Parallels (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


1 Previously in Parallels Maybe it's time you take responsibility! - Responsibility? - Yeah! You're just like Dad.
Hello, young Sofia.
We're in 2035, May 14th.
Everything you're going through, I did as well.
Like me, you'll try to do the test again.
And, like me, you're going to fail.
They were my responsibility and I failed.
- Sam, Sam! - Sam! Listen to me carefully, Bilal.
When you came back, it wasn't a coincidence.
You chose to return to the bunker to see if you could repair things.
Everyone will get back to where they were.
Nobody disappears.
Sam? I'm going to ask you to go with Lieutenant Retz.
You're the key to this story.
But the problem is you forgot everything.
We're going to awaken your memory.
- Thank for doing this, Fred.
- Sure, after all this time.
- Is it going to hurt him? - No.
Transcranial magnetic stimulation sounds kind of barbaric, but it's not invasive at all.
Shall I explain? Do you happen to know anything about magnetic fields? A bit.
The coil generates a wave, creating a magnetic field in your brain, which will impact your neurons, stimulate them, and also stimulate your memory.
Are you ready? Here we go.
You ought to be happy.
And you'll notice in the study, that we found that Daddy! Wake up, Daddy.
I love you guys.
- Same.
- Same.
- Why? Why? - You're being overstimulated.
If we continue, you could suffer a seizure.
In any case, the memory will keep doing its work.
All right? Things will slowly come into focus for you.
I'm not sure I understand.
Well, it doesn't take much to trigger a memory.
It can be a face, a sound, a word, a scent even an object.
And suddenly, a whole part of your memory will come back to you.
How long will it take? Could be a few hours or even a few months.
You're pale.
Feel well.
KIDNAPPING It'll be all right.
I hope so.
Victor! Listen to me for just one second, please.
You need to return.
Sofia discovered some mind-blowing things.
She'll be able to send us back in time for good, Victor.
We can make everything right.
Does Sam know? Yes, he knows.
- Where is he? - At the police station.
I don't know why Sofia thought he needed to be safe.
He'll join us.
Let's go.
No, hold on.
Why would I want to do that anyway? Look at them.
"An orange juice while studying the stock markets, my dear?" "Yes, I would love that.
" Who cares if I'm here or not? - So, why go back? - It can change, Victor.
No, it'll just be the same as always.
You can't change parents who hate their child.
- They don't.
I promise.
- They do! Everybody does! Nobody hates you.
You're wrong, Victor.
Another betrayal? Victor, that's not what happened.
- We didn't betray you.
- You did.
You pushed me away, and I still saved your life.
Go, Romane.
It isn't gonna end well.
You have to come.
We're not leaving without you.
I said go! PARALLELS I jeopardized everything.
Romane our kids, my job, my life to save Sam and Victor.
I never really got over what happened to them.
You had lost your two best friends.
I know it's hard to hear this, but we can't just live with the memory of those who've left.
We need to move on.
What? Tell me again when Dad left? You know the answer already.
He left 15 years ago.
Have you met someone else? Uh, no.
That's just what I thought.
I didn't meet anyone, because I haven't had time.
That's all.
- No time, huh? - No.
Mom, you had time.
You just haven't felt like it.
I mean, "We need to move on.
We can't live with the memory of those who've left.
" - That's what I heard.
- Would you knock it off? Is that how you talk to your mother? You grow a beard and now you teach me about life.
And, uh Where are we going? We don't have the few months it'd take to recover your memory.
We have four hours till the test.
Otherwise, the next firing window is in four years.
So, it's now or never.
We'll go to the ERN and put you to work.
How will you get me in? Your name is Omar Ayouch, and you're a professor at MIT.
He came last year for a conference at Geneva University.
No one talked to him but me.
It'll be easy.
It'll all work out.
- Hello, Ismaël.
- Hello, Sofia.
How you doing? I have a guest.
No problem.
Can I see your ID, please, sir? So, uh, the thing is, his passport is at the consulate for problems with his visa.
But he was here last winter.
- In December.
- November.
- November.
- Mmm.
- Your name? - Omar Ayouch.
And how do you spell that? Omar.
Ayouch, A-Y O ouche Uh, yeah.
It's all good.
I found you.
Have a nice day.
- See you tonight.
- See you tonight.
- Hi, Sofia.
- Hi.
Most of them are at the pre-launch meeting.
We shouldn't be interrupted.
You recognize this place? Uh, I've seen it before, yeah.
It's the brains of the Collider.
The principle of the LHC consists of two beams of protons colliding at nearly the speed of light.
This creates the same conditions as right after the big bang.
At the beginning of the universe.
- It's - An antiproton decelerator.
To detect antimatter.
I don't know how I know that.
It's coming back to you.
Let's go.
Right here.
These are superconducting magnets that guide the beams.
Try to unlock that.
We'll see where you are.
A test? Cool.
I see.
It's an interface issue.
You're working with an older version.
Here we go.
It's simple actually.
Sofia? What are you doing here? - Hi, Alban.
- Feeling better? - I thought you needed to rest.
- Uh I was supposed to.
But, um But Omar was visiting Geneva.
And he really wanted to see our facility again.
So Omar Ayouch.
Of course, I've heard a lot about you.
Oh, yeah? Alban Koch.
Research director.
I read your thesis.
A small revolution in our field.
"Electron selection and search for the Higgs boson.
" And, uh Ah.
I usually have an excellent memory.
Um Um That's okay.
Nobody remembers thesis titles these days.
It's kind of upsetting really.
It's actually "Electrons selection and searching for Higgs boson decay to tau lepton pairs using the CMS experiment.
" In fact, the idea was just to focus on abnormal signals.
That's actually when the three-level rejection algorithm was born.
You've got a bright future ahead of you, young man.
- Right, Sofia? - Yeah.
Well, I'll leave you now.
- I've got a meeting.
- Okay.
It was a pleasure to meet you.
Uh So I'll see you later, right? Before our ultimate test.
Yes, yes.
I'll be there.
You can count on me.
I must've read that thesis.
I don't know.
It came to me while talking to him.
- Should we move on to the next step? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Now, I recognize my data.
- But? You won't be able to enter it as is.
The software's much faster in 2035.
Trying with Atlas will be like Inserting a Blu-Ray into a VCR.
Something like that.
So, it's encoded in a certain way, and it needs decoding for Atlas to interpret it.
That's right.
We only have three hours left before the test.
I'm going back to the ERN.
Send me the data.
And I type it into the Atlas before the experiment.
Mom, I can't do it in less than three hours.
My son if you returned, it's because you know it works.
I repeat: We're looking for a male Caucasian.
5'9, 17 years old.
He's wearing a light gray hoodie.
If you see him, don't approach him by yourself.
Roger that.
Nothing to report for now.
Nothing on our side either.
No Network Hello? Hello? Come on.
What's What's going on? Oh! Hello? Anyone? Hello? Victor? - Did you - Yeah, yeah, I had to.
Come with me.
- Shouldn't I stay here? - Change of plans.
Let's go.
Where are the others? Waiting for us, actually.
Hand me your phone.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
So, in 90 minutes, we're launching Atlas, one last time.
Subject: Data for VCR TO: Bilal Belkabir MEET ME AT 4 P.
at the bunker Sofia, come on! - Yes, yes, I'll be right there.
- You coming? Bilal? Bilal! That's why I came back.
To prevent Victor from attacking Sam.
Attack? What do you mean? I failed the first time, but this time, I won't.
At least Sam's safe.
Now, we have to find Victor.
Victor knows where Sam is.
I told him.
Today, at 3:13 p.
It's Bilal.
Come pick us up.
We have to stop Victor.
I know where he is.
Move it.
Samuel? Sam is with me.
We're at the cabin.
Hurry, but don't tell the cops.
Got it? Come on, everybody.
The clock is ticking.
Victor? - It's Victor.
- Arnaud, what are you talking about? He's right, Mom.
You okay, Sam? Yeah, I'm fine.
- Victor, is that really you? But how - Long story.
Have a seat.
I said sit down! Please just sit.
What's this about, Victor? Can't you tell? Family reunion.
What's wrong? I've lived through this before.
Victor is a ticking bomb.
Not a question of whether he goes off.
It's when.
I just need to hear something from your own mouth.
Hearing it will make me feel better.
It'll set me free.
And it'll set you free also.
So, let's hear it.
Say that you never loved me.
- But why would we say that? - Hey, I said, no more lies! But it's the truth, Victor.
I'll go in the back and disable him.
But isn't there a better way? Sorry, but I don't like getting used for target practice by your friend.
Got another solution? Let's go.
Listen, Victor, we can't let you judge us without saying anything.
We've always made it a point to treat you and your brother equally.
Are you serious? You made me believe I was the problem.
The real problem.
"Victor, enough.
Victor, you're doing it wrong.
Victor, that's nonsense.
" It's like I never do anything right! I always try to get good grades! I try to do as expected! But it's never good enough! And there was the accident with Sam.
Got even worse after that.
You thought I was jealous and did it on purpose.
Right? Hey, Victor, stop it.
You're scaring them.
Listen to me.
Do you remember when you said that I never stood up for you? That I was a bad big brother? You were right.
Okay? Thank you.
Thank you for admitting it.
Good thing Sam's here.
Never a word out of place.
Always polite and obedient.
So, of course, I can never measure up to that.
You set the bar too high.
- Stop it, Victor.
You're hurting me.
- Oh, don't worry.
Let me tell you something about hurt.
Calm down.
Well, everyone's here.
Sam's parents, Sam's best friend, Sam's girlfriend.
Everyone's always here for nice Sam.
So, Bilal, what will you do? We're not here for Sam.
We're here for you.
Some hell of a plan.
Don't you move! Or I'll turn you into a mummy, got it? Put it away.
Victor, sweetheart.
I don't know what's happening.
But I know one thing it's that you're my son, and I see you're in pain.
Your father and I meant well.
We always said that we would treat you and Sam equally.
Without any favoritism.
But I realized it too late.
We were wrong to think like that.
Having children with such different personalities, we we should've adjusted to each one of you.
And we never did.
Grounding you was so much easier than trying to understand you.
It was the easy way out.
The truth is that we love you.
And we still do.
We don't stop loving you because we get angry.
We thought you knew that, deep down.
But we were wrong.
Forgive me, Victor.
We shouldn't have treated you like that.
No, no, you're saying that now, but I saw you.
It doesn't matter to you if I'm here or not.
That's not true.
You're trying to trick me.
All of you! It's too late.
It's too late! Victor.
Victor, listen to me! Please.
Look at me.
In my world, you've disappeared.
Your parents, years later, are still looking for you.
All right? Every year, they light a candle at church.
They pray for your return.
I know, I was there.
You're all liars.
You're liars! Sam is dead! You killed Sam.
He lunged at me to save my life, all right? Because you couldn't control your powers.
That's what happened, Victor.
And that's what will happen again if you don't calm down.
I meant it.
I never lied to you.
Trust me.
This is all my fault, then? I never do anything right.
I'm the problem.
Victor! Victor! What is it? Guys, we need to go.
Come on.
Ten minutes.
Ten minutes! Come on, let's go.
Go, go, go.
I'll see you soon.
Okay? Okay.
Thank you for coming back for us.
And if we all end up like roasted chickens in space it was a pleasure meeting you anyway.
It's now.
Five seconds to go.
Come on.
See you soon.
Five, four, three, two, one! But your blade, it might be too sharp I'm like a rubber band Until you pull too hard Yeah, I may snap and I move fast You won't see me fall apart I've got an elastic heart DEATH HAZARD See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I can't stand it anymore.
You hear me? I can't stand it anymore! It's always the same thing with you.
You never stop.
Victor, what were you doing outside at that time of night? Victor, answer us.
It was Bilal's birthday! We had a party.
That's all.
That's all.
That's all.
Without telling us! What about the champagne bottle that's missing? Samuel, go back upstairs, please.
And you cry about going to boarding school? Well, now you know why you're going.
All right, stop! First of all, celebrating Bilal's birthday at the bunker wasn't Victor's idea.
- Don't take the blame.
- Sorry, Mom, but I'm not done.
Second, why are you always yelling at Victor? And listen.
If you send him away, I'm going too.
Samuel, stay out of this.
It's none of your business.
But I think it is.
Samuel, go back to your room, please.
You don't get to decide.
Your mom and I do.
- He's right.
- You see.
No, I'm talking about Sam.
- What? - He's right.
You know the more I think about it, boarding school is a bad idea.
Alice, what are you talking about? I changed my mind.
I can, right? Of course you can.
Go back to your rooms, both of you.
Your mother and I need to talk.
Sit down.
Yesterday Any way you made it was just fine So you turned your days into nighttime Didn't you know, you can't - Morning, sweetie.
- Hey.
Tell your friends to not show up too early.
Nothing's ready yet.
Um, I think this is for you.
What is it? something's on your mind Where did you find that? It was in my pocket.
Let these times show I love mysteries.
breaking up the lines Leaving all your dreams too far behind Didn't you see, you can't make it Hi, Sofia.
It's Sofia from the future.
I mean I'm only three days ahead of you.
If you get this message, it means that everything went well.
Well, I hope so.
I have a lot to tell you, in very little time.
So listen carefully.
Something totally crazy happened.
Bilal, my son I mean, your son.
Well, anyway, you understand Anyway, we have a lot to get through.
First off, there was some issue where a bunch of these kids, including Bilal, fell into kind of a vortex.
All right.
That's all.
The data's on that flash drive.
Just know, you'll be 15 years ahead of everyone.
Oh, dang, I need to go.
One thing you should know.
If you need an ally, go see Retz, the cop.
While you're at it, ask for his number.
He won't mind.
Take care.
Yay! Should I work out now? - Yeah, try them.
- Yeah, five minutes.
Push! He's so fun.
Mom? - Mom? - Hmm? Didn't you have a gift for me? Ah, yes, I do.
It arrived earlier today.
Can I see? Ooh, another one.
Whoa, this looks cool.
You guys ready? Open it.
One, two, three.
Well, it doesn't take much to trigger a memory.
A sound, a word, a scent even an object.
I remember.
I remember it all.
- So do I.
- Me too.
I remember everything.
Oh, dang.

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