Parallels (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

A Simple Plan

1 Previously on Parallels What's certain is that I come from the future.
And if I did, it means Romane and Victor did as well.
Guys, where are you? [Victor.]
There's another test tonight.
It's now or never.
- You wanna go back in time? - Exactly.
- [Romane.]
Belkabir? - Do I know you? He's Victor, and I'm Romane.
You told me there'd be another test in a few days.
We go to the bunker, and you make us return.
I don't wanna stay.
I wanna be 14.
We all do.
Right, Victor? [Romane.]
My mother dies because of Hervé.
And my sister and I get separated.
I don't wanna stay like this either.
I mean, it's risky.
I can't believe what just happened.
I thought you guys were dead, okay? Every day, for four years, I sat there and wondered if I had anything to do with it.
Victor! Drinking champagne, mingling with your friends, signing contracts - What are you getting at? - How can you look at yourself - in the mirror? - Victor? Camille's alone with Hervé.
I gotta get her out of there.
I can't leave her with that guy.
What are you doing here? Who are you? What do you want? [ragged breathing.]
This way.
Are you done being mad at me? Seriously, can't we talk about it? [breathes heavily.]
Not now, Victor.
Where are we going? [Romane.]
It's a surprise, sweetie.
Where is Hervé? Uh, he's not here, but he asked me to take care of you.
Okay? Mm-hmm.
What's wrong? Do I look different? [grunts.]
I've changed? - What? Is it my face? - No.
Then what? My voice? It sounds sad.
Yeah, a bit, I guess.
And when you're sad? I hug Mommy.
I like to hug Mommy too.
But now it's me giving you a hug.
- [Camille chuckles.]
- [kisses.]
- [Camille sighs.]
- [kisses.]
I can't believe what just happened.
I mean, that was crazy.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
I mean, how was I supposed to know? You only realized you could do that just now? Well, okay, I knew a little.
I just didn't know it could go that far.
And you didn't think that it it'd be worth mentioning to us? I said I was sorry, okay? He was about to punch Romane.
You were both knocked out! What could else I do? See? That's the problem with you.
It's never on purpose.
So, you're still saying that? I told you a thousand times it was an accident.
We got it! It wasn't your fault! It still has consequences! Maybe it's time you take responsibility! - Responsibility? - [Sam.]
Yeah! You're just like Dad.
You two are the same.
Did I save you or not? Romane! So, you're all against me now? Is that it? Don't get upset, dude.
We're with you.
- We're here.
We're here.
- You're just like the others.
Easy, Victor.
That's right.
I'm a monster! You glad now? [pants.]
[clicks tongue.]
Victor! [pants.]
I'm going with Sam in the ambulance.
Stay with your mother.
Dad, I'm sorry.
[breathes heavily.]
[device chirps.]
- [Sofia.]
What is that? - [device buzzing.]
[device beeping.]
[breathing heavily.]
- [children, distorted.]
Happy birthday! - Come on.
Get up.
Come on.
Get up, get up.
Happy birthday.
Daddy, come on.
It's your birthday.
You have to wake up.
- Wake up, wake up.
- Wake up.
Wake up, wake up.
It's your birthday.
Come on.
Get up, Daddy.
Come on.
It's your birthday.
- [Romane.]
Wake up.
- [Bilal.]
Come on.
Wake up.
Wake up! Daddy, come on.
It's your birthday! Wake up, Daddy.
It's your birthday.
- It's your birthday.
Wake up.
- Happy birthday, my love.
[breathing shakily.]
And what else? [Romane.]
So, uh, you started taking ballet lessons.
I did? Yep, and you're really good at it.
The future sounds like fun.
- [Camille.]
And you? - [Romane.]
What about me? Look at that that thing over there.
- It's kind of like a sword.
- Yeah.
A crocodile.
No, it's a sword.
Because crocodiles are green, and that thing is gold.
[Bilal grunts.]
Dang! [Romane.]
You okay? Uh [clears throat.]
Yep, I was just looking for my wedding ring.
Found it.
You think that's funny? Well, yeah.
You don't even know who your wife is in the future.
Maybe you don't have one, and you wear it to be cool.
- [Bilal.]
Um - What? - Oh, there's proof.
- Mm-hmm.
Sorry for doubting you.
I Love You my darling Mmm.
Uh, hold on, hold on.
You should read it.
I mean You You recognize this handwriting? No.
No, sorry.
I I think it's your handwriting, Romane.
Like, I'm your wife in the future? [stammers.]
- Are you sure? - [Bilal.]
I I think so.
I wasn't sure if I should tell you or not.
What? So, your children are my children? - They're our - [Bilal laughs.]
I [gasps.]
Okay, I'd never have believed we'd get married one day.
Well, that's nice to hear.
No, I mean You're Bilal! We're buddies, and you're - Yeah, of course.
It's not Well - Okay, and what are the names of our kids? That I don't know.
[both laughing.]
Okay, and, um, this may sound silly, but are we in love? [sighs.]
Well, I hope so.
Okay, that's a lot of information.
And, um, any word from Victor? No, I've never seen him like that.
I'm a bit worried.
Hope he comes back.
[bell ringing.]
What's going on? [exhales sharply.]
What are you doing? [Romane.]
You'll see, crazy! - Are you sure? - Yes! Okay.
All right, uh, green light.
Red light! Oh, dang, Romane.
How'd you do that? I don't know.
The first time was when I went to see my mother.
I didn't get what happened to me.
All right.
Let's go again.
Uh, green light.
Red light.
- Ta-da! - [Bilal chuckles.]
I did it again with Hervé yesterday.
Right before I hit my head, and I think I get how it works.
All I do is focus.
[gasps, laughs.]
How is that possible? Uh, hold on.
All right.
So, you you got your powers while traveling, is that it? I mean, I traveled too.
From further away.
What about me? I understand you have a pretty amazing wife in the future.
That enough? Sam? Don't look at me like that.
Like what? I don't know.
Like you feel sorry for me.
I waited too long to date you.
It wouldn't have changed anything.
See, that that's my problem.
I wait too long to say things, so then I don't.
I mean, I want to, but then it's too late.
All right.
What would you want to say? I would've said that you're beautiful.
That you're funny, you're smart, and I can't believe we get along so well.
And I've never had that.
That's what I would've said.
I was crazy about you too, you know? You're always going to be my first boyfriend.
That will never change.
Even if we didn't kiss? [sighs.]
[on phone.]
Langlois's office, may I help you? [Retz.]
Hello, Mrs.
This is Lieutenant Retz.
National Police.
You're the manager at the power station, right? Yes.
That's right.
How can I help you, Lieutenant? Uh, could you tell me about the power outage which lasted a few seconds on March 21st just after 11:00? Uh, yes.
Yes, I see.
Um Listen, normally, we should have been able to handle the energy surge caused by the test, but apparently, they had major technical problems.
- Hello? - Yes? Uh, who are "they"? Which test are you talking about? The ERN test, of course.
ERN? All right.
Uh, sorry, do these issues occur a lot? Not at all.
We haven't had this kind of issue for a good ten years now.
Is there a exact date you could share with me? Uh, yes, I'm looking it up.
Hold on.
I got it.
February 17th, 2011, at 2:12 p.
Hello? Hello? All looking for Hugo [Sofia.]
I'm really sorry, Alban.
I I really would've wanted to be there, but - [Alban.]
Yes, yes, I know.
Get some rest.
- Do you have everything? Yes.
Without you, we wouldn't have done the second test, so thanks.
I'll keep you updated about the results, all right? Okay, is it still scheduled in two hours then? [Alban.]
No, not two hours.
We rescheduled protocol.
I forgot to tell you.
The test is in 30 minutes.
- Oh, dang.
- What? - What's wrong? - Nothing.
Thanks, Alban.
I have to run.
Sofia? Dang! [sighs.]
[phone rings.]
Now's not a good time.
You okay back there? We're going on a field trip, girls.
On, no.
Don't look at me that way.
[crow caws.]
[Sofia screams.]
- [flies buzzing.]
- [gasps.]
What is that? from Sofia to Sofia [laptop beeps.]
[Sofia on laptop.]
Sorry, sorry.
I'll be right over.
Hello, young Sofia.
We're in 2035.
May 14th.
So I'm - Fifty-four.
- That's right, 54 years old.
So, if everything happens how I think it will, Bilal must be with you.
My Bilal.
If I know that, it's not [taps key.]
[taps key.]
If I know that, it's because it happened to me too, 15 years ago.
Everything you're going through, I did as well.
[Sofia on laptop.]
Like me, you'll try to do the test again.
And, like me, you are going to fail.
I was lost.
What would I tell the kids? - You all right? - How did it go? Overall not too well.
[Sofia on laptop.]
I was there to tell them it was impossible.
That we only had a few hours left before the last test and that I'd never make it.
Of course, they convinced me to try and do it anyway.
Victor wasn't there.
I asked where he was.
I was so out of it, I didn't insist.
Now I know I should have.
Victor is responsible for what happened there next.
But I still don't know what.
The kids know something for sure.
Ask them.
It's crucial.
We were to meet at the bunker, but they weren't there.
I called Sam.
I mean, like, over and over.
There were only five minutes left before the launch.
Then four.
Then three.
Then two.
And that's when [Bilal.]
Mom! [Sofia on laptop.]
Something had happened to Sam.
[Sam wheezing.]
We have to do something! [Sofia on laptop.]
I asked 'em what happened, but they were totally - It was chaos.
- [Romane.]
What are we going to do? Victor, fix this! - [Romane.]
Why would you - I don't know how to do it, all right? [Sofia on laptop.]
Without thinking, I left the children there.
- [Sofia.]
Everyone calm down.
- [Romane.]
Victor, fix it! - Trust me.
- Don't leave, Mom.
Trust me.
All right? - [ticking.]
- [beeping.]
[door opens, creaks.]
Mom? Why are you here? Mrs.
Belkabir? Where's Victor? [Bilal.]
Sam? Sam? - Sam! - [Romane breathes heavily.]
Sam! Sam! Sam! [Sofia on laptop.]
I I never should've said yes.
They were my responsibility, and I failed.
I've been living with it for 15 years.
Until now, I was the only one to know the truth.
But now you do too.
Lately, I could see Bilal wasn't well.
I should have known the story would repeat itself.
But I'll make sure it doesn't happen.
We'll both make sure it doesn't happen.
Listen, on this USB key are the latest works from the ERN.
There's been a lot of progress in 15 years, so you may not get it all.
Follow my instructions carefully.
We need to act fast.
If I'm right, you should be a few hours before the test at the ERN.
Bilal? - Come on, sweetie.
We'll go see Sam.
- But wait - What's up? - [Romane.]
Your mother is here.
Wait for me in the bedroom, okay? You heard me, Camille? - You all right? - How did it go? Overall not too well.
Where's Victor? He needed to be alone.
He went for a walk, but he'll be back.
All right.
Is there a problem with Victor? Okay.
Let's try again.
Is there a problem with Victor? If I don't get an answer right now, I'll be on my way, and you're all on your own.
Listen, Mom, I If there's one thing I taught you, it's to not lie.
Because if you do, what do you break? - Your trust.
- [Sofia.]
Look, we don't have much time.
Out with it.
[breathes heavily.]
Dang it.
Dang it, dang it, dang it! We're in a big mess.
- You don't know where he is? - No.
- Sam? - No, I really don't.
So, where's Camille? - Upstairs.
- [Sofia.]
Okay, go get her.
Bring her out here.
Plan B.
All right.
So, what's the plan now? Call it a work in progress.
Thanks, Mom for everything.
Well, you're my son.
You know, a child is a bit of a mystery.
You don't know where it'll go, what it'll be.
It's only once he's grown up that that you discover his personality, piece by piece.
I figured that raising a child alone would be a disaster.
But you were perfect.
You slept through the night.
You didn't cry.
You were kind, smart, curious.
I couldn't believe it.
I mean, I felt like I had won the universe lottery.
You're the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Extremely proud of you.
What's this about? We should always tell people we love that we love them.
Mom, I love you.
I love you too.
My son.
Come in.
Hervé Chassangre called me.
I'm Hervé Chassangre.
I saw you at the hospital.
You gave me your card.
So You remember me now? Okay.
Okay, tell me what happened.
So, you remember the Bermuda Triangle? Come on.
You're making me feel old on purpose.
It's working.
Earth has a geomagnetic field.
Depending on our position, from one point to another, the measurements of this vast field can really fluctuate.
But overall, the differences are small.
When the particle accelerator was starting to be built, in 1994, all kinds of measures were taken to make sure the region's geomagnetic field would remain consistent.
Like this here.
See? To make sure that when we throw the protons into the 27-kilometer-long ring, the test goes off exactly as planned.
- You get it, right? - [Sam.]
- Sorta.
- Yes.
The measures were taken in advance, and everything was fine.
It was consistent.
Except that the other day, I placed sensors in the bunker.
- And then [exclaims.]
- [dings.]
All the meters went nuts.
I had never seen that.
That's what we call Anyone? - A problem.
- A magnetic anomaly.
How do we explain it? No idea.
What I know is that when we combine this anomaly with a collision of particles, it leads to - Time travel.
- Right and wrong.
So, one might argue that Romane, Victor and Bilal come from the future.
Romane and Victor from four years later.
Bilal, 15.
One might also say that they've independently managed to come back to the present to get back to Sam.
Except, Sam, they are not your Romane, Victor and Bilal.
They're versions of Romane, Victor and Bilal.
- The multiverse of Everett.
- Mmm.
I knew it.
So, when you spin a coin, the odds of it landing on heads or tails always are exactly the same.
But Everett said that when it lands, the universe splits into two.
In the first universe, it'll be heads.
In the second one, it'll be tails.
The two universes exist simultaneously, but they never ever meet.
That's why we say they are parallel.
- [Sam.]
Like as if you knew.
- [Bilal.]
Yeah, I was about to say that.
I was.
My name's Sofia Belkabir.
I was born in Rabat, Morocco.
I was raised by my aunt and uncle who wanted me to quit school and work in the fields.
Age 13, I got on a boat, and I went to meet a cousin living in France.
I loved school here.
I belonged here, and I was gifted.
So I studied advanced math, then Polytechnique, and because it was super classy, a PhD in the US.
Even though I was afraid of flying.
That's where I met Bilal's father and fell deeply in love.
We wanted to stay there, but in the end, we came back to France.
After a while, Yanis developed violent headaches.
Diagnosis, brain tumor.
In the meantime, I got pregnant.
I couldn't imagine raising a child alone without Yanis.
Finally, Bilal came into the world.
Yanis died a few days later.
Don't worry.
Bilal is very familiar with his story.
We needed a change, and a position became available at the ERN.
There's a Sofia who still lives in Morocco, who got married and has three kids.
And there's another Sofia who never met Yanis and didn't have kids.
She works in Paris, and she has two cats.
So Everett says that all these Sofias exist.
They are versions of me, but which are not me.
I mean, not exactly.
And we're not supposed to meet because it would contradict all the known laws of the universe.
Except that [Sofia.]
Except that when you went to the bunker the other day, you fell into a kind of vortex where the Universe with a capital U abolished all these rules, and it literally gambled with the versions of you.
You, Romane, you come from a world where Bilal and Sam disappeared.
You, Sam, your reality is you're the only one who stayed.
The three others [exclaims.]
And you, Bilal, in your universe, there was only you and Romane left.
Wait a minute.
How do you know that? I don't even know myself.
I know because your Sofia left me a message about it.
Listen to me carefully, Bilal.
When you came back, it wasn't a coincidence.
You chose to return to the bunker to see if you could repair things.
That means that I failed.
I was too late.
We have one attempt left in a few hours.
My goal is to take you back, all of you, to the night where you were all in the bunker, one minute after the ERN test.
We're going to wipe the slate clean.
Everyone will get back to where they were.
Nobody disappears.
I mean it.
Yeah, cool, huh? Okay.
First, we absolutely need to find Victor and neutralize him to take him to the bunker with you.
I don't want you to try it alone.
Okay? Victor is dangerous.
If you see him, don't you do anything - [Retz.]
- [knocking.]
Open up, you're surrounded! - [Bilal.]
What do we do? - Don't move.
- You're alone? - Yeah.
Yeah, I know, but I've always wanted to say, "You're surrounded.
" May I come in? Hervé Chassangre told me everything.
Don't worry.
He knows.
And you must be Romane, and and you're Bilal.
You're missing Victor.
Right? - Where is he? - We don't know.
We We really don't know.
I saw your stepdad.
He grew quite old.
Like, 30 years I really didn't understand much of it.
But well done, guys.
Look, I can explain everything.
But, um, you'll need to be open-minded.
Well, right now, I'm I'm open-minded.
Give us a sec? [Camille.]
I'm building a house.
- [Romane.]
So? - [Camille.]
A small one.
- I can't hear anything.
- A small house.
[Bilal clears throat.]
So, Mrs.
Belkabir told me everything, and I'll probably regret it, but I decided to help.
Sam? I want you to go with Lieutenant Retz.
What? But why? I wanted to come with you.
I can't tell you everything, but it's part of the plan.
Trust me.
Yeah, okay, but where are you taking me? To jail.
Huh? Listen carefully, sweetie.
I want you to stay with Mom, all right? And what are you gonna do? I'm going to do a magic trick.
- You like magic, don't you? - Mm-hmm.
And when I'm back, it'll be like before.
[Camille chuckles, moans.]
- Go with Mom, okay? - Okay.
Go ahead.
Hey, honey.
How are you, sweetie? Oh, it's okay.
Where are we headed? You're the key to this story.
But the problem is, you forgot everything.
But where are we headed? [Sofia.]
We're going to awaken your memory.

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