Paranoid (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

I told them we're finished.
We've been together forever.
I'm sorry that it happened this way.
Why do you have to be so buttoned-up? I get these panic attacks.
Stuff gets to me.
Then Angela Benton.
Stabbed, ran.
We have a name.
Psychopathic schizophrenia with OCD.
Jacob Appley.
This is our man.
We're looking at a random killing.
I just want some information about his condition.
Some psychopathic tendencies.
Jacob Appley.
He jumped.
That's what I told the other detective.
Another detective came to seeyou? Galen went to see seven other witnesses.
This was left at reception for you.
'Look into Angela's past'? We need to contact Luke's father to inform him of Angela's death.
What was his name? Ruben Locana.
We arranged a Skype call.
Detective Linda Felber in Dusseldorf.
We can ask her to make contact with Locana.
LINDA: So I found Ruben Locana dead in his swimming pool.
There seems to be lots of alcohol here too.
Over in the kitchen more alcohol and what looks like class A drugs of some description.
That's not all.
In his bedroom I found a girl asleep.
We are waiting to talk to her.
She's known Ruben two weeks and she's semi moved in with him.
This Sheri woman is American? Yeah, you know, two dates in and the phone call goes, 'Do we need any milk?' They were having a party for two.
She passed out.
What about him? Was he drunk? We found cocaine, amphetamines.
This guy's a chemist so he knows what happens when you swallow cocktails that would make a horse fall down.
So, Linda, any signs of a break-in or a struggle? There's mess but it looks like party-time chaos.
Any suspicious circumstances? Only stupid circumstances.
Sheri says it was 'fancy drinking'.
Tequila, grenadine, creme de cassis.
The luxury way to kill yourself.
Was there anyone else there? We have to get her sobered up to get some sense out of her.
We'll get back to you.
Hands across the water.
(SIGHS) She bothers me.
Mary Poppins.
'Stupid circumstances'? That's not what I call assessing a crime scene.
Well, it's the kind of thing you'd say.
We get a card, anonymous, telling us to look into Angela's past.
Then we find her ex dead.
He drowned in his own pool.
He dies the same week as Angela.
Is that a coincidence or is there something we're not seeing? Let's let our friends in Dusseldorf dig around Ruben Locana, see what that tells us.
And look at this.
What's going on here? I think the Ghost Detective is trying to help us.
He told us where to look, so what does he know? He made that card.
What kind of a bozo does that? He's talking to our witnesses, the victim's family.
That's not someone who knows.
He's investigating our case.
That's some weirdo who gets a buzz out of meddling.
He's investigating our case.
That's He's watching us.
That's what does my head in.
Why is he filming us and sending it to us? Look at the message, Bobby.
'You have no idea what you are up against.
' And what are we up against? I tell you what I'm up against - a lot of local feeling about this killing.
Which is why I'm not going public about this Ghost Detective.
Keep it tight.
I don't want any gossiping.
People out there believe we have the man that did this.
He fits, lives nearby.
He wears a hoodie.
He's a paranoid schizophrenic.
What we don't have yet is quality evidence to bag him for this killing.
There was blood from his own death.
The lab will tell us if there's any Angela blood, any Angela DNA on him.
I want the weapon.
Nina, Alec, find the weapon then we'll know.
Bobby, find me this Ghost Detective.
At the moment I still believe Jacob killed Angela.
It's a long way out of townfor a place to choose to kill yourself.
It's remote.
It's perfect.
I'd choose here.
If you're arguing that he didn't jump, you have to give me more than 'it's a long way out oftown.
' How do I prove it didn't happen that way when all there is is a body under a bridge? I feel cheated.
You'll meet someone.
How come someone who's supposed to be educated comes up with such a bland comment as that? 'You'll meet someone.
' What am I supposed to do? You're facing a woman's biggest existential crisis and I'm trapped in the middle of nowhere with you and you say that - 'I feel cheated.
' I want to be sympathetic but that's not enough for you, is it? So, do you know what? I'll be honest.
You want kids, you want a relationship - so stop all the blaming and get on with it.
I think I prefer the bland.
Or the quotes.
And I tell you what would help.
I think you're missing stuff on the case cos you're determined to fight with me.
Hey, the kiss happened.
I don't think any worse of you because of it, Nina.
Let's just do the job.
We'll do it your wayfor now.
If Jacob Appley wasn't the killer, then what? So where do we look? The Ghost Detective.
Er, I mean, he got in touch with us for a reason, so what if we try to figure out who he is, what he's got? You said he seemed genuine, this Detective Galen fella, when he came to see you.
You said he seemed genuine, this Detective Galen fella, when he came That stuck in my mind.
What did you mean? Hello, Bobby.
Would you like some red berry tea? Do you know what it was? He was sad.
There was, um, a sadness about him, about his eyes, that made him look honest.
He pretended to be a detective.
That's not my idea of honest, to be honest.
How's your tea? It's got bits in.
You do make me laugh, Bobby.
Sad like he knew Angela Benton, maybe? Sad like you.
So you went to the doctors? Just got some more pills.
I'm feeling a bit woozed out, actually.
How many is that you're on? Er, just two.
You don't approve.
They don't know how they work, Bobby.
You take more than one and that's a cocktail and then you really are in the unknown.
She's a doctor.
I'm a Quaker for a reason.
I went down that route, didn't work out for me.
That's why I live like this.
You're saying I have to change my job? You're having panic attacks, taking pills.
I'm just telling you what I did.
I don't know what's right for you, Bobby.
No way.
What am I gonna do, grow begonias and make berry tea? I have worked You have to go through so much to get where I am.
It was a commitment.
I mean, crime, it breaks people's lives.
It can't be allowed, you know.
Someone has to Bobby, I do a brilliant fried eggs with halloumi.
Shall we have some? Yeah, great, thanks.
What's halloumi? What did he want, Mr Benton? He asked about Angela.
About her relationship.
Why did Angela come back from Dusseldorf? We need to know.
We need you to help us.
She was pregnantand he didn't want to know.
Did Detective Galen ask anything else? I refused to talk to him, so he said could he just take the papers.
What papers were these? I found them under Angela's pillow.
He asked if there were any papers so I gave 'em to him.
What were they about? Medical stuff.
I couldn't make head nor tail of it.
Mr Benton, these papers, are they what Angela was writing about on thaton that typewriter? It's him.
It's the bloody Ghost Detective.
We've got him.
What's going on? Uhh! Ugh! (GROANS IN PAIN) Well, that went well.
(CHUCKLES) Are you all right? (MOANS IN PAIN) Oh, sh Right, so this is the killer.
Is he Jacob or is the Ghost Detective telling us something else? We can't do facial mapping because his head was down, so we have no image of his features.
We couldn't get hold of any film of Jacob Appley to do body mapping, which leaves us withtracking.
He went on to Paley Street, across to Drake Avenue, up on to Spencer Road and then into Bracken Alley.
And he didn't come out again.
How well did Jacob know his way around? Pretty good.
He liked to go walking.
What about Bracken Alley? Did he go up there? He had his own patch that he'd trek around.
The library was as far as he went.
He didn't take books out, he'd just sit there, talk to people.
What about Bracken Alley? No, not that far, no.
It always spooked him when we were kids.
Hey, hey, hey.
(SOBS) What is it? I tried.
I-I-I did try.
I'm married.
It takes a lot.
It's a lot to ask, checking in on him every day, it puts pressure You know, there were days I wished he'd die.
I wished he'd just get out of my life.
Do you know what that feels like? I look at my wife.
I look at my own children.
He sat on the sofa with them.
How do I bring my kids up knowing what my brother did? I don't know, Henry.
I can't answer that.
Jacob was ill.
It happened because he stopped taking his medication.
It'd have to be days of him not taking 'em.
That's what I don't get.
Why didn't I spot it? Why didn't I notice Jacob getting unhinged? Oh, can I help? Ah, you're all heart, Megan.
Isn't she, Alec? I can manage.
By the way, Nina, I erI thought you were brilliant.
I can't get the stench of that mud off me.
(SNIFFS) You smell all right to me.
I knew it was odd, on its own in that room with only clean paper beside it.
I knew it was odd, on its own in I wanted to ask Angela's father about it, but - Why a typewriter? Well, you have to think.
She didn't trust a computer.
She was afraid.
She put the pages under her pillow.
It's not exactly a safety deposit box.
Doesn't strike me as being scared.
What was it she typed? Her father said it was medical stuff.
Well, she's a doctor, that's not exactly shocking.
But what matters is the Ghost Detective knew there were some papers in the house.
He asked for them.
If he's supposed to be helping us, sending us cards, telling us where to look, why does he take those pages? Why doesn't he just give them to us? Look, this is all very intriguing but all it tells me is that there's a doctor who liked using a typewriter.
Somebody's out there digging around.
Might be a journalist.
It could be some headbang who thinks they're Columbo.
What none of this tells me is that Jacob Appley DIDN'T kill Angela.
He doesn't wanna know, does he? Can you blame him? Those messages are so vague.
If Galen had something to give us, we'd have it by now.
Michael believes the evidence points to Jacob.
Henry said his brother would've had to have been off his pills for several days but he didn't see any sign.
I've got an idea.
I waited all my life to meet someone.
You meet a man in Paris, the most romantic city in the world, and thenthis.
Sheri, maybe can I suggest you separate out the drink talking and you talking? Sheri, was there anyone else at the house that night? I never felt so loved.
You knew the guy for two weeks.
What about earlier in the day? It was just us.
Are you saying that I didn't love Ruben? Sheri, on Ruben's toxicology report he had a knockout dose of illicit drugs in him.
I don't do drugs.
Remember we did a blood test - on you.
Remember that? Oh, yeah.
Tell us about that evening.
What happened? We were just having fun.
I remember Ruben saying, 'Let's go for a swim.
' And I said, 'Ruben, you've been saying that all day.
I'm too wiped.
You're too wiped.
Let's just go to bed.
' Mm.
But he went for a swim.
I guess.
Put them down.
Good girl.
Go back home and see your mum now, eh, shall we? Henry.
It was the kids' idea.
They saw people doing it on the telly.
How could I say no? Ah, it's a lovely thing to do.
If your brother stopped taking his pills, they'd still be in his flat.
Can you count them? Then we'll know if he took 'em.
The psychiatrist came and took 'em away.
People recorded what happened on their phones.
I'm gonna ask you to look at it with me.
You'll know if it's Jacob, the way he walks or something.
But people saw him.
People saw a man in a hoodie.
No-one saw his face.
Just come in and have a look, that's all I'm asking.
His girlfriend said Ruben was planning to take a swim.
His toxicology was off the map, so you have to think one and one makes two.
And now his cleaner told us that Ruben broke his wrist a while back.
Fell down drunk right here.
She often found him passed out by the pool or on the floor in the mornings.
But, Linda, is there nothing to suggest er, no marks on his body? Nothing on his phone? Sheri said he actually told her he was going for a swim.
Nothing on his phone? Sheri said he So that's it, no suspicious circumstances.
It really does look like an accident.
No suspicious circumstances.
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
Hey, that's right, Alec, that's good.
Well, hands across the water.
Hands across the water.
I mean, she has to be wrong.
It can't be a coincidence, both Angela and her ex dying in the same week.
That's his hoodie.
It has to be Jacob.
How can it not be? Why don't you look at some specific things? We can enlarge the image.
You just ask.
Anything you wanna focus on.
His, um, his stride, his trainers.
Let me see his feet.
His laces are fastened.
Jacob was fixated about unfastening 'em.
So he always kept them unfastened? Pretty much.
Pretty much won't do it, Henry.
Either it's an obsession of his or it's not.
Now, did he or did he not keep his laces done up? He didn't.
(TEXT ALERT) Is that big-hearted PC Waters? (CHUCKLES) No, it's my mother.
She's having one of her needy days.
She's panicking that I won't come to her birthday.
Chance for her to put on her comedy lipstick.
(LAUGHS) Well, hey, do you wanna come? What, me? Yeah.
What do you want me to come for? Look, my family, when I go there, that world, I Well, I never belong.
So, if I take a bit of this world with me, it might help.
You think you're doing me a favour cos everyone's laughing at my limp and Dennis dumped me.
I don't want your sympathy.
What? No, Nina, honest.
You'd be helping me out, really.
They might think I'm your girlfriend.
They won't.
Why not? Well, because we're different ages.
Oh, it's No, I'm sorry.
That Yeah, I will come to the party.
You two get your stuff.
Thank you.
You know what it is, don't you? They found the weapon.
Now we'll know.
We have the murder weapon.
Kitchen knife belonging to a set owned by Jacob Appley.
Straightforward print match.
What about the other stuff, boss? The, erthe CCTV, the laces? Yeah, on the one hand we have quality forensics - on the other hand, a fastened shoelace.
Ask yourself, Bobby, which one would you take to the CPS? He's determined to stick with Jacob Appley.
It's pretty conclusive, Alec.
Come on.
Maybe he's right.
Maybe everything else is just noise.
Nina, meet my mother.
Nina Suresh.
Happy birthday, Mrs Wayfield.
Nina and I work together.
Alexander has a first-class degree.
Why doesn't that surprise me? I thought you might stay the night, darling.
Oh, II have to get Nina home.
Well, he could have gone into politics or medicine, law, academia.
Well, he did go into law.
Have you had enough to eat, Miss Suresh? My brother, he went into Parliament aged 29.
What do you think of that? I always think anyone who wants to go into politics should automatically be disqualified.
What a precious evening this is.
To be surrounded byso much love.
I'm so very fortunate.
Ah, Chris, you've got some There you go.
You could at least have stayed the night.
The woman's wearing comedy lipstick.
(CHUCKLES) She needs all the support she can get.
And that thing she said about her brother, it's it isn't true.
My mother's a chronic liar.
She lies when there's just no need to.
She .
she lies when she's so easily found out.
When I got to about 12, I realised that, well, about 50% of everything she said justwasn't true.
What a minefield.
Thank you for coming, Nina.
You OK? Yeah.
(SIGHS) I'm sorry for snapping at you.
I'm always biting your head off.
You're just trying to help me, I get that.
No-one's gonna try to convert you, Bobby, because there's nothing to convert you to.
There's no dressing up, there's no dogma, no creed.
What you saw in there, that's it.
We sit, we listen and um, when you listen something happens and then you take that out into the world.
Yeah, but, you know, what about the God thing? (CHUCKLES) Well, wewe believe that there's something of God in everybody.
So everybody's equal.
We'd rather not harm or threaten anyone.
Believe what you want.
It's a mystery to me and I like it like that.
Do you want to stay with me? What? Do you want to stay with me tonight? Do you want someone to hold you? I would like that.
(BOTH LAUGH) (DISTANT CHATTING AND LAUGHTER) (READS) What does he mean? Why should we justify ourselves to him? 'Don't ever ask who I am.
If you try to find me, you will lead them to me.
' What does he mean 'them'? Who's 'them'? 'If you stop hearing from me, it's because I'm dead.
If I get killed it will be your fault.
' God, he likes to lay it on a bit thick.
'Don't tell anyone.
Don't tell your bosses anything more about me.
Don't tell them what is on this DVD.
' What the hell is this? That's Eric Benton's house.
Someone, what, broke in there? Is that what we're looking at? Look, the film's dated.
That was last night.
'This man killed Angela Benton.
You have to find this man.
' There's his face, go back a bit.
(GASPS SOFTLY) What do we do? What do you mean break-in? Who would want to break in here? You didn't notice anything? Doors, locks, belongings? There's nothing to worry about, Mr Benton.
Of course there is.
My grandson lives here, I worry about him.
What would anybody want here? We were wondering Maybe there are some more of those pages Angela was typing.
Is that possible? You only gave two sheets to the man who came to visit.
Is there somewhere in the house she might keep them? I tell you what I worry about.
I worry about you.
Tell us again about the fire.
There was an explosion - the cooker - a few days before Angela died.
(SIGHS) Come.
Do you think people can tell? About the Ghost Detective? No, about us.
Bloody hell.
No, I don't think they can tell.
I'm ten years older than you.
I noticed.
The Ghost Detective says we can't tell Michael about this.
We have the weapon.
It has Jacob's prints on it.
Yeah, but evidence can be faked.
Something's not right, we know that.
Henry, his kids, they're in bits.
They have to live with the whole town despising 'em.
I'm gonna find this bastard.
We live in a small place.
Does it sound like someone local to you? This is someone who plans things carefully.
But he'd have to be around here to put things in place.
Angela's routine at the park.
The timing.
Find Jacob.
Sort out escape.
Bracken Alley, a place to vanish.
OK, so if he wasn't local, he'd need somewhere to stay.
Aa hotel? What's that? Do you wear slippers to work? You could at least cough if you're gonna creep up on people.
Yeah, it's nothing.
So nothing that the three of you looked hypnotised.
Megan, listen, you didn't see this, OK? We need some time to think things through.
Ah, meeting with the CPS tomorrow.
I imagine we'll be making an announcement tomorrow.
Jacob Appley? Unless you're gonna confess to the murder, Bobby.
(SARCASTIC CHUCKLE) Yes, Jacob Appley.
Four cops round a computer? Either Amazon or porn.
(LAUGHTER) What, no work to do? (SIGHS) We have to tell him about this last message.
We've a bit of time.
Why don't we take a look? Yeah.
Then we'll tell him.
My family owns properties.
They rent them out.
I used to like to come to this one when I was a kid.
So, I'm gonna have it done up and I'm gonna live here.
Oh, it's cosy.
So why are we here? I think Michael's wrong so we could use this as a sort ofincident room.
You know, where Michael can't stop us looking.
Alec I'm sorry about what happened in your mother's garden, jumping on you like that.
I don't think it was you who jumped.
I want you to know I wasn't thinking 'sperm donor'.
I don't think it was you who jumped.
I sort of got that.
It shouldn't have happened.
It's not fair on you.
I'm all rebound.
It's cool, Nina.
Look, I love Dennis.
I've loved him for four-and-a-half years and I still do.
I love him if he wants me, I love him if he doesn't want me.
I love him more if he doesn't want me.
All I can think of isisis getting him back.
Alec, I'd rather Dennis never knew about Have I hurt you? I've hurt you, haven't I? (SIGHS) I'm a mess.
I'm a fucking tornado charging through people's lives.
You hate me now.
I don't hate you, Nina, OK.
Alec Oh, there's more.
I'm gonna tell Michael about the last parcel from the Ghost Detective.
Aboutabout the DVD, about the break-in, about the hoodie man.
Why? I have to.
We don't know who this freako is, feeding us magic information.
We have no idea what is really going on here.
This is my job! I mean, we could go to jail if we conceal stuff and telling Michael is the only sane thing to do.
Now I hate you.
When this is all swept under the carpet, Nina, you'll have to look at me every day knowing that I know you bottled it.
I left my crutch in your mother's garden.
Sorry, is that a fact or a metaphor? What I noticed was you said you passed out, but you managed to get to bed before you did, right? Yeah.
I suppose.
Ruben said he was going for a swim.
One decision like that and a life is gone.
It's interesting to get philosophical.
If he fancied some water sports when he was full on cocaine, amphetamines and tequila, maybe that's the real issue here.
What do you think? Sheri, was Ruben the kind of person who makes the bed in the morning? Or how about you? Yeah, I make the bed.
What are you saying? Ruben's side of the bed, I noticed it had been slept in.
I know you were drunk, I know you passed out, but did Ruben maybe skip the swim and just come to bed beside you? You see, I noticed his side of the bed, the covers were turned over.
The sheets were slept in.
Can you remember if Ruben came to bed? I don't know.
I didn't see a towel beside the pool.
Yeah, he'd take a towel.
Maybe he did come to bed.
If he came to bed, then how did he end up in the pool? Sergeant Suresh, someone to see you.
What do you mean somebody? Give me more than someone.
Er, this woman, she asked for you by name.
What for? I don't know.
Just this woman.
She She looked sort ofbig lipstick.
He kills Angela in a play park.
He wants to make it look random.
Wants to blame it on a paranoid schizophrenic.
What kind of person is that? He breaks into Eric Benton's after the murder because there's something in there he wants, those pages.
What kind of person's that? I tried hotels.
Too obvious.
What would you do if you wanted to stay under the radar for a few weeks? Look like a tourist? Um No-one to spot you.
No hotel receptionists, porters, chambermaids.
Sorry about the room.
Just it's quiet in here.
Is there something wrong, Mrs Wayfield? No.
No, nothing wrong.
Well, thank you for seeing me.
Nina, isn't it? Yeah.
I could get us coffee.
I don't think so.
OK, yeah, cheers.
Thanks for your help.
Er, yes, I can wait.
That's every house on the list.
Where else do we look? 'Charming barge to let.
Beautiful views.
Sleeps four.
Contact Damien.
' Hi, Damien? Yeah, my name's Detective Robert Day from Woodmere CID.
Do you have a current guest? MAN: Yes, I have.
Yeah, is he a single gentleman? Sorry? Um, you know, a man on his own? The German gentleman? Yeah, the German gentleman.
Yeah, that's the one.
I'm concerned for you, Miss Suresh.
For me? Before you get too involved with my son, there's something you should know.
(SIGHS) I'm not getting involved with Alec.
Well, I saw the way he looked at you.
Alexander .
is not as strong .
as he appears to be.
He seems in pretty good shape to me.
When he was 17 Mmm.
he tried to kill himself.
A girl broke his heart and hehe couldn't bear it.
II think he's one of those people who loves too much.
I would be grateful if you didn't tell him that I'dadvised you of this.
What, just betweenbetween us? Yes.
Andandand I'm to stay away from Alec? Well, I'm just .
concerned that you should be aware.
Poor Alec.
(CLEARS THROAT) What are you doing? I'm gonna ask him .
if it's true.
Oh, please don't do that.
Well, is it the truth, Mrs Wayfield? Do you wanna tell me or or do you want Alec to tell me? It is the truth .
but he'll deny it.
He's wiped it from his memory.
God, Bobby's right.
Excuse me? What's the matter with people? Poor Alec.
There, with the red top.
So now what? We sit and we wait.
Ah, hey.
Hey, look.
What do we do? Let's see where he's going.
He might lead us to someone else.
I'm sorry, all right.
II was talking bollocks.
I don't love Dennis.
I don't know why I said that.
Panic, I suppose.
I'm really sorry.
I like you and I want us to Look, if you want to we could I panicked.
I see that now.
Call me, you bastard.
Where's he going? What do we do? Let's take a look.
Is he leading us? Let's have a chat with him.
Alec! No! (HEAVY SPLASH) (MOANS) Code zero.
Anderton boat lift.
DISPATCHER: Code zero.
ETA five minutes.
(VOICEMAIL BEEPS) NINA: It's me again.
Please call me, Alec.