner, Is now the strongest horse out on the field.
And he eats the most.
It's all because he met a good trainer.
Yah You should wash often.
Just because my hand cannot reach that part so I have a shower daily.
Where? There, a little bit to that side.
Down a little bit.
Number 11 has 93 records.
Is this Ahjumma's horse? Looking at it, it seems like it will win the gold medal.
That's why I said you won't do.
This horse has been castrated.
Even if it's like that, He still looks good if you look at him.
Impossible! It's neither male nor female.
Same with that Lee Da Ji.
Aren't you busy? Just let me organize this one.
There's no way I will let you do it ! Pick it up! Hello? Dad? Transfer to the main office? About the agreement, can you help me with it ? Of course! Okay then.
I don't know.
She's always mad at Dong Joo recently.
Forget it.
What about Da Ji? Do you want her to be all alone all the time? Alone, she can suffer a lot.
If she really has a person she likes She is dating someone.
Really? You knew.
That's right.
One look, I didn't think I'd like it.
But, thinking carefully, he seems like an honest child.
His own business is so successful.
He won't deceive Da Ji.
That will do.
Although he is an American citizen Even if they decide to live in America, I wouldn't mind.
American citizen Who? The person Da Ji is dating.
Transferring to the main office Does that mean he'll be going back to Seoul? Again! Dong Joo ah How come you're What's happened? I met him in front of the door.
For me? Wake up, okay?! Here! Here! Father, why I am being transferred to the main office? I need to go back to the main office to work.
Although you have to go back to the main office, You must meet with Jin Young.
Do you know who I met today? Jin Young's father.
Who did you meet? He said that he met Jin Young's father.
Come to your senses, please! Honey! I'll make some honey tea.
Father! Grandfather! Father said I'll be transferred to the main office, that's not true, right? It's late.
Go to bed.
Grandfather! Saying he's received the transfer order Saying we'll never see each other again The least he could do is call me! One week without any contact, isn't that too much! As a person, does he not understand basic common courtesy, Why did it all come out? Ahjussi! This look so delicious.
I made this.
It tastes okay.
Try some.
Thank you, I will eat it like a dessert.
How is Paulist? Ahjussi! Tell me the truth.
You said it's because PAULIST's parents won many prizes.
Therefore, he's valued at 60,000,000 won? Do you not believe me right now? No.
It's been three months already.
He still unable to run so One side of me thinks, I bought him because I was in a foreign country and was enticed by a man I had met only once.
The other part of me thinks, you get what you pay for.
Recently I'm like this.
Then give him back to me.
Is PAULIST a thing? Give it back to you!? Thinking about my life, I'll strive to look at it again.
In order to prepare for the horse race, you must be busy.
Yes, because I've been entrusted with an important task.
Director Han Looks like he's been transferred to the main office.
Have all the ranch matters been settled? So, it is true.
I didn't know if he had received the transfer order.
So the ranch After receiving all the letters of consent, Dong Joo will still handle the matter.
Although he's not usually very reliable, He is not the kind of person who says empty words.
Where did this suddenly come from? There stands 10 individuals thinking that I cannot get out.
You took all the cash and gold away from me? Really Boy Go to work at the main office.
If you leave, I will freeze all your credit cards.
I must go back to Jeju now.
The horse race, the consent forms, there are so many things I still need to do.
Apart from you, there are many people who can do those things.
I said that I will find someone to be the director at Jeju.
I say, why does Father have to make these decisions? Have I done anything wrong in Jeju? Why do you have to disturb someone who is working diligently? There are more important matters.
You'll be responsible for Seolin Group's investments.
What are you not satisfied with?! With this opportunity, you can get closer to Jin Young's father.
It is not good.
Absolutely not good.
Dong Joo ah! You can also do work for Jeju at the main office.
I have matters there that I must finish.
Grandfather! You should say something.
How can you just leave it like that? The D.
I resort horse race big planning document Lee Da Ji.
What do you think of letting him go to Jeju? A lot of people want to push him away.
This matter with Jin Young is going too quickly.
Father! Dong Joo has liked Jin Young for a long time already.
And we like her too Shu Lin's President Park said He hopes Dong Joo will be our representative, Even though we should be dancing with joy just getting Shu Lin to invest in us.
In addition, Dong Joo is well liked by President Park, this is not an easy feat.
There is little visible ceiling.
It still needs a few adjustments.
You're searching for something impossible, again.
This level on the line The carcinogenicity test result is right.
This seems a little like Is it because you've not seen your lover that you've become fastidious? Hurry back on to Seoul.
Should I? I was planning to drop by home to see Dong Joo.
I thought it didn't bother you, but actually you're very worried.
It must be Dong Joo.
Yes! President wants to talk to you.
I do not have anything to say.
I'm hanging up! He has something to say, it's about the meeting he had with Han Dong Joo.
He met Dong Joo? Father? Is it the horse? No.
It does not have the mark.
I've looked at so many already.
What type of horse are you exactly looking for? Oh, it is 24th one.
The 24th horse It was eliminated in the final examination.
Why was this horse eliminated? It's pure bred, raised well, and very good.
Director! Isn't the main office busy? If you have to take care of things here, too You'll be really tired! Even if am tired, I can't help it Because it's the responsibility of a director.
I only went back to Seoul for a little while.
Yes, have the preparations for the horse race been going smoothly? Be careful! This is very expensive! Great! Good job! You can go in! Truly, only grandfather is always on my side.
I think that Where you go is all up to fate.
Whether it's to the resort, or to the ranch, As long as you can work, You should give it a try and then come back.
Do not regret later! Do you understand? Of course! Grandfather, I'm leaving now.
What are you watching? I am looking at a video of PAULIST's childhood.
I asked that ranch.
They said, he suddenly stopped running.
This is mostly a psychological problem.
I thought it would be helpful.
Why are you looking at me with that expression? This is the only thing I can help Da Ji-shi with.
You cannot take him away.
Move aside! I will not give you my horse.
So, he's not timid.
Where do you want to take him? Taking him to the Taoist priest.
You do not know if the horse is violent.
It doesn't matter if you hit or scold him.
Just let him run up to the line.
Ahjussi! I'll let him take part in this competition.
I'm begging you To believe in me.
Trust me.
Let him go.
Why are you here? I will be responsible for him taking part in the competition.
So, let him go.
Why don't I believe anyone? It's difficult to guarantee.
Then I'll write you a guarantee.
Walk! Walk! PAULIST! Do you just want to kiss the grass? I knew that you were going to be like this.
He doesn't have any strength.
How are you going to let him run? Then what do we do? The race is about to start.
Thank you, I will not let it affect you.
In a while, a professional veterinarian will be here.
The division that conditions our racecourse turf Is very professional in this area.
Just leave him.
Why waste your money? And you do not believe me? No matter what, he has already been entered in the race, right? Paulist's caretaker is me.
Don't interfere.
If you're going to keep on being like this and not run Then I'm not going to be able to protect you.
You know that a Taoist priest's method to condition a horse is to terrorize it.
Why are you making me so sad? I'm begging you.
Run! Yah! Is he running now? Yah! He's running! He's running! PAULIST! PAULIST is running! PAULIST is running! PAULIST is running! Paulist, you're so amazing.
You run so well! You're amazing.
Good job! Dong Joo-ah, Paulist is running! PAULIST! So wonderful.
Because brother-in-law came, you like it that much? Singing so happily! No.
I was watching the TV and started to sing along.
That's right, I like to.
Unnie has no reason not to like it.
I'm very happy.
The lyrics are really wonderful.
Really, you are Why is he so quiet? Dong Joo! Han Dong Joo! Are you sleeping? Yah! You must eat your meal, Han Dong Joo! He doesn't even use a blanket.
Looks like he must be really tired.
His eyelashes look so much like a girl's.
Is he handsome? No matter how handsome I am, you can't see me that way.
I wasn't You obviously weren't asleep.
So why didn't you answer when I called? How could I possibly sleep when you're being so noisy? You are apparently very happy because I came here.
You're even singing so loud.
That's not it.
It's because you left without leaving any message.
I'll stay here until we receive all the letters of consent.
And I still have to hold the horse racing club.
It all feels so real.
What will it be like when you leave after getting the letters of consent? Without you criticizing and shouting at me every day, I'll get bored.
And also be a little curious.
I was curious during the time I didn't see you.
I really was curious about whether you had caused any more trouble, or if you were getting bullied.
When you say something, you make people angry.
That's what you do.
I will help you out Don't force your arm.
One moment I hate you, and the next, I am thankful.
You really are unpredictable.
Run Run Yes! RunRun Just a moment like this for a while.
Really, don't worry.
Can you not be more quiet? 30 50 221 and 51 how can they be the same? You.
you completely underestimate your own capabilities.
What is this? Ah excrement.
It's all over my pants! Well deserved! That's why people should be more kindhearted! Come here, you have to try it.
You stop right there! Stop! I will let you try it! Stop! You think I won't be able to catch you? If I catch you, you're dead! Behind you What? What are you trying to do now? Dad.
YouWhy are you here? -=Next Episode Preview= - I never thought you would deliberately create so much trouble! Dong Joo and Da Ji, that child, are what? Dad, I can't give up the ranch! I just can't leave! With your ex-husband You still want to be with him? That's enough.
Is it that everything that doesn't please you you're just going to throw it away? Is throwing this away really that easy? Dad, you can't do this! Where are you taking Paulist? Move away! No! You can't give give him away! You can't! Like it was before, time will pass quickly.
Here I come! Looks like my father really admires you! Why don't we continue? What should I do? Opening a ranch and leaving like this, will I be able to continue on living? Your thoughts, how can they be so shallow? If you leave like this, what will your father do? Da Eun do? I do? What should I do? What exactly did I do wrong?