Paradise Ranch (2011) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

Come here! ~ Episode 14~ You stop right there! I will give you a few colors to choose from.
I will let you try it! Stop! Yah! Stop right there! Do you think you can catch me? If I catch you, you're dead! Following dung!Dung! Why? What are you trying to do now? Father! You Why are you here? I'm asking you How come he's here? About that Father! So, it says thatif you could get all the letters of consent, We might be able to save the ranch.
And not just that, You also have to stay under the same roof? The ranch won't be given to us for free.
He agreed to sell us the ranch at a cheap price.
And it's not like he's living here for free.
He paid room and food expenses on time.
Da Eun you! Hurry up and go back to your room! So The luggage I saw last time belonged to that guy, too? Hmm.
Dad, I was wrong.
You! Seo also knows about this? Actually Ahjussi and I broke up.
But Dong Joo wasn't the reason we broke up.
Last time, because of Dong Joo, how long were you heartbroken? Why do you have to see him again? Dong Joo is dating someone, too.
Father! I'm really sorry I lied to you.
But Dong Joo is trying to help me.
I really didn't expect That you'd be so thoughtless in handling this problem.
Now I'm feeling very angry.
It's hard to sit here and watch you talk like this.
That Father.
After it was all finished, I was going to explain everything that went on here.
I am not your father I don't want to hear anything from you not about the ranch or anything.
So don't come near here again.
Leave her alone.
Don't ever appear in front of Da Ji again! You're back? I'm reorganizing the closet, throwing away some unsuitable shirts.
Your ties also need to be changed to brighter colors.
You don't have to do that I'll reorganize those myself.
This shirt how long did you wear it? Don't tell me Isn't this the shirt you wore when we first met? Just forget it! I said that I'll reorganize these myself.
It's okay.
I love reorganizing things like this.
It reminds me of when we were newlyweds.
It's a good thing to do.
Colors like this It's very dark.
I told you to stop doing it! You threw it away simply because you do not like the colour? Are things so easily thrown away? I said I'll do it myself.
I'm just helping to reorganize your closet.
Why do you have to be so angry? I am sorry.
Why did you meet Dong Joo? It just ended up that way.
You seem indifferent.
Why did you come back? You already know I won't listen to your words.
Give it up! No matter what I say That guy is extremely arrogant.
I've decided to wait a while before we discuss this matter again.
Come back home.
I've been waiting for you to come back and say something.
You'll agree to Dong Joo in exchange for my giving up and coming to work here? That's the bottom line.
It's your turn now to decide.
We must have been separated for too long.
You are Not the type of person who throws away old things.
I totally forgot that.
I was too sensitive yesterday.
I am sorry.
From the time we decided to start afresh We both knew that it wouldn't be easy.
Didn't you say to keep trying to start again until it wears us out? To try Not to try What are you doing now? At a time like thisYou can still work? I still have to do what I have to do Should I play then? He must feel very upset, right? Of course! I didn't tell my dad anything about the ranch matter.
And also about your living in our house.
I deserved to be scolded.
And also You need to pack your bags.
Okay, I know.
About the ranch matter I will meet him and explain the details.
Just forget it! Now, because he is really upset with me whatever you try to say will be useless.
Ah, I just remembered that Min Joo Ahjumma said that she will give you her letter of consent today.
How could you be concerned about a letter of consent at this moment? Give it to me.
I will do it.
Be careful you don't get injured.
No need to pretend like you care.
Forget it! Jin Young ah! In front of your girlfriend You're being so affectionate with your ex-wife.
At a time like this, I should be angry, right? Long time no see! Hello! Are you coming to see me? Go in.
You should go in.
Why didn't you tell me that you'd met my father? How did you know? Did you meet him? Looks like my father really likes you.
I'm very satisfied.
After collecting all the letters of consent Then you won't have to work on any other matters in Jeju, right? How were you able to get the letters of consent? I'll help you with it.
You don't need to worry.
I've already received most of them.
That was just a joke! Dong Joo ah.
We should finish things here as soon as possible and return to Seoul together.
After going back there, let's go for a wonderful date.
This is really not Ji Mil Hye's style at all.
The main office sent this.
This is the recent director's circular.
Isn't it a video of Paulist? You are still not giving up on that yet? Oh.
If it is inconvenient for you I'll help you decide.
Should we do that? She should have finished working part-time at the beach by now.
It was only two months.
Habits like this are hard to break.
It's 7 o'clock at the resort.
Now, about this time, she should be at the ranch.
The beer bar closes at 12 midnight.
It's kind of funny, right? It was only two months.
I know it's all in the past now.
I should forget it.
Ah Oppa! You've been working for hours without resting at all.
If you carry on like this, you're going to collapse.
Oh, I didn't tell you about this because Da Ji asked me to keep it a secret.
Dad, let's eat.
You shouldn't blame Da Ji too much.
We've been tricked by President Park.
It has been very hard for Da Ji.
Dong Joo said it does not change the ownership of the title deed.
Da Ji is doing three jobs a day.
I've tried hard to get him to come.
This liquor is said to taste better if two people drink it together.
What do you think? Should we drink together? I am also alone.
Are you single? Yes! What shall we do? I have a husband.
I'm a married woman.
Although I am officially his wife, in my husband's heart, there is a girl he cannot forget.
Then I am just nobody a wife in name only.
Ha-ha, these kind of things cannot be explained clearly.
Really? It's me.
I cannot let go being your wife.
Are you drunk? Seo Yoon Hoo is so pitiful.
Ji Mil Hye is also pitiful.
That young girl is also very pitiful.
I'm going to pick you up.
Where are you? Go to the beer bar where that girl works.
For the sake of you two, I am going to sort everything clearly and cleanly this time.
I'm asking you.
Where are you now? I'm going to pick you up.
Eat snacks with the beer or your stomach will not be able to withstand the alcohol.
I don't know how I can go on living.
All the promises I made to Da Ji's mother.
That I will look after Da Ji well, that I would do as much as a mother should.
But, actually, I've only let her suffer hardships.
If only she didn't have this good for nothing person as a dad.
Saying she will find the solution, I feel so lost and disappointed in myself.
So, you got here first.
That kid is not here tonight? Let's leave now.
I'm not joking.
Honey, I will help you finish everything cleanly.
If you are looking for Da Ji, then go ahead.
Honey, you said that You know where and what she is doing every day.
So go Stand up! We Let's break up! I no longer want to live as husband and wife in name only.
You said that, as time goes by, you would be able to move on and forget her.
I just can't see you like this anymore.
So, let's just finish! I give up.
I let you go now! You I am very disappointed in you.
I I will sell the ranch.
So quickly pack your luggage.
Dad! Why are you doing this? The ranch and the house I'll sell it.
So quickly pack your bags.
I cannot give up this ranch.
I won't leave.
Dad! Didn't you say you want to get rid of this ranch? Dong Joo He An ex-husband and a married man!! Did I raise you to be like this? Father! Pack your bags! All these crazy things, will soon be spread around.
Now you can't live well here.
Dad, why can't you trust me? What's the matter with you? I didn't do anything to be ashamed of.
I met Ahjussi and loved him.
There's nothing to regret.
Do you want me to hit you? Unnie did not make any mistakes.
It's all because of that woman.
They already were divorced, but she came back and made a fuss.
That's why unni really Had no choice but to break up with him.
Unnie suffered so many hardships.
Dad, you know nothing at all To get the ranch back, it's not free.
Of course, Dong Joo is also helping.
I'll work diligently.
You have to break your father's heart to be happy? Seeing you work so hard for this ranch.
I couldn't let you live like this again.
Father! If you believe in people too much you end up doing things you hate.
After you and Dong Joo broke up, you suffered so much pain.
Now, you actually accept that kid's help.
What are you thinking? Really! This rascal Da Ji-ah, I'll try to find a solution, no matter what.
I can make money.
We Let's start afresh again, okay? Da Ji-ah! Grandfather, did I wake you up? I woke up because of the noise.
Why? Is anything wrong? I am not wandering around aimless anymore.
I haven't skipped work since coming to Jeju.
You know it, right? About the opening party Horse race competition's meeting Stop beating around the bush! What is your key point? The ranch matter.
Don't include the ranch in the development plan.
Why do I have to do that? There is someone I want to help.
So, if you can help me with this matter, I will listen to everything you say, Grandfather.
I will go to the main office to work.
We do not need that ranch, do we? But it is very important to the ranch owner.
That person worked so hard for six years, building up the ranch.
Is that the person you really care for? An important person? Your father is very angry now.
After settling the race meeting, then come back.
That person is truly important.
Therefore, I'm asking you for help.
Okay, I'll think about it.
What should I do now? Leave the ranch Leave this place Am I able to do that? Father! Tell your unnie to come down and have breakfast.
Also today I will go and arrange your transfer to another school.
Transferring schools is not the problem now.
Unnie has already run away from home.
I have been thinking about it for a very long time.
I can't give up the ranch.
Dad, I will wait for you until you change your mind.
I have taken the deeds to the ranch and all the paperwork.
I am sorry.
Your body is feeling okay? I'm fine.
Yesterday I Even if you feel upset, promise me that you won't drink again, okay? There isn't much sunlight in my room.
There's lots of sunlight here.
I like it.
This roomcould we use it together? I remembered everything that happened yesterday.
Yesterday those words I said were all sincere.
I won't keep you waiting long.
So please be more patient.
Let's drink some wine tonight.
I will come back early.
She didn't come to the resort.
She didn't come to her part-time job either.
Where is she now? She's not answering her calls.
What if something bad has happened I already told you not to worry so much.
She's afraid that dad might sell the ranch, So she took the deeds and all the paperwork.
I don't care about the ranch.
Certainly, nothing bad can happen.
My father and unnie are having such a hard time, but that guy looks so happy.
I've already warned you.
Please do not let that ahjumma appear on our ranch again.
That drunk ahjumma, came to the beer bar and caused trouble.
My father wants to sell the ranch, and everything's in a mess now.
Your unnie will certainly not agree with it.
She wrote a letter, and has left home already.
You can't be like this, brother-in-law.
Letting my unnie carry all the burden like this.
Anyway from now on I forbid you both to appear in front of my unnie.
We should talk about the sports center first.
Let's talk about it next time.
Have you looked in all the possible places? She has no friends at all.
The only places she can go are the bar, the resort, or her part-time work place.
We've already been to the resort and the racecourse, but she wasn't there.
First, let's think carefully about the places she goes to often.
Oh maybe she went to see the grandmother in Udo.
Do you think she might be there? I have already called there.
Also My unnie will probably go to a good place, why would she go somewhere to suffer? Halmeoni! ~ halmeoni= grandmother~ I can't find any abalone.
You went in for less than a minute.
How could you find anything? Go in and have another look.
Really, I can't find anything.
How can you eat meals without paying? You should do some work to pay for that.
All right.
I understandI understand.
I'll go in and look for it again.
Until the sun sets Do not think about coming out.
Yes! Get down! I did everything you asked me to do.
So please keep this secret, and don't tell my father about it.
You understand, right? Am I insane? You listen very well to my instructions.
Why do I have to tell your father? You can stay here forever.
Live together with me.
Halmeoni! I don't think I'm suitable for water work.
Should I do other work? I can't let you do that.
No halmeoni I do not agree I do not agree.
You really are capable.
Are you still a high school student? Why are you running away from home? Also, why didn't you answer your phone? This boy must be on fire.
Why, as soon as you see her do you just keep shouting? I'm very sorry, halmeoni.
How have you been? Aigoo.
Now you are so polite.
Kill a chicken for our guest to eat.
Yes, halmeoni.
How did you find out I was here? Yah.
You should change your clothes first.
The dolls are not twisted too far.
(Implication: no chest) Don't worry too much.
Nothing bad will happen.
The accidents to Da Ji are like a common occurrence.
Hyungnim, are you really selling the ranch? Oppa.
Why can't you accept help from Dong Joo? He is a capable person.
Why do I have to accept Dong Joo's help? Hyungnim, don't be so stubborn please! The guy from the resort He is managing Paulist's matter.
He even wrote a guarantee.
And especially he is taking care of Da Ji very well.
When I said that I'd take Paulist away, I grabbed her collar and argued with her.
That boy was really angry and wouldn't let me go.
He said that it was his mistake.
How dare you grab her collar? That is because It's very easy for him to use money to help her.
But Dong Joo is not like that.
He helped Da Ji a lot with the ranch matters.
He also suffered many hardships.
Oppa, even I felt bad watching him like his.
Yes, it's me.
I'm telling you to leave with me.
I don't want to go anywhere.
Stop being stubborn and go with me.
Da Ji told me not to say anything to you But I'm afraid that you might be worried, So I'm giving you a call.
Yes, I'll come and fetch her.
She's not a child.
Why do you have to fetch her? She seems to have a lot to think about.
So that's why she came.
Let her rest here for one night.
Tomorrow, I will send her back.
So, I just wanted you to know.
I'm hanging up.
If you insist on behaving like this again Then I might have to put you in the luggage.
I won't go back.
Definitely! You're thinking Why are you being so immature? If you leave like that What will happen to Father? Also Da Eun I A person who has no money, no other place to live.
You didn't even answer the phone.
Do you know, I was worried you might have been in an accident? Even if I am being like this What about your father? Da Eun too Why are you blaming everything on me? What exactly did I do wrong? I cannot give up the ranch.
So, I accepted your help.
I also worked very diligently.
Meeting Ahjussi I don't regret it at all.
I don't feel ashamed of what I did at all.
I don't regret anything.
But father is very upset.
He wants to sell the ranch and leave here for good.
Every day pressuring me.
What am I supposed to do? Stop crying! Cheer up! It's because he must be very upset and sad right now, so he said that he will sell the ranch.
Occasionally, you cause a little trouble, But you always work diligently.
You aren't a bad child.
He knows that better than anyone else.
Even someone stupid like me knows.
What's the matter with you? You're actually praising me? I'm only speaking the truth.
To be honest, there are reasons why your father must feel very angry.
Living together with your ex-husband, and in love with a married man.
These are the facts.
All at the same time! Then what about you? Living together with your ex-wife, and dating Jin Young at the same time? I told you to catch and kill a chicken.
Why are you both talking so much? I will boil the water.
You kill the chicken! Halmeoni, Dong Joo can't do that.
I'll do that.
Come here! Look.
Take a look at this.
Is this the duty of the host? This old woman is in luck today.
This is last time.
Shut up! Saying such a thing so early.
Have a look at this.
Hey! This is really good.
Good, good.
come on.
I don't care if it's old or young.
Bring it here.
Halmeoni? She said that she'll be back after playing a few more games.
She must be late.
How can I sleep? I'm starving Why are you standing there? Why am I what? I used your phone to send a short message to your father.
I told you that I won't go back, right? I told you it's not the right time.
I have to hide first.
You didn't make any mistakes.
Why do you need to hide? Come back and talk to him.
Now, are you really feeling okay? Representative Seo's matter Are you feeling better? Is it better now? One thing after another I do not have any time to think.
From what you see Do I look like I am doing fine? How about it? I told you before not to be casual around me.
I'm sorry It's because you make me feel so comfortable.
Only two of us in the room, and you really feel comfortable? I don't know how comfortable you feel.
I'm not feeling very comfortable at all.
You don't have any idea at all! Han Dong Joo! You are not a beast.
But she and I are sleeping together in the same room.
It really doesn't matter to her at all? What am I thinking? Why do things feel so strange like this? Look at you missing her so much.
Honey, you must be in a lot of pain.
That Is that PAULIST? Dad! Don't! Dad! Where do you want to send Paulist? Dad, you are really too much.
Were you and him together? You make way make way! Don't I won't allow it never Can't you just believe in Da Ji this time? You must understand how important this ranch is to her.
Compared to the help she has given me Giving her the ranch isn't anything.
Father, I hope that you could change your mind.
If you do sell the ranch, I will get it back.
Who are you to get the ranch back, huh? I just don't want to see her work too hard now.
I know that you don't like to see me and Da Ji together Actually, not seeing her is good.
Right now, I can't pretend that I didn't know or see.
You haven't left yet? How could you just take the deeds and run away from home? You should endure it at least one week.
How can you come back home after a day? You should go the hospital and get treatment immediately.
Hospital? Mmm, I don't really know what the problem is They said that your father has to have an X-ray, or something like that.
But your father is so stubborn He doesn't want to waste money on that.
Paulist can run now.
That's true.
He was running really well, right Dong Joo? Really? I will do more training this afternoon, and see.
Come in.
You also come in.
Kid, even if you have no place to live How can you live in the same house as your ex-wife? I am sorry! Dong Joo just wants to help us.
Also, his girlfriend knows everything.
Da Ji and that girl's mood.
What's gonna happen? I will protect my daughter.
You can stop helping Da Ji now.
I can't accept your kind intentions.
Not just me, but your family would do the same.
I first will deal with the matters in Seoul.
Then, when the time comes, we'll talk about the ranch.
If you get involved with this boy again, I will definitely sell the ranch.
Promise me! Yes! Sit down.
Drink some hangover soup.
I didn't cook it.
Are you going away? I want to participate in the project in China.
I would like to try for three years.
Mil Hye-ah.
Let's break up! Watching you force yourself to try so hard, I pretend not to see, not to know.
But I can't do that anymore.
At least one of us should be happy.
Both of us are just feeling tired, right? As time passes, things will be different.
Now, you are in a lot of pain.
We should not do things like this, or we will regret it for a lifetime.
I thought I couldn't live without you.
But no matter how hard it was for you, I was determined not to leave.
But I think I can live alone now.
I said I need more time.
I'll work diligently.
Do not leave! You are still trying to hold onto me until the end.
You are really loyal, Seo Yoon Hoo.
Thank you.
Thank you for not letting go of my hand first.
Thank you for trying your best for me.
Dong Joo said that he will help make the beer.
How can I not see him at all? Yeah.
Your father really objects to him.
It is indeed hard for him to come back.
Even if it is like this, how come he doesn't even come once? He must be very busy.
But thatthat handsome fellow and you, how's it going? Is everything going well? Jung Dae's mother, why do you always say useless words? What useless words? I clearly heard from the person at the resort that they had dined together.
Said that he and his wife were completely finished.
His wife has already packed up and left.
You also heard it, right? Yes.
That But, Ahjussi and I are finished.
Even if he and his wife broke up? Now Father has not said anything yet Is Paulist doing well? How come she didn't call me even once? She really has no loyalty, no manners at all.
Next week, the new Director will be coming.
This place must be emptied.
After the horse race competition is over, we will deal with the residents' reconciliation matter.
To delay that is too dangerous.
It is already the last day? You should double check the number of pigs for the pig catch game, and also check to see if there will be enough beer.
We must be prepared for the number of guests.
Isn't it right? Yes.
I will be going to the inspection now.
You have too many inspection responsibilities.
Seeing you like this, how can I be at ease and return to work? Yes.
Your schoolmate.
Is she waiting for Representative Seo? When they get back to the office, they will head off to America together.
Why does she have to follow Representative Seo? Ji Mil Hye-shi left.
And at the resort, rumors are spreading.
They say, Representative Seo has decided unexpectedly to date her again.
Did you see this with your own eyes? Director, with just one glance I understood.
If not, then why did he break up with his wife? But there's something even harder to understand.
Why did he abandon Ji Mil Hye? Deliberately picking your schoolmate? I heard she's divorced.
She married when she was 19, and then divorced shortly thereafter.
But seeing her ability to seduce men, she must have a charm that we can't see on the surface.
Also, how about the divorce? Secretary Lee, how much do you know about her? How can you judge her so easily? She's far more attractive kind, intelligent, loyal, and caring.
And her face is not bad, ah? She is much prettier than Ji Mil Hye.
How can someone be so vulgar? You even used hand gestures.
If you dare to mention all this in front of me again I will certainly fire you.
Are you insane? I'm not blaming his wife.
You said that you would return to your father? My father said he would handle this situation with Dong Joo's father.
I don't know what to do.
Does Director Han know? Is he worth it for you to put everything aside? What happened? You seem very restless.
I am still with Dong Joo.
If you love her a bit more, it will even be better.
Those who can bet their self-respect on love, are good enough to have it.
After leaving you I regret that I hesitated that time.
I never tried.
I did all I could do to love you.
But I could not hold onto you completely.
It was because of self-respect.
I will not be like that anymore.
You've become brave, Jin Young.
Ji Mil Hye-shi left.
And at the resort, rumors are spreading.
They say, Representative Seo has decided unexpectedly to date her again.
Can't fall asleep? Why are you sitting in Dong Joo's room? Looks like it depends only on you, Father.
They married and then divorced.
It actually was the adults' mistakes.
So how has life been for Dong Joo? Is Da Ji having an easy life? We haven't been able to protect them from getting hurt.
Now, they have to depend on each other.
I hope that Dong Joo won't get hurt again.
We'll just leave them alone for a month.
That is what I want.
Dad, what do you mean? Dong Joo and Da Ji.
Did anything happen? We're closed already.
I knew you were closed already.
I thought I wouldn't be able to see you again.
I'm very happy to see you.
You even promised your dad you'd no longer see me.
So, I don't know whether we can meet or not.
About that Dad thought that the ranch was being sold.
Don't say that.
You're a famous person in the resort now.
Even if Representative Seo ends things with his wife and starts afresh with you, even though I don't have such thoughts, but everybody else thinks and sees it like that.
Allow me some dignity So what if we're together? In any case, we're both unmarried.
You're really together with Seo Yoon Hoo? Really, you are? Although, I know that you don't have any self-respect Stop saying that! You don't come around for several days, and as soon as we meet You're telling me to have some dignity?! Saying I don't have any self-respect?! Why do I have to listen to you? Who do you think you are? Don't come looking for me again! Answer me.
Are you really in a relationship with Seo Yoon Hoo? Don't meet that guy.
Don't even say a word.
Why are you like this? Who do you think you are? I don't like you seeing other men.
I can't stand it anymore.
Starting now.
I will not give you to anyone.
There is no way.