Paradise Ranch (2011) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

Don't meet that bastard.
Don't even speak to him.
Why are you acting like this?! Who do you think you are?! I really can't stand watching you meet another guy.
From now on, I won't let you go to anyone else's side.
No way! That What does that mean? What do you think it means? It means I like you.
Why aren't you saying anything? Hey, are you crying? Da Ji-ah.
Someone who is rumored to be with a married man and doesn't even have any self-respect Why do you like someone like that? That's because you made it sound as if you're seeing Seo Yoon Ho.
I did not meet Ajussi! Fool.
Fool? Blockhead? You Don't follow me! Liking someone, yet still saying such offending words?! Fool Brain-dead fool! -= Episode 15 =- Fool Brain-dead fool! -= Episode 15 = - It's strange Han Dong Joo coming to see me at such a time.
I was about to call you anyway.
The resort company is very satisfied with the amusement park event.
Even if the contract fee is increased, they still want to renew it.
How should we handle it? Jin Young-ah.
About coming back to work I want to think it over again.
My dad is asking me to return to Seoul, too.
I have something to tell you.
I like Da Ji.
What exactly are my feelings towards Da Ji? I was afraid it was only because of our past relationship that's why I kept looking after her.
But I've thought a lot and analyzed it No If I don't see her, I think about her.
When I see her, I get angry.
You're really cruel.
Why do you have to tell me such details? How am I supposed to listen to this, and handle it? Jin Young-ah.
Telling me this one-sidedly would my feelings for you just disappear? Seeing you My heart would start racing, and I would feel flustered What am I supposed to do? You should at least give me some time.
For me, I'm just starting I'm really sorry.
I want to work hard.
Just like the time when you weren't in my heart and I can just look at you like before.
I will try really hard, Dong Joo-ah.
Please don't stop me from dreaming! If I don't stop you now, eventually both of us will feel very tired.
I'm sorry, really.
Honey! It's midnight.
If you want to leave, leave tomorrow! I already knew that you might be laughing at me But what? Dong Joo is living with whom? You and Father must have planned this from the beginning, and sent him down there, right? Stop being ridiculous! The company bought that land.
I also only found out the truth recently.
If you already knew about it, you should've told me immediately! It's not your wife's fault.
It was fate that brought them together.
That's why they met each other again.
Father! Please stop using fate as an excuse again! Honey! Actually, I don't know how Eok Soo tempted you I really don't like it! I absolutely will not allow my child to have any connection with that family! What to do now, father-in-law? Da Eun-ah.
Do I really have to go to this extent? Don't you see that all the judges are female? You have to show off your best asset.
But it looks like I am the only shirtless one here.
Hmm, it's because nobody here has a good body like yours.
But isn't taking your clothes off a bit too much? Who was the one who wanted to win the prize so badly? You could win the prize with a sincere heart.
That's true.
Jung Dae-ah.
Aja! Endure it well, no matter what! Aja! Aja! Come here! The sunlight is too strong.
Did you sleep well? Mmm I didn't even sleep a wink.
I blame it on someone who called me a fool, said I'm a blockhead.
I couldn't sleep at all.
Hey! Why am I a fool? Why am I a blockhead? Seo Yoon Ho, are you here as the resort's representative? Rather than as a representative, I actually came because I made a promise.
If I win first prize I made a promise to give it to someone.
Da Ji-si! Is this bastard talking about you right now? It hurts! You told me that you didn't call him even once.
Then why is Seo Yoon Ho acting like this? Why is he staring at you with that nauseating look? Why is he talking about a promise and causing a scene like this? I really don't know, either.
I'm clearly warning you again about Seo Yoon Ho.
From now on, don't you have any contact with him.
Understand? Han Dong Joo! Hello! Father-in-law! Dad, let's just leave first.
Let's just leave first?!? You cause a big mess like this, and you want me to leave first? I'll explain the details to you later, so Why are you seeing Dong Joo again? It was you who destroyed Dong Joo's life! Why is it you again?!? Please come and talk to me instead.
Do you hold any grudges against my family? Why do you keep holding onto my son's ankles?!? There is probably a misunderstanding here.
Aigoo, Representative Seo! Miss Lee Da Ji is the person that I like.
You like her? Yes.
I have a rodeo competition right now.
See you later in the office.
Ah, yes.
You'll cheer for me, right? Follow me! Immediately! It isn't Da Ji's fault? You still dare to take her side?!? Is she even normal?!? If she is being deceived and being kicked out, she asks Representative Seo for help.
Dating Representative Seo, why did she even bring her ex-husband into her house? As if that's not enough working part-time at the bar, the barley, the divers.
She made you do it all.
She made you suffer so many hardships.
I did those things because I wanted to.
Even with the changes, our company hasn't lost anything, right? What? Also, Da Ji has nothing to do with Representative Seo.
I'm the one who likes Da Ji.
What?! Wow! Wow! You must have gone insane.
Then why did you date Jin Young? Jin Young-ah! I heard you were talking about me, so I came in.
Yes, right.
Please don't lecture Dong Joo too much.
He can't watch people who are pitiful and unfortunate.
Imagine how hard it has been for Da Ji? Aigoo, you have a good heart, that is why I've always liked you.
That's why being raised in a good environment is so important.
Like your father, too, he did lots of good deeds to help unfortunate people.
Ajussi, I have something to say to Dong Joo.
Can we leave for a while? Yes, of course! You better do a good job.
We'll resume our talk later.
Go ahead quickly.
Jin Young-ah.
It looks like I am too insecure.
I told you that I'll try really hard but it's so difficult, hearing you talk about another woman.
I am so tired seeing you like that.
If I work diligently could your heart ever come back to me? Return to my side again? Could that be possible? Dong Joo-ah, what should I do now? What should I do? I'm certain that he was waving to my unnie.
Look at Lee Da Ji's expression! She is smiling, right? You said they already broke up? Forget it! Oppa, your muscles are such a waste.
How could you not be able to endure it for 5 seconds? Look out for me.
This fellow caused us so many headaches.
Now he is finally running.
If you had watched me until the end, I could've gotten the first prize.
I was short by 3 seconds.
I was second.
It's an MP3.
You don't have to give it to me.
I made a promise.
If I won a prize, I would give it to you.
Every day, I want to run to you several times, but I'm waiting until the time when I won't give you the same scars as before.
I knew that I caused you so much pain and misery, so I couldn't ask you to hold my hand right away.
However take it slowly.
After a period of time by your side protecting you it's possible, right? is it possible? It doesn't make any sense.
Yah!! Stop being a director of the resort.
Why don't you just become a village leader instead? You have spent millions for those useless people.
Hey kiddo! Pack your bags immediately! After the horse race is over, we have to collect all of the letters of consent.
Letters of consent? Okay then.
How many more do we need to get? Five more families.
It will be done by the end of the month.
Come back to your right senses! If Jin Young said she likes you, then you should feel thankful and stick to her.
What's so good about Da Ji? You! If you continue to get involved with Da Ji and her family, then I'll have no choice but to demolish her house.
That's all.
Do you understand? Dad! Don't say anymore.
Once all the consent forms are collected, you'd better hurry back to Seoul.
Do you understand? It doesn't look like a simple resort renovation plan.
Of course! Actually, although we shouldn't announce anything at the moment, Seolim Group has collaborated with Dong In Group, working together on this huge project.
If this project is a success, our resort might achieve lots of great things.
Once the project is finalized, I will come and discuss the details with you.
Let's do that.
If it's beneficial for the resort, our FRIENDS group will not have any reason to object.
However As your business partner, we should thoroughly discuss the plan together.
Of course! You don't have to worry.
That's right.
And also earlier Lee Da Ji-si As for that friend I What to say? How should I say it? Should I say it or not? Her past relationship with Director Han, I know everything about it.
You already know all? You know about his past, too? Yes.
That's right.
I'm feeling very thankful to Director Han For helping Da Ji-si a lot.
Lee Da Ji-si also has helped Director Han a lot.
I hope you won't misunderstand about anything else.
Ah, yes! Yes! Of course! Give and take.
It must be something like that.
Yeah, yeah.
This is dark beer and light beer.
These are samples for you.
You can try it.
If you like it, please order them from now on.
Did you decide to start afresh with Yoon Ho-ahjussi again? This one Yoon Ho-ahjussi gave it to you, right? I already told you to go home and study.
The truth is, you two only broke up because of that big-chested ahjumma.
Now that she's already gone, there's no reason for you two not to be together, right? Isn't that right? Oh.
It's brother-in-law.
Hello, brother-in-law! Should I meet Seo Yoon Ho and talk to him? So that he won't bother you anymore? This is the person whom I like? So laughable! You'd better hurry, go home and study now.
Hold on! SoYoon Ho-ahjussi likes unnie and so does brother-in-law.
Is that right? Aren't you leaving? Be careful on the way home.
Yes! Brother-in-law! What did Father say? He must be really angry, right? He'll always be unsatisfied with whatever I do.
But he will understand.
Just try to talk to him nicely about it.
Don't yell back at him or lose control! Well they say that if you listen well to the woman of the house, then you'll be blessed.
Okay, I understand.
I'll try and talk to him nicely.
Therefore you don't talk to Seo Yoon Ho as well, okay? Do you understand? Leave! I'm busy.
Agassi! A bottle of beer over here, please.
The biggest bottle you have! You have to drive.
Why are you drinking beer? Hurry leave! Stop causing trouble! Number 9! What are you doing here? Are you looking for Da Ji? What are you doing here? I've ridden one lap.
All this time he wanted to run, I don't know how he held himself back.
This boy can run very well.
He's very smart, too.
You must be very busy.
You are already so busy with the resort's matters, and now you worry about training the horses.
I'm going to eat dinner at home.
Make the chicken egg soup that I like to eat.
Don't make it too salty like last time, okay? You still don't know? We've decided to get back together.
Although others often use the words "dating" or "seeing" each other, I'm sure that you already know, we were married once.
Therefore, we are back together with each other, like a reunion.
Therefore, from now on, I hope that you won't find Da Ji and bother her.
And don't make her feel awkward again.
Han Dong Joo! Da Ji! You didn't I tell you to make it clear? There isn't anything worse than giving a person useless and false hope.
I'll give you a call later.
Why would he call? Why is he concerned with someone when there is no relation Just stop it, please! Yah! Where are you going? I am still talking right now.
Oh no, this is trouble.
I must hurry and get some more.
How are you? No, I'm not fine at all.
Dong Joo said that he likes you, so I can't bring myself to say hello.
We've been already up and down several times.
We've turned out like this, because of you.
This is between Dong Joo and me.
There isn't much about him that I don't know.
But I'm still angry at you.
Putting Seo Yoon Ho in one hand, and Han Dong Joo in the other, how could you measure them? Using your pure and innocent face, and then grabbing on and toying with both of them, Da Ji, you're a very scary person.
I have never played around with someone's feeling.
You are not playing around with them? Then do you like both of them? Is it right? I know that you must be really angry with me.
I can totally understand why you are acting like this.
If you want to ask about my feelings for Dong Joo, Right now, I can't say anything to you.
Even I don't know what my feelings are.
It wasn't intentional.
For hurting you I am really sorry.
-=You made chicken egg soup, right? I'll be there in 5 minutes.
= - Putting Seo Yoon Ho in one hand, and Han Dong Joo in the other, how could you measure them? Ahjussi! This is the DVD with the recording of Paulist's childhood.
They said it would help with his therapy.
I am giving it to you.
I didn't even think about it at all.
Thanks so much, Ahjussi! If you have time, how about watching it now? Yes! What do you mean yes? What are you doing here now? I thought it would help Paulist's treatment.
Why do you have to do this, Representative Seo? Director Han, do I really have to answer you? Representative Seo, why is it so easy for you? Throw something away when it gets difficult, and then pick it up later when you want to.
Da Ji is only an object to you? Then, what are you doing now, Han Dong Joo? You still haven't sorted out things yet, and you're being nice to Da Ji.
She'll end up getting hurt, don't you know? Do you think I'm similar to you? I don't go back and forth, a two-timer like you.
Stop it please! Both of you! Why do you both have to come up to me and say that you like and miss me at the same time? Stop confusing me! Because of an ex-husband who had a girlfriend, and a boyfriend who had a wife I've suffered so many hardships.
You both are saying that you like me, and that you want to start afresh with me.
Do I have to agree happily just because you asked to see me again? You You like me? Fine, then continue to like me.
Ahjussi, you like me too, right? Great.
Then like me, too.
But stop making me feel so stressed out! If there's another time when you two are acting so childish in front of me like this, then I won't see either of you ever again! Please leave now! Both of you! So embarassing.
Do you still have feelings for Seo Yoon Ho? Do you? Do you think it was easy for me to say that I like you? But how can you be like this? You don't listen to anything I say.
You don't even look me straight in the eyes.
When you're around Seo Yoon Ho, you just throw me aside.
Don't you like me as well? Or is it just only my illusion? Is it? Please don't say anything anymore.
Why do you only consider things from your perspective? Who likes me? Who do I like? Compared to this, I have more important things to worry about.
I'm busy working every day to get food on the table.
I work day and night to pay back the money we borrowed to get the ranch back.
On top of that, I have to change my father's disappointed heart.
I'm not that 19-year-old Lee Da Ji, whose heart only belonged to you, anymore.
So Please leave me alone.
I'm begging you.
Have a look at this! You're running so freely, right? Just like your mother in here who was always watching over you, I will be like your mother, and always stay by your side.
Ahjussi, the video you gave me, looks like he really likes it.
Thank you so much! Your hard work It finally paid off, Trainer Lee Da Ji.
Representative Seo Yoon Ho! You are a judge, right? The planners are all looking for you.
I think you need to get going.
I need to go.
Good luck! Is there anything I could help you with? Director Han, I have something to discuss with you regarding sales.
Do you have some spare time now? Do we have to discuss it right now? That's right because this matter is quite urgent.
Hello! Hello! Hello! Paulist! Aja! Aja! Fighting! Paulist.
First! First place.
No matter what, you should win first place, okay? Aja! Aja! Aja! Aja! Don't be afraid! Just run like how we practiced.
Got it? Paulist! Paulist! Paulist! Fighting! Paulist! Fighting! Jung Dae-ah! Fighting! Paulist, you are the best! You will do well.
Paulist! Run! Run! Run! Paulist, you are running very well! Paulist is running so fast.
Paulist is running.
Run! Run! Paulist! Yah! Paulist! Paulist! Paulist! Paulist! Run! Turn back! Paulist.
Not this way.
I said it's not the right direction.
Paulist! You can't come back! Run! Run! Paulist, you can't.
I told you, it's not this side.
Paulist, how can you run back? Aigoo really Cheers! Come on! Cheers! Everyone eat some more.
I told you to train the horse well, and not let him follow you everywhere.
Why did he come back to you when he was running so well? I also don't know.
I've been dumped by men, so I know it very clearly.
To a woman, that scar can last for a lifetime.
Will she change her mind and heart, if you beg, beg, beg her again? If you have time, can you slice some more BBQ meat, please? Jung Dae-ah! Barbeque! Yes, I'm going to beg, and beg again until the end.
Aigoo, Da Ji's hard times have finally come to an end.
Omo! Omo! Director! Director! You came! Everyone look here! Look here! In order to have a party like this, he is the one who provided it.
He is so generous.
He helped our villagers a lot.
Please welcome our Director Han Dong Joo.
Applaud! Since he came to our village, this place has changed completely.
We can't put it into words.
The resort helped us by buying our seafood products.
There are so many things we feel thankful to him about.
At a time like this, should I say something? Or how about singing a song? That also would be good.
Yes, right.
Sing! Truthfullyeven now I'm not very clear about what I have done for all of you.
Was I helpful? I'm not very sure.
However, if you are satisfied even with this much, if you are very happy, then I am also very happy.
And in the future, I won't let you face any difficulties because of our resort.
Let's help each other to live better.
Thank you! Aigoo.
You look like some politician running for mayor.
Here these are the letters of consent.
There is mine and Sung Mo-ahjumma's, and the three families that had not signed.
All of them, I'm giving them to you.
Ahjumma! Thank you! Because we think the resort is doing so well, and it will be beneficial for our village, too, we agreed to sign.
Thank you so much! Ahjussi! Ahjumma! Everyone, thank you so much.
Over here! Over here! Let's continue to eat meat and drink beer.
Yes! Everybody! Eat a lot! Cheers! Our company has decided to invest in the resort project.
Thank you very much, Chairman! It looks like Dong Joo has a lot of business to look after in Jeju, right? Certainly, because he is a director.
As you see, I want to change my disobedient daughter's heart.
Although I'm not very satisfied with your son, I still have decided to approve their relationship.
Yes it is true.
Compared with Jin Young, Dong Joo is quite lacking.
She is my precious child, and watching her suffer because of a guy this unsettles my heart.
Yes Just a while ago it looked like they were getting along well.
I'm not very good at beating around the bush.
Therefore, I want tell you directly.
Let's get the kids married.
You like me that much? You like me to death? They say that it's very difficult for a person to hide a cold or a love.
When the villagers were praising me, you were moved and about to cry? I was happy because we got the letters of consent.
You can say that if you want.
I shouldn't say anything.
Get out of my way.
I have to finish cleaning.
Before, you said you aren't a 19-year-old Lee Da Ji anymore? Of course, your skin looks different now.
You! What are you doing now? Ahjumma, what are you doing? Listen well, Ahjumonnie! I am the heir to the Dong In Group.
Why are you playing hard to get? But This ahjumonnie has nothing to do with you.
Won't you move away? You are meant to come back to me in 10 minutes No! 10 seconds is long enough.
But why do I only see you playing hard to get? That is because I am finally seeing you have some self-esteem.
You really won't move? Why are you swallowing your saliva? Just like you aren't 19 years old, I'm not a 21-year-old boy who only knows how to throw a tantrum.
So, trying to get the ranch back, changing your father's disappointed heart, let's do it together.
No matter if it is a good thing or a hardship, stay by my side.
Let's do it together, okay? At this hour, why are you here? Are you here to meet me? In the past, you asked me, what is my dream? Yes, right.
I asked if you had a goal, I am not sure that it was actually a dream.
I guess you said something like that, right? Recently, I have been thinking a lot about my dream.
No matter what I do, wherever I am, as long as you are by my side, everything will be fine.
Ahjussi I You should take your time.
Think about it thoroughly and make the right decision.
But I should let you know what my heart feels.
So long as you know that I'm waiting for you, that's enough? I thought you were looking at someone else, so I am feeling quite anxious.
I'm leaving.
Empty this room immediately.
Remove all of Director Han's things.
Father! The horse race has ended, right? Do you have anything more to say? To solve the expansion problem and that Paradise Ranch or something just demolish it.
Yes, we planned to begin construction today.
What are you demolishing? Construction? Who allowed that? I'm going to do whatever with my land.
Who are you to interfere, and tell me what to do? Because you are playing around and making trouble, do you know how embarrassed I was in front of Chairman Park? You'd better hurry back to Seoul, and take charge of Seolin's investment project, and prepare to marry Jin Young.
You'd even sell your own son in order to expand your enterprise? Jin Young and I already broke up.
Come back to your senses, rascal! We are talking about Seolin! Seolin Chairman said he wants you to be his son-in-law.
What does that have to do with me, then? If you want to expand your enterprise, think about some other way.
Aigoo Look at him.
That idiot! Secretary Lee! Do you have all the letters of consent that Director Han collected? Bring them to me now! Yes! Stop! Stop! Ahjussi! What are you doing now?! D.
Resorts sent us here.
They told us to demolish this ranch.
Dong Joo-ah, the resort asked him to demolish Don't worry.
It won't happen.
The land is mine.
I am the Director of D.
Resort, Han Dong Joo.
The construction is canceled.
Please leave now.
We are only following instructions to do this.
Are you the Director? Is it so? It is so.
Therefore, please turn around and leave.
What is all this? Where is your father now? If you want to reconstruct the resort, the project will take at least two years.
The residents in the village won't agree to it.
We have the letters of consent.
Letters of consent.
That is they promised in the letters of consent not to interfere with the resort construction.
Therefore, the projects will go ahead as planned.
There won't be any issues.
Also, truthfully it is such a large-scale project, it will be advantageous to their lives, too.
I already told the Chairman about this.
If the decision to carry out the construction was made alone, without consultation, and if it's not compatible with the existing transport system, then, I cannot accept it.
I told you before.
I'll discuss it with you when they decide to invest.
I would be worried, too, if Seolin's investment would be harmed.
But Seolin decided to invest huge money on this project.
It's Seolin we are talking about.
Seolin and Dong In are going to be in-laws soon.
In any case, we will start the demolition of Paradise Ranch today.
I heard that Secretary Lee didn't say anything to you, so I thought I should report it to you first.
So I came.
Aigoo! What are you doing here? Stop the construction.
That's my land.
What are you calling land? You mean that small plot? Sell it to me.
Just sell it to me.
In front of the children, don't show your childish side by talking thoughtlessly like this.
I'll buy back Dong Joo's land.
How? Oh, because your daughter's attempts at seduction didn't work? Please stop it, Dad! Come back to your senses, you stupid boy! They've been using you! You, tell me yourself.
Your daughter brought in my son so he could get the letters of consent, and your family ranch.
Did you know it or not? Did you know it or not? Look at you! You knew it.
You shouldn't live like this.
Even if you're poor, you shouldn't do that in front of the children.
That's not the way! How dare you interrupt an adult when he's talking! And also, considering that you were once a part of our family by marriage, I am going to seriously say this to you, you should do things fair and square this time! Do not hold Representative Seo responsible! Dad! Stop it you two.
Go home first.
This is a matter for the adults to discuss.
Stop talking, go home.
I have nothing more to tell you.
I am sorry.
Do not make any mistakes in the laser construction.
Do it properly.
Before the new director comes, Secretary Lee, you need to be properly prepared.
What is this about laser construction? Dad, in the end, what are you trying to do? You.
Quickly go back to the headquarters and look after it.
The things you have done are over.
Thank you for obtaining the letters of consent.
The construction can be carried out smoothly.
My first intention while doing this job was to sincerely help them.
But you must you take advantage of them? This is how you do business, kid.
Do you have to be this way? Making me seem ungrateful? Is this how our company insists on doing things? As my father, you don't let me have my way, no matter what.
I am this resort's Director! The company doesn't need a director like you! From today on, you can't meddle in the company's affairs anymore! I would have smashed it! Lee Da Eun, what are you doing up there? If I stay here, then they won't be able to carry out the construction.
Don't cause trouble.
Get down quickly.
I'm too depressed.
We're losing the ranch, yet I can't do anything about it.
My heart hurts, and I'm depressed.
I know.
Get down quickly.
It's really dangerous.
Here he is! In this sensitive time, when horses shouldn't be moved, who gave you permission to start construction? Who gave you permission? We all started to trust Director Han and, only then, signed the letters of consent.
But once they were all finally signed, he starts the construction! Da Ji, what is the meaning of this? You'd better hurry back to the resort, and give us back our letters of consent.
Give them back to us! Ahjussi, let go first.
Dong Joo didn't do anything wrong.
He didn't do anything wrong? Are you siding with him? Ahjussi! How can you say this about my unnie? Da Eun, go back.
I am sorry.
I won't let the horses get hurt.
Hey, it's like this already.
Do you still expect us to believe you? Stop arguing! There's no point in grabbing his collar.
Let's go inside and talk about it.
Everyone, follow me inside.
Are you all right? Where did the President go? I don't know where he is.
Where are the letters of consent? The President already took them.
It's been a long time.
Once the guesthouse project ended, I took some days off to rest.
Is that so.
I planned to look for you.
I must return to Seoul, and I wish we could go together.
Jin Young-ah It's scary to hear you calling me like that.
I've heard from my father that we must marry.
Even though the adults are interfering now, I will not change.
I must marry you? I see.
Maybe I thought too highly of you.
But you're really mean.
How long have we known each other? Did you ever see me trying to get our parents' approval to marry you? I am sorry.
So you feel like this when a heart leaves you.
With its large amount of investment, Seolin Group is starting to meddle in the business, too.
These written reports also need to be handed over to Seolin.
Development project reports, and some with confidential information, it's not that simple.
There must be a problem.
Won't you go and take a look? She must have been really scared.
It isn't a matter of life or death.
You don't have to worry too much.
I am sorry.
Dad, I'm really, really sorry.
My father went back.
Don't worry about the ranch.
According to Seolin, it's my land so it should be fine.
I am sorry.
Have you had your dinner? Even though you don't have the heart to, remember to eat energetic food.
You fool.
You're already having a tough time because of me, and now you're also worried about me? You didn't do it on purpose.
And you're also having a tough time.
There definitely will be a way.
So Just one minute, let's stay like this.
Just one minute.