Paranoid (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

That's not a haircut.
That's a hair STYLE.
How much do you pay for that, Alec? Leave him alone, Nina.
Did you go to Manchester for that haircut? He had bloody pomegranate with his chicken last week! I'll bet it was organic.
Was it? I tell you what That looks like an organic haircut to me.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, thou halfpenny purse of wit.
He just quoted Shakespeare at me! Well, I'm making a complaint.
I'm going to HR.
I'll be back in a minute.
When are you gonna get your bladder looked at, Bobby? Bob! Happens to men of a certain age.
They have tablets for it, you know.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) (DOOR OPENS) MAN: Oh, that walking headache of a commander, that man's the bane of my life.
He's parked in my space again.
Boss, can I just check something with you? Shakespeare in the workplace.
There's a directive against that, isn't there? Intellectual harassment? It's bordering on hate crime (!) No work to do today, Nina? (PHONES RING) CID.
(CHILD CRIES) Why don't they take their kids home? What's the matter with people? They've never seen a murder before, Bobby.
Angela Benton.
A child with her, a boy.
Three years old.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) It was a man.
Weird head jerking.
Stabbed, ran.
No face.
Weird is 'ei' - you've spelled it 'ie'.
That's 'wierd'.
Is it 'weird' or 'wierd'? Weird.
OK, 22 witnesses.
22 witnesses and no-one saw a face? Shock can do that.
Fear can do that.
OK, she's a GP.
One of the other mums knew her a bit, but was it a random attack or was he looking for her? Was it a patient at her practice? We have a Lucy Cannonbury.
Where is she? Lucy Cannonbury.
Picked the child up, took him out of the way.
OK, let's start with her.
Bobby? Yeah, all right.
Er It was about 8:50.
The park gets quite crowded then because the mums have dropped off their school-age kids and they bring their toddlers here on the way home.
They They bring coffee and sit.
I worry about that - that they have to drink coffee.
You worry about the coffee.
Well, I have a cafe.
I see how much coffee people drink these days.
Angela came in sometimes.
Can we get back to this morning? He was about 15 steps from the climbing frame and he just lurched.
He stumbled, fell over .
as he ran off.
Miss Cannonbury, that's all very detailed.
Erm 8:50, 15 steps.
Have you got, like, some memory thing or something? Er No.
Not memory.
I like to be present.
Erm Why Why did no-one see his face? He had his head down, like this.
Anderm And you didn't have a child with you.
No, I live nearby.
Plant Planet.
I come here to read.
I like the sound of the children.
I don't have kids.
Do you? Kids, me? (SCOFFS) Are you OK? Yeah, yeah.
What do you mean? Breathe.
You what? Take some deep breaths.
So, er (CLEARS THROAT) 8:50, 15 steps.
My sister's husband started having panic attacks.
I invited him to the meetings, but he wouldn't have it.
He'd rather take pills.
I never said I was having panic attacks.
I never said that you did say, so What meetings were these? The Friends.
Quaker meetings.
Would you like to come along? No.
A woman was killed right here.
Erm Her little son watched it happen.
I know.
I held him.
(HEAVY BREATHING) You hear it on the radio all the time.
Social Services are told time and time again.
These people are left to run wild and Your daughter lived with you? I could help out with Luke when she was at work.
They'll take him away from me, won't they? They'll take Luke away.
I mustn't go to bits.
What about Luke's dad? He lives abroad.
He's not English.
He's not a man.
We will have to let him know what's happened.
He can't have Luke.
(SOBS) Do you want five minutes? No more questions.
Just sit here with me.
Oh, sorry.
Excuse me.
I I'm I'm sorry.
(BREATHES DEEPLY) It's horrible.
Don't think I don't know.
We're looking right now, I promise you.
Checking out men released into the community.
But I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask you - was there anything? Something happened to Angela lately, something she was frightened of? Someman at the surgery? Anything.
What's that in the kitchen, Mr Benton? The The burn marks on the wall.
(SOBS) What? What is it? We just kept saying how lucky she was.
There was a gas explosion and Angela was in the garden with Luke.
We just kept saying how blessed she was to be alive.
How can that be fair? Why d'you have to mention the kitchen fire? I'd only just got the bloke calmed down.
Oi, Shakespeare.
Do you know what 'softly softly' is? Leave him alone, Nina.
When did you get the job as his chauffeur? What's wrong with being nice, eh? He came in this way.
We had a sighting on Myrtle Road which suggests that he may have come down from Hunstan Flats area.
Witness descriptions - he wasn't right.
(PHONE RINGS) Head jerking.
What is it, boss? Yeah.
You see something, Bobby? NINA: Yeah, OK.
We have a name.
His brother called in, said he's gone missing.
Psychopathic schizophrenia with OCD.
Try this.
He lives up on Meadow Lake Lane.
Hunstan Flats.
Jacob Appley.
There's someone out there.
Watching us.
Bobby, we're police officers at a murder scene.
People are gonna look at us.
I can put up with your mood swings, but don't you go paranoid on me, OK? Come on.
Why do I have to live next door to a psycho?! Why wasn't he locked up?! Psychos with rights! You're not going anywhere.
See what happens, eh? D'you see? Hey, hey, hey, back in your flat now.
I'm just looking for my brother.
I'm looking for Jacob.
What's your name? Henry.
Henry Appley.
(STRAINS) Your brother ever wear a hoodie, Henry? He'd talk to himself and then he'd see people looking at him.
and then he'd see people Hoodie was his way of hiding.
Did Jacob ever refuse to take his medication? Never.
He wanted to take them.
What's this about? Ah, that was a trick that we came up with.
If he kept his bottles in his slippers, then every morning he'd have them in his hand first thing.
So sometimes he might forget to take them, is that it? But we had it sorted.
Erm Did Did Jacob do these? My brother had this thing about drawing himself.
He did a picture every day.
D'you mind if we take this? No.
Where would Jacob go, Henry? Who does he know? What does he like? BOSS: No sightings of Jacob Appley.
No-one who knows him has seen anything of him.
If he's not on his meds, he's not gonna be any more sane or rational.
Keep ramping up the message - this man is dangerous, do not approach him.
I think everybody and his dog knows that, boss.
Things are bad, Nina.
It's my job to stop them getting worse.
Now we've got the name of Jacob's psychiatrist, a Doctor Crowley.
Alec, go and see him.
BOBBY: Jacob doesn't drive, but we scoured the town and he hasn't turned up.
If he's out in the countryside somewhere, how far can he get? Let's move this search out.
We've got officers coming in from Cuddington and Waverton.
Listen up.
There's a mood out there and there's a mood upstairs as well.
The kind of suspect we have.
The woman who was killed.
The place it happened.
Mothers and toddlers.
We do not balls this up.
Right? Got that? (SIGHS) It's Dennis's dad's retirement party tonight.
His family are big on family.
I'm gonna have to go over there for five minutes to show my face.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) Alexander.
Doctor Crowley.
I need to talk to you about Jacob Appley.
You're a detective now.
No, your mother told me.
I I bumped into her in town.
Jacob Appley? I believe you're his psychiatrist? I I've had a few glasses of wine.
I didn't know anyone would want to speak to me about this tonight.
I just want some information, OK, about his medication, his condition, his moods.
Has Jacob ever been known to be violent before? Has Jacob ever been known Some psychopathic tendencies, but Look, thethe drugs don't necessarily stop the thoughts.
They just wipe out They lessen the inclination to act.
It's not fair.
Not fair? To turn up like this.
I was asleep.
What are we supposed to do? The tests aren't definitive.
Nothing is in psychiatry.
You have to use your judgement.
They'll think it was me.
I signed the release.
They'll say it was my fault! Doctor Crowley, this man is dangerous and he's out there tonight.
We need your help to find him.
No-one's interested in whether it's your fault.
Just yet.
Oh, no, no.
Ah, no.
I'm not on duty and I'm not sober.
I will speak to you when I can properly represent myself.
Look, I can't stay.
I'll just give your dad a kiss.
Is your mother scowling? No, I told 'em you weren't coming.
Oh, God.
It's not like I spend my day selling time shares.
Someone was killed today.
Let's go in.
I told 'em that we were finished.
Stop it.
Is there any food left? I haven't eaten all day.
Look, please don't make a scene, Nina.
I'm late.
It's all over the news.
Your job isn't the problem.
But I bought a dress.
You You let me buy a dress.
I I broke my neck to get here.
I just knew tonight that I had to tell you.
Tell me? Like, w You've known for a while? Yeah.
How long? Doesn't matter.
It matters! I'm 38.
We've been together forever.
Four years.
Four and a half years.
That When you get involved with a woman in her 30s and it's a relationship for four years, that means something.
Can we not do this? Please.
I'm gonna go back in.
I'm sorry that it happened this way.
I'll call you.
(NINA SIGHS AND SNIFFS) So I spoke to Jacob's psychiatrist.
He was drunk and more concerned with his own reputation.
Piss off.
(MUFFLED) You missed the party? (SOBS) I missed the party.
When did he know? I keep chasing that round my head, but I can't catch it.
How long has he known? How long has he been lying to me? I wanna know.
Well, I only met Dennis once.
He seemed W I You were a couple, so I feel like I'm having a thousand thoughts all at once.
All this stuff is racing through me.
You know, for the first 18 months, he kept obsessing about his ex.
I put up with that.
He called it grief.
I was patient.
I mean, how many women would put up with that? And when he was out of work, I took him on holidays.
I never once mentioned it.
Some people, they are just takers and he's in that party and he thinks he's the good guy.
Well, I'm gonna bloody tell him.
Nina, what would that achieve? Achieve? It would achieve me nailing the bastard for once.
It would achieve him knowing he's a selfish, self-centred lump of piss.
Do you know what I want? I wanna I wanna hit him.
I wanna feel myself smacking him.
Don't hit him, Nina.
I'm broken-hearted.
Yeah, butif you hit him, you could lose your job.
(SNIFFS) Thanks, Alec.
Thanks and all that, but I'm gonna go now.
I'm coming with you.
I'm about to have a break-up with my boyfriend.
I don't need some bloke from work there.
I'm not getting out of your car, so So, we're looking for this fella, Jacob Appley.
We haven't found him yet, but I thought I'd tell you because just reading about it or seeing it on the news.
I don't watch the news.
Anyway I keep thinking about the boy.
About Luke.
Yeah, I should have said.
That took courage, what you did.
What did you make of the meeting? Er Yeah, well I just came along to tell you about Jacob Appley.
But it was interesting.
Lots of silence.
(CHUCKLES) Aren't you curious about why I'm a Quaker? Yeah, yeah.
Well? Or you could just tell me.
Tell someone, Bobby, what's troubling you or you'll go under.
I get these, like, panic attacks.
Stuff just gets to me.
Buskers have got amplifiers now - so loud.
I used to love listening to buskers.
Now, they all think they're on The X Factor.
And, like today, there was this neighbour attacking Jacob Appley's brother.
Why are people so quick to hate? So it's building and building inside me.
Life's got claws, you know.
It never used to have claws.
You want a cup of tea? What? Do you want someone to sit with you for a while? I would like that.
(PHONE RINGS) Could just go home and you could see Dennis tomorrow, maybe, when you've calmed down.
Nina, Nina, Nina.
Dennis! I will change.
This is a wake-up call.
Look, we could try.
I know what I'm like and and this time, the penny's dropped.
Let's just go back to how it was.
No pressure oror anything.
That's not gonna happen, Nina, I'm sorry.
Let me show you.
Look, we'll All we have to do We can meet up tomorrow or Saturday or, you know, whenever you want and we can We can talk.
OK, let's do that.
You're just saying that to get rid of me.
I'm trying to tell you, Nina, that I'm clear.
No matter how much I say it, you don't get it.
Come on, Nina.
I want children.
I'll get her home.
I want children! (SOBS) (PHONE RINGS) Jacob Appley.
He jumped.
(DISTANT PHONE RINGS) So how long have you felt like this, Mr Day? A while.
Quite a while.
Weeks? Months.
It's the job.
It's I get so stressed.
We've all been really shaken by what happened to Angela.
We don't get many murders here.
But it's not that, it's not just the villains.
They're just hopeless, most of 'em.
Greedy, selfish.
Selfish? Yeah.
Gets to me.
Gets to you? It used to be, like, a service.
Now they talk about budgets.
There's too much to do.
It's becoming impossible.
Impossible? Why do you keep saying back to me what I've just said? Your current prescription is helping with your depression.
What we need to do is add on something to just take away some of the anxiety.
There's a chemical in your brain called dopamine.
It carries messages.
If it gets too much, that can cause the distressing thoughts.
We just want to slow it down.
Let's see how we get on, eh? The good news - we have a suspect.
The bad news - we can't exactly interview him.
I want a mountain of forensics.
CCTV evidence.
Let's place him at the scene.
Angela's clothes.
Jacob Appley's clothes.
Are we taking that at face value, sir? That he killed himself? Not face value, no, Alec, but he was wanted for murder, he was on his own, and there's no sign of a struggle.
We will investigate thoroughly and if there's reason to doubt the cause of death, you will be the first to know.
Now, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, burn it into your brows - I want that weapon.
Thanks, Alec, you know, for last night.
For looking after me.
Oh, no.
Look, are youum Are you all right? Thought I knew him.
Unnerves you, doesn't it? Well, you never really get people until you try to see things from their point of view.
Climb into their skin and walk around in it, you know.
Yeah? Well you know what, Alec, right now, I don't wanna walk around in Dennis's skin.
I wanna peel it slowly from his bones.
Thank you.
Thanks very much.
Thank you.
We found him.
Jacob Appley.
You probably heard, but I thought How about that cup of tea? Yeah, thanks.
BOY: Lucy.
Hello! Oh.
Oh, you wanna go in there? Do some digging? That's good.
Eric's struggling a bit.
Luke knows this place, knows me, so I offered to have him.
He's very confused.
Soermwill there be a trial if the person who did it is dead? No.
No, trial, no buterm we might need you to ID him.
You were one of the closest to him in the park.
And stuff like did he go straight across to her as though he knew her? Things like that.
Well, it looked to me as though he did.
I was about to go up to him when he spotted her.
It seemed like he was looking for her.
That's what I told the other detective.
What other detective? The one who came here last night.
Another detective came to see you? What, nobody? Did no-one go and see Miss Cannonbury? When did she tell you this, Bobby? This morning.
So you went to see her this morning? Yeah.
Why did you do that? To tell her about that we found someone and that it was all over.
Do you normally go and see a witness and tell them that it's over? No, not normally.
But you went to see this one for some reason? It's quite odd, this witness statement.
15 steps.
She's a perfect witness.
I mean, what's that all about? Quaker.
Huh, it's a weirdo.
Or is it "wierdo"? She's a good witness, that's all.
She might be making this other detective stuff up.
She might be one of those 'look at me, look at me' types.
Nina, go and see her.
Give her one of your makeovers.
Let me at her.
Did you see any identification? Did he offer you any? Er It didn't occur to me.
Did he tell you his name? Detective Galen.
And what did he ask you, Miss Cannonbury? He asked me what I saw.
He asked me about Jacob Appley.
He asked me did I see his face.
He wanted to know if it looked like Appley was looking for Doctor Benton.
And then what did Appley do afterwards? Did he just run or was he looking at Doctor Benton on the ground? Anderm He wanted to know, did I see anyone else there.
Anyone else? What did he mean by that? Did I notice anyone odd or different or unusual? And did you? No.
Erm He asked did Angela have anything with her? Did Appley take anything from her? And what did you tell him? She had nothing.
You go there to read? Yes.
That's a peculiar place to read, isn't it? Noisy for concentrating.
Traffic is noise.
Children are not noise.
Describe this 'Detective Galen'.
Did he have an accent? Was he tall, small, fat, balding? Hewas genuine.
That doesn't help.
He was 5'10".
No taller.
Slight build.
Thinning on top.
He was convincing.
That does help.
Don't you contradict me.
I'm just saying he came across as professional.
Alec, button it.
I did notice something.
Erm All of his questions were written down.
There was no call for that.
It was spiteful.
You didn't have to crucify her.
You did that deliberately.
She's some X-ray-eyed witness.
She saves the child by coincidence and then, oh, wait for it, she's making coo-coo eyes at one of the primary detectives.
Did she proposition you? No.
She offered me a cup of tea when I went to see her last night.
You went to see her last night as well? The only reason I'm not taking her in right now is to save your career.
All of his questions were written down.
What's that about? And this Detective Galen asked if Angela had anything with her.
There is no Detective Galen! The Quaker's sex bomb made him up.
Get in.
Nina was cruel to Lucy.
What's the matter with her? Oh, she split up with Dennis.
Tell the whole department, why don't you? Give the man a loudhailer.
Look, I'll save you the bother.
Is there anybody out there doesn't know my boyfriend's dumped me? I'm 38 years old.
I'm childless.
My arse is starting to sag.
And the flake I thought was gonna marry me has given me the shove.
Will that do you? Yes.
7:45, thank you.
I'merm I'm sorry about you and Dennis.
Why did you let me make a tit of myself in front of the whole department? ALEC: Thank you very much.
Thank you, bye.
I made some calls.
Get this.
Galen went to see seven other witnesses and Angela's father.
So Lucy was telling the truth.
Hands up, I did not see that coming.
Seven?! Who is this creepo? We spoke to Staffordshire, Merseyside, half a dozen other forces.
No-one's gone anywhere near our witnesses and we can't find a Detective Galen on the National Register.
OK, let's stop calling him Galen.
He wants us to do that.
He wants that name in our heads so it directs our thinking.
What do we call him? The Ghost Detective? Yeah.
What he asked Lucy was did she see anybody else there and did the killer take anything from her? Bobby, this was left at reception for you.
Thanks, Megan.
Yeah, PC Waters, thank you.
Look, if it is some random killing, then how come the Ghost Detective asked if anyone else was there? I mean, what does that mean? What the? (READS) We need to talk to her dad again.
She lived in Dusseldorf.
She met him.
Luke's father.
Worked there.
Lived there with him.
What's this man's name? He's an American.
His name, Mr Benton.
What has this to do with anything? Was there any trouble between him and Angela, over Luke? Animosity? What kind of a man is he? I was told you had the man who did this.
We have a suspect.
We need to contact Luke's father to inform him ofof Angela's death.
I've no idea how to get in touch with him.
I've hardly caught my breath.
Angela will have his email address, no? Angela doesn't have a computer.
What is this? No computer? I notice she has a typewriter.
I'm 68.
I have a three-year-old child to bring up and I know that in his head, that little boy and I know that in his head, saw his mother stabbed to death.
Have you no mercy, man? OK, Alec, we'll leave it there.
What was it she was typing? Alec, I said we're done.
Thank you for your help, Mr Benton.
We'll leave you alone now.
What was his name, Luke's father? Ruben Locana.
What is it, Nina? (SIGHS) Dennis used to say to me, "We'll have kids next year when we settle.
" He let me believe.
I mean, these are the years.
If a woman doesn't I have to know, did he never want children? Probably doesn't know himself.
At what age, exactly, did you turn into the font of wisdom? I'm old.
38 is not old.
Why have I been so good? I never did the casual thing.
I always did relationships.
I missed out.
Why did I never just have fun? I can have some fun.
Why do I have to be so buttoned up? Look, Nina, I like you, it's Stop, don't say another word.
I don't wanna hear it.
I can't bear any more rejection.
It never happened.
None of this happened.
(SIGHS) (KNOCKS ON WINDOW) I was hoping I might see you.
Doctor Crowley.
You could have just come into the station.
Yes, I could, buterm because of who you are, eryour mother I've prepared this for you.
It's about Jacob.
And more generally about schizophrenia.
The word means "split mind".
It's been on my mind that I wasn't much assistance.
You caught me at an off moment.
I don't want it to reflect badly on you that you came away with no information, so And why should it reflect badly on me? Because of my past association with your mother.
"Past association"? Is that what you call it? I think we both know who that would reflect badly on.
Look, psychopathic schizophrenics.
I read that they don't feel regret, so I'm wondering - why would Jacob kill himself? There are no objective tests for schizophrenia.
People don't understand that.
We diagnose primarily on a person's behaviour.
If they do certain things, believe certain things, perhaps suffer hallucinations, false beliefs.
A lot of it is opinion.
I would say suicide is a possibility if Jacob had an awareness of what he'd done.
I thought I might go to see your mother.
And why would you do that? To reassure her that I wouldn't wish to cause you any difficulties.
You stay away from my mother.
Well, Jacob's dead.
Er Let's hope this all just quietens down.
Morning, Nina.
No, don't.
Don't do that "Let's pretend it's a normal day" thing, all right? All right.
(Come here.
) Look, I had a moment.
If you tell anyone, I will kill you.
Look, breakups and stuff, OK, people get strange.
It happens.
Don't be nice to me either cos everyone will notice.
Just Just be your normal, cocky know-it-all self.
I've arranged a Skype call.
Detective Linda Felber in Dusseldorf.
We can ask her to make contact with Ruben Locana.
(SKYPE CALLING TONE) Hello, there.
It's a little bit noisy here.
I have four kids, all boys, so it gets noisy, you know.
Five boys, if you count my husband.
I've been trying to get rid of him for years, but he's still here.
So, what can I do for you? We were wondering if you could help us, Detective Felber.
Come on now - Linda.
I'm Nina Suresh.
Alec Wayfield.
Bobby Day.
I took a look at where you live on the internet.
It's such a beautiful place you have there.
Yeah The English countryside is like a fairytale.
Look, Linda, we had a death here.
A murder.
A young mother, Angela Benton.
We can send you the file.
Our suspect is a schizophrenic, lives nearby.
We have reason to feel ambiguous about it all.
Our suspect has died.
He might have been killed.
Before we could question him.
Thiser This Ruben Locana.
Er Did we mention him? Erm He's the father of Angela Benton's son.
And he's American.
But he lives in Dusseldorf.
We don't know if Mr Locana knows about Angela.
If you could inform him.
And there's other stuff that makes us want to contact him.
"Other stuff"? OK.
What is the other stuff? A tip-off.
Anonymous tip-off.
The reason Angela was killed might have something to do with her ex.
Basically, ifer you could seek out Ruben Locana and get the measure of him, we'd bewe'd be grateful.
Leave it with me, my friends.
Hande uber die Wasser.
Hands across the water.
Hande uber die Wasser.
Bye! (BUZZER) Hello? Mr Locana?